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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, May 24th
Stanley Cup Final is set, and it's captivating; Textual Relations: NFL announced new national anthem policy, and people are not happy

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really hate each other acute sinus it's easy to pop up. Maybe even more than three feet. The dust era. And the man in my acceptance permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American gem Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and examine the more you know and 1080 votes them. Morning happy Thursday CN does here I came Leland. Mr. Clinton and I've made a terrible stage. They know this already known what happens everlasting gonna tell you that I had. I think accidentally committed to running that that long relay arrays for him and after a 96 mile legs of this thing with my life. Geiger called the didn't know arguably did but do you recall a I decided I'm in need to get in shape for that okay it's. I only made it a mile and a half yesterday. I am sore. I going to be typical really sore. And then nice and I'll have a more than I would have tried a synagogue and wait a minute. A six mile leg is going to be like a short leg in that yet you have like four months to train for yeah Wesley does the baby steps rather. Six miles seems like so long when you feel like man how long is an error on our I'm half way. Is going to be terrible. It's getting worse and I thought it was he will mile and a half what is urinating it is you have to have for mileage out. Is the pace finish base it was a good movement pace was not dead. Can just walk if you're really if you're really tired came just start walking yes I am I guess I can it's a into the world now. Gonna get tackled by you the people on the bus and it's kind of we think this personal thing as I know my life I know my wife will be able the run like eight when he pace. For lakers. Six miles she may be and be able to go faster so it's gonna be like. I can't let that happen you know because it's done male ego even though she runs like all the time and like I can't I can't let that happen. And so would. That is what can I demand it yeah right right the dumbest thing ever but amended and be right there going I cannot let this happen ressam an easy terrible. Grab a drop from you remember back to future three. Yes okay so do you remember when Michael J. Fox walks into the bar the old bar when he comes back and those guys are sit around drinking from and doctor and this is right before. I think it's whatever the old doctor with a greater he takes the shot he passes out articles on those old guys are sitting around in that one guy goes a bit. Us. Yeah if there's a clip that's what I want dusty to think every time you try to run a bunch of old guys around drinking whiskey. I do a rhythm going. And it. Who does that anymore well a lot of people a lot of people there are a lot of people love to run I do not and I am gonna become to be straight up honest with. I am there's one thing I'm very jealous of in life is watching people every morning and that job bias in their in their gear. And they look so happy and that the idiocy. And I go I am so jealous that I can't do that. Honestly I I'm I'm really sit eight seat right now that on key programs young lady and she's gonna run on by. She's doing so much fitness into debt I mean I can't do that. In added it just on the size of mop mean who I am I there's nobody that's my size that runs around and businesses and and it's and it's frustrating. I wondered. Maybe I'd do it or I tried to or I don't know I just can't get the understanding of jogging for fun is physically. So heart. I don't get it either I'm right there with the I'm not your size and I still don't get it. I had a buddy and we talked about this item buddy that was like three spends he granted the Eugene marathon fall on marathon he did it. Like there's not a better big that do it. And in that William weighed in on how Big Easy to do full marathon. When aiming at to Sony's victory and it counts in almost 300 pounds. What's there and 66. And he's pretty marathon at that he's sick excuse 300 yen and about that tanked. Yeah I wasn't fast fifth in. Let's not let's aggregate is fast but I am plans in law of him for training to deal that is in for a I don't know anybody that can do that animal and I give him like I am like man act in a game is and I admit I wish I could. You that I wish I did I wish I could be wired that way you like yeah. That I I wanna do that I can do that he. Built this at the runner's high. Now some people tell me that there's a runner's high and that you hit and it's usually not the start it's midway through somewhere there's some sort of pace a moment where you hit it. And I don't know what it is can you explain it to me what it means. Because I've I've never felt I felt. When I've played basketball or have been playing football that that point where I know I can't get tired rain out and not peak dissolved it's his own. Yeah there's a peak of shape were right