Erik Spoelstra 3-9-18

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, March 9th
Head Coach of the Miami Heat and former Jesuit Crusader and Portland Pilot, Erik Spoelstra joined Dirt & Sprague to discuss his team's upcoming visit to Moda Center, getting Dwyane Wade back midseason, and nearly skipping his initial Heat interview for a concert.

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1950 to the Miami Heat will travel up here for a Monday matchup and we got to be a lot of fun to get their head coach is a Portland native former Portland pilot. And jesuit crusader Erik Spoelstra and he joins us now on pointed have you witnessed coach Galen. I don't go I guess so. We're doing good you know I was reading something before you got on and you've had quite the shove it move because when you got LeBron James in Miami a lot of people were calling for your head and now you're the second longest tenured coach in the NBA. How's that working out. Yeah I am not sure how about that you know we all all coaches. Or each other fraternity and I think actually. Unfortunately is that I've spade of where coaching you right now last last year. As coaches. Or what. Nobody got fired. Exactly right now are starting. I don't ever remember that ever happened that I received this year Bogosian. Changes all over the place on my good friend stated they'll elect go literally left gains into. There are treatment but there. But. You know hopefully that that'll that'll change. You know because leadership culture. Continuity is and is important. And to try to sustain success. That is the road map that we all figured actually that. You know tortured years we've got treatment coaches. And Antonio had one. And we've had to rebuild several times I've got to Barrick grateful obviously that I I worked for a terrific owner and altered president Pat Riley. But. If I would and other quite accurate at all times about that other place in the what the second round that I I'll probably would departure org contact I don't exact items and other places where they would probably get tickets see. And I would have probably been let go and and and I'm and instead we're overcome things and and talk and probably case real bullet chipped chipset that. Now Pitt news I kava a little bit of a get in the band back together this year and it's been really fun to watch from afar and is carries it does take isn't it into the emotions and Dave and I Dwyane Wade was getting traded back and you're gonna get a coach him again what it's what it's been like in that locker room. With him back around and just Kennedy impact that he has on that Miami community. Yeah everybody's been special in LA it left and a little bit it's prize two years ago when I had was Chicago that that unfortunate as part of the business of this game. You know we all out felt that eventually hear them. An opportunity come back and clearly that's put on that army uniform. I'll be just did not wet out this one about what we literally had just played. Cleveland the week before the trade deadline. And yet I cut up after that game and both boats were to talk about stretch runs for both teams at that time air force meet their third. There joke around about that tight race. But that's what you're about the little before the last practice before the trade deadline. Watch practice and pat. All it does not say you know we just read about trades this came up. Just our debts right now what do you think of it. Noticeably bigger it paid respect Robert league right now helpless tell you about started no brainer on the operators. And they'll serendipity that's just perfect time for him. It is the only. He didn't feel totally comfortable bear. We put our Miami Heat in the folks here there's. Totally different impact. And I'll wait for this team which we needed. Am you know our young in a but it is cash aid and not eyes ablaze. Back kind of experience then. That stardom to be able to bring out more role players. But. It was it was just great timing in all on on all sides com. Am and it happened really quickly and so it it feels very cut off felt normal felt like you and gone back to the family. And some were drawn into a very competitive structure around it's that's a lot of on. Yeah both sides really are this is the head coach the Miami Heat Erik Spoelstra they play Washington tomorrow and in the Libyan town. From Portland on Monday night. A Portland native you know eat you mentioned about just. Did the dynamic of coaching in and what you've seen the last handful of years in the NBA and how people treat coaches. You're a guy that counted the hours and hours of tape and work your way up from the basement up to being a head coach in this league. What is the biggest adjustment you made as a head coach just a waiting game as he evolved in you've had to adjust to. There have been way too many to count Brandon I mean that's the constant evolution. You know. Being agriculture in this league it's probably. My biggest and just just kept adding it has do with dramatics are most. Blogs and that we had to make major adjustments with that. Our first. Two at in the final lost to Alex we had over all off and the way we did things. Speed things up on defense really take advantage of our our speed quickness. But those are all secondary to other. Adoption and revolutions. Or myself. As head coach. And the majority of those have been finding better were found in a note that Lou where. A lot of contradictory because that's how life I was able. Advance and then take on the position that might thirties was because that work ethic but that became a little bit destructive as head coach. Also arguably more empathy. As a coach developing better communication and relationships with players. All of the things that really need to do stop reflect and improve on two out single biggest areas. I had to change it. And they'll continue to change it to affect a moving target that's like trying to throw a ball rubric car. Hell trying to learn how