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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, May 24th
Do you wear your team's gear to an away game?; Revisiting the new national anthem policy... it's divisive; Who will be the next college football coach to win a title?

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast right by your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This. Dusty and jam in the morning they rippled through. It's at a basketball we just era. And Jim Leland. It's skills both running skills. Can schools. Girls and one boy friends who have great skills and dusty can jam in the morning briefing I did trump show the on 1080 go stairs and. And I had our number three wow we got me to fund what skills do you have to speak. But still have you. The talk. No outside this job. Someone I would like little idea what's and what's an outside skill that you have that nobody knows. No green house. Again my tummy again good belly dancers. That that's the good. I know I don't like Duncan you earlier Tom. Can't do it. Can be that can enjoy ours again can't do it and don't you can't rule and I can do that but I can't curly Tom knows Spanish speaking with the united auto Spanish. After four years in high school and that is in college London how do you who speaks and stuff being able roll your are totally totally roll them it's you know you make. You get that idea accent. In my accent is as we plan would win. Then Ricardo yeah I don't available pasted. Our we got a lot of people just tell their horror stories of going to games off cash some of these are ridiculous. In the unit that he brings good story this all reminds me Crawford story with the old nestled in a 300 level in Crawford deserved to be punched. He deserved it she's wore a Jersey the clippers Jersey stood up in the 300 level with clapping him was clapping and and knowing the guy in front of him in he deserved every so. But dean of darkness is it to earn your Jersey and stand up and little time and clap like that. In the 300 level and be prepared for an old guy to punch but that also balloon elicit the response then. Makes us all believe and we all now know that can hates the elderly because you said you would have knocked him out. And our guys that I would out of old and I myself in and knocked out the old guy if he throws at me first. You're gonna I don't allotment I have a philosophy in life I don't throw first okay unless it's unless I'm its life threatening or is he that old got to throw in the new subdue him I wouldn't dangerously mark on him out I would have subdued him you say restrained him rocked him I would just a tree and hit Crawford's AGI now know can't had already to know at 24. Rita hit the old man and you know now it's not it's not a at 42 I would not do that at a 24. Yeah I wouldn't have now. Can't either way it's a bad decision. Did it because I wouldn't be Jersey wearing guys standing up in front of people but some of the. Glad that I I think are interesting here are the ones where like fans don't really do anything at all like this guy is saying. I went to the game with my seven year old father news into cal with Seahawks game were cowboys fans of Seattle and threaten to beat up my dad because of the surety was wearing. My daddy's death in his last year and never heard the guy which is to not even a war. It was probably 35 big brave stand peaking and grandfathers are what a loser there's nothing more to stamp an element its head and for that guy in those guys and their families. They forever think policy Hawkins. You know there in you know it justified. You get bigger ball all the offense they just like Philly fans are jerks because it those ice balls at Santa Claus right back in what. 37 years ago. And we still think Philly fan and have it laxity. If it was instant it is kind of that same way but it's amazing that we we kind of think of it out. I'm amazed too and I think that everybody that's gone to a sporting event has out hit a crazy experience. I think it's everybody. Yeah I remember. I was that. As an arts and stadium actually working covering a game organ against Utah when Utah was in the mountain west. And it is gay remember is walking through the concourse. And there is this Utah's fans who is is yell and scream and do and they you know home talking smack whatever. And then I remember him walk I was walking back the other way. In that I was knocked out cold. He's lying there unconscious on the ground so and I could 22. Where I locked to one way. And I was on the way back. It is the guy had gone from runner is not to just knocked out aka cold on the congress not since him. It don't you Ralph but if you're an innocent bystander. Is anything wrong. Really it is wherein year's outlook no pure and innocent virus running your mouth out in year in opposing stadium you're asking for trouble. If you got yeah the thing that I have I take issue it is when you go into a place and you just. And of your team. In somebody doesn't like it just because your fan of that team. Yeah I told I went to its it would last time but prior to. The was 2015. I took my whole family we went to succeed and we sat with sat in the in the duck. Season ticket area and we're only husky by far and we all Allred and everybody was great. Everybody was great I didn't have any problems at all. In and there are sir we got a couple side guys like go through which which person which ticket holders sold their tickets. You know. This guy give businesses husky family. We sat there and we and we had a great time I was like. A camera again and again I would be ready for a I was ready for everything in my Debra my kids and I think it with the kids thing might have separated it. But I wasn't ruled it wouldn't stand up and obnoxious we clap blues is gonna butts