Dusty & Cam Monday June 18, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, June 18th
Dusty and Cam discuss the Beavers and Huskies playing each other for a chance to stay alive in the College World Series, plus in our Textual Relations, how did you feel about the course at Shinnecock Hills and Phil's antics on #13?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's time for college basketball and international stars to become pros. Portland trailblazers select. Damien will. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning. Rescue nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor project and remodeling story online at SH URW a Y dot com. Does deal entail more until maybe. Both Australian. And we can't be much. And a two year in the eighteenth did in happy draft we canvass. That's what we can insist they asked last week actually call it. It's say NBA draft week everybody's. Clamoring to see who the Portland trailblazers drilled wells and left. With the 24 overall selection notes and on I'm its its first thing on my by phone notification list and a must stay on top of all yes. Yes and this is where the future and your franchises built with a 24 pick. He. Can't we get fat and suvs suvs and network there aren't positive maybe trade up in to trade them. I don't think we're Grumman in the twenties. Down to the teams he you have to get in the does high eighteen there yet to get a weekend. Every weekend is Greg I'll be honest with you every weekend is great. And straight goods weakens or good sports are good. Baseball's good. Look man detained man suited up I mean and a lot of folks out there that we're Father's Day he how many cooks their fathers these meals I did not I didn't. I didn't do it I do not cook and dang thing yesterday eating Q and all you know somebody euphoria though. No nothing you were made food and in your hand intrusion did you wake up call. While a key leaders who do artists we into that place that I I first had my first solitude debt now as a youngster. Tom's pancake house is nice that sounds wonderful it was delicious. We waited for a long time what do they changed their name to Tom's burger or else I wouldn't go just like got on duty my humble. That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life I think it's Jennifer talked about that I think is catastrophic for the brand good arms gonna go out there in Somalia I think he screwed up somebody who is somebody that that was brilliant idea. They're getting now they think are the free marketing dollars but. Let's see real nobody's going to I hop anymore just as her and we know that I hop still exist doesn't mean people go to it. I don't know understand and I don't believe too much in need. Free of this is worth five million dollars a career Burger King. While people still are gonna go. And did you do anything but we are still here talking about a week later seek. But are you gonna go to I have nobody is someone like who pancakes they might. I mean we're going to operate in five years yeah. Again like going do it occasionally determine how long for you and summit down in. Is it there's so many other great places you can go here locally when you're going to times he did she areas you can get now homers and in go I mean there's you and they don't have a first name of somebody. That's rather old you know Tom share your Elmer a drag trust Tom Syrian Elmer I don't trust I hop. The international house of Pincus I don't think anybody has for awhile later good point part. All the fathers out there are OP had a good fathers -- had -- you're really excited to played I had I had a man I was five Lou anyone's blue course TR I'm 21 green there is nothing better than playing golf that early in the morning because it was it was misty I felt like the summary and bag pipes needs to start walking up the fairway I mean but nobody was cracked and it was great I was back home by 9270. My gosh it was awesome. That is the Niedermayer and give a whole rest the day I come back up to watch a little bit of EZ US all men. It's very briefly slipped on the World Cup to catch up to everybody dying. But then magically recovering magic spray magic spray we're gonna discuss that they these magic spring quite often and you know there's. We're one week from today we have the single class got to blame in harms you better be dialed. Well yeah yet we regulations. Yet there's a lot expect it was a little bit as good bad the ugly engulfed this week but that's part of what you only played from ground in the year. On out is if other priorities your priorities president via only three room blue baseball I think you know might be tied Dan I think we're about his equal. Armed we went IDA did the we need to move before. Father's Day yesterday and Sunday in new Incredibles Nanette did you see the weekend opening for the Incredibles I can believe it smoked. Everybody 180 some million dollar weekend. It destroys the biggest opening emitted obliterated. Obliterate yeah the Incredibles. Yet we love it here in this country. Or maybe in the world and we'd love some superheroes. We do that I usually love avengers and the Incredibles. In very dated great. So didn't begin to Kindle cementing get to go out on the golf course I don't there and meeting yesterday either her humanity. Red you punched in the face now. Now at the allergies don't need to do apparently do not wash your hands not to paint gosh your Dane and not to paint guy. Not too bad swear this channel both it's just the one I it certainly is gonna look like and yeah now yeah I