Dusty & Cam Thursday June 21, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, June 21st
Dusty and Cam discuss Oregon State's big comeback to stay alive in the College World Series, plus since it's NBA Draft night, we ask you what you'd like to see the Blazers do with their #24 overall pick in our Textual Relations. 

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's time for college basketball and international stars to become pros out of Portland trailblazers select. Damien will. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning and rescue nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor project and remodeling story online at SH URW a Y dot com. Does deal in jail mugged and AB. Both rare and. Good morning and happy Thursday TM happy first summer mr. Glee live at this and that just wasn't went right behind me look at it. It's summertime. Did you get the now did you it is summertime. Summertime especially summertime did you get. I hope everyone's all right the weather warning last yesterday I think it was around us. 4 o'clock 415. It rolled through the Borough that night we hit it hit the hit. Public service announcement it did the stoppage of a radio the only hit an eight TV. Iron. If you have that on your phone against your phone lets you turn that off he could actually turn off my phone. I think it may have accidentally exact and nothing on the phones. It's IE US I mean it was the way when they announce that yet it's terrifying it literally is called 3 o'clock in those to the country like in Omaha. But for the college World Series is that. Storms come and third there's going to be a cell. He can be self might make some lightning. I did see a couple lightning strikes often distance and in the Anaheim neck of the woods wesun. We we had them we'd be ours came through like 918930. And so kids are sick and Nelson we had. Four year old comes Roland and hey guys there's lights on outside. And like again no that's lightning now he she is its thundering out yup that's that's what it is set like people are moving their garbage cans down history you know. That's that it wasn't my big booming thunder. Is this more annoying little thunder that we had out the most amazing mother nature of those who of those right yeah I am starting on tight to. Critical I was watching the trailer for. Lassie and CU. The Netflix serious about the junior college you'll watch it before. No season three's Kelly sees injury I have other moving new new school during independence Kansas now and has once in the trailer for season three comes out next thing. None but the coach resides. Tornado come the window it and they go meet him on led rethink that one blood. I don't think your football practice is more important than a tornado ripping through the practice field. And everybody Ginn picked up player down there and wizards are way get you to practice in. Yeah whenever I would about it I'm excited for that show I love that show it gives you a glimpse into what. Sad is that how how some kids view full ball as the meal ticket yes. And how they get so crossed up and sometimes the ball. Is that vehicle for life that you hop and you drive and and some guys you get run over by that vehicle time and time again. So this is a junior college I wonder if you remember the high school team I think it was in Mississippi. There was a it was a show. And NTV yeah I think you're always that would and a TV yeah I years thinking eight Hoover high now or a lie and was an Alabama this Hoover high and elementary John Parker Wilson was the quarterback very enjoyable. Now what was the name of that I don't that was great donates. I don't know why they let it was a two days is called today's I thought that was great I don't know why why they haven't done more of that is it's he was he was a great glimpse inside high school sports and intensity of it especially football. Who knows awesome. Got to have does the captain of the football team and cheerleader was extremely scripted do you know who is. On that is there FL player on the team no. Not one I don't think so. Palms are good college tournament and no there is a good coach though. University of Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt old Jeremy proof is on that staff the defense is coordinator come hope that how about death. Yeah seeing film you'll recognition how many years ago was that in my in my 1012 years ago DeVon is 20060. Gosh it was very all right and August 23 2006 to march liar remember it's almost as I was and a still still cared about the ball that yeah I'm trying to. Think about. I'm trying to think about they gay guys that are on that team here it none of them look I don't know John Parker Wilson. I was starting quarterback and Alabama and his little brother was the quarterback for that team. But IA and looking at some of these names I don't know who I don't think any of them ended up becoming union national. Her becoming our way of early throwback Jersey on him I apologize we we threw back to the mid two thousands think about that they are kids right now that are outside knowing. Boy this decade recall that decade you know because I do we need to call them the ops no that's I wonder yen in my eight ops. Some some people were seven these kids my daddy as the house fifty K yeah he's born in 1937 but his greasy considered as a game. The hated fifties call. Deborah what are you saved. But when we called