Ed O'Bannon -- Retired Pro Basketball Player, Author

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, February 20th
Ed joins the guys to talk about his battle against the NCAA in regards to player likeness being used without pay. 

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Ed O'Bannon has ever in a book entitled court justice inside the story of my battle against the NCAA and we're gonna bring and on now but animal and a preface this you correct me if I'm wrong about any this I just wanna get people up to date on. Kind of what happened so I'm Europe your loss it was not about paying athletes it was about likeness. And controlling their their own name and brand and from what I understand. As you guys argued that athletes should be paid for their use. That for the use of their likeness after college into Italy claimed of course that's violation of amateurism which is joked that. He went to court initially won in California. Appeals court they agreed with the California judge but they also agreed that by offering athletes additional compensation. Up to the full cost of attendance. That the violation is cured. So not much has seemed to change at the NCAA is is that spin and of course the Supreme Court tonight hearing the case is that where we're at here had. It. That is correct that is that is where we are. OK so is it over them. My portion out there's there's over here. Are you into. How much. Of your life how much time and energy did you spend in this and do you feel that's. You you got what you want to accomplish or at least you know what was worth well you your time and effort. It just topic it was it was worthwhile. I sank. One I know I know what I wanted to corporate lawyers. You have dialogue. And it is an experiment. Aren't soaring. Very secure area E. A. SPORTS. Sir at least our dialogue on. You don't. Our we'd been changed and why it rules should change. These rules are particular. Then that's what it means so yes I'm I'm happy with. You know. My portion habit. That loose. You know a goal of ours. To eventually get the players paid it. But it didn't start that way it started for. Former players actually. At least being recognized. That they should be compensated for their life in other partners being used. Yet this this this started right because you're watching her friend's kid play a video gaming and you saw yourself on there. But it wasn't an O'Beirne and they were just using your likeness and everything about you but not paying you not use your name. The desperate parent that is careers is. That is correct some like this Antarctic wallow at all here hampered our initially I was excited you know it is a normally that I saw in arms and election. So on a video of those were really old high demand. Com my friend. Almost certain hair out wrecked at his house what during this time. He's you know pacers are sort of game you can get it back into the panic. And that is you know went from about a man. We'll start turn in a couple of weeks later secretary of behavior call. Oh often. You know you wanna so quote. What his plans work. And soon and security. He's. On his position. And one meter Kashmir problem to be a player. Because I told him about seeing my at my like so. That's coming out that our starters for me. And then you know again and it was all about especially about. Home. Controlling it like it is once we're done once or eligibility it was to your images branch opens all kinds of. This is an abandoned his book is called are just space inside the story of my battle against the NCAA. How frustrating is it though when you know everyone else knows you are speaking nothing but truth read it's it's hobby it's this'll amateurs and paying in. But but you have such a hard time treating change that has to be frustrating. I it is it is frustrating. On because yes partners. You know I know our rights. Art scene we know who we were right. Yet. Bruises on going struggle to victories. Sanctions. You know I but they also say my lawyers and mr. hero included. Bill Parcells says that this idea of America. I'm being stripped us aren't we can't just pick some political opponents say you know how like this little unity chain to you know and and it's done. So roll out we knew we were in for a America aren't. And then that's what is it blows. And that's what it is and so you know. But again aegis. Usually expressed yours. You know expressed or so or Mercer parts. Globo making those changes then and oh for the past. First of that I I've I could niggardly morally I think it's the most ridiculous thing in the world ecology athletes don't get paid. I get why the institutions don't wanna pay funeral because you have free labor and why would anyone wanna pay that we don't have to. The most crooked one sided system that we have in the country those dishes when we bring it up on the show. This a lot of people that did disagree there's a lot of people would like old they should be happy to just get what they get they get education in my way. Why do you think so many people. Are against athletes getting paid because what we really do get allowed them blowback whenever we have this discussion. Well I thank a lot of it hurts to lose conditions. A bank I think sports brands are conditioned to think that. A scholarship isn't out. I think. Athletes are conditioned. To keep their models that they don't. You know all. It is it is page it you know as far as if they see. Is something wrong you know as far as making a change in the social justice. I think this system has been in place for so long we've evolved. Released kind of been conditioned. To where we are on and so. In oh. Change. Is this part of umpires. Especially when it's been in place