Dusty & Cam, 3-12-18 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, March 12th
It's Tourney Time! The West Coast left on the outside looking in, only 3 Pac-12 teams in this year's tourney, and Textual Relations

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. You brackets ready he had this way. This is a tournament week at mission of dust and jam in the morning. You like George McCoy attorney with Warren Allen attorneys have long been injured in an accident George McClain can help you get compensation you deserve the newborn Alan dot com. Dusty and jam on ten navy in this is what people call me. Mean he's back. How he came down here. Doc Rivers that this is no dockers is here to visit. Howry are Ameren January where no other words nobody tailored now they're wondering if you don't mind that cared the only people will that they probably within line I don't their lives. It the honesty can get fired as I know I actually sick you know I was hoping for it. Sickness that is airlines. Yeah airline lines and well and back everybody gets fired him in life I mean I've been fired before who hasn't been fired. I've never been higher things in your life just happened yen down part of life it happens to go and buy it doesn't matter I mean this is is. This happens to the best of us and sometimes the minute you haven't been fired but are we talking about we just went down that road and all my gash happen someday we'll welcome back you know knowing very York today. And I'll fight my way through. There is there's a strange I hope it and there are some families other probably some people that have battled through sickness is our our household owes it two straight ballots. Of three month gaps. I've been coughing for three months yes I might just have something I have. Catch aids is what I've been called yes in the Naomi and Kia sexting union can aides have few other things that could be. I don't I don't know I've allergies I just old or just. This comes with a lot of problems. I got blamed. The other day on Thursday night got blamed. For getting everybody else sick and like I. It has not been sick leader might be carried out your carrier that shell in the morning going however other stations. Now they're both sick and I gobbling up ground like I didn't do it. What I was giggling you I don't know because. Because you get sick no I would really could not stop copying for forty's were married so I got honored for you it's only fair I had plane because of you maybe you have a better immune system I just. Children are Petri dish they bring everything new we had we had strep throat to the house yeah just everything yeah. Angry stinking thing he keeps in mind. Wellbeing is whiskey willow and tune mr. president of not working out. Has done me well in my life and so. We're okay as the grave for this morning with citizens Monday Monday as I got a bunch of GM no not really I don't. I've got one believe I can make one up. It in this is a teacher in my case of the Mondays. It's it has to do its traffic lights this cameras on on OK. And you need to have them on lights that at least test sensors. That Lott and I can you have a camera on a traffic light. It better have sensors that and nature. That you're sitting at the light and changes promptly. Our theory about those things I believe there's one person sitting in there in that building. Somewhere in Portland hiding him and they have buttons everywhere. And they are just the theory salt handed his wife Eunice and a later round and then look foray Ford Explorer boy feels like that with snow tires on it but it feel for no reason new and they Disco had kind. And meek is today have five hit every no he's not fast on buddy you know the others are probably on there I'm gonna have to just sitting there with a button on there it's what you. Which can speakers removable. I while we in case the Monday is coming up let's get to show on the runner action packed. He and I remember was just like yesterday. 1956. A in the NBA record that lasted 41. Years. Dick Farley of the Syracuse nationals and an NBA record. When he found out in just five minutes. I give is a straight up he fouled out it wasn't any objection we've had guys getting ejected in games. Quicker. But five minutes into the game he found out that record stage of 41 years. It is too aggressive. I would say so I would say is if you think his clinic wealth or some like that. Now right George Mike and that's going 56. It was probably told him to be physical Al the current record is held by a former maverick bubble wells he had that he and three minutes. Felon free minutes. Michael Beasley got close last year in ten minutes he found out what for the knicks so quiet it was the end of the game was it for him and he's been close out fouls there turns out some. Well I remember Meyers Leonard get ejected from game against the warriors Handley years ago. And it is like in two minutes. Changes god and tried to be to give him later for now. Players out gone gone. As I can use the anger though it's. Now. Part of today's show the tournament is sets. So we'll break it on now and I can break it all down the bracket to do woods. What they did on willow tiger. Oh easy easy easy I know exactly who you're gonna say easy will talk about that later easier and your hear comments. When I gonna do it that dockets in candidate