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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, February 21st
Dallas Mavericks in hot water over environment of sexual harrassment... how culpable is Mark Cuban?; Seahawks fans: would you trade Earl Thomas for Dez Bryant?; Lindsey Vonn taking heat, but not for what she did on the slopes

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really need each other. Accuse us seems to pop up maybe even more in previous games. We're just here. And the man in my acceptance permissible teriyaki minutes. It's also a college all American champion Cleveland but why does anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and examine the more million dollar and 1080 loves them. T day in it. That's too much money. Jeff Bezos mr. Amazon. Who's trying to by the world. As. Unveiled his. 101000 year clock. Yeah I turned beyond this that clear why this last night got to see it it is one of the coolest things. I have ever heard so this guy. Named. In 1989 certain working on a 101000 year clock it clock that ticks once per year. And it's been built into the side of a mountain like something doctor evil Omega west Texas mountain and it takes once every year. And every millenniums every hundred years there's eight cook music on comes out of the clock and it costs Bay's us 42 million dollars and to fund this project and the guy. 1989. And Bay's us said I've been working with him for about five years and he made it happen we're gonna accelerate this process the first 45 years slow moving for Danny little bit of money injection we'll do that he. Think about the past 101000 year clock that's amazing. Holder of the chairman's I don't know off stop my head but this is one of those things like the mount Rushmore you. How cool would that be 101000 years from now you know in a canal along and says you. You have 101000 here's a crime freezing perfect it's a run on the Earth's thermal cycles so. But if that means. He has too much money no era of too much on he has way more money. He has lent is a lot more money. And then us majority of people in this world evicted the he's the richest men in the world now I may do believe he is too close to 40000 billion. I don't know very close I know he's richer than Mark Cuban. Who is level. Water and that's what's hot and cool. Yeah it's not just. It's odd and it's cool it was good and I bought and cool whip dusty in jail on your morning dose of positive. Great story. Trucks in Portland and then. Sports Illustrated a little bit of bombshell yesterday. As. Jon Wertheim and Disco looser. Wrote an investigative piece for Sports Illustrated about. The corrosive workplace culture. Of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. This apparently a months long investigation. By worth time and Luther. In Jews and claimed that they'd heard rumblings about. In people and tied NBA circles. We're aware of but. It's more than a dozen current and former employees of the mavericks. Kirk characterize it as a hostile work environment ranging from sexual harassment to domestic violence. As an open secret. Within the organization. And it has a lead to you a pair of firings by Mark Cuban. And an investigation that Mark Cuban has opened. And a likely investigation separate that the India will open. What does this mean for a owner that's always been outspoken and very political. To. The fact that he's a star on a show called shark tank is also tanking in his business. But now you get to see this we've seen owners and we've seen teams. And people removed. For these kind of allegations yes we play them and we see Jerry Richardson removed certainly at Carolina that's gonna avenue. New changeover of power what are we gonna see with Dallas Mavericks is this going to be one of the situations where you have to be fired. Fire yourself and sell the team I know or try to get really extreme but this because I saw other reports of all the details for twenty years eighteen years of one employee the says this is not something small that's gonna go away very quickly. Now it should be noted that you mentioned Jerry Richardson with Carolina Panthers RB CN BA fans are good to Donald sterling and how those two were forced to sell their teams. A one thing that it is this investigative piece in clearly states in the exceed spend a few paragraphs are reiterating yet throughout. Is that. Mark Cuban himself. Is not accused of anything now in this he is not accused of Benin. You know sexual harassment. Any assaults. But. What be with the people in the former employees that dozen current and former employees. What they say is that Mark Cuban had to have known because he is so hands on course that in what the senators around is really former team president and CEO. I Ter dented Ter dam man. A street. Who worked with the team from 1998. Through 2015. Had es so Lou. A sexual harassment claims that were. Either reported and they were reported and in the late ninety's when he first started prior to mark Cuban's purchase of the mavericks. And he'd win it Cuban bought the team in 2000 he did keep a street on his payroll as a president of basketball operations. But prior to you Cuban purchase of the team. And then after. He would do things like sit down and say inappropriate things to female employees who were Ed. Would ask band. For. Sex in sex acts. It at the workplace is it mean there's a slew of things including. An outside of nursery. There's a guy that Mark Cuban hired who was. Arrested for domestic violence and convicted though it