Dusty & Cam Monday June 18, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, June 18th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool including Ducks and Beavers football recruiting, plus Big Ben is more interested in rings than money, a fired Eagles employee gets a Super Bowl ring, and Kawhi Leonard may be headed to the Lakers.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. We're steal and a draft a two way player out here rain doesn't come dot com good touch he is an excellent finisher around the basket. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning rusty nicer way buildings enter your summer Agile project and remodeling story online at SH URW a Y dot com. Dusty and tail Mon 1080. Both prayer and 55305. Ville filing out once we got one. Five factories your five what Phil Mickelson did was stupid. In war indeed indeed it warranted EDQ Bob because it was felt. They stuck with the other rule in said two shot penalty well that's that's golf's fault for having multiple rules and interpretation. Yeah this objective rules of etiquette to rule Monday as to is golf etiquette to authenticate it won't affect his golf etiquette. Apparently not getting frustrated and stuff and blown tapping at the other way. I don't know. The kick like you don't you don't own one Twitter and made himself one of the most. Irritating people on Twitter Lee Westwood one's Hewitt with the always so now if I'm at the masters denied to the ball over and it's rolling into the water can go and stuff they did back. You could Wheatley and a share of legal and did well go win a Major League which should shut up and in teacher cheese and shut up. Or does such a good on board just sick burn Ward Just or just tweeted out be prepared for everyone to say shut up leave. Because of her anyway hey Lee how about DNA tournament at the end where that would matter yeah. And venues on seven and I alteration. Which are gonna do it on fifteen in the hunt at the masters he took content on. How she took a ten. I. And there all miracles they were Poland's wedding singer I got a human Steve and Phil doesn't hazard to be stoned for it. It isn't that big a deal it's not that it did deserve a DQ human Steve sandy Hume. You've got to take a look at Tor is Jane Wright he'd how am I the cranky old golf guy I'm defending the Muni you moron. While. I mean just calling the guy a more on May just kind of prove his point beatle cranky ran else. I am not a review of fiscal 707. Yeah it's not it's. Okay. Once Todd and why is it couldn't make a good day. Fun and cool wind gust and came on your morning dose of positive but he ripped from the headlines great story compelling and we. Are you need. Trucks in Portland and Vancouver you. Let us president Lee Westwood that text and yes he did him in time the cranky old guy he's sick immune. Impact of magic in the college World Series Oregon State Washington meeting in the users cracked heads. Loser out. He's played keystone cops defense in their loss to North Carolina on Saturday. Eight to six on the Huskies got locked up in the ninth against Mississippi State a loser goes home 11 AM first pitch. Tar Heels and malvo said they play at 4 o'clock today. While there are other half of the bracket has the day off as Texas Tech. And Bruce when yesterday. No Florida Larry I apologize but none ever beat Texas Arkansas there we go that's the team eleven times they beat Texas. We're gonna get there eventually. If they do the World Cup has a few upsets already. Mexico beat the favored Germany holy smokes. Half knocked off the younger now let's cut could come quick cash CONCACAF first summit CONCACAF team is ever beat Germany in the world doesn't hit it. And in a World Cup put in a World Cup they were up previously only seven book come on that's not the story of this win was the story. VW Lois and stretches tunnels and did you see what happened in the country. I'll be the headline registered on the richter scale oh yeah Mexico seismic activity that's his celebrated. That's a lot of celebrating. We want people to ask this there are. It would all right that's next go beat the favored Germany Brazil as they do drop by the Swiss. And that means that watch watches apparently this whiz. They may be neutral in wars but they were very physical name are. And that has the soccer world on time. By Brazilian sister in law she is now and you have beaten wins. Deleted the Swiss were picking on them our name our I play physical ice and tied Argentina over the weekend TO. The vikings. Beating messy arena tying that's high he's amazingly he missed he missed his kick. I miss you this kid had a PGA and apparently he's missed four of his last seven PKs for colonial country people are wondering shouldn't even be taking him anymore and easy mental. I guess a little bit of pressure tanks and all of those things are very surprising in the World Cup's I've surprised I'm