Dusty & Cam Monday June 18, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, June 18th
Dusty and Cam discuss the factors that led to the United States missing the World Cup, plus a re-visit of our Textual Relations discussing Shinnecock and Phil's double putt on #13, and the Mariners stay hot despite their division leader's win streak.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. Skated straight from the war room. I Portland trailblazers select CJ in the car. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning brunch you nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor project and remodeling stories online at SH URW a Y dot com. Does to you in jail mugs and eighty. Both share him. Follow up. She knew the guys said he got flak from his life for her. Golfing on Father's Day he is father. So even on Father's Day couldn't pick what he wanted his day. Let me. It's nearly it's not his day apparently it's non Alina when you're married it's non. Yeah it is. Modern day is not a very ailment. All right now that's out there and sucks what was the guilt trip about you know we don't know you wanna spend time with me and listened that morning. There are. Are they that was the message that Taylor Twellman had this morning he went on with gold and lingo. A Taylor Twellman is former teen USA player. He is very outspoken pond and for ESPN. On the mother ship talking about. USA soccer not being in the World Cup the mean. We have a great weekend that we had upsets in an upset and soccer is when they now a power ties to you because I quit Iceland. Tying who they tyrant Argentina. That is like an opera that's like a big deal Brazil played a drop by the Swiss big deal Mexico beating. One of the favorites Germany huge deal. In America's just on the outside looking in and this is something that kind of hit close to Ewing kind of did what you've been talking about with American soccer. With what twit Taylor Twellman went on Mike and Mike. It's a this is the issue got to change the focus about making money and developing. Why is our sport my sport the only sport our country. That is so pay to play and it's exclusive not inclusive. So Eaton did the most difficult thing in all of this you don't have to be a sock you dubious soccer dad to be had just an American citizen networks at soccer in our country to privilege sport. Let's first of four months. It's a suburbia and white sport to. You need every year we have to pay coaches you have to pay fields can go on and on on on federal rule on the radio show with us. That's about George Foreman yeah. But ticket Iceland has come looking over here and so got Iceland and I you know let's hope that's the same size or Corpus Christi, Texas right and you wanna get down. Highest level of coaching in Europe in Iceland Akashi roughly a thousand dollars if you wanna get that exact same coaching license in the United States America push of 40000 dollars travel. Going through the process follow around on yet so Iceland fifteen years ago said if we're gonna maximize our 330000. Population we've got to make the coaches easily accessible they've got up. All be better coaches that's just one example there. Compared to what we're doing here. That's interesting. Note to think about the outside interest in dusty it's why now why does it cost 40000 dollars to get a license to coach at a high level because were capitals countrymen were about making money I've said it from the get go. None of view out there that that tried to take money from families and for youth development arc in it for the development of youth here in it for financial returning game. And lower if that is true volunteer volunteer for six months then you'll tell me war I gotta make a living and I got to pay for my house thing to do those things okay. No problem then stop selling mean that your doing it to try to develop young talent you're not. You know it's a financial thing it's privileged it is it is it is. A sport where we don't have the urban areas to me there's a soccer fields in the middle of those areas that on the play on some little park field and they don't care about it. This is not me saying this is your leaders of soccer the guys that are are the best in the world that now realize. Were so far away. 40000 dollars you think the most privileged kids in the world are gonna get good at soccer because some guy pulled them out in and said own. You deserve this. Mean look at look at Panama just do me a favor look at Panama's singing their National Anthem. Like you say that I see you on the Twitter feed. Look at how important it is for them when they walk out there you're seeing American do that. You see them of the ladies. See the guys do you see that kind of passion and care. About enemy just Q just look at the countries like that that they do it all we care about is what our privileges. With soccer. It's quite obvious you mean that what are what are what are privileges with younger what's what's gonna lie in my pocket. What is Mike Chitwood