Dusty & Cam Tuesday May 15, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, May 15th
Dusty and Cam discuss a recent ranking of the top 25 coaches in college football, a re-visit of which sports will be affected most by the new sports gambling ruling, plus an over-the-top recruiting pitch from a special teams coach

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about husband gets system this system that kills the humans. Stamps and we're dusty era that had the old bulls. And NFL veteran Jim Cleveland. And tennis also. Our number three does he handle this Tuesday morning. The fifteenth. Day of may all organ primary voting day did you guys have your primaries up there. Today. For voting no I don't know I I I do the house Steve Bell. They took my mailbox every all of voting is done by an Allen organ. Well yeah there is surrendering to lead we have dipped OK you're rules yes city to balance and today if you wanna vote in the primaries. Oilfield in the last night did. I hate people that complain about voting he would never aren't the only people I got oh yeah. Of course all is elected officials did you vote this year mill at a protest. Your. That's true. Okay. We sign a list the tot Tom for Nellie and CBS sports in the top 25 coaches in power five conferences. And bill list is that you know you're who misuses of college coaching that you can't guess he number one is Yahoo!'s I've gotten wetter areas nick Sabin weird. Weird. Followed by Urban Meyer number two I'd that's kind of a no brainer for those two right those are one and two three and he's got Davos when he. Docklands and national T every two reasons number four is a little surprising. Edge in the Fisher. Texas was a national title. Okay and now that a Kaiser trophy winner at the high speed coach. Yeah I know. All of these all these facets of your are going into it. I think all things considered though there are coaches that are better like where the first actual coach comes in then number five which is Chris Peterson. Doesn't have a title yet Jim does. Right but doesn't have a Heisman trophies and Chris Peterson also was and a Boise State for mineralized career intake over dumpster fires out Washington nor will look I think he's he's certainly a tough fight coaching in college football player right now I mean that's just. That's very mean those four in front of him at this point you just have all done something. They ever bring right and that's the only thing that's keeping him in fact all those guys have Heisman Trophy winners in front of him to which helps. But he does selves Aaliyah and coach Peterson is the best in the pac twelve currently yet have you seen though I mean like last year Florida State went but. Six. And sixth before their bowl game. Mean. Okay and hurts to lose your starting quarterback Venezia on the first game of the season. Right but you're also not playing in the SEC. You know there's there's getting your imagination double up. Depth there to do a little better EI and not go 500. You know you're at Florida State for goodness sakes. You know. I mean I I know you lost your quarterback but. You don't got to back up at Florida state of all when they topped number four cuts in the country have at least to back up quarterback. You hope so serviceable enough or so ago but sought the ACC I was a walk through division last year either now you had Miami certainly had. Clemson you're not just gonna just walk through that division yet you also lost 35 to three to Boston College. Is your correct word. Move. Right. But I just and that's why they don't have a head coach down that's when Willie Taggart is out of this time throwing five no Juba Juba Fisher was not fired. No he left that's why he left F because he just didn't have deeds or yes but Chris Peters at five I do agree that I'm in that kind of starts this in the pac twelve coaches. Did you have when you look at that top five eased it sounds like you're just like all right the national championship Peterson the other. The only thing that's the only difference between the Toobin as as that new year Chris Peterson of that group. Hardest job of all tiger he's in observing northwest is hurting bed is. 3000 miles compared to these guys these other guys can go to confined. Twenty players and one high school Chris Peterson for confined twenty players in five states. Yeah it's way different to ask any artist's job everybody out west but there that's when you can not everybody out when I certainly not. Who there's two teams and in LA they don't have to do that right well. I mean it's there money should go a lot harder yet to go a lot further though defined. Your entire team anywhere LS including California where is nick Sabin if you drive 500 mile circle around. Tuscaloosa Alabama. Your finding way more talent than a 500 mile circle around Los Angeles cal serve beer but art you have to be to be at the highest level I mean like what you silly USC do. Those they are an advantage over everybody no doubt west side and the fact twelfth which is makes these actual rankings a little bit as surprising in if you're a fan of one of those teams a little bit concerning as. In this