Dusty & Cam Friday July 20, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, July 20th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, plus OKC finally dumps Carmelo, James Harrison favors Belichick and the Patriots over Tomlin and the Steelers, and Jimmy Garoppolo goes on a date with an adult film star.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This week in honor of the Carnoustie golf links in Scotland and dusty camp and bunker where they're killed us. Let's call them themselves. This is a British Open precondition of dusty in camp in the morning we've dusty make Sarah producer Ryan mid luckily. And cam. Cleveland dropped. Sheba area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with area heating cooling go to areas needing dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. I have no steal and jam on Jay Nady. The military. Open championship. Right now. Nobody's wearing kilts. I told you this this morning to kilts yesterday to kill so I saw out. Randomly but it Costco human genome of the mine monthly job in its gas. Saw killed inside got a guy walking in returning some coffee. He was blocked it and says guy returned this copy full kilt well okay that's the way the the cost of a walking in bid to return some coffee bean bag Starbucks. I think getting gas another guy gets out of his car. Full kilt. To lump in one day. I'd like to think that two different guys like to think that we inspired them to dust off their kilts and where the new UC a Minor League Baseball team those wearing kilts in the scenario played baseball the civilian have been hit and has played the Macon Macon county look clearly don't really like the billionaire oil there is yes there's a new bananas against the Macon Macon did they go full known they weren't just wearing jock strap and guessing they probably work compression shorts from there was there was a Kelly look at these numbers entered there are a couple of guys that wore sliders pants. They just where they're being honored. If your weren't killed or are you going full tilt Mike Bender undercarriage yeah we talked about the suit today some sort of answer. So I assume that if your weary kill. Your bureau undercarriage is not covered. Thomas and it's assumed that modernization. As he should have okay. I think ladies go commando all the time so it's different guys at different. That was called a lady doesn't. Does it command everything go commando what is it called we'd had this question before haven't we known I think it's still commando is that Camilo. And we don't have another. Raise the jumps to mind. Somebody goes out here on the better it is not an hour until then the term commando. Why is going to be gentle as it's OK I mean because. I going like when I think of leg deeds going commando thank. And we're. Well it's our. Area did you know on the kind of with the under bridges it's an aggressive. Tone because they don't commando when my favorite words the breaches. You blow your britches and gold bracelets breach Louis where we'll britches. Get 705. On the fan. Now it's in seven a six attend. The Red Sox. Know. What Todd and why is it cool. Good spotting and cool live dusty intent on your morning dose of plus intimidate you ripped from the headlines great story compelling and rich. Trucks in Portland and Vancouver you won't have to wait under. Okay. Let's see here DC McGee cousins came out yesterday doesn't care I love it. No it doesn't care. Kind of ease sat down with Chris names of the ESPN. And when he is asked he says about people coming after for joining the where he's business I don't. Really care honestly I don't really care it trips me ideas to seeds. Crazy like how angry people were. In an eight on eight. You really expect though good bogey look happened in DeMar DeRozan look what happened to Blake Griffin what is loyalty to negate demands nothing. Loyalty and it hurts have you learned. My pat when Lerner. Health and haven't you still think there's loyalty. Very briefly there's there's still some out there. Speaking of loyalty. The mavericks that they were going to re Sanyo Pete Carroll there garden news. I think people forget you need euros on a ten day contract and let the Portland trailblazers and scored I think thirty points. Credit and then they signed him for the rest yeah. Young he Ferrell has backed out of an agreement that they had that he is gonna sign with the members think they sent the contract of either again now sin no more thought his agent told GM's. Yahoo! sheen's car again. And his agent told Yahoo! Sports we felt uncomfortable and weigh our options. In the news does the first time the mavericks heard that they're like way of life here what we were little you know you get there and assigned an overall good didn't happen. He did not have. Sure yeah okay. CD Portland Timbers are in a little controversy I don't happen. Well they lost. To you and Lance seen greeted you there in the US open cup. Remember we talked about this last week they beat LA ads right now they drew within LL AFC nil nil. In the end the last play yeah US open cup is different with the is that it's still Lamar Hunt trophy. In the middle of the season it's just the teams from yes soccer competition all young ones during a list right when I with your regularly and so big you can add this to be like he gave Major League Baseball. We're in between games where it is say. Hey single a minor league teams played attorney that would Major League teams okay. And you