team does my kid I will say this and I and I believe this to a core. These little little cells of things we've developed with you sports it's no longer about what's good for the kid it's here it's your adult social atmosphere and your social schedule. And it's what you're gonna get out of it is no longer about the team. In their development it is just because my kids part of the timbers program that I asked to travel and go pay for rule. That's gonna make him great. Look at the best players in the country. In Major League Baseball right now TO. Look at look at the best player make this pause exact same from soccer has not it does sport cost way too much we like much. The best players tell you when you look around right and Ian Bryce Harper and Mike Trout or did two guys that we kind of point TO. Who come from me very well off families. In greater with the other great players in baseball right now a lawyer and judge. Air show is one. But you guys like 'cause failed Tuesday. Jeans and Laura another great post Korea whose border region the year looking around in you look at where and where baseball has kind of left so a lot of the kids behind. It's been in the urban areas too in in making baseball excess accessible. Mean data is a view that's a tough thing that baseball's been trying to do is gonna make you a little bit of headway in it would their play ball team pain you're in it but it's just hard oh it's over his head travel team cause she 101000 dollar a year player on. It's it's a great thing and I'm glad that someone at the top is is champ Channing at the at the rooftops and letting everybody understand that there's no way when Taylor Twellman says that. That your doctor Elisa because these are guys that have been there they understand the sport she's fired up about it there's a matter what I say. These are the ones of the leaders at the top. From Alexi lawless calling out the drama. And the Andy did that. Our team and and that and how this the whole the whole tournament and watching and in senile USA represented there they just. It is it's it's disgusting Timmy how financially motivated our country has become to where the competition is secondary. Well that's what I am wooden is the in the marker of your sports success because. Say what you want abouts do soccer soccer's participation numbers are huge huge massive your registration trophy but is relief but. It is the fifth. Most profitable is professional sport and our country. And and that is. Probably it should be sixth because it is behind college athletics is well college football. In college basketball dorsett I idea but the NHL MLB NBA NFL. They all act that in that that's a that's one of the problems is that you sit there we look at financially or is how much use how much success your league is. I don't know man I I don't think I'm I'm having a hard time comparing soccer in our US to the rest of the world I just don't think it should compared to football should compare to baseball or basketball I think you should it's the world's game I feel leg is you're trying to. Sarah herself as as as a country that really cares about the development of of team sports and Napster and to compete against the world you're not even of the world's game that Timmy is more. When that's it then Megan money that's it twellman is saying now that was the whole point of his big is that they are if the focus is on. How do we make soccer profitable in the United States because all these other sports car. In how do we how do we make them instead of the real bombs Heidi is its exact same thing when Dennis Dodd came on here and was talking us about hey how's the pac twelve catch up to the rest the power five decent win. And then win some more of it but the pac twelve is playing catch up financially. Just like Ed USA soccer cycle we need to catch a finance it will need need to win in order to make it. Worthwhile is deeply care. It's certainly needs reform comes from Taylor you could hear it from him big time the passion that he cares about his sport he does need love it to death. If you're watching Landon Donovan go sell himself sold with a double because now he's. Going after Mexico once and my other team is Mexico from Wells Fargo he doesn't care about what's great for USA soccer because any any person that's that's a fan of Mexico soccer would never put up a banner of USA. Yeah ever. Net ever but but Landon Donovan will a USA represent him will certainly go sell himself for the green. The bigger problem is she still played for team USA. He doesn't as they but he represents the future of supposedly soccer and growth. Well also I think that he just from a rivalry standpoint like let's say you do missed out on the pac twelve championship game and you held up a thing that said my other team is organ like people lose their minds you're not gonna happen that would never have bread and that's what he that's about a mile beneath a great comparison. So true but. Let blended Donovan was the guy that had a