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Sunday, December 17th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. My hero for pro football. Yeah we Poland bag lunch. This is football Sundays with the Mike every show. Football's Sunday rip Mike Jimmer show and on 1080 they'll fare and the. Don't mind me I'm just try to make plans to. Give my keys. Out of my Lockhart. Tunnel theory and then. Football under the bus outside this 'cause I locate him. You know and I just decided you know what I have. Insurance. You know Irving on relating to two astute. I was down but because you're so well so that might actually. You okay among figure something else. Here but I and there are a lot of teams that are not okay today a lot of teams walking. On pins and needles because. Today. Could be their final opportunity. To make a name for themselves and get themselves and sued the NFL playoffs. We there is all owe a lot going on today we might as well is it is it fair issue to start the top. Just who's just over the main thing and a clearly okay so. We're gonna talk about the Seahawks and the rams in West Coast bias because that's really I think that deserves its own. It's a rivalry. There's an opportunity whoever wins this game is really want to win this US so we're gonna talk about that itself. But the big game today. Is. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Playing host to the New England Patriots. A game that's at 125. I'm on the widest wasn't flexed into the prime time game who's the prime time game and I. Who's who's summit. Don't even know right now let's see who the son and I games it's it's somebody that eventually it's it's not going to be as good as Steelers. Patriots for sure. Tonight's game is Dallas and hope like us now that's not only to be anywhere nears. As. The patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh last week coming off. A big win. They needed it. Patriots coming off a big loss which they didn't really need. The patriots are currently in second place and AFC but. A win. For the Steelers would vault them into first place overall in the AFC. And today would be the number one seed in the first round by. Get a chance to lose to move forward like so today is a huge huge games they can skier who home filled vans they do now looms. They come they become one. Game falling out of a first round bye now they'll still be a OB the two seats still blood. They won't be the number one seed if indeed they have to go to. Let's say New England to play for the AFC championship. This game is huge. Only because and it's really it's much bigger for the Steelers I think the pictures of one team they'll be fine on the road. As long as you have Bill Belichick as long as you have Tom Brady and he still quad side. Able to get you to the finish line your good gonna get Rob Gronkowski back and the big thing about today I don't think a lot of people are saying. Is the matchup that would have happened. Between ranch easier and Rob Gronkowski. That's going to be a problem. Because now all of a sudden the middle of the field is wide open with arguably the bigger the best weapon. In the NFL and Rob Gronkowski. Shea easier was a linebacker that can do everything and everything included. Covering guys like Rob Gronkowski like Travis Kelsey. Like Antonio Gates who is still a very did NFL tied into school headmaster of rivers. That's going to be a problem. You look at his game and you look at star after star after star which is crazy to me at the dignity and flexed at 530 spot so just think in one game. You have. Two hall of fame head coaches say what you will about Mike Tomlin might we know what Belichick let's go ahead. Mike Tomlin is a great coach Mike Thomas guys love playing for Mike Tomlin and he's won a Super Bowl and he's been to a so we know that he's able to do Antonio Brown arguably the best receiver in football Rob Gronkowski easily the best targeted and football. Tom Brady halt first clearly first ballot hall of fame go. Big Ben Roethlisberger clearly first ballot hall of Famer. One of the best are to be top ten quarterbacks. Of all time you know you have the best running back and football right now only be on bill who is every anything but. Stop reading but stop the new look on the patriots sideline and you see a guy like Dion Lewis and you see a guy who's emerging like Rex Burkhead. And you see Brandon cooks like this game. Has stars all over the field and really whoever wins this game I think is going to be the team from that represents the AFC. In the interests of. Yeah I mean. Better yes so here like you know bullet whereas I think I'd I don't know if there's a definite I I think that you can make an argument for it team. Like. A Jacksonville Jaguars where you know yes the date they have the Kryptonite and Blake portals where if you're gonna put it on his shoulders to win the game which in typically in the playoffs the quarterback means to winning gamer to. Band gap probably is not gonna be Jacksonville but at the same time with the defense they have the ability to run the ball the way that they've done and portals actually being a competent quarterback when he doesn't have to try to chucked the ball for three and a fifty yards and five touchdowns a game. A big do you have the formula soon make it to the Super Bowl in and to be honest billing in their favor to nobody's really talking about. In Jacksonville thank you for bring in the Jacksonville Jaguars because that brings to an ex team they play the Texans today. And if they win they're