Dusty & Cam, 3-12-18 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, March 12th
Hot & Cool: Blazers are hot! Longest win streak in the NBA. Richard Sherman to the 49ers, the Browns making moves, and your Case of the Mondays

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. One time Zune. Is fine idea for Sean. This is a tournament precondition of dusty and jam in the morning met lefty by George McCoy. Attorney with Warren Allen attorneys at law been injured in an accident George McCoy can help you get the compensation you deserve could've sworn Alan dot com. Does to you and cam on Jenny need most trim. Rat me. Out a number of. Spring for scrutiny out. And love it. Weird tie I talked on Friday as I paid and he knows how much earlier this sun's coming up it feels great now silly text then. That's gonna change on Monday I don't care if it is pure hate it daylight savings I hated the always hated. I love the extra RC begin I don't does make any sense like like the state of Arizona that to says were staying with a one time. Not fluctuating our times anybody that likes it that's fine. I'd rather have my time at night now and that extra hour in the in the evil hit last guy Alan Ball I was ball until like 7:38 o'clock last night balling it can you describe bawling do basketball. Bald and stupid out and Duncan on an eight foot who bows on my own little slam dunk console and show. Lot of fun. And now is out till 730 doing that it was so gorgeous this weekend I was lost one of the best weekends. Otherwise it was fantastic is breathtaking played golf on Saturday you in half. Months. And this is my god jet skis on the on the Lam it. Are certainly has those people aren't in Colombia Colombia Nolan you know some going cruising right through downtown. It doesn't Lannan yet. Come right under the bridge on a jet skis and boats route should probably get a hepatitis shot and argue that media you pray. Greg go ahead and the river is dirty yeah. I did a technician cut. Peoples women in the overtime Clinton you know it's funny is these transplants that come from wherever they like all while we just got this great river right on the clean re right by downtown those guys. Carolina now okay. I think that may be part of my immune system being so good is my years as like water skiing and wake boarding in the planet and builds up my immune system. Agree outlaw text I factories or five we retained our in our sexual relations about packed whale. And how they get and loading ghettos there just behind everybody else one bid at third as an automatic qualifier we have one team. In the field the 64 and the pac 121. And it's Arizona. One Arizona State UCLA got to play in the first four in Dayton Ohio. So this problem here is is a big one for the pac twelve obviously with USC getting out USC. That is needed on now. There have they RPI ranking of 34. They are the highest rated team. Advise. Not to get into the tournament. Wrap your head around now on. So text and an Oklahoma does not and Oklahoma's laws teams if you like whoa they really got and they do not get in without tree on you know the committee wanted to him end. That to end there's three teams that gate got in with marquee names. In Oklahoma is one. Missouri and Michael Porter junior being healthy is another that lost their first game of the SEC tournament to Georgia who fired their coach. And they get in and then you have about cons sexton and Alabama can't sexton ball out of his mind in the SEC tournament. And they end up getting in round in three stars get in and star power is one big thing at pac twelve is lacking right now outside Dion green lawns a Trier. You know that was starts those are the stars right now. Celeb more on that as a show goes on right now is 708. Yeah its costs. It's odd and I exude cool it would have bought and cool whip dusty and great story. And trucks in Portland and then. Portland trailblazers red hot. Play continued over the weekend days now loaned the longest win streak in me. NBA a nine game win streak. For the Portland trailblazers. As they beat the warriors over the weekend and they've been off Saturday and Sunday. Blazers at 1426. There are only five teams in all of the NBA. That has forty or more wins the Portland trailblazers are one of them and they finally. Got a little bit of breathing room they are two games up on the New Orleans pelicans. Sitting in the third seed and there are also two up on Minnesota and Oklahoma City three back. Are these San Antonio Spurs who sit at seventh in the Western Conference and three and a half back are the LA clippers in the eight seed. In a virtual tie with the Denver Nuggets. And their all those teams again three and a half back of Portland who sit. The test we haven't talked to you in quite some time cam and got your blaze at odds. With Iran Iraq earned Mike Von on. The blazers you were out a full week of this blaze I wish I was but I was watching more I was watching diligently to say your twitters this is this is. This to me is super exciting it's small little isn't it I have a little bit a little excitement that you see from a team. Especially the warriors game and I and I want to first start off is that everybody's gonna deal with injuries right now so would you save your multiple excuses. Like I said in my small little Twitter statement as savior excuses or on warriors you're the defending world champions. You heavily talent across the board. You got outplayed in every aspect of that game specially when I watched the blazers how they close