Dusty & Cam Friday July 20, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, July 20th
Dusty and Cam discuss small talk conversations, the NFL puts its national anthem policy on hold for now, and with Willie Taggart recycling the same material at FSU that he used at U of O what are your favorite coach-speak quotes?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This week of the open championship. Plays out at Carnoustie and Scott. This is just in Denver in the morning on Scottish. I mean the British Open win. Rusty by aryan heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with theory heating and cooling go to Gary heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. Dusty in jail on ten maybe you've got sure. Are content to people. Why did. Bribe me too yeah. July 20. How's everybody Friday morning going. 10 good morning how ordinary or then I'm good I can hear lawyers Earl went there Vernon bike our Elaine good listed. It was cold yesterday this sort of yesterday. And in this morning there was a difference. Is she really not going to be chilly it's can be can be toast again well on his way back good temperatures baca I will say that today. Is right in the wheel house of perfect weather. Because supposed to be like high of 83. Sunny. Little early morning local little bit of cloud cover than it just gives nice 83 degree way to go number two in my stop and chat list. And if that's what we and we never did officially laminated sheet of the stop just holidays you Amezaga jet fighter and denied vehemently with every other day I think we need like something posted up you know we do and we need event only to people can slide their wallet for their best step you don't have as dean button started every time we do a stop in jets start has them. The only good. No they're not him zone and you now know how kids kids. Kids get bigger the terrible and taller now how did you did you know how frustrating it was the deal when traveling a way do. He's bad with very frustrating action needed. Matthew it's on screen from all the weather chain that is actually true about the traffic well. Traffic's. In his still blah well yeah honestly dusty how're you doing. And there's five covered all five. Up and we've been by thirty seconds there you up pretty well until that stuck in my hand now I am stunned and Janet. A little dirty mess no that was that that would be 6000 work that's good and work is good that is our. Works fine works fine when we're working and I did anybody sit there when named indigo the house work what do you expect out of Nevada. I did get in dorm we really expecting a then again all those questions what's your standard answer on house work sucks. Now you're out you're out playing golf yesterday good in everybody asked at the house working he says yeah ducks were this. It's an acknowledge its work is good these things are great work with the law banning ms. buck in this. Yeah but the idea the Israel dragnet no it drags me down you mean yeah. Basically that's how doesn't. Have a standard answer because I have standard answers also. Well you know might go to Lance drew and that how you gonna sit and get older. Knowledge that that's my sanity these stock response that you don't relate to things stock response is that an old man that's an old man trick where are you feeling today older Dick complaint here employed. Is still alive try to do it in got a break and now another day or read them. And that's an old man mum walk America and there it I try to curtail these questions being asked him he's going good I am. I so you intentionally lay on the I'm uncomfortable you are waking loses I'll tell you asked the question you get them no response and then you go with the one word response after that now to try to make the awkward response early shot across the bow that I do not want to talk to you about this via real. I'm trying to are you doing good good. And get out of my face good. He's doing good. I'm doing good fight until this holly hill fighting that war I think that urge to be removed from the language of responses was fine. Hate that word one of it might top a double words and little Satan meant. My soldiers say I don't care what your talking to me about now I don't care about anything deals on to something here on the dead heated attacks on five factories or 500 work is work. No matter what you great point degrading answer. How's work lab work is work do you believe in this theory that no matter what you do no matter how you do it if you do it for awhile. Everything turns into work it no matter what you do at a radio. No matter what so someone could say even even that we had Marty Smith on the show yesterday which was Marty party great guy. Do you think he wakes up and goes to trim its work and today. Yet there are pointed you don't just say hey this work I get a look. There there are diesel and I feel like that but there's a lot on most days I don't. I don't feel like Alan when we come into quo work you don't usually when that alarm goes off at forest this work. That sucks a lot of time. That would that is work out aren't being mentally that lets work yeah I don't think I'm in the Sox have to go to work is that I cannot believe it's for him or him again. Human beings are not meant to get up and then I fart and then roll out of bed and he's got out of the wife on the way out. Yeah it. Did you kiss your as the buyers she still