Dusty & Cam, 3-12-18 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, March 12th
Pac-12 and the West Coast with a tough March, Snubs and what the heck are quadrants? And.....Tiger, Tiger Woods ya'll! Is he back?

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And sternum and week. This is a tournament precondition of dusty inject a little more million that run team by Georgia. McCoy attorney was born Allen attorneys have long been injured in an accident. George McCoy can help you get compensation you deserve. Good morning Alan dot com dusty and jam on generating those random. Cal state Fullerton is then. But a big play in the big west. Zone conference there and telescope with the UC Irvine Riverside. Although schools sure I think at last. And dated just as any automatic bids is packed all does dissolves small schools as we know get automatic qualifiers. Just as big dogs like pac twelve deal. But the pac twelve didn't get very many. And at large bid either only to harm and Ballmer in the first four as. As a tomorrow UCLA play saint Bonaventure the blame game to get into the game Pena. Only one team is in the field of 64 said the big Weston pac twelve have just as any teams in the field of 64 right now. Wrapped it around on Arizona State on Wednesday play Syracuse. On Jim they behind Bobby Hurley at she'd pretty decent matchup doubly fun to watch wanna hit it don't Schumer over the last timer a one. Just blame based did. Passed it lasted. Syracuse for why they got in determined they got to the final four yeah in this connection here kind of deserving enemy over there are gonna be in a playing game. Are there to win this basketball Hampton. Okay I had when I don't know here's the state sucked at the end of the year QB just call it it is in the pac twelve looks terrible because if in Syracuse mop the floor with the Arizona State. It is a horrible for the tackled in these selection committee did and did the pactel no favors but putting years and stayed in in USC news leaving them out. The heirs and state house quality Wednesday beat Xavier they beat Kansas they beat to the day and a half a one seed in the country this year. I get it right they have that resonate or Linear but at the end of the season USC was a far better team in day guy. Coast. And I think the FBI probe has a ton to do it I think airlock. Teams out there that feel every year that they got hoses are quite a few but when you put these stats that everyone says and the committee's use accuse you set an RPI and if you're gonna rank that high and our cannot get in than it is very confusing what is your metrics. They you're using is an eyeball test or is it the fact that the pact twelfth. Does that give him. Offer is they're using this quadrant system now there can't in years basically have a quadrant goes they have a quadrant one win. Is babe they dole it out like 125. At home if you beat one of those teams that is say a quadrant one way and 256. Through fifty. It'd neutral site is a quadrant one ran one quadrant one win. Or if you go a 51 through 75 on the road. Thus qualify as quadrant one wins. So basically if you beat the 75 best team in the country on the road. That's the exact same as good beating then number two team in the country at home. Does that make sense to know it doesn't now. There's your metrics no merger is what do you wanna call on you get the same amount a credit. For doing that basketball analytic says it's best. That you that's of that's a doozy ago in that one is just doesn't. And and that's where Arizona State made a date they have a budget squad are on Wednesday happened at the beginning the year and they're non conference play. In the back in the year they went eight and ten and pactel plane were terrible. And and USC was peaking at the right time where they were working in work out the kinks at the beginning of the year. Peek at the end of the year finished second in the regular season second in the conference tournament. And they're on the outside looking in. That to me doesn't make sense it's not a good look for the pac twelve in I wouldn't be surprised if Arizona State got smacked by a Syracuse never goes seek. Pac twelve is terrible meanwhile USC a better teams sitting at home and try as better chance to beat. Syracuse the only team this conference is worried about right now if you abuse be realistic it's Arizona he's only seen is gonna having noise and there and the my gosh the south region death. Virginia the number one overall seed in the entire tournament. Is in the south bracket which features. This is amazing Cincinnati. As the TC. You have your three seed. Is Tennessee who is the SEC regular season champ it has Arizona the pac twelve regular season and conference champion is the fourth seed. I've seen is Kentucky which is a conference championship. Winner of the SEC. S sixty days Miami seventy Nevada and then yields at Texas Creighton in Kansas State and that is a brutal. Bracket. I don't think battling the winner of the national championships coming out of the south they're