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Our big day. But match ups does superstars. It's a good game. Today cool. This is football Sunday on the affair and a comprehensive look at today's National Football League action with your host Mike Lynch and Rashad Taylor. We won't know what you have to do. Remember no one and I mean no. Comes into. Gives us. This is football Sunday it was my favorite show on 1080 does prayer amid. I happy Sunday morning. Yeah happy Sunday morning news it's a pretty nice day today it was a nice to Waco this kind of cool Sony which include warmer. It's it's been a boots. And an okay kind of week. Yvenson too too much rain okay kind of week you know I mean really that's been hottest moment you know consistently about 6567. Degrees right around there. So it's been bearable but has still been sunny you know also it's still been kind of cool off their split a nice little okay weekend so we'll it's been raining on our roads or cute with the bereaved. Remembering back you well I I said jerks I'm talking about you that you liked it's I kind of enjoyed this week he was coming. Did not want to write back in the ring just makes me tired it was comfortable. And it was cool in my apartment and I can you use a blanket without being too warm pretty and frozen cells are really selfish reasons to. Well yeah. At some are you could be cool would your apartment. And so I mean are you not cool and comfortable in your apartment so I mean also I was I was sleep most of time because a sobering dose you were asleep I was coal. So they. I was freezing answers willow was already in layers see what's funny is I knew that we were gonna get back to warmer temperatures. A starting at apart yesterday but it's gonna be what the seventies for the next couple weeks or are low seventies. Whenever this happens to be every single year but. I have this thing with in in my head from a guy can't commit. To wearing warm weather or cold weather close until I know for sure it's gonna be called for the rest of the year. So this past week I still wore shorts and teacher. Even when it was like X 5860. Degrees or cooler raining. Because I knew that this week you would be comfortable again. So I didn't wanna break out the genes from the drawer. And Wear out more and I knew that I kids. When I was gonna put them away again so I think I had two and I had to Wear the shorts the teacher this thing I don't know I didn't have to but that's my thing I guess it's in my brain on the intolerant. I'm one of those whose you'll catch me in the winner and who shorts you know and and and at and T shirt or sweatshirt so. Shorts isn't necessarily out of the question for me during the winter when it's cold so on my year around ago coach I want to Wear khaki shorts. But you'll definitely Cashmere insert some hoops or something like Wheldon. That's just in terms of being pumped a good idea of course about sort of course I'd like this shot I think. I think fall is probably my favorite season. Just because at least here especially because it's still nice out for the beginning of it right it's still like today if I. And it's gonna be nice for a little bit and then it gets old accord rainy and October and I'm returned to the winter and accounts such September is kind of a preview of switcher which are gonna get from fall like a you'll get that week you know right in there were just rains and it's real grave and stuff like that it's come we outside. We had a couple of those days but then right around the end of such a review on organ school. And I think they were they start tomorrow or they actually report them to school tomorrow. Don't organs organ colleges. Yeah start Michael late September September. Yeah absolutely. And I really I might what's the 24 when he yeah based on a fourth and yes so I think they'll start tomorrow. It's it's kind of one of those things are remember always that first couple weeks school it was just beautiful weather outside electoral early October mid October and then here comes the rain and here comes before. I like look our electoral votes in minutes I guess it's it's good that I live out here but. It's it's as I appreciated I enjoy it and this is football Sunday we are on from nine to 11 AM. Today she's. That's the personal Europe before or she looks hotter on TV set or in the picture there's the picture. Well you. Torments him on hate it. This Pope also and Iran until 11 o'clock today we have a lot of stuff to get to you as always we will do our Finnessey. Scramble segment at 930 and likely at 945. The party got a couple of questions of the comment on the bridge for Beers sex on a five by reserve but if you have starts at questions. For your fantasy football league I actually up once I am excited to ask you guys about that as well. Text the men now. Interim I'm 32. The performer sex Arafat after a voted to as many as we can in those two segments. Our all summer what's caused by a segment at 1015. Today. As we will. Well there Wes closer now was co sentences to your two of them being a West Coast team and frankly. We talked about how about the Seahawks offense was last week I didn't change. And we. Didn't talk about the friendship and their the most interest Easter in the West Coast mirror now because. The chart I mean outside of them not drawing any fans Yemen the chargers. I'm as interested in them on the field because it actually looks like it bigger battle that Jerry golf doesn't look like the worst overall pick of all time. Anymore he actually looks pretty get it was so we'll talk about that at 1015 