Dusty & Cam Friday April 20, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, April 20th
Dusty and Cam discuss how the Pelicans have made life miserable for Damian Lillard and the release of the 2018 NFL schedule featuring five primetime games for the Seattle Seahawks.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. How far can they go I knew going into the 2000 hormonal effect on the Florida side earlier we're. Glory years charter schools in the world. This is a play out for commission of dusty and cam in the morning drives you buy a red tailed off and it's pretty intense out. Friday April 20 he's spending the 22 up to 50% off everything else they've they've got red tail dot com for more tea tails. Dusty and jam on ten AB has been a roller coaster of prayer and at that I've been here five a lot of great feedback. On. On the Portland diamond projects offer and here here's the here's Texan. We will revisit this in her of course there is whether they accept the offer or not we should be glad the city does not lead to yes as fast as local sports talk folks. He says great. We appreciate you gastric. I appreciate you don't think would do you know but then nothing is a no brainer here and you know I agree with with this is like. In Ayer said this last segment in that. We don't know won it all of the details are but from what we do know right now. It then it seems like everything is trending in the right direction and no taxpayer monies going to be spin on it. They're offering a fair acting what I believe is more than fair and reasonable offer to Portland public schools. Which is eighty million dollars in cash in new sites in building. For the district offices there and a fund two to build Jim's fields and athletic facilities. That seems fair yeah that's spinning first of all too I'm not asking for everybody to stand up certainly just just yet yet he gets it because that's when you get taken advantage of what I'm trying to get across to anybody that's a city counts America including the mayor and the people the powers that be is all the red tape you need to be open minded and say let's start this conversation let's move forward. Doing things the right way and let's do this together. There's a way to get this accomplished but not be a closed door mentality first and that's why I'm asking for. In this is just the initial offer video that you don't make an offer on some without opted somebody's sank countering. So you know and added this is trending in the right direction than excited for. And I'd love to speak with you know the mayor our. PP yes officials on what their think how they're going to ask him straight up and we will be hearing from the Portland I'm project at some point we do you have confirmation that. But right to me now. It. It is. 706. It's odd and why is it cool very cool and hot and cool whip dusty in jail. Dose of positive. Great story. On the fan but I. Trucks in Portland and then. IA needs to put in jail blazers get thumped last night. Dailies went 1912 of back to this gap. We billion. And we bring you back to reality and Wimbledon back up again yeah we lowered every some positive ID and wrestle dose of positive ready. 191 OT of. We talked about just kind of how it all played out turnovers lob after lob after lob after lob after lob. Being. Executed on your defense re waving a white flag at the Iqbal at the end at the final seven and a half minutes. Where is that closers got in the. And it's just I mean it's got to be so hard. I god bless Kevin clout grow in the martyred for trying to find bright spots out of that they've dug down deep into their. In their that are for their loyalty core no thing. New I think positive from lax and its reform and opening tip there was nothing end. I have long said that you know the criticisms of Damian Miller threw to first two games. It was luck their throw things at him. In doing things to him where they're saying beat beat us dame beat us last night wesun dame. Is finally look like he was pressing. And now performance is not good highlighted by eight of the Portland trailblazers 24 turnovers classic season high in turnovers. We saw that he got to a point where he just said. Screw it. I'm gonna try to just get to the rim and he ended about the twenty points he got. Got to the free throw line eight times last night but outside of that that was the first and that we really saw. Dane struggles and it was a struggle for him to get going get free get loose and it looked like he was. It looked like he was beat us. And that's the first time on it on C the first time that I can was you'll remember. Watching that and Damian Miller. We're exhausted. He's been beat up. Hats off. Golf clap to the New Orleans pelicans and and coach gentry what they were able to do the dame who beat him up. Physically you can't withstand that I've seen it happen to the greatest in the world Michael Jordan got beat up by the pistons multiple CD you know the Michael Jordan in 1986. Averaged 44 points a game in that series. Got swept yes I so it's happened before. Okay that's that's happened before you averaged 44 point one man can't