debts because like any team in America complained he come and play your analyst teams. Well LA FC may be broke the rules. Because these six foreign players and a game you can only use five foreign players and game in the US open cup. Because it's America. His US open cup US. Cannot afford open right that's right. I know the timbers. Maybe advancing on technicality. Toy. Good for Denver's. Yet they suspended the draw for the semi final wonder who sold amount. The timbers pulled they got him the timbers protesters are the result of the game Great Britain will reject any message hurdle Portland fashion but people don't. It was a nearly an hour agers renamed them protesters. But so does this mean that the timbers unbeaten streak continues. I notice they've Italian were vacated by LA FC would not go down as a lost the timbers. That's the most soccer I've heard him talking about time. No that's not true that is not true at all. No most excited you've been tumors doctor. You heard the word protest denied a protest did everything he really guided glee actress mystery at all cost hop. Sure what's wrong nothing's. Great excellent fixed show very Johnny better user has been cleared for light throwing. As doctors have seen improvement too easy CL injury so just does not too long ago did we were under the assumption that he's got any Tommy John because there was something there. He took some men men had it builds on the same taxes I did. He did semantic mills and his UCLA UCL. U.'s UCL. It's very clear in the elbow is okay now. I mean I. Please make it right he's now when I'm OK he's twenty years old. Remember he did it terror disease CLU is agreed to spring break up they said if you were to go any further. You would chair okay are so they've given some rest. That's great for baseball. It there and good show way back well. You know hopefully he can do is hit more and be more active and planet while your your guide to what's to get rid of the PH anyway so. We guests. Pitcher for Houston. US to get rid of the DH which one Verlander kind early older you can see is still that he said that today's a good job of Major League Baseball needs to get rid of the VH. A waste of time here. Opening pitchers hitting is a waste of time for the life. I don't want pictures. You know where I stand on this little like idiots feel like I'm beautiful I'm probably the all star game that they haven't gotten off by just yet what. So they've played in the NFL stadium right. Did you should hit instead they have a DH. Why do they wanna I wanna watch pitchers who I know hold on okay in the World Series. You go to an NL stadium in the pitchers have to hit disputed. What well they had to do that because they got a lot of guys on the roster look at him you got him in their gimmick now about. It did pitchers dirty kitchen pinch hit for the pictures that. Makes me upset. True or go see this John Watson expects to be full go for training camp this week and attends a news that's cute she is great news November 2 towards ACL practice. Need to peers doing he's he said it himself because none. I'm ready to go but he's he's now than both of his knees and should be good. Get those those anterior cruciate ligaments. All taken care of so I'm hoping to see that this John Watson we saw for that short little snippet. At Houston does that makes that division so exciting because we did see with a couple guys said for Jacksonville to see that now sixteen and no. Sixteen. And so. Did remember there's still Jacksonville. Player Louis young liars. And I think despite having helmets and in the same color. Then they'll be able to do. When a couple were him. Their schedules they have a case today Houston twice Tennessee twice. New England. Dallas. To lead. Pittsburgh. So where they see sixteen no it was believed Jackson index in this city Willie Jackson came out Saddam calling it and call it right now. Sixteen you know. Mean you're on dissonant my old bulls. Bleak poll are you serious Clark know that will drive me bonkers at your players say that. They you'd love confidence than theirs stupidity blind stupidity. Not really got. Major League baseball's second half gets underway hair and today dinners I mean we had the cubs beat up on the cardinals last night nine to six but said these Seattle Mariners are back connection made those speed. Chicago White Sox eight we'll break up beneath. In the tough schedule mariners had not played did not play we'll heading into the stretch you. They needed time to get right they've lost four in a row they're three and seven over the last ten guys in roles these 33 and 62 news Chicago White Sox. That's good hopefully to get right series. Hopefully the new pitching. In the Chicago users. Wade LeBlanc says the bump then opposite teams shields. Up at Safeco Field. So. It did based on second half under way. Today that's good time cooler on the fate has tried to bite area heating cooling with more than thirty trucks of Portland in Vancouver you wanna do in an eerie look at train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. Carmelo Anthony gets traded in the thunder got better dusting him on the fan. Every time we'll NBA I wanna give shout outs. And I'm played in the race Lucas foundation golf tournament yesterday that the reserve. Had an awesome time Neeon meld twenty foundation. Does so much awesome work in the community in a is. Marisa gets his son David Lucas has such great job. With that tournament and the foundation altogether. And my