Dusty & Cam Wednesday July 11, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, July 11th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, plus LeSean McCoy is in a really ugly situation, and college football guru Phil Steele joins the show to talk about the upcoming football season.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about plus against the system this system could kill the human. Stands. We've dusty era and had the old bull. Now want. An NFL veteran jammed into them. And 108 innocent. Okay coming up this hour we've got to Phil steele's college football guru he is gonna join us. 26 minutes from now. It's taught college football and let's docs. Pac twelve. College football as a whole always look forward to visit with Phil Steele who is it weekly guest of dirt and spray eggs. Last Kokomo season. Sport's Bible. It really is you have it over there and I really do mine up and I'm very jealous a look at it here Luka and expand and it down who's on the covers. Miles Gaskin is on N bunker and nick both. Rake on Davis and Dexter Lawrence about. Yeah I sat. Redick college football is doing something at wishful steel would do to their taking David deal like Ed car dealership is sponsoring it. Where they compare every college football team to a car moved like that's pretty cool like it duke is a Hyundai sit Hyundai Sonata and under this footballer duke basketball football I was like because school and it's seen its economical mean. And it's a better value thing you think it is the it is Jacqueline long lasting Clemson is a Lambeau Field. You know and then Miami was a escalade with snow chains on it. So yeah but still still join us. Coming up and at 730. I'm also this hour will talk about the wild wild story involving LeSean McCoy. And as he could be going to prison for very long time minute we have fun game coming up at 8 o'clock in the 8 o'clock hour. Coli or not. So when you miss this is them but I think it's can be perfect for UK to play coli or not. At 830. And few Anthony is a good call on this. I dusting cans confessions maybe we shouldn't. Is Sarah since you do that we'll we'll start asking that we're the worst administration like today it could be like things you've done in the past may be some hot takes an ideas that you have. Where you know him alleging of the confessional. And we will tell you how much you need to repent. You might well he or sports in southern hail Mary's who might have to make you do another human have to go out and pass out. Pass out flyers in some way some way somehow flag here's Kanye. Hope for once sports flyers suck but you better sporty person I don't even notice boards flyers and generally video camera sports liar I want to yeah or you know all right it's 707. Yeah it's not picks. Okay. What Todd and why is it cool. Guard now. Spotting and cool moon dust and jam your morning dose of positive and you ripped from the headlines great story compelling and real. Hillary any. Drugs in Portland and Vancouver you. Have to wait. College World Series hero video Oregon State Beavers Kevin Abel has been named. Baseball America's freshman. Thank you this morning. Best freshman all because baseball can enable the needs. No question that well deserved yeah zero question I mean that she didn't have any RAM to 900 during an regular season Wyndham patterns. What he did in Omaha. Again. As a freshman he did something that no one's ever done in College Baseball history is throw a complete game in the championship game and did it. Was like no no no no no you're toast case you're not taken me out there's no way so that is well deserved congratulations young man. It's pretty cool yes this is not cool at all we talked about it. Well we're gonna not beaver fans up with the Kevin able think Dallas Green right back down. Former Oregon State either Brandon Browner. Eyes facing life in prison. As attempted murder has been added to in large list of charges that include first degree robbery and kidnapping among others he broke his ex girlfriend's house. Earlier this week. A notch. You know I'm Jean said the other day when I said hey you know it's been kind of Clio on the NFL front you know I know he's a former player and former. The employees freeagent freeagent freeagent so. You're not gonna ever play again don't. Many of the LeSean McCoy thing which we get to this hour we'll talk about Jesus it's turning into a really crazy story of Alitalia I don't know what to believe all I know as a young lady was the sultan it was awful and and the sound familiar name remain and enriching card needles. Okay. I did mariners last last night nine to three. I thought I looked early in the game didn't they jump out to an early three nothing lead in the first inning did and then all of a sudden the bats woke up for the angels. Yep they end up losing nine and a three giving up fifteen hits. In route to their ninth realize nightly rough and leave the rough stuff roughed up for five earned runs and eleven it's just one strike down. Makes. That's. Mariners now for games that the Astros who won in the most bizarre fashion possible. For the second time this year Alex Brink men has had to walk off hits. That if totaled thirty feet in length. Earlier this season in the he knew Dave pop flying. With a runner on third down and the infield contracted down any dropped. Just ready safely to the ground with two outs and obviously runner was coming from third. Anyone NN yesterday he hits full swing bonds. In the catcher comes out grits and get the ball right ten feet out from the home plate trying to attack again. And he does little step back. Juke move in runs on the first in the overthrow first game whenever we step back but the ball came out of the