who of course are here with the ducks came in a minute or two and also. We will definitely talk about this and don't. Rendered at 10 o'clock segment we gotta talk about. The assumed National Anthem protesting going on today in the NFL. We've already seen it in the London game which is going on right now on Yahoo! which is the jaguars in the ravens. Both sides melts locked arms to combination of statements during the National Anthem. The Steelers a party announce they are not going to even leave the locker room as an entire team for the National Anthem. And so wool will do this attend when we see because I'm sure red zone will show us all of the various things going on a golf fund on regular channel but. Humble we'll see what the general reaction is from the players and we'll talk about the coming up at 10 o'clock so that's all coming up. On the show today. Again find us on Twitter at 1080 the fan I met Mike Lynch 27 were shot that Taylor made 503 just your producers such as in Osmond a as CME and and a bridge for respects I'm 55305. For all of your comments as well as Tennessee questions. I was real answer in about a half hour also we have had a lot of attempt or effort tees that lets go start with the Oregon Ducks. We'll get into some of the tax ball games as well the next two segments here. Oregon loses to Arizona State yesterday 37. To 35. Good game specially in the second half did close game. Oregon played the best offense we've played all year. And it showed their defense did outlook as dominant as it has for the first three games of the season and really. Oregon should not have lost this game. Org in. If if they did things. Slightly. Slightly better they should not lost this game the biggest stat for me here in this Keyon meant that Palestinians out. Is that the ducks were one of eleven on third down in the game. Against a team in Arizona State. Who was via a 129. Ranked third round defense in the country so far this year. They've given up a third down on 55%. Of the attempts defensively. So far on the season. In the docks. Got a one. Slightly less than 10% of the time. One of eleven and that right there was kind of a microcosm of the game. Something was off from the beginning and it just carried on through most of the rest of the game. Was. I think everybody going the same kind of the opposite view gimme game for the ducks don't think anybody actually thought Arizona State. Had. Chancellor had a fighting chance you know considering the way the ducks been playing with office they've been putting up. You know close to the use sixty points or gamers through two points and something crazy like that you know which is. Which isn't really surprising because Dorgan doubts that the bats will be will we be used to seeing. I think we're not used to seeing them lose to teams like Arizona State but. There were times in this game like Arizona State was scoring and it only took four or five place. You know what what when they drove up the field on the scoring drives it wasn't. You know they weren't 1515. Play drives they were more like four and five and seven play drives and they were going right at the field on organ and all of sudden. You see. Where the holes our own defense you know they've been playing some talent that isn't to up to par gross is going to answer some of the offensive line. Didn't they should the defense should Dominic here Troy dies looked like just of a monster among men at that point. So I think now you're starting to see some the deepest defensive issues but I think you got time to kind of worked those out the one thing I saw that the ducks fought back. They didn't quit picking it could have been really easy for a lot of those young guys say man you know we're we're due we're clearly gonna lose this game but they and the fight back and they dinner once again so. Like the heart like to resolve that we saw you know because of the team about a mile south from that that would Hershey's about a few miles south from that that. Would hole like some of that same heart but I thought they just came up short. They did but I liked up point the ash they didn't give him right we've seen last year multiple times where. There were down early you know they were down but what ducks for 21 of those 31 to ten on point him. And it was a with the games are you knew watching the game with the ducks lost the game and they are gonna come back and that was not the case. And that is partially. It impart to the coaching staff now Willie Taggart kind of gives you a different energy be assisting coaches give you a different kind of energy. And me especially Jim Leavitt and his diet cokes man. But or type was it passes McIntyre Pepsi's. With him but that's kind of that's a positive signs that despite the loss to team he really probably should've beaten partners in the six Auburn did. But despite the loss at least there are positives in the game and kind of makes you realize that. The start of the season was great and really exciting. But the seven to eight win market we all set before the year started before we knew anything about the opposite looked like from Willie Taggart stills probably pretty realistic. Because we've seen Nebraska already struggled mightily this year ideally this northern Illinois after losing organ. Almost lost rockers yesterday rockers so. We know Nebraska is not great we know Wyoming. Is not arrogant and so you. You're already seeing him play and assisting with security seeing. When we play better teams are not desolate part it looks okay. That's okay so yeah he's still got time like this at