going to be too beat up they're going to be physically exhausted to try to get through there by the time we get to the final four they're going to be we got nothing left in the tank small mini prediction market big could be reversed it can be the winner will come out of the south is you be the most battle tested in thing. Think of this I mean EE of the people are saying that Ted I've seen of pun dents and stuff on and on Twitter I think Christie train. Formally of the LA times I don't know where he's at now but here are big article on. FBI probe. Big are they got punished by the selection committee when you think. Miami is a six seed in the region of death they've been implicated in this. Air is on has been implicated in this dairy top three seed no doubt there are four seed in the region death. USC Oklahoma State global all on the outside looking in Auburn gets bumped down a line. So the why they put Virginia the good eaten isn't there. Why they do that through Virginia. I don't care they do that's their Virginia Tony Bennett and down now that's not fair I don't know I think we want to slow the game down to make it review the enjoyable grind it out. It's not good basketball watch but he got to respect it but if Arizona wins. And John cal Perry by the way did you hear in DC that he said about an area yeah you know and Ari kelp are. As a barrier artery as personal stereo model it's whatever race here in the history recent interview that he did when he is on. EST unless sent a column color cal Perry kicked but he said. Boise Idaho Heidi even get to Boise Idaho that's or they play Lewis and bogey there. I too he doesn't even know like Boise is a eat he has no idea that Boise exists as he said he. Which boys he's getting great games that they have Kentucky. Davidson. Air zona buffalo and then they have guns that get too I believe. Son. Become an area game begins Agha. Ohio State in San Diego State. Good games and ways senior figures named Big Ten teams but Kentucky Arizona may have to play each other in the around 32 they will. May they will Arizona's going to be buffalo. But oh I'm sorry the around a 32 arms arms an object in Miami and coming out early Yahoo! would not wears those gonna have to face Kentucky man you know they get to play Kentucky in the second round there right away. Although Davidson one of the sneaky teams that he can't ever say it's a it's a gimme. This is. Sorry staff Koreas and playing right now that's she would Vegas has on this at the opening round Reese Davis said this last night. Most upsets ever. Now Las Vegas is saying no upsets a talkative on the bat the better than higher seed is. Parallel RC higher seed is favored in all these games. So there's and they're predicting zero upsets across the board eagle with a eichel BS them. Doesn't that just set it up well yes it is so we'll have a Venus says that ever is it. Does the fact that I've learned one thing about sports is with this when you think you know you're talking about. In these tournaments you know idea. There. She we thought they and an AT. Bracket now because the tackles really well represented in the 95 teens. I've teams it Oregon Washington USC Stanford and Utah. What does this say about the pac twelve overall it's a hoax that you really care about sports this is back to back big time. Sports. Now football. And this year in 2017 and on into 2018 and now basketball. Where your conference was cracked on nationally in it was looked at as an average conference. Because your team's not represented itself well it did not stand up to the test. When it comes to national recognition do you think it's money dusty you think audacity with amount of money is injected. The television revenue view the leadership from Larry Scott somebody should take some responsibility I think it's a talent. An investment. Point of view yeah combination of money now when I investment I mean personal investment into how it's. Mean talked to our athletes here on the West Coast we do not invest amount of time. And money and being better than human know. In you see it friend senator Ernie they I made in when I look at this bracken elegant three packs of teams getting in and and the fact that. Now you have some credible resonate is that that were snubbed out of it luck I don't think USC has the gall to win a national championship but I also think that. It if you get star power. Missouri got Y name they talk about Missouri with a 67. RPI. In did they get in as an eight seed. As a metric that people looked at in the committee has used in leaned on for years. People are saying all my guys now on the lower at Syracuse. God and what do joke it's timber in Arizona State got and what a joke. You look at. Michael Porter junior got in because he's a star Missouri lost their first game of the SEC tournament to a team that fired their coach the next day to TV show okay TV show tray young in Oklahoma. Oklahoma got in because they have a star. Colin sexton put on a show on the SEC tournament in eight days Alabama Crimson Tide got a better seed