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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, February 22nd
Looking at the Blazers' 2nd half schedule; Race for final 4 playoff spots in the West; college hoops scandal; More on MLB rule proposal

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and they about it. About how hard you. Dusty narrow an NFL veteran champ Cleveland and Boston jail. It's okay. On ten maybe. Love burden. Our had our number three years dusting cam in the morning. And thanks for being with us. Don't you know. And maybe that can be stuck in my head all day long. Talk and Canadians during the break. But because there's there's a there's a creek that yea one of the Canadian. Hockey ladies. The money part of the silver medal you know that's gonna be gained national story in Canada she just went no. Take that off of me right now that's the most aggressive. And angry Canadians been in quite some time they're going to be talking about that day. He she was angry because indeed it was a fair few minutes or just was upset about the loss. Because if you gave everything in its Ricky Bobby said if you ain't first last that's this cocky Canadian mentally he's been really good for a long time. And threatening. If Hillary can't win everything he showed it would be UConn so maybe you Connelly silver. So and so but but. It hurt it stings a little bit extra when it's your arch rival that beat you too yeah when those. As you know goofy American yet as Americans come and those nasty titled little Americans deal in our sport from us he cared to pick Ers nose worked for. It. Yes so. The issue of scent that's been big manners are lucky they don't get it don't get angry like that its aggressive. On anyways the NBA's second half starts tonight well unofficial sep second half the final third of the season. Gets underway tonight and in the bush got tough stretch and it's been well documented how tough the blazers. Final stretch of the at the regular season will be in a final 24 games an action. They've got seventeen games against teams that are in playoff contention. And they have some ridiculous. Stretches of games. On they've got a four game stretch and the year that has San Antonio Houston Denver and Utah. Which is mean that's going to be tough and then they have. A stretch of nine straight games. In their final 44 against teams that are in playoff contention you know we were discussing how many teams are tanking this year. And there's going to be some teams that catch the benefit of easy schedules. The blazers jumped into the fact is that they got one of the hardest schedules in the entire NBA. I'm actually the third toughest schedule Anemia. You have some good news though I'm sure later on the T teams that are kept chasing you. New Orleans and the clippers. They've got the two toughest schedules in the NBA down the stretch. I'm we're talking about seventeen of 44 for the blazers being against playoff contending teams. The clippers have nineteen games now against left contained team's New Orleans has seventeen is all the more on the road. So it's gonna be a fair fight down the stretch. How would you describe this Portland team because I'm looking up and down the standings and I'm gonna go there sit at the seventh seed. Tied with Denver so it Denver right now listen to this Denver on the road nine in nineteen on the road yells. 23 and seven at home are about defending home court in this 10 this one blows my mind even more. Is that San Antonio sits at third they're 22 and six at home thirteen and eighteen losing record on the road. Blazer Citic 500. On their home court seventeen and eleven so they are certainly better at home. If you're gonna make a stretch run you've got to stay in that 500 mark on the road if you've got to be better at home yeah I think been better moment owning the home court situation can you looking to some of these teams are playing really good. Denver's gonna be tough to win at home certainly all these teams are winning at home Houston. Golden State San Antonio the big win against Golden State going into the break. On your home court and defend your home court a little bit better so the blazers can maintain 500 on the road. Which is gonna be hard it's going to be very difficult but some of these teams are but I Denver status terrible I mean are about up and down road road. Home volleying you're talking about playing home games and defending on court ten. Of thirteen. Home games in the final stretch are against teams in the playoff hunt. So seven W seventeen games against the playoff teams ten of Hummer at home that's a good sign you got to defend your home court after you really take pride in that. And in your tech about Denver and how good they are home and how about they are on the road. Denver has been they have a seven game road trip. During this final stretch they'll be on the road for seven straight games bad news is that Memphis is his one of the in Chicago or to the teens at the play on the road. But five of those seven teams are playoff teams that don't have on that Roger they start out of the gate. On the