going to clinch a playoff berth but they will not clicked BAC's. But they will Beagle once the playoffs that is. More of nothing anybody could have asked for the Jacksonville Jaguars alone away seasons I think all of us were blown away and then we saw. Right around weeks 67 how damn good it does defense was and were finally like okay. I think Jacksonville. Is here in their news today. The cheeks were able to get a thirty to thirteen win over the Los Angeles charges it's so strange saying that China's. Condition myself to say Los Angeles tart is a late charge is not to India chart. The chiefs rebound and you know after their AFC west lead was kind of shrinking a little bit and so they really really needed this win. Two of the Tennessee Titans they play San Francisco today you know at the very least. They would keep up with the jaguars know keep the possibility of potentially. Clinching the AFC south by winning the last two OK so there's a lot that has happened for them. Mark this is Mario does opportunity to deceive you can finally get his team. The promised land is he banged up as you know DO. Aetna hubby hubby and eight. May say he's actually healthy. So because the titans are playing at NFC game. This is in a week for them to make a tiebreaker. Progress in the while arteries so there's a lot that needs to happen. For the titans met the Pope. The Buffalo Bills with some of these things that are in the I offerings this year. The Jacksonville Jaguars. The Tennessee Titans. The Buffalo Bills the Baltimore Ravens. LE chargers. These are the AFC teams that are possibly will be representing their conferences in the playoffs you know now a little newborns to happen for. The bills and the ravens to make it you know victory over for the ravens a victory over the browns. Would keep them in the wild car race but they're also need. Of charges who's going to be the bills lose they're going to be a lot of things. Move over NFC. The Eagles are clearly the team the people still are really lean and well you know losing Wentz last week was a big load of football fans. But knowing the Nichols was going to be the person who back him up I think gave a lot of people. Somehow I think a lot of us remember of the nick full season merely twenty touchdowns and two picks so you know the kid knows how to play football. Now he just gets to stay and get in there and just. Tries best not to make any mistakes for this really really. Eagles seem so bill clinch home field today throughout the playoffs. Yet in the Olympic about the bill the Philadelphia Eagles to is is full doesn't have to do everything it they're more of a running team and they are passing team knows they are Wentz. Through a lot of touchdowns but he was able to do a lot of action soak it it's it's went his ability to it to really be almost a mock called Russell Wilson is that's that's I think that's. Russell Wilson has reached a point where really compare people to him that might be reached because he is back. But his ability to really make things up and just kind of improvise and still kind of make passes and make plays that's the thing that makes wins. Really really well the polls be able to do that will see but they do play the giants stay at 1 o'clock. If their victories combined with the vikings loss they're going to get home field advantage to route. The playoffs that includes over anyone in the AFC. Minnesota you know they will clinch AFC and NFC north if they beat the Bengals today I think we all know they're probably going to beat the Bengals today so. Be on the lookout your team is in the playoffs man let us know how you feel about this and the saints have an opportunity distilled at the NFC south. With a win over the jets. That the Panthers are nine and four as well so there's a lot of teams especially in the NFC south things look very very humbled and compared is you don't know exactly. Who it's one of the coming up next we're gonna talk about the NFC west. Is the ramps is the Seahawks is leave in the NFC west on the line to talk about that next right here football Sunday. It's time for some West Coast flavor. Yes this is both senator above football universe. Style. Really didn't come on stop milking it. I have your exclusive picture. This is West Coast bias and in depth look at the NFL's western teams on football Sunday with my camera shot on 1080 they'll fail them. Straight West Coast and West Coast bias. Shot Taylor. Michael lynch is I think he's I think he's in town he says at the house. Mom doing absolutely nothing with sound which sounds phenomenal. Would be elicit their Internet so. Lynch will be back next week I believe you know you're just out. Number you really missing two new shows of human missed two. I don't mr. ammunitions amuse me me wonder to a a year now I'm. Slow you mum you know we're we're typically together. Lynch is probably the one that's most. Like salary Leo yeah Anthony bag EU works the most at the stations and he deserves it absolutely and it's to the great. Mike Lynch on the other and personalities who. Given bureau today drop week to make sure you have quality program like our show today. West Coast bias means that we talk about the teams here in the Wesco Sophia west in years. You know in your divisions name then we're probably gonna talk about. We spent a lot of time after the show's history talking a lot about the Seahawks talked a lot about the rams talking about that rivalry. And today I think their rivalry becomes real is ever because of the rams. Have an opportunity. To