Dusty & Cam Wednesday July 11, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, July 11th
Dusty and Cam discuss whether you should want your rivals to win or lose when they're not playing against your favorite team, plus a new game where we try to identify what Kawhi Leonard sounds like, and Air Force's head football coach won't tell anyone who his defensive coordinator is.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning early rippled through. It's at a best of luck we're dusty terror who won this. And Jim Cleveland. It's tools bow hunting skills. Girls and one boy friends who have great skills. Does steal and jam in the morning briefing I did not show the garage. And on Canadian wholesale and fan mail. Does seeing Gamertag impact on that Phil steele's interview. She did you line it still Steele says Washington. Is the last over the pack up to get in to the left should you. Want success for you Doug because the conference. Needs to be in the playoffs. On in the packed in need pac twelve there is a big separation. Between the conference in the schools of play within it. A lot of goes kind of a history at a conference were teams that kind of bounced in and now so often it's not a very old conference. But we have a lot of texas' say. You know I'd rather have it be like last year no team in the playoffs in the freaking Huskies and it. On everything you're saying makes sense but I still never be happy about the ducks winning that's from north plains Adam now. No no no no no no no would rather have wait for organ to give the conference credibility. A the first skis that comes in a lot here and then we also get like I'd wanna see negative Morgan Kaz gonna wanna see Washington's Indy suffer. You know that's they want to see. But that's not the point you know hoping you don't wins. You're hoping that conference gets more credibility SEC their whole slogan is it just means more. If find ways Ted ten justify it yeah even your most bitter rival. Giving the conference kinda you know before I got hired here and rated radio and MIA I had that sense of man I can't believe what organs to one. And I'm to be honest there was a pardon me and said I don't I can't give and then damn night I their old the light bulb clicked with me were I said. In a blind loyalty is is true but what is going to benefit more recruits coming here more finance. Right now were fifth in a business model. Out of five in the pac twelve. Or fifth dead last you know revenue generating for sports and revenue generation. For an entire conference that means dead last. No matter how much did you have hatred to road towards your team or anything like that geo like that your conference last the very phrase it this way. What would happen it's if part of the money you know that money. That's influx into the conference started taking away all I don't know other sports what happens when football players in basketball players get paid. In other sports it taken away in their budgets are cut because you don't generate enough revenue with football and basketball because you don't care as much. This there is a logic behind what's best for conference. In on this text or said I understand the argument fellas immigrant point we have to fax the pac twelve is an agree football conference. It's not. Now compared to the rest of the country that's okay. But those other converts his care about football more my right well that's in an image finishes when however I think forgetting the fact that the pac twelve is probably the strongest conference. Overall in sports that's something to hang your hat on him you know what that's to hang your hat on that's hang your how to on some trophies in a room that nobody looks at. You say here added tax recent LSU grad. Just moved to Connecticut everyone ask isn't that the ducks like or not their success it's notice and makes the pact a look at nobody over here knows anyone outside the top a couple of schools still believes. And that is you know bad it and that's that you and bad is kind of the shifting the focus of you know like fans here. It SEC eagle Alabama armor no Georgette how little small Tennessee. Right either in Florida you know the six schools aren't the top a year familiar with those of ball programs now in eagle and that country go pac twelve big go to USC Oregon Washington. Say with a question mark right they they probably could even tell you who the other teams or is it. Oh Utah. In Aurora is there wasn't crew that's why you want to build big he want the conference to succeed. But I think in these Texas stern and get it out on organ Carl Washington to blast Oliver and then organ to blast Washington. I really sense in that is that's the dunking die down tab and that's and Ohio State fan who's like we hope. That Michigan comes in to the game undefeated and then we blast them yeah. That's when every of course any should raise the bar four or again in Oregon State in Los our state but I think that there is a sense of apathy though. In some damn this is I