some of the things that I saw that I rely expected it does on the road you know they went into Arizona State and played really well and came back and and had an opportunity. To to win the game if not for a field goal you know it's a tough economy in organs. Or let's hope to win and again so I thought they played. Well especially in the second half that that was the first half was trashed they couldn't do anything second half all the suddenly learn how to tackle and they didn't allow. As many points but they still out of much good news is. I was at a wasn't angry after watching that again. I think a lot of times I've production especially after close clusters like this kind of damage factor because you were right there but I think after this game everybody kind of went. He started three victory you know and they came they got the softly five people were kind of hoping they'd move further up into the top 25 and so they did lose that game. You know be knocked down a few bags of possibly still still with him. Are able to go to this makes sense more statue from this game plus one take away from the end to begin that I thought was. I don't know about surprising release interest things about coming up next plus some of the other pactel results from yesterday tax the rich for beer sex on a 55305. In wool and get to all of those next and later in the show this is football sub him. Would Molson. I'm eighteen here on your Sunday morning. Football Sunday Mike butcher shot teller with you Jesse Osborn as well get your fantasy football questions coming up in the next segment. Text those and now to the bridge workers sex on the 55305. Marty got a couple became mineral right it's sort of the shows to get those and we'll get to as many as we can. I've got one myself and I need to win in that the I'm going to to start with two really brutal last day of this of the week losses. I need to get season turned around there after some BS losses in my opinion. And Cooper cup did nothing to help me meet him this week getting to catches and 41 point out of developers for the rental market. Oh yeah played cup. Yeah I it's a cop out and played Watkins one of the 25%. Of the fantasy world the plate blocked and this week shame shame shame on the fans who world for not playing elite talent. Ers is that defense well I'd I'd and on the other option senators happy now they'll cups I mean that was a good match have been targeted more that's my high. Yeah I just think it was one of those things where you saw that that production go to cut the week before in this was the perfect match up to try to get your new weapon going. It was just kind of that. That storm to try to read those tea leaves you never know though. They never announce our more more border to the more finesse stuff coming up at 930. But more stats from yesterday's docs and a file Wu's. Interesting but also part of the reason why haven't lost arm or in committed fourteen penalties in the game wasn't just a wobble him on third downs they were may have fourteen penalties. They allowed an onside kick. There was that one play where it was like third and forever a male outlook of fifty plus yard completion. To give Arizona State a first down. They allowed. More. Yards. To Arizona State in 31 plays. Than they did she did Wyoming in the entire game last week and they had an average of eight point eight yards to go on third down which is part of the reason why today. One of eleven bed. Couple of regular four sacks in the game they lost a fumble. So was really just. Overall it was kind of a sloppy game for or image there was could quotes from the offensive line saying. It didn't communicate very well until this we're sort of selling count so generally it was kind of it was kind of the first rough game for organ and Willie tiger which we all us fans there as fans and and watchers and all that we're looking for are you waiting for the first rough game it college football is the one thing that it's it's unfortunate. Let you don't get a chance to. Had to make mistakes you know really get a chance to fail like college football's 21 on one of the few sports that men won two losses we'll take you out of the playoff. If you're Heisman candidate it's probably going to kill any chance to ever win the Heisman especially you have about three bosses. On your record it's it's it's it's one of those things so when when teams lose I think we panicked. You know because now all of a sudden we know for sure. The ducks rob enough for sure but more likely that probably won't be involved in the college football player. We know that when when you when you lose a game it's kind of like it where they've renewed enemy yeah did you do that anyway but I think there was still some hope especially after starting three you know moving into the top 25 all of a sudden you're like oh okay well. Why not us why not the ducks on the there was kind of that overall feel a little lot of ducks fans and now it's kind of like. All. Long planned Rose Bowl and Morgan that's one one of the games for the for the playoffs 01. What word where do you receive seasonal from here I think that's why people kind of freak out about it but overall like I said. From most fans I talk to Arnold I didn't feel like anybody was incredibly. Disappointed in the loss and I think people obviously want their team to win and adding they're disappointed visitors in the state but of course but I mean it's era positives. There were a lot of positive fact that you were getting blown looks like the makings of a blow out in the in the beginning of that game you know so it looked like. The talks didn't really have a chance to come back and then they did and and they took the lead and then. A field goal happens. It will follows on a field goal like that's it it's it's little different than get smacked out of them out of stadium by seventy. 