catcher's hand to return to tagged with a bare hand baseball sort of put it is gloves. She was in for all had to do was stand there and wait for bring in two to two run against. You just stand there yet they need this win stabbed at an Encino in the Little League thing and overthrew first baseman game. All liberals played that should be impossible to screw up as the guy I have to get past you guys year's rose. We do it Leno it's even more. Frustrating if your name's Stan. Is that it's a danger to play pretty good baseball. Yes they raise it for nothing you know that's the Astros were all over they scored four runs in the ninth tied up. In the event eleventh inning the game they score runs naked 54. And then dates run that tied it. Think catcher had the ball in his glove in only had to do is swipe tag home. And he dropped the ball now so you can record up to Hawaii for a night game of the game tying in the game winning runs. Good for your Astros though. Canada and and a new event that is not Delano for holidays mean the Portland days now serving on that from when there. Mean it's not though following non Jew homers as the Orioles beat the Yankees six defied the Red Sox double up Rangers do you think that Machado is sitting there. In Baltimore going. You know what I've accepted this is not gonna be upset not to worry about it not commit despite it being known to be traded here. Trade deadline is up the end of the month and I will enjoy what Arab timeout left and make a statement because. What what else do I have a few. Jeanne nuggets on meaning the shot up front. Is that buster only is reporting he is saying I will not move to third base. Says he is gonna stay at shortstop wherever he goes out like that. So that does eliminate teams like us. Most likely the Yankees miserably in dvd Hu glorious and move him over no. And it eliminates seems like he'd. Mariners committed to wait wait a minute and would never wait a minute Alex Rodriguez said I'm get a place yourself forever till. They said here's to earn some million played third include. He has got a good theater named see you can secure deflator now. We might make got to give 300 million to play third. But so did they are seeing now though that the Milwaukee Brewers. Are the favorites in the if you land many which just brew crew program for a one month rental because he won't sign there. And that's cool it's cool and World Cup semi finals continue in Russia. Croatia taking on England the winner and I'll take on France Croatia's pony tail wearing defender. To modernize the death will play. As he stays suspension. Here he said after they'd be no rush doesn't glory to Ukraine. Where he would say he played. Couples have bad days as well international incident oh yeah that is not good. During the rest literally like he's doing anything that is a Ukraine during these seventeen game is safe kind of invaded train there. I wish. I didn't mean this is that he might. Be in physical army so yeah it. Yeah there's people Letterman again made threats publicly to him for saying that and the Russian government we defeat Centralia and suspended. Yeah of those defeats. Administration was having to ignore calls from the Kremlin on this DS. He always yelled. I'm not kidding you know I think they're fine it is here. But enough that I am not Riyadh. He gets with the best team in summer league is right now but you gonna say it's our year. That's our. They win again yesterday. Meaning their three no they get a first round bye in the mayor's salary that they wind similarly you're damn right we'll. Right down here on the east south waterfront we'll do it a way of making afloat for Gary Trent junior and Jake layman. Flame lights out they played Thursday 730 and ESP NT does take on the winner of these pots pacers game in the first round. That's a toggle on the band is Reggie right area heating and cooling more than thirty trucks in Portland and Vancouver you wanna do it on area local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop a train I let's talk about this wild story involving on the Shawn McCoy. He is then some pretty hot water is serious allegations thrown his way Phil Steele at 730 this is Justine came on the fan. Or. Ten minutes from now will rejoin my time Phil Steele of Phil steele's college football preview of the Bible. But this is broke right after he got off the air yesterday. Now LeSean McCoy. Vienna in mr. Graham host. Was accused. The viciously. Beating his ex girlfriend. And the stealing. Jewelry also. In minster imposed he was accused. Doing steroids. Beating his young son. And his pets. The history and photo. Was. Graphic in my goodness it was so horrible thing note to look at. But the accusations were pretty bold that that this woman a friend of his ex girlfriend had posted. And as a day at the kind of unfolded the story started getting more and more wild as the social media post was deleted. And then that. A an explanation came us to why because they lawyer had told her take the post down. And now we're learning that more details about it it is the woman is extra phones and home that he owns and not in Georgia. And police are confirming that there was a break and there is the intruder asked for specific pieces of jewelry. And beat his ex girlfriend. Tour she's hospitalized. And that they don't know who it was at this point but the woman is saying that. LeSean McCoy has asked for those specific pieces of jewelry back he is denying Oliver and saying I am in contact any of these people in several months. They're actually was another another victim in the property to that that she was talks that it also along with the ex girlfriend and this is. Whatever it is it's it's awful that somebody did