Gary Andersen -- Oregon State HC

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, September 20th

Gary Andersen joins the show on the bye week. 


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All right 335 here on the sand here's Gary Anderson how you hold up down there. Well I got there you can get at the end of the super value 1970. And my question is. Does your wife have pot takes about what she sees. On the football field yeah. You never know no. I don't know what shall. We can push the borders of Thursday and I get always. Don't talk much football so greatly like acquittal of let that hula. Yes no doubt like that nobody dictators. Like but failed to folks who you support. Dogs that he is they're great gains rate. Got one great day left lost one bird book. A boxer and and a box or through thirteen years Apollo creed that was a hell of a dog. Apollo creed of equality naval like. Yeah I would see you gotta. I am assuming your boxer has a boxer's name I hold. Now done that though does not at all I put her name is Paula and they've been informed of that came from. Well. That should show more so like that occurred because Obama showed Obama out of Montrose told sub normal life and how that happened that no I didn't answered it. Moses Jesus females I guess that I can forgive that if you mailbox during you don't name at a boxer name. It's your your your waist in the opportunity there. Yes yeah but they'll books are who they it was a pretty. So kind of Bruschi Greece a little bit later. Like a normal people names for dogs 65 narrowed at. But yeah yo just for the peso how helpful is a by at this point three guys. That's good you know bicycle lawmaker Ullman. This was can have a chance to do doubt you'll buy it never coached those who think they have believed that. He gets. To back on the fundamentals and techniques we can definitely used to work in that area in the it'll jump start on court reporter in Washington. The kid who chairs the commission brought Wilbur so world that it's a good it's a good spot for us. That did you feel like going back in union you look at the final score of human squash and stayed some people say boy you can't take any out of dampened. The first half. You guys are playing your best ball of the year and then the the fumble there and in kind of the way the did the the half ended seemed like a killer but. For the majority of that first half. We you at least plus at least I think happy with with the three guys played I thought it was a good effort. What we're in the game there's no doubt about it director's most key stakes in the kind of it's. We occurring. Situation foursome that would happen again and again you know not that long third down after violence. That we can scored downward. It's manageable that point we had a big third down. Conversion Carol Wilson matter and it would come down. Slow pull off public place and nobles who have those huge huge. Momentum swings and both leading the points that we spoke with the reps will produce good things in the and they convert on weak outlook on the drive so closer. That's where we art situation we've got to deal with that there were in Jerusalem Post script things that. You know obviously not nearly enough good things could final scores files scorpions and whether it's indicative of the game wouldn't want them well whether or not that spells score. Do you find some stuffing the run game that says that there may be uses and again some some positive sign going forward. The other also positive things there you know a year ago we put Washington State Rios who jumped up an early lead and one of our nemesis was moved back in the we were able on the ball effectively it. Go to those positives could see right giggle it the we have constructive change as far as dealing with their front which was posted. You know as convenient it. He's got a field of purples tries to score but we did definitely on the ball more effectively than we have been. And this is argue states Gary Anderson so you see a guy go out on a stretcher and handles everything you handle that you know that's going to be hard on. His teammates and then how it affects the team you still have a game to play at says it's scary moment. What what goes through your mind and how do you handle with the team. Well Jerry goes in my first of that curve ball more than that. Everybody that to a some are suddenly they're silent on the crowd watched TV isn't normal concerns for the kids and that was what was gently scary were those long period Tomlinson down on the turtle but first after the tremendous job. The Washington sleepy world small source forums getting in the security needed down there but it it's. Don't definitely opened that. You don't like Seattle's prepare capable mobile such assurance that the kid Carroll with as good as it possibly could and you know picture there. The spot for the flu. Jacob they continue through that that football game and it will be as he continues to get himself back the boulevard bullets and not cover kids. Triple battled triple play and after that took place split. In those difficult position to be in as a coach of forcible on the spot a couple times unlawful. Yeah it's really hard at its members of player did to jump start after that we were we are playing air force and a kid is like a half hour and when he got carted off sending the city