guess it's settling in in Oregon State where there was a bar that was being raising mentally from analysis say well we're still gonna be that in the Washington State and chimed in with when the ducks are winning. We still socked so why. Yeah avenue was to team are ours just as relevant as anybody up here in the north with your success in bowl games and having coach Leach communion national recognition. You're sixty million dollars in debt do you want your conference better he could have more money to pay your coaches to get more coaches to hold on Alex grinch. And hold on to some of those guys do you wanna be able to do that dirty wanna continue to lose coaches could he can't pay him and you wanna be able to have the kind of facilities that match up. This is it's it's just it's a basic logic Timmy. You're twenty million behind the big twelve there you know what that does for your school. Twenty million dollars Jake I mean hey do you Cameron is profit in the blind dumb pride sometimes that we look at we hold on newsroom. But we hour we have borrowed connection here we have other things to do. I just I go all right fine we don't have to care about football live here than then you just be happy when the maid and a Holiday Bowl. A news is football that's that's the NFL is that I felt sorry did you tell us 7758. Wins ten wins be happy with that and just. All right we'll let the big twelve the Big Ten SEC in the ACC and you don't and here's the thing it tells Steele said it's got a Washington. That's its impact on getting the play out. You don't have to be a fan of Washington when asked saying that. Find a way to justify the conference's success in that is what the SEC's entire motto love it just means more is about. You find a way to justify the conference. Over any loyalty you know I've a question for you as a fan or anybody out there. If you win and SEC country and you walked in with your duck duck shirt on your B Bershard on your husky shirt on. Or your cougar sure. You started getting him into a discussion about the conference. Do you think an Arkansas fans do you think gay I don't know Georgia to think at Texas saying Nam Phan will even let you start to utter the words. Your conference is better than ours. Because they'd immediately starts and we have Mississippi we have this big to start defending every single team in front of you and go down their entire sixteen roster before they say we got sixteen better than you you know you let organ you let. SEC Randy when they come out to us. Here in the cart you let them say of your route. Well in the room we no one though we go do you would let that happen there is the difference. Dad textures said they you know back in Connecticut there was a paradox. And win it winnowing down to Houston to the World Series I remember mention this only got back is that they have like walls with a win win and memorabilia store. Never walls with like college football helmets all the college football helmets and in the state then they TCU's Houston Texas Texas and Texas Tech what are. If they also had him from other conferences. If there were probably thirty. University organ helmets in the thirty. May mean in that was far way to Muster markets Mario Villa Michael James summons our autographed and in there. There were two. Other actual ballots in their both USC elements. Do your there's USC ended there about thirty university organ helmets in a Houston Texas memorabilia store. Other and that it was. To USC ailments in the wrestler SEC and thanks to only sell what sellable. Noon and there's not and soul into this conference in need more and you need to raise the bar for everybody else it would really well in Ned this success that Oregon had. Believe or not duck and is why Washington is where it's at right now absolutely it is. Because they said no no Chris Peterson so I want to be part of that I wanna do that I wanna change that because. This is this is not acceptable. And you don't schools or are going to be motivated USC was motivated UCLA higher Chip Kelly. UC Kevin someone coming in now Jonathan Smith comes from washes out but he's a former. A beaver and wants to elevate these are all things that the conference needs to do the coaches are just as fired up to get this done as anybody. They like their jobs they like the money and and yet as an intern at home way to a hold beat her family in a neverland they don't get it blinded by too much hate. But it's fair. On the why you hate but not asking you to root for anybody else but we do need to conference to be better. Eat better and you know let ducks said. You know hey enough is enough they ran market offered to thirteen to national title right out of town. And they said we needs are spending on our staff she brought in Jim Leavitt you know he brought Willie Taggart and but he and all flight I'd challenge you out there that are fans of the conference in next time you're getting into a rivalry conversation. Herded into a conference conversation and ask what's good for