Dusty & Cam Wednesday May 16, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, May 16th
Dusty and Cam discuss Dennis Dodd's article calling out the flaws in the Pac-12, plus a re-visit of our Textual Relations discussing your biggest sports grudges.

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is dusty and jam in the morning and they about it. About how hard you. We dusty narrow. And NFL veteran can clean them live plus check. It's okay. On ten AB. And. I did a seven nasty here in Cleveland with you while we missed. We will bring us signals are out there. Dennis Dodd CBS sports and he win today and he wrote a scathing column on CBS sports dot com yesterday titled. Cracks are forming in the pac twelve will they be passed before it's too late. And what he decided to do is he took basically everything that has gone wrong with the pac twelve and he made it out one nice little. Call me here going from. In his starts with dead. Washington Stanford game knows boasting an FS one. Inning got delayed when it doesn't Friday night game wasn't. Believe Ellis Friday night game yes atlas. Kids we Ross and they're like why in the heck are they playing this Tour de France which engine number one issue number two was the fact that. It got bumped for like truck trees it was terrible. It's very dark gracing. In the game getting his start till almost 11 o'clock eastern time 11 o'clock at night. Eyes when it but it started eastern time. And so it kind of lays out how Larry Scott in the pac twelve have all of these things for up. Getting bumped to SS two U for truck racing TU a lack in funding Howell. Larry Scott is an apologist for in this keys out of happen night he says you know calling things unfortunate. In I was not happy about our marquee game of the season getting bumped. Anyway download the roads of you know it's. And he just basically makes the point why isn't the pac twelve and the people involved and getting upset them. So I teased this earlier in the show and I talked about what would a conference do when your last your last in revenue last in TV last. In. College football playoff appearances last in bowl games last last last get in most expenses highest paid commissioner. What would teams. Do right now if they knew that they could jump ship. Would two teams jump from the pac twelve and head to the big twelve which is oh by the way only ten. That could go to twelve this conferences is failing and it's failing bad and it's the books have been cooked. Their said that there's revenue. The sharing is not all up to par all of these things we've been mentioning is not something that I've been on this train scene is isn't representation of the entire conference. Its leadership is failing in this just listen all out for him national media deceit it's not discuss anymore everybody realized. No it ultimately what he does is he gets Ray Anderson the athletic director airs in the states go on on the record in say that. As big conferences at a complete disadvantage that. Who what the promises were of the pac told network or disappointment he gets he cal. And Arizona. No cal in Washington State University presidents on the record as saying. Big meaning telepresence is a very critical of the pactel organization as a whole. You know and in the end. Dennis Dodd basically points out. When your last and revenue. We knew did. All you teams balanced before the second round of the NCAA tournament and you haven't won a college football national championship in fourteen years. There is no longer a power five. It is a power for. In the big twelve the Big Ten ECC in the SEC. Are lapping the pac twelve from. And the keys is basically puts it out that way he did pac twelve is has the longest drought of any concert Ernie comp. It's fourteen years ball for full playing basketball now you know that they think about that. This conference. Is dragging its feet right now in Dade it should not BA power. Four or five and I eighty powerful or an end and dusty I think it's a combination of a lot of things it's apathy. On the West Coast it's it's the amount of talent. That we have here in the West Coast the development. Of where we are compared to other teams other schools. It's it's looking at this and this is a perfect quote. Coming out this article it says. It's time to start calling it the power for. It has been for years the media play up here for twenty years since the bowl championship series pac twelve as has the power phys fewest total appearances. It's not a power five anymore. I'm looking at it right in front of me from the athletes. To the recruits. Now the schools are ranked. To where they're coming up and who else sets W one of my favorite things is. Is setting up USC for failure with a eleven straight games. Without abide in noticing the difference from what the conference the SEC did for Alabama it's crown jewel it said. Who looks at the SEC goes most dominant conference in Polk. We all do. And they set up their top teams to be successful but here on the West Coast the pac twelve we we wanna make sure everything is fair. We don't want actually give any advantages the everybody we have crown jewels that lead our conference yet. They are looked at as the same we want to be equal to organ we you know what USC is in Oregon State's gonna make