surprised. Hello yeah. In the United States plays today and noted. On the Seattle Mariners but their four game sell the Red Sox over the weekend which is nice despite the 93 loss yesterday. I was really impressed with the Mariners are able to do I told you this this morning when I got and if you can split with the Yankees or Red Sox I feel like that's that's I mean 500 baseball games those teams. Would be great and to win the two games how they did it both one run games and they came back is James Paxson. Got. No help in the second inning when they get four errors in the inning alone in the foot of a six spot the Red Sox did. But the Mariners battled back they got to one run wins in this series so I'm I'm I'm ecstatic for this tally putting his socks. This is where it really starts getting tough. For the Mariners though because now they have an off day today they traveled to New York where they open up a seven with a New York Yankees. In the Bronx. They had yet to play the Yankees. This season. Houston is two and try to give the Yankees Boston. Is three in three against the yanks. This is the first meeting between the team teens. New York in Seattle they have a three game set there in the they had to Boston for three more. Against the Red Sox currently against the top three teams in the maids in the major leagues in the American League. Seattle is four and six against Boston. In Houston. We'll see how they do against the Yankees everybody in that group. Plane ride around that 500 Houston's 89 against Boston New York Seattle Boston is seven and seven against. The Yankees Astor isn't mariners and then the Yankees are eight and five the playing far and away the best against the best teams in baseball. But the Mariners get that split off and then they lose a game and a half after that's. Split Red Sox to the Astros who've won eleven straight games. Yankees lost in the race yesterday freedom line is get a walk off from Jonathan Detroit beat the angels 65 and no angels are good. Every LeCroy was the best of the best catchers go. And in the giants salvage this week. I think it's the Dodgers they get one win. Madison Baumgartner roughed up Saturday so he and he's now been kicked out of a game his last start and then this he just gets roughed up perfect. Are there are very he was kicked out after he was already coming out who. But like he said that makes about a million river met champion DJ Hernandez in the yard on and on Saturday in. An actor vaccines and in the red suck the did you see the play that Billy Hamilton made yesterday I didn't see them. Said yeah yes he does wheels always knew his flying into the wall you know the warning track of one game he was like or Donald track. Yet he wins it he's center fielder is GAAP Byrd to right center. He ran seventy covered 77 feet laid out diving catch on the warning track. A perfect scenario as you were like you know the center fielder still still behind in the quarter up and supposed to go and run he did the right thing you don't know collision no problems it's crazy. It ridiculously he's fast. Breaking news. Really Hamilton. Fast. Eric. And that's cool. That's that's cool that's not him curtains look that ducks in these active over the weekend on the recruiting trail. Forestar defense of Landon Sula on the policy commits to the ducks over LSU Oklahoma and several others. That's a good pick up Dorgan three star wide receiver JR waters thick and that's over Michigan in Nebraska. And I think towns in the restart defense and outside linebacker because that's over Nebraska Notre Dame and others that was from that weekend. Com meanwhile. The beavers continuing there. Top recruiting they've picked up a three start for the Winston Russell. He'd taken to beads over Wisconsin in Syracuse in restart defense lineman Evan Bennett. Commitment to these as well so. All the ducks and these finishing that movie I saw that when he 47 sports now has learned in the number one recruiting class. In need pac twelve Oregon State has vaulted themselves up to four. An American brigades sold by the gym than Joe's life blood of your program yet. But not that I'm not real hot. I just realize that you World Cup eighties and then left behind it's kind of important. This one is have you seen the hubbub over Landon Donovan. Share it was when Landon Donovan mr. teen USA guys doubt is doing ads for Wells Fargo. Saying. Since the United States than playing in the world coverage from Mexico. And now they're saying. No you can't do that this rivalry means to much you can't brute effort. I don't know why would he do that he's getting paid by Wells Fargo oh that's right we really that upset about I don't really care who he wants to root for. Meaning they gave me the paycheck does in this co marketing. His teammates seemed pretty ticked about it on the what are you so oh so you're sold with a double their line against their dads they were