price tag. In whatever whatever it was that Wells Fargo gave him was his price tag. And he was the one guy and it's it's getting sharp criticism now and that that's on one of the big points about this. Texan tie 5305. Comparing the world is the point not USA only sports is clubs. Don't even make their high school teams you know that day and that's that's it ray here's thank. The USA. Soccer is focused on USA sports they need to focus on where they are on the world stage for a big issue. Compare yourself to the world. Yeah. It's the only American sport they're really needs to do that sure does it's kind of the most important sport in the world. Most played sports car. Big time but it yielded to E'Twaun and also made a good point. That Germany was in the cycle like fourteen years ago where they are LA and they were in they were in the out state Warren plane while. And what do they do you they Nady refocus in ten years later. They won the World Cup in the one of the most dominant teams and in the world right now so aid there isn't to say that it can be done in just these be a big refocus in a re setter. Right 55305. Speaking. Of outrage. The course wins the US open but Phil Mickelson is the guy you know the criticism 816 on the fan. The tour. Eight rounds do. Brooks can't go out and need US open champ the first back to back. Since CD 89 Curtis Strange didn't know Curtis Strange. Granted all of our imaginations and minds this past Saturday when he went to old curmudgeon on Phil Mickelson saying he should be deep Curome. Breaking golf that it did the worst thing they can possibly do. It golf is the only sport that really hasn't psych wards like. Some thing. That is. Within there is for us to be a player is always. Honest and fair with what's going on. Keenan another sport where there is something like what Phil Mickelson did where David. It's a least as much. Yes I would say baseball on the bat flip or a few unspoken rules you don't indeed huge for that now. But you get thrown out and then union have charged that Matt and totally different this is that within the rule ball no I understand but I'm just saying about the the interpretation of of what it is to have the etiquette and built in. You know the guns were spoken rules there are no unspoken rules. Hit it there I'm sorry there's a lots of unspoken rules in sports but golf actually wrote them down to say you have to be better your etiquette these are written rules. One dash two. Golf etiquette. But it's also depends on. If you're at the masters you can have your own set of rules as you know that the US GA has their other own set of rules and then there's a royal amazing golf. That rule that governs in Europe so it really is in there they insist that's why sake. It's kind of like baseball they're unspoken rules there don't make any sense he out and you and I are both an agreement on this he broke. The etiquette yes when he. Was putting on the thirteenth. Any sound that is hit balls going down hills we did a light jog. While as most are rolling hit back towards the hole to get two stroke penalty and said look. I wanted to get off that hole. Eyes one is be done with him he took it ten on that hole he knew he wasn't going to be winning that tournament because his round was. Just. It was an absolute disaster he shot an 81 Phil Mickelson. Shoot an 81 it's eleven over par and you would love an 81 when you're out of ideas here for a sore I was gonna miss a bad but he was just as frustrated is every year. Average golfer out there Disco and I've been there and everybody can relate that. Except for the golf world who crushed import. There's a lot of traditionalists and an included Curtis Strange and this when I heard this quote. I about threw my phone out. The television. Television and he had. Curtis Strange try to hit it right out of his mouth one about all the kids watching. And I I just grab my phone only keep you. You ready. But that's that's kind of golf though the golf has always had those guys and I've they're never gonna leave the so it's fine it's it's it's water to Bridget moves on because he's. He's just that's that's who the type of guy he is or his interview with Tiger Woods in 1988 when tiger came on said he wanted to win and Milwaukee open encourage treasury to learn don't have to play. It's just one of those guys which is fine be that way. But really work golf is trying to grow the sport. Is trying to make it more inclusive. Not exclusive area is here is you're gonna find more reasons and to make it. Exclusive. They're Venus and edited the kids are going to be the kids. Was it really that big a deal he was seventeen over power and others term. It was not it was not that big a deal and he did. He wasn't gonna win it scene is trying to prove a point in the point was the US GA made that course impossible to play in later rounds a lot of guys that had a chance to win it. Played themselves out of that because that Morton named Phil Mickelson played themselves out of it because the course