happen to me the left. I would also yesterday but less than Lopez and then we had I don't know if you did and this is my small whether quote as I look outside in we had a widow maker about knock out a bunch of people right outside her office. The bigs Dario killed somebody young player the brands are about to kill the walkway. I mean a drug destroyed people. There was there was a classic I wanna say in the south and rainstorms hit yesterday it was like 85 and all the sudden the wind came through an inmate payroll and it was nuts. I was actually here for that. I was here here cutting. Our draft week opens retreating to the were parts for until Friday so. Showed up after wrecked basketball game the condoms and had to come as early today at the end there were one bowling on the waterfront they were. If you're like running and yet wind was Terry Ryan is I was I really like a tornado was about ready to hit and then there's thunder on on overhead ammonia where MIA had been sunny and nice and then downpour can I tell you lived in in the south quite awhile. I was so how. Happens every day. You just all the sudden there's your on the golf course this you know it just feels torrential. And then it goes away and it's steaming hot again what aides did they called the 3 o'clock greens in Florida at 3 o'clock every day is how. Through ranger ran our and then you're going to be back to beautiful and sunny I'm not a fan of that I actually love. Because I would rather have that then and all day weekend or of grave. Yeah that's right five factories terrify his fans accent peeling Jesse RD Chiming in if you haven't done yet. Our Spotify road trip Lilly made on DOS now this weekend people people are talking about a dozen people are talking about and they say. Here's feeling Jesse let me just say. The road trip playlist with Austin Kearns the roaches sixties songs. As and Nadine constructed by the listeners of dusting came in the morning is a playlist on Spotify. He can find it on the social media as of 1080 the fan. And asking include and in that dusty underscore here we all reach we did it at FaceBook dot com slash 1080s and you take a road trip are going to be in the car. Make a long drives where he can't listen to 1080 the fan. Make sure you listen to the road trip playlist that we made. It's got straight gyms here it's fantastic to me it's super easy if you got Spotify you just click it and it's builds right in tears to your playlist poll. Father's Day president. Of my family has allowed just days us to listen into everything that we do. Yeah my followers and we're only I was an echo. Yeah I guess not that echo nine now know what happens when you say hey echo the search recording those. Little little moments in the house he might not wanna be recorded and sent to your boss team mountain in and sing and it's that I'm tariffs on it and you exactly I don't like Big Brother listen and an unmade bed I got it I got it's a good speaker. Two great speak we think is a Connie Clinton jams that and I think when they've paid a little bit too much tour. Glorified day DJ but they nonetheless he did aid faith play Elvis how it now is that we say -- hair go play Elvis or somewhat that's Alexa. Oh elect's mind that solely you're not gonna like it's on the kids figured out I've got I got a buddy who and for you learn yes they are clearly until an album that you know the the Justin Timberlake troll song is track six and I. Alexa skip Alexa skip. Looks a repeat repeat repeat. And he duck thing would go out the window in five seconds my house. By you know donated you Lockett Alexa played 1080 the fan whom. And I were right there so if anybody has bears in their house right now I just put on ten into the Stanford for lilies Qiyue perfect. All right on would you get you Google. To thank you oh no yen on taking others I got a I got a gift certificate to talk golf orient examined for Nestle fund and avoid. Now that that's going to be funny we have my neck of the woods and mr. rubio in the Borough to Borough. May eat we usually didn't review family family outing at toggle here I gotta have it all since Torre isn't. On that family outing. Natured today were the hops plant. You can go cost of solid idea and hops it's a great idea you're welcome thank you officers or. And I remember was just like yesterday. Slow day in sports. Not gonna lie ahead on this day in sports history the 1970 feather it sucks Fred Lynn. Ten army I gains don't happen very often don't know that he had ten RBI and misses the even more or not and he did it on three home runs and a triple. That's really good four for four. Three dinners and a triple have a date now wonder if that's ever happened MLB before three homers and a triple A team is really rare I was telling you it happened in 1975 did you revelation no I mean to anyone else on the only wanna do that that's anything a guy that's a very tough ones harder to do way hearted in the cycle you think so I bet you more people have hit for the cycle then three home runs and a triple. Are we just Argo down a rabbit hole on how many different types of combinations of its blog are my degree with a man to head over to baseball reference in his start searching that. Which would take over a good hour of the show I'd done things that happened on today in sports history. We'll get some more as it kind of goes along its draft week so we do have a little NBA draft talk with the blazers in what they're ramblings are for war. The 24 overall selection are sexual relations today he should talk hills golf course won