which is go through every single region and pick the winners. That we will discuss the West Coast not included pac twelve they just fallen way far behind. Well discussed at the blazers come out of the weekend. A two games in that race for third place NFL news. Richard Sherman. Goes and it the revenge signing in the Brown's confident. Are we saying that now we can't win free agency TX we've McCain's. Does that make sense. Every match you win free agency if that translates to millions that was my that was my question all right Ashley isn't pretty confident. How days that Monday 745 woods fired. Up. And tiger is back event. I'm. Not a good day for the pac twelve in need NCAA tournament the and I teased difference to hurry. They got that docs will be hosting some guy named Ryder Isaiah rider. Is on college some guy named Ryder just school named Ryder yeah. That's it did then in ninety they're close at 370 division one basketball team you don't like cuts grocers writer. Or gain millions of dollars to do organ USC. Washington Stanford and Utah all getting in ninety did. And I. Now. Concluded. They're playing for the rights began the 69 vesting in the country. I blame the in nineteen for all participation trophies in the world I think he sibling the CBI for that. And the CBI blame those two tournaments. Portland State what would the CBI be blamed for that a 150 I believe it is but I gotta wanna do math this too early. The team has yet been. About a 101 best team let's put pick a color ribbon you get for that guy. I'm gonna say. Excuse he green pews I don't know color that is near to right sounds good sounds like Greg Mueller. Pepper leaping key. Plumbing color I think is that is that what is heard the term peace before news sounds is sounds like a bad ninety drinking. Mean he had abuses the next morning. I don't know. I it's not coming up a Google search center. Tiger Woods is back he's at 44 foot putt disdain kind of the bows are open and that it was a 39 foot and they came up short. Tiger's brown finished in second place held up by pat Paul Casey not pat Casey. Who. Line at ten under tiger is one shot Mac man but. That's good news I got a lot I got a lot of good Sam now okay bombs they've known so David I'm here's our nose at all. Q nine and tiger and I indicators Packard's did you get your own ball no oh no we're both born in 1975. Both 42 years old button beloved golf goes over better. Yet you're way better. Big tiger fan and I was excited to see that he had the number one did you know this here's your stay out of the week OK at 42 years old yes. 129. Point six club head speed. The fastest. And recorded on tour this year while at 42 of wow that's pretty known that you can you realize how impressive that is for some of that said fused back surgery nine under it's amazing that is why. Yeah well. I don't know if that means that sounds like a lot. Immediately southeast LA OK it's good for golf good tiger's back his back. Oh. Oh. Okay in this accident ended. News. A games that matter to you. On journalism fans. An eagle on sale warriors lost a cannon of what's up with bad winds last Sunday at us too narrow as they follow the Minnesota Timberwolves. 109 to one of three without Seth Curry yet again it was Decker problems and they deal ending Kevin Durant. Mentioned after the game. Gas. It does matter that staffs not here when it's well known I'm sorry does and seventh with scorer in the next drill. Whiny little babies that need it was not our all star this year. Begin at this is this is my caveat for the warriors straight mongering fear mongering has not and McClain as good as he has in the past this year. I agree with that. And pelicans vaults of the jazz won sixteen to nineteen and that's good news for the blazers and gives and Melinda separation their. For that race at a third spot meanwhile the nuggets. They stay hot navy picked teams won 380104. Kings are tanking. That loss eliminated them from the playoffs. You'll see three teams clinched ask. I guess second you were gone last week you see them so that no this week to Carty said that one of them happened last week it was Toronto. And then now. Over the weekend you had Boston clinched. And you had to see stand Iraq cats clinch with their win over the mavericks yesterday 10580. I think the raptors when I can give them enough credit. And certainly because they never seem to make it to the finals that's true worthy Eastern Conference finals do we not give them any credit at all either because they never meet the Eastern Conference final now then I'm not gonna give the rockets any credit then neither are shut up rocket fans is good as you are in the regular season Chris Paul and James Harden during the Toronto Raptors you can stop it until you make of the conference finals and you'd be good. That that's all you're gonna get that's that I you did you did it and that is what I know is that not fair you can give the raptors any comment why we sucking off. Everything that's Houston Rockets. Well go aggressive in the morning welcome back it. No I agree. And I'm tired of Clinton pardon O James. MVP last agreed to guess on this said that their buying in the rockets you know armor on hand and Oliver. That and toys and told real. Jintao and sat out last yet last night to Jan knee injury. Whom carrier ring set out in the injury to and they felt the