everywhere. The next intend never to the United States they were incidents and we want to make sure everything's okay here this meg kind of sum up there. Why the United States isn't in the world. FL this year is that decision like this apathy there showing more fight on Twitter than they didn't call and they're guys need. Varying. Varying. Big problem in the United States soccer and it is about the level. Of its vigor with what which you care about United States soccer. Paris Club more on that later that's a time go oh that's right Mary heating cooling more than thirty trucks in Portland and make a real onto an on area local train covered specialists. It's hard to stop the turn let's go to the NFL. Big Ben. Want something in his new contract mythology think testing camel fan. A big news is that the NFL this past week in this tiny camps are winding down to guys or hit the road. Four of their last couple of weeks of freedom before the training camp starts. Is Ben Roethlisberger is up for new deal. And well in two years he has pledged he's already being asked about it because this is the world that we live and instead of playing a year contract. Eastern talking about it T three years in advance. The boy you're gonna India closest thing is contracts of global. This guaranteed money I guess. In Ben Roethlisberger and asked about it in saying our you know addresses because they got a lot of guys and they need to pay whether it's Antonio Brown or lady on bell or. On any number of guys on the offensive line. Ben Roethlisberger was asked about hey you're going to be one of those guys next in line to get bed their record setting contract and he said. I care about record breaking Super Bowl wins then things like that. That's more important to me in if you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. That's mis interiors big Benson they're going hey man calories I don't care I don't care about the big money right now. The Tonys change for big band because they made a change and offensive coordinator when Todd Haley left. I felt that was one of the decisions that Mike Tomlin head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers decided. I'm picking bend over Todd Haley and the it was a rough relationship there that was not that it was not cohesive the quarterback rooms full of animosity and hate you could tell that Ben did not like what was going on offensively there and they made the right choice you can just see how his whole demeanor. Along with the rest of Pittsburgh Steelers and changed. And I never I've. Below a certain guys you just don't mesh well with in new kind of important that your quarterback meshes well with his coordinator. Well if Ben Roethlisberger will be making twenty million dollars a year but he's going down that road he's saying that I'm going down the Tom Brady wrote. Money. Can take a backseat when are we need to start winning and I mean you have been in nearly guys said those days are hardened taken a backseat. What makes then different right now in the in that because. Is that the twilight. He's at the twilight in the end and you could see you can see him in the end is there you know it's closer mean global mention later about what Tom Brady said two to Oprah and and and but this is the then when you get to see you start thinking about legacy their stages of your life and your career you know when you first get in aegis one account to be recognized human being a rookie wanting to god he gets there. The second stage your life is validation. When it comes to sports Hillary validated by giving your money your contract your pro holes. And after you hit your third stage. Then it's legacy means you start thinking about can I get a Super Bowl can every part of one of the greatest teams ever my going to be a hall of Famer. Those types of things and then adds as that is that time winds down at your very it's so rare to think as somebody complete ten years. That was my original goal when I said man I gotta make it to ten years. So hard terrifying how hard it is to get to that level so yeah he's in the legacy stage of his career where money and let's be honest how much money. Can you use or do you need it if if you can just wallow in your money no Super Bowl rings. Well and he'd but he has one. Already you know any remedies it's not like he has a one when he said earlier and he's going. We know that those guys he could garner however much money he wanted to because of the value the position will be 38 years old. By the time his deal comes up so he may be edge and has been a little big going blog probably wouldn't be the record breaking quarterback anyways but he would get. A big fat number where he wouldn't have to sit there and set all take a little bit less but he's got the pieces around him gone. Lucky for me if I wanna win a Super Bowl I've got to handled a lot more pieces around me to make me look better. And hacked