sleep. Easily kisser about it sleeping in now and isn't like that. But it is doling don't. Yet this I know I'll move to leave me alone don't move anything don't bump any thing. Kim was good with that until he got a puppy she's like once you leave this room do not American your weight that up not doing Obama doesn't regularly outsells the child's life is good in this is that we TU. Yeah it'll be two weeks Saturday that we that are at -- do you settle on Posey is the name Posey early game goes yep she had her first vet checked up earlier this week got good shots. Yet everything's good shall go back now another four reach for more shots and I wouldn't be Sino very dizzy she can be so that's resilient socialize and other people's dogs they care visit loop. In our house in Ohio and on the house like caught it last night right before she was gonna try to cut it Carter in the squad didn't get the Puk are hurt the dollar. I mean it's. And hardwood floors very very good student good I Cotter like in I got caught her body both like as she was popping a squad call at Ohio ran outside drop out there on the bark dust and do it via. This is great we've understood Betty it takes and just always reply with you with your name how is our man Ryan. Nice to meet you Weaver TM three years our man for. Yet Phillies Eagles is that you know my name. In Nam vet that's good way to lock away from the congresses and make sure those and haven't again. I. Agree. I have a problem with not only people's names that work you know. Problem with that. Well there is an interview that Aaron meeting a united skipped out on last week earlier this week. Was there late last week and buckle into it when he's I don't know. Don't worry about it right did you tell right Tony is now I know ideal target value because he had like 800 email reminders I knew I am a lawyer talking about all had them. But Buckley to this is this a meeting here at work. And they made a circle and they had. They had a decent sort of like introduce yourself and it came to bucket and everybody's like we don't know who you are music I don't know you all the way to the way to the Texas has worked as you had to introduce the person the left of you once everyone got like a bowl win was this no idea what you're talking you know it was last week. It was last week it was like a new meeting they exercise is there is that they did it gives you an exercise. Where we had you'll get the circle. Glad I have birth dates and without the without talking to each immediate use like hand signals and girls mind gosh and I was in my hand signal on my signal here. He could get radio founding. Him being that ally in early February birthday I was like at the front of the line in the third person in the woman says standing to my right goes. I don't know your name and a might know anybody's name and knows about it. Yards you glad you feel very unimportant. I still unknown yeah that's kind of how I feel like voice yet. Got them aren't I glad I mean I have no idea I did not get that email and yes he's been no I didn't incident I have selected email choices eight LA I don't know bad you know an amen to be honest with the with you and and but I'm not the grow best that email responses. That's not my Forte I'm Mort a caller more of a stop and chat person and look taller you. Some will say mean email cross the other side of the cubicles I'll get up and walk over and talked to them. It. You know I'd I don't wanna I wanna have a five page communication via email ID you can walk over. We'll talk to him then we'll deal with the you're really upsets me is that wrong. Is me colts when you call somebody here in the new text you what's up ya know that no bugs the crap out of me she. OCR you're is a when someone calls your your desk but you can actually hear calling like you don't hear that in the room. I don't a manager my old job who is office it was like right on the newsroom and your folder wring your desk and you look in his office you're a clear ringer just come talk to me now nor does it in March toward toward your love is all or don't care. I heard an entire conversation between our program director in our promotions. Goddess of Lisa. Their offices are probably fifteen feet from each other three strides apart if you're gonna make it a try strides. Easier to make a triangle. I would be in the middle of them. And I rode through both sides there converse is true. And you're like on the corner is their window chambers named hung up the funding a good Josh you're talking at all I heard me. His ridiculous is that. I don't know. There. This segment pentagon everywhere and by the way folks this is a preview to you. They've Friday's show after the all star of your images on Wednesday and in right before training camp starts in the NFL. A sign of things to count. We need football team I remember was just like yesterday. It. In the year 18159. Brooklyn and New York played in the first ever baseball game where admission was charged. 