couldn't deal was eaten. Not like a half hour goes by you're just sitting there and that's all you can think about minutes like K by the way we we gotta finish this leads. In nature it's by nature it's it's a violent game and I just remember how difficult that was sued. It's kinda get the juices flowing again get a kick start after seeing something like that because maybe your own kind of mortality gets stuck in your head. And I think that probably global sidelined Google's kids who have obviously Washington State case they were very concerned that. Panel very classy and blows. You know there's some. And his policy it just kind of bond together and that all the book themselves well coached and they are athletes who have been competing against each other than go see that happen in this. I was never a basketball player as a coach it's it's taxing you worry about your kids' regular update they came back. And Jacobs didn't give Connecticut won't vote. Will be a great deal to physical cues if you whom I think he had you know abuse. Of acknowledgment that political consoles cost. So what's your understanding of of his injury and kind of what he's going to be going through now. Well it's you know right now at all it talks hand. East discord because their recovery process and I'm not real. I have a real time frame on him at all that all of doctor Bachmann and the medical staff there as far as where he is one. Let's talk to them and Jacobs. Is. Seems to be. Ready to get better and so it's it's going to be able to process pictures and goes through the he's handled with. Very well. He's a fighter to go back to battle through this thing. This is still the country we'd you know and I don't I had no idea what that is be so for the stock have to answer. Thomas is the author and changes at all now with with ten being inserted there. Well there'll you know there'll. Have the ability coats who were a little bit more girls almost called pocket obviously so. Two. Use his leg is a positive and we have to understand that it'll drop back as many don't drop back in the the past or at least pocket can't be exact same pork barrel consistently so little recent weeks has changed is that there. You know we you know we go to tumbled more flow to back scheme that type or at least to back home field in different ways of so there's some ways we can adjustment and used Jerrells the year kind of equal hopefuls. In the you overall picture which adjust its they're going to be tweaks we're not going to be a massive regressive change the world of there'll be it was two weeks and and Underwood that Jake and we continue to we can tweak what works for us since we want to score more points. He spent time in the mountain west and in years you stopped two years in the Big Ten now third year in the pectoral. What is I played big you got to ask this question do you see a difference. In the Big Ten and the pac twelve when new now that you're in the pac twelve for the third year. You know retro for very very good question and I guess previously from the answers. You obviously. Was called when we were in a a spot we had a very. Mature team when we got there and they had had some success some great success a couple of years for the they had they go to the Rose Bowl oh. One book so great gains in U helicopters of the subpoenas. Was used to winning and usually having a chance they'll play at a high level. When you come in in the team has had much success so long ones such kind of over the top a few well the other side you've got to turn the you beat yourself up to a get to catch those guys. Home. Which is difficult. And in the top five week field do that so there's the similar definitely there's good football players on both sides. I'm my personal opinion is that the skills that in the pac twelve just overall agency. Here's what skills definitely. It's a notch above week in and week out now there's the lead teams obviously in the big Cavendish of team in the big pivot don't really care that much about you know all that skill that one of the big push you around and have her children back so great players both leagues as competitive both weeks want to although more wide open with the scheme. All while some teams but if he gets Stanford at Washington nor apparently around so there's a lot of similarities but they just a little more. Freakish athletes. Overall tackles. Yeah we were talking about that because there seems he's a sentiment early that you know some of these leagues including the pac told the Big Ten have caught up to the SEC. And it is and seen mention all the athletes out west did you notice trends. In players are similarities. When recruiting in the midwest verses. Recruiting Al west maybe there are more athletes out dissuade vs the more you know size is the size and in the midwest. Well there it's. I would say that we we look for what we were looking for Wisconsin's so yeah we wanted to obviously very cal receivers look great Jews and skill all we can what about our numbers were were different circuit or try to carry killed six tied at least double on the all the roster the approval good players and play your numbers are a little bit skewed they're really good players all over the country usually fast guys usually they guzzle the country. You know in the mid westerners. In the world where we were going with cops and you work. Had the ability