Dusty & Cam Friday July 20, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, July 20th
Dusty and Cam take a trip through Buck's weekend "Would You Rather?" with topics ranging from the Loch Ness Monster to dating adult film stars, plus we re-visit our favorite "coachisms" from our Textual Relations, and there's a golfer impersonator out there who sounds an awful lot like Tiger Woods.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Looks like our ball landed in the rough. Let me don't you think you should rephrase. Actually the old course looks like the roster what does it and it's. It's green it's British Open week I'll most. Grassy area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. I mean everybody can never know content because the jam on maybe it's yeah. They let it was worth it is teaming her outflow conversations real Easter had sex sign that read today 55305. May do to get into you how big a deal Jimmy droplet take today. Porn star and it is international maybe you'll get into it on which rather. Although Randy. And fair and would you rather what do you force but. Yeah. Right gentlemen we have five categories to Jews run a couple of hum inspired by the open championship. So first we have great Scott yeah. We also have Pauline coaches do we have don't mess with blocked NASA from. We have calling the cops. The wild wild NFC west QBs. This. In a little dude where's my car. Yes now one okay now one well and need to give a shout out you are intern. Chris in their early he's been doing a bang up job he since a couple bizarre news stories in. This was one of bomb there is a father in New Zealand who pled guilty. Q having his ten year old son drive him around as it personal over driver. So the police pulled him over limited polled perpendicular into a parallel spot who was his dad's over in the passengers. Silver. Does she need to give us over the dad was going to the bar yeah. Okay yet that dad was drunk at the time you know he wasn't even drugs you usually get used to drive into the bar than it was in Wales. Right. It's a IRA he admitted the costs it was not the first time he'd done it was basically using his son as a taxi drivers of the question is. Would you rather have to explain to be authorities police officers etc. why your ten year old is driving you around or. Would you rather have to explain it to the child's father. We have them on didn't know how yeah I'd much rather unassuming she's out of gone for a moment explain now under police. Even it involves. Charges coming your way I think he gal had no fury. Like that and his mom and momma bear not happy yeah out probably the police because I can get out of the police have. Not with the wife. You know mom couldn't get away with that kind of got to live with Alan do you see do of course I know you fight and die stimulus dying and that I can flesh wound me. Our estimates within minimum you have scars somewhere minimum minimum graduate and freshman and Greg Cameron well Dominique you agree it's God's great Skye well as we know the open championship is it Carnoustie this week. Duo of BS Scottish delicacy is one of which means a couple we talked yesterday Haggis. Which is a reminder. In. Contains she'd club which is heart liver and lungs with minced onion oatmeal sewage spices salt mixed with shock Seles is this really encased in the animals comic zone is a case the united stats that they boil and are you kidding me Ellington sent occasional rattle or I don't know I would try amendment to say I would try and as you know and I got to drive Fred judge do you want me to tell you and hot dog casing makes the united. And many of black putting which is a type a blood sausage is made from Puerto blood pork. Bad these sewage and cereals this Scottish tunes yeah that's how these people are discussed so the question is would you rather have a it would rather have to consume a pound Haggis or a pound of black putting. Now I'm hundred how many Danny thinks that these obviously does this so yeah which at least know where you lived a lot longer than mean. That may be needing this for very long time and nothing's wrong. Not every so the Scottish person easily figure. Saying that the people but it's more fun if you think of them netlabel what you are Scottish and little bit are going Cameron means in Scottish. Witt knows. Scottish gaelic turns out it's yeah. Liberal when I was about four times so it's Barack so is correct commandos redundant governments are not a nose job. I had to and it was sideways adorable. It was nice list. And it was it was over here there's undermine left you do the media and yet any photos that I do it's dust. I'm I'm I'm vomiting blood sausage that actually sounds pretty good. During its blood putting barbed. Libraries and it's always includes blood sausage also it's putting that it's it but it's warm well so it's the sausage but it's also combined it with first of losing ever umpteenth. It's bees do it I don't know that is it I guess super some good it's up the external depth orange dragon I'm going on the on the black I have black heading. Going like winning I was putting yeah. The black putting the blood sauce