kicked but that's. That was a good experience and I know there are people that had other experiences on the other side where it's just been horrible. And with your kids though or your grandparents or your father it's awful. See in net that is something edges. Don't get. I never well either I even had beer and popcorn turn on a group and as a as a kid Addis in Seattle and he winter hawks came to us. And take in the sixteen year old hockey's. Hockey game seriously. Eric yup in cam this texture makes good point it does help you that your like 66. T sixty keep adding it in you added an inch in need. Didn't give the rip properly it looks like the coaching and in a Daze and confused every year you know the stats of his. I know yeah drug you know keeps going up. So a case or 65 he 385 pounds okay ourselves better. Our rights. I factories are five and Texan it's just on those and those of on but we're talking our sexual relations. Earlier today. About the changes in the rules that financed National Anthem. Vein the NFL's changes are as follows. It is optional to come out to the anthem. Four players in teams. Of players have the option to stay inside where they would now be penalized. If they do come out in May participate in a protest that is deemed disrespectful to the flag or the anthem. Than any team will be fine. By the NFL. And it is a rule change that they say. And thousands they say it was seen in his unanimously approved but we know at least one owner abstained from the vote. Says that still considered unanimous. Because he's saying I don't ones. Not yeah because there is no dissent I'm wondering though you can choose to be either choose him to say I don't because usually they tell us exactly how many votes wins which way right. I am what we just know because Jed York said I am standing came on said hey look at me I didn't vote he mixture I'm wondering how many of the owners. Didn't vote at all. In this because. Guys like Christopher Johnson did jet's controlling on right now he came out and he said I'm not so. It's a control is as easy to CEO. Well brother woody still at least current noticed dad would have excuse me he's controlling the franchise right now because that is US ambassador. Two iron and don't know. But he said all Cheney finds satin that my players incur if they want. Voice there yeah we got after this it air 630. And we are kind of really didn't delve into and we re prepared for. For kind of the gasoline on the fire with this with the San Demi she's gonna do with the NFL. I brought up the point and those either don't know or don't remember that in 2009 the NFL. Just started coming out for the National Anthem and that was part of the marketing agreement between armed forces and the money that it was. Was being put forth to the NFL to help market and help for recruitment. Of new people to the military which is part of what you do its advertising your recruiting. I agree to it at the Simon because in my career I never came out for the National Anthem I was always in the locker. Never did that diverted the college either. Never did. So this this was when this all started in dude renting you get to see with the NFL originally started with their decision. It was based upon amount of money and the root of this issue starts tonight made this point earlier but the root of this issue starts with. The marketing in the revenue but the military shared with the NFL. When there was a partnership. And in the partnership. It turned into what this means for a lot of people outside of a marketing agreement with the NFL. It means everything the flag means everything our freedom it it means everything to a lot of people and on the other side there are others where it doesn't. It doesn't let's be honest. There's anger there's disappointment there's frustration there's all the singles emotions there to come out without the NFL made their decision. Yesterday and he made that decision based upon. Their fear. In their understanding that players are not doing the right. Think in the NFL's opinion I'm just stating facts right now I'm not giving my my opinion stating the facts and also the NFL PA now. Is making a statement that saying that you as the NFL. Started making this decision and made a policy without collectively bargaining. So the argument is now gonna come from the NF OP in the players is that everything that you collectively bargain. Needs to be communicated to the PA before it goes to a policy vote because now your fining players. And now you're doing things without bargaining unit and so now we're gonna have there's going to be you wanna talk about divisive does now it's gonna get even more yet they're not helping themselves in the collective bargaining agreement negotiations that are looming what in three years. Yeah it three years and there. But it is an interesting note to all of that is that. What the NFL did in this is they took it out of the players. In hands and that the fines incurred from this in protests. Will be eighteen fine not a player fine. And then if a team chooses to punish a player they can do it under the guise of conduct detrimental. So which is it wide ranging. On thing but they're saying the league. The league doesn't have to collectively bargain this with its players because it's eighteen fine not a not a league fine. Which is still gonna open up this whole camp dorms and regardless of what happens. Is big it is gonna create more unrest that the players and that kind of is the biggest thing here is. The NFL is essentially skating on this. Because they've they've monetized the flak. In 2009. And they said millions of dollars. For somebody come and you as a business owner wouldn't have done it either you would have viewing it gladly accepted knowing partnership. For this and and I as a marketing angry