Dusty & Cam Thursday June 21, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, June 21st
Dusty and Cam re-visit what the Blazers should do tonight in the NBA draft and discuss CJ McCollum's social media comments, plus John Krama of Mecum Auctions joins us to discuss the 600-car auto auction in Portland this weekend.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. Let's get it straight from the war room. Portland trailblazers select CJ in the car. This is addressed we commissioned a dusty and jam in the morning brunch you nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor project and remodeling stories online at SH URW a Y dot com. Dusty entail a months and AB. Both Israel and hi this hourly going in studio by and John crane and of Niko my options become Portland. It's here Nina. In Saturday. So he'll join us eases the if you ever watch the -- my actions on NBC sports network. You have seen John. Before cell. 830 you'll join us in studio. Maybe get back to enter over their Robert. Where words are hard today for us. It was yeah a journal that are important in radio in words. Can I don't think we are running in and read the dictionary more often. I don't think reading the dictionary look how underrated. But reading the dictionary wipe. Oh I think that's properly rated I think he's probably really is over it's it's it's not important if any knowing it might be integrated I think referencing a dictionary. Great reading it may be just and it's up with a thesaurus. Or dictionary. Are you prefer I use that that's a kid says it's too early. Oh we're used it thesaurus more than I used a dictionary and I agree. That's two conversations you two had that it took me to sleep this how he. Have for a restart at 7 AM hour window little wind instruments and then wins this are essentially little wire is that we didn't get this I don't know a more often. Yeah he's got more culture he needs more culture. Yost who is sports just beer and boobs with him I mean that's it's. Got me on when life you forgot exported out of material beer and booze and those are the same thing in same thing. Aha. On a case under appreciate athletes will tie us up pandering me with Craig Biggio tax stuff. Give us feel better right now a killer bees and by the way we were where -- -- no there were under appreciated we're on the tied entering their for a while Brent Jones bread alone tell a nice guy you all and all else they bring Brad Jones and -- Griese would. Genome project was hurdler in college and he was an incredible but if you shoot him in the think he was made out of balsa wood. I'm turns is a very light very Hollywood I'm going yeah yeah you make a little throwing gliders here is conducting a sock us and we're gonna get something out of now that's fun. I'm Bridget Jones is a good one though because of the fact that. EE. He uses they had. Jerry writes from he had Ricky Watters on that team they had it John Taylor at times mean here's kind of overshadowed by like three or four guys. At all times during his career everybody would Joseph Montana and Jerry Rice was under reading them. Everybody. Writer Greg. Most of the people around fence including. And Hanks has on Miley Burton Hanks and safety to the chicken neck that guy and I danced as he wrote in his neck was so long he wore a sweat band around it his wife was it while it wasn't she a volleyball star she's like 65 yet his his wife was I think 64 and yeah and he was six piracy guys credible. I'm literature Brent Jones to you become a sort of Southern Oregon University football fan. Why does he went to Santa Clara then only half appalling that easy route for. You heard for. Or he lives in the handle regrow. And really we went to the same church. Ha. You could start music church go a giant bucket would tend to be no amateurs going fellow what. But what does pitchers going fellows strike US knob but not. FFF buck a civil lazy and easy momentum. A similar what you thought he was that you humorous brilliant. Knows an Italian. Not that it really driver Lilly Divx or younger who did we didn't hear exactly. And buck and informed us yesterday that he is an gang member. I said they had a gang and friends they're older I like to see him that's different a beating and gang gang. Then long hair and you're gonna gang. You held things. Oh yeah that's the perfect. Right so under appreciated players will get some of those coming up what do you want the blazers do in the draft though that was our checks or relations we got that today bushel the when he fourth overall pick. Committed honestly this is day. Is a big conversation for Portland fans because of that the situation that the blazes are in this offseason annual Shea in the tellem that he had. A post season media day and remember that ESPN interview where is. At the end of the regular season in the class it was a day we are third in the last great year. And we hear where things are good guys in there and but remember earlier this month and he had been interviewed the espionage is completely different tone that they need to improve this roster and needs to get better. Time for him to think through everything that he says at the end of the year because it was reactionary on being disappointed. And the more I look back on that we were partial muasher and that's fair because when you're a general manager and your team is third seed and you give me an excuse out of