you mad. But it's the truth. They're your crown jewel are or what do you do and how do you set those teams up. It's not about that it's about building up your conference does as soon as you do that you perceive differently more money more everything this conference is failing the West Coast is failing and sports. On the the SEC made a mistake a few years ago and cost Alabama which is and they had them play six straight opponents coming off of by. Write your mirror that there and they said they'll never happen again not just to Alabama would tell everybody the pac twelve does as a series of ms. keys and missteps that continue to happen it you know. You need to go out how far behind the actual is that it ready else dot points out. Pactel schools took in 2.5 million dollars from the pac twelve network each and he points out that LSU. Defense coordinator Dave very and a makes two point eight million dollars a year. So do you think about the discrepancy there like their knees be committed and he's been money he also points out that. And at the other. Power five conferences so before others they give 90% of revenues to the schools pac twelve gives 73%. Because the cost so much store in the pac twelve network. And some of those missing. Numbers like that John wilders in quick to point out that just this past year thirty million dollars is missing. In the accounting which could be just and and oversight or something too complex that we don't understand but. 90% of of money if that was what the pactel gave up. And each school would be getting 37 point eight million dollars per school that's eight million dollars more than maker's huge. Difference to pay your coaches. To really get elite talent in. And this is there wasn't too long ago that in 20122013. Early in this conference run. That we looked at the pac twelve we look at the big twelve into the big twelve is floundering they're terrible you know what they just did they dismayed and championship run with this quote says would baker mayfield all the way to the top with their two top stars and Texas is coming for you. Texas is going to be back in very quickly and what do we have in the pac twelve. But two teams of three loss okay. And it there's a point to that that I wanna I kind of wanted to tonight that doesn't kind of cheap shot that I guess you don't think it's straight I don't celebrate I'll tell you why next testing Timothy. The game. Dennis Dowd cracks in the pac twelve are appearing. He mentioned that though part of the in this says. Where dots as the ball produces an overwhelming. Majority of revenue listed above. And we live in an arrow where. You are who you get into the playoffs the pactel was tied for the with a big twelve to defuse college football appearances. At playoff appearances at TU the difference is that last year Oklahoma stormed the rules will semi final big twelve led by. Heisman Trophy winner baker mayfield every team the pact will finish with three losses. In. I think that's a bit of a cheap shot because. Just a few years ago organ did it with the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback in the Rose Bowl but they want and they beat the undefeated in defending national champion. Florida State Seminoles. Buys like four touchdowns. Like you and I both know this is a what have you done for me lately well I know that we live in on he's making like this point that Oklahoma storm bill passed. Like big divot late for you know the championship. So as a girl again like. I yeah I did last year last year he had that point but. If Washington. USC. If cheap Kelly in general and UCLA. A crystal balls sticks around there were again. These Sudan you look get a ago all right the conference can get. That's but that's the hard part is you know how many championships Oklahoma Sooners has if you look at she's no doubt about that that's the only reason why because organ doesn't have a national championship and we haven't had one in the conference since US CU has. Pretty much has the ball yeah I mean to have the mall. Mean that's is kind of how it works the pac twelve is far behind and that's no doubt question in why in the sports that matter is is football and basketball. Right where if you really good at soccer. Swimming. Volleyball and baseball. Softball. That's not what moves the needle and bought her polo which spectral this. Conference champions is your only your only looked at as the two major sports that all of us in college football go that's the measuring stick you have to look at it that way it truly is the conference of champions but not in the sports people care about not fit the two big ones around in the money making curiously. Earned a business I like business on in that is where the cracks in the pac twelve could lead in right now it is kind of eerie. Dad Deepak twelve as in the same position. That the big twelve was in 2010. I think this quote was. That was a little bit concerning when I hear Larry Scott say this is you gotta ask yourself. Are schools have been great is where Scott our schools McGrady about boxing above their weight level. Historically. Scott said. Our schools do more perhaps more with less. What's in the world is that what what is the significance. Of that we do more with less so was down a badge of honor. To finish in the