do it in the greatest in the world can't win you a series. It's called a team game for a reason and that right now he doesn't have the teammates with the with. The gumption to lead them to woods in not only a series win but for gosh sakes. It just one win. ES one win one competitive. Four quarters and you know and again we don't have you know a win. Even if it came to the point where. Damien Millard came as close to. Throwing guys under the bus that I've ever heard any didn't really get. And it's the reality of what New Orleans is doing. Is they're throwing double teams and traps set him that he hasn't seen before in. You know he answered the question after the game. You know even double team trap before why is this different houses different and he said. He does. And the bigs and it's the bigs in the bigs are doing stuff. That I haven't I haven't been able to do before because Anthony Davis and Mirotic a run in with them he said were kicking out to the weak side. And we have been able to make the shots. That is. That's that's that's him saying. I passed hoping guys and they don't make it the shine. And one thing that dads said and we said over the course the years. Dave takes with the defense gives you. They're giving the blazers open looks. They can't make them pay for it and then limited last night said all right I gotta do more on my own. In a lead to eight turnovers and what turned into a meltdown of the game for Portland. I watched fame and you get to here are eager to hear his voice you just feel that because the but the team believe practiced in just. They exude his energy along with coach Stotts I use this analogy all the time we take on the identity of your head coach and then after that. It trickles down to your leadership. Danes broken. He's been broke. And that's that's that's just part of what it is you can see from the attitude to security in his voice and the team is looking out his says if my leader is broke. And my also. My leader that stands in an orchestrates everything Terry Stotts. Pulled out everybody with seven minutes and fifty seconds left to go in the fourth quarter and threw in would you call the what the closers. In the White House in the right side. Yeah throughout dirt out there and city you guys have given up my starters have given up everybody it's just it's what's the point anymore. And that's hard to deal with when your deal with pros and I've seen it and here we go again and we get to hear this and now. The hardest thing for me to see is some that's a really new passionate blazer fan. And loves this organization and the team. Is to see the fan comment of here we go again in the Portland trailblazers the mediocre. It will get this in will be average in here we go another five year plan. In two games in his prime and but he's not in his prime and now we get to hear from Neil O'Shea in how's he gonna spin this in the way that he says is to stick to a process what is mile shade gonna do. What is he going to say. How can he just a lie what what he is put together show me that you know it's for. You had me is spray had a tweet last night and that he would hit the nail on the head and I can imagine Neil O'Shea was a good saying. Every single one of these things to try and polish what is reason these. Did did Tim brown and your gonna instead very curious to see on Neil she'll answer. For this after the season is over you've built the roster you'd build out those contracts on it and Sprague. Replied with a bunch of responses that Neil shenae would likely have. Where the youngest playoff team Zack showed tremendous growth. We were banged up at the wrong time with Melanie T dame is just entering a superstar prime years three of a five year rebuild and and we were the three seed in a tough west. You could see him saying all of those things to try and polished this and not look at the fact that this team physically. Is not up to snuff with the other playoff teams and it's a glaring. In this. In this series you and your Damian Miller side right after the all star break at this team wasn't there because who'd he meet with. Paul Allen you know like I don't think secret. Guys I I'm I'm here. I'm gonna tell you so. I don't thing you'll say like what Damian Miller did. I think that got under his sat out. I think there's a problem off. I don't I don't know that I don't I don't discount it says this is Mike this is my job to throw things darts at the wall and see if they stick. But I do believe that undermining your general manager such as undermining the one meaning answers yes I don't think he'll (%expletive) like that do you think mile she likes any sort of criticism. I don't think so not all of us love criticism I get that but when you're at a high paying job in your team is a performing to the expectations. You deserve to be criticized that's what's gonna happen that's our job that spans job you're. Rumored to be paid highly million dollar paid general manager do you can't sit back and dictate what we say in what we want to do in this city. That's fans when you throw hot turns out like that and what you did. This is what's gonna happen and