and now at Davis. Damien Lou alerts ability to shoot and finish get to the rim out rebounding the team and going with another athletic finish to a game. And you have Kevin Durant and any you know Kevin Durant was gonna throw one of those nights together where he puts in I don't know forty. But it was enough during mongering wasn't enough then you shut down. Everything that it was the warriors were good acting you blew them out of the building that's not supposed to in my opinion. That's not supposed to happen to world champion teams exposed to be better this blazers team is exciting I'm embracing them now when I'm not worried about the what ifs. Here's the other thing is that I hear a lot of people saying this. -- lot a lot of radio hosts a lot of analysts. Well the blazers knew we know they're not that good they're just playing good they're good. The good now the good enough now they're doing their things now. Winning their games now they're beating better teams now. That's all that matters is how this team is handling itself I agree not about what will happen in the future they won't make it out of the first round they won't make it out of the second all this crap that is is being spewed. Is his did it is what it is this is how you react to a team that's never. Won a championship and at what we were talking about in the last only five years. It and 41 years and a. But this what I was saying last week is like appreciate the right that this does this blazers team has is taken people on any. Value it's huge injuries happen yet Jimmy dollar share yak while owners heard and care. The warriors fans assembled we are on the second of back I don't think we're at staff who cares nobody here yet upbeat enjoyed the arrived at the blazers are on an hour and they're playing really good on the defense under the floor. I mean here's the impressive part for me is that. Not only did the blazers dropped 125 bungle on state but you held under 105 we use 125 points you realize how many. Possessions a year creating a night game. That that game had a ton of possessions against a very good team. And I don't care if there on the second in the back to back. The blazers were able to run away with them and still hold them relatively in check and you look at defense efficiency that's what it's all about is. Don't look at a hundred innate look at how many possessions were in the game when you score 125. 108 is a great defense of game because you're pulling away in getting stops on the other end of the floor and Ed Davis. And pat comments in and Shabazz Napier. Their finally showing us the one thing that we we talked about coming out of the all star break. Consistency. You're seeing a little bit of that now from the blazers team. In from this blazers bench I should say not this team but the blazers bench is showing a little bit of consistency it's in nineteen sample. But it's there and that in appreciate what is in front of you right now we go from. And you get in the blazers got 47 points off the bench ranked 47 points compared to very miniscule. Off the bench for what the words were able to do that was the difference in some of these guys and I'm watching Shabazz Napier Ed Davis. And certainly Collins she is involvement and how he's changing how he's starting to get. The type of defense of minutes that you wanna see from a dining he's gonna change is gonna get bigger is gonna get better. And he has gotten bears won the rookies that I've noticed that said all right he's gotten better he's fit in his role. I still seen that Evan Turner come off the bench I feel much better with him coming off the bench but I do seen him in the starting lineup because he gitmo more heartless comes. And starts and not. This team finishes. Like I've always wanted them and I think all of us have always it can this team finished down the stretch in the fourth quarter we've seen third quarters. Really be stalled boring but the way Damon he's put this team on his back I'm gonna put this all on what he's been able to do since that warriors game. Back on Valentine's Day this young change a light bulb went off in the believed that they can be one of the best in getting. And now they are playing really well are another polling at a ridiculously high level. You know does in in this is the other things bad out of I was saying last are gonna get your thoughts on this think he. Grand scheme of things the way this blazers team is flying. It doesn't change like. They are they better than Golden State or Houston in in a seven game series. Probably not but enjoy the ride that it's on right now because they're playing. In everybody injuries are part of the game they're playing better than San Antonio the playing better than met. The Minnesota they're playing better than New Orleans right now. You know it and I'm not I'm not gonna criticize your comment on that because but I will say is that this that's the thought process are they better. Then Golden State or Houston in it in a seven game series I'm not in not mindset now everybody wants to be in NC. Well probably not. Well probably not the wind on. In the only the only thing I can think of his way every once says why knives because there. Watching Houston Rockets who has 52 wins in there watching gold state worsens or whether we beat him twice in a row. So why can't you beat Q beat Golden State in the seven game series don't tell me that. You can't now probably not if not I don't know I'm not here as a staff Cree hurt his ankle injury mongering continues to play