the US open I don't know if you know that. But Brooks kept was able to navigation and got the best of them he wins back to back for the first time. In but thirty years almost three years he had to be key interest rates 8880 Nigerian earth and then that kept deal wins 2017. In 2018. But there was still. Nicholson's break about a kid that has golf guy that all parts of minutes here is. Why won't anybody Fink and hey. Those people want to build two had a DQ himself from the tournament we'll discuss that. Unpleasant Big Ben says he wants rings all money. In the NFL and of course our case of the Mondays at 745 and if you're listening and aside AM hour you may have heard Taylor Twellman. Who's ESPN's soccer guy. He had some. Pretty. Harsh criticisms. Of the United States soccer we'll discuss that on today show's own breed an audio. Turning security for the show me a ready RA while beaver fans and husky fans you might not be too happy to hear. About what happened a year baseball teams over the weekend the we have an elimination game ten day it is 614. On the fan. I thought my series verified that as the fans tech sign how you can interact with the radio program. Rob goes it's in the pac twelve starts in the college World Series and elm Bob all the beads in Huskies making it. And Oregon State got the entire. World Series Golan in Omaha on a Saturday afternoon. It was bad from the get go. Because that was like first pitch there's an air. And it kind of unraveled from there Oregon State one of them mostly discipline and best. Defense of teams and efficient defense teams I should say. In all of College Baseball they end up kind of boot the ball all over the place and of falling in the opener. Eight to six. Against North Carolina sun I don't think we I'm nobody here sudden playing out the way that it did with comedy airs organ state had. In the struggles Lou kind like on the mound for organ stay well. Certainly going into this into the World Series you didn't see organ state plane like that defensively I agree with you the way they handled. In the regional then again in the super region -- and did not expect them to. Two and not just give it up but feel like they were has mirrored the they had stomp out a little bit and eight coming in there was a shell shocked feeling. He saw a mile away Heimlich pitched. And I know that the weather in the wind was blown out so are really changed and then if you look at how come from a lefty side did that affect him how some of the things in the elements and it changed the heat. It is hot back in Omaha mean there's a lot of factors he could say that they discussed they go up real quick. He makes it did kind local and made it two and two thirds innings got roughed up four hits six runs all six summer and he hit three batters you had fears in the eve from. You're stars mean Stephen Kwan had an air. Greg Kohler had Nair in Cambridge year had narron these are our guys have been drafted. That you lean on you sit there and we're talking with Tom Hart. On Friday morning at this time in music they've from a talent perspective. In their six guys that were drafted named but probably could have been. You know seven or eight when you look at the fact that the Heimlich wasn't drafted. In he has talent to beat and they did and they run two men who wasn't drafted because he's not even draft eligible will be a first round pick next year. Talent top to bottom Morgan State has it it was on the big stage yet again. Here they are back to back years. Unable to do it even though you know Trevor Arctic almost it's for the central. You know it's it's tough go in for Oregon State and now they are faced in the losers bracket words do or die gets a Washington team. Their butts off and get locked up and 0000. Heading in the bottom of the ninth by Mississippi State lose one mustn't. It was a tough game definitely for the factual and for Washington to take that game. All the way into the night tended to be as girls are trying to meet you know there are there are some some questioning in a few of them out there that weren't baseball aficionados are saying all while you're playing the outfield and you gotta make sure your cut it off you're given up singles you don't wanna do that he give of the double a walk off. It is I mean that's that's baseball you get to that point the I get to the caps on me it's a great ball pitches that are out there. And that's that's where the tackles out right now now you have two teams play off to see who can handle it may be go through the losers bracket which is a. Long road well it was a slog they said what 34 a 37. Of the last college World Series champions. Have started off the turn that one and now just seems and in those organs statement you know and is dead the path is there have been none of these kids were. Mean somewhere in elementary soon leave eleven that you have that they don't know you know kind of that path and that experience at pac Casey has navigated it before. For the bees but it could be another one or religion that remember this column women's college libraries say Florida State Carty did this once again I can't say that it's not happened right in the pac twelve had four teams in the about women's college World Series they end up not winning it. Now we're looking at the pactel wood baseball he had two teams that then moral Maha about it after today it'll only be one as the beavers and Huskies play 11 o'clock. This morning. Elimination game. In Omaha I found myself watching more. College World Series. Then US open and the World Cup this