hosts our researchers are clearly skewed and I did I was calling volunteer anybody's out there added or they're Scottish like authentic Scottish food here in Portland all the good drives I've had I've had blood sausage I'm not like we're looking good. Unrelated to this. You know we're talking about. The highland games the other day you listen. I got an email for the next morning. Asking if I wanted to participate in the highland games also why you guessed the answer yes no it was actual thing news I'd give is go to the highland games thanks I don't. Big Brother I think is is while watching anyway isn't like okay we're listening it wasn't the ones in Portland is like come and I gave that because they didn't. However Washington has. They are okay it's easy to Cambridge are a regional Highlander and phone booths and Stern's visit Scottish skies as I could create. Dusty don't mess with locked nest the wild wild NFC west QBs. Or calling the cops. On the jobs that. So obviously earlier this week we had these incidents as the pick up game and there man called the cops because he was delta hearted man. Yeah there is yeah well here. That's point of contention there we got another. This is from this is for Christian as well there is a man in a state of Washington in Vancouver. Who broke into one of those escape rooms. You know he's in the eight team building vast global yeah and oh we need to go to an escape. Is that it's basically yet to use like you know intuition and clues and stuff to to break out of a bad situation to team building its. Kind of a corporate sibling Mays. Just say this bunch of free trader boxes laid down recall out of no it's not it's more complexity netted thank you it's basically okay. It's like in the movies off. Night you know agony dad around you know Guillen tonight so puzzles and riddles and donor. Sailor anyhow this this. Criminal he broke into the escape roomy as a burglar and then we could not escape so he had to call 9114. Times a and he was hurt he actually did escape from an employee cubs go to youth outside eating a burrito but getting guys. So the question here is would you rather call the cops on your cell for actually breaking the law. Or would you rather call the cops on someone else for completely bogus reason. Like these hard Thelma pick up. All I'm calling cops. For bogus reason. The him. Ottawa the reputation goes a desolate and how much can incriminate myself of every community is Abramoff. Is it from duke isn't just the excuse me ex Gabriel or maybe just weird dude and called police on yourself. If it could if that's apparently no life you just changed my mind. A club got some us now is huge as the weird dude it's a weird Jim last year here earlier on that fringe area now. Is there any come over here ask and stuff happened and I need to talk to somebody. Yeah I'm gonna sell yeah. Yeah yeah I kind of think down with the relatives. Don't mess with a lot nest or the wild wild NFC west TVs. Gonna go lucky. Net saying give me your I learned through the Huffington Post that there's actually eight protocol and policy and it's in Scotland. What happens if someone actually does exactly the Loch Ness Monster. They're supposed to collecting DNA sample and then just release him back into the water. So the question here is a would you rather have a peaceful encounter with the mythical. Figure like a Loch Ness Monster or more likely bigfoot. Let's not get that sample and not have edit any evidence of this encounter some basically anyone you don't told the testing workforce or. Your other heavy violent run in with the one of these figures. But you end up having to kill the beast which gives you proof but makes you pariah for the rest of the community because you killed another big that are watch list. Go ahead. I don't care what people think if I see it it's done it's real it's mine I'd take it with me forever. Done concealed I don't need to kill the thing I'd let him back in the water but it's in my brain for ever its mind and don't care what you think people. Hey you're gonna be a whacked out parents life. All to please tell us. I see dead people yeah. Brigades. IEA you Gabby a pariah and public. You're big picture with the draft guide then now he's among my house you seem a big foot rug here. Allison beer bigfoot rogue is now. Hey I like trophy room at home dude every second do you like you guys did happen to me you only do have a built in excuse that yeah. You're swimming you word you're skin have been with the wife. You had to defend her honor I tried to handed to me like a beer and yeah I know. Mixed I'm giving me dirty fighter monkeys why she did. In the jugular with this rock poison him. In this seaside Bush's third inning jugular here at this hour Barack program. Last Ronald do a real slick is the wild wild NFC west QBs. And so we know that Jimmy hero hello dating we're going on a deal with an adult film star. There's also something else Bonior on the Internet I have not confirmed with any reputable news sources so we don't know this is for sure true but apparently shared job had a group taxable leak. In which he says that he wanted as in that age group text