181518. What is he now is it mission fifty cents fifty cents. To gauge to see. I doubt you guys seen this team be just any remotely. I think is probably. You gotta jet says sorry to hear all our car ran it go away would colonel cars. You're earlier muggy in the answer regards imagine it's like going to the first. You charged fifty cents which was a lot of money back and right course us. Pieces to admit the bit of. Players weren't paid those like a college game. Basically college game players to get a money. Whoever decided to hold the game got a bunch of money her. That evidence today's history okay. We've got NBA trade talk about teeny little alerted. Loves Portland. Run hired James Harrison does not love Pittsburgh apparently are we can would you rather. But has prepared for us at 8 o'clock in our textual relations today we will read a bunch of lines from Willie Taggart ACC. Coaches media day is first as Florida State's head coach it was a very familiar to duck fans. Which brings this to coach isn't so why is your coach Hughes LB are sexual relations today. Match five factories terrified the better you today Tex signed wary start this show the NFL reversing course. On a policy that was controversial to begin at. And now they're going now we don't know entity of the most NFL thing possible 614 on the ten. Help calling a Kelsey is on there National Anthem protest. Rules. On yesterday after. The Miami Dolphins. It became public that they were gonna try and puts that in there. Player. At the gate top of first raw. Rewind here. They have they like player's handbook that her contract and each player has to sign. Every year does every team do this where they have like a rule book may have signed these paper agreeing to it. Well things have changed because every every team has always had. He you've heard the term conduct detrimental yeah and every teams have their own rules put in place to. On top of what's already been negotiating the collective bargaining agreement which you can have those things are most times you know yet teams have a handbook or things that they do. But the NFL does and the PA agreed on something that is. All universal. But what the dolphins a player's handbook and player agreements. One of the disciplinary. And actions. Was four in the protests. And we need. NFL made their rulers you can either come up and ascent immersed in the locker room there was a each individual team can have their own policy at their discretion. And since this was put under the personal conduct policy of the NFL. What the dolphins did is said you can be suspended up to four games. For a National Anthem protest. That would pardon BD maximum punishment because that's maximum penalty right under the personal conduct policy correct at that point. Everybody goes why it you're suspending guys for four games fourth quarter this season. And the NFL in the NFL PA released a joint statement shortly after that saying. We aired no counties honoring the policy period. Yeah it what happened in the immediate reaction was my gosh what what have we done we've in the dolphins are claiming you all what did you want us to do because they're sitting there they're telling. They're players are telling the league you wanted us to put together some sort of response and what is the typical legal response. When you do something wrong maximum penalty could arbitration we'll talk about C we get a reduced later because it just might as well do it at that most you know I can find. The situation where the NFL does not extremely punish you because they're not gonna deal with the Ray Rice situation. Ever again and come out with same two. There are gonna put the maximum. And then they can back down from there and so the dolphins got their hands up now. He got a big on your face as Miami's go giro you made us look bad. You know it's funny now. Is that I can see this being like a situation where the NFL owners drew straws as to who is gonna be the first person to put out this policy for sure because somebody it was bound to happen somebody had to do it dude first I find it funny that the the ravens are already in camp yet we haven't heard anything about this is I don't adults they're like hey dolphins got. Heard it really says you're in Miami it's warm there are no everybody's happy you know to some down there you guys take the heat because you can't have a team like that continually and steps and it time and time again. Had to be them so they made is that the dead dolphins haven't done anything wrong and while sure you have no problem he is doing well both these guys. Because I really do think that this is probably. There's all 31 other teams are going all Solis didn't work and they were backseat driver because. There is in in the dolphins little agreement in this is says. A fine. And then they can escalate up to a four game suspension if we deem it necessary right. It's not what they would do you mean the likelihood of anybody gets suspended four games are one game is very low. Yet unless. They were doing it to essentially cover themselves yet and put the most maximum out there and they could then dial it back from the area sources from the dolphins said. Yet they had no intention on exercising this they just automation or it's just any legal document that they are trying to. Rule into their their but that is of course as soon as he gets a minimum as law a. Oh this only dog and immediately sort of action is what nowadays with anything NFL knee jerk. Outrage complete outrage. How dare you what's a player gonna do with Blair immediately gonna do in the NFL when they see that. Tweet is now. Gregory would you beam would you be bitter. Again Arial another rule we have to deal with and there's there's fine lines and this is this is turned into a way it's just it's it's just messy and it's all on the NFL for allowing