that's part of being in the entertainment professional sports business you don't get to say. This is way it is this is how you do that other stations in this network they will should they will polished hurts. And they will tell you what the spin is what we're always gonna do here. And what I'm gonna do what you're gonna deal were gonna do in the states were gonna actually tell what it really is like. To watch that it's frustrating it's disappointing. And you deserve criticism you don't get to polish it and then lie and then try to find a way to say this is the way it should be. That's not how it works in sports. Do this isn't this isn't some way you don't eat you don't own the rights to our random and own the rights to reality. And that's fair and so I think dame is a guy that I don't want to see wasted. And I'm very fortunate to be in the sitting get to see Damon understand it he's part of this franchise and we're lucky to have him. So figured out guys to get paid a lot of money. Yeah this is the or pack your hobo bag and get the heck out of town. Well. You know the train tracks roll right past those that are you here's the deal though this is the first year that I can I can say is that I came on board with the everybody should be available except for Damian. I don't think Terry Stotts is sublime tennis. Because Terry Stotts Kennelly. He can only do so much with a talent disadvantage is that the that is on the Florida like it is right now. And it is that. It did the guys are getting open that's not the problem. Mean how on four top 24 turnovers us that ground force to. Mean did drilling off the leg. You know Eric passes just out of bounds where it wasn't like it was a deflected ball in by the way 21 reflections for in the world's last night which is eight Holland. On aid and on topic when it went like. There's a lot that's going into the as an exact Collins is gonna be a nice player in this league. I think that Damian Miller is a star in this league. He needs help. He absolutely needs help. Mean he needs another dude he needs multiple dudes on the team. Get after it. I know I feel so upset about that stuff when I say it like that because I've been on the other side of the criticism I had somebody look me in the eye and say you're getting paid do your job and actually fight with it and appreciate the entertainment factor you don't get to stand up in front of us and sit there and tell me don't need to be criticized I felt and so I know. I'm sorry I don't feel sorry for you guys out there that are highly paid professionals. And wanna have to spin that is said that you're doing a great job I don't get that you're not it's not not gonna happen I don't have that kind of sympathy. It's not working. 5305. As Centex and that blazers are what's cool. Not not right now. Definitely as cool. It's rough gem semi dairy heating and cooling with more than thirty trucks of Portland an acre real gonna do it on area your local train comfort specialists it's hard to stop the train. Blazers feedback plus NFL schedule is released. I'm gonna go game by game but there are some notes from the NFL. Pretty interesting on the overview. Including their primetime games. The stink him on the fan. 655305. The problem is our superstars more worried about his kid and legged best look Democrats on the kid port timing though that is a BS texture at their I've ever and if you think that. My goodness did that somebody that obviously doesn't have children. I word you're kidding me let's that is the dumbest. Texts are up I'm sorry I can't disagree with you anymore and acumen just buy them. Or read it would give your shout out the rear of the blazes buses because Evan Turner had numbers Tony completely kill the momentum and now that's funny obviously that's funny. That's a good. Evan Turner the difference maker. Yeah. Maginnis is on the Terry Stotts thing in tears at this year Terry Stotts can only decent so much with who he is as a coach go get Mark Jackson. In you need attitude for the playoffs. If you think of the I mean yelling and screaming. Mark Jackson fits the certain type of player that fits at the Damian Miller type player. I don't think Mark Jackson could change. Howell anybody else on this roster is wired and that's the thing is like. You know wired that way and you physically. You're not. Able to compete like there's physical limitations that the blazers happier because when you have Mirotic in Davis. Who happy belated shoot the three can't put Ed Davis and circuits on the floor together because they're bolts not quick enough. To close out on the theory right we can't put Zach Collins in their because both those guys are big enough to back you don't you become. Mehdi disadvantage. In with your bigs in this series and physically big just don't match up in the series as this texture says blazer fans we got all we wanted. New Orleans in the first round. Bad match. That yeah I need conceding another talking a little bit about it too there's a great stat that there mentioned a dame right now two for thirteen when defended major holiday. Right now that's a shooting improvement. To disease