the gate and start to defend the fact that I'm not gonna throw away the regular season will ya we will trolling in the regular season because when your third seed. You're not supposed to get swept in the first round that's just not supposed to happen so you have to be critical and we get paid big money to lead a major franchise. That's a sports franchise full of fans that you were talking down to degrade you're gonna get more criticism Nelson Neal C is under the gun he's under fire. And that's part of while you build its roster is it will see what happens when his backs against the longs and. Love then we'll see you let flexibility blazers do you have I mean it's been noted by several media. Media types and outlets that cover the blazers team that. This is the first year quite some time then Paul Allen has not been present for any of the pre draft workouts. Which could maybe tell you that I found me he's not infatuated with the draft this year for the blazers or. You know could they be trading will more willing to trade out in use those. Sixteen and a half million dollars in trade exceptions the Allen Crabbe trade. God damn some in the know of on late trade got them three and a half million C got thirteen million from the Crabtree and three and a half from. The no fun they trade they got free money to spend you could wheel and deal and if you have a team that's looking to dump salary. And tank. This might be the opportunity to move up in the draft those trade exceptions or go through and get a get a talented player on the pretty heavy contract. Thank you and I both agree that should not be Chandler Parsons he's being dangled along within. Before pick from Memphis a tease. You really is a number four pick think about the number four pick it is their game changer in the top four picks yes in this draft I believe there is. But that includes adding Chandler Parsons and a lot of money. And I and I go back and forth on this I go what are you willing to do and how much are you willing to give up for its. And just on the side of not one thing that I have is it's not my money if palm wants gun luxury tax and I love it if he wants to. You do some money that this thing about. The the whole Chandler Parsons in taking on a deal like Chandler Parsons is that this is our he would roster that is caps. Strap you know we've been talking about this in so. What are the blazers have to give up in order to get Chandler Parsons. It's gonna have to be a pretty big deal to make that that room because if you look at the multi year breakdowns what Chandler Parsons has left on his zeal 24 million dollars this year 25 million dollars next year yet expires in two years. But what are you getting gay is that worth a moving up to get the number four take it having to part ways with say a CJ McCollum. Because it meant is that while this for free they want a really good player. And her turn in we mentioned and we've talked about it too I think the entire NBA understands that the only value that the blazers have outside of dame similar to CJ McCollum. And so were Mancini the number four pick because there's rumors that Memphis wants out of that. Are there are other teams willing to move is their. Is there something with Detroit that might be moving is there anything like that do you get to see a new coach coming in a different regime is there're like Orlando or they willing to I was there were other pieces in this league. They you look at and go OK let's think outside the box where could the blazers upgrade. With going outside the box and not having to worry about through the draft may be a trade somehow some way that gives them their pick and a combination. There's got to be something out there are you teasing me with the name iron Gordon and you mentioned Orlando might be teasing him. John I'd love him. Aired more than CJ Beazer restricted free agent this year more than to jump. You can't jump he can jump out of the gym but I think he's I think he's Blake Griffin 2.0 you trader restricted create that's kind of what I think. I don't know if you can trade him now. Can you trade restrictive and I don't know the answer that diseases because that magic would have the right to match can you just trade that. Right. To another team orders she entry can you trade please have your sign and trade yeah you could sign and trade both you basically negotiate the contract he wanted team assigned to he signs it known of these don't you wanna attract. But then. Another team would be able to match that. Because he's restricted for it right but if it's if it's a match that even deciding ten wits suck it is is gonna get some yea cause I'm a tender. I gasses is I know it's a rabbit hole. Met Iranian none of this indecency it happened till July 6 you know come official in the new league your starts. So like the Dwight Howard trade that went down yesterday the good thing in the encouraging thing now is that when you look at. Deals like what happened to Dwight Howard where he gets dealt to Brooklyn. For Timothy mas god that's a salary dot. Salary dumping he had a GM in Mitch Kupchak who for whatever reason loves. Mosque gob wanted him back. That's the second time he's brought him back around. In these I try to make in this big deal. There's gonna be teams that are willing to dump salary intake on salary in mortgage T annual Shea broker something no he does have too valuable pieces. In