Pittsburgh buys stock in that one in a couple of years because they're gonna have the cap room to go in and make other moves and keep their guys there. Maybe he understands too that Levy on bills important Antonio Brown is important in mass all these guys that you have around you. Are very important. There are well aware of and that's why you know we locate you mentioned Tom Brady in what he said in an interview with Oprah where he's harsh. He's finally admitting that he's not gonna play forever and while they have news flash and a at 41 years old diesel though Oprah I think kids and I think about it more and now than I used to I think in seeing that there's definitely an end coming sooner. Rather than later. Yeah this is what is also having with Brady to use he's 41 in most guys' careers were over. Ten years ago. Isn't that he's been playing. He and a 120 years yeah is eighteen years in the league so when you do that. You give up a lot when you play that long Brett Favre will tell you that too so I gave up a lot gave up the connection with my daughters get with the cash. He sees the family and his young in his young kids. And the next stage you know he's in that in them mogul mogul stage where I wanna be the superstar. I wanna be more than just what football is in the family in the you'd see your boys in your daughter and you could see all the sings me wanna be part of that football just becomes. You know want. Great move on. Yeah does all of us that is the number one reason why I think. You know patriots in motives would have criticized dollar check if you would have said all right Tom seal later and they keep ground below. And guy got to let one go. But that makes it like it that foresight. To you see it coming in aid coming to an end for Tom Brady everybody's known as seed this is just the first time that he's actually admitting it. And now the patriots are and are very in a situation where. Tom saying hey I'm on my last hurrah here this could be the last year I play I could have another two or three years in May. Dale. I don't wanna be me if prognosticators here. But Belichick Brady grown all right off into the sunset together all these together and they'll leave it up. Two offensive coordinator and and it will just be Josh McDaniels you know you will be Josh McDaniels program to take from here on out this is that's that's what I would predict is going to happen none of those guys are are gonna be fighting for the rest of their lives and I know coach Belichick probably coach too he's. Phillies 150 bit I can't see them stay in that connection together. I could see that happening to like DA and for those that want the patriot rained and it's come in evidence in I think all those guys again and they're gonna be locked up in there or ivy they're trying to make another run at it. And we'll see if they can do it this year also I got one other and news nugget from me for the NFL and I wanna get to really quick because I think that this is cool. So the Eagles having giving out their super boring tracked. And if they had that need an executive assistant named Carol Colin. Who has not worked for the team for two years. And they ended giving her Super Bowl ring. Box. Days she was fired by Chip Kelly. When he took over because she is an it administrative assistant. For the coaching staff she was there from 1985. The 2016. And when she was just chipped to go over and said you know what we don't need you anymore. It's a she is that another job for two years. If she got a call and email saying hey we need to get your ring that she does yet this is a mistake finally. An employee had heard back for tractor down and Calder. And they seize this great story you're getting a ring as a great story that she is there due to all the Andy Reid era she was there. For 25. Years happens a lot. In the business of its people put a long time for them to do that step up like that that's pretty cool. So I chip ran her off and fired her in did you know still it based and did thing that two years later they still tractor and only give me a did you mill moment also about Super Bowl rings. Did you know wives and family members only immediate family can buy replicas but they have. Wife versions of Super Bowl rings that you can add on and by and you family versions of the tops of the rings he can change into a necklace. All but the guys only get the rings only the guys get the big rings but they have smaller versions. For the wives and family that you can go out and players do sometimes they get little something extra for anybody inning by her life's little Super Bowl ring that she can Wear because she supported you throughout the yes she didn't win and but it didn't matter deft policy Bible Belt buckle and one. Now and when you ability to rodeos. Indeed she sells in Littleton Colorado and as the shiny new I'm not walking around without a day. Oh thank you you can probably find