was ridiculously tough and everybody's playing the same course I know that but. When you look at the morning rounds compared the after your rounds they were playing the same course the conditions or not the same on that and that's kind of the point that Phil was trying to prove is that. Look you put us at a disadvantage I'm sick of it in gas is what was proven because the US GA came out and said that big need to course unfair for the afternoon rounds. The wind was Howland they weren't expecting it and to pin placements were incredibly tough it too hard for the afternoon. Here's what I think Mike Davis in the US GA do you talk to us as as fans if you watch it. They apologize spear there you know you're heard of asking for. For forgiveness after she makes a mistake they continue to do it over and over again with the US open. It's easier to you asked her forgiveness current for permission he did it big for north they they did it add to chambers made a terrible venue but then they just said we're so sorry. They did this issue and caulk in 2004. Worst sorry about the grains it'd never you did it again in 2018. They don't care now they're tennis sell you then and now we're gonna Jorge Pino were little upset that the rough is a foot long. For all this were really upset that the greatest golfers in the world look like. Hackers weekend hackers because they can't handle the pressure and that the all the guys this can wilted. From Zach Johnson saying the greens are lost or feel bad for all the members do you really Zach you feel bad. For the membership bush in a cock probably averages ten million dollars per person in the Hamptons you're gonna you're gonna feel sorry for them Zach. On net and nobody feels bad for them. Any ears thing is that there's a lot of people that wilted Dustin Johnson is one of them if you let Saturday effective Sunday because he his putt is putter did not help him win. Analyzes Tommy Fleetwood did not wilt. A dead golf Jesus he got from him golf Jesus that's a new and he really does look like he has a little bit that. Heat had a nine footer to set a US open record. And the way he is high and I think everybody tidy and ages ago went. And it felt would have dropped it also not only would have given him the US open record for around at 62 but it also would have forced a playoff. With Brooks kept guy. More we could have seen me but to hole aggregate that they do now. Also here's a did you know the final part of how UST bumble this entire thing is that at 7 o'clock all the trains relieving Southampton. In that the entire grandstands was almost empty because and everyone had to go get on the trains it was a dumpster fire that's a bad look ahead a lot of things as USA screwed up the Enola vague and don't. Care when it she's there are a little money keep the train open for little bit longer you know have another have another train coming here he's seen it happen with public transit for lots of sporting events under a hockey playoff game it's an ago. Indefinite overtimes are never big big planet for those things like their country of cutter paid in for the metro in Washington DC to stay open during the world there is still something like that idea now. You can Q would don't go through all the processes and he's for term it lasts 7 o'clock. Mr. bring him relieve and I don't feel bad for Phil Mickelson I don't feel bad shirt Curtis Strange you know what guy do you feel bad for two Tony feet now. See it happen him. Why do you feel about them. I still worried about his dislocated ankle the masters now he seems to be OK with that okay. And his top five finish now this ineligible for the Ryder cam which he needs to be on the right awesome because he's a competitor right now. Know he had a bogey. Putt like his final he was like a tap in it too little power lip. You know on the set tapped Costin would it cost him 200 in 141000. Dollars or seek I think Tony can handle it because of you heard during the broadcast. If you heard Paul Azinger say about what he grew up doing teacher professionally seventeen Beano do you seduce used to show opened his buddy's clubs. Stink on the course of no money in his wallet and play 800 dollar skins games yet he's gonna play with pressure. Yet in constant 2141000. Bucks that's inexpensive Putnam to miss there. At the end into bogey constituted fourteen grand you do with a 2141000. Dollar prize for three feet and missed that. Would you know I don't know now may biting there are making very good reason the hands free shaiken a little yeah. Yet but. At the same time what are the what was his take home I mean it's still that still you know -- 600000 more when he came in with or something look let's not act like and missing it you'd leaving 2141000. Dollars on there's like no big deal evidently if you go to a lot of go to craps table with a hundred bucks and you could have had 800 wouldn't say you only want what I was sick either way you're -- with house money you're still winner down the man doesn't mean it doesn't