though for eight. Less spin. That's a good spend any heat the more you watch the highlights of the game and get the CD you're really get to see how physically. The pelicans pushed around a 285 pound use of Turkish pushed around Damian Miller who is. I would I would put if you put Damon away from anywhere he's a strong as any guard in this league. Physically he has that kind of strength and ability but nobody at his size can handle the kind of pressure is true holiday is just as strong. So these are guys that strength. Intimidation. Musicality really separated the pelicans to meet in my mind in this series. You know they'll sell this text does deserve a little credit because as I mean is the only one who's played well in all three games or analysis but regular season mask offer communion has played very well. And on the offense and inning game T they took humane way. And last night he came out firing again he is knocking down trees waited a DC hit. His first three attempts mango for either us the way out of us. But. As good teams do they just mean is still drops 21 points is second leading scorer he is actually play consistently well. In this playoffs and that he's like your guys that. He can guard one through five. And he's a great doubled have. But. You need more in need more for his account because. Mean is good at keeping guys in front of them rotating playing defense. The physical part of the game is not his strong point in that it in offensively. Do you trust him to dribble. The somebody's here 40 I got through communal I would key item on my roster all day long I would I think she is so personal I like everything about him. There are other players on the roster that I'm not sold on but that's OK I mean that's just it's not my job to sit here. And and pick the team but if you're getting thumped like that the playoffs. Whatever whatever your building and how your building this roster to move forward. Certainly there has to be some sort of adjustments this Tex what have on the boys team that was on the thirteen team game care. They disappeared up today he's the las since they gained its clinical below 500 team I just don't know what to say I'm speech is that what I'm seeing in those these three games go blazers what you what you saw that thirteen game two there was a team that. Everybody is hidden from outside they are ridiculously healthy and they are playing teams that are banged up. Yeah on this Texas why are we talking about CJ I've Marty made my my point on sees it early and I showed it. I am I yeah I think she's a pig is a very good shooter equality young man and he does a lot of things for this roster he's not a difference maker. There us that. In my opinion you conservative media anybody when it but I measuring him against other twos in the Western Conference Klay Thompson difference maker. Kate James Harden that's a number to enforce a lakers balls the number one. Difference maker that's all I need to know those are the two teams that are ahead in the conference. I need to know your difference maker because we're trying to win championships I thought so I have to measure you against the best and right now. That's it can't there's no other real logic I need to say. He it's just not not the ability were icy great defense. Intimidating. He not wrong. I'm trying to be fair on this casesa only way to measure is against other guys in your conference it's other guys are competing against. He did in the as it beginning of there that's the recorder was it. Fourteen points in the second quarter of that but all that corner gave me shotgun but then win the blazers got back to eleven. Got that deficit from like 2211. And then neurons and bang bang bang he along with everybody else not just him. Rolled over ignited that's my Terry Stotts wade delights like the blaze came out firing in that third quarter where they scored the first five points of the half and then vote vote. You back Gannon and isn't. Duck and looks he's is gonna have probably great NBA career he has he's of becoming a lot of money it is going to be very good player there's a lot of those guys in the league I'm just talking about. Dudes that when you need them to win a series. Can that guy be somebody that can help. In this text to you it is you are earlier record says you are regular season team nowhere near championship contender that thirteen game win streak. That thirteen game win streak. Fool's gold. Fool's gold does not Knight who is are you get into it I realized it right down on it it was embrace the ride Dinah even during that time. Like blazer fans got. PC at me for saying it doesn't change who this team is. It didn't I enjoyed that writer that third to be honest with you guys okay they thought they played well they beat some big time teams. But but the more I watched the more I understand it playoff basketball's only way to measure yourself. Only way term the only way that that separates you. Well once you get there it is when you get there it is all right five factors your five NFL schedule opens up the Seahawks so tough for early at home late. And an overview of what the NFL did to