top five. With more with less I don't think I don't think anybody looks at USC knows me and they're doing him a lot with less I would call you a C under achieving for being of Los Angeles and being the Ferrari of a conference know whether conference commissioners are paid higher. The Larry Scott and come out with a quote we do more with less due here. The problems with that comment coming from a guy who's the high speed commissioner to gist is there's a lot of things. That the pac twelve has going against it. You know like longest travel of any conference in in the country. You know you could say the big tank as they got a team in Nebraska and a team records but if you look at week to week travel. I am how far treat all the teams travel. The pac twelve does Sunday for this travel of any league. In the power five you've got their revenue gap you've got the recruiting in just talent. Not as many people about Wes as they duke. But here's the biggest pointed diet makes that I think they'd pac twelve needs to get over. Larry Scott can't make excuses anymore for you can't have been saying things like that because the reason why you bump for truck racing. Is because fox sports one knows that your commissioners to me like I'm really upset about that but he's not gonna do you any yeah they remedy yet he doesn't. Care. Then that's the perception of the conference if you don't care if you don't stand up and act like it's the most important thing in the world. Then no one's gonna make it a big deal. Know that the country is gonna make a big deal if you're fine with the 8 o'clock starts out if you're finally getting bumped for a key just said truck racing if you're fine with no bye weeks if you're fine with nine conference games. And everybody having back to backs back to back road games from Saturday to Friday you're fine without having. They powder puff and we gate then everyone else is gonna just laugh at you and point the finger goes look what they're doing. Is that working that's embarrassing but we don't care yeah that's it did there was gonna do that exactly. In this is where we have to go into and down the road of wit the way to the pactel is in the way that it's currently set up. Are they right. For this league dissolving as you know in the one school that everybody needs to be worried about. He's USC. USC controls this conference in USC can do what. Texas and Oklahoma did her in this is what they will do if you're credible organ organ state you double watches state beat wary of this thing. Is that they can hold the pac twelve hostage in 20/20 three minutes negotiation time absolutely and say we want a bigger chunk. All these other schools say that are in this conference up. We're the king. We want to USC network and USC and UCLA can go we want a bigger cut chalk it up high because that's the Texas Oklahoma did it. And they did it to the big twelve they get a bigger chunk than everybody else want to know Larry Scott did when he formed the pac twelve and the pactel had leverage almost plucked Texas and Oklahoma. From the big twelve brought them over with he sat there and he said are right now that we had this big influx of money everybody gets the same piece of the pie right. Everybody's getting their between. Thirty point six in 31 point one million dollars. And so is not that big of a difference between the twelfth team in the number one team in revenues split. Exactly gin and what. You just said there is a reality that's going to happen negotiations and how it's set up in the next few years are gonna go there. They're going to the top revenue earners in this conference are USC. Washington and then. Do you see elect. Those that already has was number three revenues top earning when you talk about earning potential with how they have the all the top earners are those teams in donations do not count. Donations Unocal from Phil Knight we're talking about revenue generating. A groups those are the top. Those are the top and that's how the rankings as we read those last month. So with that being said do you not think that the top teams in other conferences knowing how the balances. While Alabama why Georgia why these other teams are are generating so much money. You hit the nail on the head. This is the last of the last group you were first to the TV revenue now your last yeah to the TV money. Yup and something needs to give and they need to get on DirecTV has it was not on a budget comes it's never gonna happen. And tacked on network has been a colossal failure and even at this point if they do sell to a fox or an ESPN. They're gonna get. They're not gonna get a good deal on it because they know where their leveraged and fox and yes in are gonna outbid each other for what would you do with fury USC. What would you do a series silicon I would hold the conference hostage why would you. And the one thing that you need to be worried about is dam holding the conference hostage and then the Arizona schools doing what Colorado and Nebraska did. With a big twelve they said oh geez it's getting bad we are out because. They do. And so their game to be having them believe in now would be a natural fit into the big twelve. Is if those two schools went to the big twelve and USC UCLA can just say a final details. And then you're looking at