because it's a TV show I just made it it it is it is must see television that you wanna see stars this is not who's the best teams. This is what's gonna sell commercials and get eyeballs but I also think that it is not. Yeah I think there's no. It's not a coincidence that the fact that the two conferences that have the most revenue coming out of the teams that get the most. Teams in the turner recognition you SEC gets hit the Big Ten gets it the ACC gets at pactel was trailing in revenues. Dip their trailers arrives we have our we have our mountains in arsenal sports we do and look at etc. OK don't me wrong it's beautiful field also is beautiful. Be relevant in the big sports. Nut relevant or being in the commerce is I'm not asking. Not asking for wins every single year although that would be nice it was true and was the last time we won a national team we. The pac twelve has won a national championship Arizona 1997 when about football. Loads of recounting vacated an eye candy it non vacated non vacated vacated 1972. It's forever. Forever. Factor kids Jo Donovan been alive. On and people asking Myers on the god and indeed be two in one seeds in the non conference that's this new quadrant thing the quadrant system is. Big gauger wins based on how did the teams are. I don't get it as USC is playing better at in any position in this country. Blazers dad's turning a corner does sink him on the fan. In two hours. 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Second in last time they're playing heat that they you'll avoid a somewhat subtle together again yeah I didn't blame of their Miami right on the road trip and scared and heritage scare. Scared. He's why does play in the fourth corps. As Europe that's because the blazers bench is so dang good knowledge because Ed Davis in it so dang good. And I'm dead renamed my son to you Ed. Edward no Ed Ed Ed Eddie. I in honor of Ed Davis I get davis' gonna have with ads middle name is it is like Howard. It's something more very written on outpouring. It's just Adam Adam at Adam Edward Adam Davis. Does that include some of my off Ernie this as the lover of Edward Adams and Davis yeah. Edward Adam Davis in Boise plane himself into the hearts of a blazer fans and really. It is that's going to be a tough guy to part with the as Ed Davis is going to be hitting their free agent market soon he will be he's a savvy veteran what he's in his ninth season and if we look at guys that you could compare him to whom do you put him on. Who do you comparing to with a lot of money that was given LeBron. LeBron and a now Ed Davis he becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year. I think he's get in an inning going from. You know six point three where he's of ridiculously affordable right now. Ed Davis hitting enter restricted market a puts a blazes in a bind because that's like if he's going to be a ten million a year got. He's in need ten million dollar a year sleigh right yeah I yeah. I would agree without I'm not gonna save came miers under and now I know it you're gonna have to dump some money to build a key bed and Ed is extremely valuable because nobody else can do what he can do is bring a spark off the bench. From a big man. Exact Collins as you know here are rookie DeLia afterward but it is numbering the ability to get rebounds anywhere on the court like that. Ed Davis the way that he's been playing has been. I mean. It did two minute catalyst of this nine game mr. I also think Zach Collins and in his ability to come and an impact a basketball game. That's been huge for the blazers past comments and issue Baz Napier and made big plays in I think wary. And the biggest strides with those guys calm had been on the defense of into the floor obviously and a new look at. Zach Collins has been a daddy you don't take off the floor when you need to stop and that's been huge play with a ton more confidence. Yeah if you told me right now you have the one that might affect the idea that Davis situation gonna look at some public interest in Thompson is getting sixteen and a half million dollars again I Cleveland I know he's young daughter he's a he's 26 but that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter you're gonna use that as a benchmark who would you rather have Tristan Thompson. Or Ed Davis I don't think it matters because Tristan Thompson helps the cavaliers. Ed Davis is key is key for what it is you're gonna pay for you two guys you miers under pain for you got to find a way to move that and give that. And then he also views of circuits these girl problems. We get into in the summer. Because this team right now is playing great basketball. Yes it is and air mean it is right now what. The blazers have come come in Tuesday the two gamely for third in the west right now and when you look at the way that this whole thing is shaken out. In this two game cushion that they've been able to build up over this nine game win streak is massive because it appears acquire Leonard will be returning to the San Antonio Spurs by as early as