like crap. And Shaun Livingston can't help off the bench who's there bench punch. For for right now is it is it's like EP out impressive him off the bench if you're if you're asking me who I'd be more worried about. I I don't know. EE you know how many teams are looking at the blazers right now man teams tough. That's because we live in this insular attitude here in Portland when everyone else is going to pay that teams could right now. They're playing good the not a leap but they're good. They're good enough to make teams really have to think. On what they're going to do to stop them in a seven game series and that's enough for me right now to give me a little bit of hope. Yeah bad ME yet NA I agree with that I do we know at the adjustments are in need in the playoffs it is take away Damon we'll see that policy but everybody has I don't I completely agree without that's why I'm living in living what their engine now now in the now I kick it again under the future certainly can't fix the past but I'm really eleven how this team is fine. And that's what's hot and cold in the NBA it's right by Erie heating cooling more than thirty trucks and Portland banker real want to win on area local train comfort specialists it's hard to stop a train. Miami Heat come to town tonight 7 o'clock tip. At Mota senator I Richard Sherman. Did he stick it to the Seahawks after they gave in the solid some sixteen on the fan. This is a tournament which edition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law on ten AB so Salem. Their rights. Richard Sherman. Released by the Seattle Seahawks something we expected we saw coming. We knew that the Seattle defense and the legion have been in the secondary was going to be getting an overhaul. But what we did not see coming is that Richard Sherman signing a three year deal with the rival. Of these Seahawks the San Cisco 49ers. A three million dollar signing bonus this is gonna be a highly incentivized contract that he's signing because coming off of Achilles injury grossly incentivized. On but he gets three million on signing bonus and I think a lot of people are sitting there looking at Sherman signing with the 49ers what's the deal attached I mean. Easy thing that there's anything that older German is going. I'm doing this to stick it to my former team. Of course he has there's something wrong with that not there's nothing wrong with that he wants to stay within the division I played in the NFC west counseled had a brief stand with the AFC east. It is a very incestuous groups because you have film twice here and all these players you know than you feel like you know that because you're game planning them all the time. It's very rare that EC teams. Players jump so often from what I like wind I think it was and Donna consume and he jumped two and went to the dolphins amid IE you're gonna overpay for some people. But most the time players stay within their division because teams coaches group's general manager certainly. Very familiar I'm not surprised a Richard Sherman did this. And I think it's great for the division I I think it's awesome for the rivalries but what it was it was because Richard Sherman you could argue made the greatest play in sealock history. Again I would argue Michael Crabtree is the greatest play in seahawk history. Even now more so than beast quake and no because beast we didn't get you to suitable. These quake was out was awesome. It was in the playoffs vs the saints in a really bad seven and nine seahawk team that's nothing to sega's and it would you did. Got you to the Super Bowl the greatest win the Seahawks ever had. In got you to the chance to beat up on Denver that was a great is plenty good point in your probably right Nina I can find one better no. Implications go yeah but as far as just the physical nature of the play. The Seahawks are never who they are. It's and a half team you can price and that download that you that think six inches in and talk rules a reason why the patriots who are they are. That it might Richard Sherman that once what one hand. Bumping and off of the it was wedded to it wasn't Bobby Wagner got interception it was them and I'm going to Malcolm Smith Malcolm Smith. That's and now he's playing for the arrivals which makes a great. Yeah and he told him Monday Morning Quarterback he said conventional and that way in signing he has the 49ers. In this is the name and he negotiated his own deal. It is from highly based on and senate seat it's during the three year contract for one year contracts 39 point 15 million that's all window dressing and chairman says I don't think. Any agent in the business could have done a better job the neatest. Well corset thinks that way yeah and I admire guys when you have the kind of leveraging your top quality player. You can go without it needs is one of those things where when I'm in demand I don't need an agent. Richard Sherman daily guys that need agents and need that network Russell can. It's the how okay. Was he highly coveted don't know how much you think that it Chile's rupture. Is is gonna affect that market mean. This is something that we don't see a lot of corners returned from a ruptured Achilles especially thirty year old corners. Who we're looking at December's when he got it when you think Richard Germans back as it is and at the beginning of the year is that. It's gonna take some time I mean I can I can tell you specifically I made it back in seven months from mean. Bendable full speed now Richard Sherman does a lot more to