for decades. So. And yes acute certain scholarships and then also I know are appreciated our. Hello my experience. Did you not talk through a disgruntled. Former athlete here I absolutely my experience and and my time when I was Eric steel. At the same time active recognized and do. Recognize that. The system again I need to change because that the rules are just outdated. Yes exactly I think that's what it is it's like everyone can understand the Ivy League motto Lynn and for a lot of schools. Urges you know kind of how originated but we haven't always had these giant TV contracts given always had these coaches make and you know multimillion dollar deals. You wanna talk about somebody spit knoller the idea of amateurism. Look at the ball family I know you write about this senior book but how do you view that family what their Dylan. You know I absolutely. Their courage and the I don't know where as well. Changed. Should should do what they're doing. You know that the comments that he makes look our law. Are always you know the greatest. Some I honestly what are pretty funny and beyond would be. Arm by a com. Eight you know. The way they're going about it. You know there's there's pretty hard to. To take him that it regards occurring. And Edouard Matt. You know it is or Stanley he's figured here they are there extremely close. And and they're using their name and likeness to their advantage they want and it is the American way you know and at it's sometimes you need extreme like that to actually kind of wake people up and mapped Panama pointers. Talk about those losses. It if we need true. Do something. Extreme. To kind of pull back their at least pull back the curtain and show you what's actually going on then that's just what we're gonna do. You know you can do with the what you want bush at least Hamlet you know what my actions and then I think the Altidore and assign banker. Taken her future and our lives than their own hands. Do you think we're gonna reach a point where he know that incidentally tournaments where did over a billion dollars every year. We know the money being generated by college football re going to reach a point where. Enough people stand up and say this this can't happen and we will see in our lifetime a day where this amateur is a model goes away. I Hope Solo I believe we will com I'm not sure how old song and future. Just an example state judge rules in the court practice facility he spoke up. You know it was always a bit of lightning are. You know. With. Some of the things that he would say. And you know advocated to Sierra. The kicker. He had his. Who. Page. You don't hit as Jews at the beginning of the season get to choose between. Football. Scholarship and has YouTube page and and happily be chosen beat some pretty. You know people are certain kind of recognize. And and takes their own little small little stand however they are we're moving personal space. It as long as we're moving forward we're just some of these changes. A person like him opposition at all are announced. Yet this is dead obeying court justices his book took on the NCAA what was that fight like you mean you you're in the courtrooms your spearheaded the whole saying. You know you'd you'd there are multiple judges and he said in the book you thought it was going to be mis thought of being like a trial in the jury but it wasn't it was. The one judge in I think northern California and in the three appeals judges. But you're going up against the NCAA your taken on a mammoth this is institution that's been a you know doing this for a long long time what was just in general what was that like to take them on at the highest of levels. Daewoo's. It was pretty crazy. Com I it was so it was weird to lose a bit surreal experience. Just hold the whole time. And in particular we want to court. Just being in the core men just watching how everything played Karl. You know both sides carnage you can almost feel the attention there this separation between both sides while staying in the lobby. I mean it was so they loose there was oh weird experience. Them you know I initially didn't. Didn't realize. Significant. And didn't realize how how big target potentially Garrett. Help. Oscar Robertson. Help you know religious mentor car Bill Russell. To look at greatest ever. To play basketball. Are slower noise I saw a woman by ourself. My goodness it was it was a tough it was a tough one salute salute. It should do away it is situated by it it was a necessity you know on. I didn't know. What you are military expert but I didn't know. I attribute gonna it is something new to me I didn't I could imagine paso and Austin there's an end soon to be racing room was pretty. Scary at times. A necessity. And in talking to your attorneys and such did you get was there any thought at all that maybe the Supreme Court would hear the case or was that always just the longest of shots. There was a longer which actually look good and local pipe dream for me personally but I wanted to go there I wanted to go to Supreme Court win or lose it. It just kitten there can be little. To victory. Com because it is several patent sentences. What goes on a spree in court so. Whether or whatever Starker terms and on. Or land stand on during the news you would at least recognize that it's taking place. And and record what I meant by that is understanding that were part for a cause we're fighting for you know it's a great piece these wrong. That Pete. And situation as these rules are complex. Love you wanna know what happened judges pick up then a band's new book it's called court justice into inside the story of my battle against the NCAA Ed thanks for taking time we appreciate. But. It.