slang it just doesn't teammates I. Yeah he had if for lack of better. He used slang term we won't use that but essentially wanted to vanish on McVeigh's girlfriend is an aspect. So what. Here you have proof where's this at what I if you if you do my best golf yet it's around lies so I don't know does actually happen or got leaked to the question. Is this. Would you rather. Try explaining to your boss. What you were texting about his significant other. Or try explaining to your family that you were getting an adult film star. We will answer that next. On the fan. As part of our. We can would you rather duck pose the question. Would you rather. Be injured Gus situation. Where it was leaked that. He once stent. His head coach his girlfriend. Or. Would you rather. Dean Jimmy dropped close to situation we have to admit to your family you have. And a porn star. Let's say you mr. Cleveland. So I have to I have to tell my head coach or have to admit to everybody. Yeah you love and now that may judge you. Okay his events some single single dude you know these young in the NFL and I find somebody else's one woman in attractive than a truck that never happens. Okay or I tell my dad. And mom that I'm Dayton Ney an adult star and. Yum I'm going to coach. There was coach thing to be upfront honest I mean come on you need to mediate. That's a compliment Mike Timlin went away ME of course Randy you want that's compliment to grow uncomfortable political political movement Al. Well NE TU haters thank you need to Nigeria in blood takes data. At so here's thing. I'm not going to go off the rails is a small little bits Friday show and I don't care excited tough day yesterday. We sit around group adults sit around golf course not my garden on member of their synergies and member honorary and sit around. Older gentleman and great company got a wife she's well and out game. His when I mean you know a tops I know you're talking about jobs out there im proud yes K thus far do what you do you do you whatever you want very proud. What a guy's. His wife's the other end table. She walks by Simon to. Sit you know what your great guy and by the way your wife has great boobs. Offended or not offend. Why would you be and no I'm asking you offended or not offended. Just met the guy never met the guy in your life so wait this is. Easy you said it was somebody else's wife came up to the guy and said that gentleman's CD and and he's an MP drinks. Hasn't met the wife yet she's at the other end of the table and out and proud. Guy comes rounds and they haven't met you the husband of the wife the guy looks up them and never met you before man park here quite concrete boobs. Have been beefing up. And it or not offended I'd. Have laughed because you know. I know the guy was kind of offended that really kind of invented. Find it strange yes. Yes. With that. It's a weird move by the other guy above it's not aiding and you know it's it weird to move spinning and I would not do I mean I think part of it it's so unexpected that you kind of more strong air for how to react to that because you're literally still it is just. He literally shook hello and sugar is a graduate answered. A here must agree groups. Yeah I don't that's the first thing out of the amount of winning the guy that's so weird move by him but I'm not offended over that. Compliment her Hillary yeah. Thank you get aren't totally cool it down almighty she's my wife she's going home amino would you what would be offensive it is easy shaking hands like your minds get tiny boobs could yeah. I got a weird thing. I want. Well Syria and what can I got to dig in Baghdad I was always trying to be a compliment so I sat there I was like call. What's gonna happen here and what's competitive. And take me ever sit. Like this Louis this it was a while ago aside this is when life. Did you see my fingers and you new doctor evil hear me what do we get it out I can be a but it was of people I've enjoyed it every second of it it was quite hysterical. A little bit awkward. And I'm okay an awkward situations I find myself enjoying them. Yup I do because everything else is boring and stale and status quote you need some awkward now and then and life you know. Yeah I'm with that and so high when it happened so would have a sick is. All happened the next days and to the powers that be which is the wives in the circle. And citizen unity. Pretty upset that he did that either watch Allen knocked on you know you'd be in there is little bit of theirs there you know the circle. These these circle and just went around the we're jogging silly it's either in forty somethings it kept going Eliezer I think it finally kind of get swept under the rug a little bit but it got. Toss that. It's guys carry things have too much to drink. Two massacre yeah. Right so what would you do in the city you said you had to live with the coach. Job I think it's a problem and if you if you if you say something I think if you're single man yeah. Single dude young young kid. In your in your there and you eat essentially dear god for the young man and beast when we story three torn for me and says. And a and girlfriend wife. This