11 thing I noticed at the end of the game mr. that pose was interesting and I want to bring it up to his on that final drive for organ. When they were able to hold Arizona State to it and 92 drive on three and out when they got the ball back. Out on their own twenty yard line with about 45 seconds ago on the game. Justin Herbert did not look ready for the moment right. Now the reason I say that is. How many times like yesterday just in her replaying the game where it was close and matter. Robber held on a lot an opera often at all this was a moment where they needed a good drive. To get just in the field goal range to win the game down by two. Justin Herbert made four pass Temps. And those are the four worst balls I've seen Justin Herbert row. Watching him in his first two years is docked. He was forcing the ball. He had wide open guys and he just completely missed some them the most obvious one to me was on the second down play. Forget the receiver was running an out route to the to the right sideline wide open in Herbert does this we you're almost like. Actually like chest forward pass to get some extra oomph behind it any throws only three yards the right of a mini dives and mrs. And I was gonna it was an easy throw especially for you Herbert you've done this before and masri you start thinking in the moment got to him there. He's only a sophomore. Right it's only his second year playing he didn't play a lot of hard games last year stress level wise. That was the first stressful moment I mean at the first one of the first few stressful moments foreign. In any game situation any completely folded with really really bad throws and among blaming him for it it's it's expected when you're young quarterback to struggle in the situations but. That was not. On the receivers not getting openers orb or drops that was those knock it throws were just better. The amount last Amin no I mean of course she won. That's we're gonna remember. You know most is the fact that he. You know through battles for about passes. Saw a kid who went like with nineteen for her. For 28 or something like that we had a good game with yet with almost 300 yards three touchdowns on me he did everything that she'd. Could have done and yet maybe the moment was too much for Baghdad that's not my my whole point about this is not to say he had a bad game of course it's to say that on that drive at bats were great. Come out and dominate heatedly pretty well you know I agree but I mean by us in the same token we've seen Mario ought to come up. Short and some pretty big game you know like there's so it's national championship type games and then Mario and you don't have come to place so. Not to say that he can't get better we absolutely think he can get better first and this is one of those games again on the road. Expected to win and then find yourself down still drive the team back and just come you know for like four air pass away from. Put yourself in positions to win the gamer to take the lead. He'll get better and I think if you're a dust and Republican is ornaments. I'm okay I'm okay with how this game went on much you don't wanna lose next week are whose Muslim that's scheduled this this week. Cal L employee is pulling oil really really well yesterday against USC so. I mean you you've got your hands full right now on the pac twelve is littered with a lot of great offenses that you discover after a way to stop people and that's I think that's the burglar all right. Also Lesnar that's a natural transition real robust high left and wanna make sure we can get some of the pack we'll talk in. We'll start they're USC does beat cal thirty to twenty but it was close. Through most of the game there is a fumble strip sack bad. If USC got the ball back collected two yard line skirt or salmon and kind of from their the real salon for Talbott. Let me say this. Cal. In four teams under Justin Wilcox and beau Baldwin in a really good staff that he built on their tender Rooter is also there heavily of the former Fresno head coach they look. Dude. And they were supposed to be ball worst team in the pac twelve except maybe Arizona and that's Simien as a person who knows Wilcox is that's awesome and I'm I'm really happy for Justin but. How about how quickly they were able to kind of say hey look we're bad we're here to prove to you direction pretty good team. And how well he people Baldwin should have been hired by an FBS school Watson missed. Oh really in so you think outrageous you know to kind of put that out their dominating for Easter Washington offices for them and and so I'll I'll look at it the job Wilcox is doing a fair and he's. He's got those was playing some inspired football all of a sudden you've got a team that scored a team that has re. Big wins and almost beat the number five team in the country last night so. Everything is moving the right way for cal and if your organs you'd better be careful because I think that if you thought Arizona State. Kind of snuck up on you weren't expecting that all think Cal's sneaking up on anybody at this point. I don't know in my still received an up on teams like well. Follow Connecticut court man army but yeah but you look at the games to put up they put up three really competitive games in those winds in them like a setup like you said the game was. Super close until a US economy is tied to a fourth quarter around so if it was one of those things they had their opportunity. The win that game in football that's really all I can ask forces an opportunity to have to win the game and I think cal if it airs on state and come in their native organ problems are paying now can be right up there. Are you tell while on Friday 31 reformers on the fare pretty much expected Darren Carrington continues to impress. For you Tom for the ducks would love to have him back right now but. Bristol made the right decision. Based on how many times he kind of went afoul of their of their. Team rules and of the law obviously in Eugene Washington. 