a patriots belt buckle up there that had commemorates all the titles I think so now I and we just found a dusty and what are Roosevelt. Yeah yeah when earn it it tracks the tracks all the attention now they're too you know. Marie English. All right let's socks and NBA draft week in could call why be on the move to the lakers this week prior. To the draft. Friday Iran her show got over the Loge bomb drops. Why Leonard wants out of San Antonio shocker. And wants to go to LA. But that's a lakers and the clippers. That's her Gregg Popovich to decide I hope he does not go to the lakers. They don't want him to go lakers because then they'd give up the assets and give up enough room probably do it forward in order for the contracts matchup that they could bring in LeBron James still. How much how much credit do you give. Gregg Popovich for what's happened. With the San Antonio Spurs just recently. In the last let's say the last ten years how much credit does he mean when you consider one of the greatest coaches in basketball history. You're talking and taking the dynasty and as as the initial 11 needs him give us some saying Owens Tim Duncan. Yet decided means that the magic was certainly Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich and F course. The sum of all the other pieces to that added in together and how important was when Tony Parker and Manu and all that stuff now that it's over. And that group has moved on what is it about Gregg Popovich that each year from now. What would you think of Gregg Popovich what is it that you hear and and when when it comes to his conversations saarc. Political trot basher yeah. All the stuff that I mean I don't you really think about him coaching anymore rubbing players the wrong E. Coli Leonard losing arguably a top five top ten player in the league I mean he's the best two way player in the league. How are you screw that up. How do you screw up having a guy like Hawaii. Just losing he's gonna learn lessons in the in jail time I know that but this is Gregg Popovich this isn't. Yes Tyrone Lou here we're talking about this is this guy is on the mount Rushmore supposedly I think coli Leonard is going to regret what he wishes for. President in leading San Antonio he's got a doesn't like the spotlight. Right he doesn't like doing interviews he doesn't lie he's not a big endorsement guy that he says you must be in LA does clothes and help them win. Where if you go to the lakers that's in the spotlight will be on you. All the time in the pressure will be on you what Gregg Popovich does a lot of times he alleviates a lot of pressure from his stars and in his players and he takes the brunt of a lot of what happens from a messaging standpoint and perspective sample. He protects his guys and guards is guys very well. Inquire Leonard's kind of done with that but. I how you screw that up I mean we've seen that time and time again with coaches across the NBA and saying but it's Gregg Popovich. But times are change inning guys is some guys just want out what's amazing is that he found enough guys like Manu Ginobili Tony Parker and Tim Duncan ROK we just sit. In one spot offered sure. A decade plus he almost lost LaMarcus Aldridge within one year LaMarcus Aldridge wanted probably wanted to come back to Portland that report so they had to he had to mend those fences there he's now gonna lose. I mean. Co Y letter to lose that's of this is there's there's there's a disconnect somewhere with how his style is maybe not translate into today's kind of athlete in the NB. Why something isn't working with the guys that he hasn't been have you ever got to the point where you think that you have the right message and you believe you have the right message and you can convince anybody to believe your message. That's not entirely true. The best coaches in the world find ways to adapt their style and their message with multiple different kinds of athletes and how you learned some guys can't be yelled. Can yelled those kids are too sensitive some guys can't. But if you keep it cohesive and today in Celek San Antonio what he's doing problem it's a lose. Each doesn't make any sense. I think it's more press of bodies and to keep it together and ask or in to get it to this point. Then it is to lose it. Not on a don't know I think there's no question he's one of the greatest coaches ever via Gil question. He's not and I think they would so political soul do you testicles so ran tees so I'm old man so grumpy. Him. Is it wearing me down here in Delaware and down all right well it diesel where it out he's been there for twenty years and me don't tell now they don't one spot for that long and not worn out there welcome don't know nobody he's she I mean they've I don't clearly Jim Harbaugh wore out his welcome just by being Jim Harbaugh and San Francisco but. It seems that is the Popovich has gotten worse as far as their way he treats