highlight and enhance their schedule. I exit the NFL released their schedule yesterday. And football people. Getting sports fans today. Over it justifiably so it's something talk about besides the draft. But garrison and knees and Nazis out of it. Did you notice that the Monday night schedule seems like it's. Down a little bit more. Even that in recent years from the prime time games are interesting strange. Is it seeing as the lions plan Monday Night Football to start the season. What's wrong with the lions president this is at the Detroit heard the Detroit Lions. I think it's just a game they can go out. Gonna open in the years but. In in doing this like Monday that the politics that we illness and then at the bulls another. That's their that's a prime baby that's big time and that's what they want to they helped out Monday Night Football and it's an instant and at the ball by. Teams that plan Monday will no longer on the road for Sunday games that was like eight big complaint yeah. In the NFL in remembered people told us to shut up about. Member of the Friday night games in the pac twelve and then having to go on the run on the road the next week in I remember Olympia that shut up that's not a big deal there but the NFL teams complained about a summits in the scheduling change. So that's real problem but Thursday night games are way up. We heard these rumors and rumblings that Thursday night game and human human human human human fox paper out of Buddha. To you although Italy is the Pullman version the was to the lawsuit yet they paid 600 million dollars a year. You'd get the rights to it. Do you know what they asked the schedule there's to do them. They asked the schedule yours to take their marquee matchup some of their marquee matchups that they would usually slate for Sunday double header. And move them to Thursday night. Fox and then take away from our Sunday doubleheader. Give us. Thursday that match ups which that makes sense because locally what we complain about locally. Why do I have to watch the raiders in the titans all the time dip because it's regional lines the law that and we don't have a local team here. So you're gonna get more loyalty towards I understand Marcus Mario and you're gonna get more typing titans game I understand it if you're the program I don't I mean I agree with it I don't know what's titans in the colts you know I didn't it's the other is plenty of the games and wanna watch wireless rams and end and the 49ers so. They want. They want these games moved to Thursday where it's that in a standalone game so here's your Thursday that match ups vikings ramps. Colts patriots. Eagles giants. Broncos cardinals. Dolphins Texans. Raiders niners. Can't there's Steelers. Packers Seahawks saints cowboys. Jags titans. Chargers chiefs those are really good games those are not throwing games at all those in a lot of them are divisional game especially the late ones like. They give these games here's I'll just give you the last four okay right. Playoff implications of the last five painter Steelers could have playoff implications. Packers Seahawks saints cowboys jags titans chargers she those five games could've all. Determining playoff berth. And it's on a Thursday night. Do you think the NF role. That the removal of color rush on Thursday. We and I knew and I both have said this I've been I'm not huge fan of Thursday games as a as a former guy but. I didn't have to play them every single week I only had one played on. Thursday at Thanksgiving which was tradition because it was Detroit. This is the NFL saying all right. We put some bad games on we put Cleveland in Jacksonville on against each other in baggy uniforms. In looked at them and said. If were gonna make Thursday night NFL a big priority while we're gonna have to do is change how much these games mean. So that was their commitment and when they sold that. They went out reached out to fox and ESPN. And NBC and ABC and all these things and said we're gonna make it a priority you throw us a number. If you think it's worth it. Now that we're gonna put these teams in prime how much is it worth and and fox said okay we'll buy we'll take it you make those games big. Must see TV is Thursday. Will buy an if you give as good games now they have and they made it more serious and not. Some sort of schtick where you put on a different uniform. And try to sell me that it's gonna be a good game and it's not. Make it a priority and as much as I don't like Thursday night games. I I tip of the cap to the NFL make it a priority. Yeah and that is that's going to be good but I just think that it would suck. If Packers at Seahawks Redford for example. That packer Seahawks game. You have a short week for Green Day and they have to travel across the country. Birth Thursday night game. And Eads they miss the playoffs. Because you know back in that game hinges on it doesn't that. Doesn't that sock no because it. Means more now I mean not you there's no more excuses where I get to say it's fully transparent you know being a professional athlete going into the yard and now I understandably you know there's