have a three game road trip on masters a they have San Antonio Houston and LA clippers at home then they hit the road. Right after after that so you sit there your goal and Ari where can the blazers and make up. A games. Denver's going to be on the road a lot they're not very good on the road. I know I feel like from three to eight is attainable for the blazers. I do I feel like anywhere for me every day getting did a three seed yet because sanity or else it's it's 35 in 24. Mean you're you're talking about a team that's thirteen and eighteen on the on the road San Antonio is playing very well at home 22 and six but. Com Minnesota's twelve and eighteen on the road and they're not scary 36 and 25. This is that shuffling Houston and in consider separate themselves aren't that they're just better than everybody us now from three through eight. There is legit conversation where if you could handle your home court and some of these teams are terrible on the roads you can take advantage of that. In the early two and a half games back bella makes two and a half game lead tough Kurds did it either. Two and a half game deficit tough take over comes when you have to jump fourteens to do it in everybody's juncture if for that spot. But with the news that great pop music while Leonard I'm done look like he's gonna zags San Antonio scariest year. I'd be fighting just for that spot wherever they're going to be. There is I'd rather play San Antonio without while Leonard then Minnesota in Minnesota tough out pressure to have won the match in seven games matchups brutal with Portland say it's been brutal but you sit there and you know yet in their only two and a half games back. Of San Antonio for that three seed you know it is all attainable and this final stretch you do have a tougher schedule than the fourteenth in front of you San Antonio Minnesota Oklahoma City in Denver but. You do you probably feel pretty comfortable with the play with and eyeing the playoffs knowing that the clippers in the pelicans and two teams that are nipping on your heels. They have to the heart a sketch is Tina I would be worried about. Is Utah yet and I know you'll eleven very well eleven in a row before the all star break. They also our greatest men might be the worst thing to happen and then because they were so hot. On. Donovan Mitchell is plain out of his gore right now they had a trade debt actually. In an ace and Rodney and George Hill out of town and they didn't miss a beat and that's a scary team right now is playing really get in their very well coached eloquent Snyder has a coaching and there have a lot of games at home. Today it to end this thing and they're not too far back to Earth Day largest at two games back of Portland and Utah. Scary team yeah I like Utah will be caviar for a lot of teams the blazers are off tonight they get back. Back at it tomorrow night but the NBA resumes. Tonight. With. Have to teams are playing and I in the one there's only like one game that people should care about as far as the playoff standings go on the Western Conference. And if that is the Italy the clippers in the warriors. Are an action tonight and that'll be it this back Catherine TDs doubleheader in Golden State some IU games to watch out. Oklahoma City they've got. Very easy schedule they're going to be tough teamed up to reined in because they're certain a little bit better as as a threesome. Pale. What is the deal led the blazers is second half surge that do you think that they can do that again a third straight year out of the all star. Ache Ive and I've no questions team can step it up a level. I believe the dame and everybody sees that light I think the use of this break. Might be a switch it usually switch for a lot of teams but yeah I've seen this blazer team do it Alito in them do it for copiers in a row now. The scary part about it though is. When you sit there and you look at. There were alliance that they've had it's almost like you've done it tears in a row. It's a scary thing to think that they can just happen again and they can be. The same team that they were last two years on the all star break play like they did vs Golden State going into the break is blazers team is a tough out at home on the road different. He got a deal to defend your home court. Whose parent. At college of scandal. There is some news about the agents. In that detailed records that they kept on paying. High school in college athletes. That. No one Yahoo! Sports Pete Hamel says. Every team should be worried about college hoops we needed details next testing came on the fan. Yeah. This is Dustin and Kim in the morning on 1080 loves and. Five countries terrified that is our fan tech sign how you can interact with us and the show. From we move in the blazers to use the college hardwood Pete Campbell investigative reporter for Yates Yahoo! Sports. Is reporting a federal investigators who arrested. And Indian Miller sports agent. And raided his office saying computer. And a bedridden. Arrested all the coaches in charge of that with a 45 coaches with. I'm paying student athletes and conspiracy charges