to played any game and I just felt I was. Dot I've felt that is that how you feel when I'm running. Yes I used a your body's is working. At its peak meeting it is that your at peak performance in the house and you're going through and it's at the beginning you're just Psycho cam warming up and get my by his appeal right and then. When your arm. Your blood is pumping all this and you sit there like this is easy. And then to women's team when Mac goes downhill. Here you come off that rationing like OK this is really hard to get my body can't get sober undersized fluctuating while you're running yes so thrilled just hit it in stay in the zone yeah. You just he kind of comes it comes away yet and if you're really good shape that lasts longer care and then you'll feel good when you get done running sure can't. But like when your out of shape. So for like guys like you and me. Will run like when he steps will be like okay now and get warm and in the next when he steps you're like OK I feel OK and then when he steps later you're done. But it when you when you're in shape it actually is really long can go miles and miles you hear that don't make sense I just have never experienced it for me it's about. 100 meters thick that's that's all about as long as you sit there and you know aren't you now I'm done. This Dexter goes I'm convinced him of sexual hope your state running. Do the torture running effectively yes yeah I still remember the pain in the exit. The anxiety I had on Tuesdays 'cause it was 10 six's days one of sixes are. Over and backs because the football field is 53 yards wide it so we have 10 six's I had to make it over and back and eighteen seconds. I can still hear in my nightmare dreams my coach going. Being sick out gained seventy and I just it right even right now I have frightening anxiety of that when I hear those. Count outs romper. There that and I've put my. Rest your winner do that's my globe right now Baird Baird is run or. And as with a big shot glass of whiskey. Sit there. I need this book my tee time now though because this whole thing is is senator around. It's dead going to be near adverse side ranch. So golfing is gonna have to be. One thing that is like egg dangling carrot at the end of this thing I thought it was a sex. It's another dangling her. It is I have to or if you run six miles more than one notes early. Dangling that carries the mayor he has two children inning he makes his life happy and he gets a reward at the end. Got stating it oh run. Can't you now for phone all of us Mary guys like Ron Harper on Monday it. All sorry this your happy with the drop dead drop as I am wonderful thank you what I can't believe that you had to recall to a third of age continued genre RA MIS alleging that impressive is is that not impressive consider myself really a fountain of fairly useless. Knowledge that. And I couldn't reach back Ingraham I have I have a lot of blank spaces in my brain in my head that are full of things that I can pull out of nowhere now. And they just are in there for some reason. That one was in there for some reason because I hate running so much and that's how I feel embarrassed every time I think of running battle may have with a bottle whiskey going aimed at. Back to the future romper. Back to the future the Reid pulled them in the market Rico. And I remember was just like yesterday. Died today in sports history 2000 ended. Flop. Annika Sorenstam misses the cut at the colonial and Fort Worth, Texas there's a big deal. Fifteen years ago she became the first woman to you play PGA tour event and she missed cut both. Or strokes yeah Aysu remember her first tee shot where she striker three wood in and started walking her legs started to wobble yes she pretended like it was they know. A scary shot she ever did. I think about how much longer that course was then let the LP GAO. Event is the other own man and she was. Mean. If you think of when she was even at her peak and at her prime. There's price few years before 2003 and you know if Danica. And having her you compete the way she did first woman in fifty years to participate. It PGA tour event. I'd really love to see the top woman in the world go after. Some some men I'd I'd that would be interest in M on on just a regular sized golf course and see no matter what where length is not important there's a lot of great golf courses built. We have to have target golf and there's ladies out there. John in these dudes think outages bombers which is vomit. So lazy taken down young fun if you gazelle. PGA events that come through town here are amazing to watch them with armies amazing. And that would be fun like him. Well would be great is a match play. Event with players men and then women men and in pairs together. Seattle ring idea dusty. A dining gala guiding gallon unit and Ryder Cup verses to commit mixed doubles select the Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup mashed together as its power excellent idea. Art politics on me off that Sally and India sponsor. In any some deals of course. All right coming about today's show and a