the content just try try it once and awhile with each other and see what what conversation spurs from there. King you think outside the box can you try to do something to get different look as a group. I know it's als or Lou nobody gets a blue ribbon but it isn't that's how far behind we are here. Try once if you take wearing blind down pride and went we have left is college sports fans. That's on the battery to attack the hate the school find a way to rationalize it like SEC fans do in the conference in a better place. Right. Bonnie minority government that's got a phone chatter also leading gets any NBA stuff. It's a fifteen on the fan. This conversations. The sale I think that this is a bit Finland now this is great tech review and Steve. You want the conference to be viewed in a better life. Did step up then don't lane eight in the spotlight in the spotlight is on you one can only take care. Of themselves. The pac twelve has generally down their leg on the national stage what it to few times search with the organ. Two national championship chances. You help out differences this conference if they have two national championships. Are quite a bit different. Catastrophically different. In a good way and that's a tough word to say. I don't pay a but I don't know and they learned the on this me army on a serious drastically different AS is there's words that that you can use to describe but if you have two national championship trophies along with a Heisman Trophy championship. Award yes this conference. Is locked in for ten years. A national recognition now and this is big time but when you dribble it down and you can you do lay an aide Michael Dyer is down everybody. Everybody looks at what the USC dribble it down their leg vs Alabama get beat by fifty. Washington getting thumped by Alabama in the playoffs yet we all these things like this you go you have a shot. What team and what group is going be the one that stands up and says finally we got over the hump I don't know what game it's going to be a tell you what. The tackles got an answer right out of the gate with a Washington nor are or in Auburn will see what happens there and that's a good place to start the college football playoff. Win organ. Hammered Florida State in the Rose Bowl. Now is a valid exerted moment for the conference big time you know and at that time night I do remember people were like okay well. You know way to be good for the pack even or beaver in husky fans act of cash for don't want organ to win. New one but he'd be good for the pac twelve because it would be somebody else besides the US CTO yes. It's it would be someone that it's everywhere says here it was last time somebody won a championship all we overseas USC Pete Carroll. It's exhausting. The it would do what you say about the big tent. Well last one is Ohio or one house is pretty good nonstop. OK what do is about the SEC only got a ball up the ACC and got some. This Texas says some late on had ninety cents is a lifelong ban a fan I was disgusted of years ago few years ago and I discovered bam the fans are buying structures and rooting for them over Robert. I was root for Robert until they play us and they were representing not only the SEC but the state of Alabama in the game. So it it's all SEC fans are pro SEC no matter what and yes losing by three of the last played already isn't dribbling down nearly no. Yet is on the national stage when you lose a game Michael Dyer was down I get it I I get it dusty but you have play shots to win that game they're seventy to eighty plays in the game. You would you go on the national stage you can't you wanna walkway champ. You can't make mistakes and that's part of football that's part of sports and I'd say that against any team and when you don't do it against the best teams in the country. In your Notre Dame and they go in and they think that they're all that legal they play Al MMD skates thought in everyone's tool notre down. That's different via a the last line or again just got hammered by. Ohio State TU I was not in that I can agree with that was just like low. It even gets a one point game in the third quarter though you know was and then went out and get their bullets final fifteen minute dozens and denial Serena this win. Hammer hammer hammer. And they're big I mean it that doesn't help big conferences. Perception leaders. It's not just losing but with a flair that the pac twelve has lost ten games in recently to. Assists in these weather is infuriating Washington in the college football playoff or again in the Alamo Bowl against TCU it's off you have these memorable melt downs we decide. Own my guy UCLA against Texas sane and where that is they actually rallied back. Accurate till the last biggest most most impressive win in this conference in a long time. And Tate. It's it's USC beating Penn State the rose ball the way they did coming back with Sam Arnold. Name another exciting game in the pac twelve that we have been able to go. Wow statement for the