this Thursday. And that quad injury that's had held him all out of all that let's seventeen games. They're trying to tread water is as much as they can as they've lost what four of their last five games. And it takes some time for him zucker comeback can be a world beater right away yeah take him a month to settle AL Mondesi the blazers Flynn a month now. And that users yep but this old reliable and this is how it's Dan. Four Portland is. They've been game on like six and around you're like how can they only have still asked gamely. It is still hard to get separation they finally got over this weekend because Anthony Davis going to a Jimmy Butler. Eight in the spurs injuries. And Dana and massive part of why Portland has been able to get this separates but now on new Rolen was it was right there with them Davis goes down. Health has been on the blazers side and it's not some need to sit there and you could say. Wolf Blitzer get lucky who cares she get like do a lot over the course of the year in the. About and nobody says are getting lucky in other sports I think that guys when you're hurt specially in football you know unity deal within treasurer of the season basketball. If guys sit out because you don't seem really significant series injuries although. This year. The serious injuries we've had has been an all star team and forcing us some of these guys have gone down the major injuries Jimmy Butler. These are all stars are going down and DeMarcus Cousins is an area to which most definitely they actually may be better without him and Anthony Davis sank as your offense runs more 3-D nine and I don't think that anti Davis can be somebody that can carry team deep in the playoffs for the guys that he. Superstar. He had his first career triple double I saw. Is it would just yesterday net loss death will and that locks yeah triple double blocks key a and the NBA player ten blocks he's professional that's he's a seven foot superstar. And a ten transforms everywhere you mean he's all over the court. Net they last won sixteen and any night I'm Iman and he's argued in my opinion nominate attribute the way. As blazers team has claimed by one person and I am not saying it's all on him but and 95%. Of this team. It's taken only candidate of need not feel a shape. Up. A young man named Damian though it yeah this the leadership that he has brought to this team the confidence since since. Being able coming back. And dominating and putting up 44 on Valentine's Day. I'm taking full credit because I was epic games Simon and attach my mind must it is reason it was there it was Valentine's Day I was there so again mobile to go to this year. It's the reason why the police have taken the identity and it's. Just it it's permeated through the entire team and organization the belief. Dame has made shots when he's needed to from the Phoenix finished too coming out having another game when you dominate the world champs you cannot just beat them you dominated. Criticism Uggla Dane Millard by and national NBA writers has always been he does everything really good he does nothing great he's not the best in the NBA and anything we you know like you don't got to thank our Larry's got handles staffs got the shot Russell Westbrook. Is it can just score. You know like dame has never been due anything there's a good piece of honoring her now from Haley owe Shaughnessy. Who wrote and Daimler Damian Miller does in this is so true. He is the best point guard in the fourth quarter in the India and that is exactly what's caring this team right now in he's done it. Three I think what. Two of the last three years he's been the leading scorer in the NBA in the fourth quarter. And over the full season and he's gonna be doing he's on pace did this year. He's been in the top four. The others and the other did you know there was a three sport star in high school yes I did don't affable that school baseball. I knew that and he didn't do one thing great. But he did all three elite. At that level and then went on and played pretty good career Weaver state and then now everyone will severely you'd agree him on care. He could he I would I would argue right now game Millard is the strongest what pound for pound strength point guard in the league. Strongest there's not anybody that can go to the rack like him and don't tell me Chris Paul wrote us for a very strong but can't shoot but now it is I mean you want to let the littlest high. Lot of qualifiers and here in the know strait by means ability to finish. And real to play the entire aspect of basketball run Russell Westbrook is a terrible three point shooter. When I mean terrible terrible three point he is dead lasting yet sanction fees excellent rebounder because nobody else rebounds and Iran lets him get. Dame doesn't need to rebound he did that he he could if you wanted. But let let's just let's qualify this the strength that Damon loader was always fall early in his career as he was too strong to Iraq and and get the calls. Mean game can finish. As good as anybody right now