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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, May 24th
Eastern Conference Finals: seems like they've played the same game 5 times; Could Oregon State land #4 mobile QB in the country?; Do you wear your team's gear to an away game?

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about us against the system this system that kills the human spirit. Stand so we're just era I've had the old bulls. And NFL veterans and Cleveland. And Tenet feels. I 55305. That is the stand. Next time. He. Good but I love it. Well actually love the conversation because I actually like hearing both sides of what people have to say in how people think and how people feel I think we needed to have more of that dialogue open I I'd. Man I'd love opinions I love. Spewing fuel their opinions and owned I hate fenced writers and and those that view that a passive aggressive and just huge you you know what I'll I love the opinions of our listeners and guys are out there and these are listening. Own it enjoy it that's that's what this is this is a talk show. Not a listened show why don't lately but. Discussions are slightly leading one thing we need to do is we deem to listen to each other a little bit more because instead of how ridiculous and you need to listen instead it's. Kicking your fingers a year and acting like a child and Amaro where is the right way glad to hear what other people have to say and that's the most ridiculous thing I think keep in garbage truck made. You know a really good point on the text line and he is night. You know. I think that these people are outraged about players kneeling need to be just as outraged and unarmed person gets shot in the back in I don't see that you know and at. In just as the other sets like. Hey did did people that are all forced social injustice and justice reform like. Look at they'd get a sense and about the respect for the flag and what it means the servicemen and women like there is a lack of listening to what people. Zain how they feel in this country and it is. It's led to the NFL somehow being in the cross there's little. Ridiculous. Now talk gold. Right seven a seven. Now almost. Almost seven so maybe. In Afghanistan. Here again this missed. It wrong witnesses. Producing on the. Yeah right sides. Vote. It's odd and why is it couldn't make good thing. Fun and cool when Dustin in case your morning dose of positive but he ripped from the headlines great story compelling and rich. You need. Tracks in Portland and Vancouver you. All right. Cleaned. The NFL is still investigating Ruben Foster for domestic violence claim by his former fiance but he will be allowed to rejoin the team's. Offseason activities Thursday. Of with the 49ers due to the case no longer being pursued by authorities. No longer pursued by authorities but the NFL's going to continue the investigation to make sure because that's what they do they're gonna make sure that. Did you who used me every step in their analysis deep dive as they wanna make sure the rube Foster is over they won the league this coming how it's going to be. Yeah yeah but you know a lot of people wanted him kicked off the 49ers after that. In the allegations in the cornea has stood by him and they said well. We'll see how this thing plays out legally. But the NFL again and said they and a play about here. And they're on the list. It's trickle in guess hey. Alabama play USC to open up 22 when he had that Jerry is a world in Arlington what does that mean for 20/20 in the pac twelve. What does it mean. I don't. They can either be great. Or horrible us I would love to see USC take Alabama to the woodshed but what did you lire as the last time that happened. Gosh dang it he gave a Sam Arnold at least we there was a reason why Sam Arnold. Well here's the thing is that the USC will carry the banner once again for the pac twelve and 20/20 if they lose then what we will see. From the pac twelve is national title hopes go down the drain because it'll be one game at the beginning of the year in US he will be enough to knock out somebody at the that we need a good game we don't need it it even need to win any to a neck I even if it though it wait it's Alabama though it they need to win that game USC plays that game and it's close and it's and it's a game it's it's a field goal or touchdown game in the end. Does that not elevate USC for second chance any pac twelve team that does not. It could be it's an early enough in the year that early in afternoon loser right we oversee lose or win they'll have to run the table. Yeah we know by weeks and still have a you know they're gonna have to play billion Notre Dame and Notre Dame notre. Hard. Seattle mariners' five minute or so it turns out Robinson can notice drop movement the mariners'. They have won five straight seven of their last ten with a lineup and win over the Oakland athletic you know how about winning close games you usually the Mariners are on the other side of the one run games the two run games they've had more