was he had community service and got a expunged from his record. But then had another violent encounter with a team employee that he was dating. As well and was kept on staff by the Dallas Mavericks mean these things are wide ranging from just it kind of broke culture. Where there's apparently some guy who openly watched porn at his desk. In the mavericks and on offices. Mean there is it kind of goes through these allegations of multiple and saying they've feeling comfortable they were harassed. On and one was assaulted. While in a relationship with AA with the mavs dot com employee. And even as saying that he didn't know anything about it. So if he doesn't know this if for this many years it's happened on wealth I believe god but. As long as Mark Cuban has been owner how long has Mark Cuban been the owner of the Dallas Mavericks since 2000 cases 2000 he's had this team. This ignorance equal innocent. In this when you're the leader. Does that. No not at all. Because when you turn your blind guy if you say I'm turning over all of basketball. Operations to somebody that I'm trusting them to leave that up to you. Now when all these things in these allegations come out have we seen this happen before we seeded Baylor. We've seen that Penn State CNET at the clippers now Oceanic Carolina. Do you get a quote unquote get out of jail free card. As the leader no you don't because you are responsible for everybody underneath you we've seen that before it but the captain goes down with the ship yes. He doesn't get the same point fingers. And say well back I did this this person did this that's what you were the big house. Not right Q when you Wear the big cat irresponsible and you're the billionaire owner and you're the big marketable star you point oh that in. Play any attention to Mark Cuban ball run for president. He's had everything says it looked dominant view I'm I'm a great person I'm not saying he's not. This is an unfortunate situation for mavericks fans I'm sure for the Cuban family have to deal with this down understand that there's been going around for a long time he did nothing about it. He claims that he is all knowing in his organization he makes it very clear that employers say he had to have known he knows things down to details of the mavericks run broadcasts. In L that is mentioned in in this article is that he knows everything that happens there's no way that he couldn't have known about this. There's also no on. In that in the reporting they say that many of these things went. Unreported to HR. Because one of the people that Mark Cuban has fired is not just the mass dot com. Writer who. Is twice. An abuser of women allegedly. One time one time convicted but got expunged from his record. They fired HR director because the HR director had a in they said he. Created an atmosphere that you couldn't report things a certain nature to him and that key. Created a an atmosphere that people felt he was protecting the CEO us tree. In that he just even if he told him. You would be targeted after. That cell. Cuban is saying that hey our HR director never came to me or team presidency on never came to me in the CEO by the way who's accused in this he hasn't been with the team. For three years okay so what does this mean for the Dallas Mavericks what are we gonna see potentially by the NBA what is because. What happened to Donald Sterling he doubted were still had no patience for this yeah. Now this is a little bit different this the first time the NBA's dealing with sexual harassment charges in a workplace. This is going to be Adam silver ability to put eight what. I'm gonna make this and this movement I'm gonna choose to do it this way this will be a precedent that they now. Move forward. And see how the MBAs and handled us what would you do with your and so how would you ample. Proof. I'm an have to think on that 55305. That is the same text then and that's its not cool to stretch of I eerie heating cooling more than thirty trucks and Portland and Vancouver you wanna to wait on area you local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop a train. Some fourteen on offense. This is dusty and jam in the more million dollar and 1080 love Salem. Sports Illustrated released an article. Outlining a culture of a chorus of workplace the Dallas Mavericks where. Sexual harassment domestic violence charges. Or ignored within the Dallas Mavericks organization for. On the last twenty years it's kind of centered around former team president. To redeem up a tree who also. Done so he worked with the team to 2015 when and start working under armour and two months ended his. Tenure at under armour was. I guess terminated or reassigned as he's putting at. He's denying the allegations against him though multiple when that are have made allegations against him. A marquee even has fired a mavs dot com and employees who apparently it was a like a beat writer for the team. Who is convicted it then it got expunged from his record at domestic violence. On the incident while he is employed with the team and then accuser Christopher domestic violence. On towards eighteen another team and play which he was dating and was arrested. At the man's facility. And apparently. The charges were dropped in he. Never was. Fired or punished by the team you know he's arrested. On the mavericks. Grounds. And Martinez saying I didn't know anything I'm taking illustrate he's fired as HR director who kind of harbored this atmosphere. And he fired them as dot com employed to team president hasn't