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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 13th
Fran joins the guys to talk Nike Hoop Summit and the CBB scandal. 

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Pleased to be joined now by ESPN's planned for Sheila former college basketball coach news who is now. Coverage and Nike hoop summit here covers college basketball. Off all throughout the college basketball season and now we're just talking with friends and then you you do have a great day you know these these. If this is only did in the last. Kills 1015 years where coaches. King king get out of the grind of coaching but still staying in the game and making good salaries of broadcasting it and if I don't I'm not surprised that. Well group went back now but you know lot of coaches say they they never go back to coaching they stay abroad and that depends on your out. It's like some guys I know it is true in football too they can't stay away from the competition. And so that's why you see guys all we know our guys always wanna go back for broadcast coach gruden obviously the right opportunities in my case. I was a young guy that was head coach is 3233. And my last coaching egos 4316. Years ago so I have plenty of chances to go back to coaching the last sixteen years. But I found something that really loved don't make quite the money but it make it great great with a hideous the end. And I got two I got a real really watch my two sons grow up and on it sounds kind of year that a lot but. I started to think about wedeman installments were happy I got a great job at a great lifestyle and Dallas Texas great city. Which is even better of you from New York City gets a cut that some tough you know it's great place to live but in all honesty. I'm a basketball junkie if you haven't ever figured that out on TV. I love what I do them around the games suit every single day every single they'll do something of basketball. And then I get to come out here at courtside and watch a lot of guys that are going to be in in college next year and I'll call their games there and an object. Much of an MBA. It's fund you know it's it's into the you actually have a healthy respect for all that you know. What's the college game now or whether college this year NFL instantly. Would say that coaches. Hate their families or anything yet that I. It's like. With the with the money on the line now exceeds all competencies. And that this that he a lot of the people that are really successful it really does eat away at every urban environment. Hi yes delete it really does eat away. Where there really is nothing left others that he's set the cup. Yes and you know lot. Nowadays especially the power conference level these guys are making enormous amounts of money. But I you know and I don't know that I would go on back to that level although I did go to that level at saint John's and then you know New Mexico. But I just came to a peace of mind if you will that I just. Wanted to see my family and watch my kids grow up and I have a lot of friends who were still do and it's at a high level. Who wish they could trade places with me but there's there are great schools are making great money and done. At the end of the day actually gonna I'm an ambassador for the game I'm not afraid to be critical of things that happened on the court. That this whole recruiting scandal bugs you know daylights out of me. Arm but at the same time I loved the game I will talk about players and done an outlook promoting the game when it needs to be promoted. Let's go to the recruiting scandal and then we'll we'll we'll get that done yet and then we'll go to that are what's happening here tonight but he you have eating perspective seem to Cote beat around the game. And I and I told you off here on the Kansas stance on sweat bullets yeah I think obviously bullets is it possible. At all. That coaches. The head coaches don't know what what was going on with the heat isn't and the payments to some of these kids and their families. It's possible. On the other hand most of us who coached. And out for much of my hand up on this one. We're we we're micro managers. By nature it's just. How you. Most coaches were successful because they wanna know what I'm a little heat build their programs so. There are here they're probably are some. Plausible. That liability issues that unite and get this done on wanna know about it what do you NCAA has recently put the bylaw in went with regard to that that says. This after that. Louisville even if the coach along route allegedly doesn't know if anybody's ever broken rules that go with it took it upon yourself my take on mrs. These are the feds are involved so we're gonna really know stuff is the NCAA is like. They're like a moment to come out there like. Marty thought through and that cup you know. Those guys and what he had the ball lord yeah I believe listening I'm looking yeah. So the fact that the feds involved this is serious business when the time comes that people have been. Caught I say throw the book yet. My my philosophy on this is one guy cheats the other guy whose job. Is true. If this guy's cheating and he's getting better players and me I don't wanna break the rules and I've seen this happen on them I'd lose my job. It was an almost that it almost becomes a necessary evil men can do it because if your job you're basically million dollars a year yeah because that's easy bake at three million dollars a year if you've got what it used sort of around and you know what he's doing. It's just it's it's hard to believe that there are a number of big name program predictions that if you look closely right way witnessed over the putter you'll. Okay this way well I. I would