those trade exceptions. What do you do with them tonight or you to stand pat at dirty use them. Then you'd still lose the musical has subject him earlier use them the only probably you wanna use them to that you gotta find the right trade partner Derek that's obviously the tough partner. I think it's gonna be wild night across the NBA. I hope that Portland is involved. I'm excited for it because if they don't get involved what's our comment tomorrow on the show what's what are we doing coming out of the gates the AT and in the sense. If they don't ST yeah. It's them play as is still a very hesitant teases you all are likely caused it gonna play. No real disappointed yeah blazers do not gives us something tonight yes so it's either pay get 24 guys out if they if they pick it 24 or they move out of the first round. Yes I am disappointed. I have. I'm prepared for them to not do anything in that is what I am I'm prepared for is also prepare for me to be disappointed tomorrow. Yeah because now let me what's the what's the point of having these exceptions to be talking about all this flexibility that you have and I know we're gonna get we'll we'll get is. All off season has even started yet we have all the time to do it. Okay. Would bid now we're were all start to get to the point where were you Nancy. It's time for sound happen in on draft night if a lot of the other teams make moves in Portland now on Evelyn. In this is supposed to be a a draft night where there's a lot of action I want the blazers to be involved and in some way shape or form but I. I think we all really like CJ McCollum he's the big piece jerk keeps getting talked about. If you don't think he's part of bee championship formula for you there's no sense holding on to him tonight and not moving on try to do something great. Right. It. Pat Sullivan don't wanna Klay Thompson of the blazers. When you combine them under appreciating god does a move him to Minnesota remember that member they wanted to move him he was I was in the works but they held on. And then the second piece and then everything kind of formed around that's why I say mean. Few we don't know this we don't know this answer. Yeah they'd be interesting to know who is on which side of the fences within the organization Klay Thompson used that example like moving him. Soka day didn't. The edge do we royals are now wanted it or the ownership group did it and Jerry West who was their visor attacks as I will quit if you do know. Now and pretty good to me that yeah I love CJ we talked about this earlier now exceeds him a column. Maybe he gets like people who is dangling out though I go to tradable. Be careful what you wish for. Are at 553 terrified that is faint accent how will continue may be some talk about the under appreciated players a viewer past. In we can tell about that with how good Mike Trout has been in the year where. Strike outs are an all time high and eternal time low 816 on the fan. As the storm passes. We all thunder island. I don't know what I wanna do this is their own. Here that's called happiness I you know maybe we just added to the road trip mix John. They do get back to the guy and FaceBook who reached down wanted to know about B I did you all the relevant info film being. Duo and what is this song man or gives you rally do something here Jay Ferguson. We're tight on the blazers didn't address. Feels like he should just do the Carlton is. Eighties doing in this. Every day you mentioned Klay Thompson and me about how they are getting close to the where you. That is treating. Klay Thompson to Minnesota for Kevin Love them as I guess pay. And median give that CJ in this instance pure dozens as yet but Klay Thompson is a 67 guardianship and played the final CJ is not that. No he's not just he's he's been an integral part. Of this team in the fabric of the battle the blazers rebuilt and speaking of CJ last night CJ posted. Something on his sister Graham of of get now street working out working the shots and and there was there was here responding to a lot of hecklers and trolls. Via social media about CJ and his lack of what intensity. In the offseason going to work out I thought he had a great response to he said. He says I am I'm paraphrasing your so this is a word for word to stay with me he said. Men people are crazy. All I do. Is work out a little bit I don't posted every single day but man I put up a podcast. And I'm not out party and with all the strip clubs and drink in but I put up a podcast and now I'm taking heat about my podcast. I could be out doing that I'm sitting around talking about the things I love basketball. Man people are crazy. Yup that's basically it. He is that the it if you don't post your work out video never happened never happens so he's sitting there in eighty yeah. These guys worked their butts off and I think that's one thing that Portland fans don't really appreciate is that your T stars was he says his fans in general note they demons CJ. And work their butts off and they don't get into trouble they have been good represented as of this franchise and of the city. And like a seat takes a lot of heat for doing a podcasts for your fans. It is downtime. In not like it. It they forget the days of the hoops fan and Z does crew in Rasheed Wallace's career and my oldest city yellow or they are doing. CDs on a podcast story is down. Play ball saw it is sports you know