for the people that love. NFL sports. It made complete sense for the military to do is start this partnership. And revenue sharing that's really what it was it was just revenue. And that the whole basis behind this move is that they're afraid they will lose money. Gary not because of their league. Partnership with the Department of Defense to have the big American flags and military personnel out there. No they made this policy because they thought that this is what will stop people from tuning games out. If you don't see the protesters not to who know the interesting part about all this is what you said in Nat. EUU laid out pretty clear you didn't go out in 2009. To the National Anthem you have the option to the two didn't. And you didn't do it because you were preparing for the game. Now anybody that has that same thought that you had in preparing for the game and lying to say in the locker room. It data will be a form of protest essentially now and they took that out of gas Kansas well. Five factories unified that is the fan exit its 816. This is dusty and jam in the morning on ten AD the sale and. I'd 55305. That. Is. The sand text line here. Inching Texan have come through it seems likely a little bit more level headed. Than we were in the morning. Or 630 in six or five Palestinian and stuff I think there's a different group of fuel and every hour there's different listeners a come in and around different emotions. Groups of people misses they like I said this will be a gasoline. On the fire for some people and others it will just be turned the radio I don't wanna deal with that yeah Brothers. Yes and you know this the and its text says can we be intellectually honest here and take a look at the National Anthem dispute realize it's kind of a conformity at this point. National Anthem represents in honors our great country but this dispute is a regression. I could be out of my Gordon I'm only 26 year. I know that's credible we're talking about earlier is that we have lost sight so many times on the National Anthem. Controversy here at the NFL. On a litany of issues like. The social injustice in white collar covered it even started it then and the fact that aid. They've tried to tweak in in changed the in this form of protest from Neil Lane. From sitting ten kneeling to raise this to locking arms still on mean team's not going out. For the it and they've tried all of these different ways but it just doesn't seem to appease anybody that. You know they're not. Saluting the flag the way that people want them to you right. And on the other side this text comes in at 55 through five I love football. Well I'd live army I'd love my country above all else Neil for the anthem in your dad to me. There are million better ways I could spend my time than watching commercials. And instant replace this is on the other side of the point this is the emotions. Of what this does and at how much it means to families of people I'm not gonna sit here and tell you how to feel. We will give opinions but we'll give thoughts. I said this before a group and a military family with my dad and I've lived and died for that indictments are not died not died but I've fought for the shield. My shield was the NFL shield my father fought for another reason on the outside of our country. This is a close button to me. I've said this before I would never I would always stand at attention for what because it's in my in my made just nature to do that. I don't have the experience of others now I would never sit in judgment and tell you what it's like to be in someone else's shoes I have empathy. Not always great have a peak but I try to do it as best I can and the politics of football. I'll tell you what the politics of Pope all of you and agitated me yes I swear I really wanna have my break. Enjoy the game and I think there are some that do and some that don't I appreciate both sides of that. And this is something that I sit there and ago paid to that texture. K. Does it matter to that texture that and calling Capra nick. Kneeled to honor. The servicemen and women added that have died for this country. You know and an aide to former protest was not meant to disrespect them. In LA in India has that. Lost sight of what's going on in the and I think what we also in in all of these kind of moving targets and where everything is on with. It becoming from social injustice to disrespect the flag is the fact that you know the players now have made this a deal where people have their eyes and attention on it. You know I wanna know what the next step is that they want to do to it to progress. Where they're going with rim initial protest rank and what the league is doing you know there's more talk about the punishment. Forward protesting then there is. About then over nineteen million dollars that the league is putting. Were social justice reform this Dexter says I still believe that Colin Capp critic was just being lazy. And his excuse for sitting down sparked all of this controversy now index came in at five by drew five. That's another. Day another example it's just another example. Of winning what the media now on what these these the messages is now. He had to people in and I know that there's a lot of people that feel elated and I mean just do research on what Colin cabinet has done since he has left in or not played in the NFL. He's given over a million dollars and of his own money. And he's contributed to you. Do various. Outlets in in forms of of charity in contributions torched as social reform. And I think that people need to you. Need everybody needs to open their rising kind of hear what other people are saying on on bullseye these conversations and then maybe we can goes another Texas protest is part of the American tradition the owners believe exists and