clinch. The NFC. West with a win today. If they. The season they would they would keep their lead. Believe they would have had to do they leaning league division lead if Seattle wanes and that means Seattle. All the tie breaker. Over the reds and so that means Seattle will be the team that eventually. Goes ahead goes and wins the NFC where most likely most like more than likely unless there's a complete. Meltdown at the end of the season last couple games where it is completely let go and the rams pick those games up. It would take Seattle basically to lose one of their final two games the rams to win now so that that's the scenario that if the Seattle wins three of the wrist is still. And the division so. For whatever reason. And much like the patriots last week at the dolphins people within their divisions just play each other better. Like there were years from the rams were the down team and abusing coping here in the NFC in the NFC west. And everybody's kind of expect them to be the doormat but they were always figure out a way to beat the San Francisco 49ers mirrored. It always figure out a way to split games with the Seahawks when they were you know at their very best. Going to super bulls competing for opportunities to play in the super bull when for the Seahawks rams were still that team that was kind of punishment now. Now everybody sees the rams coming. It's not a fluke and it's that they know that your defense is legit. They know that you have some offensive weapons that have finally come to play. You've had some guys like Sammy Watkins who still doesn't look like he's paid dividends every now and then. Still do something to make you go oh OK that's why he's. And maybe once he gets more more confident. He'll start playing you know like the Sammy Watkins that was drafted third overall. And the guy that we saw Oakland. Yet and and you know he's done enough to make teams go well we can't ignore this guy which is why. The rams needed out of them in order to make this the balanced offense that they are because that is one though. Things that's made them. As a team effect of this year's the balance that they have as far as spreading the ball around to. Cooper cut Sammy Watkins Robert Woods. You get Gerald Everett involved at the tide imposition wants while dumping it off to Todd Gurley letting tiger vote. That run between the tackles on Sonia one of the most balanced offenses in the league. And that it you know you don't need to pass the ball Sammy Watkins 910 times a game which and I mean I wish they did from a fantasy owner's perspective what are they don't mean to because they're balanced and but he has paid in that respect is that he is a guy that teams have to respecting you can't ignore. Sammy rockets my who's been playing some okay football Cooper cup is still brilliant trying to Cummins was all but Todd Gurley. Has become. Quietly I guess for a lot of people on one of the best on the biggest attractions and football. Other thing that this kid is able to do on is is crazy doesn't it had a lot which is which is weird you know and he's somebody that I think if if if he stays healthy now knock on what I hate talking about health when it comes. Any NFL players because almost like jinx and saw a nocturnal would the say any of these things put. I mean I think there's somebody just right on the heels of Levy on bill as far as being the guy as far as running backs in the. Down I mean it. Can't can't disagree with that the way he's been used you know last year. A lot of people thought that maybe he is for you basically had four amazing games to start his rookie season and kind of went average after that it was very average and a sophomore year. One you typically some a lot of players have a sophomore slump there's a reason why that's a saying in two. I mean we've all realize what Jeff Fisher was for that team a downgrade for every single player he he made. Com great players like Todd Gurley very average so. I I think it's. Quite possible to say yes the timely sadly be a bell you have a guy like Todd very girlie who is. Literally capable of doing everything I think the only person the can really. Have a say in that is a guy like David Johnson who leading it to see this year because he hurt his wrist in this start the season but. I mean think about like. That's the caliber of guy that. That he is and you know anything about all the other weapons there are on that team in the have a solid defense Wade Phillips anchoring a defense. Real really high upside for the future that team. So overwhelmed Seahawks sideline who will be playing host today to the rams they have what I think is probably the I mean I consider him MVP arm right now. I just look at what he's able to do in with how little he has to do with. And that's Russell Wilson. Again. Russell Wilson and keys and Hearst. That being said man when he gets on the field there's rehearse what he's able to do like he can abilities and Verizon really make things happen. How good with the Seahawks be if you wasn't quarter. Like they're just another add a amongst other bad team with the kind of okay defense at this point. Russell Wilson is the lag issues that makes the Seattle Seahawks. Bill. Yes without that do on your squad right now is no disrespect to rest the team believes that boom. All the great pieces that you have home team the patriots have won games with outbreak. One there was a season patriots won eleven Lebanon five without Brady they won four games last year that Britney. They wanted to retrieve 33 or two