pacers nine and I'm here alone it look they have two guys on their rosters that are really good players. If a couple of other really good players how far have they ever been in the playoffs. Emanated out all my Dan Tony teams historically they have great regular seasons and and okay. They are the Toronto Raptors of the west in its is because it's. Pretty out here we're gonna give them all the credit nine got to earn it they have earned. You'll gaming irregular sleep in different about the rockets those that we haven't seen this team fell yeah we just yet no we haven't seen this team we saw bill last year eagle we've seen we've seen and the year before seen it but it's not this is not Chris Paul Hill and son Clint Capello play in this Holland made dame men in Mike D'Antoni system. But we've seen the raptors it time and time again I'm with you though much and I watched that I am I thought about it yet are centrists and I don't trust you. Rockets. Our head down and oh by the way LeBron James Felton the lakers last night 127113. Cats can suck. Okay. The tournament is set in people got problems with the selection show. Oh will give you the highlights from the NCAA tournament and I did you like the new format. Testing came on the van. This is a tournament which edition of dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by one Alan attorneys that loss on Janet you saw affair I'm. Tied 55 Vizio five as the San text line how you can communicate with us dusty camp. Jim back NCAA tournament is set our one seeds are Virginia Villanova. Kansas. And is a year. Out west it is Xavier midwest is Kansas the east region Villanova and the south region is Virginia. TBS and TNT did bears. Selection show yesterday in them. They screwed it up again well did they screwed operas it's just because it's no different than what has been for years well okay. So people lazy some complain about the selection so being when they beat around the bush for half hour for the finding Davis who gets in and you'd isn't. And so they decided okay it would do is give you who. All everybody who got in right off the bat as they did a good job because they went to all of the automatic bids and they just alphabetical order. And then they did all of the at large bids alphabetically who love god and lobbed a blogger Don and then went through the regions like they normally idea. What I don't understand is why in the heck. They beat around the bush for so long just body just starting with the region's ride out the bad and give us the tournament where. Everybody gets their large bids and they get who's getting into the tournament. And then you can do that and if you want your suspense at the very end they needed the first for an. Boom. There you go. Made it for me and what we've always appealed to Washington in the selection show was the drama in the excitement of seeing the team's interaction of are we in are we nod and getting to see the revealed almost like Christmas when you open up our president. You see the reactions. Reactions were off the semantics of the show were off I don't know if it was because CBS's revenue anymore who's TNT TBS type situation. Either way it's all the same thing I know they're all connected together via either way it was and is great because nobody likes change in home. Your team's then if you team isn't in your you're happy we get to see players and in coach is delayed for ten seconds and wait wait for a wait for that was funny. It is they all on their travel sweats they had a problem with first of all it look like guys watching in 1970s come from the V. Because. You saw early in great gambles lips moving and then the words would come out like five seconds after you. What the heck is going on right now bad production very bad in then on top of that you would have the in mid teens ago now look at you know Oklahoma got in and you just seat for literally ten seconds. Guys watching television. And then they reacting like they're waiting for it there waiting for waiting there waiting just cut to when they finally are packed. You know you have the power to do that out you if you were in charge right now fewer and charger if I was in charge. How would you make this better I would just right away billion dollars your pay airing of the essentially print a billion dollars in these rights wrecked I would go through. And right away I would give you. The number one overall seed so that would then Virginia. How are gone dumb number one overall seed is Virginia here's their region down in the and you go through like the whole region. Who's seeded in there and then when you have the playing games. You don't list to those those first for the games that are in Dayton and you don't list. What teams they are. So for instance like UCLA and saint Bonaventure plan rank and so when you get to the and then it has first four winner is all it says there and then you can go through all of the regions and then there's a lot of teams that. A lot of the suspense will be killed because you're going on during like oh my guys like Oklahoma dating just getting and they got in as a ten seed they were they're pretty safe. And then at the very and you go okay now there's a ton of suspense. Is a USC or Arizona State thank god and got initially give the. First towards what you're saying is this kind of how I would do and I would just