the pac twelve with. Organ in Washington schools in northern California schools and Colorado and you toggle and a rule. We're down and ate them back to the original package that's right. And then we need you. BYU Boise State San Diego State who all being average does university presidents have sat there in crap Don third. On two decades because of saint academically you're not good enough to be with us. It's concerning. Should make changes need to come very quickly. Gaveled will switching the commissioner. Changed the the big no I don't wholesale change I think from the commissioner all the way to the top everything that's what makes it tough as that from. Darian you can't put your finger on it because there's so many of them like you have this damn that's breaking. In your like Chevy Chase in Vegas vacation we Britain dumb in all these little holes and then also they startled popping off now. In all. We screwed. Hoover Dam is busting its. Clark to be Griswold fault. 55305. Fans excellent. Got some feedback on that plus sports grudges we are talking about it earlier lane Johnson of the Eagles has won. What is the what do you can't get. Rid out dusting cam on the fan. Always says. We'll going what fight. It's a mob client actual sex and president. No. To be fair and that's big twelve championship and to be fair. Football USC lost to Texas team does not remember that you and then to designate canned conference's men's basketball. But it just seems like they're in the conversation more than tactful too because the last. Mean the last two times that the tackles even played for national championship. Was ordered. It's you know. Namely ending close and not sending a close was organ in the final four for men's basketball. What's consider I guess I don't know I guess what's considered close is it being Hannibal gamers said I mean now it's night in plain human gnome the rightly relating to any national championship game that was organ twice. In football and then in basketball. It was. Lizzie UCLA with Kevin Love and I didn't even when Kevin luxury holiday teams. And on but yet those so long time man. Long time can you put a finger on it kicked. Anybody really put a finger on the problem talent money. Revenue focus well I wonder a little desire. Dusty brought up earlier in the week or least we all disgusted over email the where the recruits are coming from in the west and I wonder if that transcends. All the conferences if there's just not enough to use in those two big sports that are interested in it that. There are fewer of fans that I mean you you look it. Places like the midwest you look at Texas you look at that's the southeast where people love high school foot and they've hit the nail on the head. It is a passion. Of the sport. The warning to practice the desired the belief the love of the caring about it not as do we get to do it because your parents gave you a Mitt and glove anywhere on the roll they do because they love the passion in the fight in the desire of it. Is not shear but people who don't have kids who don't have a dog in the race they go to high school football games they go to guys on fassel games. Around the country but not really as much in the west. And if you don't have that passion at that level. Why would you have it for a pac twelve network or four wouldn't they games or you wouldn't when you when you have the number eighteen plane and number ten team won and who watch there. While this drum for the past decade and it's never been more clear now the more if you if you travel live outside of the northwest and the West Coast. You can see the differences just in Howell the cultures are part of sports in a form measuring sports it's only way to do it is based upon how. Can convicted you are in wanting to be good at that sport. If that is how you do it and it's just part of the passion of it. The only way you're gonna have a kind of conviction is being a part of it and the living just eat sleep and read it but look insists its loving it loving to be a part of. It also is I mean it's a sheer numbers game two when you look at the fact that. California's the biggest state ranked and this is why UCLA and USC have all the leverage. If you just look out west. Think about how many people just are out here in in living out here because if you add up. The populations. Of Orr in Washington. Idaho and Nevada. You get 21 million people. Can't. Ya how many people live in the state of Texas. 28. Million people. It's it's issue it there's a numbers game element to this. We're you add up I mean in you wanna through Arizona in their two let's throw Arizona and that Nixon how many people there is gonna have. They have seven million so Arizona Nevada. Orr in Washington in Idaho five states combined to be the size of the state of Texas right. And so dairy is this numbers game where if you look at that and there's just fewer people overall wide area out here ya in more most of these schools car. You look at you go yeah that makes sense that passion is lumping people are another. Thing to raskin doesn't have numbers Obama doesn't have a number I get that LSU Louisiana Alabama. Mississippi were data were not even close Georgia and nine inning the same so I agree with you eat I completely agree with your number situation and were