say let's let's let's eliminate. Mid majors in the moment yeah let's say that power conference there out of double a look at it on the money they don't necessarily of cannot explain and you know and that is hope so evident that the case that he then yes Tom. Carolina guys that are. Very happy with you know we'll put your head on the pillow at night and now. I hate to mention names but I will I don't think Mike Brey knows things are gonna commit an NC double a major one violation. Consulate only. John Beilein is Michigan he's made clear how how meticulous detail about recruiting. But Phil and Michigan got the final issue which it is more about his great coaches. But the reality is off the coaches who don't wanna do that don't wanna break rules say. I hope my aid these good enough good good with us win and you know X amount of games on the institute term and maybe we go to the sweet sixteen and announcements. Because if that's not the standard and you're forced to. Go further than that and the coach not jeans trouble there's a lot of guys not doing it. The wrong way to do it right away like. They wish they could. Complain to will be a little below. But if you're in on an elite hit yes. You have to play that game oil or you don't or you don't get them you don't get them that well. You know for example is. In an actual job a year ago about a young son who's at Villanova but if you look at their team this year. Taylor Bronson was heavily recruited but he sort of had a Qaeda Villanova just spotted. Played at temple they know Philly. And it it was a good fit for him he was a top twenty player to rest of that team. Wrong guys from 5250. Right and it just turns out that a guy like they kill bridges who by the way Richard in his freshman. Is going to be a lottery pick this year and Richard a lot of guys so you can do it the right way and a lot of places. When you find yourself up against it's. A competitor. That's who the wrong way diminish got to get out. Yet know what it's done that's different in the way that you know you look at Villanova some of these units in the mid majors over how to get there are 234 years and and it cannot yet I don't want to accuse anybody is doing and until the F. FBI says these guys that it and then when that happens symbol. See how it all shakes out but. I've been clear about the fact that Keating's. It's unfair practices nobody in college basketball circles you know who's giving them a thing occasions if you need to do and you want to. Can you know Irish off commuted turn anybody in well you know you don't know for sure and I. How's that and partly because he NCA never had the authority to subpoena power to call. Pull somebody into some court somewhere now doing the FTI in. And is in the Justice Department we've got some serious. Things going on this is ESPN's brand for Sheila witness here on the stand Nike hoop summit coming up tonight helpful bullet hit a lot of aren't listeners are two guys he says that he's known or not he has a solace on here would be he has a brother named Chris Bullock and able. I swear if I swear what is Israel's treatment Newt. And and I never really got some. Medium that's probably seen it CMX forty political mistake. He became very close friend Chris Malone. Was actually got from my neighborhood in New York City innocent dogs and I coached at saint John's also went to but I know Chris it's his fourteenth it's so Christmas is only the story goes no no no not really close and I guess he was I kind of personality. And he that's why it's so popular as an NBA player and utilities you tragically passed away if you know what. But dude named one of those kids principled. Crist tennis middle name is volatile interest Mullen are a so that is a true story is so fake it is a much wetter and look at so let's. Global all the book tell us give us the scouting report you know why he's really an interesting player. It's 10% of his games is are things that exist but take your breath away. Eagle wow it would be just is that we can't really be just. Reached over a 610 guys without fouling him grab that he went back and dunked right over and so that's a 10% that's the wow factor. That 90% is catching it in the post I get triple teamed. Get bumped who's in the ball. I'm and that's gonna have to come around but he's very talented he will have an immediate impact or I'm just talent yes. He's not just the big tall guy. He has some skill he's got to get stronger. I'm. Dana knows how to he had Crist whose shape and people compare this kid whose kids I think that you're more athletic. This is good to have an impact of organs next year. How raw is him which we see this. You know it's likely to be. There are and you guys here. Left to right but yet I have played this thing but when we watch this you know is there are differences between the suit that the world team is in the US as far as you know court wolf I don't know. Basketball IQ or abroad after. Well let your go to different directions so I'll and answer your question first sex objects. Most of the world team it's a little different the last three or four years there's not as many. Many international man of mystery in this game because a lot of these world team kids are now kids you mr. from Nigeria your candidate. To play in high school basketball on states. It used to be when when Tony Parker Dirk Nowitzki. NIC Batum who was here obviously nick played this game. These kids were kids who came from overseas and nobody knew about them but that the world team is actually very town. And it's going to be pretty evenly matched game. But I thought you were C a what you gonna go a different direction these kids here when they play politics is that they're going to be equivalent of Dublin