the that. I don't know what to say that I don't wanna call it what you call it. The zeros needs the ops I know but I did that hot six like oh. Oh say are sold for that is this a teens this is the 2000 teens. Yeah or in the teens now. So egregiously herded back reject regulars getting rid of that growth in the out before is dead as consistent as you as far as I know that well lead but do eleven and twelve count in the teens that's what my point yet. That's not a team in. Gay is simple counting tells us 1011 and twelve or not. Teens I don't know thank you counts from process ouster are well not all of those bad wielded that. All of a stinnett all of this that it all of us is you don't know is if you couldn't cannot really to a Sesame Street character in your life than you have a problem. All of us. Sesame street's timeless. I digger. Well now alligator needed to have a Gurney and look Burton earning as or look. Hooters. And every day about it I'm throwback and had already Muppets not a Davies get. More Muppets and then Sesame Street. But it babies in my baby's yeah like talk to bury the Muppets. Fuzzy best Muppets are the two old guys open up in the balcony he didn't have them on the up to babies and they're doing now yep health and Gloria the Muppets all those guys are the best. They're just grouchy old and then adding everybody has two of those old guys in their lives that they can lean back and you're going to be one yet you raising your hand over there have been for you Muppet I either the Swedish chef but he threw me out the days and I don't either of the Swedish Gabbard. Lose or I'm on the old guys then. June. Now the sad thing on its stuff that. Who Mel I'll hop Sesame Street Tex coming Grover was the best on Sesame Street over a big. Her Yahoo! I'd love voices you know not good at any of them. As a big big bird get big bird it's a flop against snubsie. The club because of my dad's from not being honest I'm kind of more of an Oscar the Grouch 'cause I think I could live in the garbage cans. Always wanted to know what was it called out the garbage can the man who complains about how dirty the studio is all the time it was gonna get our hands you're going to have to be very clean garbage can. And that doesn't make sense I don't that would be an oxy more that would be an oxymoron to be a problem. Did most memorable Oscar the Grouch thing is in the Chappelle show her. As it would I don't know this vote shows from his standout killing them is Dave Kelly it was they should go out there are a grouch and a and on the Sesame Street movement is trash to him up a I was of the guests. Billy Joel's Madonna in the did bring on people like Billy Idol we like that doesn't make everything when we hear that rule will what's Madonna do an on year you're dish on his am like a virgin meaning years and years on their Sesame Street me. As a simpler time it was supposed to thank. They're not gonna bring problematic people on Sesame Street these day he knows the worst thing their tasks to Sesame Street and tell you right now. Alma and destroy that. Not an Obama fan and that's fair tickle me Elmo was the voice is too annoying for a thirty I got a kid do his voice. So like the kid from South Park and it adds a Simpson's kid is as India has no will and Nelson then. Hack. Doesn't have a good one though there really get Nelson. Get the show on the road. I remember was just like yesterday. If they go Bennett Bennett Bennett did. What elmo's world is that would is no idea dingle and knowing that was the jingle business segment in the shelf. Yeah that he started built his teams always been an event in a lot of sense so I young kids Dustan. Just like you know is Americana. Yeah he's going dad vote no on nickname aren't dog beyond just didn't. Mario in this day in sports history to doesn't vote LeBron gets his first hearing. Mining he'd finished up the Oklahoma City Thunder. Where Russell Westbrook choked down the stretch what what is that team of spin if they would stay together four games to one navy that thunder. Really good. I mean think about it really get because they're he had Serge Ibaka Stephen Adam's site couldn't rustle us for James Harden Kevin Durant. Be pretty good team it's a super team. In its own right yes but in a brutal ever get that far with somebody like Russell was for these kind of selfless and we don't know that then. Well I think he developed into that I've heard he's the guy that says my only friend is ball is the ball well his only friend is the ball in his team's. Or did that week but everybody else need a key wasn't. That didn't change when those guys left he's like that before you know on a saying he's always been my debt. Done our accident happened on the stains were sister hates draft it's not just the first day of summer the NBA is saying hey. This summer solstice take that we're gonna take this over my head in the NBA draft today the blazers have the 24 take lesson draft thoughts what should the blazers do. In the draft tonight that is architectural relations we wanna hear from you 5530. Five also he gets menopause the talk about it is the back Thursday. And Mike Trout has inspired art or back Thursday. Under appreciated stars of your past. 55305. The under appreciated stars. Of your sport's best pass plus again in studio interview. With John craven of Mika margins you are big meet him gotten you love the meek and auctions you love cars your