Dusty & Cam Wednesday June 20, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, June 20th
Dusty and Cam discuss whether the Blazers may have found the guy they'll target with the #24 pick in Anfernee Simons, plus in our Textual Relations we rank and break down the top 10 baseball movies of all time.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised doing the right thing since 1952. It's time for college basketball and international stars to become pros and the Portland trailblazers select. Damian Miller. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning. Rescue nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor project and remodeling story online at SH URW a Y dot com. Does deal in jail Monty and AB. Both prayer and more inane happy Wednesday Zia hot day. In his view for a city that Tony dated June. We are just over 24 hours away. From the NBA draft. The Portland trailblazers will select 24 over when force. Before 24 isn't it amazing how little height the NBA draft has very true. Mean big they would have more I just it's not. It's it's it because it's only five players well gee here's CNN news or receives much. I didn't. Two when he five pounds when he. Yeah you never know or they're gonna come from to did you get second third fourth round guys real Michael while he's gonna make an impact their steel gets out you guys fit in from. Also 53 guys compared to fifteen NBA you like. And in the NBA has jockey itself by giving so many of the star players power in late two ya it's a free agency league in free agency lawyers and a Little League you're like end. Hey I am not that big video it's the draft and development. A big free agent really doesn't happen all that authored the NFL. There's a great question that that you look at all these teams now their drafting in this must be fun conversation we get into it. Which which big time league has the best set up for rookies. If you look at teams like the Yankees and Aaron John Legend and some of the players in Gary Sanchez on cheap contracts and remember when Chris Wright issue came up probably held him out does it want him to get credit for another year with the cubs so he had a lower they give him an in the next year on a contract yet and NEC the NFL. You could be stuck and you can be drafted by Cleveland and you're stuck for five years which if you're any good though franchisee for another two years you could be seven years in a garbage franchise with no way out. Yeah thank goddess. I saw all in basketball. Oils like going get out here in two years of I don't find it. Or don't like it I could just be quiet Lennar did say out I want out yeah. This force your way out and great when you get for you NBA when you get traded to. Your birth rates go with Houston and you can then get a massive deal NBA's gotta figured out and you knew place I think DM BA has also figured out because there's so much leverage for the players because there's only 450 of them in the world done and you don't have a 53 man roster and there's not guys lining up to take your job that are 69 and sixty and the can dribble and shoot and run. Those guys. Hard to find NFL MI five or six defense of backs easily couple linebackers and garlands of Lyman. Just Jaber and easily. You think is it's easy easily. Now we're talking golf pros are we target our guys are gonna be win. Or football doesn't you don't need it the superstars you just need to get cohesive group. Because that's what the exactly with the legion of boom was well what when they regret developed great quarterback is much and thank you they're the only ones agree deliver all Aaron Rodgers asking for forty million but and that's why NFL he's got a sexist because no quarterbacks that Kirk cousins is the biggest free agent quarterback to move. Mean Kirk cousins. Yeah 91 million dollar guarantee Kirk cousins who's never won a playoff game and don't curl me 'cause old. Don't throw me old Peyton Manning there. Because Peyton Manning's neck had been fused Louisville grabbed the football. Yeah. And that's pretty tendon this story and it got veered out as this text your points at two and don't forget Darryl he all guaranteed money. Nice so if we can make that ultimately this is kind of how I think and I would take. Coming out of college I would take baseball's rule out a college. I would take the hold on baseball's ability to be drafted yet still play and I would take. College basketball and NBA's rule that now be shifting where you could be drafted out of high school. And make it to league can some combining Knowles I would say the MBAs that's just baseball team drew. But I dig the NBA's free agency and ability and clears leagues and I would take the competitiveness of the NFL football. The desire to want to win and the importance of every single game what we call the league. And on the unknown I don't know what sport you're trying to play that's our insane if you thought you create all commit league you take bits and pieces of everything. Yeah that's