racketeering I think as one of on. The feds have gotten beaten. World what we RD new which was wiretaps. Audio recordings of coaches. On its. Speaking with agents and a U coaches about payments. It's say he's claiming that they've got spreadsheets. Of from the agents which cannot account for payments to players. Future payments to players what they should expect to pay players and passed. On financial dealings with high school. Inco legion. Athletes. Move. We knew that they had some audio but it would be hard to prove. The way this is saying is that. In its bigger then from bigger than what we're of late leading on what definitely what the feds are leading on the information that they have. So layman's terms would it mean it is. Is that somebody. Out a big brand among big suitcase full money. An attractive because they got ethic ethic of their books it's like the big ledger. Right from the mafia days there's a giant ledger yeah and there was a briefcase and walked around and paid the high school athlete. And then he turned and paid the college to make sure that that person. Went to your school the Nike paid him both now you have guys on both sides he got the college kid receipt of a high school kid tied into the college and both are getting paid by a bag man. Somewhere some way in a bag man. Then who is the agent represents both. A high school athlete future high school athlete now moving to college. The head coach Rick Pitino. And now the aging gets the money and the cut from. The Adidas and Nike the under armour as part of the percentage for the marketing and what he gets his his cut his agency cut its all. You scratch my back I'll scratch or two but the good guys in the good spot and then. It's supposed to be fear. Yeah exposed to be equally and see two way it's supposed to be fair thing Hammel does a great job with his reporting. Can't he is sourced very well he doesn't just throw things out Willy Nilly. Here's a quote from one of his sources. Don't think it's only going to be players who ended up signing with AS NI got paid that's the sports agency that they're rated. Those spreadsheets cast dole wide net throughout college basketball. If your school produced a first round pick in the last three years. Be worried. So this is a culture. Now poll don't know it's so this is I know that I that throws in a throws and everybody who's a pro throws and everybody yeah everybody yeah girls and two schools here in the northwest throws in Washington. Throws in organ and it's certainly throws in UCLA paid ducks in Kansas and they're gonna guard easing condition they're gone wrong. And what about. Yeah I mean who knows you don't know. I think this is is clearly this the culture think this was accepted is this is an NC two a college best accepted practice in that have been going on for years that's why I'm saying. Everybody's do what it's like it's like gay. Noted as they go into the stoplight or to the stop sign in kind of coast in through the old California's done everybody does that tell the cops shows up. And ticks you off individually. Opening goal everybody's doing it now. Sorry somebody's gotta be the fall person yeah and that's what it is it's about to fall guys and now organist or to trickle down like dominos funnies say that because Christian doctrines as the guy to with. Starch as part of the agency. And his lawyers said this. Charging christened doc and that the federal crime while his bosses at a December and three is categorically egregious. As charging all the assisting coaches laud their bosses there's steaming towards. The glory and riches of the NCAA tournament. It's utter hypocrisy how these defendants somehow stand accused while holding the bag and taking the fall for their superiors who had been a primary that financial benefactors. Of any suppose it's schemes. Those little guy. In going to be the fall guy they they have all the documents they have Pope more than what the feds even re asking for. The little guy. Is selling out the big boys and that coaches. He's assisting coaches. Are the tip of the iceberg you know what I believe head coaches are going down agents are going to be going down because you know let these fall guys or go on hot. Not today I'm not doing it. Turn State's evidence on him right. I think basketball college basketball is the most helpful on sport and all of sports NBA two very Teflon we don't get worked up. When you have a brothel we don't brothels at a college football campus if Alabama football's holy smokes. Into the world is happening this job as you well in stole crab legs. From a grocery store member of that on the guided tending kind of gave him the crab legs and then he said in that he walked down thought he had a handshake with the attendant. But then he walked out cinemanow the Boston like that he was body was looking about some republics and a so he's in trouble. That got more attention. Then Rick Pitino. Yeah. Yet he's about media yes it did college basketball has that Teflon ability because they can bounce that off they can say pay no attention between in my man behind the curtain not a beginner it's not