say a lot of changes direction by the using his back pedal. In his plant and pushed. Does a lot more because as the tide in some and I'm going forward quite a bit I don't plan push off as much as defense Abaxis so it's going to be very. Important for him to be solid are you worried about the cleanup procedure on the other Q these young men very worried about the cleanup procedure because that's per Bennett of me it's and what that is because you do debt write all I did that most of time they've seen something. Richard Sherman felt something that said I want prevent this and hold off another ruptured to the other side as long as I can't. He knows he's on borrowed time with a guys that have. Achilles ruptures most of the time not gonna say all the time most of the time. Are gonna happen on the other. We hear when your elite athlete in your move and attack tennis beaten exploded you're gonna have the kind of pressure on the other side. He so but it is good at least they did demand for Richard Sherman the Seahawks did him a solid by releasing him early. Giving him the option because he's not represented he could have an early conversation because you know march 14 does that free agents start time again. But because of Richard Sherman being released early he had the option to negotiate prior without. Yeah it in now yeah there's a there's that line of demarcation here that there is confusion over free agency start non tampering starts today. Where teams can start negotiate yes reagents they can start signing on Wednesday but if he released year you're not a true freeagent no it did free agency period that. A pretty talks are starting on Wednesday. That is for guys where you played throughout the length of your contract and then when your contract is done you hit free agency this was he was cut so this is why this deal. I can go through and visit 49ers. It's really a win win for them because of Richard Sherman comes back and is healthy street. Cheap very cheap anything in if he were he would if he's worth the 39 point 15 million dollars Eddie's dad is in cinema Lleyton over those threes. Idea how much is guaranteed this year zero well I think it's like four million dollars as a visitor EG a three million dollar signing bonus and then like and I think it's a million dollars over 39 million dollars is all window dressing sell much of it is everywhere goes he set the market numbers they're no he didn't want. Not in its guaranteed money is what you look at. You're hitting your out when it comes to how you look at. The way money is dealt. These players looking Garrity might don't look at long term don't look at them overall 567 years that's like Kirk cousins is gonna break the bank would guarantee money. You miss this one over the last week to you I got on an on site yet fully guarantee I saw that I may be on a touchy about that on and are the Brown's confident. Is this for Israel for Lebanon. Here Jarreau was sports senator. This is a tournament origination of Dustin jam in the morning brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law on sanity both say. These are that's fans Exxon. This section that's bush league move vice chairman if you ask me to go 49ers what a cheap shot to the Seahawks. Chairman's comments and seahawk fans there a set I wondered how forty niner fans feel now. Texas sized factories or five is you have hated Richard Sherman with the fire of a thousand suns. And always your dash. He's on the team at home. Diaz still hate him Nelson classic stand AA we love Uma and when he's on our team we knew it was any other team and vice Versa yeah. This guy and a share in your butt off when he has five picks his Sherman says I love the fan base the death and I loved playing their. It was such a great opportunity to help you organization get to a great place and stay there but now it's like I've been in them people are out their burning my Jersey on. I'm not the one who let me go very let me go I didn't abandon anybody. Exactly he's exactly right even he had his contract. The Seahawks and wanna pay him is dollars and cut him. It's just like what Marcus Peterson what he's what did he call. Business business it and business and that's what you're gonna do this is not loyalty for players there is no loyalty in the NFL and others fans. The me state this again very clearly on the speak it very slowly for you. There is no loyalty for players. In that the NFL your loyalty. Is because you who are not paid and you're sitting here with your fans which is you are entitled right to do that Humana player. James Harrison everybody burning James Harrison jerseys for years. Because what he did he went to the evil empire enjoined over the patriots. It is you don't you don't and that's part of the emotions of what makes sports so great don't hate the player hate the game if you have your rival company offered you a bigger deal. And and a couple little better job better incentives. You be right over their views ninety. Armor. Oh you listeners out there. Intel jumping ship this is coming in from Jeff Darlington. And if on network and docking soon expected to be released today which would I think leave them with. 22 million dollars the Miami Dolphins in did not get money at a dead money you know dead money means you're not paying it but it beat me up on the calf. Yeah I don't like your writing a 22 million dollar check ear when an organization that Miami Dolphins this. I wanna get spots a day Kirk cousins Steffi is last week we were we've always talked about how there