week and I thought it was going to be US open one college World Series TU World Cup three. Well dog in the fight it's a little bit more when it went organ states there or is your fear washes into your best immediate having some theme. A connection to it is certainly more important what got me was. It was on just later. You know who like the World Cup teams there's one on right now on the World Cup cannot blown out of my way to wake up early to watch World Cup and then in the mornings we had. US open that I watched but. It was that afternoon and into the evening. Where I you dissenting you slipped on television like are right baseballs on lost a lot of that Texas Tech and Florida game last night the it. I love playoff baseball weather like Major League Baseball. In the college World Series is no different like when when baseball has something where it's on the line and it means a lot in your on the edge your seat. It can be captivating sport but needs these slot and a 116 game schedule that people. Don't take every in Susie high intensity baseball that's fun to watch up. I find myself hooked on it every time every year what would it means more. You're gonna get better he better atmosphere. More intensity. And certainly we here in a double elimination now you see when guys and teams are against the against the wall the pressure. Of it I mean that's what Almonte does this would we love that's why we love measly baseball playoffs that's why we love playoffs in general Eaton. Well as it is 11 AM Huskies. In beavers will be playing for their postseason lives. And no organ state they had their bats were didn't just fine but they fall eight to six in North Carolina. And the Huskies. Lose one nothing in Mississippi State the winner. I think though and this is org it's a weird because and we you have to go to lose friends you play one extra game your pitchers aren't going to be. Robber by the end of it in the end it'll be whose staff can go the deepest. But. And heads back to pact is going to be in full force assessing after today because there will be won only one dog in the fight. Moving forward between Oregon State. And locker Sheen two and in Texas try factories or five how much of it do you think that the soreness that. In Omaha you've got the dirt grass. And you have a lot of that in the pac twelve anymore. I don't think they've play a lot of those games in the. I can't I can't imagine. Mir I think are search and really dig announced articulate that's probably just in the northwest right aiming your -- honestly we have Natalie LA schools are gonna have natural though he knew that even in the dark well I have and natural I think I think that's reaching the outside it's the moment it's the weather certainly is the heat it's the whether it's the moment the pressure of the mistakes. Early in me expressing when you make mistakes earlier given up that type stuff. And you get rough up you're number one starter and first two innings you're just playing catch up bingo and these guys have been playing on every kind of feel their entire lives having you know Kim what do you went on her for no grass or field turf I mean you're used to it. That is yeah I don't thing ended but that was talking points from a lot of B fans that dollars that could be the issue. It's not because the dead the amount of games he played over the course of your life. On natural grass under c'mon it's miniscule that's not via it is a it is a very small tight I think the 22 mile an hour wind. And that's probably had a little bit to do with knows us in the outfield it was a big deal. There's a huge deal with them and when your starter can get a good grip on the ball has no breaker control with yours is here's the alls the funny thing just what your opponents claim in the same conditions on the same things that you are yet. No excuses he's upbeat death and he got beat by a really good team North Carolina there nets say this every single team from here on out. You gotta have your best game yet bring your a game where I can do with how talents organ state is though. With three years in your starter having zero control hitting three batters and you know only lasting two and a third is still gave you should sells a shot to win it and you put up six runs against North Carolina. All right let's talk to me us open the course wins Brooks kept up becomes the first three peat champion since Curtis Strange did it back in the eighties. In Phil's break about a kid makes the weekend. Is it the worst thing that golf has ever seen. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number to call 24. Niners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and it isn't here I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply to just play my comfort. They'll they'll. Weird that this is sexual relations on the show good likes to be. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. Eyes 5305. That's. Is that fans defense. We get ads. They indeed we got people all sorts of fired up on the fans excited early in the morning whether it's college World Series US open people upset on a Monday morning. Heels smile on your face little chuckle Marty go on camera in Cleveland Ohio we're we're gonna give you some hot all talk I guess it takes on this is is this really enjoyable. On Saturday. On Freddie wares and their rig on our way this is your basic US open course is playing tough even pars pride and NB. About where the winner's going to be that. And then on Saturday in all came crashing down as. There early morning rounds so I was it Tony fee now. He came out just fire and and early rounds he saw guys getting scores and then they'd turned into one of the most on playable courses. That we've seen in the US open because of the pin placements and the fact that the game is based that putting on cement. Calm when the greens firmed up in the wind started howling as synagogue kills. What we ended up with on Sunday was a little bit more forgiving US GA after they admit they screwed the players over on Saturday. And said we made it far tees tough and it Tommy Fleetwood. End of shooting a 63 yesterday. And fall short of Brooks kept death. Who kept it together as much as he could carded a 68 and final round and ends up. And it ends up winning. The US open in back to back here's the first guys since Curtis Strange to do it in 19881989. Kept us. Goes to the re peat and holds off the rest of the field. But the big story out of it. Was the fact that Phil Mickelson. On Saturday. When the course was finding near impossible on the thirteenth hole he gave a putt. Did a little jog after the ball before it can stop he arrived back towards the hole and tapped in to get two stroke penalty. And a ten on the whole did. But Phil Mickelson Bruin again golf camp. He certainly did I. Mean there's people saying he should disqualified himself that BR how do you feel where do you land on the film the. There's a lot of stories I mean I don't know if I can get it all in in in my brief moments that we have here so many stores it happened and loves. I don't did not just negative. But the complaining so let's start with this I mean is were ever gonna watch the best players in the world this is kind of what it is you are hampered your country club guys you guys play the best pristine golf courses. At all times everything is sharp one timeout of the year. One. Time out of you that's it that's all we're asking for his fans who watches golfers as I see kind of the Saturday which was the day of death when he came down to watching what these players had to go through the emotions they went through that all of us at all for built on days illegal Dan here. In U four putt in you chip in you make bad mistakes and you start complaining. And it's it's it's the courses fall. US GA director Mike Davis came out and said publicly I think we might have gone too far will Zach Johnson made it quite clear that the people of China cock should be ashamed because the course has been lost and it's been not bad the greens Brooks Capcom even said. I think the greens are gone he said they're gone and today there are completely lost they'll never be the same than what Phil Mickelson did and then not to mention not. The controversy of Fox's coverage in Joe Buck is terrible mean I didn't see one person that watched the entire covered as a Joseph bug is great. Curtis Strange is a knowing he is an old man river. If I I love Paul Azinger singers is singers nail Sammy he's great but some of the things that all came into it did the stories are interesting. They're all still did all filled in his protests when he came down to what why he made that decision I get it but for Curtis Strange bit bursting out of his mouth. We're all the children are watching. Still the leader the role model to me how can you do that to the gate. This is why would nobody can connect with golf. Because crap like that. When it's set I get there's traditions bought one week out of the year I want to see the best players in the world struggle I got 28 handicap. And whine and complain. And moan and sit there and watch fill fill out all those doing. Was protesting in a sense of where he said. You know look this is crap guys I don't want inducing moral and make it tantamount to determine why so I don't wanna change my ball we downward dog be lucky if I get down in three. So it's is it really the end of the world. To where a guy just made approach is not gonna do a master executive due to the PGA he's not gonna do it the British in all this other stuff now so what's gonna happen. You know let IID issue that I house with what happened at the US open is that. These guys to shoot numbers that they're not used to doing ranked. Any aid is Nike it this is like I had an ace starter coming out. You know James Paxton is on the hill for the Mariners in he has an outing. Where you mean is sounding like you and try to Kabul where he gives up like six home runs writer and heat in these I I can only makes it in the inning and a third right in your Golan. What is wrong. When this guy and he comes in instead of just saying hey I didn't have my stuff today it was negated it is a new wind fast enough to these guys did is that. Watergate give it couldn't possibly be neat you know I actually applaud Dustin Johnson. Who on Saturday was complaining about the greens but yesterday when he still couldn't putt. He is IKEA I mean the greens are really tough but I didn't putt very well yeah I you know who didn't complain at the end. Patrick reed who is probably the most fiery hated guy on the tour when it comes Americans he sought of course was fair and then it all it took was Tommy Fleetwood. Euros number one player little Tommy little englishman golf Jesus he's the dude he goes out and he burrows and up and shoots a 63 and mrs. Which I thought he was just gonna hammer this putt right on through on eighteen and dismissive off to the right. For a 62 children the lowest round in US open. In final round that's limited to complain and whine and this is this is what I wanna see a wanna see the best players in the world will. Under pressure