motor head kind of wanna buy all of lumber like. Can't it's easy to join us in studio I have questions for him because these are like dream cars that they auctioned off. Fred took some of the user in our meeting drink our summer throwback our joint are about Thursday I saw I saw a 1991. Dodge stealth. Us know the pro card back in my days. Post my bronco or not my car was buddies from car he's not down beside I was pretty impressive V6 now I want to ask him. What the most aggressive scenario he's seen and. In does not does it we knew how she did again we have two or three people going after dream car about the call in guys that wanted to yeah can you get a feel for him in his he ever had some he's been in person will go reach over the bone and go ahead. Did you dare you want this car and come out didn't like. It. So John will be here at 830. And attacked about that. But we have a lot of draft a lot of football baseball to get two year under appreciated stars' let's get that this thing Roland though Oregon State staying alive and Omar what a wild one. Against the Carolina Tar Heels. And the rest and doesn't again 614 on the fan. Represented everything good. Ask Tim subdued. They're resilient they were taught us this far this graph. Everything. Our emotions. I ask guys all the time just she should beat but this too bad news is you can possibly. They weren't so good so it was a great American ministers were very very proud of. As beaver stiffer. Pat Casey following organs states germanic 116 win over North Carolina and the elimination game of the college World Series last night. What a game that was organ siege on such an early three nothing lead North Carolina any race is it scoring six unanswered runs and and then in the final two innings down 63. The v.s outscored North Carolina 810 nothing. To keep their season alive. He was cool you know some believe while the steam in the last and it's in the tail innings of last two games you know when they had said it was a three and a half hour rain delays verses vs Washington they came out of their bats exploded when they needed to do it and again. They do it again in the end the eighth in the ninth inning. When you need to get runners on when you need to have big plays made this team rallied behind what was. Some controversial calls and I saw those two those are those were not great but it didn't let it affect them because this team found a way to wake up their bats late in the game which is devastating to another team when you think you have them if we haven't beat meddling you don't. Yeah I mean this beaver team right now is playing not just with house money they are doing something that's pretty impressive to watch because we haven't seen it's and so I don't know ten years ago. You know these seams that are here and in Omaha there are there because they've dominant starting pitching a lot of times you know and or does state does what we see all these great big league teams do whether it's the Red Sox are with the mayors do to teams too is where you Wear them out you wait to get to the bullpen. And then you just pounce on their bullpen. And last night they got on North Carolina early in their like okay. But then the struggles of Luke timely. And again happen he doesn't make it through three innings in neither of his starts and in Omaha. And they kind of had to weather that storm the proverbial storm they had to literally do against you just here in this figuratively do it against North Carolina last night and there is some tear that. Is that timely hitting we hear about they know the 41 round picks it again now line up and how do you pitch around them. Now they restaurant last night my goodness that guy is so. Dane clutched in a lot of rest of the guys that sit in front of him in that lineup work who do you picture when you look at that Madrigal Lar nick and I agree in year three guys are drafted. All sit right in front of him they get on base and boom he has another bases clearing double blow this thing wide open. Oh he comes out of the gate the first inning and just does that like gotten launches a bomb in the first thing that sets the tone not just for the team but it just comes out in North Carolina go as a boy and you watch that because you know would be your your three games into this series you know and and Luke Heimlich exist. There it is and how it is now that's two games and in your looking for your your top pitcher to give you those sums he can stay in the game and you come out to get too big runs in the first and then it just turned starts to melt down and you look at you looking up and on the events of the guys are going to. All right we're gonna have to do this. It also was gonna have now your 34 games in. It pitching is our guys are tired. You're gonna see more and more you're not gonna get dominant pitching in my opinion bureaucracy dominant pitching towards the end of this. This turn of a because guys are gonna be tired can be who can get that ball in the air and I'll way to get it out of the ballpark. That's what's gonna be fun to watch you know or in Oregon State being able look at the runs in the lineup they have. How watching Oregon State kind of grind these games out Mississippi State. Is a launcher tail and then they get rocket launchers over the fence in left to right and that is going to be a fun game and Oregon State now's faced with beating that team. Twice get a beat them Friday