been working there for three years what should the NBA do. 553. Easier I did does the NBA do anything is this on par with. What Donald Sterling. Went through his racism. And the videos that were. Put out there by did Steve Dion now. Where it was four he's forced to sell the team. Well this isn't this isn't the only thing this is the tanking issue to bed they're gonna deal with now. Without outspokenly scene I'm tankini when they're not tanking this is the Dallas Dallas Mavericks organizations gonna get punished somehow some way. I don't know what it's going to be if they can remove certain things the power of Adam silver is going to come out he's a man of the players. He supports his players I do believe that he sports the owners to. What what would he do how he do what I I believe he will do swiftly. Fairly but it will benefit the players and will benefit the employees and the future in the health of the NBA's not. Could be something he's got a mess around when I do believe he's my favorite commissioner out there. And it's only because he understands how to connect both sides so well I think the MBAs doing a fantastic job with. You know you mentioned the players and this is from one of the one of these sources in this. She said wallets are referred to as a locker room culture within the mavericks. The team's actual locker room was a refuge for female employees says one female senior staffer. And dealt with players all the time I had hundreds of interactions with players and never once had an issue. They always knew how to treat people and then I'd go to the office in it was a zoo a complete ass show. My anxiety would go down dealing with players it would go up when I got my debts that were not surprised it's. Old curmudgeon leaks that have been around this style of leadership free. For 203040. Hundreds I don't know how long you've been in business and these powerful men. Using their strength and their leadership to take advantage of women no surprises here that quote right there. May be goal one thing that leads that that saves Mark Cuban because he always says he's in tune with the basketball operations. And apparently this is all of the business side of it. And if that's what he's gained he said he's launching an investigation the NBA is likely lead in Libyan leader investigation as well. It is he's claiming that he just kind of put this that the business side of things on under the business people and he wanted to care about the basketball thing in the locker room. And in the general manager. But it did and placing there's no way that he didn't now I don't think that this is on par would Donald Sterling or Jerry Richards and I don't think it's bright or an excuse it by. Any stretch of the imagination. But I think there will be a stiff in a team that's fine and penalty and I think it will be swift punishment by the endless. Extra says man I hope I don't remove him he's the best owner in sports. Obviously any crappy workplace atmosphere aside there's only bad owners for basketball Q and is one of them. Would this change your mind I I'm I'm an agreement I really like mark him I've always liked Mark Cuban would this change your mind if he was the leader and oversaw and allow this to happen in if he found out if you found out he knew does this change. Your perspectives goes right along with Sean wiping ED cheer for Shaun White. Great athlete. Won a gold medal. Is accused. Settles out of court. What is this what is this due to the icons are these the sports when you see this and you look at this from our perspective and I'd really like this guy man. He puts on agreed act on national television on shark tank he's a great leader he's politically active. He says he doesn't like trump. Wait a minute he's a leader of Opel this a fair question. When you're an owner you allow this to happen you have to know that you're gonna be scrutinized now I can't just played I didn't know car and. It is in this article that none of the accusations are against Mark Cuban himself the accusation against Mark Cuban is that he had to have known that this is happening in his workplace. Which IID it's not on par or any notes on to lump him in that John might do we root for a guy like Sean why. Win he settled out of court with this lawsuit because it's something walls or is different because of the fact that Mark Cuban isn't bad guy who's doing it. That doesn't matter in the court of public opinion to the one did you go after is the financial windfall you go after the guy what salute you go after the guy with a all the money just like when somebody does the crimes and have any money they don't go to jail but if you do have money you're sued you go to. This. This is just got to be no surprise who's going to be taken down who financially it's gonna have to pay for all the NG not show the guys he should refer are for having that in his workplace. Him. He wasn't a guy who's physically do but at T have he oversees at all in he will you get drill I have a business. And I'm a good person. And people underneath me. Are joined at the wrong way I'm responsible writes clearly there's no no doubt about no black or white dissident and this is yup. I'm responsible. I'm maybe you're really good person I think there's a lot of good people out there that lead businesses or have families. You're responsible. Well he is responsible and no doubt about it no doubt about it but. I wish that I do think they sit there you're responsible for what happens. Under your umbrella of the Dallas Mavericks in he should be