playing partners like to think. Doug banks Casey rob costs and rich comic dish on this summer action on the coast only sometimes an awesome time out there bill shockingly. The league gazans is some putts for us 89 years old. Baghdad doesn't need to bend down to read a putt and he ages. But to close every time almost sank a couple really long ones for us. As a special thanks to you David Lucas and kindled memories Lucas foundation awesome time yesterday it add the reserve. Colonel Anthony finally got traded and the thunder founded team dumb enough. To you deal. And take on. Correlate pennies 27 point nine me trillion dollar salary. In the thunder got better. In this trade. As they send Carmelo Anthony to you in Atlanta. In NS protected first round pick. And Atlantic gave up Denish trader. Who was one of six players in the NBA last year to averaged nineteen points and seven assists us last year. When a seven guys in a list is like. Damien Millard LeBron James Russell Westbrook staff Currie. Mean it's a who's who of players in the NBA that hat and James Harden who had that stat line and then Denish triggers in there as well. He goes to Oklahoma City they got better in the street in Atlanta is just gonna waves cardinal Carmelo Anthony pain in the goal I. What I. Obviously he was disgruntled. Yeah in Atlanta and they needed to get rid of somebody because sure aren't a problem yet so there they're doing this or reset button they're starting over there get rid of everybody you're not trying to win now no they're not trying to win is very clear with her to what they're doing in Oklahoma City just settled how do we save 661 million or seventy million dollars. I don't we do that we get rid of Carmelo Anthony who now is. Primed up and ready to go to wherever he wants if it's Houston. Are you must go or just right off into the sunset who knows. Gates and massive mean to admit this ladies and you mentioned seized 71 million dollars the Oklahoma City. Under safe because of salary money salary cap yet on being in the luxury tax. On the what they do is they bring in assured her intruder will be in okay see through the 20/20 20/20 one season. On in so you've got a guy who's 24 years old. For three years will be either backup point guard but it it also he's defensive minded as well in GT and afford Russell desperate to run off the ball a little bit more and you have a guard dates in hell. Russell alleviate some of the pressure is Russell Westbrook is gonna be really good or he'll come off the bench in who have a dynamite number two because the dangers of biggest glaring weakness that the thunder had last season. Well makes sense for both players that the experiment with Carmelo Anthony in the amount of money that he he fleeced. Not only did he fleece. The New York Knicks how was he able to do it to Oklahoma City. Why did that not work well certainly no one expected Carmelo NT to show to Oklahoma City be a dominant ball hawking shooter. He needed. And he didn't he didn't. No be ready you know I've we've seen bad contracts and badly some money in history before you know I think it was the Steve Nash final couple years but the lakers were she was. It's not stealing just this is what do you basketball players are into their careers but watching what Carmelo Anthony's been able to do and under achieve the last few years you just it's amazing. Well he's been a guy who is ever able to win in L via in when it matters and in the playoffs. And it in to his credit I mean Melo up until last year he was still a twenty point games or at least I took our business as a sixteen points per game. I he averaged 22 and visit. 22 points six rebounds in New York that last year. He just was never good enough to win anything come postseason time. Now apparently he'll go to either Miami or Houston Houston's for that plan of which about it'll be on the cheap too. Have fun and a but in later I still don't understand why they would do this. Deal because. They just got nothing in return early in a temporary protected first round pick. And they're gonna go and bill pays a guy 28 million dollars to go ahead you're paying ended in nothing. A lot of money there to synagogue attack and four. But as it is I mean. But ever. Oklahoma City. Got a little bit more depth got a little bit better defensively. The Western Conference it's a little bit tougher for Portland and another another very Portland and then another good player leaves the east and comes west as a searcher. In other news Damian Miller. Do you shoot he said at his NASCAR champion and he. He was talking about the and use us question about how it's. We know your connection to prone why are you happy here when he said I'm happy I'm happy. And he said it's because I condemned India and more than just a basketball player here. He actually loves the city in wants to be here now. And that's kind of what we're talking like he's done so much in the community he said he feels ingrained are we certain abide the more that he says that art. I made a comparison today to your fear said Larry FitzGerald is just like a Damian Miller 'cause Larry came out. Right for the starting training camp said a fireman or do anything I'm I'm going to be prominent play anywhere any to any time. It's going to be with Arizona Cardinals to me he gets it he is mr. Ayers on a cart he might go down in my opinion is the most famous. Arizona cardinal ever. Media can you name one now we are idiots I mean I know that but I discos it just is