that and it is here comes the part where all of us are gonna jump to conclusions. A lot of people. And delighted. Because really the main issue is that somebody was attacked in Harrisburg doing that's the that's the just disgusting part of it. He had the lawyer for. The the victim deletion cordon is saying that. Michel McQueen had threatened her several times but last implement I don't know why she's still living in a house that he owns I don't know either. Died he has threatened her several times he has requested back these specific. Pieces of jewelry that were taken and had told her you're gonna get robbed them because that mean because of that stuff. And then the police have confirmed there's no signs of forced entry. So member was whether as the doors left unlocked or they had a key to getting and from. They are saying no signs of forced entry bill lawyer is accusing at the very least. That LeSean McCoy. Orchestrated from. There's also a couple things that go along this he is tried to Victor from the property. That has been noted that he's told her that she is news to leave she is not left he changed the security system. On the house and changed the cameras but did not allow her to have any access to the security system. So they are now gonna investigate and look on those cameras see if they can have anymore information based upon that who knows. If if you're sure property. You have someone living there. I I don't know this this there's there's a lot of lot of issues go along with. Say there are different the initial social media coast had accused him of violence towards his ex girlfriend several times. Accused him of beating up his son for wetting the bed. Beating his dog to the point as kidney failure where the dog ended up having to be put down. And then of steroid use or those are massive accusations from that social media post. It right there yeah I mean those four things right there in those are all outside of the incident that happened in the burglary. And this is apparently did tipping point for her friend that call them all out on it if any accusations I'm cheating massive against him right now. Yet there they are massive and you could read into it and you could jump to conclusions and say maybe he wanted his stuff back or one under out someway somehow I don't I don't know none of us I'm not gonna put any accusations. I'm not and I'm not gonna jump to anything at this point only knows there's a young lady that had a picture that was. Pain is very disturbing to heinous crime that anybody did that. On in but you know at any rate once this investigation is done it's LeSean McCoy had anything to do with that. His days in the NFL are down no. Now I'm close yeah I mean days in the NFL is days on this on this earth well and that is one of these things Tuesday if you sit there you look at. OK so if the the robbery and assault to his his ex girlfriend is found to be true. There obviously you know looking into you all the other accusations that came down leafs this could just speed it's into the eyes are truly some way if these things are true right. And the reason why they did the indeed his ex girlfriend's friend had to take down the injury and post is because. The lawyers are saying look if you don't know this is him. He's gonna sue you for defamation of character if we can't prove this thing well it sounds like she doesn't she's. There at the house who knows and then thing is to is at reaching jug you know just came out and he is pro football talkies. He's come around said I support JD I know the truth to this entire story I will share with everybody cool William. Why would you do that and suddenly you know have reaching drug use your vote of confidence. Does that not sound like wow yeah. Bowl way. I mean those are stewards this one guy that just can't keep his mouth shut can't stay out of the media no matter where he is he strong support for me be his friend. I get that's. A little bit but man if you want that's your that's gonna be your support group if you wanna support the a privately more power to you but. Do you don't know we don't know the whole story right now. Do you. Sounds like he says he does. Would you trust anything averaging Cargile said. Bills done and then your experiences with him now. Or just OK if you anyone I know we're rodino no gadget in here for me you know who he is as a player you know what he's done. Would you trust anything he says. Probably. Now. Eric probably not walks like duck quacks like a duck duck man. He is only deduct for like a week they kicked him off the tenth. Was that owes his post Nebraska stuff as Annapolis Pena. Should industry says. LeSean McCoy this could be the start of what is going to be a long and potentially very ugly. And civil and criminal trials potentially for the LeSean McCoy and you know that this is gonna go to civil court regardless. Because he did that woman is gonna get money out of him or he's gonna see those women for accusing him publicly under whatever way they're gonna do they're gonna try to find it. I I I this doesn't end well on either side turn now. And none of the parties involved it's a very sad story that's happening right now in Georgia regarding the show on the court. Aren't let's talk some college football the guru of college football be prognosticator may be some call him an oracle still join us next right has bucked the sports and every year this same muscle. I'm or any college football fans. It is the bill Steele college football preview magazine. Even the most in most in depth look at college football that any fan can get to end we are lucky enough to have Phil Steele joining us now. Did more film I do a. You know I am doing great how much you gentlemen