conference name one in the last five years celeb Florida State and I think it was a good statement today that forced eighteen hadn't lost a game in two years -- 2013 and they ain't the end of a while ago but a better hammered out there that this is a what have you done for me lately sport. And it's USC beat Notre Dame last year is at the game that the game that us. With him pre game I don't know why noted any easy sorry that I don't remember that then is it means it's only have was all right. On dissent trying to find a wind camp channels and no Steve are known for their. On cold can you bring of that Auburn National championship game the other thing about that for organ regardless about the fact it was close the organs he was putting up like sixty points a game death and they just got absolutely stuffed to the limits over and over again yeah I mean it changed everything about how women are fourth and goal early in the game snuffed out and then Cam Newton became the guy that everybody remembers. A Cam Newton was. The Heisman guy everybody remembers before that and so is the bag. Michael Michael Dyer became memorable now. Many say it again Michael Dyer was down if you. Josh sag game. OK Mo good conversation folks. I'm glad we all heard you know agree to disagree but I feel as if the pac twelve needs to make it and he needs a champion soon. And would soon in your opinion. What is soon in the next ten you your purse no I. I'm say within three years the pactel needs to win a national championship and the crazy thing is as I don't know how they're going to do it. I don't. I honestly can steer you in a look at and talk. Target this till I'm blue in the face I don't know how they're going to do with the way it's set up you know it's terrifying. You know talking to Phil Steele. Is in his Anglican does come down to you know what it's a one team one horse race for the pac twelfth. Is that if you look at kind of how he's figuring it Auburn goes this year where they'll be good video won't be great. The pac twelve hope for the cause vault that might be done weakland. Any idea that is on our news Santoro could day you know could a team I gave if we USC find a way to run the table and yet obviously they'd had in that conversation. Stanford we know we'll have to pick up. A couple times this season are in Stanford they always do and and and organ you've Justin Herbert you pretty god he stays healthy it's number ten stays healthy and bake in they could make some real noise button with your nonconference schedule Bowling Green San Jose's stay in Portland State are you anywhere yeah. We saw that last year just wait till he is paean puts cupcakes in front of your team still echoes. Eleven B financing cupcakes are delicious. But here's the thing white washing in get upset at that because it I wasn't takes it was schedules that. It wasn't till you want to clear of CN zealous former coming. I know how it reads. Capital of the world Pacific northwest semi pro days do we need to have here they weren't right. Friday yes nobody gets is the only protesting angry and outraged. Then I'm whip football team was brought here they'd be the Portland out Rangers they'd be the northwest outrageous the only thing that was wrong with what what ESPN did was that they had pink cupcakes mean at least make some purple and gold. If you get them to have Washington's schedule be marked. And we our and does have a cupcake schedule. A senate we should you know we're gonna do read four seasons are everything the SEC win doubt yeah we're gonna go we're gonna go I'm talking about names that we think our top 25 teams are gonna compare schedules and go cupcakes or not. We're gonna serve cupcakes two each other if that happens a lot and word. So don't lower 125. And this is section can point packed on these quit shooting itself in the flow with scheduling if they wanna consistently make the playoffs. We have seen it does not matter if you play tough conference schedule or not. Morgan Washington. Should quit playing Auburn and LSU and Ohio State. They're just stealing its setting themselves up to get knocked out the playoffs and started every season in this is what this will go Baghdad becomes active. Airs on a state plays Michigan State Oregon State's playing Ohio State and. K those three games right there. Those three school Ohio State Michigan State Oklahoma borrowing three. Yeah let's play pac twelve team but let's not play a good one media in so they went yeah out that looks good student and so they went after. Three programs that they're like does does are going to be down programs those aren't the cream of the crop they never work and no nobody like. Do it either one of those who like UCLA and Arizona State it's always been next year's gotten PD year. And then you have Oregon State which is was this when that game scheduled there were a solid not elite program. Eric. Now let's play co Y. Or not coli. It gamely talked about playing last week I involving coli Leonard in his marketability in need