never gonna happen though because the NBA owners are seen you've given up too much. To the button to get to the ways said of the players in the NFL isn't and a chain started emulating either of those leagues in May Minor League Baseball is what makes. Baseball work in the way that it does and you can stash guys away in one of your six feeder teams they have it is good and I mean that's uninteresting. Thought exercising go through what would be the perfect lead in the ideal league if you were to start from scratch and maybe it is the alliance of American football could be maybe they're learning a lot from all the mistakes at the big leagues are making clear and they're gonna fix sports. Maybe these small time football teams like the ex FL on the air effort gonna fix football because what has happened with the with all three the big leagues right now is that the machine has gotten too large shipment of machine gets too big you can't just sit there in in re correct because. What are you gonna tell the NFL owners Morgan to give you a little less of this seventeen billion dollar pie that word. There we've been divvying up equally good and in equal parts and Morgan give more of the players heck no they're not gonna do that they're not gonna say that at this point so maybe just expect us small leading. And then as they grow so do you there and did the best parts of each of each of those leagues that's. It's interesting to think about could you imagine for Paula drafting to that high school and saying you can't play high schooler. I remember going to the opening there's a few that look like they could get it done. But majority is a hole now it's not safe. Not a good idea but would it be but it would be interesting job when I saw 68375. Pound eight greater than Nick Saban offered a scholarship to. Who do you think though that. In the AF where they're not going against state and air and Donald type in aided him. Here's a little bit less absolutely no talented Beverly develop and I got one of those he leaped high school prospects could actually benefit more. From that and going and playing at the police collegiate level. If it treats if you're treated like a Perot. If you're gonna be able to be trained like a pro 24/7 without these dumb our restrictions that the NC 28 tries to put showing up that if you don't wanna teacher college degree early in your life which you. Can always go to school I can mean eighty year old that I can go back to school learn more. Yes I could because college always be there it will. It well but your eligibility and will not also one of the great things that baseball does is that if you go out of high school. To MLB whatever demo eighteen addressing and they'll pay for your college and every cent a back ER what a day after the exit phils that you come play for us early in your development and if you give us but say but say invested type NFL atmosphere. You were vested it's four years you miss four years competitive football we paid XXX we would give you. Tuition to your school of choice with low end within your birth state or something do whatever I just have to mean I don't I don't know I'm just saying it restrictions on it by his safer every year they play in the league will pay for your your college what do you wanna go to Stanford. So getting to Stanford you pay for Stanford's whatever school you wanna get into. It's whatever school you want to record that's that Beijing based on us. I think you have to live in that someone because you and wanna go to X 60000 dollar year schoolers and why I don't know I'm just saying that this is exactly what not trying to find the bad in it. OK any school any school Harvard Yale and the fort northwest to connect. You argue on a PCC go to PCC and that broke we call it the oh we called who's a sex or recommend space force. Like it. Source. The learning in this guy. I'm all right well we had this isn't rather serious or how we usually start shows but as the NB a draft we had to really get after that show you how meaningless the NBA draft I guess did wish. We did well here I don't Rabach questions anger records register day. As this you know some way to football practice and is it true that Portland. As I was football practice football season Cleveland malpractice spring football still going on high school Washington. Oh oh I as they are ready for camp you practicing you know you make RT overturn you'd training went great and came to town after the draft to do was there a parade. Or was there there's their celebration was -- pioneer square. Ending celebration but how big a celebration. A few thousand people. We is an immortal broke at the end hadn't that we see in Billy do you do that don't nailed that one do. Yeah that was just fired a tough time in blazers history because that was all so. Around the same time where the blazers made the class of the percentage fears. And they had like a huge I mean it was a huge rally down there and your players were allowed to serve making the