vote changes there in the morals and people aren't happy some people are happy we will discuss and get to the latest from Roger Goodell in around the NFL in your thoughts and our tech relations at. 630. The cavs and Celtics. Eastern Conference finals continued. Why organs states is in the running for one of the top cornerback prospects in the country and that's another packed on these nodes but where we start. Most captivating post season right now wow. It's got one of the coolest things in all of sports sixer team on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 Salem. Man we got T ones that are reaching out saying I can get that down to youth. Seven minute mile and no time. Some of breaks your effort now. There is one thing though as I think about my soreness from running. That detects signs got me okay thing about my brother and our talk about this yesterday. When I knew your best month ever. What my best smile at your best month. Passion you know carrier or alive never I was never like a mile runner and never Lou I tried to run a mile for time. But what do you think you could have done. By. I fives. And fives. EA get a gun yes yes. It absolutely. As it has leased to do we in college you'd have to do. Three Marin and eighteen minutes in so that is. Three straight six miles I had to run. Freshman year. Part of our conditioning test was running the mile and a pro football players is how long ago basis or as a freshman and sophomore. It literally had to book before I can participate in two days camp. I had to pass the mile test. Yeah I had to run six minutes and thirty seconds. And at two under in what goes to 65 via. I wanted to was and nightmare would be and I never ever my fastest I ever rim it was 641. I never passed so every morning during two days at a wake up and extra conditioning. Because I couldn't run eleven seconds faster you know let as part of this training was it into it it was one of the biggest. Dumbest thing I can think back to it as you is. On a mile on football and promised 72 athlete what the heck in my ideal and yeah terrible as part of this I will try and get to all right I'll try to run my fastest mile for. Just feel. For medium whatever you do for dinner and I need to find a mile life to one I'll willingness one mile that is straight in downhill and in the power and that. And OK but no my brother or talk about this. I'm sore right now I chipped. He noticed that little kids they run everywhere like they don't block and when you're looking you just brought here everywhere you're going. Was run saying did you imagine if we just did that our entire lives where we we just continued around everywhere you never gets. If he just rain everywhere you go up we miss this quote the it was last week the guy who set the world record in speed golf. Right yet Eric burns he'll baseball player yet 98 holes of golf. In eighteen hours. Continuously. That's easy breezy running playing golf so sweet musical bond so he didn't have a cart you granite or speed golf is is running. Our guys I think there was no it was faster than that it was an eighteen hours I got to look at it. It usually elderly score twelve hours in human 65 miles or something yeah it was it was knots yeah. Edgy and maybe your kids run everywhere. Later when they're young and relieve all when you're young hero like yours have been you wanna get everywhere and you move it and indicate we need to keep that walking when your child now and the and try that maybe it's my son is like a do this human experiment where he just has to run everywhere his entire life. You won't turn out weird exercise is good yeah. On. You and Anthony tallied running a mile you know I play Anthony yeah I asked myself that same being questioned when I showed up to Kia. What was I gonna tell on James no. No coach an argument do you see how that one flight out of that and flies have fun at DeLia epithet at. Welcome to the university Washington know get out of here. Aren't. Are talking to us and did you did you or did you watch it Stanley Cup IA. Hired knowing our remembrance final ending get a chance to I was on my photos follow moment on I was at a three at our baseball game. As governor excuse me yeah as a Barbara. 83 and a half hour baseball game and generic name known only to a youth thirteen year old arena for him. So I was following the MBA as a conference finals and cheering on the caps like there's no tomorrow I sought when he got 30 in the third I went oh boy. I was excited. It only took a minute the scoring to start Alexander Ovechkin and my man OB. German and a puts one in Germany and a movie. He's your man now yeah I know is nicknames is no man's man this is the great thing is that I AM now a rock part time hockey fan. None. And Alexander Ovechkin as the guy that I was rooting for to get in now we have. This Stanley Cup finals Vegas in the caps we have of etched in news like the best in the world. He's played thirteen years never played for Stanley Cup and then the team his first year existence. This is great for me casual fan guy. Because I don't have to root for team I can