spread out were not condensed. Were spread out. But it it is it is alarming. With the with that how we how we rank. Where are sports are here. It's alarming. As as just as a person is a failing if you walked around and dissent were you kick when it would what sports was sports we care. It's just different it's just a culturally different kind of way of thinking. Yeah well and it affects your athletes affects how your family your action in your care you know just anything don't build it did you think athletes are just given. He can just get born an athlete. You get born with talent. But where do you develop your core your passion and your abilities. Yeah to work ethic through the ability and NN and instead of going out watch in a movie on Saturday. You might be in the cage hitting shoot baskets out on the street. You're not sitting airplane important and you know these are just differences. Yeah and you know this goes back team and tonight Lincoln Nebraska in Oklahoma and all that. You know dead Tom Osborne theory we've talked about this the Ford Tom Osborne theory was we recruit a 500 mile radius outside as Lincoln Nebraska. In a stretches into Chicago. In again skip all of Missouri gets in the north Texas. Gets you into a lot bigger cities in your drop 500 mile radius on most of these states that we are just talking about it goes under the Pacific Ocean. And that's a big that I mean that's a big problem you know being in that has a lot to do the coast south. In this Coastr tries to recruit and we get more solid recruits from islanders. And kids that are in the Pacific and that their talent and passion sometimes laps the kind of investment we have here are some of the West Coast kids. If 500 mile radius. Get UT Dallas Chicago how. Minneapolis. Saint Louis Milwaukee. Oklahoma City. All ended Colorado Springs and in so we went what I mentioned this stuff to raise it that bad. People populations not fixable. No. But passion and carrying this. It's something the you can really tried to do and care and how that investment a little more. In the article Kurds overnight yet and we've heard which I think is at play is that often. There are more entertainment options certainly on the coast if all of you here in the middle the country there may be less to do him touring go to the movies and things like that but you're not go to the beach are on the mound knock on hiking you may not be all things. Well there's golf courses well that's book all alters hunting there's a fishing nets there's leaks there's mountains there's the I mean it may not be a volcano. But they're still hills. There's water in Michigan there's me there's that that excuse drives me insane because you have a beach. That's why you're not gonna be good at football. What's ahead does that make any sense at all. On their front of your head around that there's no deserve peaches on the East Coast they're beaches in Florida and they love football yet there's there's beaches in Washington DC. Math. Most beaches in New York the beaches in Maine but in this that I mean. Anything passion man. Woody do you think you would help. How about this would it help the pac twelve if you go all right Houston. SMU. Come join us yet inject some serious what it takes to be good at something small schools being good at something yeah. Injectable Tex I'm dry I hadn't been in the state of Texas but it would take recruits and you get more recruits into your conference has an insane enough. Orderly just go I it in the big twelve doesn't want you we will. And we'll go get your footprint that's that the SEC did by going Texas native Texan and isn't because Brandon Texas it's far from a yeah. Now you know big they went out of the the big twelve because they wanna get away from Texas yes they were gonna go during an SEC in the SEC no they're like well we want our schools recruit there. C'mon in the we don't wanna go head to head to Texas and are only well read let's go find little guy and you know and that. And have success this Dexter makes a good point US he may go independent. Mean it's the notre Dame's never deviated off this path although they do play five game with the ACC. And what's to say the USC doesn't go. It only need to USC knows that keep the rivalry would. Organs schools in Washington schools in big talent Stanford. They do anything to play them still because they want games in Southern California so they would even have to have an agreement with the pac twelve or whatever the cubs would be called. They know that those schools up and up north here. The reason why the scheduling is the way it is is so every other year you're guaranteed to gain from the pac twelve north in Southern California that every other year. You will be guaranteed to gain in southern cal four because that's where your kids comfort you seek go independent they'd have more success and ordered him. There would they would get a deal with NBC. I'd very similar to what Notre Dame has because he complete two games and today and that's going to be fine and they would be. Just fine without the conference and make a lot of money. And this picture says Nebraska we got beaches. And Missouri got the Platte river offers great and fishing for catfish he dig me right you know at a beach is. I walked right out there and they got some sand on that river at the beach steaming the up that all over in the south and in the midwest anywhere or water. You there you go. Yeah ask about it. Aren't all except for the benefit of this is dusting him. Yeah I found this like radius tool. That's have a bunch of fundamental. 