based. So there's still a long way from the NBA. Think about this is singling baseball and I'd like these kids. Of the twenty geysers over and around in this probably at least an MBA players here but it's gonna take whom. Read in some cases they'll be one and done but they'll be guys that go to college in four years. That you'll say hammer when he played in ninety who's on the south of Tel levels very high there's not a single guy out here tonight and have an impact on them being seen. And Tutsis. Who the best player here. That is a good question the guy with the biggest asses Arctic air from Canada. And he's going to do next here. Tom I would say the best I'm gonna make you feel good the best player here I think is when Ryan's going to Kansas you know fifth and used and done tremendous article still self compares them to laugh. Deron Williams who coached at Illinois who on the feel long NBA career conference facilities ESP and so a lot of people are. They they take exception to this could be compared to McDonald's game why why is that well how is this different it is it is a little differences. There's a lot more seriousness about this game because of the bill USA vs the world this USA team. Is directly part of USA basketball so they're basically in the same family tree as our senior national. Men's team also known as the one in which the NBA guy. So there's a lot of pride to represent. More so now than ever before. To represent USA and the world team on the other hand. Takes their role very seriously. And USA has dominated probably 12 and apparently reached for the world team has had some success throughout the throughout the years and and this team this game tonight I think should be very evenly matched it unlike the McDonald's game of the Jordan's game which is just a joke yet delicate all star game by themselves that it's not even that. And not even golf but it. And it's. This side of farms. Is what it is just the guys guarding. So this out of nothing but here there's a little bit of the you know wants to get shown all the it's special because of Ottawa it is I think because of the USA. Vs the world nature and there is. And it is tradition here about that and also. This is the first time won the very first time since NBA teams sanctioned. For the NBA so tonight behind adventures. You'll see a lot of guys you know middle aged guys that look like and the biggest outs and that's of the PR. As you bet that you said if they don't wanna guardianship. I've I was this is maybe a year ago I was listening to someone put the dutrow was talking about this new. If you culture of there's always another game. Yet as these guys are all buddies now that you don't want the Kobe Bryant that Michael Jordan I will rip your heart out mentality. The way that you fastball you know right now is is killing that because of a what you said. No one wants to compete. Well we have a big countries so we have a lot of good basketball we do we really do. But house basketball being Carty our recruiting analysts who all we were panicking with tonight. To your point who the killers who the competitors with the guys out here. That no matter whether it's a scrimmage last night the blazers practice facility of the game tonight or pick up game and some Clark. Are out here and we'll try to rip your throat out. And there's not that many of those guys and they're dead they're few and far between fortunately. They're these kids are skilled as they've ever been in my movement have been around this game now going on 3540. Years. But yet the killer instinct. You know the Patrick Ewing's Isiah thomas'. All the guys think of as it competitors and here's. What's licensing. Then he called the international game closely where they now line that they've obviously. Cause that the US team by leaps and bounds over the years where where is that now it's 62 international guys going to be in the NBA playoffs. You know pretty good 120 were on rosters a fifth of the leader international guys and the beauty of international basketball. As it's grown closer together like that that the world is strong basketball. Allies is there's no longer than that the mentality that all of their soft Europeans. You know meal that nugget from him you know look at him he took. A lot Bob. I'm going out of Portland tonight the event that the color and I see he's oddly his dad was it. Road guys go to the top row seven feet 100 pound giant it was a secure a riot police officer he worked like soccer matches. You know so America just you know he's not soft and he's not side here but at the same time he's guilty. Yet there has there is this. All of a soft element of bottom side he's always hit it pays Ali I think that this is drawn dramatic you know you're you know players meet there is there is yeah they're good actors like I am. I could pantomime missed you guys listeners on Stan like they'll be a foul call and put it there yet her hands don't like about it right now acutely Desalvo. No but none circuits is a unique guy but who the soft Euro again you know the real skinny soft guy. That's out the window and he got Archie got small forward you've got big guys you got finance guys got a hold on hold it up pick maybe the kids think right. I yet he's from Slovenia Slovenia but he's played its beta. Dodgers could not shall be 12 or three. And dumb my description of him his. Part Gordon Hayward park functional. He's got to Gordon Hayward. Athleticism which is not great but good enough for the NBA but he's got the brains to know when he's an incredibly Smart players. For his agent 68220. Of these. He's not a point garbage can play like gossip yeah a great target it this is really fun loved it or some other guys. Always looked come Portland's great cities.