this happened. I'll do but. I think that this was a perfect. Perfect time for the NFL in the NFL PA. To release this joint statement and the NFL to pull the record on it route and get away from this in the policy because nobody liked it. Right I mean you have the people our outrage over the at the protests are saying this is even worse now. And thank you so we didn't help your cause and all now you can actually a unit out say your players. Because you didn't you didn't consult the players association one bit art when you made that when you made they knew at the policy. So now you get actually go back to the drawing table and trying to get this thing out the reality evidence. That there probably isn't a good response to a like if you're never going to appease everybody in this thing. So the NFL will likely go back to what they had before which is really no policy at all and that's what they're doing for the foreseeable feature. I have no idea with a win is for either side at this point I mean I I don't know this is turned into a pissing match between players and owners. And league and that's really what this is we've lost in mind in just in my this is just my opinion but I think we've lost what the true meaning is of what what these protests are now it's about power and control him and in to each their own at this point now in the league and you gotta pick and choose there there were those you out there that. That dislike of those you that think it's okay it's just this is where wrapped were rat now everybody get on offense and figure out which side you wanna be on. Yup or just sit on the middle. When a lot of us try to do and enjoy the games who knows where you are it just depends on which type of Fannie wanna be of that of the sport at this point anyway what do what is it anymore. We've lost its all lost in translation. Head I mean we've we've set we we sit here and we. We've become so wrapped up in the National Anthem before the game bearer or the way the game and have put all takes a backseat a lot error. I think that this has mostly due at the offseason because I remember. Like do you remember what you were talking about the pro does it wasn't on the Monday after the games you know it was on this Sunday's relay. It was on like Monday Tuesday and Wednesday a win big games had become me in the periphery and then is like oh yeah we can talk about this and now so then. Higher offseason is it Sheryl Crow that just said just give me something to talk about and they use it let's give him some advice to give him some talk about. Let's talk about love love love love love. And lighten it up the end. Of the yeah. That is a dramatic reading and Sheryl Crow clearance but that's the again did a good legs your daughter grows spoken word I would like to renew America. A god bless him. Jobless Americans hit. I was dude is up next segment. Willie Taggart Florida State head coach he took the podium eight ACC media day. And organ fans this'll sound familiar. We regale B Willie Taggart playbook. Staining from Hertz to doing something let. Is Barney rates but is Jerry crow yet they are you thinking Jesse and news. They're they're the same I had a big thing for show pro am and as the dinner in. Didn't Lance Armstrong also he did. I Dow is over show prominent. On our right. I've spoken word body great. Our own words sorry we don't we know and anybody there. Protests that hit this city and please come down and protest the sports guys are you amused how dare you disrespect Gary made it anyway. Are those what that bug protesters about here it sound like he's shooting it. Actually saw Bonnie Raitt concert last summer did and you still didn't know still in ill. Health. There's not 100%. Do she's saying now you don't know let's ask for nobody handle another song sheet that was the issue is opening and playing with James Taylor right. I'm. That's a whole deal. Magnets that concert it's a slow Jim moment yeah Rhode. Island at weird news deflating AT&T park. Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian there. Health is primary Taggart. Next Friday best coaches and here's bock feel drunk. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niners five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and like him I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 553 o'clock message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. I'm. 530 by better be better used today tax time. Let's get sixty votes and. Florida State coach Willie Taggart to the podium and ACC media days. And it sounded like she is. Personally he's hit the university of organ and while his only needed to hit university Morgan. We saw this on Twitter is peony Anthony points out. I think has confirmed on Twitter Willie is a robot remember when there's like the scheduled tweets like done every year just changes the hash tag in the team right. On that people and pulled up wool these quotes from media Darrell almost exactly the same and it's just like. This thing about it is that. It doesn't sound like. And you can't have the exact same issues and as many places as he's been right. So some if you heard this before Willie Taggart said. I thought I was gonna come here have a budget herds and we don't we have much a really good young men that wanna be great. He's of that exact same thing in organ remember when he came in and in yet she remembered as he is the word turns and I was like