500 mile radius is and just been sitting college towns and fun and all over. Hamid big cities are within 500 miles of do you agree with the players. How may have dial and it's amazing how it's like Norman Oklahoma we think is in the middle of nowhere. It's within 500 miles. They're tied top five counties at their around him. It's within 500 miles of over eleven million people. And for slam people for perspective. Like Eugene Oregon is within their top five carries that they're near. Our 1234. About seven million people. Harder to recruit. No doubt makes it a lot more difficult you got to get on the plane you know getting out and get in convince him to come over here in little year. So this excess to be good it's football you have to have the unhealthy desire for it. Is the pac twelve crazy enough to compete with the SEC insanity now. Now you have to have an unhealthy. Do you think. Well I think did in places in the SEC in SEC country it is unhealthy because you have it it based on what apple rules the roost okay I'll I understand but if you look at that would be what it's like to understand. I OK I do understand your point I understand everyone says is that I am ballots to you know the word is that I have I have balanced my family my job and and my commitment to sports there's balance. But if you grow up in a culture where the balance is skewed to one direction. You don't know any different how can you look at that from the outside perspective and say. What that person's not very Smart there unhealthy. They were raised that way. Right and that's not everybody in the south that's that thing and always noted it is and it isn't stereotyping like one person says everyone's a knuckle drag in the midwest in the south. I get IE got to that texture did that the couple months ago hours a month ago that I edit it what he means talking go outside of Portland. Cooled down late sixty miles east there's ethical drag your skiers there I mean what every one Tug that's. It's ridiculously. Crazy bill. Is it crazy to compete within SEC team has pac twelve have. Played well against ACC teams absolutely. Then there it is seven beat him Greg counts. And I think a lot of that has to go with that that craziness that passion for it take a lot of it goes to the fact that. In the grand scheme of things you know. We don't go to the pair college that our parents went to. None none of us here wit to the college at our parents went did you buck now know none of cost it. You go into the south. And you go to the midwest. You've seen a lot more people of I went to air my mom when here dad went there immigrant apology there. Indy stick to it like we're all transplants outlet is that we've collected the last 150 years. Everybody's moved out this way. Whereas there's colleges. In the south. That they've had relatives that have gone their for a pinched in fifty years would never left the town. And that's a big grew up and that's they bid yet others more deep roots yeah and I thought this. Even the common. Person who didn't go to college has more of an interest in it in those markets that that's a yes that's the other thing is that. If you don't have a high tea you'll vote or organ Stater U dub you may not care about football in the pac twelve and all but if your. A team to somebody in Alabama or Mississippi EU are undoubtedly one of a fan of one of those the Eagles team is the worst Oregon State. Come back that they have towards duck fans is what's at blitz what are the duck fans in beaver fans have in common. Neither of them went to Oregon. Paris. Nobody cares I don't care be a high of over our built on that in the south and Texas exactly right that is the dog does dad thinking that they've been built a brand. For people not. That didn't go there to be fans and I. I'm kind of curious because this Texas. Is good and I would challenge anybody or anybody that's listening to your sports entity your office do me a favor and take a little mini mental poll because this is curious. Said this this I can walk around my office and talks sports. Any sport. At least two to three of the people would walk away. They don't care I would love I would love to hear from you as a sports fan your office or anything if you just mentioned. It gets an NBA finals game where Western Conference Eastern Conference finals of some looks he's sideways ego. Very curious to see. Well tonight you can tell then netted 6 o'clock game two warriors rockets they could get educated on TNT and nobody's watching the Portland metro. Why well they know. Over ideas in Portland 910 as well also. Need to give kids in the car in the club isn't your thing advertise against him flip phone number and listen to that. Working kids are degenerates this into the club and that's a tough. Annexed it third thug gallery nine and in need to three here and spray treated seven its friends are guys gets it 79 lead at the hot corner very similar. She Ever-Glory. Great Wednesday we'll see if there's they're right here at 1080 that they.