top 35 it's rounded out at the bottom with a 25 think how letting him a Utah. By Tom for now and there and then Mike Leach 24 gets up to tough. Out of the top top 25 of the past twelve goes 24 and 25 blood mean if you look at that though the ability for those guys is to win games in Pullman and day you tell where you are mountain west team. You know handful years ago. Now a year now you've got a team that is continually in the top 25 again top one and let's be honest too because Mike Leach has done everything to make Washington State relevant. You gotta yeah they haven't got over the hump and won a big big gamer big bowl game. But c'mon Washington State is relevant nationally because of my cleats and then there's two other TA coaches that are in the top ten in all of the land which is surprising when you figure. How many teams are ranked in the top ten at the end of the year for the pac twelve. In looking at this. Number nine is Chip Kelly I don't know if I agree with Alan why because he's been out of college since 2012 and all these other guys have been coaching so he's getting on on past experience. So that Timmy is think that that throws and some of these other coaches have been doing it that are behind him I think that they deserve to be but the says it's a personal opinion I thought that was the highest ranked one right what we're all really you monopoly since out of college football since 2012. And deserved a top ten certainly easily coached. And down and watch. The cavity in the 46 and seven volleys at or again and I know all right I know I'm not argue that the James Franklin that are behind him. Mike Gundy bill Schneider some of these guys are behind him. It's I look at that go these guys are doing that now and have been doing it for the past few years the rest why would give them a little bit of the ball but one thing that you Kelly did then none of those guys it was. Play for a national title even though is amply years ago and and he is not like he got fired and went away. He went to the NFL. Wait on area left because you've got a better offer right absolutely. And now he is in and night in the number seven is David shot Stanford coming your release though. And so you look at it Chris Peterson at five Davis shot seven Chip Kelly nine beached when he for winning him 25. Absent from that list is USC's coach clay Helton. What does that tell you what tell us about the higher clay Helton and kind of where this pro is that the next coach in waiting is not collate. Now while this is a crossroads season and for USC you look at you have got no seemed Arnold. You still have the expectations of you being USC. Clay Helton has got to earn as much. Click help misfired two years ago if Sam Arnold is not on their roster. And Sam Arnold doesn't win a couple except Arnold saved his job he would already been fired during that season ever that season was off the rails yeah it was it was completely gone. Could help the Dead Man Walking. Nobody's a lot EU can't be at USC coaching not be considered one of the best in the country and I know this is too subjective. But that's it's a fair fair comparison he just doesn't move the needle. Yeah and how. Doesn't move the needle I think it's also you kind of proven that. Mean big games what's what or where the big games they Rose Bowl game. Seemed Arnold said hop on guys I got this you know and and it's kind of been a trend you seem its USC US he's got to be there. It has got to be at the at the top is there someone in this list that you would say deserves to be higher yeah. Yeah and I don't think is even close you know mark Antonio at Michigan State is sixteenth on this list. Ahead of him is a Lincoln Riley. Dan Mullen is a great coached on give Iran but if you look to a mark Antonio has done. With his program and in of course Mike Gundy is at eleven I think marked in Tonioli you look at his track record of what he has done. He's been because the wall playoff and won by gas I think that's Michigan State feeling a little bit of their. Issues with their school I don't jerseys and he's he's yeah he's bumped out without in the back seven that does change how who and how could the coach years doesn't. You know Scott frost get a Tony wants. We wanted to ask we know you jury still out the disease when in essence every shift yet he's the national title in coach according to use them here it's a me guy has the identity but east gala. That's fair and I don't process fair that's certainly I don't have a problem with him in there I just don't know where he's gonna do so. Suvs get essentials they're pretty comfortable that number but I'd rather have got frost and Dan Moline I think. Just based analyst seats are lies ahead Puerto yeah yeah. Our own. He did Mullen won at Mississippi State in good. Cannot kind of thing you can you name another coach it's wanna Mississippi State now yeah. Demo how much is Miami coach when you say one in the city stadium just yet a winning record. You need a much later he took over a program that was a just garbage pail of a team. And he got there on a way to do it relevancy. In the SEC. In doing that but how many years it tragedy that at