it. Inflating. And on issue into a make or break. For their business. The root of it I believe the root of it is is based upon revenue. Man if in if any of us need to needed me to slap in the face you need to just get it is that it's a fourteen billion dollar industry. These owners are billionaires. What hurts billionaires more than anything in the world think about it. Down your core what hurts billionaires more than anything in the world the bottom line the pocketbooks hard. And would you take money away television ad revenue. Marketing dollars players players say don't pay and you visit this isn't a player persona thing this is just it's business. And now it's translated into all these other things and I always look to the root of the evil. And it that is that's why C money it has nothing to do is his money many minimum. I think this one here and I think kind of sums it up well for me just because you tell me your more patriotic doesn't mean anything to me the greatest thing about America is that we are allowed to have dissent yet. Right and then that is that thing here is that Nike is it part of this that we become so devised and so kind of Ruby Dee and is on in the fact that. A year don't wanna here at the other side tests. And yet it probably is. There is no middle ground like a journey to have this and well yeah I mean there's need to have it. This there's no way that we can sit here and say that this is there is there is a middle ground right now right now it feels one side the next. There is no meaning in the middle now there might be some level headed out their view that lists and concede. But to me it's it's very divisive yet clear. And you know part of protesting is to create. Discomfort. You know that's why use he you do it is to you too. Save bing Nigel to be like hey we are here. And this is not obviously done it and moving forward. And seen how how the players and the NFL moved forward in and doing that is going to be an instinct and I. I also believe in this to an Arab I believe that as an employer and I don't have a right to a job can. That's its ins inside me I have to earn my job. So I also believe in if you're an employer you have a right to have rules. Because your employer in your business owner you have a right to do that. You have a right to enforce whatever rules you want for your job in your employees. So I believe in those things to. But being prepared for push back on both sides. It cured him with the employee and you choose to do something differently than your employer does not agree with. You're gonna have pushed back vice Versa. There are things that are there and you can have a compromised. Sometimes there is no compromise sometimes you're fired. And other times your cut and guys are not allowed to play and marketing dollars removed. Or you lose your business this is what this is what you deal with but I love rules I support rules. Always do I don't like gray area support rules you are definitely a black and white men not I not know Dublin that's not true I am not a black and white guy I believe that he there's a lot of eight gray area no gray area is some and that's in different. That doesn't follow a path that says that gray area guys like fool and this interpreted the way I feel like I want to at all times. I think there is a rules there's a subset of things you need to follow its black light. Now known him a dated there is there's a point of view black and white means you're not listening to other people black or white means you only care about your opinion and not anybody else's and that's that's my version of black and white I might have a different version yeah we get I love other people's opinions and I support that. I don't have to agree that. I certainly don't always but I supported. Yeah I wonder how many people feel like I do you know where. I stand for the anthem I will stand for the anthem. But I appreciate that people have voices in this country in June to have their rights to do that. On an area. Care if people nail what I control what I control which is an and I hear the National Anthem and I see a flag. Mean in Stanley stand up their hands on art but if somebody wants to. Voice there. There feelings the way that they wanted to be a protest in anyway. I don't let that affect me in I don't understand how many like why people get so worked up over other people expressing their feelings. And I just sit there and I'm like I'm gonna do an idea of oh blood the National Anthem of the flag. But I can appreciate when other people think I'm wondering how many people feel about land in really more or less just don't. Is that we don't care about the causes. But you just don't care about this particular instance. And letting it affect it. I and I really do I think. This. But your your your spot on two and I just think that. The more we talk about this NFL issue and the more we really need to build into the Indian understand and really attach yourself. To why this is so personal to you if it is personal. If it is dive deep down inside and understand yourself. It is it it's emotional it's hard to deal with. Yeah. It is. American man he hit. It's. One of the blessings in the curses of this great country is that. You know we are in these situations we have these sorts of conversations. About the national right for the NFL feels that that they have a profound affixed to it. And it is by these rules will see other players move forward from here. I your text 5530. Right the struggle college football shelling. Which coach in the pac twelve. Is closest to a title. May surprise testing cam on the Fannie dressed sports center. This is. On 1080 I. In this that was a little bit confusing to me. I side came from this this fund. That's. And where it said the five coaches. That are. Will most likely to win a