hurt that I have is on the Ryder Cup team don't come September September right around the corner. I got them but the fear is that the guys that continue SA. I just really glad that Jessica is. I think he is this year and a well let's get it done then US open Phil Mickelson should not be on the Ryder Cup resemble proclamation by me. There's better golfers in the United States right now fills won this year he's played very well I don't he's a leader now Ricky. Okay and you'll be on there he should be on hand to on the day that still shot is eighty when he's an 84 who. All seen now and Tony Pino believes tiger at home. Terribly narrow Carly got a he'll be Carol gonna be there and there aren't done. Are we dig into blaze is dressed up we'll see that's a Major League based on those two get to as well the first is not the sports center. There has been a Ryder Cup list fills in news. I retract my previous statement and all of a lot I want filler. Wasilla her own but because he grew in the game of golf for the children to articulate the tour you. Oh Josh. Actually he played will give it a Jew. Yes no does the cadet how they make the World Cup team is to be a good team this year the World Cup rhetoric that's the thing that's that. That's and that's at pearl same month. I get I mean the Ryder Cup gets my juices low and guess what it says guess what yeah. Right now and Tiger Woods not going to be played in either the World Cup or the Ryder Cup. He will be a captain's pick he should be one of the four biggest Forte captains but it is Urich who gets bigger Jimmy. So. And that's golf. On the fan. You a text based what you want basketball it's draft week but. We should give baseball some talk about right now. You on baseball or conceding your balance IA I am I I like them both we are a whole week to talk drought is pretty important coming up yet very important. Somebody told me there. Well here's the thing with them than we can do this very recently everything draft talk we can get the south away very quickly. We'll have more on it this week as draft gets closer and more and more rumors start bubbling to the surface about the blazers but as of right now in the nineteen with a 24 overall selection. And it's pretty clear from what the pre death for Qatar they're looking at. Wing guys dream. 44 you're looking at three or. Which one would you want it CJ gable TK did that three need ID think he'd can develop that three or develop the when you're in the NBA because that's basically years did the situation on bliss I've always Angela believes the defense is an attitude era so they either want to do it or not I think you'd offensively though. A body lies I need a new wing player that is 6869610. And can get up and down the corner somewhere the the small power athlete. No Wagner has been rumored. To be the guy know 611 point senator and from Michigan. Missing. For your guy. As seen as they hopped around but that is that bad anti big guy that can run a huge future. King had an idea attitude Guinness and suitably turnaround in the united neighbor CJ at Torrey for. They we all agree on that yeah we are looking for dating an account could. There at an open. Well more on that including. And putting some gas on in the NBA draft which comes up Thursday right here. On frozen envelope about the happened. At that started interment during the lotteries are done it's okay. That may be the blaze could trade up. In get in more significant pick will have to or acquire Leonard wood just like what he'll say since they were for Paula on though is a perfect Owens have. Isn't but how about the Mariners getting that split tube with the Boston Red Sox a four game set against the best team in baseball right now. Heck yes splits are or what every team should be surgeon for. If you'd emerge price to a really good about where your at and ended the toughest road trip they you'll have all season because. The mayor fan I was is ecstatic to see Safeco packed to the gills and but there's a lot of Boston Red Sox fans there is great baseball it was it was so what's fun to watch. You know you lose you lose a game to end out the set yesterday where you just get run off the diamond. But it didn't matter because what what the thing that I noticed. Was seen James Faxon who I he's their number one I know Felix is a number one right now we're realistically. Taxes the number one the big maple. He got a second inning that was one of the that he was the worst inning I've seen the Mariners play all year. Joseph six runs or three years think there are four errors I'm sorry was terrible. And Gerri to photos in the Booth. And they're talking and nannies is like got to leave and he just felt awful because six runs spot came in there rally you gym all the way back to win one. When it sorry with a walk off 76 in the anywhere in a one nothing game. So these are it's just eat in those types of things have been happening years and so someone I was in the talked with. What he was playing golf with things they