Vanderbilt. The game how they try to do it at Kentucky. Looking at how they've tried to do it with named guy hiring big time coaches at South Carolina and they have more tradition than any of those other schools it's hard to get up off the mat in the SEC. And Dan Mullen did data Mississippi's all that's why James Franklin I think it's Ohio on that list because he did that in standing in now he's doing and Penn State. Okay somebody giving the most disappointing coach on this list this guy. Fell thirteen. Spots compared to last year's. Rankings. All the way to number eighteen and is mr. Jim Harbaugh of the Michigan Wolverines. Thirteen spot drop from last year why is that is that because the Harbaugh affect diseases this. CNN he's wearing guys out is this effect starting Q. Affect him and is it just perception throughout the Big Ten I mean if you get a mean he's right behind any Paul Chris is right behind him and nineteen. Pats it's Gerald does he want and Michigan wanna be compared to Wisconsin northwestern and looking seem Michigan State ahead of him. In other guys at Ohio State Ohio State Urban Meyer Jim Harbaugh was considered to be a top five coach in college football do we not agree just a few years ago. Should be. Jim Harbaugh noise outside definitely top ten. Jim Harbaugh this China's coming off. The shine has come awful quickly you fall if you look at big kids that are Leven a caddie has had few transfers he would leave that program still can't find the quarterback the sleepovers. Although is recruiting these these that I love that he takes is teamed on a vacation for spring ball every I think that that's great. But if you're looking at it this is gonna be the year wears he has zero excuses and if for. Everything that he is doing to make Michigan relevant again he did have a quarterback in this year he finally has his quarterback as that the Ole miss Crabtree answers going to be in illegally immediately Eric this year at if they don't win this year will see either Harbaugh. Fall even further after this year or he'll be back at the top seven and it kind. How your facing a better coach with with Scott frost. Heidi B James Franklin. Park and Tony still there and of course oh by the way Urban Meyer is somebody you can't beat Iger. So where where's it gonna get I mean curt fair it's is ranked ahead of him. No I'm sorry no I charter first was was down he's at 23 I apologize but. What would you gonna do Michigan. In a whole conference is a juggernaut it's a make or break year. Right after ms. Paul Crist it was ponson via. I would call the whole conference juggernaut. But I'll sit on top to bottom the Big Ten is just is difficult I mean I'm comparing them to the pac twelve but it's not like you look at and as well it is compare you may look initiating go Michigan should be one of those names because it's a blue blood. Brent yet but that today if you had a division. There are fourth of that division how state Penn State Michigan State it's what you know it's not just what have you done for me lately it would be done over the last Handley years to. And they are clearly fourth. It's if if they dropped to fifth is an Arba loses job candidates Rackers is better than them. He doesn't get ten wins the series and fired it thinks oh my gosh. But here you are driving you didn't you conceal their icy infield certain new scandal tiger. Absolutely as his daddy think is overrated on this list. Party says I thought it was a Kelly are easing its (%expletive) I don't think he's a top ten coach yet if he does a great season yet a lot of guys do that yet. I just told you why are you proud of the early hours for six years. And then just jump right back into the top ten based on perception of what they've achieved in the past and you track record. Of I agree with but six your gap. Of losing track of football and college football. She changed the with a landscape of global everybody's caught up now. His innovation is no longer innovative anymore. That is the number one question mark for him so that's not a totally doing it -- to be as exact but if you also look though he has his offense was of bile the effective even in the NFL the numbers were effective it is Steve strategist it mattered in tattered that's my only point but in the NFL his offense was completely different than when he ran pot in college it was not his college offense and he's running it remains to be seen he was definitely be an in big influences conference. There were remains icu how we will change. How how will it change I see your point a 100% of the guys over rated to me is is Mike Gundy at eleven. Does that mean need all these guys you're talking about national championships and getting in big games did Antonio is at sixteen. And he was in the college football playoff gusts miles on his on a national title and he's behind Mike Gundy Bill Snyder has done more ad at Kansas State and I've Hume Mike Gundy has Oklahoma State. And I sit down Alec has commanded dusty has his mullet is wonderful yeah. Yeah. Yeah. My god he's a good coach him in brawl splitting hairs are talking about the split now I know we are. He's really good coach your number Tony