just pick and choose who I'm gonna root for in this thing and I sat there now watch a game and at the end of it. I've flipped back and forth because you know it's blow I don't wanna but I made sure to watch like the final minute of the hockey game two and the trophy presentation. And hockey is so cool at the end they do a handshake line at the end of every series right now where. How many times they seem like LeBron loses Ceres and U. Ever walks off no drugs are ranked in its Russell Westbrook going to fight the crowd. Not even given anybody bro hug or high five as he leaves Utah it is he's trying to slap cellphones I'd get your hands up frank bitterness we seed in the NFL to write Brady of Brady just walks off the field doesn't congratulate anybody remember an N to be fair. There are a lot of guys that you do that that gives a bro hugs and and love it up and exchanged jerseys and there's a lot of good guys that do that is is sometimes is he the stars. Give her. But this is what I love about what the way to hockey does it. Is that it's not just a couple of guys you you know and they're not just cracked and smiles and joking after they went. They go through the handshake line you sports style and everybody yeah it's like a it's it's a really long time for them get through because you say semi Kate congratulations good luck. Is is mutual respect thing. That we just went through in these guys a seven game series in these guys in Tampa just had their hearts ripped out because they're chasing Golan and planes Stanley Cup final. And it's a handshake good Lochte that was a great fight. Ultimate sportsmanship. And respect none of those you know I'm just gonna pout and go home because. I lost my eyes here. Was there a controversial hit last night that happened that I I there was little by law a little bit of a scrum yes there's some good it's awesome and I took a shot to the boards that it looked like he got knocked out for six we have Ella had a column and it when they come Quincy and majors. You have this Wilson do you view for the I cat suit he was suspended. But the beards in hockey plastered a great playoff beards better than baseball beards. Hockey news via the beards are wonderful. Yes yeah I salute there but Tom Wilson is kind of name is known as who again a cheap shot artist at tech act. And he he got into a little bit but that's the things that these guys literally fighting each other. And then it's handshakes hugs game goodbye I love that. Short memorized that about memories in hockey. Why don't we do that in other sports we do Major League Baseball has did as the end of that Aldous we know each other sandy only in the last. And only if they went yeah only if you lose you had it head into the clubhouse and you win you go out and you go and you high five your selves yeah. You got to celebrate I mean that's everybody's got traditions and you don't think that there's any. There is no you know what in the World Series too like when the cubs are celebrate or Houston celebrating the Dodgers are all just sitting there I love the pan over camera. Everybody's a sitting in the clubhouse and in the dugout and on. This that's bad radio but just you know the blank stare we've lost BI five guys just staring out towards the highway I really don't wanna celebrate or talked to anybody. So maybe hockey's this got it figured out that there's a respect thing and this is what we do it's tradition we're gonna do it no matter what swallow your pride deal with a shake my hand exact competition. Bone and you and that is our respect for competition is huge and in my eyes. Yes and then also I'd I notices and I always forget about it until this time of the year. But they have this tab do. You don't touch the conference trophy after you NA it's the speed bad block. If you crave you touch the conference trophy because you're only supposed to hoist the cup and on at the end. And stable to Vegas in the capitals. Just gave the middle finger to that they're like no. We're definitely touch and these trophies so bulls teams teamster themselves okay. In on the other is they did the interview though benched in this Indiana out of touch that trophy. And he does watch me at a antiques goes right over you believe those superstitions I don't like that. Nobody I love that about the importance is that you sit there and you have these these curses in these things are not supposed to deal and the fact that the capitals Haddon. And he's been so long is the bid in their their right now we're embraces moments that. And so now you teachings seems flavors Stanley Cup saw on the board this been way more captivating in the NBA in its probably because I've no idea. What's going on his. Cheering for just pure sport yet because it's fun you're looking for guys their stories right now on the NHL. Great stories with Las Vegas greats series the best and making it too after thirteen years but clearly a planet never play for Stanley Cup that's what's exciting about it. And now we get that is fans and I think that hockey now we're gonna get more more hockey here in the northwest wind Seattle