she's hot and she is she's not the I think that's a compliment I'm very secure in myself I'm going with the. I'm gonna go with the return the fame bound program and he found it in on the Saigon McCain isn't gonna marry. You know. You never have to are you afraid to darker coats though would you view limited little bit fearful I feel it would turn into a like it's a long time inside joke. You know I would feel like. It would turn into something that like when. That coach gives you crap about for the rest of the tiny coach's view and and okay did Sean McVeigh it's different than say if it's like bill cower or. I Belichick but he its bill bill where we've seen bill as they were our politics. My girlfriend yeah he's just she is so yeah season those tragic event your coaches and we'll ask Tom Brady's been in this situation for him because there is. There there is a video they can find on the internet's a Tom Brady under senator and many points at the middle linebacker goes. Cougar cougar live. Linda clue. That's become a big coach bill they have. An honorable course premier. In Linda mountain in the Lendale they do the sugar and that she exotic and other states she's still into your stage yeah so our our darkest. I see now I'm pretty anything Belichick as a he's gone home with me to tow mows it was a miserable. Yeah that was hilarious Tom no I think the coach Belichick got it he he does have a funny side to him he is pretty funny when he wants to be. He he he makes fun of himself he is not afraid to make fun of himself it is it's true it's it's pretty cool we needed to do that you'll never get that on the outside. But I elegant and it's a compliment. Other guys though super sensitive guy. We all know who super sensitive guy bounce when their wife the hour girlfriend. Your eyes not that I judge do you view you know that guy. Yeah Larry that it's like OK then. Wire you date hanger he's a Borough because you is bro bro you dot she was attractive exact knowing that no nobody else is allowed to do that. What do you and I'll put her name I don't know what do what do the now is always something that is baffling to me via okay what's the most thing the when did things at the ladies and Indian Middle East where. A burqa yeah. That's it sure. I guess yeah now that's what that guy wants to do right that's what he wants it. All right. Five factories your five better you today Tex on. Our text relations today was. You Willie Taggart. He's recycle and what are Samir best coach isn't that you have come trusting your days. Here's but with sports that are. Are better you today Betty today reports there that's him in the fact. About the gays in the intention ground on the Mariners and Astros. Gee you know that god forbid. The angels beat the Astros today. Chile's bits and god forbid god forbid that happens. The AL west will be the only team in baseball. With four. Fifty win team yeah I know it's frustrating because everybody's good in this division can we get it I mean come on a dale west it consistently is one of the best divisions over and over thing about this if the angels beat the Astros tonight. They will become feet deep in 48 on the year NB thirteen games out of first place. There you go. Thirteen games back in your fifty and 48 now any to put that in perspective the AL central has won fifty win team. The AL east which everybody while we here's Boston New York Boston New York right. All they have is Boston and New York it's that everybody else is under the fifty win mark we think. Ale less consistently is been I mean I know Houston has upgraded and I look at the Rangers through the Rangers but they've always kind of in Fullerton there. Then you go Oakland Oakland in money ball and in Seattle this comes out of nowhere. And of course you would expect LA to always be there for some reason is because of the talent they have they have the best player in the baseball. They have a C a budding superstar and on law they have an old man that can still hit it. Now. The NL west is insane predicament though is they already do half 450 win teams because. Bad day and night nobody is gotten a separation they're all kind of in a pack. When the Dodgers are 5343. Diamondbacks had a dream 44 and ninjas Rockies at 51 wins in the giants with fifty wins. The poppies aren't bad team their forty. There are 4059 on the year. The alien and the last are really good divisions in baseball. But all we hear god is the email Lisa what it this is why I say what rob Manfred said two days ago. Baseball means to read. Realign add two more teams so we can expand the playoffs the reason why you need to expand the playoffs is that you get what the NFC south did in football last year. Three teams in when your division is so good why and it nominee used the the word that drives me crazy all the time but I'll use it in this context. Why is it fair to throw out the crap that's in the central. And in other divisions. Just to give them a spot when your division is the Seattle version of seven and nine get min. You know in football where it's happened before but when you have a division is good is like the NFC south is in the AL west is. Wouldn't