people and talks to people like those sideline interviews you do the end of the first or third. The brutal and it that is not the way he has to his players. I he's losing watch him interact with like that is not that's not how he is till you know it's not only when the cameras are on he's like that. When they come off he's cracking jokes he's very. Very cordial Duncan I believe that. But so that is that it ends you wanna presenting yourself all the time when the cameras are on but that is what kind of he is. Mold of what the spurs are human type let your buttoned up in front of the cameras. And within that locker room you can be a little bit more loose and religious don't do indicates that the same thing is don't object like times are changing players are changing they wanna have more of a voice and he's the only guy that is the policy mean they allowed to have ways when he goes off. On his political rants and nobody else can say anything about a quiet Leonard's timetable for an injured turn in now. Yeah there's there's a double edged sword god there's there's there's some hypocritical things going on two players wanna have moral voice woke wise not a guy that he stabbed the voice I think he just wants to be happy. We think he just who is is worn out of maybe potentially how much of just the hammer is always on I doubt we're gonna see in new Clio Leonard once he leads San Antonio I think I think we might I don't think we well I do. I do you ever heard an interview with him yet the reason why he accept ways because he's extremely guarded man I mean he said here's a guy that played center his entire career growing up every once said the your senator your senator nobody draft nobody recruited him plays its San Diego State. Dixie no becomes the best two way player leads his team to us to a championship and beats the heat. With LeBron James. And then all of a sudden they're the questions are does he have the heart. C'mon. I mean I think you're gonna get a different quite Larry I think he just wants to get out and have a chance to just be more of him. He doesn't trust that great coverage is not given him he's probably just on him just 24/7 on tomorrow. Monica. He had on. A little while so that's why else would he want out then you just made a point that he says that in mean it is his camp wanting and I want to that seems to be more must the reports in this in the spurs have said Annie is from Los Angeles yeah dispersant said he hasn't asked us for trade. These are just kind of reports TO and you know it is and it his son is it his brother or their runs and his uncle sorry as uncle runs. Yeah is a is uncles kind of run the show. It watching crew while Leonard. Operate over his career. As far as today. How quiet he has I don't see this in ninety if he goes to LA in changing. His personality wise. You know which is why this is dollar bid to continue to he wants to be out make the reports they want to put himself out there in beat more of a public figure. Yet you could still do that in the offseason. And he's discovered on that ranked. It's tough one you know it's really tough when you know you're out. This no I don't think it's tough to because who's closest to the to the MBA than anybody is loads in a full loads to comes with this this comes out this isn't speculation. Noted quite Leonard doesn't have to sing anything that's coming from a collective group that represents him which means quite Leonard is asking for a trade to get out. Mean that's me they're gathered this doesn't come out because it feels right he comes out because it wants to get down who. Maybe they should trade him to Portland. Not island. They don't have to trade him to LA do you think he gets his land at the Pentagon. No I don't think that's a joke obviously but no they here's the other thing Tuesday he may want to go to LA. But who's to say that they don't just deal on somewhere else to go is troop. In the savior I you just offer you can be an un hell I'm happy and productive player somewhere else because. You know yet Indian hill played nine games for us last year and sort of far back will get some Korean return where is he off where do you think he's going to the clippers the lakers clippers the lakers but I think he goes clippers. I don't I do not think that it Gregg Popovich will oblige him by sending him to lakers. Because CU when you look at the salary cap situation with those with the lakers TO if you send him there that opens a door for Paul George. The end or LeBron James to go with him. In elk and then years and they're saying our road just got harder and who were we in Ginn returned. Loud bangs inflating contract. In a draft pick in in my tech how could is not. Is that enough I don't I don't have to first round picks yeah. They do that's why clippers' season don't have that salary cap room either you know so I. I just don't listen oh lakers younger Jordan to the suit is to disperse the good Twin Towers and Andre in LaMarcus. All right fat factors of I want some more blazers stressed at the rumblings of the blazers. In the draft but it's kind of fired up what's bothering you on this Monday morning. Kids nowadays is next on the fit. Everyone's favorite day you a couple of Mondays you're not feeling real. Mercedes sounds like someone can. Could you have to complain about. Don't lovely picturesque and Zuma. A case of the Mondays part of Dustin jam in the morning. Some blood some is not a case of the moon is gone 1080 you don't program. 