to be the man. Do you know what he sounds like. OK okay. Played the last week. A game of would you know who Weiler area as if he's means. This guy is saying you must be the face of the three inches according to his camp because while Leonard isn't speaking to anybody about anything. This offseason he wants to go to LA he wants more endorsements he wants to big get a big shoe deal he he's saying that in San Antonio he can't be that guy because. He's in San Antonio. He's kept under wraps underneath RC Buford Gregg Popovich to read regime. But I think uses that quite you know marketable because we don't know who you are. You know if you ever heard quite Leonard speak. Yeah I've couple interviews it's in outer short drilling. Have you because we're gonna play brilliant game. Colo. Or not cool. Who Phoenix you know like you guys excited for this I so setting up by SO. Basically what we have are numbers sound bites that either are coli or are not collide sort of play these sound bites for you end let you guys. Conference among yourselves decide whether it is or is not polite letter on the other end of that fight themselves. Syria here's the first one. Do you know it's continued his Europe over the growth period. Many teams so. I guess you're to win your views for us. Now that's Tony Parker. An easy one to start well it is Frenchman and Eurasian and it's not collide but it's not Tony Parker right now. Nicholas Batum no that would be a Joffrey Laverne Sony's doing ahead and free jobs free. Dude that's that's demon thrown straight they're announcing the offer is yeah we is today yet international accent there but please don't try another one no international thing. Man it's tough because if you look at the games you play in a row we'd. Have Billy's union know Bono from you know. Turn the ball over transition. We're trying to throw another coaches know time after everything to. Not collide later. Dustin you agree not coli Leonard. Don't know. And. I'm gonna say then knew is not coli Leonard. Correct that would be as Johns Amory codes is John Amory home okay Greg another one for you all right the scope. I mean I feel like you can play well Lester for us. We want to semi finals register San changes. Come in and be your presence. On both ends of the floor. Be aggressive just like us so we all don't talk to each other more than just build a better team chemistry we've got to move players here. So I mean I think everything you do question was do you can't complain. That is why Leonard. Evening so I think so I feel like that one is for some reason had in mind I'm going my percentage reaction. This has been a while they heard him talk. He that's correct that was all uncle Leonard. Wow. That's McClellan that is a while and it sounds like we had a couple others that I'm still not sure you're going to be able to distinguish him okay others and other teammates so yeah. This non unknown why he has so inaugural love for the passing a focus for at some probably around. 56 and moved an opportunity to go to India. Seabed that. Is what I would imagine while Leonard sounds like is that him that is night and I think that is him. Well users split that is not him that his former TrailBlazer LaMarcus Aldridge. Yeah warriors so you know goal Illinois passing offense is no I got my list next up that is why Leonard. Pace I was reading my own key mailing answered your own. G Dag I know LaMarcus. I know Mario Vargas earlier not a million knows enough. And does some. And Tillerson and I try to fall asleep. Let's try this on for size and is very you know I'm asking questions on game that I guess is forced him to toss I can't be wrong so it's a good place to be enthusiastic viewing if he's accused his. They're wrong on so unpopular that. He had no he had personality that's not who got his nom is and that's. Since it no received any Greek and Lee you guys are right it is not toilet that is in effect to regain through beginning of foul play he made people laugh as he did not you know it's not like about this or. He you just coming back from a rodeo road trip it's always took the play. This first home game. Good we we we came out a little sluggish and not a racist and Murray to play but we just one until you know cheaper peso to 48 minutes of the game keep grinding them out and hopefully we can get a win like you do tonight. That sound a little bit like LaMarcus Aldridge. Yes that's why and that'd that that's exactly why. That is alive US familiar quite literally a minute listen to though like listen the difference here. You you just remember from the world. He isn't gonna now why he has so let me and I feel like she's very well question he has no idea why the 47 art collide. I hate you kit cheeky kid. This site and give it three different voices. But this won't be OK you know Marines mark knows who live there I don't think so brokered through don't guards. You know there were confident the so it does make a move. Just you know yeah. You guys miss those interviews got a bonus worry too