Brooks kept coming means is dead man he's like a linebacker and their elbows not that big of a guy. She said. One of his best quotes that he says is that when I was growing up playing golf a play in high school I was a football basketball baseball guys and also a sport you guys are going to Willis. That's our sport. Mixing you know he's two time US open champion. Go figure on sport and athletes can play golf. No he. I beat Phil Mickelson thing the reaction and I I thought from fox was way over the top because Curtis Strange is an idiot Curtis Strange critters strange went down that line and then Joe Buck. Didn't help the situation because he just kept going to look back terrible. Our desire I'm just gonna let me say he's terrible he's terrible golf because he doesn't understand the game to the point of of the connection to the audience like some of the questions and and how he is really he's forcing himself. To try to be relevant because he's not he doesn't feel. The golf space and that just takes years and years of time. I never had a probably Joe Buck on the on the golf coverage. Until Saturday when he is piling on Jim Nicholson because he was going off of what. Paul Azinger incurred a strangers were saying in there driven around in LA is this is the worst thing never to happen these are the rules of golf in. Joe Buck is like throwing it to you Phil Mickelson is on the green saying he's got some serious questions that he needs to answer here in on the fun. I don't know if I'm the only person that felt this but. I was good at Agilent. I've been there. Every single person has been on a golf course and felt exactly the way to Phil Mickelson felt. Were you sitting there going I need to stop this ball or I'm never gonna get it in the hole any heat he did we just said I wanna just gain on the the next hole. In that's all he wanted to DC to a two stroke penalty if people are overreacting saying he should disqualified himself and he ruined the game of golf he took a ten on that hole. It's not like he's stop the ball. It took just two stroke penalty to get out five and a bogey if it did you know and if that's Luke Luke Paul Woods of bear then shame on them for not having better rules if it was a it was a harsher penalty. He would never doubted its attack and stroke penalty would have done it I think he's there and the. Certainly or knock it looked for golf to make sense for some of the rules and they've done from the from from what they've done from Howell of somebody can coal in the and Ed don't get me on the started with how old golf is always gonna take this. We're gonna have. Pristine weary and were gonna make sure that we do this the right way there's class Tino with a word is to at a cable what's your etiquette dusty. You know what do you on the course you might be wearing you might you weren't George and a tank top that your etiquette you know my attitude is. I'm wearing a difference some do what is it golf etiquette is up to interpretation it's too subjective. So you wanna say he broke through pedicure rule of its where's the room and my thing isn't it so egregious that it should get indeed pewter kicked offer kicked out of eternal whatever then make a harsher penalties for securities in and here's the final thing the US open stands alone every major has its uniqueness to it it really does. Everything is different about each major you know the PGA's fold all these. It's it's it's is full of all the guys that you can qualify from from your local club pro can qualify it's it's their major. The British is forced the open I'm sorry is full of of the ancient history of golf it's very traditional. Can the masters is just it it's nostalgic. The open is just a dumpster fire just call it what it is the US open is going to be a crap fest of bad dreams. Crazy rough it's just built that way and I knew I'd get an ad that's I don't like it I liked the fact that one time a year. At a tournament I get to see the world's best whining cry like a bunch of baby. They look normal I is that's the part that I hate about it is that hey Phil guess what. Average guy watching you know that's how they play every single weekend when they go home on the course gives you shot an 81 felt a lot of people other be like Al. I don't like Phil Mickelson and I want him to win and I want him to be one of only six men in the world that have ever won all four majors. So this is I mean he's frustrated trying to do and he was 49 dollars 48 his birthday was Saturday when he melted down. Mean sing him happy birthday. 55305. Phil Mickelson. As this Dexter puts it should feel face the firing squad basically murder should be treated as stats of what he did on the course there are golf people out there. That do you feel that what he did was a significant. Breach in etiquette should. We don't feel that way. We feel as the guy was frustrated with the course that was unfair 55305. How do you feel about this in Joe Buck cut takes coming in as well get to those in your feedback and 644 on the fan you've got to take what the tour you know all the complaining from. The golf world over Phil Mickelson little. Ron after the ball to stop it and double tap where take a two stroke penalty to articulate the torque straight shooter. And then the fact that everybody piled on him in their budget guys complaining about the course conditions that should cocktails this text kind of sums up how I felt TO. Not a golf guy but this sure is like complaining about bad grass from the best in the world. Feels a bit elitist a bit elitist that is exactly