and Saturday to move on to the championship series. But. Singer Natalie Richmond. It there is a lot to be said about kind of win win as much and I gain in net Kruup Kia of fox twelve was kept on pointing out like. Late last week does in Jackie Anderson about the play. Al west Salem Sandi Armstrong you know sure woods. Andy Richmond at the plate. Those guys. You sit there and you look at the competitor factor than. In the fact that those guys were all dominant athletes into sports yeah I didn't name for Jack Anderson it was three here's an awesome football player safety wide receiver and and a basketball player to and it's you know like 281. I mean these guys. Is looking at dad's that competitive edge that you get is is no bigger reason to play more sports than just one and not specializing Watson those guys. Well there's there's something you got to take away from because there's a mentality that we watch in this is you know this is this is not a this is gonna take that I'm seeing nowadays that guy's a focus on one sport. You know if you lose on that and he just knew lock into this tournament style of mentality what are you competing against weekend and week out. You know if you're gonna it's gonna play and determine every single weekend. What are you mentally competing against because there's no reward at the end I mean everybody plays a game if I lose three games and guarantee for five. OK so this this the mentality of some of these players and the reason why these guys are great is because no matter what from their playing basketball they're playing football. In if they play in their high school teams or leagues there's a there's a reward because I like to compete at everything I do and no matter what. There is say there's a type of toughness in those of you the don't think that baseball players are tough. It's ludicrous. Tore the toughest sports mentally and physically it will sexual part two game a failure and so I love watching these Beers because every single one of these guys. Not all former homegrown but the majority of Omar and you concede. How coach Casey just has molded them more damages in his mind it's it's amazing to watch you know isn't seem. The cut that we could from pat Casey is he's talking about they put up with my emotion of course is in that you looked over in the died and you saw like. Pat Casey looked more concerned than those guys that are at they're playing at times you know the only two guys that showed like they were rattled during that game. We're TC in Heinle. Really did Philly every everybody else is this kind of all right here we go EC big do the cut ins to where he was Richmond and that Washington game. Getting fired up and in yellen in the dugout and then it didn't last night it was nick Nat Nat to roll who is doing the exact same thing in just kind of being that spark plug for the easiest. It did that is one of the most fun parts about spam when you see that quote special run whether it's an NCAA tournament is is guys that the where the fire just starts and on. This seems got an and it's undersea it's Israeli funnel did fun team to following a fun team to watch right now. Does this team now hiding get a chance to watch a lot of it does this team remind you a little bit of a lot of the teams in the past that have made a run. You know I know we can could comparison to what they've done I was in 2008 when they lost their first game in the Madoff through the loser bracket does this team have that kind of cash a little bit and we can see the fight in the top of their order and that's as good as anybody mean obviously it's as good as anybody in College Baseball. Yeah as there that this lineup is just is better than what they had in those six and they made that Iran but. They also leaned on Dallas buck and Jonah Nickerson and they had guys and now bullpen where you Dreessen and you felt a little bit more comfortable about pitching. Because of their ace is struggling right now you know they DA's a Darius has struggled. And can stumble Mulholland to those guys carry you enough we're gonna find out is Edwards talk about rubber arms do you gonna have to go back to back Friday Saturday there. And year NASA do it who it without kind of dissolving is a bad thing. With the way he's pitching right now because he's gonna have really short rescue gonna bring it back on Saturdays used is to six days often. That B three games and in the span of a week it's what happens with these guys you know that's what fatigue is gonna play a factor that's her death that her death comes in I don't know in new I guess it was same concern in 06. But this line up it feels like they're never out of a game like never out of a game in anything that that. In that kind of hearkens back does six and I think this one's way better because just the top ten talent you have. Indeed Stephen Kwan gonna be healthy enough plays going to be big on because they brought him in and pinch Tatum laid. Which is just a Deke away and Ager a lock but if he can play that as just another layer to the south and set is frightening to watch. Why wouldn't be surprised at the botched hints are not even pitch into to Russia in the rest of the rest of these guys and how they're gonna try to pitch around him if that's not what they're gonna do watching that early human. There's going to be some strategy don't think that all these coaches sit in the stands. And try to game plan