gets its team and that you get to see. There's gonna be more influence a little bit hockey. Cool sign yet if we're at a hockey team idea fan. Of course I could see myself watching that doesn't. Just like yen on and I know any telltale and a TARP and you know and no I don't big voice. But we don't Hamlin and so. I'll just wait for the blazers to. And dancing well. Intro intro dancing and and and Johnson and shakes all the blazers out about well basketball players of the best handshakes all sports. Thinking ending shoulder Shimmy shake gently panacea I don't know what the CJ is is the Shimmy Shimmy GB it's a handshakes and what is or is very handshake could hit cleanup hitter and streaky. Now men are right five factories or five. Canned dusty part of hockey fans. Regain our sweaters do you wanna take sides in the Stanley Cup or now. Politics caps. I'll take my ball over. Okay I'll take delight in. My point are playing. Not the lightning started golden knights you've got me confused. I'll take tonight's then nom they think tonight's I have no I'm no rooting interest she's great I know rooting interest but I'll take tonight's and you can you can have the cap that's okay you want and they don't I don't need to caps its final take I think tonight's. If not gonna fight Allred. We love hockey right the NFL changes in the rules and people aren't happy but. Some people are here from Roger Goodell. One NFL right or wrong today Gator right. You address the sports center. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and like him and I learned there we have all of my whole life I mean. Most cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my comfort. They'll they'll. Weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to be. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that boasts a. 55305. That is contained text signed a steered to implement the deal. We'll have cast Thursday morning. RA it's yesterday the NFL and its owners and commissioner Roger Goodell. Announced sweeping changes to there much bandied about National Anthem. Policy. Oh let's this year from the commissioner himself on the new policy. Let it sink in we wanna hear from mile 55305. Both 32 clubs. I want to picture of it during. The moment of the instrument flight. That that is a very important moment to all of us as a league is close personally and to our country. And that's a moment that we wanna make sure he's done and very respectful fashion and that that was something for us very strongly held in the room. We think too we've come up with a balanced. Process here in a procedure and policy. That will allow those players who feel that they can't stand for me enter into. A stay in the locker room. And there's no penalty that color we are learning curve to all of you to be on the field is like calling me on the field and Stan attention. And it stayed do come out onto the field and choose to protest. A teen will be fine. Not the players individually so it'll be on 1819 basis. Dictating whether or not. You go out on the field players who wanna go they can't players I don't wanna go they don't have to. What are your feelings on the news anthem policy in the potential fines and they come with that. Well let's first start and it has backtrack a little bits of those either don't remember and that look on my career I never came out for the camp and so we've discussed this before illnesses. This is a hot button IA in my personal. That we haven't had this kind of heavy heavy attention on a decision by the NFL rule which which really relates to everybody in our country you'd. In my pit in my thoughts and I look on this and I go you're either on one side or the other there is no middle ground on this. It doesn't feel like there's a middle ground if you go back to 2009 in the NFL finally decided. To go out for anthems I never went out for an anthem in my career never did in in 2009 the NFL. Took marketing dollars from the armed forces millions millions of dollars from the armed forces in 2009 to create. What is called the some sort of way to like recruiting I mean anytime you see him in the military recruits a gig creates young men and women they want to come in to the armed services. To be part of and they spend millions of dollars in our country marketing their service. That's what the NFL decided to do so the root of this is based upon revenue for. The NFL that's my first point when you start with this because this isn't in my in my opinion this doesn't start with patriotism. This starts with capitalism. Sort of marketing dollars. That's the root of the beginning. So if I start with that process and now move forward to all the way 2015. And sixteen when it turns into oh boy what are we doing downwards showing military families are doing this if you look at your past. And see what the NFL is doing now these are deciding to. Base their opinion on. Fear what is their fear well began fellow executives have made made it very clear to them. That our political leaders have said this is unacceptable for our number one sport in the world to have our players doing that for