walk offs. One run game wins this year directory member along time it's because they have a pretty good closer range mr. Diaz. You know it is. It's not very encouraging that over the course of the year one run games seem they even themselves out. You know it's one we'd hear my operating lines one hit there but no they are doing it right now any you can tread water until you get help in your offense gets back. For Roland while Robinson does not an act you know but the CD Gordon comes back gains. Hand tiger winning some. 88. One run games take an eighteen degree did not play last night Oden is injury but did the Mariners are 29 in nineteen UT getting back. But the Houston Astros sent ten games over 500 as that is ten games of I think that's. That's not to say it's something that's really good it's good it's a good tee now. I'm happy and guess what. There in the second wildcard spot right now. You got your mouth three games back in the person on tour with the jail last. May be the best division in baseball though right now or in the American League as yet the Astros. Leading the division the Mariners are in the second wildcard spot. Right behind them are the angels in the days mets' second wildcard spot ruthless division and any other Rangers we need Whitney Houston go to veils and and we need them to leave. He's that yeah we do something that was. Then no no no no we need them on here. Yeah that's cool that's that's cool. Obi is cut down to our guy. Stanley Cup finals sad day yes. Washington. Caps. In golden knights. That all gets under way as this will be the first time that Alexander Ovechkin arguably the best player in the world. The second best player in the world will be playing for a Stanley Cup final in in the first your effort. As they moved on this novice. I'm admitting this NHL fan. I haven't been this captivated her Stanley Cup final. In. Sense Gretzky was playing. Well I'm being I'm being straight up honest with you I haven't been this gap because it's such a great story as a hardcore hockey fan myself. Now I'm with you man from what are fit I'm what are hockey's gonna ground the grab some of the fans that are just a fringe fans loyal guy gonna lie got to watch these these Vegas guys these gold ninths. He's missed fits these castaways to theater is Stanley Cup final in the eighth masters boring is I think they're going to be. We'll watch more of that in the NBA finals. We do oh yeah about just did don't know whoever comes out of the east is a waste of time it does you great work whoever's going in the will be sweet MB finals can be sweet. Up up up a hole there will be him hot tip Cleveland over here and not done and I really got. I mean. For the fifth straight game. The Celtics and the cavaliers play the exact same game. And 9683. Of idle Boston with a 32 series lead. And battle I have some good for you mr. Aaron wants you did defendant. Kevin Love to me because I got something for all you do hear about how LeBron James. He doesn't have anybody heated that one dude on his team 553 not zero line that. Dude that's. Is the pain takes and that's what I'm cool bands Russ I area heating cooling of more than thirty trucked in Portland ending to re one of the went on area local train comforts specialist. It's hard to stop a train. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 prayer on our ID cavaliers and Celtics played game five of their. Eastern Conference finals and it was just like games one through four. A blow out in favor of the home team. As Boston wins 9683. Jason Tatum came back to life and this and he's back home 44 points. On seven of fifteen shooting. I Jalen brown for a fifteen from the field seventeen points Al Horford with fifteen points of sound they get. Marcus Morris mark is Smart off the bench playing well as well and oh by the way role players really get it. Home in the post season. We've heard that before have only had always heard that my gosh. This is ridiculous will that what happened was as we just saw game one but it was re booted. TJ fife which is you know role players play well in home games which is why the home team has won every every game this series and I think by no less than. See but no this is like it's so far exaggerated for many thing that we've ever like that we see because. What we usually see is a role player or two will play well enough to give the visiting team a chance in a series. Very not at all like when you're on the road role players are nonexistent. For both of these teams like it gave what we saw in game four. In Golden State from Houston. Uninspired performances from mayor Gordon and Trevor Ariza on the road like. But you didn't get the dominant performances from a guy like PJ Tucker like what we're seeing is all the world role players play well home. In all the role players played terrible on the road in the series it's like the biggest extreme you can possibly imagine. I what I saw last night that I saw a very very worn out mentally and emotionally. LeBron James. I saw a man that was a human idea I saw a guy that