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Sunday, November 19th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. My hero for pro football yeah Wii bowling bag lunch meat on the money from them this is football's London with Mike every show. Football's Sunday with the Mike Jimmer show on 1080 knows where I'm. Or every problem every Rashad he broke his head thumps up they're back. I think a fixed. That your pieces come off of those uneasy and he used a lot while people were gross. Yours are tested by other people probably. From your front door about it. This is hour two of one and a half here on football senate today as we lead you into an iPhone double header CR two point tomorrow. On the fan so you'll now be hearing them two guys that starts at 3 o'clock tomorrow. Up a little bit of oppose him for his wilt morrow on the stand the Seahawks falcons on the net football game I don't wanna talk about this year. This is the biggest NFL story of the week on the field sort of the Jerry Jones up was also kind of wild with him some in the NFL and Roger Goodell on all accounts the loss is all last month I'm just I just that's what Tom Allman is going to say that but I think she might actually. Had a chance to win eastern regional news. Reverend Roger Goodell is employed by the owners. So using controlled them make comic control him. And if Jerry Jones has enough power as we assume he does in the group of voters. Then he might actually be able to get something done that's where I think it's kind of interest payment cuts to. The whole things like that everything that's gone on in the NFL over the past few years that has been enough for any owner to raise an eyebrow. Jerk guy being suspended for six games that's what that was. That was trigger well of course itself is Joker and that's while that's while look at everything you're saying in my idea don't really care. Your own personal life on or hear anything or. So. That that was kind of the biggest sore balance talk about the Islam more tired than Taylor got benched. By the Buffalo Bills for rookie fifth round quarterback at a Pittsburgh meet some people. Exactly they computer. In this have to do is what the story goes so deep like layers and layers deep if you remember back to the beginning. Of the season. There was a conversational whether or not those revision to bring back tyrant remember there was trade discussions there and trying to trade him away I didn't like him as their quarterback. Well they kept him. It did draft Peterman the big cat Tyrod Taylor and lo and behold they start the year. What like five in two. By the F five and three no longer in its unified into and today. Look good. But Sean McDermott was turning that team entertainment action effective offense the defense is always been pretty good and or a really good depending on the season and hold them until like games. And Tyrod Taylor is a big reason as to why they reply and so. Then. After last week which was a very embarrassing loss to the saints 47 to ten. Tyrod Taylor vs nine of eighteen for 56 yards in the pet. The invention. Its losses if the bills in my mind looking. Waiting for the first chance. To bench Tyrod Taylor the first bad team. If you look at his game in law he hasn't had a bad game up until about one. He's had some more inconsistent he was weak to really had a 125 yards that was their first loss of the season. But he's got a touch on an almost every single game up to two a couple of times he only has three interceptions on the and one of those was last week so he was ten touchdowns two picks. Going to last week's loss against the saints which was forgettable everybody not just Tyrod Taylor. And they'd bench him. And a playoff race the bills are I don't care bill lost two games in a row there and play off race. In the bench they're starting quarterback for a fifth round rookie. And is hit. It wasn't even good. Plague I don't get it doesn't make any sense to me you haven't Tyrone apparently I mean it was it's Mimi played poorly in. Played poorly there's something more than just she played bad you know maybe there's there is something culture. That just doesn't happen like I mean maybe it's something that's been building. And usher its entire arts partner of coaching here from management. Whatever the problem is. Putting Tyrod Taylor on the bench does not help but let's be real. 43 months ago we were talking about how the bills were trying to take environment that. The trade away all the best players you know it looks like for the most part they were trying. To lose and and be in the the running for one of these young quarterbacks that are coming out and now they're in positions where there five and four of the playoffs started today. There it like I mean that's that's where the bills are right now so. You gotta wonder is like man do you think Tyrod one bad game like you said he's got three interceptions on the season one of almost last week. That's why you got benched now. Comment I read I read a article is a about his benching about how he was the turn over machine I was like no actually if you go back in his career he's. Been very good about protecting the ball like he doesn't. But it even more had a propensity probably to fumble at the and then to actually throw interceptions he's pretty good about not turning the ball over its. I think his probably number one weakness is he doesn't like to play in the pocket. But outside of that yeah I don't I don't get this you. The but. Buffalo Bills are really worried it does seem like they're trying to tank and then they're winning so then they go all we wanna win they trade for Kelvin Benjamin OK it looks like they're trying