early for this acquire not collapse. This is a special from a intra Christian men on base guy wants. Gordon and went through this get serious and did you know an army of Indiana where he walks so I assist you know they cut though and that's how it's a classic opinion into the mosquitoes get personal. When voicing your seat than those are local mall I go. Bedard did you get the idea. That's not how Hellblazer mind that is monochrome. And no blades. A seat in that is pretty good this game like you you will not be able to do. If you quell energy you're not going to be marketable person and if that is you and there are a lot of guys that talk like that that are marketable. Would you mean to you that talk like what in monotone and nobody knows that like. Just ask you were looking yet unknown personality. Away numerous check this big huge so that personality but it's so like you go through zoom zoom. Who are you threw her through unit. Jacket it okay same interview kind of you have no idea. Shaq at least makes it entertaining the what comes out of his name is different to write what you make everything about him is boring and could various. In that thing you heard three different choir voices nothing of that media like yes that guy. That's going to be really know adjusting may be. Once he gets to a place where in this is a fair comment. Is calling it this the other day to coward did this tonight spill like this too is that Gregg Popovich. Makes these guys this way. His entire. His entire persona. Pop images. We've before you. It's it's odd that's what you have to be like stifle your personality. But the team before everybody else nothing is bigger than the team which I and I do admire and I like. And I like but in today's world from Tim Duncan being the guy to the admiral think about the guys and he's always had Mon and Tony Parker. Now LA and then you see all these guys and NEC it collide they all have been told to come. And squeeze in to this personality that pop is the one that says stuff. Popovich is the one that controls the roost nobody talks above me you're she stifled down in and you look at this and if you look at the great coaches like Steve curves like have an opinion. Do you would you wanna do you basketball allow allowed even Phil Jackson allowed the personalities. To happen Popovich does not allow personnel based team which doesn't want to. I'm within that then. How many guys is quite they're running around with around the league right I ate like here's the thing is that at win. When you go and you covered the San Antonio Spurs. You go and the pop is cracking jokes before the interview it's awesome I don't have either not in name Sarah Tim Duncan. Is receptive both for the big Mike's turn on where the cameras turn on and then he goes in that mode. All those guys in the locker room were like that and it's like they're talking Belinda and it's live bone they just kind of shut down they go and that pop mode you're right. Quite Leonard was not user seem tie at night the same I don't know if I believe that I'd I'd I saw it. Good for you I know I saw that I am I in the locker room and I've also sat in the majors a locker there's tons of personalities. Weren't allowed to be that way will be what does not allowed to be a certain way and win that is done now weighing. I think a lot of guys once they leave work they do you do that they win a championship. They have the experience. And then they go him tight yurt. I've been under this umbrella of control of one it will be somebody different and I know our that is quite wants to get out we might see a different personality. To where you get a true coli Leonard that would be a stunner. I'd be a stunner like in people that cover this seemed like. He's not he's not one of the guys that is lean and charging going out and hang out the guys after in his as boisterous personality. In the locker room you know that that thing that that it factor. Marketability. Factor that. We're talking about with few months big time endorsement deals are just he wants to be happy man and as a boy yeah no doubt about I don't think you don't know you got a matter of about that I think that's just kind of goes hand in hand. I think he just doesn't wanna be under this this. Iron fist of poverty Timor and on and understand that NA doesn't take a big personality don't wanna get out from under that are no doubt about it whatsoever but. On coli or not comply. I. Letter is going on at the air force academy with their football program and we need to seven and fanned 840. ABC let's go to air force coach Troy Calhoun is doing. And Colorado Springs. I. Caught the gist that yes he is refusing. To let anybody know who his defensive coordinator at this. That are living is currently on staff and he's just not identify with that position coach yet actually has the play calling and indeed. Here's the thing about the military academy see him and give up your location they have clandestine he had the the academy's. Head coach is paid by the