with two different quarterbacks yes without great. That's not gonna happen. For this he talks without Russell Wilson you that you can look at putting Mike in Minnesota Vikings who went through Teddy Bridgewater. And then after Teddy Bridgewater it was floppy sleeves Sam Bradford. And now San rappers out case Keenan has lead in that chain like. You can do that in certain instances. That's not going to happen with Russell Wilson you can't teach. What he has you look at how bad the offense is for the Texans right now because Shawn Watson bought them something that they just had head which is an ability. So moon and improvise on the go. That's. I love I love nick pulls up on he's really really good in his first couple seasons. He can't do well Carson Wentz is able to do you know and so there's certain teams that will not do. As well without the quarterback and see that there's no question that one of those teams that was. Now I'm that there's a reason why I brought up you know. Russell Wilson last week with a lump here eleven as the MVP because it. Show me another guy that's doing more with lasts like it's just there's no offensive line look at the the wrong rotation they've had at running back position this year like. None of those running backs have been any good Doug Baldwin is your best receiver and all due respect Doug Baldwin is eight. A slot. As less at bats in so you're you're thinking about all the weapons that these guys have and want Russell Wilson's doing with them. These are the weapons that they have an LA LA. Weighing more weapons that like in all and all aspects offensive line running back wide receiver. On the you know the only downgrade that you really have from that team says to the whims they give Seattle the edge is a 100% Russell. He also looking at a Seattle team that last week you saw KJ Wright get banged up he saw Bobby Wagner get banged up they are uncertain. As we move into his game do you know Arjun author claims afternoon com I ain't do none I can try to look at up real quick so there's a lot of question marks. Around. The Seattle Seahawks and they really started when Richard Sherman. And can't chancellor went down and now you're starting asking were more questions but one question you don't have is as Russell Wilson conflict. So we got we won't bother Wagner will be a should be playing today body Wagner and it will definitely be on the field. And are percent but he should be there on the field for yet so we'll see what happens with KJ Wright. At this point but this should be an awesome game I'm not really into a lot of NFC west gangs because they seem to become a slow and sluggish. I'm really looking forward to this one because I expect to see a lot of big hits two teams that seemingly don't like each other. The rivalries in this division are real and so I'm really looking ports that game that game starts. One. Times and while 105 PM you can hear that right here on two and a fan coming up next. Hated to love it looks like is just the tailor made in addition today so cute my music. Jesse that's common that's coming up next first. Well here passports. Bulls and they were my timer job dogs and maybe they'll say. It's based that would cost and things you'll drop gut. Or as far as real real you don't know. For those of you who don't know this songs when I was trying so. This is the game and fifty cent better days hated or loved it from. The games the documentary which is an adult album might as that on the way home if I ever against in my car so Jesse. Get started from or get me started against. Current. And one's gonna hit home here close to your home to hear Barack. Tom Brady OK I've been playing very well who hasn't quite the last two games can and thank lady throwing touchdown last two camps that it's over on the board like that and didn't give a third down for the first time since 1992. Just rough start to look his age gas main. Well he is fifty Scioscia startled music. That being said. Opposite side of them. It's the opposite story lines Roethlisberger. It's fourteen touchdowns. In his last five games. Our home going absolutely insane but here as well very old. Fact. Brady not talking about retirement Dick Bennett's. Overtake. Big Ben out performs Brady today. I'm gonna go way. I think Tom Brady really kind of struggles as first couple things but things games when he doesn't have gronkowski. That's a really a big security blanket that he's been able to use for the past six or seven seasons. But nobody else has. You see the tide in becoming more more prevalent throughout the NFL and our houses the best of the best he's a great not his it is just the great pass catcher he's a great. Soccer and for what they do for their run game. In their run game really has a lot of little short passes to guys like you know what settlements help you guys like. Wes Welker made a career of one of those things that you're seeing guys like Damian and only Chris Hogan. Kind of become those those. I guess those heroes but Tom Brady as long as he has as weapons around him I think he'll be fine. Again he doesn't play well against the dolphins does play well against the jets and bills for whatever reason those teams. Have his numbers. He's been able to dominate and completely dominant. This to a Pittsburgh Steelers almost every single time they play. Ben Roethlisberger almost looks JP when he plays against Pitt coach isn't doing patriots though. Stepping Roethlisberger will have a good games on Jim Antonio brown and I didn't use mr. Shuster back. You used you