all these guys rest rest of this tournament see okay yeah I'm I'm glad they brought that up because I sent this piece of audio from but from the post and this is add the Richmond. After game on on why he's still getting pitches. No play on the stage on these people with him on the team I have. You know I think you'll feel very fortunate and I think that. You know their energy and stuff carries me to herself which now forces I don't know. So you got all these guys around and if you go into Stephen Kwanzaa in the lineup the guys in front of him are nick Madrigal. Agreeing year Klein Lar next in them behind him. Is Malone who we yard again glass eyes done in the yard back to back games so it's. OK if you don't want to stretch when you get to put him on basin in and throw to Malone who has dropped to over the fence at and TD Ameritrade. Can I took it to this is not a odd take in my mind in baseball the most important guys who hits behind your star yeah. Because no matter what I can take a star out of the game and how to pitch to him because sexing you know if you gonna have somebody that can't get on base or can't drive a run in behind your star it's it's big time. It's very surprising when he can take that guy out of the game or not thrown to a within 000. You're get a double common right behind. Geno I did the amazing part is that a majority of this year not direction is really get the majority of this year. He has been Nat protection dive for several article is less eighteen home runs on the season. Heading into this it into the tourney you look at Andy Richmond. He's eight home runs of the season. The guy he is that dumb guy protecting look he's the guy behind it got past Mike Trout who's protecting him right now how good that helps old bonobo. He's fantastic he's an all timer and that is it behind him that's not a crazy part about this team is how big these guys have come up this season because. Whether it's rush trend or it's and Tyler Malone. These guys are coming of big hits seven home runs heading in Omaha for Tyler Malone he's got to. In the last two games and that's what it's gonna take if you're gonna end up. Coming home champs for the organ state beavers as it is they went 116. Awhile the line against North Carolina scoring eight unanswered. To knock off the Tar Heels and end their season up next is Mississippi State tomorrow evening and then if they win that they played the bulldogs again. On Saturday purchase again to the championship series are coming up next it is draft night for the Portland trailblazers where you want them to go what are you targeting if you are Neil all shake Texas 55 threes your five that is pantex a nine. Widespread texting. That's the message when number well yeah two or. Niner five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and I can unite here and there we have Colin Powell like our team. Most cordless text does snow it's fireflies real sly message and generates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also asked the. Half day. Yet he added I've never been more excited for the number 24. I lie you lie I am excited to be be like autism I have not been excited at all until this morning a little governor has lagged. Draft and edit fake joy no not joy currency doesn't get I feel anything you wild tonight is India buck while you know I average time. Every time I say let's get some yeah let's get some action in view we don't get any New Guinea next week. We don't win what action we can get hey. Lot of kids don't pee and someone else is cereals and taken it tonight paean in the China thing this morning cam I want. This drafts to actually be a turning point for the Portland trailblazers. Because it would not be great to have something other than status quo heading into the season this may mean really really really chuckle. You've been around here long enough to understand this haven't you or her that win. And as a blazers draft outside the top one pick in the draft been an exciting. Nobody was really thrilled and Damien Bullard has drafted would you have had personal out of everyone's mouth when they took. Took CJ McCollum and Meyers Leonard. Well CJ and he will understand a little bit more but they all and what's. Yeah. CJ it was a bit Myers and his icon yet they went would Damon went what what about last year. With Caleb swan again and Zach collins' crew Gooden shrouded in where you can go on call as we judge no you can of gun comes wanting a flop just wanted to see a flop already now all know I'm Julie is literally the only way I know it's way too early. And this is where you go. The MBA has a problem my eyes because outside the top six picks. Everyone else's go ducks when you got it. They think that it doesn't this is the I'm gonna go this. The Portland trailblazers earn a position right now. To where you know the ceiling of your core they have ranked don't we know it's a ceiling this absolutely we do you have a star Damian Miller and you have a guy that is very good very talented players CJ McCollum is a good NBA player I think that he kind of gets a rod deal by some in Portland. By fans that is because he's a good player in heat if you were to leave he would be a very good player somewhere else is. No question about it but. You're looking at a going are those two guys that are gonna win a championship together here night and yeah there's this idea going around that maybe it is time where this