this morning. And we'll get the sun shining Edwards is counting download the days and weeks until college football season is is finally here and I picked up the Bible. This week. And as I've been going after and I've been reading it you know there's a there's a couple of things that as the home of the docs for sin here and I was reading open. I couldn't help but look in York in yours you know positional rankings and looking how your sorting out the conference in the nation as a whole. I is there's something with this organ ducks team that and may be a transition from. What we're used to know as it being led by the running backs they had some good defense of backs but. I was really an offensive heavy team and as a look at the unit rankings this year. Could we see this organ ducks team kind of lean non. The defense a little bit more than years' past. Quite possibly although the offense could be quite good in you know off virtually every in the number twelve offense blog in the country. Just in the Herbert QB if you can stay healthy all year. Should be a remarkable but focusing on that defense say about number 31 rated defense supply and number for a number fourteen total linebackers led by each for a guy who is one of the best and more underrated linebackers in the entire country and the secondary number nineteen coming into the season so there are no court over the team which coach crystal ball this boring after spring practitioners should say yeah but I was impressed with the the players in the level or did he collapsed and wryly when you look at Oregon this year. They could be a sleeper in the Norris because they host both Washington and Stanford. As we bought since seeding could be a pretty tough place to pull it. Absolutely know you mentioned you get a chance of talks with all these coaches. And EU talked with Mario crystal ball at length about his roster and his team for this year. What's your sense of Chris while he had exceed a good run at Florida international before. How do you feel hill fit as a power five coach at at a program like organ. You know I think he will say then I'll all of the fact that he spent some time and Alabama I thought he did tremendous job as a head coach that does the international fact you start to merely what he was dead SI you. And then that this year Chaka to a monitor that's almost displeased with the bowl performance gazelle is. I noticed delegate game but you know I eighty I get the feeling that he's gonna get this thing really Roland that they would have organized to do a good job recruiting. He C guy that demands a lot which I like a lot whenever head coach at is like dad and as you know like a background Alec what he has accomplished where he's been these student gonna do a great job with the ducks. You know we would get them murdered tougher stretches during his team's season and you look at organs and you've got Ed pretty good one with Washington Washington State Arizona UCLA. But where do you see kind of the swing portion of this season coming in maybe those swing game second push organ from. Being eight just a bull team to you that's sleeper team and contender in the north division. Yeah I've done it goes Dutch start was September 22 homer against Stanford affect a particular tossup right now Stamford does have some levels of an experience that some areas in the early enough in the year. To maybe take advantage of that you've taken slowdown. Boris law of that big production ever really be sure that they came to that would beat each. The first started took the first signal that this could be some special event you know I like the fact that they give that he had ducks get up by the week before Washington. And Washington this coming up simply employing their seventh straight week. Haven't terrible lots of stadium. In Vegas right now deduct certain point underdog but I only had Valium a three point underdog in that game. And then the the other two key games I think this season. At Arizona. Art piece and that I think every shot of that one and then adds huge target Utah's one of those teams that nobody's really talking about but he is Kyle wouldn't wanna count would against better teams in a true contender India pac twelve south. If Derek harper will much depicted good. But they actually drop the top three teams out of the north to Washington Stanford in Utah virtues week or against which is a tougher schedule than what USC yes. Phil Steele is our guest says college football's a preview Phil steele's college football preview so as covered as a whole fill its last here the actual misses out on the college football playoff it it brings in for new coaches with Kevin some Jonathan Smith to killing Herman Edwards. In your opinion which coach has the most upside going into this or will be disrupt her. Maybe you the south or the north are kind of the run like you had Washington it ranks very high it. In your pre she's rank is which which team do you think is gonna have the best run in the pac twelve as a new coach. One to come our Chris Wallace a new head coach. And that's why it's only a ball game last year and then I'm gonna say. He's together comes out with the best record this year so far the new head coaches to. I think Chris Bowles got a chance word you know pull ups that are due and there's and it did the most points and I am dog in Indian shares on 45. So I think organist and have the best record of all the new head coaches this year. Milieu with with how you greeted wash in and their ability to make a run what about their schedule sets up for you thought was potentially done to feed and you're gonna face Auburn on the road. I think that's one of the games that sets the tone for the entire conference a