yeah what do you wanna talk about uncle drew handles I love carrier and I think it's great. The deems a better shooter than carrier is is. So these things all our series subjective. Right now it's gonna take deign to step it up and make it deeper into the playoffs with this team and lead is. That's the thing now is that those guys that are considered the best in the NBA. Stepped curry is the best three point shooter. Irene Irving has the best handles. Bustle Brett Russell Westbrook finishes at the rack. You violent finisher and like Dane Miller doesn't fit in any of these categories right he's not he's not the best interest falls the best defending pulling garden. Regarded as the starting point and India. You know he doesn't have anything that he goes he's the best at this. But he is the best fourth quarter point guard in the NBA and the numbers are bearing it out right now. He puts a team on his back he plays within that context of the of the NBA of the game and a team offense. For three quarters in the in the fourth quarter he goes all right. Let me do my part any puts a team on his back he's doing it again and they go for number ten in a row tonight against the Miami Heat Ed that will be without. The sunlight that Norton. Dwyane Wade heaving and make it ten. Yes I do additive producer. Ideal on and Nate that would mean separate and that would mean the month of march which is we knew is going to be the meat grinder for the blazers. It BA star for the month of march that I think everybody can be happy with which would be six and now. In the month of march to start it I'll take down with wins over Minnesota Oklahoma City Golden State and now when at the lakers is that look and better with the lakers are beating now did you see with my well cavs beat though for the snot out of him. Last night. At Staples Center where Jack. Had viewed show his ticket nobody knows who you know. Yeah I mean it's here Jack Nicholson eat he should not have to show us courts had to get all you get your ears on every single day. Thank weed oh. Brian can you get it done. Against his future games. He's. No he's not where's he going. Not stating clearly that young mess. It's Philly no in Philly know how scary that. Ben Simmons. Joseph well indeed. Come out west LeBron LeBron James and TJ McConnell. JJ Redick just out they're cheap and threes for 21 million dollars in the and then Martell Fultz he's. Hasn't done anything but he's found a shot again he doesn't look at old feelings. Debbie good team would be good team appeared on the lakers. Telling lawmakers are no it's not it's the lakers it's hate the lakers I do too but it's the brilliant. Dave brain can go take a hike. Speaking of brands we sell and return over the weekend he's. Another poltergeist reference testing came on the fan. This is a tournament week edition of dusty and jam in the morning and brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law. Yellen web sports desk as. And 1080 I. Are playing your deck project now with Conrad lumber is knowledgeable team of experts and fiber on an eco friendly what alternative to fit most every budget CNET Conrad lumber co. Dot com first on the day of the Portland trailblazers going to be back in action on the motives and airports and I blazers looking for their tenth straight win the they're going to be taken on the Miami heat's Dwyane way Hassan Whiteside both city now on this one. Vivian nationally televised game. At 730 on ESPN the blazers still sitting at the number three seed in the Western Conference with a two game lead over the fourth place. New Orleans delegates March Madness is here the brackets have been set and they are starting to get filled out. Collectively by millions across America three pac twelve teams in this year's German order and ducks unfortunately missed out. Funny dream date after a fun. Pac twelve tournament grind if they're be playing in the nineteen this year it's gonna they're gonna be at three seeded taking Don and number six writer. In the first round tomorrow is 7 o'clock tipoff you can see. Via streaming on ESPN three. But a tournament that everyone cares about bank gets underway tomorrow with two point. To playing games sixteen seeds ally you Brooklyn and elaborate at 340 wondered take on Villanova. In saint Bonaventure taken on at UCLA at six and for the eleven seed wanted to take on Florida in the NFL according gender there is on the cardinals are expected to release Adrian Peterson today. Before he gets a 750000. Dollar bonus cardinals could end up was resigning and though. Jeff Darlington of ESPN report in the Miami Dolphins are expected to release and Ndamukong Suh. As early as today as hard to. Helped change the culture down in Miami the bills after shopping Tyrod Taylor of the week and have emerged as a team to watch their choir either quarterback Sam Bradford and he's seen them. And create Iran back DeMarco Murray we'll visit with this Detroit Lions later today. More sports scores and stories in thirty minutes on Joseph Fisher from the Allen blood sport does the outlook web auto family value driven values driven. Thanks for listening to Portland sports leaders 1080 I know from. She she be to a 6144. 