who uses the word to herds. And he'd just throw that out there and then he said. I thought we use the one thing that we really need to do is that I thought that our team chemistry was broken. Inner team didn't handle adversity well because you don't care enough about each other. Exact same thing that he says is set about it now it's cookie cutter for Willie Taggart to kind of step in and Israelis. I'd I'd there's a lot of coaches that have certain things. I would I would be very curious I was. Just in the northwest I if there was any Boise State fans I'm just bringing us up because than that. Chris Peterson been a wash your drool while. If if you listen to both and he's on the same thing I wonder if a lot of coaches that I jumped around Tom Herman that our Houston fans are they doing in that Texas is he's doing the same thing. But it's eight maybe it's more egregious to us here. In Portland and and an organ because we were so close and got to hear so much of Willie Taggart and now a year ago at nearly. He went to Florida State and did the one and done and it's the same thing. Does it feel like for him. This is just mean going really disingenuous it just feels really fake it feels really program dike there yeah. Like there is days Willie and then there's these this this public figure person but there's a real disconnect between the two via. All is just bait and one thing that we haven't gotten to see is. Wind is this you know this arsenal of quotes and he has run now. Because he's it's every three years it's a reset rent and so he's never had his message kind of Wear out and Wear thin on anybody because he's never been a long enough. Do you know anybody like that that he was mentored by. Jim Harbaugh has. Yeah but but I I get it Jamar has been around him he was at San Diego and anyone did this every Disco and then now we see in her. Stanford sari and then in San Cisco and then now it at university Michigan. Yeah well I'd I don't what I don't know about this is certainly. There's the public. Talks that EC and then there's the I'm in your recruiting room with your parents who who who is that person. You know those of us that understand it no you have to be kind of a chameleon when your head coach now in a really have to be a pay apparently it is like. And apparently it's. Very dynamic because he's a heck of a recruiter in what he says resonates and registers with people. But then again like recruiting you can use those that message in that same kind of monitor over and over and over again. And that's what wins its own people it's the first time they hear what true and it's new it's always recycled yet is getting a new class every single year they've never heard this talked before the when they've heard for three or four years. In mid did Danish and they're gone okay it was for this reform and I think that's general yeah I care to very true I think that's why knicks' David works so well. Because it's always it's always his message is though. Comes from an authoritarian message of this is how we're gonna do things. Willie tigers comes from a message of now we gonna do it this way. Yeah it it's just the delivery it's remember how we talked about Danica factor yesterday and how her. Her comedic delivery. It just it does he keep it it it's not by I can't buy it. You think he's got kind of like the motivational speaker thing going on where I manufactured a little bit as the big guys that did that Tony Robin message is it feels Tony Robbins to me. Like I couldn't I I finally at some point Imus gonna go. I know your sell me something and just sell it to me now stop would just give me the Tupperware prank or what's funny he's not always free s.'s how I got out of the way to make himself not sound cliche but then by repeating them they become duration but he as a coach buck and I think all of us that maybe you've been coached or anybody. Certain time eat your message is gonna get modeled after awhile but you always every coach has that coaches them. Like it did died while Don James you are really their long enough to have to. Did you have coaches I had those coach's sons. That I have always stuck with Q. Guess coaches and their pride the best thing Ike and it's not just like attack on nine Willie's tiger is d.s sudden. Do you sell these sound. It's like to hang out turgeon had deterred though from like this texture on the better you today Tex signed by factors GO five says. A great coaches them can go a really long way and a did you have coaches that have any like really get months. Now. You really know like he did it didn't happening oh he would block out as you're ever that you're particularly when the classic Victor shot when he is in New Orleans and he stand in the locker room after the game in 1997. News. A degree became a team to the didn't. You'll remember that he got a video that on on you tiger and I remember an idea that got it that's he'll find that it's it's it's it's one of those and he give a couple of those emotional. Maria it's an aegis is a mine that. I never did but it was coach easily go did you. It was never an and so like Mike Martz did anything and he was just kind of the cerebral. Genius and includes Belichick gives you nothing. Nada. I Jim has that he was also terrible you had set keyboard player high school coach no nobody. Nobody. Really know there was an end Izzo might in how our Ryan never in my life had a raw raw ahead. Head