what about their schedule you mentioned have a new play organ on the road after seven. When you think they're strong enough to make it through and go undefeated. Yeah I don't give a slight edge in that game and then see if they can get past Auburn ideal turn and as you pointed out on the road it's Austria neutral site presently far from a neutral site but I think when you look at Washington this year as the best teammate Chris Petersen put on the field the end of Boise State or Washington. They have a quarterback Jake Browning are two years ago through 43 touchdown passes now last year he had a blow every year and expectations are very hard firm and only nineteen touchdown passes on the year he did only have five interceptions but I think we'll see Jake brown and look more like the sixteen GIG product they've got miles can't consider running back here at 313 hundred our worst seasons. A like gossip supply and every bit number thirteen in the country and defensively they are style that's Sempra. My priority usually put a little more weight on the defense I have missed a number five defense in the country. Which bus number eleven. DB remember last year they lost 32 round draft picks up the secondary issue taken. While they're really gonna drop for the past few rankings and they did drop all the way down the number eighteen is still pretty good now. Basically everybody back and have secondary ethic are going to be just as good as C. The 2016. Secondary and while the schedules that easy it's a manageable not that I got to make the playoffs what exactly what they lose to Auburn and you'll turn that one might be out of the box his appeal an undefeated Georgia and undefeated Alabama played in the SEC title game. At the loser and have Mikey did over Washington have washout loss SEC member Robert at cherry the year so that's a very important game heard out of box. You know Oregon State fans coming out in the last year there were high hopes of going noble and obviously disappointed with day. One and eleven season and living you rank ninth existing categories nine units in each conference and organ citizen but I twelfth place and all but two where the strengths of this beavers team heading into 2018. I'd like that I mean that from my players I think give them a shot. There's very little depth and Bono urging the coach Smith. This is clearly rebuilding project for this season I would have to say. I've made in the district said the team he plays. It would be offensive line perhaps for returning starters up front. And it got decent size and really look at the five starters on the offensive line that got through 3300 plus pounders. They've got the veteran quarterback NG gluten used to don't cities he's got some our talents. He's an accurate quarterback and we'll see if you can have a limited chapped and then you know you take a look at our previous pierce that there are running back spot but he overall talent that he clearly to me in my mind they're the twelfth proceed. In the pac twelve this year and that's that's a joke it's not that it had turned around but. I think if your beaver can you should have a little bit of patience and she's just. So you have kind of the big twelve maybe be the team looking out this year reason why is it because of maybe the town's leading. Oklahoma and seen that change or maybe your thing that because college football dusty and I talk about this all the time what are the SEC dominate seen all the team that wanted to and even when their own division. So you look at this thing go is the big twelve in that shift of it may be a talent lacking throughout the entire conference. No I knew exactly here's one thing I think you're gonna find different watched the big twelve this year you know it's been known as sort of as offensive. Conference. This year there's no only a couple of big time quarterbacks come on back and there's a lot of talent come back and defense it would surprise me the average big twelve game was in the scored like five to 125 to seven points less than they did last year it's gonna beat. Little board a more defense in the big twelve and the main reason I didn't pick and make the playoffs as I just think it's still up in the year there are sixteen deck could make a case to win the big twelve this year. Which means you might have an Oklahoma team that. Could be playing in the big twelve title game but with a couple losses have to play TCU this year. That play out West Virginia they get Texas in Dallas I would states never easy union. I like the talent Oklahoma hands especially surrounding their new quarterback however. Yemen or five running backs in the country number five and before receivers number five offensive line. Don't have a dominating defense and they were pretty tough schedules are just I think the big twelve it's one of those religious beat themselves up a little bit then that's gonna keep government can flush. Ill fell one less you've relate to go who we were talking about this yesterday clay Helms doesn't feel like the guy that today USC needs. Is this sit a season where he's doesn't have quarterback that has proven he loses seemed Arnold. Is this another year where the pac twelve may get knocked down a peg because one of the most dominant programs in USC is in. Peaking at the right time. Well I think you're gonna find a good quarter directors are going to be scammed Arnold this year but between think Daniel sincere to me now street these guys were. When you're very calibrated developed kept sizing our strength everything a lot there's talent throughout I think you're gonna have one of the better defense as the US he's put on the field are rated number nine the recital did you receive higher in the