this roster needs make a big move is that the moves that they make in breaking those two guys up. I know we've seen enough of this that they may possibly there and there is a turning point time. I don't know what it is going to Neil she's mine all week eagle on its history in history tells C doesn't like to Garrett is got. History says that he doesn't like to get rid of his guys in when he draft especially high in the draft to mean everybody that he has. Has been on we went through this the other day I asked the question is that how many guys as he moved. Really will Barton was one that he really kind of moved everyone else's is kind of hung around either someway somehow from dame to. To use CJ. To Myers Allen Crabbe Allen Crabbe he did move and there's been a mind and he didn't move him. He'd they just opted not to matching outrageous contract from deficits this truly didn't match it. But it the only guys that he's really moved or let let you move on our well Barton. And I'll grab of the guys he has moved on from. Know our people. Nick the tomb of Mason plumb lane who is a guy that he traded for and was able to acted dig Garrett of his alert let block as well. I mean hasn't buried a year you're right and that needle on lay was moved him in some of these guys over part of it yeah I. You have to be loyal to your craft they have to below what you believe and I I get down from Milos and I understand that and I wouldn't want it any other way if I was looking as general manager at least I would like to buy into the fact. That he is going to live and die what she believes in and that's no question that's when you O'Shea is gonna be Indian in a city like Portland market like Portland. Loyalty from GM and players knowing that means is something that it goes all the way Gordon yeah it is import absolutely know that young general manager that is loyal to. US a player certainly don't like being talked down to with a with a very arrogant. Point of view that would be anybody a chance yeah I don't like to battle like that elitism attitude however I do like the fact that he is loyal. I wish you luck in the blazers tonight that 55305. That is the sand Tex on. And we want to know from you what do you wanna see. The names and amounts are we saw that they have pretty Simons is a guy who les the only got a came in for two pre draft workouts. To Portland. And is data guide to Europe David do you want Baghdad guard. Three indeed type player what guys why should the blazers target or DM a bigger reason for this team what you would like to see the Portland trailblazers do tonight. 55305. All of the lasers it is not screw it up if they trade the pick traded to the right team if they make the take. Take the best guys chemical. Is that lore is I didn't you know I chuckle at that expect. What you are saying about Mike SATA for the draft I think Portland Cain is kind of resigned themselves this is this is not football guys. This is not you don't take best player available you take better fit. You can't I mean football or disappointed that this telling time with the esteemed you don't move he laughable do this or baseball you move back into the draft because you'll get more value later in the rounds. That doesn't worked out weigh in in the NBA draft it doesn't you have to take fit. Or best player available when you're in the later part of the draft you know you're not gonna just take a big giant senator Uga could just do this year could take a guy that's not a three Indy guy because he supposedly is the best athlete on your board you're gonna have to tell fine fit fit in the MBAs and way more important now. This XS 55305. Is there any chance we can send Meyers Leonard and CJ McCollum in the 24 take the minute. In three years of that. For years ever read and observe that or taken take Chandler Parsons is the question I don't want that I've been there's been rumors of Chandler Parsons and that out there for pick it was in 96 million dollar contract remember. The blazers turned that down. It too I'm Zaria and they offered up on and we thought it was going to be Chandler Parsons and ended up going to Memphis and making any crap ton of money you want to get contract on. For two years when no part of it I don't want any part of that for the number four pick because I guarantee you what but left. The numbers number four pick is that is there somebody in that top four do you believe is a game changer. And their top four I think you can I meeting Gillen if you get a guy like it is texture says no bomb us. Only limited to dig at a Texas if you're get rid of America if your plane is get rid of generic. CJ miers and dump all those guys not gonna sign Andy you're gonna move that now you're gonna be another score. Will boy it out and you don't want a nineteen year old score enough. Man there's a lot of teams that are reliant on that right now I don't know if that's what you wanna be going good down there you wanna be going for. But I mean ended this is what it comes onto the draft is crapshoot it dried there is no guarantees packed the blister script to number one picks are gonna sixth or hate. And mean there is no guarantees on what you will get. At any range in this use had to trust and violation. And in Tennessee to your guns there my five threes your five what do you undersea. Testing came on the fact. And. This is a drive to the traditional Justine Kim in the morning breath you guys