playoffs. Just forget net you probably is adjusting time in the blazers history without have been this year should there have been a rousing no it's an X or you have. Look things got bad here camps. Things got bad. In just get into the playoffs was signed in 2000 celebration resigned in 2010 years is is not that long ago. Yeah out some identity then nine BC has had a basketball team here 2009. Yeah and we Earl celebrating that celebrating in your face Seattle here you know fined. Take that sounded and that that year titans took it. Our right to let's get to and so let's get are gone. Now you my remember it was just like yesterday. I know this is pretty cool. On this day in sports history 1950s. Willie Mays graduated high school fifth. And it like a mere. Hours after graduating high school. He decided to sign with the New York Giants. To sink debt like Herat from pro. Pretty good. I mean we think of all of these guys is like you know Lila uterus your hustled Moses Malone is like a big game first NBA player to go jump. And in the high school the pros. Wolf Willie Mays did in 1950. He is like yesterday as he turned out to be pretty good and a half ago Kramer 44 time all star. Like ha but I think the giants are return knows you very good about that with him when he's four time all stars at the record. Police say I don't know we'll find out he how many who put out longer. The think Nolan Ryan I mean Nolan Ryan unbeatable when it comes it comes to mind closer we know when you win when I look that up as a 1950 really had to double check because Willie Mays which were ripped his. On time if yours. Well more than 24 years juveniles are every year it's tied for the most with Hank aaron's in usual while. Cameron Hank now. Did not know that. Mean learn some new every day all right so we got a little chip Reid today we started talking about this yesterday in Morgan there really dive into it you. People out there you wanted to hear it. So we'll give it TF. The big leads. Best baseball movies but the hot button issue yesterday. So you guys want to redo it said we have reviewed some terrible movies on that list that can't be replaced. And so we'll go through that list engage your recommendations. Immediate top ten viewing based only that's are going to be architecture relations that also gets NFL news and notes in nudge to get to you from across the league in NBA obviously with the big draft coming up tomorrow. Anything else. Forgetting something space. Baseball. And college World Series of realtors beads that are eliminated today. Early eleven all of it should be started around 8 o'clock great 9999. Only two games to get it they Papa Dave bumped back at Arkansas Texas Tech game because the group just have to watch soccer. Novo Portugal's winning. Do you get a head the beautiful head header of Reynard. Chris or Rihanna when Neil. Yeah I ever been more annoyed with very witty with Emil in my life life the I don't know is running like mills I don't know why does your deals or anybody as to what Casey's zero. Had these Portland Trail Blazers found their man in the NBA draft. Who was in pretty Simon's dusting cam on the fan. In Portland Trail Blazers hold these 24 picture in. Tomorrow's NBA drafting yesterday they held their final. Pre draft. Workouts. That the practice facility in among those working out. Was. One in for any Simon's. Yeah and a fresh and pretty Simons who is going the route and and super senior high school is what he decided today of an and heard the name three and since every. Poll Little Lulu cent piece we'll set. Those things to set piece that's the thing. But the Portland trailblazers brought in named pretty Simons and you may be wondering how can this kid do these super seniors think so she went to high school when he is set to get a little hole. Out of out of high school and then oh I don't know the FBI came a colony and brothels and brothels happen and he is like and in any ignored a go at that point is one of them most highly rated up process coming out of high school in 2017. And so he decided to do these super senior year at the ING academy which is not a real high school now I and they don't play a real high school. On basketball schedule so he was able to go there and play against the best high school competitions Canon traveled around the country doing nothing and basically just train freer. I'm in now he is. Iranian BA draft in this key end. Is it tell me few of sounds familiar a combo guard. Who is six foot three. 