guy detainees be raw rock. Like the one that always that I am I'd resonates and I heard it so much and out as a kid growing up. Was my dad coached again and Tom Smyth is head coach and Lewis and Greg he's a long time high school cuts near tip. And I never forget. Like in the pregame in the locker rooms for games he'd say winners win losers bitch and let's go let's go into acting and that's always kind of resonated like and just go go out and play no excuses. Like that mine that's good I wrote a book titled that. So you just reminded me of mine and I used it before. Randy Hart was a long time defensive line coach he'll go to the coaches all the things and be worked out he co chard is is amazing you worked at Stanford. And they loved him there and now he's just officially retired she is the originators. Of move the drill. In my mind them well because he played at Ohio State under would be we days. In big east leading nine on seven and full tackle before. The game they would go outside. Of the stadium at the horseshoe you can before the game started. Fans everywhere they go to do as the little practice area and they beat the crap out of each other and then go in and play the game. That's so crazy Woody Hayes was when he punched a player he but we yes he did an imposing player in ran and the first time I learned this. And I learned it when I got there is a fresh through the first two day practice in full pads we did nine on seven and board drills and a dude snapped his ankle. And he was screaming. Coach Carr picked up the board slid it off to decide moved its and well the guys screener with a broken ankle. It is rare move the drill and then for the rest of our days we were always just and that was that was our motto we just moved the drumming from the next he'd get hurt. We're down two point move drew let's go and so that would be one. It sits is being your own personal next man up kind hated it and it is it's how why can't comment on my of my life works many disease. Feel sorry for yourself dude move to drill to go there. Five factories your class and as your best coach isn't that the better you today Tex signed it 643 on the event. Jason's Willie Taggart takes the mideast EC media days. Basically the same thing and it is an organ is inching text here. But he today it's excellent I found these are five he said this text your business hello. But minute. Well. It sounds like. You guys are better organ tens of your doctor and they're really bother you. On and then says thank you sound like organ fans a little salty here because he's in the same thing that he did. I just think it's surprising we didn't know why wouldn't you be so what com. It's surprising. Okay I'm an organ him but I must salty over this I just think it's interesting in today's day and age with. Everybody having social media the ability backtrack and look at all these quotes and stuff that. The guys are recycling this manufactured stuff that he's put up there and doesn't bother me is an organ parent I just think its interest off yeah I I am the guys I'm perfectly OK with saying that. If someone comes in go to your team and and lead you down the primrose path and gives you bunch of pump me up and all that stuff you buy into it and then jump ship and leaves you you can be a little bit bitter. You can continue shining you can move on eventually but you're gonna throw shade any guy that lied to you William in essentially that there's nothing wrong with admitting that I I have that I still have that. Animosity towards these are keys and but I think he's it did think he's just one of those guys it was a shady shady grouper eyesight and orders sending an invite to your birthday party no I was not been so I'm okay without does that mean if I had to sit in front of them I wouldn't shake his hand would probably mean but that's. That's part of human emotion what you wanna city wouldn't if your family your team William and here's that here's the thing with tiger I think this is for me if I'm more surprised. Though Willie tell it like I'm surprised Willie Taggart is this tight. Blatant list I'm gonna say the exact same thing that is at one year ago at this time and tweet the exact same things and like this stick is I didn't think Iran has deep like his quota by this infamous for organs when multiple championships and a first class manner. That's our vision and that's always our vision well that's it yet that's exactly what he said. And a last year too it's like. I get it blink your vision is but it's kind of weird I really like this coaches among the better you today they're trying coach would say excuses are like butts we all got him and they all stake. Then those Elliott Elliott won yet dealt luncheon on every jury is his I got out coached my it's also pretty good sized keys. Ruins the entire thing Lee. All of this one. This is for them. Coach stubby lions at seaside high school which by the way coach study lines is a great name for a coach. Knees on the key coached a long time of 119 beats him up to him and said coach a team Debra Maier his coat with quit being empty rub some dirt and tape an aspirin Jude and get back out there. On Monday showed up with a Qassam two breaks his affirm the tape aspirin auto like they don't you take the S Purdue coach and a doctor and rents and third on a you know with the old staying remember Jack Youngblood for the Los Angeles rams this and number 85 