37 tenths of those state near the top five. Why should stay not lose in the bad teams this year foreign oil blowout about a 45 to seven. Mean other interesting game to me with Stanford destroying UCLA's fiftieth 34 Stanford. Did not look at the week before losing to San Diego State. And yet to put up 58 points and you Steelers defense is getting torn to shreds by everybody. Lost to Memphis last week and we talked about last year we talked by the the year before. We're getting really close heading to the gym more being fired question situation coming up with the Bruins because. They're not good they're not a good football team Belgium is going to be on the he's gonna stay there is based on his name alone are not good. The underperformed every year it's it's it's it's one of those things and there's a lot of we're gonna put this on Rosen. They'll put it on the defense and hustle and defense for I. I mean which can't name anybody from that we can't dwell multiple K in just rose's show so of course that guy should have done more I think he's. A phenomenal. Four years COC Neil I'll probably lose a little bit of luster because of them losing produced aggregate aren't are coming up next. It is time for the fantasy scramble if you have face of Opel starts to questions text them in now to the bridge were precise and a 55305. I have one ever shot has one we'll try to answer as many as you can of the next segment are too this is football Sunday and the fan but first Jessica sports. This is what you get when your wait until the last minute it's here. Fine whatever yeah this guy. A thicker kickers. Listen up you Tennessee coaches like every shot they're here to save your blog with some last minute injury news of roster advice and only reason my team in this is terrible as it is to everybody on the team was hurt. Literally every single player on my team was hurt. This is bad as he scrambled part of football Sunday and 1080 I out there. All right it's time for finishes scribbling do it every single week at this time if you have starts to questions offensive football text him into the bridge for her sex on a 55305. Before we get to those though I have one. And Rashad has won and you guys the Texas can also help me out with my own question here mine is DeMarco Murray. Or Chris Carson the Seahawks running back mark Marie hamstring injury. They're saying he's going to be active yet there seems to via a bit of nerves about just how much is going to be involved in the game plan especially calendar can replay of last week. I'm so stressed our Marines or should I switch crisscrossed. The titans are playing each and they're playing each other via arm. Titans defense worse in the seductive and so yeah I really. Feel not in great against the run. Despite that awesome it's hard not to go to Marc Emery especially against the persons like the rookie right yet but she's like the guy now. He got when he carries last week in. Seems to be. You Oliver Cromwell a problem we go ahead ago. I'm on the Golan DeMarco Murray that office of line for the cowboys this season account was put for the Seahawks still. Trash rags so until they fix that and I don't really trust him. Chris Carson is correct and you told me in the break I was curious what more reason had a adequate. Oh well I mean is it is pretty simple to me I need to see what happens on in the titans backfield it's. Canada the it's the question that we had all last year there was that weird thing is Derrick Henry cannot hanging over to America is Mary's head in the it seems that at any time of DeMarco Murray lets up on his production. As you know you can see Derrick Henry kind of swoop in there and steal that that's kind of one of those things where. Am I to commend our drafts. And that was one of my worries announced kind of I don't know if it's coming mature not let. I have good enough running backs right about the Plame at this moment but I mean. Chris Carson got when he touches last week that the one thing being that that offensive line has awful that's that's I think the one negative is that offensive line there and done. The offense in general is really bad you looked. Awful against. The 49ers and now you're gonna travel. To Tennessee. I would expect them to try to run lean on the running game until Lincoln started Russell Wilson and passing game on so I guess Chris Garcia. The what's your question there should watch it can we ask like. Drop questions like I had questions like always we don't get too many of those yeah it announced I I've semi running back situation is awful like so. I have Christian McCaffrey and of was the router I'm telling. And I'm Kelly does look like he's gonna play today and so obvious logic train out there are. OK thinking of taking either CJ precise. Or germ hill this PP our standard standard on that well done. Mean I would not touch chairman Carl that