the finance. Also there's proof there's numbers behind Bleacher Report pro football talk everybody show on the numbers of how fans are disappointed with what players are doing. By protesting their political point of view on Sundays on Mondays and on Thursday ice. These are all the things this hot button yet if they'll have a chance they had a chance to do something right away but with the NFL does is they react. And they take in like any other organization more than ever that I think they take political points of view. And fan opinions and they use that as their basis for decisions more than any other sport in the world in my opinion. From the Ray Rice situation. Two Colin cap predict to anybody that gets in and the immediate iron fist comes down with the decision and easier political power. To be able to make this decision. The NFL made a mistake. Get the clearly made a mistake this is even this this wasn't even that big of an issue in the off season. It was not and they had to deal with it. Right now and they and they glossed over everything big glossed over at all they found a way to now divide the country even more and divide the fans even more or now there's a button between the two. Where you go. All right might want to game. Are really wanna watch this game because of players think about this Europe you're now deciding whether you wanna watch football in this country based upon. What the league decided to tell you not whether you like the game or not. Yet in a yacht were around you say that the NF made a mistake and that mistake. May not have just been yesterday's ruling but it may have been what you said. Nine years ago in 2009 may have been an and the staffers and take out greed dusty this is nothing to do with what. What it is is great for our country the sets that he was great for capitalistic greedy. NFL players and executives trying to grow there Brandon take marketing dollars this. The root of this is based in capitalistic greed yes and then has now turned into going on any gnome no longer in my opinion of them this is. But really you can have your own opinion on their promise Jerry mind that I got a Mike yes. The root of this now starts with it's no longer about. Whatever your social justice and causes. This is now about fighting back. Two authority and it starts with Donald Trump our president yes search with the fear that now that he says executives are supposed to be afraid players are supposed to be SOB's if they don't this is no longer about a social justice cause. This is about somebody standing above you and seeing your fall my rules or this healing up and up all your rules is free country. Its debt did that were with this now. Well in a lot of this to me when you look at it the lines have been blurred so much in this because the original message is actually lost because. Oh how we forget that. The original protesters calling cap an accident right now. Then former NFL player who is then war veteran and served in our military. Confronted him and said that's very disrespectful of the men and women that that are lost their lives and serve this country. And calling cabernet said okay what can I do that is and disrespectful to of them. Is still respectful to the flag and and in to the minute and has served. But still I can get a message across in taking a knee was the answer. So EU. Finding middle ground is what company tried to do taking unique right in so we lose side and that then bill whole reason why it's taking any. Is to show reverence. To the men when that serve but this conversation is a spin muddy and we forget about. Why this is now asides game that bulletin and it's no longer messages or this is about sides is is about are you a strong supporter are you not RUN political. For you military one or are you know there is no middle ground now now it's the NFL is now up against the NFL PA because now that the NFL has made this decision. This decision any time you make a decision where there are fines. Team finds individual fines. They have gone made this policy without consulting NFL players association which anytime you do in the collective bargaining agreement. It states very clearly you cannot make definable policies without consulting or collectively. Bargaining this they went again. With iron fist and said you do this you guys will do this and you have owners. You owners the jets owner says I can't believe this I will pay the fines for my lawyer Christopher Johnson. Who is. His dad is actually team owner Woody Johnson isn't ambassador for the United States yes he came on his said I never wanna put restrictions on the speech of our players that prefer they stay and of course but. I understand if they felt the need to protest and said he will. Pay any incurred fines but here's where the NFL's trying to get away with that is they're gonna find that team. Right and in so there is they're trying to find day though with the way around this. Again the root of this is all based upon marketing dollars that started in 2009 did where they rebounds were the root in where they really botched it. Is by not addressing