polls there to play at Stanford at Texas at Utah three tough games split. Likely Elton I think he's two and a good job there and I think that when you look at USC this year. There might pick to win the pac twelve south to get back to that fact twelve title game so let's. Think it's going to be as much of it down near you C can't take it's going to be all right. Five teams in the Phil steele's a top 25 pre season Washington Stanford Oregon and USC. And Utah you do you had a there's potential Washington could play all five of those teams plus. Auburn who you have ranked. In there. You have a dead dead pac twelve in Washington at fourth in the country. And you talked about with camel little bit but is this year the pac twelve gets in weather is in is it just Washington or nobody. To me is so it looks like this year at that precautions get the best shot at being 01 loss team at the end of the year. Place or not guilty Peterson's best team he's put on the field that only have my number five defense in the country. They also have by a number he rated offense and I think he get the special teams that come together and Vijay brought in plain that 2016. Former I think Washington is clearly. The pectoral stretch out and make the playoffs this year. Phil Steele Phil steele's college football preview magazine go pick it up it's in the stores or. You can get it online as well Phil thank you so much for your time appreciate it. Hey guys I always enjoy talking football with you. Fifth Perez fills the I don't know how I got as if hours in the day he text every single coach there. Any talks of liken ourselves. In colonel. Today he has in the front of the book so you can go back in as you're reading it Easter learning fills language. That he writes in shorthand he's brilliant and I can do that so many teams so much information if you have college football please go figure oh here's the question. You know he said in USC's knock economy's bad is when some messy impact of fans think that nearly. It's Washington. Or nobody. From the pac twelve and is legit question would pactel fans. Oregon. Organ state Washington State. Are you guys in there and going that conference needs it this year because Phil Steele thinks it's Washington or nobody else. Would you aide Gary are you pulled for the dogs just to prop up the conference some 46 on the fan. I'm near the museum fired up ducked and in their feathers ruffled this morning bill Steele. College football preview go pick it up he just joined this team is to chicken out lesser offense but guessed 1080 defend dot com. Or there you don't come out. Right. Phil Steele told us. It's either Washington. Is is like to only help for the pac twelve this year he thinks. Pactel would be held out of the college football playoff and back to back years of it if Washington doesn't get it. And that's a huge blemish of the conference in hurts your chances. Or again. If he use think you're going to be going there in May need the following year because he decked out Pak told afterthought in mr. tears and around the doors been open. Two SEC teams got in last year and played the title. And they feel they can do that so we asked you would you root. For them just get the men. And overwhelmingly. No. Overwhelmingly. Ha. Among the Huskies. A duck in here answer is hard now. Hell no don't wanna see you don't win anything imagine another year of hearing came about the puppies you see don't brag about them. And I'd rather see the conference and down I wouldn't root for the Huskies even if it meant the world peace get a docs. I cheese no one makes the playoffs and then there are people. Sand. I leader for watching because I hate the docs the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And a couple Vince is the husky fans the same. Good luck camp. Got dogs. If Billick they hate that's gonna come in on its excellent this morning. How hard you bring all they want I don't it doesn't. Look there is you got to relive your team or whatever I met pac twelve loyalist and climate pact will add Decatur yeah. Because I cannot in in those either listen this don't understand about me is that. Sure I would love to see my alma mater do well but I want the conference as a whole to do well. Yeah I do I want them to go on the road I want USC to woke up on Texas somewhat Washington will pop on Auburn. I want some of the teams go to go on the road I wanna see organ state go to Nevada can't handle business I don't want to see the things that we've seen in the last couple years. Where there's pick ups and then Friday night games and NASCAR trucks. And all the things thirty value in this conference so you don't be loyal against set I can understand doctor Ian waddle I mean why would day but the duck fans shouldn't want I mean that's. You shouldn't know you may know where. And you know that's that's part of being a fan now he's a really good but if you look at it from a perspective you take the charity you're sitting in. In you look at it has this year right this conference does need. It needs a lot. Of wins non conference was in here's the problem. Here's the problem at the pactel is facing Washington has Auburn that is a solid and it is tough test and that's going to be a good game right. But here's where eight million might get ugly for the pac twelve. It is. You have organ state goes to Ohio State they're gonna get pummeled that's gonna make a conference look at that right. You know that that well on you have got teams like. It Arizona if they go to Houston lose at a in an American athletic conference school brick house outlook for the conference terrible. Caller out of those Nebraska that robbery is coming back and Scott frost has nothing common. They if they