that's exactly how I thought oh. Watching everybody just melt down over Phil Mickelson stopping Apollo president. Or did you don't it's exactly what it is these guys all live in Florida and mansion they'll play. Pristine grass. In my go to the US open their play in a Muni in that is we're gonna make you look like it's a Muni they're gonna make you look like they have a budget of fifty grand for a whole year to try to keep the course and Rocca Mo it. In remote in certain spots are not gonna water in certain spots because hurled and that's what the US open at some regional did you know if you go back to Scotland that's how golf courses looked. Nobody had the money to make them look with all the all the things they put all the chemicals in the way these guys and and greens keepers how they pristine Lee take care to fund drinking game every time my Saperstein. You consider it to you drink hammered now now that's what it is. Yet in but that's where does not these guys whine seat jets are kind of EU said Joseph but doesn't know the intricacies of the game enough I thought would Joseph but does is. Ease up until Saturday. He was that kind of relatable type where he has thought a basic questions but I think those the deal and I'll watch golf. They have the same kind of basic questions that he's he's bouncing off daisy hearing and Curtis Strange and all those guys. Where she kind of let me down on Saturday was. He could have been a voice of reason for average Joseph. You know who sat there was like fill right number oh you did it did what everybody's feeling could slap Curtis Strange in the mouth any could've been like. Well I think that tell everybody feels when when their plane on of course it's hard but he did and he ended up piling on bill. Like all the other guys that did that are legal fee lead is an act that is the one thing whereas like right they lost me completely on Saturday at that point. And I think that's Joseph buck's being a little bit is sometimes he comes off as a little holier than Val and right and that's what we got here where he had kind of sighed with a big institution or us very institutional he's very traditional. Then golf fits him the way she just doesn't know the connection of the sport he doesn't have that feel singers really the only reason that that thing is carried well. It was strange. Curtis Strange things to go to the wayside. Well okay he's he's a ride off into the sunset you and Anthony this is the best point to make about felt. Phil finished seventeen over I don't know why people care about actually doing is a little and other race. If I mean he wouldn't do that if he was within two or three shots or if he was in on the on the top of the leaderboard cue to let the ball go all the way down and then made the putt but the thing is it was goofy golf and at that point geyser shooting eighties. There is that this is don't do that. You abreast in the gym a set was this clown golf don't need to aim at the grandstand yeah. Wine and cheese slice all the guys and sound I heard another take that was died because they're like they're complaining that the courses to harder than it's not in great shape and welcome to golf for the rest of idol that expressly. Yeah I crabby course and well maintained in as everybody understands. But the I want in this is mind my opinion I want the US open to find the most mentally. Tough person in the world you know who never complained ever about conditions of course is when he walked out there and listened. Jack Nicklaus and everybody and all these top players in the world the guys who were the most mentally tough would just walk out there and watch all the whiners in the complainer and said Dutch beat coach B coach B immediately eliminate half the field because small and checked out mentally. Says he would champions do do you think that the US GA amid the right move making an easier course on sun know and thirty conditional left and as is or what was easy I mean there really wasn't. Anything he easily for the league lower nobody went under par on Saturday yeah. What would they did so where I think they made the mistake is that in making it is easier trying to make it easier overnight. What did we see in the morning ask wesun Tommy Fleetwood go on she does 63. And give himself a chance to win it at the end and then early rounds. When they were solo. But by the time the leaders got back out there. They were still played a really tough course in 88 came back. To being just don't not justice arc but a little bit easier than it was on Saturday but still ridiculously tough course and the guys in the morning got easier. Limited to say it's it's a lot easier guys when your playing golf it's a lot easier to chase than it is to be the leader. Yeah I'm going to be the chaser it's really easy to get up in the morning fire at depends images you'd like one time five back and six back Emmy back. What do we got to worry about I I'm not protecting the lead here. That's easy I'm not saying it's easy for Tommy flea would do what he did. But certainly to chase those guys in the morning or be on the top of earlier were were trying to hold on to leave the nerves the emotions of it. It's just not the same and I feel like we see at the masters every year where a guy who's now out of contention. Rules though out of bed with no pressure on undermining cents a great score and ends of in the top five but it was the amount of guys that did that. Now isn't far greater yesterday than it was at the masters you know I need there is. It was you can clearly see the