for coach just waited out a photo of Bok Choi carved out of Jed I was in my belief yet he is in Thailand a belief. He Thailand now he wasn't Cambodia or buy side that he is world tour going on taking pictures of a tie at a museum of a tight. Carvings so you remember he's a he's doing the whole air up there are things are Choi is a is. What is it like Chinese brought Cleary is a broccoli kind of it's a good. We have buck to edit box going in Chinese food before her in Thai food or. Shura to a typhoon you have a few lows in Ireland. Live better yet we will re tweet Mike Leach here and there OK well coming up next sports gambling is legal it changes sports where does stop testing camel fan. He told me no nose and guess what did splits yeah. Agassi who October systems. Ranting how how is this week yeah. Yeah does his. Best interest never would have thunk that that's Michael Beasley sent resigned last. I mean it is the team moment. So it's good. We wish you a pretty good. Some ways it Colby easily and they in his solid again and puts it what I got a lab that would be lower bar Friday agent released album called stick to sports. How many times w.'s biggest words. Don't do anything else those floors or do you usually look you still have to wait through. Jack's call ever since Shaq came out with Shaq fu or whatever he's it would not ideal for this Shaq. First did the check was the was he not the first I thought Dion Sanders beat him to the pollen. That neon Deion prime time was the primary partner in Jerome Kersey put out a song and United's if there was a bus said buckets are you familiar it was an album. It's done with her was that part of the area chewed tapes she said it detains the city rhapsody there's probably going to be some more athletes have popped up but it sacks when tiger really think mainstream the Arizona Wildcats. Men's best old national championship team to Steve Kerr was on released to wrap you can hear her drop a bar on that yeah Ali Miami's route seventh floor crew of seventh or. Greg Olsen a cousin lived in that dorm at that make home thirdly Greg. Houses threatening visitor later Greg. Was. In what is it that. It means is some very quick. That is exactly what it means them. Yeah I got more info on this David tepper guy. You don't lie dating go at the higher bid than you for the new to enter the dollars below the new owner. We'll soon be new owner yet David tepper is hedge fund manager to leader again. Apparently in when the offers that is higher than his 2.2 billion dollar asking price or offer was. A group that wanted to move the team to South Carolina. They wanted to move them out of Charlotte. OK so where in South Carolina when they have put it which city nom. Myrtle Beach. I don't know doesn't say where they want to Colombia now I did the report tendencies in day I had a stadium in South Carolina. Okay here's a fair question can does South Carolina care more about football than North Carolina and I even need to date change into the team notes Carolina football. True calendar entries. Sure is the gamecocks care more clubs and is in South Carolina and I tend to agree that South Carolina better football than North Carolina. Yep. Fair being your career best culpable teams duke and North Carolina. Hey duke is now that I know they are down I know it's not bad but that's not. And the gamecocks the Clemson it was the best coaches in all of college football. David cut clip that you begin a new jobs and no we will. You leave and you feel that yes you know on other on a Bill Snyder programmed is gonna ride it out there write it out as you need a well cut clip from. Remember Hewitt says he left as the office coordinator at Tennessee to take overall mints and that's why Eli Manning went illness. In that he realized a lot of things and he left. Tennessee romance and he got run out of there so fast is expectations through group. He loves what he has a duke and who loves. Loves it. And he just wants to be a solid you talk to him. I had a chance to meet David Cutler a yeah air gauge played forum and now when I went out there got Saddam meetings and instead says he is your loves. Duke that's great for duke recruiting you duke football that's the be awesome if he does that you you're Evernote is a tiny personality. Where these guys wanna take another shot cut cliff is like sixty Sen yes you get comfortable in your spot. There you go. Saving is in the it'll last stadium. Here yet he is sixteen. Three years old. Sorry if your going to be throwing money saving 6667. Pete Carroll 66 year old Costco cost grosses me all animal bill Snyder's. Ziad that he was 178. Share. He's been coaching for years. Since birth. Before birth must have been a lead beer in there somewhere. Probably probably couple. On died yes. They agnico chair bed yet no one of those teams that one of those ownership groups of wanting to meet under the team South Carolina on optional no because Charlotte is an amazing city and the guys government there it is cool says it is. Awesome there will cider 78 weld on. The 78. June knowing year olds and coaching throw out some numbers. But this guy is the temper got a lot of money. Keep