have an opportunity to move the ball. But I think Belichick does not want to lose two games in row I can't blast on the papers dropped two games back to back. Slapping they're gonna come up his because I think they know with this game means the last time the pictures didn't get home field advantage. It cost them when they had to go on the Denver and play for an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl in Denver got so they know how important home field advantages. It's it's really hard to go big and I know how well he's been playing hot streak is just the history. Says. That. At that. Bands are gonna continue hot streak and Brady's not gonna this is a cold streak as it is just this is the equivalent. Of meant Daniel Miller cannot be Chris Paul. He just can't do it for whatever he gets the best the most of a point guard John Wall Westbrook and he can't beat Chris Paul man for whatever reason. Big interest here. They're there in the Steelers and absolutely night there's no way they're not and they know it. Our rights and. So of the top five. Fastest. Touchdown receptions this year. Out of the top five. Tyreke kill has. Or up. As you know Terry Carroll plays for in the Kansas City Chiefs. The sophomore second year in the league. Glover hate Tyreke hill emerging superstar who love. Especially considering who was quarterback is the guy who's really it doesn't they throw it deep for a long time Alex Smith was known as captain Czech film. So now you got a guy he's he's only deepened you have a threat to the view it would be cheaper 65 yards or so there was this that. At the beginning of the season when they played the page was that he had five straight games with a 65 yard touchdown. That's crazy that means you're going deep every time you know there's nothing you can really do about it. Yes Tyree kill and especially if he gets a good a really solid quarterback and I think Terry feels going to be one of the names we're talking about in the kind of the same vein talk about oh dale Beckham juniors and Antonio brown and even who killed. Yeah I. I mean you you start to see some of these guys aids a little bit the guys that you're expecting McKenna. Step into that role that Marty cougars that kind of set not really. Among all and all the second year guys who play receiver. First and second your guys man if you got to pick of many of them would you pick first things are yeah I got to Terry keel I mean not the only guy that I can to get the decision right now. That's young and has proving to be an elite wide receiver about amidst is literally O'Dell Beckham junior I can't think of another guy. It's in the first four years of this you know of his career and has upside that this guy has since it's kind of phenomenal considering last year you're thinking all it was was a little gadget play guy there. And that thinking that the trees so sticking with that conference now. We love talking about it because it's kind of an enigma first you're like okay well. The guys are just threw a really bad interception. Is the fact that these were costly trying to figure out who's gonna win the division over there and AS the yes that is double at first it looked like I was going to be a race between. Kansas City and Denver and then Denver just literally took a bagel dump on their season and then Kansas City decided you do that and then. After start off like we won in four all the sudden. That you just look like they're gonna take it over. Last night lover hey. Was the proof in the pudding that's the chargers are gonna charge area in the Kansas City Chiefs will win this division. Armed love. On charters I don't think it's. They've been right there and all those games and really they've they've hinged on. What Philip Rivers is able duke and you look at Joey posts and around. All's are of a linebacker right now published just phenomenal. That pass rush and and was columns with the San Diego and LA has been crazy after the charges there have been a lot of good things to work in their advantage with a nervous and things are just kind of gone the other way for them like. Into the wind blew the wrong way and they they end up losing the game that's with a from the story of charges for them mrs. can be straightening things up and tightening things. Towards the end of her game yet this is the chiefs division to win at this point. From the raiders aren't very good I think are gonna lose to David Dallas the chargers the second best team in the division right now we will award talk about your Broncos put. This is one of those things like you you're looking at TV it's all think a division has ever been so. Winnable at least in the AFC west just because that it's it's it was wide open house clear that the chiefs are gonna walk away. It's really weird like at eight and it's just kind of one of those things to us I'm you know if you're watching Philip Rivers throw three interceptions last night you kind of sit in the back of your head is like with this. Kind of feel rivers like last. Chance to oval like to make a that I wore off form and there this guy's like Philip Rivers and I think we'll talk about this next next segment. And uncertainties which is play for someone else and I wish you had an opportunity to win Philip Rivers and Antonio gave it to. And as a bronco fan I'm I've always you know. I hated Philip Rivers because he plays for the chargers at the same time. Admin section it is I would I respect that in like he's a winner he lot like. He either competitor he's just he's for the chargers in weather's been bad luck or bad decision making they just never been able to pan out. And if he is one of those guys that's probably one of the most underrated respected. Players out the position for what he's done just because them just a bad luck. I'd but if you listen to a guy like an obvious. And Heidi can't roof now of course of course any killing nine kids eight yeah eight kids it's ridiculous it's crazy hole. All starting baseball team on wall. That's headed love it we do it every single Sunday at 1030. Sometimes. 