will be a guy who gets a fully guaranteed contract is just who's going to be. At first I was surprised by the Dennis said. When unit we've never had a cornerback become a free agent in his prime and a leg Kirk cousins so Kirk cousins probably doesn't night. In your head doesn't garner he's fully guaranteed Dane but there's never been a markets like this for a guy. Well there's never been a market because we haven't had somebody step up and yet but it's one of those. In chicken or the egg which one's gonna come first right now Kirk cousins is asking for the moon. Because there's no one out their rivaling can you imagine. If Aaron Rodgers if this was Aaron Rodgers C that's it is that these kids why don't think do you that thanks because they can because they'll never be allowed to do it because when you get in the situation. Aaron Rodgers is not in any disgruntled situation. We know not mean it would Aaron Rodgers can do now now if I hit it Kirk cousins getting pulled out if this Kirk cousins thing does actually come to fruition. And he does get a fully guaranteed deal. Aaron Rodgers should go no I'm not signing an extension unless it's a fully guaranteed contract and then I would and I was exactly. And do exactly. If you're Aaron Rodgers and why would you how good were the agreement Packers without air you know what's even they were horrific in fact they got rid of their backup quarterback so quickly because they said we don't wanna have him anymore. You know you are literally gone even if Kirk cousins doesn't get a fully guaranteed deal. Aaron Rodgers should do it because it's been discussed right now. You know again it's been talked about and skull and do it man this is why the Kirk cousins thing is very good for football. Yeah it is guaranteed money needs to be. It needs to be moved. And then pushed forward with with all these contracts now because. Even the Richard Sherman deal the 39 million dollars the window dressing and of helping giving you for years. It's not the signing bonus is three million I mean that's just kind of what it is there's there's incentives. All these things there's probable incentives that are built in this contract with. Guaranteed money is what quarterbacks should ask or and here's the other thing is there's only one position in all of sports they can ask for arms are one position all the NFL the should ask for Altima league guaranteed money that's quarterback everyone else. It's a little subjective in these are gonna be injured. Quarterbacks you're gonna be injured. But no other position means more than quarterback none boatman was corrected. Puberty filled shell game. Jin Green Bay moving on in the back of quarterback position they traded for dish on Kaiser did and they party with cornered him Mori is Randall. The browns did a flurry of moves for trades like over the weekend is this sick competent. Franchise now. They over the weekend acquired quarterback Tyrod Taylor from the Buffalo Bills receiver Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins corner Doris Reynolds from Green Day. 820184. And fifth round pick from Green Day. 20193. Round pick from New England in exchange for Danny Shelton. What they gave up to make all those news a third round pick in when he eighteen a fourth round pick in twenty for eighteen Q Miami. Seventh rounder and 2019. T New England to Sean Kaiser which when he 185 round pick. Any shell on the and it's when he 185 round and other building their war chests and they're not done yet they capped the number one. And number four picks and were able to get a game changing proven wide receiver and Jarvis Landry. Got a serviceable quarterback in Tyrod Taylor I'd say more than serviceable until you groom whoever you taken out one whether it's aimed Arnold there Josh Allen. And they still have like. A bunt. Load of picks for sure they have two picks also in the second round in the second or they got four picks within the first thirty and I was too. Who has hue Jackson targeted at quarterback potentially in free agency. Do we not remember mr. Cincinnati agent Aaron thank you luster AJ McCarron has been one of those guys that I know I know when you have the one. And the end what one in the for them. You have a lot of flexibility if you got to our right Taylor you have more than a serviceable quarterback young guy that has already proved he can he can be a very solid. Courted not just as a starter banana back up. Anybody within that division you're gonna need to have somebody that you can believe in I don't I believe that the I believe in my gut that Cleveland's gonna be doing some dealing with one in four. Well here's. Here's the thing you don't have to go and get AJ McCarron now because you have a guy who's just as good if not better and Tyrod Taylor so boldly so what you can do just mean that your head coach thinks that. They still have a 100 million dollars to spend in free agency. Why would you spend that and AJ McCarron and you can draft your future quarterback. And you can spend that hundred million dollars now on. In offensive line I'll tell you want and ace aid pastor I'll tell you why because there is no here's my thing. Everybody wants a say draft your future crew who your future quarterback. It's ball whoever than I did in his it's only one. It's Sam Arnold that's it if you don't take Sam Arnold everybody else's. Is crap shoot well so if you don't dancing or Arnold and they may love Josh Allen I don't know I know that but I'm telling you why if I was general manager and I'm sitting