them there and he's arises buck mentioned earlier he's already been vetted by DN FL owners. Because he's minority owner in the Steelers sedan went through all his financials and draw this paperwork so this could be like a rubber stamp kind of deal of approval. For sale of the team easy transition. Very easy transition are we at the NBA draft lottery coming up tonight one plays a ban on that. If maybe next year you may be able to. NBA draft lottery is 1098. We're gonna find out. It's taking pays off. But Phoenix Suns. Memphis Grizzlies. Dallas Mavericks Atlanta Hawks. In Orlando Magic those of the team that the five best odds. Who's got the most frozen envelope opportunities tonight who's you know what I think we may have we could hit new conspiracy theory levels here because Adam silver. Is not a fan of taking and he has said as much is that there's other we can really do about it but I don't like it. If you have eighteen. Is that. Actually tried this year. Naked into that lottery get the number one pick. Dowd it's gonna start a new conspiracy theory of our daily had like to say. You have. The clippers for instance they're like a point six chance of getting the number one pick. If they didn't know Dick yeah people are gonna go. All are no conspiracy theory in a golf pros and ambled to the NBA wanted to stop taking. Which I don't necessarily think would be a bad thing but you know I think you'd be great if they do and that does happen I think you be great. And dead the clippers actually had two chances to get into the the top three picks because the lottery is actually at the top three not just number one. Because they get Detroit's lottery pick in the Blake Gershon trade. And they also have their rounds they have added to 2.5 percent chance of a 2.2 percent chance of getting into the top theory. A bit just point six and went seven of getting in its top one the one thing. That blazer fans you hate the lakers which is all of you out there. This is what you should be rooting for the lakers in the lottery. If when they're going through they started fourteen inning go all the way up to number one if you Dayton skip. The lakers at ten. That is the best is that blazer fans can have it the lakers. Well because if they picks or number two or number three. The lakers selection goes to Boston. If it is number one means more picks all know. Problem number one if it goes number one it goes to Philly dough boy just who needs more picks so. I do Laker fans that are blazer fans you better hope. That the lakers are mentioned at number ten because that means that. They don't get that panic and that's good for his fans who don't like yes you wanna hate on another team so absolutely there it always fans you beat LA of course you isolate. Nobody does. Some some people. Do you two I like the current lakers now I don't mean to him for the current lakers like the classic lakers I grew up watching I don't like the current lakers now they're not appealing to me at all think people aren't here just go we still like the lakers period. I don't have this idea I don't have the same hate but the lakers I don't. But I I'd certainly got not a fan of some like Emma goes on my top five team in the country now would it do you think it would save. LeBron in Cleveland if today because they get the nets. And first round pick this year as part of the carrier being trade. Bosses are gonna need that big 'cause the bronze leaving well Boston. Well let me finish Boston sent Brooklyn's pick in the carried traded. So if Cleveland gets the number one overall pick do you think that may save. LeBron staying in blankly at the no because LeBron James is one of rookies. Historically rookies you can get in the big India on green when matter and taken three years even get to comparable kind of style player. He wants to go play with a veterans like Jason Tatum. I mean look at what he's doing as a rookie this year. Donovan Mitchell what he's able to do this year right I mean if you added another piece and if it's DeAndre and is that guy forget the two bit most important things you just mentioned. Quin Snyder. Is a pretty good coach that's reason why he's so good. And your favorite coach labeling do you think that Quin Snyder is the reason Donovan Mitchell is out because he's facilitated his growth so quickly and occidental is good beyond your viewing Brad Stevens. Is this is Brad stevens' team he's developed his talent casinos ought to put his guys that says successful situation. But Ron James is the head coach yet Caroline was not a developer of talent. So tell me if you are drafting a great player how important is Kyra you're being right now with the Boston Celtics. They were better when he is there but not very much or another of these comments finals of the lead. For goodness sakes you can argue that it's from the get go the carrier Irving. Is now considered only. Considered. An average point guard no he's not average he's still the only point guard. He might be the third best player on his team. Right now. If Carrie was healthy. I don't right now where he is right now moving right now he's not even in the top fifty to became a play I