are way building center and Margaret Kennedy win. And not assailants. We don't really need the sound effects aren't. Owns them yes thunderstorm on through that Green Zone in C news to. Just a light version of that from somewhere and then piercing Garth live. I've not I'm not really country guy that is an actor would love to see life she is I've heard everything about it he was here was closed last year I Texans that he's on it and he did you shows here. No credible her. It was always great entertainer as iron and he intrusion. Sure they DM. Just pays some and I think again. There's little controversy around that relationship to Garth as married before. Yeah this was him you know history and hate. Love finds a way this love does I'm doing a rat's ass Russell Wilson I wonder how his ex number it's okay it's and we jaded sports talk and talk about his career with the Padres spring training for the Mets I mean anybody in a minute stint. Which Garth on the midst is not this album is a top five I'll. All right Leo there's thunder so they're saying that if your drive any strain now and take a little bit longer to get to work whether it's 99 W or 84. It is storm just kind of going right along with ya to work following that sucks. As a B six in thoughts that you prick pets thoughts and prayers to test. That's a very let's go crazy men on during thunder take the dogs and cats inside. Richer bloody terror to your house you know you rightly or preventing the dogs inside keep cats and I didn't get what you mean I don't cats. You don't like cats I do I do you know like the middle. You know it's an image to us you're not a bad guy either. All for one of allergic I really love all animals but I have unbearable allergies to cats OK and an onslaught of it I'm just way more dog person there's. So to a redeeming qualities and a dog cats are like life house ornaments like loyalty cam live house ornaments like they don't really show very much affection in they're not like ended. Go with few places you'll go walk your cat. Good point to take your cap for hide under these. And ask him these jerks I get fired up a lot of people. Saying that on late you live to serve your cats and dogs live to Serbia and from talking about him as much as you tell me anything I don't know I enjoy animals I'm allergic to dogs. Cats don't bother me that they can't they doctor evil he has his little hairless cat because he's allergic to the first. Fit this topic worth up. All right let's segment blazers Jeff five factories or five. This is. Some now a lot of people are talking about because aid the reports are out right now. And we brought it up Brett before the break that the Ager worse now ski jumping give innings at ESP inner saying that the man this is these are shopping. Chandler Parsons. For the in the number four pick. Saying hey if you will only take on Chandler Parsons will give you a number four pick as well should be noted the blazers have two at sixteen and a half million dollars in trade exceptions that they can deal. To bring somebody over if you wanna get to number four pick tube but also the boys had tapped issues which means that likely near canned. Ed Davis would be gone if you bring on 96 million or the rest of the remaining two years and I can't six million dollar cannot afford to listen we'll run area massive luxury tax. But if you get the number four taking you believe in somebody who's at number four that that is a mole bomber Jerry Jackson nor. You know whomever you wanna throw in there and you think is one of the top four picks I don't know if the blazers have enough cachet mark how exactly kind of excitement. Built into their roster because there's a lot of teams are gonna clamor for the number four because there's a lot of talent in the top five via. The taking on it a guy like Chandler Parsons is going to be a lot of teams think. For two years because he has another knee problem and just what you want your how many more knee problems do you need to have. How many more I think at this week and you can afford to take one on again me don't have any news right now Sami to take one on resisted it. But the Texas 553. Easier if I let's face the blazers are gonna win a championship anytime soon we're never gonna get the superstars. Oh where to go. Whenever you get the superstars in Portland so what you're looking for and that point is this or you continually moving forward to try and build. To win the warriors are done with Tehran. Because then you're just wasting the president Damian Miller indeed you're talking about like that Chandler Parsons taken chiller Parsons saying dame. Can you hold off for two more years as if we brought Parsons and it would be we develop. Zach college whomever you heard a draft with that number four pick and then we will be able pop in two years enough money to. Not the bucks and hopefully Lou or someone else the only thing he won a hope and pray for I guess if you're Damien Miller Tran is is does not turn in for him to be crisp ball Chris Paul scenario. Where you watch somebody. Take their prime in their mid prime which is gonna be 29 to 32 and needed to Chris Paul where he's like I'm never been to the finals I having you know what he's been a Western Conference final. You wanna get there he wanna get their now. How how how do you do that we know we're sitting here talking about it there when I'm if we don't house. Have the the end all seal