it's Larry FitzGerald. That is he is he's everything for that organization yeah and so yeah you hear dame and you kind of see it how how do you believe it in the context of at the time. I believe dame. And I still will believe him. And just like I believe Larry FitzGerald there are some guys that are light first. You know maybe dame is that person that is a lifer that buys into it that doesn't eventually your play will the road in the team lets you know that. And that and the league will let you know that right now it is no he's he's at all first team all NBA guard and he's here. When he wants to be here anything until twenties when he I mean they've got a very tight window. Where all of these assets and they've been talking about. They need to be able to be some with them because it we've been text on any better use it Tex and should the blazers go after Carmelo Anthony now because that isn't going to be what. Get this team over the top they have to make a splash here in the next year year and a half. And oh by the way it's the twentieth today. That means you have five dates load for exaggerated that traded that twelve point nine million dollar trade exemption. Or that thing disappears and goes away forever. According to spot track what would be the best way to use that trade exemption. That would be my elusive cautioned me Neil SJ says he has. Are all of these great assets and he is mentioned that Allen Crabbe trade exemption that they got from Brooklyn. On the he's mentioned that as a massive one that they have well if it's not use. Is that is that just a major criticism just a dispute just put a little check mark next to them another mistake that new estimate if it's not used or values are mean. I think yes. Because he's been selling that as a major asset that this team hasn't done that flexibility that he talks about Walt. If you keep you are enable the use that then what good was it to you then and then on February aid. Is winning old mom play. Exemption ends witches is only 3.5 million dollars but. Mean you in this next year while less than a year the Portland trailblazers need to make a dramatic shift because then you have expiring contracts but. OK so we gonna do with those expiring contracts did ten make it trade team get somebody here I mean. Everything if you talk about these assets and we talk about target this is gonna be the time we have this this this in this we have this flexibility. But as the exemptions expire in a going used as you know but contracts become expiring and become more trade worthy. In that doesn't happen then you just strike on free agency Gagnon of giving bloated contracts to guys deserve it. Mean that's really where to go out to. And blazer fans sit there in the cycle again of getting their hopes up and getting feeling like they got burnt. And hopefully your star never feels. Hopefully through the course or hopefully. It this and I mean all this because Damian Miller is happy now. You believe in. Any of the night everybody believes him. Now you know I don't think so either now and because there's a cynical people out there and 55 threes or five that the better you today. Exxon. James Harrison. Is it a criticism of the franchise or the coaches. Here's buck the sports that are. Oh boy seems to be distracted so there's there's no. Leases for another and another fifteen minutes. You have put on the 1998. Apple cup 1997 and 97 apple battle that we're going on right now yet. Ryan leaf just stumbled across the goal line but directories didn't have reviewed so all that it does acknowledge session they did not like they're apple went and scored from the two inch line and one play later now. But you guys are now losing that tough one to swallow there. Record wrecked threw five interceptions that game who is your cornerback has Brock your opponents. And nope nope we you'll posted. Of course season hand grenades and a field make you feel better yeah. Go to stay out there and down that low in the pac twelve does this and the great throws the wave of the future putting this game on our television where you're just gonna get commercial increasingly more upset I'm goes IE I let stuff like that go. Long time ago. Aha did as he sounded silvers and five interceptions I'm Maureen I just mention my hatred towards kickers it was not at that point. Just left in cornerbacks just yet. Jason James Harrison is making headlines retired defensive linemen and noted guy he does not. Like the media too much when he makes his rounds. Which you went on. The undisputed. In human none was calling yesterday's make it out he said Mike Tomlin is a good head coach he's a player's coach I think he's dealer in more discipline. And then added Bill Belichick is a far better coached the thing with dollar check is he's very regiment he's discipline everyone is going to be on the same page. There's not going to be anything as far as. Someone doing their own thing I think over their New England their whole coaching staff as that. Far better coach far better coach bill dollar check in Mike Tomlin. Why is this headline. If we know that our idiot didn't know I don't think we know we that it's knowledge we knew James Harrison was gonna come out and say it publicly. But at the end of his career it in Pittsburgh he was playing was way down the depth chart. And he was even get much done and then. Pittsburgh released him any up picked up by how I don't know. If the eventual Super Bowl contending during a painters he played 91 of