you got to us owning better than either one of those guys to unfortunately no matter this is a fourteen team league I wish yes. I see thirteen teams. Which is even weirder can I live by it I would be more inclined to roll the dice on somebody like Orleans dark while Lou they are literally. Trying to is the same thing that they're doing at Cincinnati they got to try to fix out offense though the thought as the organist start. Rolen out Nixon instead of hill we'll hear a list of the people that are available at this point. Rough term and Mike Tolbert Chris Ivory. Dark law. As we just mentioned. Small wood. Richard McKinnon. Not a lot not you know no no by it it's really you know gonna move the needle for you don't think Richard is Jalen Rashard diluted receiver shards are an army mechanic has some. Interest in outside I think he's a really athletic. But he's only a third down back so he's going to be helping a passing game perilously Jesse take our group. Re not what I he's averaging like five point two yards or 5%. Seven yards a carry. Not that it that's a big sample sizes only carried the ball few times this year but. All those guys are only getting a couple touches the one that might get more this week is our look as Paul Perkins has been so bad so. All right Alice. It's India a listener questions value and Tex the reporters are slim five countries are a 51 one at the flex Amir a jeweler Terrelle Pryor this post really easy for me. I'm gonna take a dual Pryor hasn't proven to be much of a part of the redskins' offense quite yet we're not sure exactly who. Leading receivers going to be there is that they're spread them around pretty well to a door has added workload he's getting about 1820 carries a game a falcons actually tend to struggle against. Running backs on defense and theoretical prohibited him as they struggle against pass catching running backs but Abdul could get some. Plus it's match here's all take him man think. If Amir Abdullah's. One of the choices are Ronald Cummings has actually gone been like a relief from it. So I'm I'm gonna go ahead and go mayor Abdul I'm sorry I just a trust is quarterback interesting. And it's also the crazy that the the line selected tenth best. When percentage and the NFL's like 2014%. Experiment and understands holes in their man so. Understand. All right over the players again a jeweler prior to flex. You know I'm event. Monitors no no this is this models ones were. You know next week might look and you're like 01 of these guys scored five points in the scored like three. You know it you're just. I'm neither one of them has really. Gotten off I. I don't like. Abdul right now I know he had a good week last week but it wasn't great you're looking at probably his best week in his career any didn't break a hundred it's a hundred yards and you look how many times he got. Think there's not a lot to get excited about their in the still look and feel Riddick probably the batter back in that backfield. Terrelle Pryor he's still get the targets he's got a good match up this week he's back home and he swears he's going to get going so. I mean it's one of those things were like the upside of rolling up the idea of Terrelle Pryor didn't go and he's got some really good upside and he's got the targets. I'm not a role prior out there. To rest our Drew Brees or dress or Cam Newton are playing each other scenes vs Panthers and to me. I start Cam Newton in this one because the saints defense is so bad. That any cornerback could put up points on them Drew Brees is good but the I'm going against the saints defense more for the better fantasy quarterback here and I'm picking him him. I'm definitely taking Cam Newton that saints defense is questions and can ruin all of. And Drew Brees or Cam Newton. While I'm gonna go breeze that. Witten are no other home or they're out there on the road aren't they in Carolina their Caroline is at home. Breeze a different cat I'm around you know and I am gonna go Cam Newton because it this is one of those things where. There are certain guys that are monsters at home Ben Roethlisberger Drew Brees on the road there's slight incorporate a stream and that's that's I'm so yeah I'm gonna go camp. Jamison Crowder Germany's only injury I'm gonna do little injury in this way to cut thirteen passes last week an implicit jets' defense. Jay Cutler seems like him a lot of early on in his Miami career and again. I don't know what's going all of the Redskins offense doesn't look very good the receivers who were great last year not getting a lot of catches or receive a game so for now avoid him on offense is because I don't trust it. And I'll take Jarvis Landry who just caught everything last week Jackson played against Jarvis where drew last week. And he purely that he felt tradition needless to say my team didn't do as well last week so I'm gonna go ahead if lightning strike twice and go play. Crowder shopping goodness this year and green and like I said I expect the Washington passing game to maybe start taking a step forward this week they have notoriously then. Not great in the beginning of the season last couple years some gonna come bank on the fact against you take that step forward but. It's not going to be crowded this gonna get you there's going to be. Landry today because I think like I said I think just prior that's gonna pick on today. Russell Wilson Ben Roethlisberger this one pretty easy for me I'm taken big bend. I like Russell Wilson but not really because the offensive line is terrific and he can't seem to get more than half a second to