was fatigued but his energy was out and I saw that from the first game I don't know if it was about energy. And looked at game one and I discuss that terrorism bill but he. Nobody on the cavs roster that can win a basketball game when they need to. There's nobody other than LeBron James this is like the first time we've ever seen LeBron James looked human like he says he's he's he's showing he's got it. He is mentally and physically exhausted because if you knew you had to put up 45 every game fifteen assists. In your on the road and you had to do that for your team even have a chance not just winning game just have a chance to win a game. That's human here is human he's not a not a cyborg. Michael Jordan in his early in the late eighties trying to beat the pistons going. Can't do it in this is another reason while I'll tell you and this is an attack on Kevin Love is kennel it was a very good he's good player he's not a difference maker. He's not because what Boston houses Al Horford. Who's a real all star who can actually change the way the game of the landscape of the way to games played along with a lot of really young guys out there are some very good players. And I watched Kevin Love and I just go OK the brawn James is giving him a shot. Do something you're an all star you do some I don't have it tonight you change this game Kevin Love is not a game changer. Well I and off the ball player and that's what he is. What about Al Horford when they were in Cleveland now. Like guys are or flirting Cleveland went to a four from the field and five of thirteen Kevin Love went six of thirteen from the field last night what comparing is is is that a team game. In knots with the Celtics play compared to the LeBron James and everybody down black is this is why now is what it is it is LeBron. In everybody else but I think the criticism of Kevin Love is little extremely JR Smith and George Hill combined to go two of eleven from the field those guys are all stars who won nobody else can make a bucket to save their those guys are all startled they are NBA players and they should be able to hit trap and mean but we've seen him. Hit better than what wins what wins games in the NBA in my pick OK you guys have yours. What wins games or win the championship you're all star shooting better than ten for earth veteran and veteran leaders. All star guys that can up their game when they need to and when some of those other guys that we're gonna compare golden staters Houston mean James Harden as an off night. Off half Chris Paul picks up Sloc. K when LeBron James had Kyra you're being carrier ring the brunt eases off tight Eagles inquiry. He has his guy now that can really is just that's what he gets he is just a good off the ball player. He's not a difference maker he's not Robin and he's more like Alfred he did yes that is a great compare seems kind of Alfred he'll be there. When you need him a couple times he's not gonna. Change the land and April this year and here's the thing with with that though you two we talk about matchups in the series. He's got the task of Horford right got. And you sit there and you go 08 he's ban. Asked to handle a lot more than what JR Smith is asked to handle or any other go to air missiles with 36 year old is just old. Oh is okay as well veteran guys that we don't we let them off the hook is not an all star doesn't but here's the thing is that. That Kevin Love elevating got anything and another does rookies he thinks he is will JR Smith thinks he's a lot of things birdies you know well why eight we'd let everybody else off the hook in week pilot like Kevin Love gesture expecting more of Kevin Love absolutely go ahead indeed that your blog word but at least he's shooting like 50% from the field not 20% you tell mean he's coming NBA player. A brawn James. Just laid it out for all of us are watching it he's mentally and physically exhausting and he should he left he left every opportunity for his teammates do pick up the slack. And tried to find a way to win. They didn't know they didn't. They didn't they didn't and silly doesn't have any help no in between is this a new revelation no I'm just trying to I went and they'll know what I'm trying to pound home his. Is it was really fun to watch team basketball and see that and why why does nobody care on the road. Is this a message that Iran is trying to share with us. If he is this is this him Justin and a emotionally exhausted and it's not an attack on on Kevin Love it's an explanation of how much help you really need to win games and series and have guys step up ions so. I'm so with yet there but I would take if I if you asked me right now if I was started team I would take a hole or for all day long overcame a month he just is that he's a dude. Man he plays at a level he's as he's tough priest physical he just does more than Kevin Love does for the Cleveland that's my only comparison right now I see it. You know how many times is do we see these guys though and struggling with with playing with a guy like LeBron now. You know