no more you can't say look. Practices are different there's no more pats KE training camps are eight. A country club. Training camps or country club compared to what I went through I would still be playing if I had training camps and console facetious I'm 42. But realistically I probably could've played a lot longer in my career I would have the abuse. Of training camps. This is what the NFL is now. It's it's it's a war of attrition you have to deal to make it through I don't like the fact that yes but I don't wanna use and it in escape clause. And say that I miss the playoffs cassette player on the road on a Thursday. Yeah anymore we don't give in to make it 28 million dollars a year occurred cousins gone wrote on Thursday in Crimea river but win the game. Separated Minnesota you're gonna open up vs Detroit on Monday Night Football. That's it we're gonna do yeah. Boom goes the dynamic. Reading is Seahawks and it's tied for the fifth toughest. In the NFL this year and that kind of fallacy though because we don't know it's going to be good it is based on where this is a paper. Based on last year's win loss record it is that I'm looking at it and it's it's it's difficult. Well I just army looking at it. It's difficult. Bouquet so. All spends on let's go we get you're gonna go right down the line it's harder easily and it's they're all our game and that's it we're gonna go game by game doesn't know we don't need to do that not only do that you can look at needs gulf war your final five games are at home. Which is nice. In the beginning of the year. Yeah it's not like you're coming out of the gate playing. And the rams. And these high octane offenses. So if you're rebuilding and retooling your defense. Don't you wanna go up against case Keenan and midst Robiskie you your first two weeks and then. You get those tell you're on the road dusty early in the season as did go back to back on the road games to start the season and then you're gonna come home. And open and open up your home opener vs Dallas who's gonna pound it down your throat. And then you go right back on the road Arizona three road games to start the season Sox against three teams that didn't make the playoffs a year ago. Like I said there's I mean I did that that to me CLO limit the wells either like I were NASA I'd rather I'd rather be at home late in the year and yet for your final five and a push to the India because how many times do we say honesty odds are broken mess at the beginning of the year and by the end of the year. Coaching matters and Emeka can. I tell you a fallacy a little bit in my opinion with a lot of players. Players would rather. Would rather start the year at home that end up in the year all why because by the end of the season you know where you're not physically he also know where you act. In the playoff hunt and it will test you if you're holding your mid tier team you'll have a separate her in December if you go on the road get a big win. A road win. In December and the team that's in the playoff push gives you so much more confidence that sit at home and get a win. I'm just tell me you mean those early games at home to do TS start to the season. And then down on the stretcher like difficulty tuba home to on the road one at home during on the road because I know it were in the hunt. This will give us the confidence the giants won the Super Bowl doing that December 16 they go to San Francisco. That's just that's a conference game at half staff. But it's unknown have to have actually said a road win in December. Yet you want and yeah it would be like three out of the four or law are at home that's that's nice but I'm just Tony from the perspective it were really separate you give you the confidence. They need had been eclipsed they'll get and still be in the friendly confines of Unita win in year and a good laugh on that year guy you've got that home field. Advantage there and being in your backyard like a good start to the season. Three out of four to start the season on the road it's hard and I try five threes or five cents excellent we may have. A free agent. In he could be the biggest freeagent on the market according to his father. Some sort of problem. This is a playoff we commission of dusty and Kim in the morning. And presented by the red tail golf answers very intense sale fallen 1080 both not found on. I found line. You would think there's a. Guy. He's gone back and forth thinking that the cities get slapped with the Portland diamond project. And number one after month on the on the Texan and I feel bad. But I don't talk about can we read him later yet give him his shining moment and read to his. Yeah no his brilliance some points and I think that there dared this would be and this is an argument but asking fort so we wanna give compared to this is an argument that interests. It isn't there is a reason but I don't think he's armed with all of the facts here so we'll get to that coming up later next hour. I'm Jalen hurts dad says these could be the biggest freeagent. Info college football history you said football history which is not true. Waco is whipple's amateurs. Most