there if your Cleveland which. They're not gonna take it they're rockets gonna arbitrarily just take somebody to take somebody they're not now Dominic Moore and aka Johnny men Zell. This thing because they're taking more due diligence and how they're gonna draft but that bit old theory is you know. With a AJ McCarron you have somebody that's been in the leak do you trust yourself to say that you have a franchise quarterback. Other than Sam Arnold. Do you believe that there's anybody in there and this is the question to ask you then yeah then if it's AJ McCarron any you're matching up on your board. In your look at a look at your board you're gonna say I want to spend money here here here here you know he got suspended quarterback. If you believe that Sam Arnold is equal to AJ McCarron page in my care. Because he's just as young. He's got more time. He's at least three years older that's that's that's nothing in quarterback each is accusing taken hits essentially he's still a rookie. He has taken this kind of abuse he's got some good playing time. Underneath him he understands the system the learning curve is is shorter. There's nothing to say that someone like that is is equal to or Ascot the sand art I'm not gonna tell him that but if that's what you Jackson Cleveland's looking for. Fine I would go the other way around that and say I eighth using the unknown and if you think that there if you think that there equal. I would go with Sam Arnold because you're not paying seemed Arnold eighteen million dollars a years who probably way you're gonna have to pay a hundred million to spend. Yeah I know but you would go with seemed Arnold if all things are equal and then use that money on an offensive line and a pass rush instead of taking that eighteen million dollars and putting it towards him I would use that. Somewhere else on our roster either either way yeah I do believe in my in my in my opinion I would take a veteran. You're going somebody I would take a veteran. That you believe in over a rookie that's unproven. Yeah I think that's that's how I would pick I I'm looking at this going in my mind and I Anderson and that's. That is totally reasonable way to go in my mind that Tyrod Taylor. Trade in my opinion goes you taken a quarterback. In and at number one. And then you're in staying away from it and treat I still think I've taken a quarterback number one I think to take Sam Arnold seal it and I go you think that they go quarterback in McCarron into iso iced it if they believe that AJ McCarron. In Sam Arnold are equal accepted that it could sign your veteran right but if they don't believe very cool that they're taken Sam Arnold might my gut tells me. That they'll still target age human care and they'll build. Test the water see it. They're taken or they're not opposed to trading there so many different options out there it is going to be exciting it is going to be because John Dorsey. Is not acting like an idiot and browns are here are confident. Wow than. Seems like. Are we right now it's right now I mean if your doctor who's the best player in this draft who's the best player in this draft sic on Barkley. Try your best player player. Does actors say Kwon Barkley wing you into my home. Then how and where do you take salmon Arnold's and Arnold is I think they end up with seemed Arnold and Bradley job. So bad they get a quarterback and today they get cornerback in a pass rusher AME game changing wide receiver and a game changing pass rusher. And I think they just go and they start thrown money and Neitzel there and every offensive line and they can get their hands on entry agency because they have Cleveland do it. I didn't. And yes I know they have Joseph Thomas I still think they go after and its older. As they can afford it. As the money is it fire you up on this Monday morning boss job kids may be at this weather in Europe and go to work. Dusting cam on the fan. This everyone's favorite decade. I. Eczema music it's. Good you have to complain about. Dolan lovely picturesque Zuma. I case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning. Sounds like somebody's gotta consider the mood is 11080. Yeah. He. I've I've trio of stand as the stand text line and Jay's. Today Atlanta red Stater chip what do you guys you said you got a host of them know I lied I don't testimonies as I can breathe and I can talk. It was a good thing for everybody. We're fortunate I would say you do you the breezes is good O'Neal led there is when you're sick. In your sick for multiple days. It's not good. And a lot of their ads and this is Ben I asked my doctor and I asked the reduces the worst flu season they've had since the H 197. B slash ADV iris and so many different age when Angela yeah I know. And Swine Flu your vehicle by the way. There's a lot of guys fission. And on the computer this morning gorgeous out not catching much of anything that lovely. A Casey don't really have any case than Monday's. I got I got mine. NS literally autonomy scope of this morning I was coming into work and there's daylight. That does not have sensors. And you roll up on. It's an old school at the first hole but late doesn't have this anymore. But it has cameras on it. So if you did have the red light cameras to where if you run that red light you're done I'll live this out they have those here in organ. But if the ticket cameras here are all over I've seen one. All over the place where. Unloaded on the top of your starlight music adamant that they have the flashlight in India there's