915. Depending on upward done by 930 but. You can make sure you interact with us all day on the bridge for appears to explain we gotta say excuse it was great we have to browse to make us laugh at these tough times reliable comedy geniuses I need. Aren't like the you know the minute you wanted to say man on him from the browns and his like they're going to Brown's your so. Coming up next on. Sports earlier. Ovals and there. I. My camera shop. Number ten million dollars. 1046. I'm music is glorious but those of you don't know I'm a huge wrestling there there's been some belongs to one. Bobby root. My son's favorite wrestler right now. Song is very inspirational to me sometime when I'm Neal left many to hear something else but to songs. Feel better about my situation. Looking for a bloody got the the W today than after the start that you had yeah I mean I'd I definitely needed it you know at this is how you finish strong in the fourth quarter you know after a rough start. To forget so. For those who don't know him talking about men the day started. On a pretty. No. Locked my keys in the car. My insurance tell me I don't have insurance which I know I do is I just hate them between night. So humble little curious is how I don't have insurance today. So. You know I saw that I got to you figured out looks like I got another thirteen minutes or so to kind of get that part ago but we'll see but. As were sitting here talking in and we are talking about some of the guys that. Philip Rivers really and we have a Texan on the text line that will go ahead brokerage for Beers to excellence that is and around. Philip Rivers is one of those guys that I've kinda wish. Didn't play for. The San Diego slash LE chargers. Just because he's so cute and he's been so good for a long time and this teams be it injury or whatever cased hole partner remember a time when the chargers were competing with the patriots is the best team. In the all all of the AFC you don't have an opportunity to go to Super Bowl. Typically the that thing you please might have been Pittsburgh remain it was Pittsburgh and it wasn't that 2004 some lives saves later illicitly 2007. Metadata. But it doesn't seven because that was the the patriots here once it was 2008. But he just one of those guys who's so good for so long and you wish you could put on different teams that you can see if you. Have an opportunity when Barry Sanders is widely regarded. As. One if not the greatest running back to ever play in the lobby would that would bloggers and the greatest ever play the position. But he never won. And so we start talking about the greatest of all time. People who are more than likely wanna say Emmitt Smith first they're going to say sweetness Walter papers. They're gonna say some would even say to Rome that is I wouldn't. But the fact that these people have some troubles. Is the reason that day. Are lauded as the best ever. It's unfair because net Philip Rivers has been as consistent a quarterback is fine. Antonio Gates I mean there are there times on a note Antonio Gates played at times and then there is catching touchdowns in and make a big blocks of making things happen. Force team certain dues that items which were able to go ahead. And then follow the dream try to. Try to win a championship I don't want I hate when players are boiled hopeful Kevin Garnett was spoiled willful. Feel left long before he probably would have to retreat championships you know we Boston or whomever else. But he decided to be loyal to the team for that long and stick around and hope they can build something just didn't work. And so now I'm looking at a guy like. We don't talk a lot about offensive lineman Joseph Thomas. He has been one of the best offensive lineman in football for the past with 78 years somewhere around there. Mr. Brown's. Yeah so you're never going to be anywhere near competitive for the most reluctant win anything more. Then possibly four games this year you're going when it's. By that sucks if you're if you're a a college at times like for me it was awesome awesome to see. Long Jake Long. Go to play for the patriots for the one year. And get a championship and some might contribute to that team. And has been playing and paid his dues for that long man he should be able to go out there and try to get as she JJ watt deserves an opportunity to compete for a championship. I am. I'm one of those guys that's never going to bang on a guy who played his five year contract didn't get anywhere with the team and decides that. I'm gonna go somewhere where I can win because. Let's loyalty gay you in the long run it I mean. It just gets you all you didn't win a championship you don't deserve to be in the hall of fame type a deal when. Like in so you're loyal and yea you screwed up your legacy in your history and they're I like loyalty but not loyalty to a fault when you know I'm saying. Asked me at mega trial would still be playing if you played somewhere else where they were winning if he had an opportunity