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Public somebody's face from child's eyes festivals celebrating the sounds a taste of Ireland write music I was concert white papers the petty isn't this Friday through Sunday but trails on second avenue on a rarity in northwest Tony First Amendment question shamrock don't Janice and don't drink and dry ice is no room. Sports talk is brought to you in part by staple. Prayed in year old printer and save up to eighty dollars on a new apps and eco tech with up to two years of ink pens 324 C store staples dot com for defense. Restrictions may apply staple goods proton. This is a tournament origination of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law and ten AB so spare them. Tiger wood's back is back. Man. You good this weekend tigers who do you looks fantastic. Tiger finishing second at the Valspar. In Lana where every is a good tag is on the brow after a Thursday around. But then he followed it up. On Friday. Saturday. And then on Sunday six a forty thought of what 44 foot putt worth four. To pull within one shot of the lead held by Paul Casey in any in a 39 footer. To force a playoff on eighteen and minister. It. And Paul Casey ended up winning at ten under par tiger one shot back are are we on me he's back no he's a respected not on the NASDAQ keys. Yeah this is in on market down this is going to be the greatest comeback in sports history. You prove slot why do you laugh at that. You proof on that one yes. Is there and it is just the heavy on your definition of come back because people think of a comeback as a one singular game events by it as far as the story goes this timeline of events mean Kelli had this might have been thank you Joseph best of all time thinking Joseph as as high as my cohort or your group who do you. No it doesn't even matter it. Just hey now it doesn't. Batter gave me a headache and then I OK okay man that he meant to get a victory he doesn't happen did it doesn't matter it will happen and that's the point is is that you're talking about somebody that had. Fused back surgery yes was beat up. Not only to the point where his wife chased him with a golf with a golf club in broke everything was at the lowest point. This is this is just something that most people in sports and this is what's great about golf is that I can be generational and golf this guy can do it for now. Probably. He's gonna do it for thirty plus years to be relevant for thirty years think about everything that what he's done his. He's the reason while these guys work out he's a reason why they wanna change the golf ball. And at 42 years old after you have been out of the game for eighteen months when they said he had the yet still never stand up you can't movie can't do any of that. He comes back and in beats. 95%. Of the best players in the world and yes he will have a chance I'm. I'm not on his side and I'm not in this in this vacuum right cool this it. This is unbelievable when somebody can do that hey it is there's no other athletes that do this. Athletes don't do it basketball they you know they don't do in football we see guys as the age. They go often write off into the sunset golf one of those only sportswear. Guess who won last week. Phil Mickelson. At age 48 Phil Mickelson you know what he said his interview. He said just watch he said this prior to about where we start he's had just watched tiger's gonna come out and win and one I mean he always does. Stated Andy he's gonna make it relevant and and the other part is as. I said it on Twitter regulars that there's a reason why he moves the needle more than anybody in the world when it comes to golf. He makes you think of golf there are people out there have no idea who golfers. You know when you say tiger in your known by one name. That's what he's done. He made irrelevant yesterday irrelevant and I watched an alternate for the first time since. The US open probably. Like in actually had the full round on. And that is what Tiger Woods does you don't realize how much Tiger Woods means to gulf the gulf until he's in. A final round and he's in contention and you just sit there you know like I have to watch this because you're watching a guy who competes like it. Like an NFL player or a an NBA player but it's golf like you see him going at it in and it. He has that laser focus he has that look you have this feeling like he's gonna make that shot. And that is Tiger Woods means more golf than. Any other person ever passed no he's made golf tournaments million dollars he's what do you got to watch the galleries and how how. It goes back you watch when this tweets gets. 500000 read tweets in Powell. Nobody gets kind of read tweets the that there is there's a beloved ness that everybody their from the from autograph city has. He moves in the and so that's the excitement of there's never been in there won't be another athlete. That I've ever