185 pounds. Coming out. So he's slender build he is got a great. Ability to shoot from beyond the arc shooting 42% from three. Is shifty and has a good midrange game lacks size to be. A raid. Prominent defender in the NBA or a big body in the NBA has a massive wingspan at six foot three has a wingspan of six foot seven inches correct. And comes from relatively unknown. As it is doesn't tell you from Lehigh he had does. Giants two series that didn't stand this in my first Syria's. This is CJ mccombs replacement. Do you feel like you feel like that I feel like this is a back up plan. Because the trading block has been already established in or. This is just more depth. For some reason you Aussie loves guys that are undersized shooting guard is back on its in small forwards that are literally small forwards yeah. With and you need another bigger backup point guard has really who's the best. Backup point guard the blazers have a Shabazz and Chavez had Italian playoffs free agency exactly he's a free agent and then you're gonna have to bring in somebody that could be similar to a CJ. Because your dreams I mean even when you read. When you read a lot of all you need to back up to you do need to back a brain now in this guy. He seems say when you read all of the dead draft reports on on entries on deny it actually brought up being pretty Simon's. I NC Jim columns. On draft. When is that synopsis says in in the weaknesses they say you know labeled as a combo guard but can improve on point guard and play making skills doesn't have high assist numbers yet. Because he plays so much off the ball that came pretty sentenced. Spewing here is CJM a columns this them Healy averaged two point seven. Assists per game. And his most popular media comparison is Damian Miller who averaged four assists per game as a senior pastor and lacks explosive quickness and leaping ability Soledad lead but at least in part reliant uncork craft here in change of pace to make a deal like it's it basically you read the draft combos in there they're saying CJ had a more experienced in his more shifty but he attorney Simon's. Is basically the same kind of guy in it fits the mold of the guy who's had success under. Neil Shane under Terry Stotts importantly you need a combo guard to sew that back orcas pack comes an answer that's Napier may be going and as you said it could be a sign that paid. A bigger move may be on the rise I could be assigned to making a move again we could see coach stocks and what he likes in those combo guards a smaller guards I. I'm not a fan of small guards in the NBA playoffs immunity for regular season sure it's good for numbers and it looks good because you can alternate. And how somebody played off the ball a little bit mid gives you another shooter. It just doesn't give you innings to give any size to make around in the playoffs it just we we saw that didn't work out you have very well did it didn't help. To know that the New Orleans pelicans could shut down. The backwards the other the weird thing about. Portland is a you don't have any in between. Right Mike what wins is you do you have to have dot bigs like big dominant bigs that in air of the NBA is gone it is. But in it is guard heavy guard center but it's that front court rehab like. Jordin bell types and during Ahman Green types those those physical. Bodies that are down low like it goes for music her kitchen Meyers Leonard. And then you go to Al farouq Aminu and Marie's heart was due this note written between record. Is no physical size to write that can match up and be a scorer. Also there's physical size. We have Myers effusive but reversible physical size. That's I mean Anthony Davis were asking for real asking for bogey cousins those guys when you say it's not a big man's league but something I don't disagree with you it's is that affected the big men org now perimeter players yes. So that still is a tall man's game me the majority men are gonna be 65. To seven foot I would that that's a hot spot in my eyes I mean did you once you get out of that those small force of those 3-D guys like that you can't have G brings an anomaly to get a second round guy who 67 the plays like yeah. And a seven footer. When they got him at the time where the big man was costly yet you know wanting that you should like about it pretty Simons is somebody at the blazers don't really have outside of dean though it is that. He is credited for being able to get to the rim has quick for stepped. As so he can ease ease and he can be in nineteen guard itself. I don't know it we don't know cited we don't know if he's gonna be there but this is the top spot is that one who wet when he four would you be excited about. This may be in this may go down the road of it probably the best guy available for after after the first. Ten players. May reaching them what you get out of the lottery. You have no idea eight. First eight players have no idea because then you find guys that you dollar or at eleven or twelve I amazing outplayed the Utah is number five pick what are we up almost eight billion people on this world. You can't find every year more than ten. More than ten elite basketball players he can get excited about. Isn't that incur when you think about how hard the sport is to be good about it in NBA basketball NBA. Now this is the world's game is as much as the world's game is his soccer if you're looking around on ten that's what the world can produce ten via. Incredible if that yet if that. But you know then there's some