to make a run. One week after. Having Calvin Benjamin active on your football team you decide the pension and go with a fifth round rookie. While you're still in contention for the playoffs. One says Edmund does make sense this is even a little bit did it it was it's so funny because I. Listen to some bills radio recently it is just. That they're just like fans over there like this is the bills this is what we are this is this like. Bill's fans are I know a lot of those phantom government from large commitment Syracuse they are. So ready to accept failure with their team because both the bills I mean you know the bulls are. I I think it was rob perceived as of this as we get a 100% agree with that. The bills. We're looking for any excuse from the beginning of the season to bench Tyrod Taylor. Because the bills do not plan on keeping Tyrod Taylor after the year. And they want they wanna see if they have anything with their rookie. Before they let Tyrod Taylor ago right Alessio Peterman can do anything or they need to go actually get another quarterback is they are not keeping Tyrod Taylor and look. I I get it right he's not the most amazing quarterback out there. But three team in the bills that has been in quarterback purgatory for years until I got Tyrod Taylor. Don't leg killed a guy who's good enough to be an every day starter. Don't do it there's only a couple of teams right now amount quarterback purgatory in it's awful it's terrible. But hey if you're gonna get rid of Tyrod Taylor there's a lot of teams are gonna take him at their starter. There's a lot of teams alternatively give me a chance I hope the Broncos legitimate chance I do you run that dolphins great in Denver. Is he can move. Out artistic in a lot of that offensive line problem I think it's one of those things like right now for Tyrod it's it's unfortunate because. He's been really good arm but not great I think for a for the most part he's been just slightly. Above average and when you're just average or just above average like it's easier for people. You know take that chance to yet she like when your brain is 9989. Manual quarterback in the last three years twenty and 617 and six in ten and three TD to interception ratio over 3000 yards passing last two years. Mean look he's not the best. Don't sing that accused Ridley good. He's going to be better than meat and Peter men. It's stupid it's stupidity that's what it is. No you're absolutely right and I can't get around it there's really no other way to you can't really explain elect someone to rescue their wife and dentist Kyra there's something going on. Between Tyrod mention that's all I consider a display of solid solid. And I guarantee the story is gonna get. We're gonna start hearing more and more over the next couple days and weeks about life. Why do these guys move them at the trade deadline now could you you know others had to have been a team like I mean. Arms I am with you might if I'm a Denver Broncos and it is contracts very friendly it's very team friendly like. Out Trevor semi is not working Brock cost wireless deathly not the answer. Like we messed up the pack Truman's draft at exactly like at at this point think well maybe and maybe we should just. Bring this guy and means it our our offensive line sucks so bad at least he's got some wheels. And he actually doesn't like playing behind an offensive lines though. Like it's kind of a match it works you have all the pieces except for that exact like. I mean even the browns take him I let you sell better than Du'Shon Keyser yeah. He's been having Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler would be the perfect is something for like I mean you Jackson was already willing to go out there and get a veteran anyways it's not like he's an old veteran he's still young venturing eight is what is fifty years something like that knew the back of the Baltimore for a couple years and it it yeah two buffalo and he does not a lot of well where on those tires. And at the very least a team like. Like Cleveland that would give you the opportunity to finally take a quarterback may be that you think is the franchise but not. Think that I have to get him out there and destroy his speed you guys all the confidence in them game one. A farm in Cleveland a moderated a leg go to Kaiser to a ship on and you can't fault is not meant no I've seen Garza makes some super good rose as just he doesn't have many things to work with money players Cleveland dude. Kaiser's bad bad bad and man as a dad you know all 'cause that's equal work rules. And it and isn't like touted and nobody cares about he's been a journeyman and he's been unlike more teams anybody in the NFL. Just count he's gonna gonna work with but yet every week he's got that team competitive he's got a pretty good QB yards like the ground. Since the browns draft rooms of down around Stowe to avoid to Shawn Watson yeah. Yet they thought they they could do it Watson that looked at you know everything you need to know about the browns mentally impaired guys as their a dysfunctional team. There are functionally literate. Kaiser such harsh and you like him for some reason but it. It's visitors. Are coming up next the final segment and as our West Coast bias hated to love it. Chill version no competition today mrs. Opel summit on a dime for some West Coast flavor. Our yes this is both senator above football universe don't know. Come on stop milking it. Any of my exclusive picture. This is West Coast bias and in depth look at the NFL's western teams on football Sunday with my camera shot on 1080 they'll fail them. Last segment of the show today. That's the West Coast bias open but this is