seen have a fall like this and come back up all the way to a major championship around it he'd be like. You know I I got cancer we see a lot of athletes fall on their face. You know just scored summary that's could have a great comebacks are going to be great wide receiver for Cleveland he can find his way if somebody like a Johnny amend this is equivalent to Johnny men's or coming back. In May be winning a Super Bowl. But he wasn't already the best player in the world when he started this guys suggest. It's just incredible what he's able to do his intensity his competition level. I mean is it shift in this sport is impressive it is a lot like in regards to the surgery and being able to come back Peyton Manning's next agents that he had two of them. And he was able to go on any greater suitable land gets along it's along the same lines as answer yes most definitely but that that's a team sport when this guys do when it. All by himself we always hear that rags to riches and or. Vice Versa story kinda patted on the nuts and I think it's a very rare that you riches to rags back to riches and I would say it's ever been rags forum but emotionally physically led Scottsdale I mean how it was less than a year ago where he was in the old police. Get a police room after in his do you lie talk about how I was here was feeding you know how depressing what's. He's almost a long way Lee is pretty low man it was bad needed. When you talk about lows of lows. Tiger Woods is there in it is cool to see him being in contention. Now we've seen him put four rounds together. The next step in that this becoming you know as you said the greatest comeback in sports history which if he wins and another major and he I think he can sit there and say it. Act I've follow the best financing golf. Right now from Brandel Chamblee who goes. He said tiger win twice this year well I hope there is David party from all the top players even Jack in some of these guys and Phil said. Not gonna stop this man this man is the greatest ever for one reason and one reason only. He does it better than everybody. I mean she had tiger built three greens in the back of his house just recently and hired the former greens keeper at Augusta National to come in. And build it just like a gusto he's got three different greens all built in different nobody does that nobody competes like he does the breach grinds like keydets but nag grand am means. It could hurt his back again I mean that's what we're going from here that's just one thing could hurt his back again it's not going anywhere in the back is it that. It's shambles. How can somebody held that he's one suing away from everybody yankees back to you confessed he's forty years old he had the towns and speed on the PG to worth 42 IG and nobody does that. Though that's what that's what guys do when their 25. Rory McIlroy has fallen off the map he got married nobody cares Jordan's beat can't hit it out of the shadow what he's an elite golfer right Dustin Johnson is on bugger sugars got a hot wife. He's number in the world they're all terrified of this man because when they see him on the leaderboard. He brings you down to a level of humbling. And that's. What's incredible at 42 and I just wanna sit back and go thank gosh I can continue to watch this man because it's great for golf and I love. The sport of good idea TI think that this is it's an awesome for the game of golf. I edges and so cautiously optimistic about it. You know I am so afraid of saying tiger back was he afraid of it he gets hurt he gets hurt and then we're done OK he's done did. He hasn't won anything are now that live in the now of the appreciation of what's happened is guess how I would look at it. Yeah no worry about what would happen can't live in inquiry of what will happen yeah I'm just gonna pump the brakes on Tiger Woods is back until he wins. You know I think it was cool that fill a 48 don't you think it's different. The guys that fill 4748. Years old win in the last week in Mexico and and Tiger Woods at 42 and guys are playing longer. When when for the yield gathered just in better shape the better athletes now there's really no longer Mi Jack winning in it and 86 at 46 years old. That was considered the pinnacle you know it's awesome now has 46. The masters in Myanmar Phil and tiger a golf ceiling guy right mean. It's camera less than a month away faster or less than a month the last greatest or human plan or idea to set for the dam on the fan. Plus get you up to date on what's going on with the fans this week and this testing jam on the fan. Hey I am sticking around though for five hour energy Mondays may be dragging you back 200% with the two rounds your sugar for calorie shot a five hour energy in the five RI NG brackets. Are up its rolling right now I just filled mine out a five hour energy brackets dot com and signing a big group. Of my buddies from college we've been doing the bracket challenge for years now on this timely moves over to five hour energy brackets. A new twist read it to change it takes is gains going on or he just play it straight up. Dizzy pick winners and losers like you always have but. For the big challenge in the national pool you can change your group you can GG picks is the games are going on up until. Four minutes left in the game. 