percent of the snaps in the Super Bowl. So they they've evaluated this he said he said it very clearly with what New England does they find the guys they put them in their roles. And they don't try to make them do things that they are not get that the very stricter more prepared the better game planning. This is quite clear Mike Ullman is not as disciplined as teams are not as disciplined they're so talented all the time but when you get into close games situations where they need to be better prepared their clock management isn't good. He mentioned also. That there were times at the fans and everyone frog that are watching the game were so frustrated. That Pittsburgh was it was faltering when they needed them to play better. But he made made statements is that there were times when the coaches sent into signals of how the defense playing this defense. How is doing the other you're looking guys blame them for their assignments there is going off the code signals and who thinks coaching is important at the highest level. It is at 100% but. Like it that's been the criticism of Mike Tomlin all along right is late game clock management. And having control of his guys via. Into O'Neal brown doing the cell phone video think. Marti this Bryant lady on bell league Garret blunt and how many times and those guys been arrested for smoke and weed diet are not a or rest a couple times but suspended. Firs smoke and wind is not having that control. Seemingly over your guys a year veered offensive coordinator in year cornerback absolutely hate each other. For two years stuck in the fridge escorted back almost leaves because Batman you know like those are things in the day comes all down to that. Control of your roster and kind of what happens. On within the doors at you they yearned charge. As a head is it a fair comparison to put Bill Belichick on with Mike Tomlin is is that now and that's what I think is likewise a surprising to anybody I don't think it's surprising but I -- I Kaiser rhetorical question a little bit because I kind of feel like the answer is is right in front of us is that Mike Collins consider one of the best coaches in the NFL as they can agree on that yes the one of the best organization to blue blood. Here if you're going to compare organizations of course you're gonna look at Steelers and the patriots why wouldn't you yeah so this is it's not like the patriots just. Have always been a blue blood they just turned into one the last fifteen to eighteen years. But if you're gonna compare coaches this is what Pittsburgh wants there really big look everybody. We love coach Tomlin is the right W you have to figure it out. That Pittsburgh Steelers in the second most dominant franchise the ANC. Outstanding and but they're always looking up doing in dad is in that's the thing is that I teased the segment with is this criticism of the coach of the franchise. Because the bill one thing that the Rooney Finley has always done in Pittsburgh is aid they do not. Changing head coaches was it three head coaches in forty some years. And I mean dad say and it's only just don't do. So is that may be. Eight I mean he's not Pearson himself is not calling out there any feeling but. Can you extrapolate from that is men this actually kind of is on the on the Rooney failed because you are the organization that people would still. Go to real why they respect him. These difficult to listen to one of the probably is gonna go down. James Harrison hall of Famer that there's the first question fifteen years and to create the ad and run of dominance he had I think I think he's a hall of Famer. I think so I don't know if he's a first ballot guy but. In my opinion he's as he's he's a really good. If it's tough to sit there say dizzy of the numbers of Brian Urlacher who did the biggest influence. He was a undrafted free agent that just made his way into fifteen years of a very good play you know that's it that's an interesting conversation in his own right. About James Harrison and kind of how we are gonna do you pass rushers moving forward with the hall of fame because he's Indian I won these first guys that kind of scenario like first Wiener gotten likely need nine guys like Jason Taylor would get in. A pass rush guys in down Pashos specialists and a what do you mean how are hall of fame voters get a and play the game right away intensity strong intense speaking mentioned yesterday as was India interview with call and he he would say things like. You're never gonna run on us mean that's is what he says that I never felt the caller asked a question said Dijjer feel like you got pushed around and nobody could push Mira. Our guys had good technique. He said Joseph Thomas. Was the toughest tackle the ever went up against though news flash the guys from Pittsburgh then Joseph Thomas note it's Rosie yeah I just tough I did steal as it is just. And that's that's kind of how would. How guys are from I mean Mike McCarthy Pittsburgh. And Dan Marino Pittsburgh these guys and they're all this tough count how they greeted and James Harrison who just he just built into that. He's an intimidating man played against him quite a bit very intimidating. Did you see that he came in in the NFL looking like in what he's leading in a faux or you he said the reason why he continued his career he figured out in 2005. Since I started investing in my body freak of nature just invest in my body. African booties in his diet was the number one thing he changed changed everything for him can't let me go bring this back. Full circle Korea we can get derailed and James Harrison and hall of Famer you're gonna say hall of Famer says something like. This if you the Rooney family. When he continued shop played anything out of that if you Bernice. You're going to analyze that while I was going to line of how is the Steelers family like the rim he's going to feel. When their coach are I'm sorry when there're. Legendary player is calling out their legendary coach in what are they gonna feel like that they gonna put him in that. Welcome back mode or they're gonna go. Part of your family done. Hurts at this theater it's the inner circle 'cause that's a criticism. We haven't seen. Yet is say if someone wins in that circle of trust criticizing I'm not. Right. 