years where there's like twelve guys have beacons on them productive players in you like but in the not too well. Undress you like to me you know seats. They did average it's itself out in the end it's probably about ten guys have become productive every single year. In the NBA draft it's aimed in part of that though to camp is is and it's so hard to get in like it not only is that there's only foreigner fifty spots period. In the NBA but they you have to find a system that compliment your style basketball is still fits the most important in in which sport you could argue. You could argue basketball as number one as it is the most. To bad fit for quarterbacks I can have a bad fit there's also sings a bad fit for an offensive lineman there certainly is a bad fit for a big man. This Texas five factory as victories here five is he Donovan Mitchell 2.0 oh. No because a here let me just say this he's nineteen years old can he is a guy that. He's seen as a project because. 185 pounds may be generous to CJ McCollum remember how slender and slight of build he was he looks like agreed school he was a 197. Pounds and he came up. Ted so this guy is easily explosive player you bunched around you got a packed pounds on him you gotta get him used to the NBA game because he played eight high school schedule. This past year and a glorified high school schedule because he's on the nine GT. But. You're getting a more of a project and Donovan Angeles. So. Donna Mitchell was more refined. Certainly more refined player just like Dane was a four year starter Weaver c'mon these these are your your asking for you need to to step on out in siege and accomplish three have you lately hi we are different and and played at a higher level. So it appears that they have pretty Simons is the blazers top target though that means nothing he could go off the board before the blazers feedburner drafting his is the only player that the blazers brought into times. During the pre draft for Dell process. There are a lot of guys that that this pick could come down to sell. We'll find out when he handle the cargo loads look little loads of what is that small hole here about on the updates via go get a buck. But you have it already got the Loge 613 AM we'll bomb didn't give it your audio. What's would send about the NBA and coming up next. We tried to bail out the big leads. Top ten baseball movies of all time will give me around Hannibal who they've spot where the best ten baseball movies all time to add to it and tell a couple of to take a hike your block with a bump. Widespread text easy. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niner five. And so it. I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we've gone from a lot I mean. Always cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply to just play my comfort. They'll they'll. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to be. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that bolster its. I 305. That is this. Hands. Axle on dusty here at camp Clinton with just. I we started this yesterday we briefly. Disgusted and it became a hot topic on the tax on 55305. So we decided to make it our textual relations today the big lead. They release day. The list of top ten baseball movies of all time. And we take umbrage with that as. Let's just go through and I'll give you their top ten and stop if you have any. Issues here number ten a league of their own great movie Tom Hanks number nine Major League. Wait to off way way way too low number eight everybody wants some a watch. It's made at a guy and it sounds like a movie that was filmed in the valley it land. And can scale of what might have been it seemed like an endearing when we look at resonated well let's say guy made head add it dazed and confused. Reach everybody went on to something known on some wants it only came out two years ago you know. Terrible just out of College Baseball team. And the frat house that they live and in the eighties. Basically got number seven Ken burns' baseball. It's really good judges are no no it's and it's it's a documentary Iran. Number six Pride of the Yankees. It's the pass these you never seem credit need to know. And number five sugar which is the story of the Dominican young man good a pitcher trying to make it to the bigs could never for money bolt. Are on record and that movie was interred nog imovie does not belong on the top tennis I believe it doesn't belong to my Bologna beat number three Brad Pitt is terrible. I don't think so Brad Pitt. It is in us now with the did did it must degrees waiting there he's terrible eighty monopoly rules of baseball geez that's what I'm talking about here's admitted that was not a role that I will Brad Pitt's fits this the most egregious part of the movie money ball. Isn't them kind of Hollywood eating up a lot of the scenario as there and it was you try to sell me that. Brad Pitt is Billy Beane for. Now bro and I'm not by and that and this does not only as John Travolta