baseball be better at some of those teams were in and we got to see them battle it out in. A three game series or something that gave you more baseball in October he had the problem with that is. If you stand extend baseball's playoffs the World Series ended November Friday's start earlier. Leagues is the whole season do. I mean why am what's the deal amino capable because of all the games that were snowed out and rained out backe Nike can't started any earlier view this is one of those things were can baseball go back to from a 162 games can they drop it back to week thing do and they bump it back one week is that's all we're asking for. You can get all these early early weekend that's that's great. Like wild card weekend. Let's redo blew a three game series or a couple more one games I don't whatever it is make it interesting because the college World Series is so great because why. Lose double Emily senay see continued tenure out so get a chance. That's what makes it's a great. These long seven game series. I get it you're late you wanna go whale CSN Elsie yes but early let's get some more drama are now man that. And then that World Series does LCS. Series were pretty awesome last year baseball but. Erode the divisional. Divisional round you go right go back to three game go both -- two rounds of three and then two rounds of seven who would be against more based. All playoffs is there anyone out there. Traditionalists. Angry I don't know I really wanna see the wild card go to three I think I agree crucial ally Hillary had the team finishes let's say in the Mariners situation and be one starter let's say yeah you know their chase of the Yankees wall or maybe they pass him but if there's a five game gap between those 20 yeah we're now and alleges to your a's go out there and change that you were the better team also or why play a 162 games one game decide right. No I I I agree naming one game eight. Cheapens what you've done all season long I like it. Went in and you do. I'm an ideologue. Unknown figure right thinking that even if they are I would take it the giants. Won that game twice and went on award when the rosters why so it's it's definitely benefited my shirt but I think that V haven't you written in the past but that number not the number one Justine or a three game series team should host the other for three. Well and like this would basically you're saying is so the Yankees are five games better then the Mariners right now but. James Paxson goes out in just doors and jam in the Yankees have won game where and with Severino or whoever it is that it doesn't have his right stuff. Ellis and their season's over yeah baseball's a sport of series it's never been a sport of the one that has. And so I don't like that one game decides a series sport. And games and pretty awesome. And within the within the series like kid that he's a big you can keep it you'd give it. And World Series Gregor. Let me tell you noon. Smear but you'd be a high salute and but you have saying that mr. Dobson high pollutants. And that's M yeah. You you winners. Tell me or not you glad you made winners get off that little I don't open your on and can't wait I can't wait until you win and America know the Mariners when he is a World Series. When will that be dusty ball in the end old attorney in this seahawk fan which is there. Or I believe what hey come on you know through seahawk fans and you certainly know the true and over again you know the twelve us. You know tossed and then they'll understand why it's exciting to win a championship to toss again. I believe that the baseball fans are different than football. Believe that. Believe that baseball fans are different from Hermosillo in very different. Okay. Affair. No because I think they Wagoner and like the conversation we're having is being black leaders and they know no bounds they don't dodger other than dodger fans players. Which is can be very dangerous to go to Chavez ravine and where the other team's gear. You know you should dodger fans and care about baseball tournament here fourth inning the other don't care nickname angry baseball fans. St. Louis Cardinals get up arms pretty frequently cub fans you end and gallery hours are eight I. Different beast yeah I forget how you have people fighting each other arrest Georgia. Oman but didn't say anything about this that giant fans. Can be exactly the same way is just when you go to their stadium instead giants and got a nice candlestick yeah but not anymore another is that there is an incident a couple years ago or. Dodger fan got stabbed. Again we're dodger fans. Mean he got stabbed by Jack I giants fans can dodger fan. I snuck his book. Where you can bet your victim should yeah. I am not big happy daughter and I'm sick of all the stands there getting into anything we just gave you two examples of the 11 was the dodger fans and giants have been in there in in both Sunni areas still right. Scientists say giants and Dodgers I just throw another team in the if baseballs for letting the players buy up. Any idea that they don't do from. Act we get to set for the day on the stand and this weekend on the fans a