to attract. Really any office supply of the country and have a shot at because of what. What's going on in the past them all the great running teams have gone to they're so against I would say this is great player all over the country don't bolsters. The skills that this is hey there's more scope for kids here ruling that would mean more bigger kids different part of the country but it would content which you recruited to act schoolteacher. Yeah and that brings up that and one more for it because it does is how to make as your title at that so. It is is a broader topic that we talk about here on is when your opinion on this as a head coaching college football can you ever. Have the thoughts of the next level the NFL. When trying to make an offensive lineman or aura skilled guy or whomever you quarterback. When you're trying to make these guys better as football players do you ever consider. The National Football League and what they may be asked to do on that level. All the other group bigger question. I don't think you know you always want if you believe you have a kid with that skill sets that. Could potentially get him into the league but let's just Syria a movie guide critic. I know for us if you would like to know the position to make plays a lot to be leveraged social called player which in turn make. Help it fit into that whatever he's going to be in the leak. Think people and beat cap structure you know getting the crash lecturer you're putting them to be get all the time and fiesta Nevada to a tackle and after Google have to guard that's probably not the best in the world and you wanted to not space like the chance Spielberg palatial. It has to fit your scheme. But if that's scheme fits that can cook skillful at that would allow him because the next level. I think there's Wilbon that creed do you have absolutely. Yeah because I would think it would help you mean add it would I would think that you're talking to a kid who has NFL aspirations whether he makes it or not. You know it's part of the recording pages I came cannot I'm gonna I'm not just gonna make you good football player organ state and then just. Seal later I wanna help you then had towers how can help Wisconsin with the office Lyme Disease crank them out. Yet does so and then that it helps wherever your applicant at all Tokyo the past would consider good players who have had a chance to go play. It absolutely helps you win. It recruiting children. Regardless situation and it's. Running back wide receiver whoever they be so there it is part of the recruiting process every kid as a trainee was still out of Iraq because of the NFL. Kids in our program might talk to kids in the program about Bill Keller because what they're doing their best strive to get to that next level of the NFL and truly doing they're fast they're doing the best hope of football team too because there is a there's so excited to. Football in the weight but it won't make the most tackles got more connections have vulture of Russia and that's that competitive nature some more try to put the best foreign workers have got to when you recruited to walk you can go up to. GB since it's not the last one here on this is you know there's been a lot of talk obviously over the the years that the college game is in preparing quarterbacks in the NFL now shifted to offensive lineman. You know I've I've played at a school that he be where you were that's when we put my men in the league and in my see year four of the five of us saw one on the got a chance to play our look at the office of mine gave no coach I'd. Recognize that I don't recognize half the techniques. That are that are there to be Todd and I'm not trying to be the old curmudgeon is just I don't recognize it. You is there's little defensive guy is that something that you've seen in and how much of a shift up close has their bid and in the way that position is caught in and played. And who we look at it could be do you took coach French yeah I have two mile. Roger France's newly irony. Wachovia told the great Wall Street but the that you're you cannot very very well obviously. A column. It you know it it's definitely I've heard that I really about I hear that through the grapevine I haven't had a scout committed sit down talk of books about it as the you know there also blockers and they're not doing the power stuff that they used to. We try to you know use the power running game obviously would sort of such films as well not much of a gap scheme which locals and I felt he's all the other token principles these days of the the power of the gap schemes that are out there we have a few of those replacement. It's it's different you know their quote on pace and there Ronald field in the rubber soles schemes and would probably not that he beat above offensive guy I would imagine there's any leads communication that need to take place priest now all the time when you're. Playing faster than is getting out running on track to themselves and you're taking those steps to get to that level would take whatever comes their way and what you look at a picture was much different with fuel drop trapped policy that you guys can rent there was some major communication that took place which you have to have that you know well. All right good stuff into the bye week in and we'll talk to next week thanks Gary. I appreciate it we Kobe.