that people don't care. It's a college basketball is one month. And one month that's it. Football is the year round. Those things NFL. College football year round it's recruiting it's all the basketball nobody cares about college basketball except for the month of march you know and I'm being honest and if you think you do care. Fine. To your aligned yourself. If a year going down that he going to go down that road. A go one step further here don't. The lack of information Nelly found. Shouldn't that lead you to believe that. There's something coming right before the tournament well that's why when you're getting teases right now this is. This is it's like a Sports Radio show teasing you at six about a story that's gonna happen and 845. We're gonna tease you rerelease a little bit and then when that selection committee goes duke North Carolina. Bull. Only certain teams that maybe be in it and then. Boom goes the dynamite that's when you draw or else would you do it the feds don't do things because. It's boring they do it be to the Jamaica story. Yeah it's camels he gets to people that usually don't talk to you as is part of a story that here and you. Yahoo! Sports. There's there's an attorney named Steve Brown who has an Atlanta and he refereed his night gig is specialty. Is representing schools and coaches when the NCAA. Brings charges against them in does not like criminal or you know it's not. They're even have subpoena power in the NCAA they hired the attorney out so they can get to the legalese part of it. He says that in he's been doing this for a long time he does that does not surprise me he is my sense is that for a dozen years or so. Agent running a perspective student athletes with professional tension. Our potential has been going on so for twelve years now that he and he or like they opened up in their like here's what's going on. He's going yeah this has been happy in the NCAA just can't. Pin anything on it the feds allow the other gets you the feds are gonna get them. You know it's like dale happened months ago as you're fired a couple fault hours ago in the next year wall forget about it on the back to March Madness and I honestly about exactly what's going to happen TO have another job and a year. I honestly I do you believe this. That the topsy turvy college basketball season we've had and are not allowed people following it. But the top ten is and revolving door. In years seemed like these teams that are usually really good they have these losses that mean they are more losses than we ever seen before. I think a lot of these schools that are tied up in these investigations and they're feeling the pressures they are hearing from the feds their lawyers are hearing from the feds don't idea MBAs outline behind this to the MBAs are worried. Well the NBA is worried they're complicit in this. A whole thing from happening because of the fact that they don't allow kids to go from high school but the problem is that what they created their own monster with this one and done rule could have. That's it they've done it they've done this they've created it he's gonna let these guys if they're eligible and they wanna be eighteen and go to the NBA stop with his one and done crap. Yeah garbage. Boy if well. Pete Campbell good read on it but I think it's going to be. Angus beef on gonna see how this thing like OK you like guys go to jail aren't. I don't like seeing I don't like has gone to jail what I don't lie is a fun story to follow those are you sit there and you're like a how deep is this thing gonna go. How deep. Deep is deep. And what guys see you know we gave him a dream going deep deep deep and I under him we knew Rick Pitino a slimy. You know John Calipari who said to the final four appearances vacated for Ed. Two different schools. Right he's somehow clean in this whole thing. But pitino is not you know like and that's going to be the bumpers scenic. Which is comes out how many coaches are involved. Our guys I Calipari going to be like vindicated some Howard psych yet we found nothing on John Calipari but we found all this stuff on. And Rick Pitino and XYZ. You know. Where what coaches a year ago on oh. You're you're an incredible stamped credible to try and out right yes it's one says if everyone's a cheater. No one's a cheater I dislike syndrome that's for everybody super. Would be super era this that would mean if everybody's doing it. That we talked about that last week in this little bit I think that that's going to be a huge justification to fan bases. Where it's like seat were not alone. Well this did Dave did it too was so did Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben and then nobody is gonna ever play in the final four ever. Thank you it's did Butler you know in 98 national titles because. Everybody's going to be dedicating their final fours which is an NB standing alone you know. Or transparency in NC to aid sports more transparency quit hiding behind the curtain there's no money and you buying. Liars. You you know like you are a lot of what else GQ what else can you call these. These falsity is that these guys stand