one right downtown I don't even need a flash anymore or by city hall and others won over in tiger Beaverton area delighted every single. Every single light in Beaverton and Basra has my god it's ridiculous. While I was stuck at 1 this morning a great way to spend taxpayer money and I am looking at is this a light about it. It doesn't have sensors I was sitting at the site for five minutes because it just watching all of the other lights ago removed at this. And there's nobody here like there were no cars around me and as night. Oh my goodness why in the whole world. Would you have aid camera on a like that does not have sensors. I you know it's CNN answers. Because I was sitting there and it got I drive it every morning. So I know that it doesn't add sensors because it's just like yet to wait wait wait if you hit that thing on Red Sox. And sell why do they allow it to happen I think if you have a light that's not on sensors is should be allowed to be wrong. Just on that out there member that is fairly early on there was and sensors yeah and you had to win a world. Yes I have because you know what it's a modern convenience that I think we should be afforded these days. And now this is a stretch for cam back have either of you guys seen Harold and Kumar. Yes it's like white castle yeah. What is that it saddened loss or shore movie where to store owners try to go get some Amber's basically and also to hide things happen anyways they're looking. Jay walk any looks both ways and there's clearly no call or is nothing happening and as soon as he hits the street. Exist that polls are right away and that's exactly what would happen when you were and that light when I usage you morning updates here. They're used to be a copies to hang out. Down and down south waterfront here. And he would wait for people to run a stop sign that goes into our parking lot. The one that goes into a parking lot where. Directly in front of you is the old spaghetti factory solid as a through street which there's nobody coming from the isn't old spaghetti factory add 5 in the morning. To the left is a one way street going away from us earlier quota so there's nobody coming from that. And then you're taking right into our parking lot. And he is to sit there and he'd bring up people doing a rolling stop in are rolling through stop signs in indoor parking lot where there was clearly. Nobody around keep in mind 5 AM that this would be happening also in he would bring you up all the time. I I really think it up here in the Pacific northwest. That we complain about traffic more than anybody else little traffic idiosyncrasies that we view. There's a really bad drivers and really dumb stuff that happens in the Pacific northwest. With cars and driving yes. I think so I think everywhere there's no I think its worst year okay. I do a wanna say that there was a poll or something that came out what source it was. I'm not sure that. Organized the worst drivers in the US yet sales have been rated the safest drivers in the US to the backhand backing go hand in and mean if you're almost you're safe and and that may be present problem here. It sucks. And there's this texas' beaters 26 game home win streak ended on an absolutely horrid umpiring I don't know it did on Friday they got they got has checked swing at third. Yeah those out checks laying and then the third base umpire ring amount well now. On it. The beads. Add the Richmond played down the third kid obviously went. Umpire missed it third base umpire said he is he didn't go in Pankisi game piece of his mind. They ran off Casey is on TV. No no but pat Casey got rung up. And tossed out of a game. Well he got a four game suspension because he bumped into the yellow we adjusted amounts yet they don't see in our lazy he's out for four games singing a sad thing is sound and socks and beavers lost on Friday July. And then he'll be gone the first two games at pac twelve play that I love I love and address moment. Yes he was umpire said Casey doesn't get that very know it takes a lot and he says you know if you're gone after number one team in the nation Oregon after and and a aren't around. Nobody see everybody had a great week and I'm telling it uses there's a light up. Of complaints when the weather's batters a little drew reader read but that whether if you were out in about which he had no business being inside anywhere this weekend. He's really agreement and look how beautiful is right now so shut up organ wearing your mid low. Cities though yesterday and it's nice out here knows you play golf. He's jealous and golf anymore OSHA and 87 nights. And bit MP and Anthony says humor CRJ interview last night if anybody wants that and then on the side d'antoni care about OJ I made a conscious effort not to you. Want to done I'm done I've watched that paying the special done it was the if I did it interview from 2006. If question mark will not remember he wrote that belonged if I didn't hear in it was the interview to explain the book if I did it. And I made an effort not to watch him because you know let. OJ. I don't know why people like it's like why are bawling me out anyone give any credit anymore. Revenues and if I did it what how how shortsighted. Is that arms shall is that for OJ did you. But it creep. A get five factories or five fans are excited to have a case in Monday as moderate to us. Coming up next NCAA tournament the pac twelve looks horrible we have a region of death. And how the FBI. Played a role in selection Sunday dusting him on the fan.