it at the beginning when this thing first happened in net and by addressing it it's not even saying. You know this is our new rule in initiating a new rule. It is either supporting. Or going against calling cabernet. In in ending the protest right there right dating nip this thing in the bud and then it turned into. Where rat right now and where rat right now is eat it in there is an element too you're saying where it has become. As gas slighted by a political. Stances on this right in light by by not political stances of social justice reform which is the initial. Protest. It is. Republicans are still perfect example right here only give you this example because when you put this on our tax line common read it for you. Can you wanna say it says get your political views this Dexter says get your political views. Off the air this is us this is sports don't put down our president I don't know what. What put a burn saddles of everybody but this is a personal vendetta a lot of individuals out there I don't have a personal vendetta. And I don't have a stake in this because I'm not a current player anymore that is I personally would never. Ever sit down O'Neal down. But I don't have the social justice issues. I don't care whatever anybody says you can say whatever you wanna you wanna put down a president wanna do whatever you want that's EU issue that's a you problem you hear whatever you want. This is a hot button based upon the internal. Intrinsic. Inside your body that just drives you nuts this is nothing. Nobody's put down anybody here I'm Johnny that the policies right now are confusing mixed. No matter what president what people that are running this culture and of this is so far from what is needed is a fight over whether players are doing. I've factories or five that is in text line. Your feedback. In this texture says protests on your own blinking time I turn on the TV to watch football not your political statements. That time is their time. It is their time. That's what they're saying. I factories here. Doesn't it don't. I'm in the morning it's Canadian. I Roger Goodell in the NFL announced there. You mean National Anthem policy. They have the option to come out or stay in the locker room but if you do come out and coach disrespect the flag. Your team will be fine. People. None too happy about this on either side and nets architecturally since day at 55. These are fact is gonna be this mead interest in today and I and I and I applaud all of you that wanna stand by your opinions. And that's what's great about our country and do this it's great about who we Dugard sport stock would mean dusting Cammie mean you're always gonna keep their real wanna shoot you straight. This text or comes in says that's your opinion you guys need to get over your hatred for the NFL. Not everything they did was wrong sometimes the players are wrong whether it's. His case or not let me get one. Theme crystal clear to everybody out there especially that texture I'm sitting here because of the opportunity I was given by the NFL. I love. The NFL. Love it I also love my dad. Who was in the military. The 82 going to be 82 this year. But I disagree with a view things that he did. As a man and as my leader growing up who was in the military that's my family that was my leader who I followed growing up. I can disagree with my leaders. K but I can still respect them I respect the NFL more than anything I respect the leaders of am I gonna disagree with people certainly but I'm sitting in this chair today and every opportunity had in my life is because the effort I've put through the opportunity NFL gave me sit on ever question my love. For the NFL. Or anything like that because Dominique keep it straight and I'm gonna keep it real ripe for all of you. But this is in my opinion I'd set it I would never said. Would you out that this is what's made the controversy in the gasoline is gone on the fire is that there is no there's no. Safe haven for anybody that has an opinion on here. There is there isn't if you don't or you do there is opposite sides saying how dare you how dare you and look where we've gotten. The world record is right now look at this. Look at this visceral I mean hate the visceral reaction yes and it comes from people immediately. That are so passionate about the side. And that's right say where's your hate come from. Where where does your hate come from look at them. Immediately just react to it. And understand it but here alt A right now I'm behind in my meant don't question my love my my passion. You do I'll show you what it is straight up front I'm not here to intimidate or anything I'm just on the I believe it's my core. I'm so close to this there are times when to a fall you protect football in the NFL or how many how you are actually former NFL players who live and died by that shield every day and then grew up in a family with a dad is an at how many can speak to this. Comic Tommy do you know the can speak to them and now. It. Line. You. Know I don't know very many other NF I don't know I don't know I'm not saying I'm just telling