try to make it past. Salty Big Ben and Alan you're Russell Wilson's going to be running for his life and fortunately so big and has one of the Vista office two months football rollout. And this this one actually is. Brady hard. Ben Roethlisberger once again going back to that Drew Brees Cam Newton that he's one of those guys that's just totally different cap on the road. And of the artists have been very good this year he was giving. I mean you. He had a he was facing and great defense last week and in Minnesota but he's still. Wasn't great like he normally is home he looked more like he did the week before on the road. The Russell Wilson same thing he you're you're dealing with about offensive line. He hasn't looked great this season they've only scored one touchdown and because of that because that one touchdown I'm gonna also go and. Also this blossom before the break and we'll do the rest next segment picked to running backs. A potentially injured Melvin Gordon Chris Carson Jonathan Stewart or Gordon is supposedly gonna play into violence and says gonna be active around the convention. Just cause of a sore knee. The thing I would probably take Chris carcinoma Jonathan Stewart I'm not although there are playing the saints defense. And does not blow job history this year some and take Gordon in Carson. Of quorum Gordon Gordon Stewart. Mean I don't know Carson god is gonna get a majority of the touches but that line I'm just still. To run the ball meant it takes a good offensive line or at least a competent ones and home to the Seahawks are being one of those so. I'm gonna go ahead and go with Stewart who knows you Melvin Gordon overboard. All right we're we're also gonna roll melding Gordon out there you don't take a number one guy like you set out for a sore knee. Tom lots of these guys have sort means they just nick nick he had no a little bit of the rest this week that's all. Stewart Carson this is where it gets interesting the the Stewart role is still. He is still more than guy down on the goal line then. And then you're gonna see Adam McCaffery now look the thing is Carson. Is the guy however they said Eddie lacy will be active this week so that makes things a little bit more muddled for Chris Carson. And once again that offensive line is bad and are looking at kind of opportunities. Chris Carson should get a few more opportunities that it's still it's being get about fifteen touches a game these first couple weeks I don't anticipate that it changed. Against the New Orleans defense like Jonathan Stewart. It's entirely up play him or get to next certainly keep him come to the bridge for recession and a 55305. This is football Sunday and the fact. Hard back to the busy scramble. As we got ourselves a lot of questions he gets his let's get into mr. free as we can. She quiz Rogers or Jermaine curse in the mine flex position. Did you see Lanka's first cut a couple of touchdowns for the just classy cute you actually look decent for them. But I'm this one is is still going to be quiz for me I think I wanna go with a more shirt thing which is the Tampa offense. Not the jets' offense some of the north quiz Rogers. The country go as well. I am just gonna make it queens clean sweep again Pittsburgh. Or money in the defense. In the game of the Steelers are playing at the payers in the dolphins are playing the jets that's easy for me take the dolphins. I am going to be the contrarian this time that the dolphins defense behind their. They didn't do much for me last week when you had an extra week to really get prepared for the season wasn't spectacular and if you look at at the jets. They're out but they haven't been like a crazy turn over machine so I'm baffling and a pass on Miami. Chris Carson or smog JP. It's on hard for him and I don't know much about the redskins' backfield again I'm gonna avoid Washington. Just out of my general view of their offense or Dominique Lucas Carson again. Mr. Kimmel you guys don't trust. Washington. Trust. Iran. Yet so longest course. I am going and so here's the promise of Sosa magic your mind is not been great he's not a big huge playmaker he's a big bruising guy that likes to try to break tackles. The thing that you find with the Washington offense he's going to be a lot like rob Kelley in fact where. Rob Kelly's either running for two yards carriers running for five yards a carry there's no real in between the and so and not to mention. The you don't know off Kelly actually. At as far as I know Kelli is supposed to be active today. They've been talked about that all week that is what leverage so you know and he's not gonna get the amount of touches he got last week I don't I I still think I'm gonna stick with Carson or appearance. Next. Schmidt came in Q purely Landry Amendola mistakenly injury and I mean but today. If he's gonna get seven catches in week one in my go down the street is Cutler and the offense more but if you like some. It's rural it's reload underneath balls to him so you're gonna be a lot of points to PR wise or insulting jurors later especially against the I mean I would I would like to take and all the truth is it is too many targets for Brady on the team with withhold and I think. They go what was called poker. You got a Hogan got Kirk's you've got door sat read you know it got Rob Gronkowski now why didn't I. I mean. Andelman thank you G now OK I think settlement is actually. You know I don't know who's after you don't know what. Emma dole some entrepreneur and yet whoever is the ones back injury prompting because he's back and can we take for