we meet is that is that is something that I think that those guys needed deftly passed for. Don't know what the fans are getting so what that thought process it's it's the mindset of this is that they are these guys are paid all this money I mean they should be doing 24/7 seven days a week through 65. All in basketball basketball basketball. Well I don't. In now you may have a situation where there's going to be a lot of there's been a lot of fans that are going to criticize Neil save CJ McCollum does not get moved. Today because how many times in how many different people we heard really since the end of the season. That that's the guy that needs to be moved in Baghdad didn't album push some magic button in this team will be fixed. When that dozens that doesn't seem to the issue like the grass is always greener on the other side you know the production a CJ McCollum is given this roster. Over what the last five years. Ed that's gonna be hard to read the -- hard to bring in a no I don't think you're gonna do it if you deal him demand this and get a fourth pick in return because you knocked in a seat. The rewards of that for another couple of years and that is Damian Miller's prime. So we talk during the show about in our throwback in your rinsing under appreciated how under appreciated to CJ in the city. And in blazer history well we're talking right now under appreciated amino we've all given him a hard time simply more defense do the things you. Do you would you expect more out of the mirror and undersized guardian two guards that can't win the media to guys that are really good the regular season can create his own shot. But can he play defense all these things here criticizing and end all he does is you know score twenty points a game of an ego. Are right. Under appreciated and undervalued your best trade piece the most valuable asset outside of dame. And he is undervalued because of the dominance of Damien Woody got a 108 million dollar contract so he's really not undervalued. Financially not undervalued dollar by the by the fan base I believe I believe he is to a large extent and they end in by the way. I and it's for the first times in their goal and maybe this is the off season a movement would be better make sure you get a great call for him. And usher Chandler Parsons and number four is what did what that is. I think it may be a situation where we see kind of who goes off the board and 123. And then maybe that trade happens because. And his stead texture says hey Luka Don ditch. Let's roll the dice on that guy. Well yes he makes it to for sure but you know outrageous trade Jagger I got a draft question now in a bag with. Number one yes who guy who would I taker who I think didn't feel like I and I one I would like my. You may you have the number one pick Marvin day going to keep. Why I just like the physical size already that he has the ability to play as a as a player is his size he could still shoot the three now he can play inside he can play outside yeah I know look at the third I've seen him shoot the three he shot a couple threes it's not like he's he's. I don't know. He cannot should. It's not awful I just saw him in his work out shooting threes I just watched him shoot threes in games it's not great but it's certainly aiming at ya. How this all can't shoot threes but he shoots Marc Gasol does it. K he has the ability as I. Athletic in but he's got physical man size already Bagley does not in he needs thirty pounds he's getting pushed around like Katie did his first five years in the league. As CI look at Dioner a nice see that's a guy that is. Being minimized in the postseason now. Did did just gotta like him just don't play around I think he has to oil and outside to in the and you go to Marvin vaguely who is kind of the future in a while not to feature the right now of what big czar. In the India. Which is. Athletic can run yet he may be a little slight in build but has. When you look at a guy like Marvin vaguely. He is got a skill set that is ready to go and not be traditional big sense like traditional big sixteen greens and marvel. Count I will count your thoughts and say Carl Anthony towns is not even close is athletic physique and and certainly jewel and beat is slower footed. In just as good a shooter and can be to a beat is fantastic he's a seven footer the plays all over the court and Carl Anthony towns as a back to the basket but he could find his way to shoot threes. That's eight is. Twice the athlete those guys are. Physically he's our I don't agree with that is already built like a specimen just her physically built his shoulders. Everything yeah. I just don't dig guys that look like that's is Dwight Howard coming in mean they just don't look like that physically already they look like Kevin Durant a fifth. Good he looks yet he looks the part. But it's also I think you're overstating his athletic schism a little bit as akin translates to the NBA. And how effective he can be inane a league that is getting smaller and more perimeter oriented and I think vaguely is more built than suited for that style and in the NBA they're both really good yes I agree with employers are gonna be really good players any opinions on don't stitch. I have next week tiger tattoo on his for a day I don't have as I don't have a bunch is why Kim watched him play. Don't know what to expect to be heard that but they're