party for. Well I tell you there is. Yeah there it is. You know I I should have pulled it or recorders been him and I tried to imitate. Your excitement coming out of this song you know right yes handling this year last Friday Ellison and both. But can I tried to emulate. Him or not you're you're a good year. Your exciting nonetheless it was money well. Yeah yeah it was a good gas. Yeah they're dirty and I did I yeah buddy I'm almost certain I did the Alba yeah you do them right. And I tried to double the double thumbs. Thank Phyllis you can deliver his. Event eleven. Still a threat as much as I do I do know we are you know it's like these we missed you Dustin we're our right to bring your presence. Keep on trying. I current. Steve the open championship is here in Butte and tiger Tiger Woods yell cares about data Zach Johnson and he's the leader. He's so boring he is he's he's announced he's the NASCAR of golf. Last mile like everybody wants his wants to watch the crashes no he leads that leads the tour in logos. He does censor. He averages nine to ten logos. Well Zach Johnson wasn't lead after shooting a 67. But Kevin K Isner who you I guess I didn't kisser. He went five under yesterday is three inner today he's on the fifteenth hole right now eight under for the tournament. Tiger Woods finish today's round. Even par. Again. 7171. Just can't get off to a good start in the sternum it's you can't in majors while it's better and infill poignant it's also better then. Senator CO. Dustin Johnson need. Meet and Bubba Watson. Who are all way over par both so it is two under right now under the fourteenth that you even think Justin Thomas is out there to what's the cut line that currently are not looking at the leaderboard 500. 500. The fact that. I try to over 20 for sure yet projected cut line is at two over. But Tiger Woods is he spoke after the tournament and gate there's a moral weakness in the masters suit me yes we did we play the guys did we guys audio there's a guy who'd is I impressions of all of the golfers who get it. And he may have nailed Tiger Woods this year. I'm open and you get the mouse on nine debacle we lied I didn't know you don't know which one of these Jimmy tiger which ones not OK I don't so. I I had no idea but has got. Actual tiger and got pretending to be tiger. What Limbaugh how privacy laws. Commissions or Hoffman let you know I think important rule would do and while back who is good. The end of commitment to play a little quick sign up there this afternoon on the balls and a Roland and I thought I played a pretty solid ground to resource and instead take their most are fine and I paid Arnold them. The browser makes a little better conditions are tough and let you know I think a barn rule we do and we're back for the good. He didn't know before movement did play a little quick sign up there this afternoon on the balls enough to Roland and I've tried I've had a pretty solid ground NiSource and its jet takes air balls are fine and I played Arnold on the browser makes a little better. If that I was outside. Instead of in his yeah you know it would be really tough today it be tough to decipher but I'm you know now I want. And are really tough really tough. And then the gestures to with a nose grabbed retake. Take the hand he's got a standing here's a finger in his power. He grabbed the nosy pinched the nose. Man yeah yeah I was impressed I hadn't seen this guy before I was he's a really did is Dustin Johnson was greatest Phil Mickelson has agreed is Ian Poulter was Ian Poulter my favorite was Justin Rose. Did it. Just this news talk. In a ruse boo a gentleman inside through a this very Jensen. Gentlemen Lee. She incumbents. Is that is that is just I guess I'm on Almonte Olympic champion. I have my mental. Also angry fans and I can see you it's long. And we have it. You just made me feel. I don't know that we don't high. Going into the weekend had a quiz master and I look around it just is all spoiled you know might agree and it's been pretty good defense and again. We have two people. Chiming in within days is that may be violent as well and we forgot Phillies fans. Mean Phillies fans obvious anyone in the city of Philadelphia frank. And then a Red Sox fans here they're angry angry. Visitor bureau on each other they'll stab each other we we did talk about this either. Should the city Philadelphia did during the World Cup finals yet that was awesome. His replay the Super Bowl. We want to update had a big video board closed down a street that's fantastic and streaks that this ruled it was let it ever was going crazy like it was a live game I. Annexed their college are nine to noon at noon to three dirt and sprained. Or add to baseball is and I thought Quinn being in the pearl. In NAND. I'd chicken soup live prime time also at baseball is on. In the pearl with our friends at the Portland. Diamond projects that go on out there. I know I think Mike Bair he'll be there they got some new gear that they will be unveiling out there. Head out to baseball isn't this afternoon noon it is seven the fan has got to cover have a great weekend we'll see you Monday right here. On the fifth.