guys in their scores at the end. You're good Texas is an art sports meltdowns great though I liked. I thought we'd like sports meltdowns and I do too. I I like to see that they are human. And I thought it was great I'd love scene. The Schumann factor Phil Mickelson being school I repeat that one of the most prestigious. Golfers in the world the man. That everyone looks towards US golf to swing it. Screw. You know is happy is guy about Phil's knelt down. Tiger Woods no Rickie Fowler. Because it fills knelt down. Stopped everybody in the world from Todd in the golf world talking about Ricky dollars eighty more than they can be shut. Sin took a ten on thirteen. Instill was three shots better you know then Rickie Fowler who was on Saturday. Ricky just gotta as I go geez thanks felt nobody talked about Ricky issued in the 84 because Phil had an 81 in ended up double tap that now Birdie Putt. I I and I'm glad that Portland is not a big gulf he lead this town because we're not getting a lot of people that are sitting there and saying. No this is did clear violation infill shoot. Indeed he knows it and dragged in this middle of the streets and thrown Roxanne. I'm not saying a Portland's not and leave this town when it comes to golf for anything like that but if you went to your local club if you went to Portland golf club. A review into Waverly Yuri you showed up out at Lake Oswego country club and hold the guys the ones that have been their on the longest. I would be really curious. Because I don't know if they're out their listing I would be curious in your clubhouse. How many guys who muted gut. Was outrageous. But fielded. Because golf is a what kinda sport dusty it's a country club it's Nazi sport always has and I'll be. Love it I love golf. Of everything about it. Mean it did if I can go and try to play golf for a living I would do it tomorrow but I. Because I would even make it on the putt putt tour he said he should but that's that's that's the difference is is that there's a traditionalist amount of people that can't. Handle yet. This tax paddy had it for viewing just he had easing every other major FA would sound if the conditions that they were required to play. You're like the mean he's in their sport. We geared up a lot in football with like field conditions not being up departing guys not be able to give him a journalist is 112 point 15 million dollars not yet but played a bad fields wiedmeyer played on some really bad fields we hear guys complain all the time like Elvis and you know we get seems in the Turkey can't be playing all Nancy and played on painted dirt in Tennessee. Against Eddie George and the Tennessee Titans it was the worst field I've ever seen in my high school field was better. And I'm not joking he was painted dirt. That's all of us. There's no grass anywhere well. That seems like it beef on the plan. Well I not to Leo and Alameda coliseum here's the difference if your football player you your career won't end. And the US open amateur golfer write UW at the next day and be able to handle it I could lose lose I mean I can do everything there's so many things to happen on a bad bad field duty in Iraq and aid hey. People want to lose his career after is starting the ball on the green. Mike and force drove and that and they it ten to 1510 easier golfers is to see that they were playing with dry spots in the fairways and greens like I have to plan. That's nice to see that the rough hadn't been mode in two months I could relate surge. We got to go through that billion golf scene I was budget US open is budget golf. When he's in the last time a pro like lost a ball once. Oh we may see about that like in rough knowledge hitting into water because these guys all the professionals were flying on Saturday he had good original provisional provisional because they couldn't find anything and that to me like these guys usually they can roll out on a golf course with one ball and not worry about it. Their rural losing them all over the put is that it is fun to see I that irregular. Golf history this year so your into the golf course and found the spots that are mood right down the middle of golf courses where you have a walkway through the route through the rough given notice that on turf and so I clicked on an eye and suited to spot really guys can walk. Ben Hogan was such a great golfer she changed how golf were mowed because he said. I just went played your entire course my trousers are dirty. And I'm so tired of walking down the course line and worried that my trousers are dirty and in my feet are wet mow the course so I can walk. That's why we have mow line so guys can walk. Little did you know him Wyatt say that again. Daily news you know around the tee in the rough you know how you walk from the home so fairway there you go and guys walk there's a mole lines of guys can walk down and it's in its manicured a dirty trousers were the reason. Ben Hogan did not like affected his trousers com and instead he got wet eyed now nauert so he said that he visa this is we're not gonna have this anymore you need to Mo these and name teams golfer ever. Perfect. Thanks mr. trousers and every users and music are Pratt and also who said so I'm talking about. I'd five factories here if I feel the worst human in the world he stopped a cut. Boy Curtis Strange and Joba would hate golf and with me. But I didn't tell you that much 55305. Are we had a sports stories in the world of sports coming up next college World Series some current news NBA World Cup and more. Dusty came on the fan.