knocking him down a peg for recently when he's getting fat. That didn't just like in the year 2000 in the you were busy doing our love would scouts straight and not guys were arrived over the grass again sat all right hey let's starts and cars not. John crane and you know him from the NBC sports coverage of me come options will become. Is headed to Portland and he's gonna join us in studio to talk about the awesome lineup that's common to the rose city. Tomorrow and Saturday John John Cramer an in studio. Next right now does but with sports and. I come here in the rose city. Tomorrow and Saturday is neat camera options Nikko in Portland it'll be televised on NBC. Sports network. But and that's where you can see. John crane who joins us in the studio right now for me to not just this coming it man good morning guys always glad to come to Portland Greg Carson will we had you on last year over the phone in I'm glad that we have in person because now I can pick your brain on some things turn pretty serious. You wanna start seriously cars Craig go or because this is the first question that that really pops in my head I when you watch it on TV. The bidding gets you need guys to get aggressive neighbor they want these its dream car it's a dream scenario for a lot of these guys. Has it ever like cross the line where you see that the death stare did does Everett physical when you guys drift ahead FiOS in that their dream cars. Physical no but certainly intense and the level of interest and collector cars spanning ash a lot of different age demographics is pretty strong. But there's a handful people come to me come auction by a specific car and if there's another person there are sometimes it's a lifelong dream is. About to unfold and in the money factor and we've seen not not that often but we've seen it just go crazy where the car brings. A lot more than anybody anticipated the chill it's funny that the alternate buyer typically the case like that some of the happy or satisfied. Customers of the entire auction. Sealing the dream maker in the dream crusher is out the same time yes unfortunately yes that's a John I'm a gear head and I love this and I look at this every year and I get into this and I go what what I buy what I love what is what is exciting course sizes IC assembly to. Problem had to start looking at this that custom deluxe and then and if I see couple blazers in there and then at free you when you're looking it would get up to Portland tell me about at a because I asked you this off the arson deserve regional car you see from Portland to you guys -- come in the last few years but what do you tell about oral when he come with a cut the cars were seen here and what people like up sheer regionally but you noticed the port. I was a little bit different than any other region across the country may be Denver might come closest to it. But this is a theory hard core car area with a eclectic very independent sort of spirit. So we see everything from hot rods muscle Carson dance and of course you mentioned trucks and that is he right now leave the area number one how segment size pickup trucks and suvs very strong. And as strong as any region in the country Karen portly huge Friday's close while. Doug Graham is our guests and meet them auctions if you go to me come dot com right there in the first thing that pops up is the port a link to the Portland site where you can check out. The collector cars and you can still become better right if you want in on the suction or just general admission. Well yeah I'm a little bit of a tip but today is the last day for half off advanced voter registration. Quarterly conduct come as you mentioned for all the info it's a hundred dollars a sign it was a bit her kitchen against them both days. I sign up as a gold bitter for 500 dollars up what should go to all the meat come auctions in the entire often schedule and set up in the front row wearing that's the best value. And it's also the last day were spectators can buy advanced tickets online for twenty dollars starting tomorrow at the gate to be thirty dollars so. Sure to check that out save a few bucks and be ready to go when you have to date. Any can see the line of the stuff that's come and they're coming down the line Aminu we've seen is SE you said trailer trucks are in right now right that's hot right now. It do you ever see like at brain end. That deck kind of goes in in waves like is there is they're Beckham now what does the hottest brand right now that day you guys see come across lining in the most money out of. You know in the in the collector car world it's always been mapped that you know normal par Kampman. Ford camp that should be slash GM can't. And I don't think there's any doubt that it is a Chevrolet engine she pickup trucks of the late sixties early seventies are right now is just writing a heck of a crass. That having sad about the forcible martial law but their value although its forecast as this trend continues and it's not going anywhere. Is that those other two brands probably are gonna pick up a little bit of steam in this may be a good time keep dry out it for samples brands. Might be good time to start thinking about one and if if if nutritional. I just turn my screen trying to Johnson he needs to look me up this connect I'd I would say there's all this is cams. But I get out but you know because this is just really retirement