and Gotti right now see those ratings and I heard it is the words and mafia movie of all time is that they're saying and it got to zero. On rotten tomatoes and you know how that's possible where you are kind of movie. That's hard to do is it in theaters or is it now and probably straightened stirred to VHS don't think it's on Netflix. Okay. Number three is the natural. Of course it's gonna robber apparently has ever to feel the greens great and it costs are going. Number one the boulder. I mean they got the top three are atop trees pretty dead and you're just. But I do I mean we take we take big exception having Majorly get nine. He would yes Major League should be in that conversation of top three. Should net. I love comedy so comedies make it in the my top three because I have the natural one than I have Major League too I house bull Durham three. And then my house. Sam a lot for. Those hurt as he going to four and see in now here we go with DA is we have movies that were left out. You've gotten the sand lot out. And not on this list. Bad news bears not making less. I love this movie product in my childhood. Rookie of the year it up funky but love and anybody medium. Hot irons. If you. You know I knew he had the ice he had locked in IA. Robert Iger and hit and run a mega. Robin and outlook Darden knows their god knows if I Q when did cheers got. I did you Eisner what's he would still it's. Gosh dang it's broadened our old man at the very old man pitcher. Ul Busey beard Gary did you see him play and project got a position at the wrong dead in Iraq got to throw the arm out on the last pit spoiler alert over let throw it throw it. So. I have it every kid here in the united of inane conversation from my top ten but also one of these fake. 42. Jackie Robinson movie has it do you get both see that of course at night and sleep 42 but if four point the numbers game did you SE 61 that we took one was good to then. In 1960 announcing 61 Roger Maris or sword and a sounds like I need to see a lot more movies than number numbers forty she is really good girl gone. Columbia accident ha. Roof there's a marked as what are. Our rights. But this list has got significant flaws and it can. I wanna know some of the other ones that people feel had been left out and did don't you dare seed. Guys get hot they throw islamists want Major League two's in my top tens. Mob most of them are remotely to this policy you Halard locals go and models. Wear your books. And org comes back I'll invest in fact it's rated up my daughters and that's the only sequel or I went oh my gosh this is still quality and name is more sequel they also they made. If they did exactly what made these Major League guys do is. You had Rick wild thing bond and he went corporate it to go corporate and he get to find is no Joseph again he in the dorm both did they did and you know stepped back and C eight. We should not bad I'd love right. And Roger Dorn you go into it that often too many young cancer rue bay Carolina the following as you remember I'm the Playboy is three. But the Major League three no demands and lenders and he's actually minors no IAM he takes back via. If you read every human Victoria's Secret catalog or something to play it was got a medal and articles I like the pitcher he got grass he said he doesn't remember MacKey Sasser. Catcher MacKey Sasser an idea. He could not throw the ball back to the pitcher so he was on the marriage for time but he played ordering played for Philly to. He had to go 12 and a three pump and throw little high it lobbing softball wolf back to the pitcher does he could not throw the ball back. To the pitcher Jon Lester he can't pick a catcher the catcher and could not he couldn't figure out how to throw the ball back to the pitcher is from. Roulette. Wrote he would hum down to second base metal sensor chuck Knoblauch's till now to our new kids on Knoblauch. Chuck Knoblauch. In which are like being able to get all started just. Is throwing it in the literally rose three when he goes back you could hear goes back to quit the game I think the post. Titled him in the headlines chuck brain locked after he was unable to crumble first base I will tell you case of the yips for baseball player no Bueno Steve Sachs had two. No Bueno. I will tell you what movie you guys are trolling the US care. Because this is pretty that are right send us your list of movies that have been left off. This top ten list. Again the big leagues has a league of their own Major League everybody wants them Ken burns' baseball pried any keys sugar money ball the natural field of dreams and bull Durham are the top ten baseball movies of all time. We have problems with that testing camel fan I want. Have you guys trolling me any longer on the steps that we're trying to get the ten best days always an all time in the big league butchered it and we have recommendations coming in. Per angels in the outfield which sadly is one of the worse these movies ever and doing it that he brings