take each region right and I would start with your one seed and I go against your match up of exactly what you're trying to say if if you're going to be your one seed in their reason you go against their seat. And then go to and then their matchup three rate and in their match up yeah. If that's simple is that not fun to watch is an uninteresting but every once released it once so there's no drama. Who I guess the complaints was there wasn't enough drama. Yeah what what is the drama that we missed exactly or is it the structures the sales however you wanna build it. Where reception room decided to do that last night oratory over the weekend. And you getting you to do our next year this one was like. And they get criticized for teasing too long last year and this year it's a my guys you've finished he quickly you know. And sons Al ramadi is an hour of the cages do you fifteen minute segment fifteen. West eat its demean their ego. In it and take that long he's still keep an hour in the one hour show you have four blocks at bingo area and you give the here's our first four I can produce them down. Done. And make sure that it doesn't look like a 1970s consumers even bad lip syncing and and you know teams with a one minute delay reaction yeah. You can do that he's given a phone. Officially giving a month on edge this column make them happy. But I mean watching that I think we did find is that the West Coast. Is definitely on the outside looking in on this whole. NCAA tournament. Outside of the Adam automatic bids it was not a good day. For Wes 'cause basket albeit the Pacific and Pacific twelve conference or the West Coast Conference. It was bad in I think. This may be another sign of the pac twelve. Falling further and further behind turning it did the pac twelve only gets three in but it's where. The two large bids are playing that is everybody's scratching their heads. This is Justine cam here's Joseph was sports tenor this is a. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number. Two or. Niners yeah by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we've gone from a lot I think. Pros cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Anyway you can go into. We're desperate. This is textual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that well today. 55305. That is the Zantac signed dusty air team Cleveland with the on this Monday morning. East. Did not get fired. What his hold on but from. From poltergeist. He's. Says that would it is a biggest poltergeist. The little girl on girl yeah longer Earl. Maybe help helping. I'm ready. Joseph know your way to that's really beefy came from poltergeist Kyra my dad telling them and as a kid that when he's looking when she's looking into the T yeah in the TV and his older guys yeah yeah have you heard about the poltergeist person. I Craig T. Nelson the only guys still live from the enemy. Every group like everybody's dead from it is true. Agree it's real curse and let the news flash lit Rogen died. Today I'll I think Biden the advancements in modern science Abiola forever okay and why you though let while you. Just have that kind of power not as you have Ottawa by the time I'm ready to go. And bill had some of them in iron lung forever hate you and Ted Williams at free via yes freeze will bring him. He would that's by the way is still in court. Happened is Stanley wants to keep them close and the other one month ending months and is put him in the ground. That's that it's that's a sticky situation right there too cold situation that is very clone and indeed his budget. But I guess of the cryogenic freezing place and they've been sued for fraud. Like Israel frees him is that America meat locker. That you basically yeah I actually just put big freezer aha. That's right typically are just gonna wait till some sort of science comes around like what a great gig that is created has put. People in and we just discoveries and for awhile and then we'll apria a good I'm. Okay anyways tournament bids doled out yesterday. Is this another cited pac twelve is in some big trouble here is three teams get in from the Pacific twelve conference U gates. Arizona the automatic qualifier who's sat there and they were the top fifteen team in the country. They win the regular season title and the pactel tournament title. And they did in impressive fashion. They did in but then you add to that large bids from the conference. And Arizona State team that struggled mightily down the stretch after what was a great starts of the season there are the last undefeated team in all of college basketball. This year got to the number two in the country Korea and then they get into pac twelve conference play and they finished eight and tanning conference flat. And they get in as an at large along with the UCLA who. They had their growing pains kind of finding their identity early and then were playing a lot better down the back half and stretch of the season. Those two teams did and that is it for the pac twelve conference what is more damning about the pact goes to a large bids. None of them are actually in the field the 64. You have one team get an automatic bid in the pac twelve and then two of them are playing in those first four games in Dayton Ohio as saint Bonaventure will play UCLA and then Syracuse plays Arizona State PG. Notice of those three