and he's such a talent and he controls the game so much it's hard for these world players and like cats that firing go. You know in you see why LeBron is exhausted to siesta carry these teams time and time again. But we also see. When he does have stars to sometimes they have member Dwyane Wade in. Chris bossy who get criticized because they wouldn't carries shouldered their load enough as well I think we look at the mountain of the man that LeBron is well you know it's hard day it's hard to sit there and say yeah you're carrying your way. Because how oblivious. If he does it mean when your bag getting one of the greatest players of all time. You were and everybody feeds off your energy senior league leadership gap that's the burden that he wears yeah K nobody's looking for first for for guys for. Off the ball players are smaller players urged guys that are ancillary players to set the temple. You look to your leadership and if your leadership is having an off night. It feeds downs then you go and then you get to see how the role start to shape. Who can then become a secondary leader is there any leaders on the Cleveland Cavaliers that you look for spark. I see a lot of them on the Celtics. I see probably 40 labs elections. Or that team and elevate and if that's your criticism of Kevin Love is like mentally not being in leadership type guy in night like between the ears totally agree. Totally agree only only in the moments of when you need to win games when it matters the most which is in the (%expletive) Playoffs in basketball you need somebody that can elevate their emotional leadership. To get these guys going to just there's a spore and I think that's the biggest difference with the Houston Rockets on the west side of it is that now they have bag anchor's fall because that is not James Harden no it's not games are no is is is a very good comparison the exact same way and that our who'd who did they take the ball out of they took the ball out of James Harden hands Chris Paul is the reason why James Harden is is an MVP this year. He elevates his game makes him a better player. Yeah and alleviates a lot a lot of stress off of him in the bronze it does not half doesn't have that guy has roster. Does nobody did he immediately diary that he did each year ago he did with Irene yes he did now man. Do you think Kyra there's this need discussing now Tyree is it doesn't want the Celtics to thrive go out and that's ridiculous via the that is I think. All hiring needs right now is LeBron James sitting there going I miss him. Authors I miss him it's it he's going to be going. John Cusack Earth's dating younger radio lovers head. Play that music that's I retirees house after this series because if you look at the role players and what they've done it is an absolutely nothing. JR Smith is shooting 23% averaging. One of seven from the field he's just he's. George Hill had one good game com where he went six of nine in game four. Other than that he's done one of five to a 41 a four for eleven from the field. In this series I mean he has struggled mightily just look at their bench and again nothing they they actually got a decent night out of Jeff Jeff Green. Eight points. At that. So game six in the head back to Cleveland mayor and that's the cavs win by fifteen. And then we go back to Boston that that I think you're right I think they went by sixteen and I think that may be why we solid allergies can turn it off because like I write in game six game seven months ago. Is that also for game seven. Tied 553058. We got hammered Kuerten is that we need to get to organ state. May be in the running for the number four were dual threat quarterback in the country. Buy dot fans are happy about it either dusting Jimmy address the sports and. This news doesn't gem in the more million dollar and 1080 love salmon and. Our Internet makes recruiting (%expletive) tonight. Calling prime time. On the fence 7:8 PM we'll probably have more on this pandemic does today at an article and organize dot com yesterday. And talking about to Michael Johnson junior Shelton's under armour all American quarterback elite eleven finalists the number four rated dual threat quarterback in the country. On narrowing his list down he has eliminated. The organ docs from his potential landing spots. And it has opened up the opportunity. For organ state sneak into his commitments. On as he trimmed its list with academic downed Arizona State LSU Miami Nebraska North Carolina State. Organ and Penn State just a little while ago now he's saying ducks are out and beads are in because cable and Millen Hugh Nolan son committed to play quarterback at what a week ago via life he makes enough ago yes two weeks ago. And he said we bolt stopped communicating it doesn't look like I'm gonna end up there I respect the program that I think. We both see it better a better fit for me somewhere else. Shuttle like a kid that knows what he wants well what makes this even more interesting is what's the side he said we've both stopped communicating talking