relative to wrestle moderates. It's my dream car actually that 69 to 72 blazer GMC Jimmy. Talk about the atmosphere because I think a lot of people have never been to an auction or they seen it on line or I'm sorry it on TV. Going in feeling that experience of having the guys you know that auctioneers that are out there company moving talk about the energy that that why Mika makes so great. With this experience that's a thing that's very difficult to try to capture on television cycle live sporting event there's nothing like being there in person. And it it's the same thing with them become auction we all go to car shops and we indoor and walk around see in the cars. And make them auctions a lot of people say it's a best partial they've ever attended because in addition to having 600 great world class collector cars spanning really all genres. You've got the action of the auction going on. The first car hit the walked about 10 o'clock or go to 6 o'clock every day schedule in about 35 cars per hour this car. That was anyway. That's that's more that's about two minutes a car or maybe grow faster than that. It's loud it's fast pace it's exciting go look at cars you can come sit look at all the action. Up on the auction block coming goes you please it's a it's a great way to spend the day and look at cars up close and hear them. As there in the staging area you can be you can be erratic next the cars it's it's just an incredible exposure. We talk about analytics and sports here's an analytic questioned reserve vs no reserve cars do you guys are excited because when those reserve comes off don't even notice the energy change and do that's of your if you're an auctioneer you're going into this year look at it is there a change when you see a car that says no reserve were getting after it. He noticed that energy change right away. Absolutely one. One of the reasons I think that meet a march and has grown to be the world's largest collector car auction company hammering about 151000 consignment Stanley is because of that reserve option that allows a protected price. For the sellers but about five to 10% of the cars we sell will sell at a reserve and I will tell everybody listening nets and we talked about this on the show as well. There is a strategy no reserve does put more eyeballs does generate a little bit of extra initial excitement more eyeballs on a particular car the potential for higher price. There's a risk that the car's gonna bring less to what to come China wants that you understand and up front. And I've been Hanley consignment of beacon since 2006 a lot of no reserves sales including some of my own personal vehicles I mineral reserve guy and a reserve auction. And I've never been disappointed nor had any of our clients it's good stuff. Can't question about. If we years looking edit these cars that are coming in I mean there's. I eat is gonna have hundreds cars coming across blocked 60600. Cars coming truck where are they coming from like where did these cars that people are getting on here in Portland. Where are are some of them local most of them local what I had to Wear the reaches of people putting their cars up on the block your Portland. Portland is a bit unique because of the location here are surrounded by. I've seen the ocean and mountains is a little bit kind of isolated so we consider this to be a big regional auction of all they can assignments. That we get are gonna come from about a couple to 300 mile radius of that area with the bulk being right from the in Portland Vancouver area. And it's I think it's going to be the same thing what are buyers as well. This is our fourth year here Portland it's generating. A lot of momentum. And people know they want to buy and solid car collector car they just wait until we come comes around Portland and they do their buying and selling herewith. The house. What kind of car are you looking for this year to make a big number I've asked I think I ask you this last year and I talked about it off through those those sixty's ferraris or something that EC are you looking for a car that might surprise you. That really gets a higher escalated value this year and in and specially in Portland. Well we're deftly moving up from. The fifty's and sixty's cars are represented by far the biggest percentage of collector Carson show watch her reasons for that. But as the demographics are changing slightly. We are seeing a definite trend that of modifying those fifty's and sixty's cars in the arrest a much there right now that continues to be. I am probably the biggest build strategy the question a potential builder is gonna say am I gonna restore this car back to stop I gonna keep it a ritual you or my gonna go full blown rest a mile which has a vintage vehicle with modern. Engines transmissions suspension braking systems convenience items air conditioning and that's that's making this market will be very very complicated and very interest and given a very close higher and that trend. Your big car guy classic car guy. What do you get for a rental car when you could this got a rental car you hit it just I don't ID KE kid from Chicago a Prius I don't do it. You get in a rectal. And the biggest rental car snobs. And fortunately are pretty good the status with Davis and they do sort of humor me I. I'll bet you and I respectfully always request a get anything attitude or just your run