national championship. I'm in order. From five down 21. Is. Michigan's Jim Harbaugh. In. Number four Tom Herman. University of Texas. Number three honestly as he is Dan Moline of Florida. Number two Oklahoma as Lincoln Riley. And didn't know. And then. In the coaches that are most likely to win a national title next you're gonna this one. Kirby Smart. The University of Georgia wow. This is obviously coaches have not won previously corrects. Yes. What is missing from that list of the blow. There's two conferences. Berkshire and they are the ACC. In the Pacific twelve conference or end. What really stuck out to meet in this desires and their island wow eel like Kirby Smart Lincoln Riley I get. Bulls played in the college football playoff last year Kirby Smart international championship Oklahoma. It's a Lincoln rhyme they lost that Georgia team. And there's a lot of coaches that have won titles three through five really. Is actually confusing to me. Because you have in Moline at number three at Florida Tom Herman at Texas and then Jim Harbaugh had Michigan. Guys that are they really. That much closer to say. Is Peterson a university Washington who's actually been to a college football playoff unlike those other three guys. Here waiting for my response because I'd look and I am as I am writing it down and I look for a look for grants for Savard looked for what's. What's brand double what's. What moves the needle nationally when it comes ecology brands when you start with a Michigan in ego to. Italy. In France and you travel and you recruit Jeff sleep overs he climbed trees just Jim are. Never won a Super Bowl spend one has been to a national championship game in fact as the worst losing record. Two Ohio State you know wealth lost the first three opportunities a house state. Rich Rodriguez got fired it Jim Harbaugh has now offered a life time contract figured out one. And a bad way. It is regressing. In the conference. After rich rods guys are leading embryo skies are leaning. Theory as you know it's it's right there in front of so that's that's a brand though Michigan is a powerful brand. In this country than you have to go to Texas Texas is bigger brand as any. Texas should be in the top ten every single year it should be based on their recruiting their money in the history of that organization. No doubt in my mind Texas should be there Florida and Dan Mullen announcing its arm is better coach. These are all based upon brand perceptions in my eyes conferences. How your lined up. We sit here in the pac twelve and lingo. Gosh dang you mean you mean to tell me that Chris Peterson is not as good a coach Jim Arba Chris Peterson is a better college coach than Jim Harbaugh. Better. That is clear. It's already been proven how many calls football playoffs is Jim armament. None none none. Zero K so right now your taking gym hard cause ability compared to. A completely different coasts and could completely different skill set of recruiting and then you're also gonna look at David shot Stamford. Who's done more with less than any coach I will argue in the entire country. His his ability to recruit. Is one player. Compared to I don't know going to high school say I can go to five high schools can get one guy. Other recruiters will go there tonight and take twenty guys from these schools he can take one. He's done more with less than any coach and in across the country. Does not get the respect of an and the national media and everyone will look at it is actual right now as they. Secondary. Bottom level group until somebody steps up and knock set championship. Well I end AME obvious the what's forgotten in this list in what you were just saying to his. There's a guy who's played for national championship coaching in the pac twelve and right now Chip Kelly UCLA arm went to the NFL yeah. You know he was a coach in the NFL and organ he got them to the national champs with 47 and six is ahead culture. Then he he's in Los Angeles. Not even considered here the other guys that were considered for this is that but did not make it. Willie Taggart. And James Franklin. Florida State. Parents or your other big brand and that that is a brand recognition thing certainly does and that is kind of be the problem that the pac twelve is in right now and that's when he got to Dennys dot article comes on it says you know the pac twelve is in trouble. Of becoming the big twelve then from 2011 which is on the concert coming natives is now a now it do you on the cusp but dissolving we are the culprits almost dissolved. In the big twelve. But there's talk of Arizona and Arizona State leaving to go to the big twelve. Having. Simulator and that's that's where the pac twelve is that right now this is an alarming thing this is a terrifying thing. In sell that brand recognition we can look at it out here you go Ari Chris Peterson David shot Chip Kelly. You know if if there is a bigger name thing clay Helm sitting at USC. What are we talking about backups okay. Doctor Richard you know because that is a brand massive on on on the level with some of these loans that were talking about but their head coach doesn't seem dynamic no end s.'s national media this is the perception because USC's. When I mentioned those those grants USC's as big as any one of those brands yes he has. It goes to show you and how much of the media thinks Cleo and the wet blanket coaching manner he's he's a Dead Man Walking. It's just a matter of time to meet you have a new athletic director downer. This is not this was kind of a 88 the cold over higher. Clay held is not the future of USC and everybody knows that. And that will not sit well with USC and their arrogance and their costs clay help win a national championship and shut you up this year. Within seventeen year old freshman quarterback needs