the hit their love of music. And that means a merger in west has buyers had her love of the Jesse is informant that some might populist cause related today. I'm assuming he's passionate about something must hear what we have to say so. Jesse of both of those don't listen as economic competition me years ago against each other and get points moment when Kyrgyzstan hosts the final segment but since the short show. We usually chill out the last segment dude is there's no there's no last segment after the sew fist just a hot takes session here with West Coast bias suggesting go ahead to the started. Aren't. We'll start off on the west Coast Guard and it is West Coast biased version so we'll try to do a couple of us coast. I'm or at least maybe star on the West Coast and move our way to the East Coast sort of like that's gonna. I kind of brought this up earlier. With you guys. The ransom been really good like that defense of the dead thank you Wade Phillips and you know things ranchers taking our. Our roster in some deep its defense of coordinator and thank you Vance Joseph for running off our offense and defense of coordinator so the rams to be successful this year and we sucked as a social. I'm so salty. And over the coaching staffs really that's that's that's on cut and the government in it yeah I actually once again I stand by I think. Fred still has talent let's. I mean at this point and I'm kind of I'm ready. Let's move on a deck anyways moving off to. Com still the rest have been a much improved right before the beginning of the season they made a kind of a blockbuster surprise trade as they treated for seeing meanwhile constraining a second overall pick and cornerback to remember which once. To buffalo for Sammy Watkins now same Arkansas has had some moments in fact the last two weeks he's had three receptions a 105 yards and two touchdowns showing that he's really only needs one attached to make happen. He hasn't really been utilized by this team has really been needed love or hate after Sammy Watkins came out and said that. This. His draft caps classes going to change the way free agency is for wide receivers to kind of break the bank undertakes. He's going to test free agency. Find themselves a new home within the division joined Kyle Shanahan. In the San Francisco. The niners that's really specific and he seems imminent leaves you believe that might happen or is it just your personal not so this this is come kind of like sold so never last year I was like Jay Cutler not gonna stand Chicago actually came up with a basket and I actually said Miami. Night that was one of the things that we did about a year ago probably almost like a year ago today. And it and granted it took some really weird stuff to make that happen but it happens and I've thought a lot about Sammy Watkins and I imagine he likes winning but at the same time he also likes money. And the way his plays and he's being utilized and in LA that's special week to make a lot of money right. Yeah I guess that's true okay I get it so it. I guess solve I have any and the niners need talent the niners don't have a lot of talent on the football team right now. They're they're gone the full tank route we're gonna be batting get a lot of high draft picks and there's talented defense such as say they have up a couple of high picks like come. What's the safety Eric Reid has had his name into the big guy big guy can get him he's really did. And that they've got some good talent there Carlos type of course good running back or veteran on that map reader guys look pretty good as well but any talent in sin Hawkins is that. However. I don't know how good Sammy Watkins actually it is. Like I know is good receiver rhino is all the intangibles the meat he's he's had good seasons and its task force. But there's something to it in my mind that both the bills in the rim stop throwing in the football. I don't know why that is I don't know Pacific were in the in the locker army doesn't have this attitude or doesn't prepare as well. Or he's not great getting off blocks or something and is now open is often but. Both teams that he's been on Ab at some point stop during the football rams have restarted a little closer to one game. But also love just because I think he wants an opportunity to be the number one in a team that might give them a lot of targets especially like a terrorist is really at nobody also. Shirk off. I'll see you sour my connections were there I did it make sense like Shanahan that mind no nobody to contend with for targets. The good work. Mean. Trade sector that's that's incredibly you don't have much that's incredibly specific. So it is and you can you can also say is just gonna test free agency and end up on another team I just I see my. I mean if anything processing and testing re seeing on the team might here's my thing was reluctant. I'm just not convinced the number one. I think I think that's the big thing like he wants to be the number one but I think wherever he's been he's kinda keeps giving you know washed off of that size as. A number two of out think she doesn't want to accept the fact he's one of the peoples appearance has free agencies and get a lot of looks it's not going to be. For the money that I think he thinks that. She desires known so even on the San Cisco situation where at least for now Pierre Garcon is. The number ones you know. Options you know at least for now what does a man I don't know yet bombings Obama let's let's go and say when he when he comes back I think you'll still be. The number one option there want them to be number two I think wherever he goes he's going to be part of the system. But he worked well for