a good point. We should do when day where sports movies of all time it changes in the outfield would be on the Ellis for me. I think that that is a horrible that horrible hiding like a horrible horrible horrible movie. Video I'm gonna ask it in eight gave the angels during those terrible uniforms for a few years you remember the Disney's tried flying age. That they hadn't yet had in my wording on that stop giving it more than it needs to. It is an uphill let's all do that means lists we enlist an iron lists your anybody your list again again the big lead let's not mine. The league they're on at ten Major League nine everybody wants on 87 Ken burns' baseball prior to the Yankees a six the top five goes sugar. Money ball the natural field of dreams is number two bull Durham number one. 42. That is my number ten got ten. Are you alternating or we just going analyst with alternating. Well Bhatia talked give top ten. A top five. I join you we get to follow OK there are two entries rookie of the year we do here revered not in my top ten but OK it is have not my heyday but I understand is in and number ten K here's a great film. Kinda wonder break my embassy if it happens just in case there was and there is time okay coming in number nine premier league of their own. And like Gotti also like a fiery red and also my number nine can wilt on seeming out numbered I'm coming in at number eight army Major League. Dual stuff but but but I thought well all Major League do coming in while. And my number is eight in every for me is eight and now. Love then innings can lob them create ninety days wag actually texted me to let us know we need to dimension yeah I don't know I didn't needed to know eight men out his memories for me movie Cusack in 1919 White Sox and that was great black Sox scandal is phenomenal. I eight men out is in my top ten in entity that number eight good for your saddle is AG could. A number seven for me controversial but I don't know troubled curve. While Amy Adams and I like he's maybe Yemen since I I love Clint Eastwood. And when you get a chance to have Justin Timberlake driving around and he was it but it he had a he had a nice car but. Pop ahead that you had the mustang. Therein bad mustang. Okay and at 73 point 7% for me is 42. Jackie Robinson and loved every been minute edit attended a very good job it's hard to say Jackie Robinson's life. Into an hour and a half movie. But it also gave us black Panthers so I'm Chadwick. It's as Austin. Bozeman Bozeman I can't I think that's an analyst element and he looked. He would be he looks strikingly like Jackie Robinson degree joke out. Art that's amend or seven. Number six the bad news Beers and and bad news bears coming in its sixth. Avenue admission I've never seen the original. The original bad news bears have not seen butter maker howl. Matthau mean to its Korea I know you according to dusty is just his death. So actually that's what what pop was as a as a coach Wright as this that I watch in the west seeing in the league. He's done a grab the bag of what was his car it was a convertible what it was that it was a Lincoln now. Now my dad had a bad news and 67 red. Cadillac convertible nice that's what it is with the tape deck in the glove box and it with the cooler at all times not on ice just a warm beer at all times no I don't have eyes set on distance and guys. Yeah there was some merit. There's there's a beverages be had. Okay yeah I wasn't a sudden you're never fights and out your join in Oregon number six analyzer to just gave six might bet a dollar in law you gave your six is bad news bears my number six is and not up that topic I do for me. Gearbox or suck your five. My five. A loyal and I'll give you my bottom my bottom five as well I have a perfect game is number ten and the Kevin Costner won out yet that's the that's the fringe one. That's my trouble to curb if you OK Major League to his number nine leave their own is number eight. Little big league is number seven or the kid is the yeah as you know it was a missed all of it. It way I was that it that you had kids they are what are you in the service team and her and her Shanda had is this extra points out the five factors your five. And tears juniors you know I don't and you and Alan yet not a cameos in the and then six as field of dreams re five would be rookie of the year. Okay now he's OK here that's a tough I opera I Kieran has in mind child autos in his field of dreams if you build that you'll come on now. And that's that's number five for me bad news bears it's number five for me bingo. David Lee this off with your four feel hundreds. Of fourth number four my forests and lots. Therefore I'm not gonna bump that means I'm on an upswing got for your flight forced eight men out very pure baseball movie. Wow that's very high five ID now he's an out like John Cusack turns in an amazing performance. And we just go would you just number three the natural. Myself is you've reached your island to be able wow bull Durham