about organ in him. His dad is the wide receivers coach his dad Michael jumped into the receivers coach at Oregon which is funny. As the I didn't what are what awkward conversation is in the dinner table and dad gets home hey how was work hard and you go work. No no I like this I think that every every young man should have his own opinion with. What school he wants to go to certainly. Let's not played down here. His father is very influential and I'm certain that his father supporting him I'm not in that relationship. So I don't know what any doubt who wanna support their young son in their decision to do what ever they want. And it did there is a connection though between organs stayed in the Johnson family because. Mean Michael Johnson junior. His dad coach Mike Riley an organ stay right. So this is faintly that he knows in Mike Riley is on the staff would Johnson Smith. Done they've known him since he was born in UVs Bordick is born actually in Corvallis and Riley coached his dad. I think it was San Antonio Rough Riders or something like that. In the World League and I so there's that connection there are so organs state may be on the benefiting end of organs wide receivers coach. In his kid not committing the same school. Could you imagine this ever happening. Like if Alabama's wide receivers coach is Kidd said I'm not considering Alabama anymore I'm gonna Hague I'm thinking about Robert. Talk about carrying more down there. There'd there'd be some revolt. There be some anger. Could be some disappointments from from a few people seeded that is where I think when people let's talk about balance and now lives out last year I did this is where it comes into play because. More Michael Johnson junior wants to do is carve his own path and he says that ya I wanna blaze my own trail wanna beat my own man I wanna grow. In I think I can do that better if I'm somewhere else even if it is. The rival of where my that's what we've seen this on both sides before we saw Ed McCaffery Christian McCaffrey had went to Stanford Christian. Goes to Stanford falls in his father's footsteps and then goes on to a successful career should've won the Heisman by the way but not we've seen. Guys following legacies we ought to legacy droughts legacy that this isn't a legacy. And bring there's no I mean the connection is in coaching and really coaching connections saw like his dad with organ Oregon State right so. This is. It makes sense to me yet that why young man who wanna be able to pick his best opportunity if he does on competing it's another guy wants to get a chance to play more talented organ state should just be beaming right to be like the what are we need to do full court press what do we need to do. Full core investigated every got a. You do it she need because if there's one thing organ stated since on Shonn Manuel left it has been a revolving door named eternal search to find it quarterback. In put him behind senator there. And what happened in this instance is Michael Johnson junior is very capable and he's a really good illegal Levin finalist medium has the tools he's number four rated the oral dual threat quarterback and I'll of the Texas say. Organ doesn't want Johnson end that is venture for a couple of months. Now you know they want him. The fact of the matter is you only have so many spots on your roster when your recruiting. In giving you looking your recruiting board you go are I were set because killed it and kill Millen is also an elite eleven finalists night. They're getting a good talent at that position as well so it's nothing we don't want him it is. East against kids second step back on what is my best opportunity to play where I make the biggest impact very Smart by him. Any as a father that's done this before and would advise him to make a Smart choice and I'll go with the emotional choice in this is in this is pretty. This goes back to a larger questions I. Georgia is a great example of this. Georgia for three years in a row has signed the number one quarterback in the country and right. Why do kids keep going. To Georgia to sit in Mike wait in line right the hunter Johnson kid from Clemson. He he was one of the top cornerback prop pro style quarterbacks in 2017. And he's transferring out now we see these high profile quarterbacks transfer because they want to play. In some Michael Johnson junior is gone while Dave got a guy there they got Tyler shot they've got killed Millen. We're delighted and this makes I wanna go somewhere right off the bat right. Why don't more kids do that I'd blow. A lot of kids especially the quarterback position you understand there's a sense of urgency. Now because when freshman playing guys win. Heisman trophies and redshirt freshman years and they do that there's a sense of I'm missing out if I don't give in and and getting in and get on. It on the field immediately there is there's a sense of the year but I'm not qualified prominent lose because the opportunities are. You don't get a chance sick I'm losing my time. That's why I mean I I agree