teams at three blue bloods got in. Did you notice that. Outgoing call airs on solo. Arizona CD is a blue blood because why. Their head coach is Bobby Hurley who is in blue at duke blue devil and that is the reason why they got in MI and let's not play let's doubly dumb here for a second. Three. Big time schools. Sorry. Two big time schools and one big time coach with a name. And what they did in the early part of the season and and and if you're gonna tell me that winds earlier in the year. November December and call is bounced wildly and determine how well you played it is deep split of every other sport that we sing in college football. You play bad at the end of the year or throw you to the wayside in college basketball they go back you'll will look at those great wins in November. Yet but yeah it's really does used to be used to be just the opposite though. In that it didn't matter what you did in 9 November and December will really mattered is how you were peaking at the end of the season in college basketball in that to mean just doesn't make sense if you look at. If your take in Arizona Stater USC which team is playing quite taken USC. They were playing way better right now no doubt battled injuries early and they played a tough schedule early USC record and everybody is saying USC did get screwed because they are the in the highest RPI rating of any team. Not to make the turn their 34 in the country and our PO which is a magic that is used by the committee. To put teams in invading get in and is Timmy if you look at that. You had no further than. How about the three teams that got snubbed. That they're saying that's not sure all three of them three of the big four. Our teams that are involved in the FBI probe and USC. Who got a coach arrested. Oklahoma State coach arrested and then if you wanna take a little hole as the other team in this that Politico got snubbed. Then you'd take those three teams but what was the separating factor between all you see he has the resonate to get into this thing. But. In Vegas and I think the FBI probe as a time to do. I I think the major concern of this and this is gonna go back to something that I've stood on enchanted on announced this multiple times and here we get to seek. Sports in this pac twelve conference. Lack of representation in the big dances when it comes to turn amid time aura comes to post season play. In back to back sports now we're gonna see in football. Now we're seeing it in basketball the concern comes from. Where is it why is that start your chance of we don't care we have other things to do it here but even in basketball when you're talking about having Arizona. Arizona's real essentially it's a pac twelve team but that's not a coastal city it's a coastal area in UCLA has always been quality but here they are again. What is it and nobody. From the Pacific northwest even gets a look. Now many Unionists and ending in the NATO deserving. If this goes back to it also though the conversation that we had during football season. And this is agree Pete a football season. All address again we have other things we do sheer now that sports now that's not it what does argue about the repeat of college football season is the fact that there isn't a team outside of Arizona. That's good enough to win the sink Arizona gets a foresee. They have on the best players all college basketball they have a great coaches John Miller. They get a four seed and are playing at a really high level there finally a 100% with Alonso Trier. Dion Braden. Sean Miller. Are all going to be and if this journey Iran. And that team and the committee sat there and they said that's a foresee no this is day. This is where the big separation happens. When you have money and this sin and think about this if you look at the SEC. Can you look at the ACC. The Big Ten and big twelve their lapping the pac twelve and money in now there are lapping the pac twelve with teams in the college football playoff. And in the NCAA tournament did pactel has not won a basketball championship since 1997. Same conversation though we haven't football. It is so is this a money thing your own you're making this about a public. A public money production like it's the marketing of the pac twelve is not as good. Nationally as when not as one of the reasons why they do not continue to make it and I think it's a good problem. All that they're not in a good problem you're not good now this conference that. I know I wanted to be very specific on that it's a good problem. Because he's your not good where deserves another positive I'm not using it as a positive spin you're not good enough in football and you're not good enough and basketball. One team occasionally stands out but as a whole as a group athletically. This conference. Is behind. They are behind in there. Emblem we've been saying this this is a repeat of the policies they don't have a team they didn't have a team in college football they sat there and he said they can win a national championship. I differences this year Basque club to have one team in Arizona and you can't say that team is championship caliber team doesn't make your heart's great eighty absolutely right you are absolutely right. 