of it means. About. We now. And a he would just transfer. In he's is basically saying well we are now is that he eased Nick Saban you give that job to to attack on viola. Then guess I'm done. Take my kid in taking him elsewhere too juicy thing about this the last two years three years we could see the two biggest college. Quarterback free agencies leads the SEC take a piece in his jump ship. From Georgia and UC Jalen hurts if he loses his job. He would get quote unquote no pun in the bush hurts and leave his job. No you are you're Dennis saying no pun intended there is totally gave pun intended I always say no pun intended there this is a pun intended. There is yet he would leave the room. And I would in Y nine I mean what's I don't fault him for that I would probably wanna jump ship too he's starting quarterback in the national championship game is a true freshman. I mean. Lost but. Still am user and so he has read street here that he can use. Nick saving names in the started just keep it because he naik saving can justify by saying tool is hurt them and because to a did tiger viola is is hurt her stump or in the iPod challenges perform really well and to a got Burton you know it's a battle budget and is our starter. Coming out of spring and a I think Jim energy transfer no matter what. You think it's he's clearly the not as talented quarterback it's a pretty obvious. I think it's pretty obvious to me he doesn't have the arm talent he certainly has the scrambling ability but he just does have an arm talent. And that's that that's a separating factor for Alabama. Yeah in I think there's of their systems. I think him playing a pro style system. Maybe has shown. His son his flaws you know which is it's gonna happen if you were to go to you who. I don't know they like this textured UCL a guy here. Or you know ego though West Virginia. Or he were to goatee Texas. Tech Texas Tom Herman and you know it is for those systems would fit him at this point. Maybe organ still runs a lot of those concepts and he'd have to redshirt so you get Richardson I'm. Justin Herbert or. UCLA just get a quarterback did I you know I love Iowa. Questions when it comes to what chip Kelly's gonna do UCL a and it's Jalen Hertz would either remember the ducks. Led the will lead the country in rush team they were rushing at some point time when they're in their heyday and even later ended 20141516. They were still rushing for over 280 yards per game. They want to pound the football on the ground with that kind of speed and that's what this guy can do he can't go to a West Coast. Or a stand stand up quarterback profits that would be terrible. For Jalen hurts surely needs those kind of RPOs that are easy for him to recognize. Our POs are short four run pass options. At what point do we have to stop saying are PO I don't think everybody's option on the everybody understands that it's good vernacular. Yeah I used it twice a week Edward RP does it leave featured. They say no it's not too is how many times did we know our audio in the Super Bowl. As I Al Michael that's a drinking game. Chris conference's worst his worst to. Look at that. Easing it really is though what the future football now Kirk the biggest free agent in college of history with history. It might be because we haven't seen few agents we haven't go oh this is it. Florida Atlantic. And go hop until the danger hey you can enter without Scott frost and Nebraska. Home. A header on that so we didn't get to mention this I say this one about spring football and make a quick. Cammie quick. A quick. So Nebraska I'm I'm I'm excited for Nebraska football because big red get a good friend of mine Tommy's it easily bigger and he's from Nebraska went there. Do you need to be really excited if your Nebraska football fan but here's figures caveat so this year it's spring games coming out. 85000 people will be at Nebraska spring game. This year 85000. Fact that be a sellout it is a sell about 85000 people are gonna go to a spring game and in Nebraska but here's the better part tickets are so coveted that they're now on the secondary market for above 500 each. For a spring game on stub of wait a minute really. A spring game ticket. In Nebraska. On stub hub is now going for 500. Dollars Lexus scrimmage. Is do you let this just watch it soak that in a little heat watch or from the sidelines to soak that in the solemn place as were baking here in the West Coast in the pac twelve to get. 2000. Average what what's organ Sagan again. What's what's the ducks can get what is washing gonna get seems to be or are they gonna maybe get five grand last year that Willie Taggart trained. Had the ducks with the most in the tac toe and I think he is like thirty some thousand. I don't know if they have damaged. Iran and that was a signing day two they're rated big excite that a lot of recruits on the campus emitted a big deal with the Smart gonna do that again Smart marketing ducks bring in tomorrow beads next week. Our right to secondary ticket market offers ring football uncle buck's welcome weekend would you rather we take a trip dusting him on the fence.