do are we supposed to believe this might c'mon you can't tell me that a team that finds ways to win games one run two runs. This many times in a row is an anomaly. There's a reason why they're being able to do it they're doing things the right way and now. Mariners looking to extend Jerry to photo so that conversation came out today trying to get him and they better do it easy. And this is this is a new generation. Of mariner fans get a chance actually see. Win means well in this is the big thing at the Mariners have going for them is that it's not just winning against bad competition either because. Although they have played the fewest number of games against the top teams in the American League. There are holding their own like if you go if you look at their records. Seattle Boston New York keep in Houston in that in Cleveland against each other. Right now. Like in New York is far away the best move against the other four best teams in Major League era in the American League they are eleven and five. But Boston's seven and seven. Houston twelve and twelve. In the Mariners are nine inning. They're right there any game compare yourself to that's mean you're talking about those wondering deep run. One run wins in how the Mariners are what it would mean one in ten or some kernel that. Right now that is incredible number to look at and EU if you look at adult Howard did they play against the good teams and against the good teams coming out 500 in those. Series is about what you wanna be yet he split the two Ngo. Wit which Boston over the weekend. This team is good there's billions that's about about it they're doing it over an extended amount of time how would how do you handle in the whole schedule gets tripped up we'll find out. It also doing it without their best player that's the other thing the you have to go. Robinson Cano was not a part of this team and won't be part of this team when it makes. The playoffs OK I know I'm nudging senate because I've been waiting for seventeen years so shut up I'm not gonna jinx and you know they're gonna get a wildcard spot at least I'm telling you this team is back kind of mode Joseph. Gone right now they're doing it without Robbie hit it can you imagine taking. Anybody take Bryce Harper horror. I don't know take Carlos Korea off the Houston Astros. They as good without him are they winning like that without him if you take those sales to date. Your second baseman star off the Houston Astros are they going to be. A first place team in the west now take Mike Trout off the angels. Yeah during this that gives the show mail Tony is gone from the angels now the angels are terrible. Yes Mary is a good dad the bats it's and how Long Will the starting pitching last. That has always that was the question that I had at the beginning of the year. But you'd be as long as they're still clicking like they are and you can't sit there and say. When's it gonna happen wins the other shoe gonna drop because it hasn't dropped yet. And as they are played there's only four teams in Major League Baseball and a 145 games or more. For. In all of baseball the Red Sox have 49 the Astros have got 48 the Mariners yankees each have 46 wins. That's saints that's all in the American league for a cruise Elisa Hahn. All in the American League got a bit of a dollar to run their needed it does it they do have we need realignment in baseball. Well you know myself this in the NBA Borough pendulum always swings back and I know it does Britain would be great if everybody had a DH. On the contrary I think to be great if the DH was abolished. Why how about that take anybody's face or head that you want more pitching to hit I think it it adds more strategy for the managers Lleyton game talking double switches when you take a guy out if you leave him in. If you got to value bench that you like and I I sliced and I really like the there managerial cat and mouse that comes in the late innings with having a pitcher so you but do you also like. Them like more popping your lineup to guys like Edgar Martinez or. You know these guys that are that are great. Great players but they can't continue their Kurt we can't claim the field I mean adding it's better to watch when you have hitters one through nine but I just I personally like the strategy elements of having. Essentially a hole in your order and you're trying to avoid in trying to navigate around medal game. Yeah I think giants fan as Madison dom garner I think well yes and had Levon Hernandez went. I don't need to see pitchers sitting armed astonished strip down and doesn't get my juices on I don't care what it is. Have fit. This same because what comes World Series time tiger you're sitting barely getting married and leaders who doesn't and then they'll stadium you like oh my god. So I wanna watch it is the real attorney and never really out there insert trying to get things looked scared off because they haven't held a ban cell long break I kind of like that because then the team that's that's