shots point oil ready for him. Yeah go from Brad overload so you not yet or where where's that Noah is here. Gather we go there already certain inaudible too keen on terrible experiments that's the one thing but not especially political tegra T vs yen all right there's too many dudes may change from week to week. So that's really the only dudes for the patriots are probably just gonna go ahead go Landry just because there's again too many targets bird for Tom Brady. Those are exact so I think in Amendola is gonna come back he's gonna cut that in week one they kind of established him being. The the panel link died by it young award nine catchy and yet atomic catches by EU just once again. This kind of to me feels a lot like the running back situation you don't know which one's gonna go crazy. One of these receivers is going to be good I don't know which one the fact is. Landry. In that case offense. Always gets targets these trips he fit so I'm gonna look at it as long as this is the PPR now since this is different story if this is that you care if it's PPR I am definitely putting went out there. Okay next one is flex position Frank Gore former team as Bryant it's tough. Gore hasn't she looked as bad as the thought he would this year. And he's playing the browns defense which is not the best and they don't have any offence outside of the running game right now so he's going to be used applying. A Bryant grade explosive play. But he's caught he kept two passes in three passes in both both weeks that's kind of what he is cheesy. Three to forecast guy who could Gillick really long touchdown or just get three catches for forty yards it really depends on the day so. In in Jesse fashion if you needed a high ceiling for points I would take Bryant but I think if you'll wanna deal safer I would take francoeur. But offering guru army he's been the one bright spot that the colts have right now he still doesn't look pedal that's really doesn't really looked rattled even though he's like you know. Fifty and football years but he's still young trucking along. I kind of agree with with you benchmark I think he's got a better. On constant upsides days because he's got to get the ball a lot because the colts you know came from Baum and Olken Jacoby. This set is going to be either starter again aren't I not know your world of recession isn't very good. At throwing the football this point so with that setup probably good roll up. Yes you're you're ranked that the ceiling for Bryant is higher. The floor I would say is. Batter for gore so if you're gonna if you wanna put in that aspect if you if you lead is safe her play. Then you go gore if you look any need you need a home run and I go Bryant now. Here's the deal marlin Mack has not playing for Indy around so that means that they're. You EM turban coming in is is back up not quite. As good as marlin Mack Marlon Max almost like a gore colonies he's athletic and tough kind of the same way that gore as I am I'm gonna roll gore out there and set a Bryant. As long as you don't in the Hummer. I was trying to go a little bit quicker as we run at a time before the game start PP our league need to play three. Should go to American junior. Rob Gronkowski. Various Thomas Kean and Allen to me if Beckham junior drunken Keenan Allen. Denver's offense has been decent but they spread the ball around so much you don't know about Murray's Thomas Kean and Allen caught nine balls last week. Crock is healthy and is playing in beckons you to be more involved this week in the offense that's want to chemistry Beckham brought Keenan Allen I was relatively easy. I'm yet not built the one guy that you I think all the three in there that are the same players are already being ground. Keenan Allen I loved marriage Thomas B just don't know if it's going to be Cameron annual dirge Henry or is there crow well. Crow well has been reared this year he's used demanding more touches are not really giving in to him but he's playing the colts. Derek cannery should be getting more touches this week we talked about to mark Emery at length so far in these two segments yet it's the Seahawks defense. Undergo terror can in this one Derrick Henry. Let's go clip clean sweep panicked Matt Ryan Matt Stafford playing each other who do you pick Matt Ryan. Wrong. And you laments after. Hopefully you go rolled into one of stories of I think Atlanta's defense is probably better than Detroit's is. So with that and are probably. Claim sleep. The next one McCain amendment. DeMarco Murray or Matt Forte I'm going to Marc Emery analogous to Matt Forte in the unknown Matt Forte was only give them a hundred homers. But Forte is the guy getting the most touches in the backfield however. The all policy not even getting any real touches they've they've entered a third wheel into that makes it has become a full blown committee. In New York on top of the fact that it's a bad offense I'm gonna roll out Murray there as well. To mark hammer your Jonathan Stewart's. Mom. I guess Jonathan Stewart. Now when I'm I'm only picking Murray against Forte is I hate Forte Marie's got the injury concerns among some SA Jonathan Stewart. Because of the Andrea got to go with the help Jon Stewart or the healthiest. Clean sweep. Chris Hogan or Turk pulling for flex position. Chris Hoke. I'm going to Alan Cohen apparently got a break I'll try to answer these quickly on the tax line here for those that we missed coming up next. In the protests will see what happens in a minute fifty seconds when they happen and we'll discuss it here on Pope also on the on the.