academy since the government employ. But the assistant coach salaries are all paid privately. So we need their reporters tried to Friedman of information act. Air force the academy is like he had no he's not a government employed he's in Z salaries pride and so we don't have to tell you. Who he has no. Nobody those either the offensive coordinator is is this a heading now not secretive that these were in the military here. Went to tell you everything but how does this close Melissa how fair does it help them against opponents to if if an opponent knows who the DC is is that an advantage. Meaning. OC could look at some film that really yeah I don't really think so and I've never got to the point where I go. Eating in any film study went wild winner that DC is well in the here's the thing is that. They're for it is they get the team may understand it if you have a in a pony you think you're gonna potentially have a big game with her may lose still. But their first game was against Stony Brook. So thank. We try to hide seek a cement is every other team after that we'll have film on new. And they'll know who it is easier really that hard to find I don't know maybe it's about a job title issue that he doesn't wanna have to worry about upsetting somebody. You know who's gonna make the calls of NC a bunch of guys so some calls avenue all in the pagan who I mean mr. make it fair for everybody. Guess. Or what do they just haven't been able to seize the position truth you know I mean what are you sit there white early. Now I. We only got a couple weeks the word inserts that they had that in this is a really cool deal I think they should do this year and organ. I don't know why they do but in the state of Colorado they have a and make it coaches summit. Where it's the head coach of Colorado Colorado State air force northern Colorado. In the in. Colorado Pueblo and I think that DT school so you have all of your major schools. Up there and make one big press gathering it's a ged junket where they tell stories and moderator and then they answer questions from the media. When I got because that would be cool I go to that I'd check that now not just because a media member but I think that equal then. Deceit Jonathan Smith Mario Chris ball Barney. Up on a stage together. Toughen up talking football answering questions little town hall yeah. Give me a little bit give me a little bit of that action. But dad Troy Calhoun will not let anybody know what is what is happening at his defense when a field that was his quarterbacks and in new wonders year's and our coach you know. And any downs at all whatsoever. Somebody's trying to wait no debt knows this thing is secondary at every year on Notre Dame was no names on the back of their uniforms. Unscented C don't know who excesses were all one team drank too much to look at the names here drives people know Newton. Who wins that player. Which number eleven is that and also BI coming in from the new world of of sports. Pacman Jones is in a fight at deal and our airports Apollo. And he was not arrested I'm watching the videos they're talented as wild. An airport employee. But I say. And I know he's an orange vest guy so maybe he's one of the directors like our guys guys got that he is day I guess you're walking down the deadlock when the terminal. In apparently as the team's your report says. The airport port employees started seeing some two pac man in his girlfriend admitted gesture to Pacman both in man. Pacman that we do what he'd. You know what gives confront a demonic and then the other guys started swelling in and Pacman Jones dropped him. In the airport. And the other guys got two counts of assault against Andy said he wouldn't throw first dear lord employ them live is gonna lose his job. He. Got dropped by Pacman Jones didn't even land a punch. And got breast. Not a good day a man accused the Wednesdays through Baghdad him. Over solar storm. In either. Meaning never underestimate the power of stupid. But we do every day action. That we do you heard every day to enjoy tennis and pointed out of we don't have stupid in sports or dollar fans go exactly and and I just got and enamored with tennis for some reason. Roger Federer Rafa no yelling out fifth set tiebreaker resists in the 77 tiebreaker in the fifth set up. Ultimate set no tiebreak is what I'm hearing flag is that what is I don't know. It's whoever wins the next next new Windsor until mid said he never and and veterans down right now 3015. Oh me. Israel radio. Who runs. Parents. His eyes are drawn we have this drama. We have. Some great sports today in summer league action in. Give guidance. BA's board and you get up. Croatia taking on England we got Croatia and Kim take and he had been as ninety being seen as they have great beer celebrations. At the end. I and they they heard Doug Garn and Indian industry during straight through seven president of does consume cinematic hot corner there's a lynch every Wednesday let's see Thursday right here on the fame.