with their beautiful suit and ties and sit in Indianapolis and Seles at its amateur sport slimy. I'm spectacles like me. It is slime and stick with the line your pockets. And for our rights I got some notes down here on things to. We're take about the rule change in Major League Baseball. We disagree on that. Should Major League Baseball. Institute a rule that lets the losing team in the ninth inning put whoever they want at the plate. Here's rust sports that are. This is dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080. Here's a thought we were talking about nineteen thing give us in this. Okay this texture says organ states going to the final four and in the next few years because every good team will be banned from the tournament for a couple years. Seriously don't say. Would you really claim in Oklahoma titles so like UCLA Arizona Kentucky. Duke North Carolina and Michigan State at all get brought down in this. Good for them Dan like to tear band year goal line sucks for them UN the national title I hear ya the year. Feel little tarnished you know I'm wearing a ring ever banner. Alan ending parade I'm Kerry did cheaters. And taken out Central Florida. And the issue is the central Florida State did it certainly did it. Did you see that the Wikipedia starters in electing gave the team USA women's hockey goalie the secretary of defense title after last night's went. Did you see they UCF football was given need 2013. Basketball national title in the oval I didn't hit. A pretty good. Wikipedia just went to 9 and a central Florida's giving it to us now who finished second in the game would they be removal you remember little bull beat. None. It was they who they beat. North Carolina insert shrugged gift here. I don't remember the big kid elevate it to you kidded printer no harm that they beat. Who did they've beaten 2013. Oh boy I'm doing I'm doing you I discredit the other day to you. My gosh no they don't get it in Michigan. Late but I know it's really not a beacon in the tournament on the team beat game. But that would I know is Michigan. Why now in Atlanta Georgia why don't I remember Michigan being in that game in our runner up is Michigan I'll. Get to the Michigan now has national title. Is that how it works though we gotta give it to somebody no you don't they don't they just vacated at dawn vacating as why would Michigan print some shirts. I would do it. I didn't hey wait a minute have a stroke you actually read a minute this is our idea. Nobody else is doing this we do make a killing office. Eaton had Michigan two dozen thirteen national champs teacher it's made with a little last tricks on the side. And then on like that underside of this year. It is printed vacated little bull. Gastric had started an updated vacated on concealer missing and Europe. And can this change in the blue blue bloods are college basketball if organ can go and can't go to the dance for three years load these young kids go to Oregon State instead. As what went Texas has now. An organ is not a blue blood programs. No and they knew once he UCLA Kentucky. And there were throwing this out theoretically like this is in quote if any of those teams get sanctioned. Knew when they come back. They're still gonna be UCLA. There's some ability to Astrid I gotta think of year of the team I'm very curious to see if they get in trouble. The Gonzaga bulldogs. Yeah I'm very curious. Very very Mark Few has slipped into this I am. Don't think so I want to believe I wanna believe that he hasn't. But then night. Also understand how basketball works you don't get great talent at a small school to middle Spokane by just going to come play here yeah. Here I mean yeah about it all the thing with TO though is. How many of the guys that he has. And he's recruited there. Have been top end talent in high school. In L exact Collins. Was a very good high school bass with if he's also back in high school gym. No I know this is why I say I'm very curious on how Gonzaga is gonna play out if they're going to be implemented yet they. The guards from last year's team retreats and commute out yeah you know I don't gossip yes Nigel Nigel Williams Garcia. He is a kid that's refuse to transfer you know you're paying treats his Adam Morrison was some skinny kid Dan Dickau and nobody knew it goober yeah I. He's done it with guys that. Kind of don't seem to be in the circles that this investigation. Sure runs or we're guessing. We're hope work well now button he just beg me wondering Frenchman a bunch of money like runny church to get ready Terry up structure and that the I know I know it's from was very expensive to but if I'm reading that quote says first round picks in the last few years yeah. Okay. That's a good point. I don't know we'll see what happens that be wouldn't that be funny though if it was excellent teams that. Are perennial let down teams in the tourney and you're like wait a minute guys don't even eat you're doing this you're not even that good of care round at least when it championship. Via. Scene of people are thrown shade at the Huskies and saying rumors death again top -- a big hip