Barry Sanders absolutely he would. There's no question about him too and I think when you lose for that long it's like good and wanna do this anymore. I don't wanna monologue play football right now and get my body banged up for what for four win season. Six when season along those lines of management Matt Stafford. As some might and I was like man I didn't want him to get out of sure. I would like Matt Stafford go anywhere you can you imagine you give Matt Stafford. What's that with the with the giants were scoring right now have. Give him sterling Shepperd and give him a and O'Dell Beckham and let's see what he's able to do we saw he was able to do with the mic. So you give him two of those guys and and let's wait and see Larry FitzGerald. I'll think there's another dude in football more likable. I think everybody cheers from their. Man I want him to delivering so bad I just wish he'd like he would have take he would have been the guy that would have taken that one year deal with the patriots in just in my gal. All come and run the slot like. I how nice would he have been night. This year at the at fur you know we don't have payment no we don't have settlement but we got to got mr. Old I think that would have been used in the house really pulling for FitzGerald to go to Pittsburgh to go to a New England to go somewhere it's where. She would really have an opportunity to compete for a championship and compete for one sold because he's he's been an ambassador of the game and a great ambassador of the game. For our Iran until it pit. That was up as the play with chemical. All of the college football game that was like in 2004. A ball boy for Randy Moss and kimono like it there does anybody have Randy yeah I mean. The his history is a phenomenal. Like he's some way more likable version of Randy not because he's not a diva like all of the wide receivers are all he does is go out there catch all the balls that are thrown his way doesn't drop on. Makes big plays like. I think he has one of the most memorable plays in the Super Bowl ever he just didn't win because they scored today in fact. Acxiom. We got a couple masters here on the bridge for Beers techs like Philip Rivers Romo clone not worry. The charger better off without them that's from the army. I think those giant teams those defense as word. More than solid owes some of the best defense in football. He Steffi had Plaxico Burress you know who was a really good receiver at that time. That defense really won that game for her for you guys I don't know what really. Say that he had less talent than our own. And plus yet Tiki coming Tiki didn't win a championship it was a year after it was the year after I retire tired got a championship so. It was it wasn't like Eli didn't have talent and depth we have some talented guys on the team. We'll just think about the opposite like app like I said at the chargers charge bring it up like and that doesn't just encompass them screwing things up that it encompasses the fact that. They've had a horrible luck as either every year it's either like we made bad decisions in the off season we mean bad coaching decisions are. Or we're just having bad injury look like that happens to the chargers every year were the opposite atlas like. We lucked out to get into the wild card position again in the playoffs and we locked out with that you know David Tyree crazy helmet catch that is iconic for all time like. It's been absolute opposite storyline for Philip Rivers and Eli they both had talent. It's just. When Philip Rivers is had that opportunity is teams have been able to make the plays is is they've been able to get in that position where is that. Every year's like the chargers seem like they're gonna do that position and then they do something like they did last night where they just totally fall flat on their face and Kansas in Kansas City year. Or they lose felt like Philip Rivers heard some weird column that just keeps that ball rolling and I think he's had bad luck well it's been. More bad luck in than anything else like a runoff vote blame rivers has been the only team that's been consistent about the teen. So you know put him on a good team of the better teams who happens is that when he did have LaDainian Tomlinson. And Antonio Gates was one of the best tight ends in the league like you couldn't tell me the chargers weren't forced. They definitely where I remembered my patriots losing to them a few times because they were. That talented self also and is mapping loyalty is awesome and you know you should be loyal to a point. But at the same time ankle appeared in its shores and don't be one of those guys talk about is not. So wealthy school. Sometime it's okay to be. Well that's it. Her football Sunday in a bittersweet music means it's about time ago I'm gonna go figure out element out of here. Jesse is here for her to about 630 to about 630 salaam not gonna be here that long boat here will be back next week though. I think we have a Christmas Eve show. I hope we have a Christmas if so I don't know if I'm her from the big boss that we don't I don't know if not Sharia all I would loved to do with the gas Christmas Eve so we will definitely see. Mike when should be back for men if not you'll be back while week. It's an awesome hanging out with the guys thank you for Iraq with us on the bridge where spears takes my 55305. Makes you get instant winner. At Taylor made 53 at just Gaza is the and they and for Jesse Gaza armour shot or else beyond next Sunday face. Yeah. This superb.