understand so what I'm trying to say is is that that man could be traded and kid beyond on the docket because the guys talk about health. Carrier and wanted out he wanted out of Cleveland because why he wanted to go be the mammal now as a man anything. The man well hey if you were to have Kyra read. Health A in NATO I would I said this yesterday after we watch game one of that Celtics cast serious. This series against the cavaliers. Did Celtics might actually be better off without curry serving because you don't need. Is is scoring because the other team can't defend you in the backcourt. Yeah we tear rosier defensively. All cleavage residue is school work. And carries not known for his defense prowess. Terrorists here is your better defensively where you need because teary brazile can get buckets in your guards can get buckets on the other rank as. Cleveland is just so terrible. You know Marty sold me the Brad Stevens is the greatest coach in the world yes there okay so with that means I had a curly has developed those players to make carrier being obsolete. He can win now he can beat if he beats LeBron James. If they win this and they go to the NBA finals. It is Brett it's Brad stevens' team and we are we all understand that I mean if he's able to take this group without Gordon Hayward Gordon era is telling the fourth best player on the team. You know also that all these younger players in these guys that are developing come on. I'm telling I disagree with their out obsolete. But. I mean yeah I'd do you think that you do have one of the greatest coaches of one of the greatest coaches has two more even talent to more talented players are going to be good Allen called an obsolete I mean I understand what exactly they're definitely tradable and you could see Tyree are going right on the trading block the next year. You could see him just moved right on out one year. You wanna invest any you wanna vest and a guy this guy Evans air Grozny play in the big part about him as he takes up salary cap room there you know Indy V you can clear out some room to bring somebody else in LeBron James. Back to back Jeter he'll enough back to back years you could have a leak point guards in your consideration of Isiah Thomas with a top ten point guard at the time gone he could have carrier ring bring him in and they now have the younger player who's cheaper gone. Late do you say I considered Isiah Thomas talked and none elbow he was a top ten guard he is really illustrated what ya. He was really good last year. I just love Brad sees what he said. Yesterday tip called it silly that people are saying that keys. To get credit for this no dude you are. You deserve a ton of credit rather like a little bit humble Alia I you don't like your head coach being like oh yeah Mimi Mimi meet. But heed the reason why his guys run through a wall forum is because he hasn't had the ability to empower his guys around him. And get the most out of them ever since her again Isaiah Thomas got dealt to Cleveland today got delta LA. And he could easily point ever as he does and and not go to bat for amber stay silent he said it's ridiculous that back I did not get coach of the year. The eldest exercise carries have you wanna play with LeBron James LeBron James is the reason why kite re is is who he is today. Without LeBron James you were gonna be in the finals of the human A without LeBron James. You were gonna get that kind of money without LeBron James you could no leverage yourself enough to get her moved out of Cleveland. And sent to a better situations without LeBron James carrier ring still sit in Cleveland on I got a bum me they were pretty terrible without LeBron James. And they were nothing that we didn't even talk about. Carrier arena as a top five guard until LeBron James showed up and let him have that ability yet that restaurant so that every is go and what would Tyree B. If he had again is somebody get around I know who you being re gaming lower. Cheer. Chair so bring LeBron to Portland as they sent we'll boss makes everybody better. He makes everybody a lot of money. I I did to other interest in Thompson a give you a recruiting pitch. To get you motivated few day at work on a community of open the show will give it to you dusting cam on the hi this one mean they're motivate you or upset you cam. Manei introduce UTU tight ends coach. Tommy Sheffield. And Arkansas Pine Bluff. Right now is time where coaches their own colleges are hit the recruiting trail. Going to find the next best and brightest. Coaches and this is tidy coach Thomas Sheffield is the recruiting coordinator in special teams coordinator at University of Arkansas Pine Bluff. Yeah I do. Okay. You do have once you don't. Early show. Don't know. I know. And cool. Yeah. Good idea. It's all those kickers out there I don't care who you are you gotta love I don't care who recruits you he adds layers it as he's recording now out. From his sun visor in his cargo on about eighty with a beard his hand yet he's driving women a monster energy alleged well of course he was slamming a monster energy gay you I'm guessing I've seen the video he is driving down a Texas