Buffalo's get embarrassed I had a Big Ten team what how we looking at that. It's going to be ugly Michigan State Arizona State. You know old build worst some of the worst teams in predicted to be the worst teams until Steele actually has UCLA. Being the worst team in these cell division. Their non conference has a road trip to Oklahoma. So according to Phil Steele here's where the big issue its pac twelve is. You'd you have teams like Washington who is playing a very tough game against Auburn Notre Dame and USC will in Notre Dame and Stanford will play. But the other marquee matchups. Are. Teams that are predicted to be bad in the pac twelve mine really good teams from other conferences in that will be a horrible. No it's not gonna look good for because organ State's gonna get throttled I mean this is going to be a bad taste in a lot of teams mount the start. Odd if you don't couple tax on the very today's X line I think this is for sure what the pac twelve to win on the offered nonconference games. You the only thing about this conference is I look at is that he could be of you can be a blind fan I I I appreciate that I do mrs. you'd be crazy fan no problem. But one thing that the pac twelve and fans do here when we discuss is that if you do not. Think that the effect of a good team in your conference does not help buoy up. Your conference. Lunatics. Because the big twelve no matter what the Big Ten the ACC in the SEC more than anything. Buoy up everybody UN I'm here Auburn person and you won't hear Auburn person who know we really liked it Alabama's no. But deep down inside. They know Alabama helps everybody Georgia helps everybody. And those things about you don't into the loyalty of a does that. If you don't think that'd an undefeated husky team coming into often stadium makes this conference great when you see that game after seven games and you're nuts if you don't think that's that's good for this conference you wanna have to foreign fourteen go about it. Joint USC to lose early in you want USC to have three losses going into play notre day what what that does not think for our conference U dull. Law and this is I Auburn Alabama fan. Auburn fan hopes Alabama wins every game. Until the iron rule. Because. Even if Auburn is one intent. In they are playing in the Iron Bowl against Washington are against Alabama seasoning. It's very and that Iron Bowl game in there one in ten but Alabama's eleven announce. If they win that game their seasons it. Right right but they hope they win every single game because it'll make it down much sweeter when they beat them. And that is kind of the idea and that's the way that they that they look at it if they don't get into the playoffs there's synergies chanting SEC SEC SEC. We're rooting for Alabama. They're rooting for the conference and that's the difference between. The type of conference loyalty that of that other regions half and I think that if we can evolve into that mass needed cheer for that. But when you think about that what helps the conference as a group yeah. I I'm not gonna get appear in and Tim amounts of to be excited for Washington if there have been no not an idiot but I do you understand that the quality of play on the road or in a non conference games. Helps. Just it it brings more money brings more notoriety brings better game tip times for all of you that are fans in tickets and everything like that. It is helpful to the conference. In LA today it's an amazing way that they rationalize. Dare phantom in the south because. If Alabama is in the national championship game and you are not burned fan. Win or lose you find a way to be happy. Again not pat if Alabama was just happy at Alabama one don't think you just hear SEC's most. All over and over again if they lose your happy bam lost. You know like very isn't that element of that where you keep the ducks in better not. Derek shouldn't have to root for Washington. But you shouldn't hope root for them to lose because you want because these should want the conference to get more credibility had been there. India then it becomes on UN this is like coaches have so much pressure in the SEC might AM turnovers so often. In the SEC is because. Then that pressure. Of Washington being better should not be any. For organ to be just as good gripe if your doctor and or content or even and you agencies should throw that in there. And say if it is Dade SN which is what Washington did an organ was. At the pinnacle darling for national title games that there was pressure to get better and so they brought in Chris Peterson. All I know as a competitor I wanna go in for you know it's there's going to be some doormat in your conference no doubt there's going to be few things. But big brands like USC Oregon Washington and then UCLA these are the teams and it's of course Stanford is always Stallworth. I wanna know those teams are playing well because if I beat them it helps it helps the situation. And then if they beat you that it's like man took the cap to you menu you will car but he did it it's happened in this converts over and over again. When's the last time there's been an undefeated team. Tell me dot. Impact on and a organ in our. Right in you'll think about organ notoriety wasn't great for the entire conference nationally. Yup it was it was just it was. It was good us buck as it'd this takes on me. And buried today attacks on. Us but guys who want peace gum UN capitalize undefeated for the game but then you want them to lose. In that game. And and that's that this consented there's a lot of fans interview night. Now this is this is dumb why would you want this good conversations let's carried over nuts in the next hour it's blow 8 o'clock on the fan.