answered that's up to Neil Sheehan the rest of the powers that be all we have to do is criticize it and watch it unfold right now that roster needs more depth. It means more help to compete with the best teams and now that LeBron James. Will be out of sheer it's going to happen and now that you're gonna see more and more of these players are to come west it's. It's inevitable that you got to fight out of the purgatory. Of what Portland trailblazers basketball is right now dad this text from deal is actually pretty good what is dame want. That's all that matters how much do you think dame is involved in this if you're dealership are you listening to dame is Damian Miller to part of some of these decisions. Or she just kind of a consultant. You should he be a part of some of the decisions. You hear him. And usher how much you listen to handle and a sense. But you hear him out and you hear what he wants and you take all of those things into consideration. But should Damian Miller beating guys deciding to take you now you like men can't jump in me I hear Jimmy. Yes it here at no I'm I'm Weiss senior life there does. Are you hear me but are you listening tuning and yes you hear him but I would you part of page thank you dame is it that is it batters it. Dame what what do you feel sheer will what is he gonna feel come the most comfortable with because he did go worse he can do is alienate him with a take or a player. That is he sitting there going. What are you guys hearing. Well why you did making Damian Miller feel like he is best years are being wasted. Should be a concern and that's wit that we that's the irony at all I'd I would. I feel like if dame is is in that conversation she's sane show me some effort. Don't don't do what Minnesota did with Kevin Durant right. We are sorry with with Kevin Garnett. Don't do it Minnesota did and just throw garbage out all the time never make any effort to try to be better and then get to the point where. Kevin Garnett says I'm gone I'm I'm out here I'm I'm going to go I'm going to Boston economical which every Cuban Boston because that at the time he start to go. If you're not gonna put the effort in all you can then the what am I doing here spinning my wheels. Exactly and that's why he's. That's why looking at the blazers moving up in the draft is kind of pointless because you're gonna have to take on something bad in order to get something good. So if you're looking at if they were to stay at 24 stain that ranged from. Need a mid twenties. Too high teens. What do you covet at that spot because. If you're looking to make backcourt depth that's probably like the best player you're gonna get there and eight and that's that Anthony Simons the guy who played at ING academy did a super senior victory lap of high school and played nine G again for fifth here last year. We look NN like guys like George text jostle Cody. Who. Is a good player in Al bared their backcourt depth guys one's more offensive mind and the others were defense of mind and but I EU don't know because like the one guy that intrigues me that could be in that high teens to mid twenties range. Is Jacob Evans out of Cincinnati. Who came here to work out and he's I used you've been saying you want to swing man right that guard forward he's a 66 guard Ford shot 40% from three. And is it says I'd I wanna be best two way player in the late. Tenacious kind of defender but good to not deleted anything's. That would be guys that if you look at them midrange is not gonna be sex it up now and will the impact be immediately felt probably not but you be you would would be building depth at that point. You are younger. So if you're gonna have to replace said Davis or effusive circuits is gone who you gonna take Carrie -- take a veteran could begin to take the young the young up and comer with you sit and then when you do that. Is there another three point shooter the you can rely on because the blazers do not have. A third option that can shoot through guide to lean on they don't they don't they have won in two and then he saw the New Orleans did to them. Shut him down nobody can hit a three and don't tell me that she is your guy because that's about his. I don't know that's about his streaky is that it is it as a young lady trying to get her new highlights and he can beat wow. I went to a weird place. I'm a well done he can again deal anti. Oregon State Beavers baseball team like where they come over the digits in the clutch times. When it wins the last ten year like we need this chief pulls up and it dated guys done. Sorry because he was left unguarded and entire playoff series this Texas get this that I trust old sage drafting and I don't trust his loyalty to his guys and who trustees. Bing do ASU and right you're right and brings heard there the blazers did match the Allen Crabbe yesterday and then traded him to us. A quick like six months later. He was gone. I just under is rolling through downtown Portland we can hear at your sound proof studious of your driving out there drive safe. It's okay it's usually easier to it's always they'll be fine. Well it's more of your feedback on as well. On the same tech sent 55305 what are you at the blazes do in the drafted his draft day we'll give you some of the rumblings in buzz is. Hot and cool the hottest sports stories of today has a couple NBA notes including. Could Kevin Love be on the move dusting cam on the fan.