freeway while this is happening. And bad doesn't seem safe. But he's a good for them kicker and punter let gonna go to Arkansas Pine Bluff man. Don't get it. I don't expect guys recruit me normal in our area. An even bigger specialist you got a great kickers may be ironically from no other soldiers garlic you panic he scared but hate. Debt a bad team Arkansas public has must mentally tough kickers around. Is that guys you count Arkansas Pine Bluff yeah Arkansas Pine Bluff game's on the line I'm thinking about it I like that he refers to himself as the sheath yeah. Could you not. No period fielder coach when he's a USC got the ought to run with the lions yet they're and it's got their mass docket in the tag at the end of the audio is like a little lion L. While some in tenth again that's a look at that saying oh the Huskies. Roof roof of the ducks. Cougars cougars are right there with our. Tests tests let's and his Bieber make. I have been in detail in the political wing of business on the with a beer makes her. Aaron is that stupid chain so I'm glad though they view you are of all people you're motivated by this I was eighteen and portrayed are motivated by that guy if he's gonna fight tickers I make my own huddle tape Grammy eligibility left. And come back I can snap I could totally snap. It takes I get take spot. Stepping is an art you have a good career in the NFL good career thank you could go to as many years. You can have an unbelievable career. Megan league minimum like eighteen to those guys bring more than league minimum by some I mean you get to that where you throw I've seen guys good couple good friends that are that are staffers. You could be twenty yards away set hands up out. And he just like thrown down is being being being knocking them down if that's an art the you can master is that the easiest way to get a scholarship in football be proficient longs yes. Yes if you wanted to teacher's son how to snap and spent the time how to do it and he was. Somewhat athletic does that to me the greatest out every team needs one you. And you be surprised if you do it bad. It's catastrophic to the games did you remember though that Secret Service your only notice if you mess up and give hundred. This kid from sky view from the time she can be. It was a five star line snapper. Here's from sky you don't. I don't know about problems as Alabama like as you merely government we talked about it because yeah yeah yeah like Alabama you IE in Portland State ha. And download times yeah you kid in use a five star long snapper. Who knew that they were raided in stars especially five stars. But yeah you can do it yet electric trick shot video of him like. Knocking down now. Cans off well railings and hit if I plates in the sky and we just grabbed a random twenty dudes. Instead you're throw a football. They can all complete this the throw from from fifteen yards wrecked every single guy would line up and it would look beautiful well not if you're watching that doctor pepper contest that they do during the conference but its fifth. Teen yards they can get it there and it wouldn't be great if I said snapple ball fifteen yards I out of those twenty dudes. Two would be able to snuff the ball back yeah I do probably easily if that person knighted or the spiral in Knoll. Are none zero zip nada. Deep snap in men. In our short snapping over tuck him punts that's another. You know if you learned your spin rate on your snap. I got to the point where my rotation. I can hold the ball to certain angle and I knew I would always give leases. So I knew my rotation spin rate as it went back from seven yards in my distance. Any with the potter I knew that if I spun it it the right angle held that this. I can give him the laces in the right spot every single time and that's what great staffers can do you learn where you hold the ball and you learn to spin rate. This one all technical did you really notably at the rate and how many revolutions that was or did you get we did it we taped it in slow motion and he got into your spin rate down and we and I would change we videotaped it. We changed where hand position on was on the ball and where the ball was some guys grab leases when they throw others don't so they understood where. They wanted the ball in their sputtering. Was here. Don't know I don't remember my SpinRite we disrupt and spirited out a Buick and she was analyst has been re it was good it was just where I never I could snap no laces every single time. Did not suspend the ball now yet the as a holder both puzzle there it's great to just be able to go. All I never had this been a ball to him. And I love that was kicking the dusting in the morning no that was snapping that she didn't know that. You're gonna get that this morning. And next they're can't count or nine and you need to three during this break these seven drugs Ellis has again super game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals Boston Cleveland from Beantown on ESPN 530 tip. Feel said the NBA draft lottery coming up at 4:30 this evening connect to office ex nanny and have a great. Tuesday we'll see with their right here on the things.