5530. Fives. It's the Zantac son. Dusting here came within a few kids. Dealing Jesse is saying that TE is a case of the Mondays he's text in earlier beyond that is show said he had some bubble that's. He has said that data has shifted to lower that is bad news I need that on Monday that's have a little long weekend that we need a lot of this volume there weekend loathed to match. Barbecue will too much all adult beverages that gets into the bubble gets on Monday morning. Our beat your false. Better hope you're not an end and job like Jesse is redress around a lot and strategically. Major make sure where your stocks are. And I've had a knock on wood here. You know nice run without have been Neil bubble guts and quite tonight nice little run and I haven't had in quite some time was a quite some time I don't I well hasn't had a nice little Rosenblatt and I had the flu. Oh so. A year and half of them. I have. Good to have. About that in the weir charity but okay. Well you asked me how long ago was Nowak and think about you just really. No no don't go we're talking about bubble gets from from from not being sick just like going after it too hard. Well that's what I thought your mention of being sick in the flu that I get down as it along time ago okay. I still doesn't understand your comment about it no we are charting navigate Yasser el Longo will you tell me the you get after it did the golf course he went down to the years southern. Golf course got after buried in ME bubbles after that no one can hear it I I didn't realize that you could kind of track this sort of thing people that. Well you can't remember the last time he had bubble gets. Old allegiance and that happens from time to time yeah I I would say it happens more often a little unlike well it was more often learn in September oh see a doctor about that. I don't. Just now I think what is it means more often because that would ease a bad meal or some thinner maybe some you have the glue that need them means you have bad meal more often than not. Not as a citizen or even human don't agree with the owners are doing you don't agree with yeah I don't need to be sick to have a bubble got a pound man I'd say that's happening more often than not go to a doctor. Okay dusty doctors tell him I don't go to doctors will if it happens more often than not like you said. Key term there more often than not Cameron more often than not. More often more than 50% of the time to feel better about the ethnic and knows it gets so upset. Well go to a doctor GM more often risen and I have any they say it is more often the notes. Older and they believe that quite literally means that you have been more often than not. Reynolds calls its rules are Gaza. And Americans get a case the Monday's today yeah argue. It's a a hot not a perfect but I'm I'll take that. And market them. 55305. The transformer hum my neighbor was on fire last night no power since yesterday at five trees blocking my street. And sore from my baseball game yesterday and we lost. That's a whole host of them. That stormed into debt a big branch yet out here yesterday we got none of that hour and militant. Best part about that branch that it's dangerous because kids caught woods are widow makers they're very dangerous. I've been watching people all day our soul. They don't know what to do. To get by this branch they don't depict her bike up go around it walk over it blowing ankle is just sitting there and no one's decided out all to just grab the branch and hauled off to decide. They just go there there's another person's goes right to terrify don't know what to do frozen. In Yemen and in their mid to be there if I'm doing what I'm working go to that those three dudes that just because just pick the branch and pull that off to decide hey. And you'll do that after the show that's my work out. Guy getting into whatever dug under the debris everywhere as his driving around the garbage can in the middle the Brothers driving around. Stock car grabbed the garbage can and take off the road. Cash. That would be. It'd be too much work him. In India it would be too much of an effort I carry around us still chainsaw in my truck at all times on this gonna go hacked out up and tell everybody out. England and contends that is the show my name. He's at it again and I said yeah I'm Debbie. Yeah there's there's always a need for you chainsaw if it's the weekend you might be course. Again manual labor. 