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I will wanna know do you think is the best basketball player in the state of organ has ever produced. You can win a hundred dollar gift card to the independent sports are Rogen is 1080 fan dot com. And go ahead there and click on our contests. To do it do it now. An inch. Excuse me post entries or cough I'm sorry. A Friday march 16 we will be out of the independent sports bar and growth for are fat man Jen Aniston makes Sheehan of going there. Please on Friday let's play hooky. I'll starts early let's do it is Muslim led dude it's the textile factories here five. Annan. People are saying it agreeing with tiger at the on this tiger thing he's back agreement was and he says he's back under percent that I need to stick to blazers and ill informed on tiger. Why. Buy can than on a buying in until he's back to win sometime and a you know they're I. Mean that's a that's a big question is that I know people want tiger to beat that act I I I just my my question that I ask user what he worried about. Tell you your brother he's not your meal we worried about giving him the credit of or when athletes are in the moment. And it's the same thing I see with the blazers here everyone wants to say well if they are in a seven game series we Houston they wouldn't do it but doesn't matter embrace the moment of what you're watching is somebody that dismantled the world champions. It took them to the woodshed and embarrass them. And when somebody goes puts forty to begin Cilic Kevin Durant than you just have slap a team win on them I say it is resist tiger would he work. What are they are worried about saying he's bad ideas that was gonna call him at Texas that he gets it wrong because did. When nice when I think of Tiger Woods being back. Eyes of Tiger Woods is doing anti Tiger Woods 2000 where he had ended the tiger slam no one's going to be back when. When Joseph Montana was an 88 that they want to know he had ever getting back Tom Brady is not going to be Tom Brady 200457. He's going to be who we is right now and that's why I say. When an old man 42 yeah can take down twenty somethings. That's the ultimate YMCA feeling I'm still looking for when I backed down my thirteen year old and dunk on him on the ownership group. I'd feel pretty proud of myself at 42 hole you issue I mean last Nile my age you slam dunk on tiger witty is doing for all of those forty somethings he's doing that's all you youngsters and every single young kids. That has a golf club and his hand has it because of Tiger Woods hit it and nobody else. Puts the club and her hand for kids or people that love golf. The mad men did a loose on this planet big kids' reaction you got his all rap over the weekend he was love and mr. woods not my first thought I was I was like. You haven't moved what Tiger Woods' memories like doesn't matter is that it doesn't matter it's Michael Jordan. Yeah Michael Jordan people don't know me these kids had never seen Michael Jordan play but they know who Michael Jordan is now my second time initially I was like he does this kid know the good Tiger Woods at all has he seen but that's kind of the the Tiger Woods a lead legend of him is kind of proceeded himself there's a. There's a mount Rushmore of athletes button in the history of a sports did now the word in this era of everybody's so recognizable. And I would probably say it's Tiger Woods is on my mount Rushmore output Michael Jordan in my mount Rushmore. If if I was more of a soccer fan I would put like I don't Pelé or something like that would be you know that the right there that are hoosiers of August. My football guy it's still kind of it's it's in between right now it's got to be Brady if it's not greedy. It's Jerry Rice is something that it's strangely enough its eyes yet it did that Montana Knoll in no ad long jab it in time but Montana it the football one's very difficult for me because. Brady's on the longest and still work on it I'm lean and on rating in an island but also tough on because very difficult there is in the face of the game yeah whenever helmet on. Yes it does Kirkland did the NL and indeed LeBron pretty close to that who that we are Gretzky. Yup for hockey certainly more than forty house Kenya Somalia 00 really yeah I agree one that I agree with us is nicknamed the great that's there. I'm not gonna get an arc he talked with them and Tressel hockey people or. Yeah but it is cool to see jagr on the brow. We'll see if he's. A port and the masters though get ratings at can be so much time tiger in film star playlist on his wake up call it'll still got a month. Less than a month and exit there RJR nandan union to reader and sprayed trees and his prime talent has consumed every Monday OC Tuesday right here on 1080 the thing.