55305. Where. Does this slide where does the blame lie for the pac twelve because the pac twelve is only at 78 so is the West Coast Conference Saint Mary's. They're not again and neither is it a West Coast problem or is they specifically pactel problem by five threes or five it is 643 on the fan. This is a tournament week additional dusty and jam in the morning and brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law on 1082 Australian. 55305. Packs of its three teams into the stands. And it's not good for the visit to a conference as Arizona. The automatic qualifier regular season champ de facto pactel tourney champ. Fully healthy ready Iraq general foresee. Foresee. Meanwhile. You're two out larger UCLA and Arizona State in their playing in need plain round. Where there in the first four not one team is in the field the 64 iron from one Null. No and to my surprise Arizona. Suddenly a four seed and yes and a can you say FBI probe credentialing and as we get that has it there has been dropped there's Larry. But. You say this is a good problem explain that to the people that didn't oh. When I say it is a good problem I want I want to be very very clear and now a state that in is that your conference in your athletes. In your focus nationally from your leadership to how the conference is wrong. To what the teams are focusing on. And how old the talent is so spread out your not good when I say it's a good problem it's your not good you're not good enough to compete against the ACC. Not good enough to compete against the SEC in a good enough against the pact arms are against the big twelve. The Big Ten the smaller east coast conference is certainly the big east or there's no longer big east my fault. All these two areas there is that it bothers there is not applicable and on football if you look at a team some of like a Syracuse who gets and they get in because of who they are and Jim based on. These teams figure out west I'm asking myself this because. It happened now in two straight major sports talk about revenue generating sports to us as fans that love the love college sports love it I feel right now college basketball some somebody handed me a dirty smut magazine and they're forcing me to look at it. That's kind of what I feel right now. I'm getting ready to watch this basketball I'm not saying that all the teams are dirty but there's a handful of teams that are in those handful of ruined it for a little bit. But the pac twelve get this kind of snub of yen in a major revenue sport the best winner sport there is out their story hockey fan my dad I'm a little biased. But this is what it is right now and you sit and watch his pac twelve and why is it continue to happen focus care power. Notoriety marketing athletes caring what is the answer it's just disappointing. Yet there is it the issue that's pactel has is exactly who you're you're saying the good problem is that they don't have any teams that are top tier and what at what crushed. The pac twelve is that. If you look at it this whole. Quadrant system thing that the NCAA tournament selection committees using now. Is brand new and it's really confusing and we don't know how to use it to take it and because. Well we usage is at the end of the year say that team's playing really well its selection committee said that teams getting in will be changed in now to where these these quads. Quadrant systems. In it hurt USC because USC loss to Oklahoma early in the year on a neutral floor right. So they take in their recent taken into account they'd say OK if you wait and you played tough schedule will give you the benefit of the doubt say that your team grew up and they played really well down the stretch. Well you have teams idea that like USC. Which if you watched USC you would sit there and you would say that team is a tournament team. In menu have teams like Missouri. Or Oklahoma who get into their conference tournament. Michael were urging this fall flat on their face but they got tree on the Michael Porter Gina is the only reason because it's a national draw and that's what it does those teams are getting selling. Enter selling TV rights are selling marketing or selling commercials. Nobody knows. Who the stars are out west who were the stars out west on her early in Arizona State that's the only reason there in is because a Bobby Hurley. And what he's done for college basketball he is name is college basketball coach what do you want and make some now. That is why Arizona State got and well you wanna sell me later in the year earlier in the year they were number two that's fine. That's all good but they were not a deserving team to get it but they got him because of him. Arizona State does have the benefit though of that tear that quadrant system that we're talking about are there. They had some dynamite wins early in the year against. Tournament teams they beat number one seed in in Xavier they beat on a neutral floor they beat Kansas State attorney and a team on a neutral floor. They beat Kansas. On the road a baby to number one season at Washington until the immunology and along Washington did not beat but it to number don't don't don't I'm running is this and let's not act like the Kansas win was separating factor for Arizona's they know it really was because Corning and according to how you're gonna measure your quadrant in record that we to subject of that but did that's that's what I'm saying and that's the problem is that. These teams like if you watched