55305. Gaze the money seven degrees with my dogs at Long Beach yesterday ninety degrees at work today. That it was beautiful out of the organ coast this weekend you at times and stronger Rolen and then it is get a little bit too hot for some people out there I for me a lot of out there summer solstice is coming up to assess waking complaint I've got a buddy he's going hog bay and then in in doing their summer solstice deal. Big there's a lottery really play all four courses and one day. Abandon it be have to play yet do like get into a lottery. And they dry your name he was trying to cart. Now its mandate. Well it's untrue you can have occurred if you're if you can for the flag of the bringing in her cart if your guy that can't physically walk into all know the hard one. But no car I believe that's impressive man get a lock up all four courses in one day this is six hours like forty miles walk us prequel. It it's a lot doc and form and he says he's entropy training for it. Yeah you kind of need to. Hell yeah you deal that is alive one that's a lot of golf and see that's a lot one caddie to the whole time. Berger give him good tip that Teddy bear down and I feel bad for because he does need to get the reward of going thing. Notice them and is there but you don't want in sim. Or fashion to the person who lost power would do who do do the storm of the trees coming down we lost power up in Newburgh or down in Newburgh on lap hill last night soaked from else 530 on there is no powered and get restored to about three in the mornings he which meant that. I was showering by candlelight and it was hard you are a little shower I can't look at Sarah there I mean it was. I was I'd take a shower before Ben it was dark outside early is close enough to a are nice our guys. Peel your night in a morning show our guy sometimes yeah I I'm like that too. Food so yeah I just could really see what I was doing and you get towards the end of your weekend in your again Seth nicely to onto a little laundry maybe tens of on the DVR none of that was available to me last. What are we what do we do big difference between our new producer Harold producer is it power outage of that magnitude admit you have never shown up for work because he would have not been able to wake up via. So but ended up. And Agile patience finally having a cell phone that does is battery yeah. Now how many times did that happen when that happened twice where he lost power and bleed to being an adult it being an adult. All right 55305. Right texting us playing soccer in the lightening hit a tree by the wasn't playing soccer or will try to transform blew it when I. Yeah out is said yeah they're my guys. That happened to us on Saturdays playing claim little a little game will practice game the lightning hit. The thunder hit and everyone's like sit up scattered we had did the old 45 minute delay picture it's out of the area. Became roaring through this weekend is crazy. So that's as quickly yes Evan quickly gave way it was in Al in his left a bunch of damage. It is way said like bucks no power in this one branch so we have out here. Walk. I by the wages and got a text find who says that he got a guilt trip from his wife for golfing on Father's Day you gotta be brutal. You you've got to be kidding me when. And not see that one well here's the bigger question minutes ago on the text is he a father. Perceived as the guy that has no kids I just it was a father and he's upset that the kissing get you guys out there are not father's. Decided to go click of a sudden there it is because it was. Father's Day in early Tuesday. Because that's that's the thing where in her Astro. Last night. And it was amazing to me how many singles rat at the bar last night in year ago on wool boy. Players a lot of there it was like and this is singles ready to mingle atmosphere at the bar him thank them. Like a pair of daddy issues mean nothing after Barbara and your Father's Day. Is it more than I would if not the bar was lined up with the singles. A lot of people waiting to meet each other. Last night addressed earlier in the snitching thing to take in it was a sight to see hat and having like. Wait a minute negate this is indeed attempted to date on Father's Day singles soundly being single Sox. Yes this story to anyone out there might be no I know I just it's it's closer to selling there's a lot of work. That's a lot but it's a lot easier now they have like Tinder and bumble and stuff from coffee means bagel soft drink Spago or create doubts those funds. Are team US video is not what you Varity your meat that's what is in met his Erickson a buck met his sausage vis a bagel bagel sausages at. Yeah it's lost its big coffee bagels and. Team USA that the World Cup in Taylor Twellman went off on it dusting him on the fan.