with I mean Suk said this yesterday with Isaak and I've agreed to this. I think you should be able to have one opportunity. If you wanna be is a quarterback or anybody should be able to have a one transfer where you don't happy you're not penalized that's why he timing your career yeah. And you shouldn't there should be an opportunity it does it's not gonna change the landscape of college football. It's not now now you only talk about it it's a big name quarterback other that you won't even notice that he would never even notice if that happened. He get a good player come in he'd he'd give you a little bit and only noticeable top quarterback. Had an unbelievable year. And then decided to jump ship because he didn't like the coach that that's it. One house that are gonna transfer are gonna transfer regardless don't have to sit out a year why do we hurt them for exactly you only have four years of opportunity. Four years. An idiot to give one up on a guy most of time as coaches that would jump ship on you any. Anyway kimbo Fisher just take off and leave Willie Taggart you don't see your muted Johnson has been nearly as those guys. Quit in the middle of the season we were here we'd love you Josh were committed to you. You have to give a beard real ability we know coach you'd give year your salaries if you quit. You're leaving you have to give the first years to be full league don't able donate a I'll let them of making up words not done what it did coach the coach does that it's it's almost the same. But it's not because players are younger were posted them put in their dues I understand. Things out of the Booth and vote no that's not right and you're young you're putting your time young players one freebie. When her college football wouldn't hurt alum that. Not one staying in. I tell me about derails some 43 on Thursday. And dogs an eighty yard sale and. I'd have already it SC or camping and man. You know we had a lot of feedback about the thirty year old dude you got evicted yesterday there. I found a little back story about him to. He hasn't hit I guess. That you dug into that that's part of relieved. Bold and what this guy does he had no personal life he said one I just read a story about it and he said that his business is nice too busy to get a job. And doesn't work is because his business is trying to get custody of his kids back because it got custody taken from a in any also. You know what else that being employed including your parents house that the age of 39. Nothing rent. Yeah he also sued a best buy. For discrimination because single female parents were treated differently than him. He's in and he was fired from best buy for not showing up to work he sued him for this guy's got a lawsuit happy I'm sounds like yeah. I want to know a little bit here was something about if you're an enemy territory going to a big game. On is protocol that you. May stick to you. Because there's a lot of stories going on right now I mean you look and the unit we always see you know the fights during football season in the stands. How there's always likes a sort of scuffle going on. I've seen several videos online. About whether it's like at a hockey games where you'd be head caps fans and lightning fans in the nights and jets fans. Boston sand seems to wanna fight everybody and last night buried school and I daresay it's got hurt. There's human like F you JR when he got hurt in counts against exception to that up in the stands. And in so you have like these. Fights that happen. All the times in stands. Re do what is the protocol there when you go to enemy territory would be mean protocol beam particles have scanners Leah because he seems like. A lot of these things just start. By a somebody wearing big year you know like you just Wear it like podcasts and I go to Boston and then all of a sudden you get. Pick somebody lost a fight you. So I've I've had a couple experiences as fans Wear or as a fan right noticed a few things it was that were weird. And usually it's just how your acting when she Wear the gear meet the immediate. And if there's anybody out there that had this experience like say. You don't go to the to the raiders game in Oakland and Wear the opposing team's gear absolutely that's one of those things that you say why because there's that some. So unruly fans on relief fans are gonna do some crap tee which is. Dumb anyway. Pretty fortunate he can't go be a fan. But I think too and I've heard stories to the going out to the clink. In Seattle. That if you Wear something else too it's just as bad if you had those experiences please let me know I'd I'd I know that there's been a few things seahawk fans have a tendency to get alone well they had that's when they had to put undercover cops dressed as opposing fans in the state got to try to make sure that this is. Kept having control of the gets worse in NFL than any other sport I think it's worse than professionals forces and collegiate sports. Just kind of went from my experience and noticing my thing was I went to the pactel