to connect with players that modern day. Aptly. Learning how to motivate them hold them accountable so they don't find ways to get a group of man to come together or. A greater cause together. All of those things. You know so streaky appetite. EU any mention in going off of that and back your first chance and you can think back to times if you were with another organization Beckham probably would have been the end for yet naive had this great long run. As head coach and something I'm always wondered I think. Terry Stotts is similar 'cause he's been around now for a number of years in Portland is. When you go through those down stretch is or you're not playing good basketball you have a bad season. How do you how do you keep the message from getting stale and out locker room because to me about that such a hard thing to imagine of that same voice year after year after year. It's us against the same players returning how do you keep that message from getting stale. Well. There usually is and not change in rosters. Parents with such which had. Read. Tool. Change arching and so on don't. Now to chip chipped years. If you you have to do things differently. From one year that Mexico. But also. We believe in consistency and structure accountability and culture that we're she'll Wear a little bit different. And would also say without work after. And we we say that probably we don't say we do things better or worse. Well we just have a way of doing things that we believe. And part of that is a major part of that is our culture. That's not for every player. And so we try to look for players that. That by you two are kind of way of doing things them and good players that we think can worship and our program. A lot of that is. Kind of the symbiotic relationship on the right I mean players that wanna be with us. You know head coach of the Miami Heat Erik Spoelstra is our guest Portland pilot a llama. Jesuit crusader on Portland native there's two things I wanna find out is I've heard stories there's rumors that go around some I was curious who were able to get a guest one of them was. I heard you almost came to Miami interview for an Iron Maiden concert is that true. Know not all. I apply. Yeah all watch and we're grateful. You know deadheads. And I was just coming back in Germany had played two years over there. And Dave war Lou what it's. But I'm eight mention that now we have a packed Miami for an interview. It didn't sub state site came back. And I had heard from. And spacecraft product. The weekend open so much and I bought tickets to the great hope and planned on that never received a call on Thursday. The tables. Eight mutate so that I watched your interview to lawful. And so and now for a week or ten days and you know when you're young you're actually do. Think of things like that. Very simply thinking about what this will be allowed on to go to that concert and but it might but no interview. I did take very long on it but sadly. That was their last options and not Eugene and it goes they'll see the great hope that. What Sterger Garcia that's you've got or the way things worked out of it. You know. Prefer this past. I feel that it was a big decision that is after the match that wants an article somebody made it sound like I was actually really count. Yet Erik Spoelstra is I guess that we're always on time crunch is so it's unfortunately really wanna get you back on because I have a million more questions it's ideal day but. A dejudder on this on is we were debating this before you came on on our show. You lived in both cities what's better the Miami winters or the Portland Summers. Cool. Foolish you know I have been on officially in my contract so it's not worth my contract. But. Everybody knows that. I have to be able to go or. At least right after the no matter how big it is we just in the display also wrote after the draft of the regret pro or what have. Everybody understands that this from Pratt right are or owner and Vicky Hurst and that aren't gone. It's or again. My wife's. That the family spend your days in Portland and we go straight ordered coast that's. That's right after the season apps DOD that. For a week or ten days or so and then in August. Non negotiable. Patch delegates organ. Time and again in Portland Oregon coast usually so survey by the are under organization understands that. Whenever we travel. Portland's during the season. Most talked about you know how great it is. During the summer ends you know how much sir do outdoors. And literally goes with Paul and from my current culture to the players I don't get bark and trouble on the bus. The entire. Everybody's looking outside and mocking the weather's going out archery and I spent a lot of time about us. And they'll get it but I edit in on how orders one of my an assistant on my stats he gets it he played in Portland loves it there. At first and Luke Babbitt now he played. A year Portland is whether now. You have to be important you have to spend the summer to really understand it kidded if you haven't then. Good don't we don't want Dexter people. In crowding the city anyway. When you got some good news guys because it sounds they might be seventy degrees here on Monday cell you can dig out of Linda's house at this point to its call tonight I was sixty ordinary the forecast. Okay. Well. The final answer I'm not an answer but they look right now it's but that it three degrees here Miami. And my wife sent my dog about built for a long walks you can't be it. At this time here right now either. Iowa we know where you're really lean in it's OK I will let you get to your wac coach enjoy a enjoy the time good luck tomorrow and I will be rooting against you Monday but it'll be nice to see you back important all right. Under grew to respect if it is good. There we don't think it absolutely I think so much of the time goes. I guess I of their ego good stuff had coached the Miami Heat Erik Spoelstra. Giving us a few minutes of his time to get dude man yeah.