ambiance being in. A ram so broke this this far in the season just because he doesn't have to be the number one guy on me. Who for cup hasn't. Broken out yet put there by you know she's really. A good receiver. Observers Robert Woods ever run was exactly the average USC's was and having a really good season you know so far so I mean he's got to accept that he's not going to be the best guy. On the receiving corps printing it. I see I have a hard time buying that he's not a a number one at that one of when he's been targeting basically catches everything that's thrown until and if it's catch a ball he basically captures it does he governor Mark Cooper. Yes these are yes. They go to the same person. I think I'm a much at their universe and as far as I know I know a march 2 brigades targets any socks Sammy Watkins gets one target one catch any resident for 68 yards for a touchdown pass the difference between these two. It's not is the option of giving targets like. When he was healthy and once again going back to his 2015 season he was a number one you go look at is as number specially the second half that season he was a number one receiver. But that was his only healthy season up until this year he's healthy this year that's what's nice helping him going in a free agency but. He's not hitting the targets. So that's the difference here eight. Cisco PR Marseille on a diet I'll be used that great anyway given the end zone this year. If you go look at the numbers how many targets how many receptions he had he is liked by far the worst. Hurt Mike receivers are is getting into the end zone is just productivity this is a guy who like I said if one target one catch he is yet. He gives you an answer he's kind of deep jacks at the guy yes that's true. All right let's let's move on now is the longest one hitter love never violent break through like six minutes of discussion indeed. You know this will be our last lives of their last once I'm gonna go straight to the East Coast and a jump all the way over there from west to east. The Pittsburgh Steelers they're kind of and sting enigma sometimes you're like man I don't get them they they seemed not play well against bad teams and then. Other times they looked incredibly dominant like they did against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night love or hate. The Pittsburgh Steelers at the most complete team in the NFL. OK. First of all. Before the Thursday games did you know the Steelers were seven in Q. I would I mean it's like being out there Eaton to right now. That's the crazy thing right William bell hasn't had a great season Big Ben would battle Lotta the times but yet they're winning almost every single game. I just double a little more shocking thing is I kind of just wrote them off as being a team that was not playing as well and I was very wrong about that but they're not the most complete team in the NFL now. I think that. Goes of the Eagles or the saints. Right now we're even maybe even the rams and maybe get back to the rams but I think the NFC as the best teams. The Eagles defense is not the vast which is vitamin B the most complete but it looked the most complete thus far. The seeds ma'am we haven't talked about the may be able off I'll be out Mexico maybe you have to spend some time on the moral talk about a mobile later. Today they're office is electric and their defense has been unstoppable lately. They might even be the most complete team in a thaw right now and nobody is talking about it in terms of that commandos were so all all heated and then save it panacea for the most part. It's and that's definitely the most number and my daughter on the eagle you talk about the egos the vikings. And then the saints and rams you know there's only a couple of some things but I think an impediment vote well for the most complete our. RA I put it out there. I agree with you guys pay it is Eagles right now that that defense the run the run defense is no joke secondary is played better. It's a little bit so is there if it is suspect but they've played a lot matters. Second half. Of this first half of the season or whatever and then you you really think about its. That offense and Carson when sin you know and I. I. Wanted to reserve judgment. As he did start out really good last year ending kinda trailed off and this guy looks like he could be the real deal he's. He's already looking better than a Winston or a Marriott. I mean really I think you found this year you have two special guys up and coming at the quarterback position and Watson and and waits and plants is so special windsors makes all the through is pretty currently does he's he's got that built he's just the big doody looks like literally five personality that is in. Access these super confident which are like a lot to obviously he'd he is confident last year to repeat it's it's really obvious this year. Our IP upcoming schedule for us next week I am out but her shot just he'll be here nine to eleven back to the normal time next because the Sox applying. The niners down in Santa Clara the week after that we will once again. The eight to 930 as the EC jocks having Sunday night game against those Philadelphia Eagles. So 9/11 eight to 930 in the week after that we are off. As VCRs have a 10 AM game at Jacksonville a couple of tough games coming up for Seattle yet the falcons Eagles jags rams cowboys. It was a for the last six games were Seattle pretty tough stretch for them coming up. I just can't do this or son Jesse out next they have a great Thanksgiving everybody or are in next week I'm out have a great Thanksgiving everybody have a great holiday weekend. And we'll see soon. This superb.