championship game. Two years ago where it would likely Colorado and the Huskies put Colorado and is locked Colorado stuff a lot of husky seven then write down the middle. There was a family of five. In all organ here. From the head to toe hats shirts blankets. Shorts. They were mom and dad with three kids probably ages twelve to two eight somewhere in that they were just there they were draped in their organ gear. Are they call the mean out of nowhere. No one really bothered him. Don't know it's anything don't bother just carry out their doing that now if that would abandon NFC championship game. Between I don't know Seahawks. And forty niners or something like that. And here comes the I don't know rams family walking right down the middle what would of would have I would doubt I mean it's just because of the sport without rams family been just. Slaughtered and that's the like that's the thing is that you don't really dancing part about that collar impact of james' gate and an organ fanned wayward. It and really belong as their team was in there now. It was a weird guards they go to I should I didn't take a picture of it because you've got the tolerances like I was enamored. But I never existed the fan of the pop off tees just because you're. Wearing and other teams gear and they get an I guy get the in L but they trolling when you do that you was a fan is a family or anything are you looking for tonight we do that my whole thing is. How the world has ever get to the point where you wanna fight. Over it. You know like. Well like why in the world human race suits and that Lexmark will not. This is like an all new level of down notes he'd like trained fight somebody over that and Al policy answers and as his party's answer that question pretty much. I would I would I never aware of like a poet like baseball seems like the only safe sport to where opposing teams' stuff because. It seems like baseball our football basketball people or any college than people just get too upset name was wanna fight. See this person says I was Lehman will that came in fast and losses has I was head butted by C Oxfam. And I'm a Seahawks fan. When. Dexter says that I don't know sin my son had food thrown at him in Seattle when he was wearing his Steelers shirt. Food. Kaufman really fans. I hate it's a waste of a ten dollar hot dog first of all but it just seems that is did he you don't use literally could be doing nothing. And all this nine year again be. Singled out just for supporting your team and that's that sucks when I look at all these things nobody is a work works for the raiders as a manager in the in the ledger seats he said there were. Stabbings in the luxury suites it's not humankind and Wilson bill. Raider fan is like all different subset of a fanned out. Especially if you get towards the black all but to hear about like that in the luxury suites don't you think too though it's the type of person that does it it's the personality. It takes a lot of balls that takes some big big way votes to walk into your opposing teams and then have a Jersey. And then where it and then be the guy. That is in maybe I don't know maybe in the club seats that stands up in irritates the people around you. And does that mean you're looking for you're that type of person you're looking for some sort of attention. Try to get. Yeah does make sense this is I am a lot of people bring up Brian stow. They did giants and the SP a by dodger fans in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium and flee years ago. As I Tino baseballs and say if I alike get that but it's like I've war we're an asterisk here to Safeco Field I don't know. How many times yeah I've never had a problem god did giant AT&T ballpark wearing asterisk here and egg when they played the giants never. Had a had a problem down there. But you Wear like. Anything to you any college gamer NFL game of posing here and year gonna get. Now this ride this is a ruthless here I don't. This this Specter says had an empty beer bottle thrown my pregnant wife should eat and die. In Columbus after losing to Ohio State so after the game is over their team as I duck fan as that a dugout and they haven't played at Ohio states and who is that. It would be what were you a fan are you a Michigan fan. You say that that's in that's. Our special place in hell for some it does not. As merger were pregnant woman. But it yeah yeah especially. Yeah. Some guys might deserve that I think where you say it has a lot to do the T disguises. I sat front row. For the Seahawks hawkins' game wearing the adjourned Jones Jersey and was just fine gala like wade where you said. Has a lot to deal with. How much lacking negate the higher up you are. The more and rudely they tend to be done in the upper cheap seats is org it's a little ruthless because Bayern more drunk. They're more reckless. And that's just reality at all you know. At five factories terrifies me your feedback on this outlets that we revisit our sexual relations the NFL's big changes to the at the rules testing cam on the fan.