55305. Is even now better you today tech sign and we need to go off the rails because Jimmy drop below is a really live and up to the starting quarterback thing or is he. Some 44 on the fence. Jimmy ground below is a live and it up. As a starting quarterback. In the NFL. Grapple this offseason. Not only did he get paid. But as buck likes to reiterate is. One of the when he is cornerbacks all time he's undefeated at football never gonna lose game man never ever gonna lose again. But now Jeannie Jean is that nagged at life. And he says he's dating a porn star well I don't think dating. He had on a date with. Very public date to. And assessing the private well I think it was probably a private day but because it was an in LA in aid. Celebrity rich area AT&T was games he was around you know took a screen shots in there we go to (%expletive) I'll blow is seen. Come. By the paparazzi. Going on a day with key our media never heard of her new new era. But from the pictures. Wow. And what's her name against Seton Hall eat her up and running humbled that on the deals on your control. Google and Jimmy drop below and then maybe he'll play a meager anger rob hello. DJ Kennedy's say date though they're okay aren't. I don't work for in York a year ago. But okay anyways so he has he's he has they're gonna date and members like a while ago that click click click. Photos register and then people went to her essence from huge pages. And she heads something as social media poster along lines of a time to put the score and she innate herb could describe she. Pair of pony tail. They did the did the time of the night or the strategy goes from the rest of the pony tail or something like that dominant closers shines degree and that yeah. And you win a little on his face and everything out on the same night as her date went. With Jimmy grapple where they stayed at the four seasons. And now all apparently there is a way. There is a webcam service. That is offering to pay your 101000 dollars for eight tall boy. During a web cam about their entire date and the activities afterward she does a two point seven million mr. Graham followers. And heard titles include keeping up with cure Mira cute cute cute cure Armenia and be cheap Miami. Wait line with the titles that she's known for now. All the movies that these guys who Delaware all credit also tell me dusty what are your credits the guy down again in the northern area this is a credits and I did credited is the BT Miami. Law wow and keeping that would keep your media. OK so that is and you could Jimmy gee you're reaching. Deep in the pocketbooks of eye for talent in saying that member of the black books. Jim black book I did not have liked. What was black books popular. It's the in the 1980s is ready to realize there's a bland book he would he would feel editors a movie where would these folks on the black book of people there. Believe there is a rom com called little black book okay. Well you did have a black book please let stone on the on the better you today tell my dad gave me one ornate you know we didn't know aid and was going into high school is liter all one of the you know I did I just. Your life I didn't out I didn't have a cell phone yet so. He's like you're gonna want something to keep numbers and that and I think I might have put like a number and it and then Microsoft or your high school like got a lot of phone and the phone numbers in there. Can see you're here and had phones I had a beeper mayor my freshman year I school. Continued drug dealer body only do we know religious Bieber for pure raw emotionally so people can CD you have a beeper. The Gainesville drug lowered us. I and doctors need beavers. Hence doctor Bieber and I think he says cell phones are just too expensive like a year later they became affordable in what year did you graduate from high school 03. No they were they are fine then that it's why I'm just and I had a deep in my address your eyes Goldman got to supplements operator. The Nokia brick we will your Doug and Hillary Australians tea in the Q and and a Samsung Samsung. The phone and agree in a blue light up screen by more injured intrigued by Jimmy grapple doing this you know and she was in his black book essentially. You learn is black but. It is this Kate I love their reaction all need to be better. Does seeing. These next 46 years old single guy he's a living his life like what does he really need to be. I'm not here to duty somebody else I'm not here to judge. Nine here too. But let me ask you this is a fair question to you now and to anybody out there in today's public guy. Now I've I've told the study I've told the story before I've I went out when I was in New