yesterday's stranger things have happened. Yeah I won't happen but date isn't that the best and I can happen of the pac twelve is if you're a Siemens national championship. Mean think about unfortunately began you're right yes you are right. It's an unfortunate for all of us that are part of other organization or rub brands of Levitt bit. It's the truth in it brings notoriety back to the conference he would give traction again that would so win a national championship from Washington. And so what a national champ trip for Morgan. Rank would bring it and so would a national champ to from UCLA. And Chip Kelly yeah they would all make this conference into a juggernaut again. But I think the US the US US ground doing that cash gain that always it wasn't it wasn't a a flash in the end you know. Like once in regard I mean sick even if organ Washington argue that people nationally would say all golf. You know they had an easy noncarbonated needy easy conference scheduled they didn't have. To be is battle tested as. Alabama and now it's state beat them he needs to do any daylight. They don't know with that's not change in our lifetime it's not what I know but USC. Is it people would be like Eliot UC. UC is Notre Dame is always on the schedule. Yeah I have and they always played tough nonconference game they always it always do it are always there the crown jewel. Us. Maybe you know you Washington this year may be in they would know they would get the credit they could have Auburn week one. If they were to beat Dan in general their way through Rio. And get there. That would be like if Morgan did it this year people would have that question Baird Baird regular season was too easy because it would Bowling Green San Jose state. And in outlook role that would ESP general up cupcake as organ the other course they would yet it line him up on the sideline but you know let just as Washington should have done. He is working day goes through that in somehow there. What. Undefeated win there when they play a if that Washington what October. If they're sitting there undefeated dikes five or six and now win that game rolls up. Who cares you should care. Whether or not ESPN rolls out the cupcakes on October 13 and you're sitting there with wins over Bowling Green Portland State San Jose state. Who cares. Play scheduled Friday after. Could you imagine in Montreal in Canada that he's in school a hole my goodness yeah I would have been ridiculous. I never would have built it indicates that amber probably would have been burned out impede it works and tortured ESPN would never do it to a packed school. Because they've had our Internet and he's able to get in never have a partnership with the SEC network yet they'll make fun of our conference on a daily basis. Ridicule it make it look sloppy and cupcake. Make it look cupcake. Again it is sad for a game five tonight in the NBA in your thoughts testing camel fan. This is dusty and gem in the morning on 1080 love sales and. I thought factories here. On the coaching thing would Willy have been mentioned it he is still an organ probably not this 100% grand 0% coaching a agreed. That's ranked pretty clear bright Kelly Notre Dame is also a guy who probably should be in the list have in Moline and he's. This text says he's done just that much data shot academic requirements ever get a stringent. Not as stringent as as Stanford but I'll give it to you it's it's stringent and they've they've struggled with that too certainly Notre Dame deals that yeah yeah but you do also do have a richer football tradition. Very much so that helps you that if it's a bigger commitment to football and I think we also. We downplay how close Brian Kelly's gotten. Michael Garrity isn't it dis credit I don't know I don't discredit Notre Dame lined up in the greater conversation. We sit there and we look at in night why would he be on that top Douglas. Great brand in close last year what ten win season. They're gonna have a tough enough schedule I think the schedules the one thing that everybody it's kind of thing goes on never be able to navigated. Think it's partially CC it's the home and homes that you do with Stanford and USC they keep you in the conversation always been at the top. But they also keep you out of the conversation because you're gonna lose one of this year they play. Michigan. Ball State Vanderbilt Wake Forest entered the Biotech. Pitt navy north western east Florida State Syracuse USC ruthless. Fruitless. So it pretty hard. The pretty hard and on the road at Virginia Tech at northwestern now stand off. They do a lot of home games it it's it's Notre Dame and they play eight home games. Heroes got a date. I repeat my refrain from yesterday that the stock could put up up up up up up up up up. Yeah. Now there L. Media. So. Okay move winner. Tonight we have gained five old B Western. Conference. Finals who would do. Away but this should goods or is that it was a juju tied 22. Warriors. Rockets into button. Of run yes in Houston it or you feel a little bit I feel a little bit Houston disease like into the city. So there's there's something there are eating the city champions. Houston struggled this year comedy give them some shout out man they deserves some love you wanna knock off Golden State this year. I'm all for support in Houston a city needs some love Santa Fe strong ya as they're calling it. RA you got east and it continues to Oakland warriors they fifty okay. None not city. Where's my sent seven while ago than seven. It is okay tightlipped their words for seven. I annexed heard conquer our nine to do need to reader and sprayed 37 primetime with has consumed 78 the recruiting show a danger food and panic have a great Thursday Alicea Friday. Right here on ten needed him. We run for the and put it you got him and his dad.