the reason why couldn't Wear number 85 rows and in Saint Louis while they're young -- Jersey married if I was retired. He's the staple of rub some dirty play with a broken. Tibia. Like his leg was broken half PT literally. Let him make it up and played two games in the playoffs right yeah. Well the toughest guys did that was a different era where little bit different now can do death some guys don't do that yeah thank. Well. No it didn't somebody do them like a couple of years ago. And some daylight where guys guys play with c'mon guys play with injuries all time but broken leg. Mean every plays with with the injuries that's this party and there's also seeing is being healthy in football. Are dealing today. Feel ready from livable. Did you ever coaches like we're attacking coach isn't here at deal has this when it's added a little while coaching they always say. Long story short then proceeded to the longest long story ever. Do you have one thing where you like outlines a closet for a period and yet. I always try to speed my stories but sometimes if you gotta be good long one it better be good. It can't be long just to be long the word honestly you can tell. That is long and is losing interest you know he is able to have the neighbor of the guy the coach that just can't give you a quick answer he's got to give you the the other minute Utica. I actually had a in my neighborhood does that Timmy I mean they were to I was taking the garbage out last night to the curb. And he tried to get in the conversation. In as they haven't eyes hadn't totally under the breasts I was tired I was grumpy. I just said. He guessed he said about construction I feel bad now but as I know you don't I go yep it's busy yeah I just kept walking inside I felt bad it because it but I was tired hinges on lies and angry. This when his great we have a friend I was him name is short story long. Yeah. Did you ever had a anywhere you knew you're in trouble. It was washed away any tennis is only year they need to see in my office. I'll that was that he we didn't have text back then surprise no I get the courtesy phone call. In the many from down before class Mujica dummy Armenia office we have out isn't now doesn't colleges. New Jersey seems that it happened to walk to the principal's office just two days has been. One he found out. About insert whatever you did hear every did order class or did some wrong June there goes a scholarship. It's gone. You know one of those two things in hand was always revolved around something you did at school lets allies are like he always knew. They could be people think in attendance for us civilians show of the catching you you're in trouble to get you in high school my coach coach countries Cisco. Young man. From. Think when your mom or dad call you by your full name yeah. Is young man like does it oh crap it's death and they need your really in trouble if heat he always tell this clip where he crosses arms. And then he just well did you feel inferior poll of one finger come here. In Europe dude c'mon over here. You knew you just said something that we should mark the don't you knew it would say about it and catch it and I missed that you looked over about to see if he if he knew. Kinda noting that nobody else got to go back to about 655. On the dot and we're gonna have doubt on. Munich if you're ten minutes. Earlier on time here on time relate. You know what the scariest moment in our eyes his. We're football player this is as for when you wake up and really you overslept your alarm it is the most terrifying feeling. Or that moment when you show up to the meaning you get to the door and your and everyone else is already sitting down on the coach is standing up in front of you. Of them. On TV and other oil like who have as a football player it is the work I can't think of anything worse struggling you show up to the place you think demeaning supposed to be you walk into the room and it is. Empty and you realize you got the wrong spot wrong place or time. That was balance it happened I I guess I think that's worse. As a pro ballplayer just as in I mean I think that it's in all the same thing it's like they can Albie meeting somewhere else you just you went the wrong yeah see if I do that in in real life I don't care. I don't need that too buddy but in football world if you do that he knew immediately you're running the stadium stairs or you were running you're in the breakfast club for the next month no BI in new just as nerve racking is you know every team has airy you know any business. Business team anytime there's a meeting there's not one person who's always liked the last person and if if you're walking down the hallway and you see that person is gonna get their before you could I don't know if there ever really date. This one and those of us that that were late it was you know EE show up late to a meeting. Ten minutes late the maximum finally some at the last collective bargaining agreement I was in with 5500 dollars. You relate to meeting for 5500 dollars in the NFL it's still a point of being. Yeah. We broke here. While it yes I can't afford that. And death at 55. The re easier by better you today Tex and I wanna hear coach isn't 'cause is so these are just fantastic. Right and go against some of those next hour plus eight trade in the NBA and when it may mean for Portland. And hot cold hot sports stories of the day next on the fan.