you straight up this is about Israel's again. You know this conversation has overshadowed the fact of what the initial one is supposed to be an immediate year talking about there's no middle ground here I think there there should be the middle ground is. You know an appreciation for the the players who are trying to bring a voice in the protest and how do they move that conversation forward. You know because that day acted the protest is to get people to talk about social social injustice and in justice reform in our country. And now they have a platform that everybody's talking about it where did they take does next steps in the NFL has put what is in 93 million dollars or into a a little social justice reform. Fund and the thing is that. One there's a whole cited that didn't wanna talk about social justice forms of emitted about disrespect to the flag. And in disrespect to the military which is not the intent of this at all you're in April there's an unwillingness to it listen in here in middle ground on the he's always hear that there is a potential program we do know that in. Fills a business. It's a very ruthless business I tell you guys every day what they do two players went. What are it is just the commodity your resource there's a value from the drugs to the things that we do to Brett Farr. Talking about his alcohol being able to take viking in every day to make it to the guys doing to put has a lot of positives to. Also the dark side I'll tell you the dark side but there's some great side. The camaraderie the locker rooms the atmosphere meeting fans that are there. Somebody wanting me to sign their trading card for them because I came up to limit what a I watched you play you are much of an honor that is. When someone asked. That for me even still now or anything I had a would have it the wasn't for this league so there's a lot of great things right now this is this is overshadowing. Really why we love our sports here it's a it's taken away for our enjoyment too I liked. Politics read what I say every day. About politics it paid it and add people that don't notice. Like you don't say it every day on the air off you'd literally do every day Sayed. Out one point off the now. If you hate it because it takes away and it divides people so much were we can't come together in enjoy you know what I wanted to. On cinema house when I have a beer with my buddies. Who is a certain race or certain gender of certain background but what I can do with sports is considered have a beer with him. Or her. And we're just enjoying the sport you know it in a lot of this is too and this is one of the great things about football and just. This divisiveness it does not exist nearly to the extent that people believe it does in the locker room. I don't even about this even about this topic now because the best thing about football is. In my times playing even at the small cause Havoc and the guys from you know east Oakland that a kid from hill's rock and that sort of never would have encountered. But there's some my lifelong friends now you know in guys that are from all over the country that I never would have from different backgrounds. Ethnicities races that we all kind of come together it's like. It's a melting pot in the locker room in this divisiveness is it nearly as bad. In the locker room and in the NFL as it is. Outside in the in the bill. And I certainly don't have the facts I don't have a fix for it I don't know where where this where the league in Holland but it's not gonna go away and I mean I don't know why the league would even just say players need to stay in the locker room I don't know what what could have been a better solution to this or. Or die on this I think that this is a very it's difficult man it is there's no way that any of us can sit there it's our would have done it this way and it would have been better. I'll say one thing though the NFL did make a foo bar. I think added. One thing that would've helped make all this better is by not trying to tell these young men who are protest in what it is they're protesting about. Listen to them they're trying to use your voice and tell you what this protest is about is right other side you have all these owners and I don't want to politicize this it's been politicized. But also the people the other side saying no that's not what your protest is about your poorly people would tell. These men what their protest is about. And that's it as saying earlier and that Colin cabinet them win out of his way to change that the format of the protests. In order to be respectful for the military. Un. And the service people of our country back Elofsson. Main problem was the other side when you found other members of the military. Yeah that wanted to turn around and more things and to suit. The NFL as a league. They boxes because India doesn't have his prom and everybody just stand people are talking about that. No 55305. While more on this are ticked relations buzz we got it actually got her hot in coup. The little at a film notes college football and a baseball as well as the game on the fan.