popped great whose last time him into the tourney I mean come on. See you Deb would probably fall in like you very implicated in it because they've had plenty of our round pick lot of first round hours and originating on. That hasn't really. Yeah. Me I give big insatiable and could prevent. Now right now coach Romario is that the evil empire of Arizona. Right now is that we're geeks we as Jesus as those that negotiators are wildcats. Oh you mean when the schools that is you haven't implicated in there you go weird. We aired the game and well moving on. Tore up a show with that conversation that we had a really good one and they'll be proposing. A rule well they're not proposing it this is something that rob Manfred confirmed it has been talked about but nothing is imminent. If your league team is a losing in the 99 inning. Put up whoever you want to bat. Dusting came on the. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 love. Our. We had a good discussion earlier you are for me. Rule for falls that's in gaining about baseball and nothing seems imminent that it will change a baseball fans don't freak out but. 00 they will. I have been so it was a great is it your baseball fan or is it just baseball people. People that watch baseball. But there's a difference there's fans young people who watch base yet okay I think I think any all okay Dalia. Dade. Now a majority of people don't like he you do it would be if your team is losing in the ninth inning. You can that whomever you want. In you're it. The top three airline and not in a row. Like I can't have like harper go up three times Cairo and Amman I don't know if that's part of the rule and that it was just you could put your best lineup. Okay starting at say 34 and five. Somebody was saying well aside put Bryce Harper a three straight times he strikes out responds in a row and I don't think that's what the rule proposal was about. He was about if you wanted to go will have your leadoff star or if you wanted to five years 345. Hitters or whoever's talk. Newton keep hitting your lineup and we're changing things a little bit and it wasn't like your only letting Bryce Harper. Yeah and every else to see via. Terry about speeding up the game and even have a guy lock him back to that doubt in the back out he just yet let's go. You get nine strikes and street and ninth strategic meaning that it. I argued that it was interesting also argue that were about entertainment for baseball or trying to make baseball more entertaining the back and forth was more about it's not fear the players are being punished the teams are being punished for their success baseball has a lot of strategy throughout the game which it does. And as consumers some of the really likes baseball loves it and he would make it more interesting because every time the 345 hitters were even move my lead off guys great. I have an energy kick when I watched the baseball because it makes it more thought. More fun to consume more and Christine at the end of the game. Is that a bad idea. It's probably never gonna happen but it makes my ears perk up and go all. The interest I'm down by four. I can put my 345 meters. Yeah I go down the road. We don't in any other sport. In sports in general. Reward a losing team. During the games. And Lila we start rewarding eighteen for losing. During the game. I mean what a night that is it a reward or is just part of the game. How in the world is it not in the rural would be if you are losing is not reward LSU use it unless it works. It could well putting your best hitters up. That's a reward I do give you are as old dusty but if you throw the river doesn't matter who it was your chances are exponentially higher. If you have your best hitters up. To come back in the game. In that and I did I said yes Euro roaring in these are the same arguments we had and I'm sure people had. When the three point line came up. When you couldn't Duncan basketball. Wing you could stand in the key and you could be seven to rebound and dunk on every notice of the teams have been admitted nobody has Wilt Chamberlain either have will generally don't fun to have no year talking about it like that Ali Khan. Bulls teams can shoot a three pointer and don't know the I guess what you're it's not like you're saying only that losing team gets to shoot three pointers only the losing team gets that done know what I'm saying is this over the over the history it's. This is the same injection of emotion and what's wrong in what is wrong. About a rule change in in the and in the end if we just never change and every ball to make baseball we are in agreement that baseball could did. Could find ways to be more interesting yes they could but. Rewarding a losing team is not a way to do it. You know and I think that like any rule change yes there is some push back to it in sports. But none of them are specifically designed to help a losing team. Like there's no rules that specifically helping you teen that is a losing. And I think that is where it is OK okay. Our so is the is the main the main emotion around this game is the fact that a team that had