myself well. Course when it comes to the tour Ronald Curry got three choices I would be mustang. Camaro and the challenge Smart and that's about 99% the timer do you get sampled it more fun to drive than a white collar boxing. So I've got to show you how on this round thanks Davis. That's a great car edge. John craven a Mika Knox and that they are here tomorrow and Saturday 600 cars going across block out at the Expos senator. But it Mika dot com that's NE CU and dot com and right there you can jump straight to the Portland page I think you've come in interleague set on well it was you guys out there aren't salute during your checkbook yeah. Not all right John thank you very much are we need to set for a day on the stand in. The blazers holding the 24 pick this is Justine came on the fans. Mine is blazers draft day. 24 overall pick. Trades trades exceptions I'm excited for eight year you think I'm crazy. I accuser well I'm hoping. And praying nothing fun happens what you boo praying to I found god because your as far as players he's surely done. I hear your thoughts and prayers he knew O'Shea. They do your night you don't know the Saddam in an ordained minister. Mean Nolan I can be ordained. I'm gonna be ordained due in the next month percent to officiate a wedding in October I am ordained Cameron and the universal life church and no rose ministries these agnostic ministries. Via her. Yeah apparently act you are down forty bucks and gonna become clergy lifetime and compare your legs than a year we also do baptism Jesus girls. Yes I've done a funeral I've done four weddings and a funeral. Premier have you actually actually made them more and four weddings. I've done five and funeral while I'm then number six coming up in August hazard good money amount. God knows if a coach but he done a Freddie that he wants. India and three have been on the air. Way I think it and 616. On any period three have been on the end up and they still there aren't Housley got what's your average one is Mary. We know. A lot of Big Apple surprise what is the view that we married on the air is still marry. Out of the six. Not of three. Now looking out your six weddings how many are still married for. Can something so the three pretty good they're people that you do not divorce rate in America trustees above the turf. Some segment fuel cell I think he for gene seeing the the final blow be married and gusting Santa thing I was asking the stat mr. staff and I think self. In command to follow up with a few. The conducted in everybody are guessing he made no it is for. Unless the other detergent that NL they're definitely still married. So. And that's Beecher. Hopefully no more funeral stunt life. It's a little tough. Who have been on the slash. Let the world know died. Am sure about. OK anyways your. How the heck did we get on that did it allies saying I'm praying I'd appreciate your brain for Neil O'Shea you're that desperate and excited to have your knee blew entire city of Portland you're I don't. Props you what I want. I want excitement we're in the business of entertainment and guess what the blazers a bit in the last few off seasons the number three seed. The number three seed that. Hello Zack Collins and Caleb Somalian did not get your juices going the exports to answer typing get your bike short coaching shorts on and yeah. Plums smugglers out we did dial zero run last year was. OK let's see what we got here know how little bit more than that. I'm excited. And so on. I'm definitely gonna be disappointed tomorrow we come and at six cents set yourself up for some failure in new. Moon. Mean that's what they do. Mean. Sports fan in my should be any different than the sex wake no trip. Popped up. All right bush sausage mean to bagel or you can get married because dust in I guess some advice for the cook. A a dual officiating at the wedding no we're not M is seldom does he jam waiting as bush gets married. Yeah they use should become a one thing their ways of always wanted to do to what is what do the people that stance stuff notary. Ought to be in notre I want to become a notary. Lot of you a lot of our resident you notary a scary you do have to keep added no long ago did you do it. Series stuff. I hate let's send somebody do the same Paul radio color number four at 5032501080. Is get a Finley four thank you tickets to the Saint Paul rodeo. Thursday July 5. The 83 annual Saint Paul rodeo is backed that third through the seventh at the late legendary Saint Paul arena tickets are available online now at Saint Paul rodeo dot com. And his color number four or 503250108503. 2501080. Color number four year gave up four packets against the the scenes. Involve. This rodeo. Thumb. Up next has heard of college yards he'll be year from nine Indian industries during spring. Greed is seven is prime time with Isaak every drop in she sends. No idea what is the legacy can't think. Houston now I feel like he used to know this I did not know his middle name was ever. And injures injures injuries in the world it girl I'm Ross. Aaron Ross Ross do you Dan wanted to live Austin going to as buildings camera. We're us come from my grandfather. My dad's dad knew was that something and never. Thought about Ross is not short for anything and don't. Since. Ross took a look. Bury it in and they're pretty Joseph the Internet for 78 have a great day we'll see him already on 1080 defense.