England and Tom Brady was a very very young man then at the time. And Tommy was living the life. He had just won Super Bowl we went out to The W. Hotel. Now we are sit around in the W hotel and then we are sing in the bars that would be I don't know it's all fancy back then this is owed to him in downtown Boston. And we are roped off section with all the patriots and and the the people would stand out there and it was a glee you look. It look like you're at a zoo and they were walking by and then the guys are some of the guys the single guys like Brady either others. When allows others to come through the rope. Come hang out you've got no I'm kidding I'm not joking here in his I would get there I'm just I'm like AM freezing guy Miriam and this is understanding and how the guys who had a few drinks. A few people. Walker why were you start to go hmmm I wonder what did thereof to Canadian innate here well maybe potentially I don't I don't know I'm not here to judge. And then a and then a a singer. Cox she walks she walks him turn into that she knows singer this is who do you figure that is the hot singer at the time. She was a number one artist 20032003. She's been known for if you think Britney Spears no not Brittany. She's been known for a regular no not proceed now c'mon we getting bigger bigger bigger. Big big bigger when he's now Madrid on Houston no Madonna know. And you're asking me these classy gloves shoes. Hughes she marries whom she's you have she's yet a big apartment in New York to a 33. Floors. My gash. Not gonna get boring them and then I have no idea who you're talking about is she saying New Year's Eve minute edge I Gary. Mariah Carey was standing right outside and finally hero goes a he Brady that's that's right carries a here and the rest is history. They had a good conversation they had a good night together he shook hands with her and name went their separate ways and then and then and then and then he ended up dating American pie blind Bridget Moynahan Bridget no none and nearly terror readout whole year also. So sorry hang it. Solitary it would it would be an every she was hang out at every post game or hang out on the ten the family's there and then she was party terra hole. Yeah RD party partake. Now so he was a young man you live it up the dream of a young superstar. Doing his deal. And nobody criticize that back then nobody had any problems with the private five there was no issue he plays on nobody had social media. Big is it just made my point for me in watching the outrage that hits now over Jimmy G and his personal choices. And when you're young single man in getting it they get after a West Coast got a bunch of money what are you going to do although not all of us are Russell Wilson. Okay I'm married when they showed up and then decided to get together and and merry get married again so. You have Tom Brady who had. Right carrying terror read in the and bridge them winning hand baby mama number one's sure can. And then Gisele you know OK Derek Jeter. In Derek Jeter is a face the New York Yankees the captain ranked. In he would give gift baskets the two women that would leave his apartment. You know a gift basket we got some goodies do go signed baseballs included right and he had a all of these different celebrities some. High class some not. Okay I think with the problem that people have is this is a porn star. And that is so solid paid adult films and so that is is something different they seek. He somehow can't be the face of your franchise now Isaacs I think it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. There is there honestly guys is there outrage of this right now. And I yes there are Seattle faces all owe yeah it's outrage who's out who would be the number one outraged person. Right now a sub Britain McHenry was arranged and can you get up. Net access follow her on Twitter just to split to do without them yet this for testing giggles yup. Brittany cannery is also upsets in every and it's like unacceptable or every. Every. I don't OK if you're the if if you are. If you're sitting there in year the since discovered manager John Lynch him you've gone. You are a little agitated if you're John Lynch but do you think did that will affect his. So you don't build your team coach you know and you know well. Well OK eight in what is up with New England Patriots or former patriots have any porn industry is brought to this trip. Yeah after drug into the trap I have I have arming and drove this question. But a missing anyway cam when you're young in your super talented young individual can you be distracted with women. Peter professional. If you are a professional can you be destroy yes yes if you're young yet highly influential a lot of money and anything India's receive your lead guy. If this is the wide receiver we don't care does the tackle we don't care is the safety we don't care and it's the quarterback. Can that be distracting. Yeah but it's not a reality no idea it is out 100%. Yes OK AT&T the Dino will be. We don't know exactly now so I that's well tonight that we could just love it seems ridiculous Iger. Because I didn't. And Alison nine I think. Eight out of ten people at his age with his amount of money. Eight out of it he's nonsense half you think is 8% would probably are the same valley girl. Yeah pride when I painted as the San Fernando Valley girl. It's always awkward it's not an offense and it's exceedingly entertain. It's we can would you rather next on the fan.