success for eight innings. Is being punished because that is I think I'm taking a motion off everybody getting very up Celek is their argument is so dumb this is dumb. This means a lineup situation baseball's gone. Why is it your lead is at the emotion of it that you're so connected to that a team that's losing. Gets another chance is that why you're so animate about it. They get another chance then they would get that chance no matter who is up in the lineup. It is a reward for losing so that the reward the reward for being a bad. Team in during that game happen you get rewarded hey op so that's the emotional tie for. Well I. Why in the world of media that. Why would you reward eighteen that is getting beat. I don't have any answer I don't know what I'm sorry that I think at the dumb rule blow it now what my answer is always is that. Baseball's exciting. When the best players are playing no matter what. And that makes me more interested to watch it. I would definitely turn on the channel and be more after sitting games if in the ninth inning I found out a 345 hitters the best Peters were coming up. That would make being more interested now you can argue it's too putter it's Dahmer to reward towards punishment. I'm just taking from the straight consumer side and am able to stay in this one small plane and look at it that in May be. That's how baseball strategy will this come through probably nine. Yeah probably not I I look at it as it yet and that's the thing is. Rob Manfred like I don't know if it's getting much traction when he is talking about it but they're our people they do like it. And the like you that say it would be entertaining to see. You know Stanton and judged. Have a crack in the ninth inning when their team is losing but it largely negates what that other team did. In the eight previous innings to get a lead you know which was. They did it because there a better team not just they'd have three better hitters and you know. And that is a that's an interesting way that baseball would tighten things up is that. The bottom half year ordered wouldn't matter you know you've is on as you add those top three guys and give yourself a shot at the yen. Well I I believe the entire order matters are beleaguered closer matters I believe that if you're up by ten and you have a ten run lead into the ninth. It's the hardest thing to do in my opinion is to hit. A Major League Baseball absolutely Rihanna tennis hall of fame that means you gut as a pitcher 70% of the time you're gonna win 7% of the time. Doesn't favor the team behind as much stats statistically. It just gives us as consumers. A more to a better chance to say hey my team still has a shot is not what we'd like a statistically it does give DL and it gives you a better chance absolutely done don't know what you with the talent I understand that what I'm saying is is it does and as fans. Does this fans from the teams from the perspective of watching it would it be it is. Is it more interest. A yes that's the only thing I'm you don't change nothing Maine writes in and yet is it more interest and that's it share. That is that he had been then we go to deaths not worth put a rule and because of that. It is that makes more money and sell more advertising because and that's what this game is about. It is I mean it is a business it's not about pride you're gonna turn a lot of your internal out of the year core audience away from it though. In media actually. Potentially but baseball's not really worried about what is. Wrong and right with their rules are worried about trying to catch basketball. In the NFL try to generate revenue for their sport yeah I did I think that this that this would be a bad road to go down easier room. Well that's why the guys the powers that be. Those guys a lot of money like rob Manfred and they have those big decisions and some day we might seem weird changes in baseball it might be weird if you might have a clock. Can't come up and (%expletive) him bass line actually four. And actually four. Let's do this. But the fact that people and it gets people talking about based on it's based on the forefront that's what I can't wait till game start to gain start tomorrow spring training. Beaten world. Champion. Houston Astros. Start to their spring training the first spring training game of the year. Is going to be. These masters. Sucks did you know that people were in favor of a robot calling strikes in heaven forbid to put it to good players in the ninth it's we. We have to. What robots only strikes. I figure I know I like human element in the I think you know like salty referees and umpires. Daddy here. I like the ones that are salty to have sticks in you have endured he's good I am where next time. Our at a year Cleveland. Go back tomorrow. From six then nine and will weaken would you rather tomorrow's game to set for what's coming ahead like the blazers. They play tomorrow. NBA resumes tonight don't nexus I heard of college our nine and union does reader and Sprague three to seven its prime time with as a consume have a great Thursday we'll see Freddy read here on 1080 the fan.