half the expectation have a nine hitters all season like you saw it. In the World Series that the Phillies and blue jays they had to decide whether Olerud sits a mall owners say it's been that's that's a horrible decision have to make it you gotta make it. In that isn't bad that's a problem though that the other team doesn't have been when it comes to the World Series that's I don't care what you deal. Yeah he's a good one or the other I'm OK without kids need to saint ya. I just sort same disease. Are on the DA's side. We Texas five factories your five plus you mentioned Bryce Harper hug and led the nets beat our breasts are for ninety better dusting camel fan. Text can. Right here 5530 I've read it to me aren't you saying that the Mariners have so demo mode gee oh this is thing true on blue now all of a sudden you remember this so they'll mind me. Mo Jo. It's not gonna go there and you cipher and you know there's at live street the blue eyed and my first trip to the bluegrass stakes week of good for you. Ernie history right destined. Word of what's the giants. I actually have no idea why it's I don't know a lot don't know your lying your backside I seriously don't know what it is all all looking find out though and you bill the man is it's a Google. Mastery is getting their right now he's beating into the time being in an orange ten over shot up orange October. Or differences goes officials have heard dogs over before. They are SF giants gets the logo. Which actually applaud. I mean give me SF Jack if I use just Astros and I got though does it. You want a little you want your team's logo we music has just don't we just want you. And so let's just etc. how do you get to give to get permission from. From a movie into anarchy does so with Twitter him that's really cool and their there's a bunch just what you can do hash tag NBA Twitter and it does little clear icon and about tell you he's become a thing it'll. Orange October. Were rally EZ go in World Series so it well as from back in 2012 so what is the 2018. It's SF giants kept aside let's get an idea that is pretty it's better than what's yours in. Earned history and history and I don't get that through the blue lease means your being true your colors. Sound. Let's not earn history anymore it's something else that superdome like. I don't know. I think we have a competition amazing baseball find the dumbest pastel or not they ask here and and that one happy like I wouldn't do it. I hate one of my favorite events all year long is a Saint Paul rodeo and right now caller number four. At 5032501080. That is 50325010. ED it's a Stanley four packets he gets the Saint Paul rodeo on Thursday July 5. It is on Thursday evening July 2 at the 83 annual saint already owes back July 3 to the seventh of the legendary Saint Paul arena. Tickets available now at Saint Paul rodeo dot com color of report 5032501080. That is 503. 2501080. Gets a Stanley four pack of tickets to go check out these Saint Paul rodeo on Thursday July 5. Print tens Indiana Saint Paul rodeo on July 3 so if you're gonna be out there for that. It'd go check them out. Isaac it's a good broadcasting live what's on there's what's the best food at the same color I got some gigantic I guess they got to know they have a brick of Fries. It's like a break. Of Fries and like curly Fries but pediatric try to break and then they also have. Udell local farmers there. Has strawberry shortcake that is to die for is a pound K keep order they do the mushy KK it's Angel Tuesday. I believe I'm more a pound cake person but okay illegals is through ovarian really good. Earned yeah really get. Affair through the goodness of your troops can of course a year Elton years and stuff like that yeah it's I love I love go under areas do an appearance stuff like debt. Yeah saved already element there's an old. Here's a trivia facts were compared. The state of Oregon has it too high school football teams that play their games. In rodeo Arenas. Pendleton yeah. Who handle the Pendleton battery is okay. Playing great logo or agree logo would agree mascot in the ruse so it'd be Saint Paul barker is is that a guy we gonna cowboy hat and Alicia went right over they're on the horse that's cool in Saint Paul goes in immediately once the rodeo is done. They're football team does in in the plant grass. It's pretty grown every year every year. That's kind of bully as you know that bill for the rodeo so it's in a circle when they put the dandy 101000 seat high school football stadium. Curry won and I escalating. Your priorities are right that's right love us as right. Can't they give us context of the day. We're gonna have to get to Bryce Harper tomorrow because Bryce Harper. Seven points a contract year. Yes that's the least. Up next his third of college Allard he's gadget from nine to noon or noon to three dirt and Sprague three to seven. Prime time of lesbians and we will be back tomorrow from 69. AM this has been dusty can have a great day listening to 1080 the fan.