the same while number three boulder gets involved had a number through him okay. Yeah I got the natural Tubal earns number two major league for me also my number two how synergy button. The natural number two number two for you naturally. My wait a minute so either bull Durham or Major League aren't in your top ten. One of those is not no Major League is down in my top ten it's it's in the it was in the bottom of count. Questionable. A number one boulder arms remained number one the natural for me Newton. Number on the sand lot for me less time. Did you very cute movie oriented box old honest ultimately it's very dollar area I get bad very very youth oriented baseball can appreciate wow. San not number one I don't know if buck I can agree with that. You know let's aren't really baseball movie guy good through high. Very high or I had a little sand like Dana Tyrell around with a 1004 area we Buckley is an angle and again below a one mile an old table saying league baseball games east bay California and gang yet those westside the end based she's just threw a W by the way radio it's very good radio. Let's say Danville. Perfect all right well today we did this come an anti factories or five as well. This Texas boulder a Major League little big league field of dreams the natural eight and now troubled curves forty to 61. Major League TU in the top ten very easy thirty you're still very similar it's all personality I think he kind of builds and I love comedies royals like a little bit and nostalgia. Not overwhelmed on the kids' shows that's why did you say a lot is. To see only one in there and blogs are bad news bears but I would consider that. Or that. Angels and while deal is this right he's now one of my clinch his favorite movies is angels in the outfield or Michael lynch has fared so he's fired from his welcome overseas I think he's does the job here no he's fired from baseball. Any any sort of credibility if that's your number one in fact he hosts the baseball hero here tonight it's baseball credibility if that is their number one tonight here Michael mentioned pastor Karen sire the hot corner there's some of these Yankee fan an angels in the outfield is number one okay year are ready. And we off honorable mentions that need to be mentioned here that we've we've seen several time hardball with calories or he's the coach of the inner city Little League team in the kid and listens to you hypnotized mandatory is the edgy to throw strikes. That's us at temple at the heart strings I cried and I'll watch a movie I'm not traded minute. You know. You're murder of four began. Sad since. Also. Mr. baseball. Mr. abysmal his hobbies law on this sneaky good movie I don't Celek that is the best caterpillar and nineteenth. Must wait pets sold one and a that is good forgot about mr. gray mustache legendary movie solid hole in your swing. Also. Where do we have. I can't even I came here Reid when I'm when I wrote down zone you've lost your ability and I tried McCain and rebound chicken scratch right now 55305. That is the sand Texas merely. Summer catch. Her summer catch. Rivers Jessica Beale by us all remember about summer catch. Is that cute cuddly one that is the cape or Freddie prinze is mow lawns and yeah it is I really to be a good article that stadium wearing a white. Bikini are really return read that it read is that kind of don't like sometimes a region on high written might be. Worth a review most of them bush. Past and this the president instantly that Matt LeBlanc baseball movie at the pitching monkey. Or like always all go and I was it was terrible or. No idea you know they did the front office they flipped a coin to see if Matt LeBlanc would stay on the team are not in it stayed on its edge that I put hundreds jarrah wait and see on him and they need a great game and if Forbes over the right side no rookie is another owner Dennis Quaid and mr. 3000 with Bernie Mac terrible blow boy. RIT Bernie never saw RIP. It is a guy who comes back in his forties after finding out that. What do I statistical error I know the premise that he was supposed to have had 3000 hits but they actually took off like three because of scoring errors or something. So he's just trying to get that milestone itself terrible. Our Ed is up and into the movie that's the one that's the team in the end. Thought I Michael it's look. Nice for Edwards and is up this evening. It might be an elder in my the other. Believe that when that a pitching chimpanzee be amazing I've been his top top basketball movie is here good. Josh Wilcox favorites. Here. I try 53 is your five gives you ten best baseball moves all that will put up our arms up on social media as well. All right coming up next hour we're gonna get back to more viewer new best baseball movies and now it's is evolving into worse so we'll go ahead and probably it breeds some of those off two of the hottest sports stories in the days short lived very turning Corvallis. And be different beads dusting came on the fan.