Arizona State down the stretch they went eight contending conference play it a losing record. In the most important part in he's in a conference that isn't very good right well. Yet the confusing part for me is this what what is the really what matters. In in how why don't like the two things what college football is found a felony and two and now college basketball is. The conference as a matter. Now your conference you don't like it does it seat it is certainly irrelevant. It is who you play out of conference. You play big. Big ranked teams based on subjective rankings in college basketball too which are as about as. Worse than anything because how many times we see no top teams in the top twenty. There were great perennial all star teams superstar teen superstar groups and colleges like a Michigan State. Some of these teams rout of the top ten but then suddenly when you go to select these teams there are automatically. Now automatically and I and I in this this. It's cements it for me that no matter how many teams you put into a playoff there's always going to be discrepancies there's always be teams left out I understand that and I'm not gonna get too worked up over. Is because they're 68 we're gonna say 068 that's planning. You know illustrate to add more it just it's so hard to make sense of why certain things were one here and one here but here's what I do you know. The pac twelve perennially now the last two seasons huge huge disappointment. What it is amazing to me muggy in the last two seasons you mean for bombast that was the only two seasons in sports that matter right well right now in our country play yeah sorry if this is what it is some people may take that as the last two basketball seasons the last in that they were great in the tournament last year and this is like that this is the one and general kind of in your face. Is that so much can change from one year to the next in college vast last year organ was the final fourteen now what they're a three seed in the N ninety night. This is. Where NORAD with college you know sleazy they had a very good Ron as a conference last year now. It's back to just three teens getting in that's a huge issue though because. The big part about where the pac twelve Hertz is money you lose not the more teens you get in the more rounds that you make it through the more money your conference gets. They're right no one horse the horse is Arizona it lies with you your party behind the eight ball. Before the seasoning it with my fellow from a revenue standpoint your party behind the eight ball Siri your thinking it's a money problem well look at the conferences that they're getting I think there's talent problem. I think it's a pure talent problem I think tenacity with a commitment and the talent that this coast is so spread out there's not enough talent on the coast in this conference to get it. So you have to recruit other places like Texas yet to go back east to try to get certain players. When it comes of the talent on this coast it's not there's not enough to make the conference as a whole. Better compared other parts of the region miss here is where. Is that comes into it a factor is that from Beirut from named mutt dollars and cents standpoint. This conference. Is in they're not up to par with everybody else that they're spending on their eaters like. Money talks right in in college sports you look at them these programs that are one seeds. They pump all of there. All of there money into here Villanova basketball Xavier basketball Kansas basketball. You know Virginia's basketball program the ACC. That money that they get from the ACC goes funnels right towards the bombast on basketball program is benefiting greatly from it. I mean I think it does in and it also is a. I can agree I can agree with that too I think you certainly have always said the the financial impact of why organist who it is is because of the help from what. Certainly Phil Knight did and USC. US he always had it in USC always had a boom when you look about the amount of money that money injected. In two organ at some of these teams that have grown. Is because there was a big words your commitment to winning and which approach you look at the two of the three programs that god and from the pac twelve. Arizona punt swing more money into basketball than a lot of schools they do UCLA punts much more varies sources and their basketball program than anybody else that they have a history and that helps Ed does it helps to have a little bit of history and when your footprint. Is on the pac told network from us these teams guess what teams are always on national television it's Arizona and UCLA and by the way how many people out there could watch the pac twelve tournament this week. This past week a lot ya how much cut do you live. In this region. You can't watch it blew. But what do you what a joke Larry Scott for those you although it is a joke DirecTV is a joke for those need to have DirecTV. Each of us he sign technology network now but not the pac told us the biggest embarrassment and when it comes for two came illogical and local teams are the organ state fans that could not. Watched their team play. Tristan 55305. That is the fans excited your feedback plus the blazers coming out of the weekend. Feel a little bit better about their standing dusting cam on the fan.