held accountable he will I Adam silver hasn't within his rights to find him of up to a million dollars. Pour this on it will take other league owners too new to vote him out if they wanted to strip the team from him or other sanctions but they can do things like. And knocking document draft picks. On which when there actively tanking would probably be a pretty big hit to the Dallas Mavericks are utterly dumb thing to say publicly. Yeah there really is dumb things you just say. But. Wing you win this is all coming to head he is again alternately be responsible for the actions of the people that he hire any kept in their place. For several years after it now. He's beaten revisionist histories going back in saying all along firing this guy and has guided misled us and they lied to us. Well we're gonna find out to the NBA has and do investigation the mavericks are gonna do when as well he's pleading. Ignorance to this but that is an an excuse. But he didn't do any of the actions that that base. The better levied against the people and I think that that needs to be kind of a clear line is that. The sexual misconduct the assaults harassment. Are not related to Mark Cuban nor was he do you think it's. Around you think it's too hard now in today's world in sports and power in the revenue and money and businesses and it's extremely hard to run a place where you can govern over people yup and allow them. The freedom. To be who they are and not find bad apples in there. Damn near impossible I'd without being a micromanage and gets nothing done and what suffers and in your business what did you break your priorities is that the almighty dollar yes is it. The people that you work with probably weighed on the line. New morality how far down the line is that. Maybe this is this is where wrap where this I think it's very difficult or I'm not gonna say it's easy to run in tire business and sit there and say that I know every single aspect of what's going on. That's not easy now and expect all those people to be perfect. But then when you work your way up to the top in you earn your money off people working for you. And bringing revenue in your pocket you don't get an escape clause in saint I don't know. In what they admit the employees of the mavericks are saying is that there are no checks and balances there because the director of HR in the team president who were supposed to be. Making sure people felt safe. Where the ones that were not and bid team president that is being accused of these. Gone he's banged on for three years and then they HR director Cuban fired that's not going to be enough for the Ambien though. It's not NI I I bet you what we see is the million dollar fine. ID BC draft picks gone because he can because of him going on it a podcast yesterday and saying where tanking. And on were being Fuld go on record and I wouldn't remove Mark Cuban based on what I know right now now because I'd like him as an owner. But that doesn't mean that Adam silver Walt. Yeah. Yeah I don't. I don't think even I don't think you'll remove him as an owner I think will soon be severe punish stiff this honest and punishment you can see for a team. I'm in this as details will continue to leak out in emerge because the NBA they're gonna act fast on this not a silver has acted fast on everything. And give me silver credit for that it's been swift. And stern punishments and things like this pop up but the matter trucked by scandal and marquee event. He's now on the cross here's everybody. A turtle on a felt it away from scandals that from the global scandal to the in Dallas Mavericks scandal. NFL chatter aid trade proposal that may give seahawk fans excited. Here's roster sports and. This is just steal and jam in the morning and on 1080 I love fail them. Earl Thomas for Dez Bryant go. It trader bench into the sea dogs. Let's supposed to be like a quick response that's not you don't get quick Chris Wallace give me aid immediately when you hear good trader badgered if you were to say. Earl Thomas has rhymes. Yes get a good train yes I'm decade this comes round it's. Me. Dallas Cowboys website. Karl daily. He brings that he's writes an article just gonna throw this on out there. We know Earl thomas'. Once that. Kind of wants out of Seattle he ran down Jason Garrett. And said he hugged each cowboy after they played in the regular season do we know literature. They don't they have the video of innovative videos and that this is hearsay report I didn't I I heard a couple people say they might have saw something but it's not documented. Of him saying as he said come get me. We don't even know he said the was I mean that's what's reported yeah so I mean it is documented. So that is literal thomas' ever say anything. He's not straight and he wouldn't it publicly. But with bats kind of thought prevailing thought out there. Dez Bryant not being as productive would Dak press gotten at quarterback. The cowboys needing help on that had a ball in the Seattle Seahawks in a situation where they could see Jimmy Graham Paul Richardson. And Moscow this offseason. The other somebody else he had another Seaver out there. Unless they have doubled their okay yeah it's not that bar or log they could use. Some help on the outside and obviously with Doug ball land. That's excise office Doug Baldwin can make him more productive as well. No would you make that trade yes I really is yes yet. And the reason why I would do it because I believe in Pete Carroll John Schneider system in drafting good talent on defense I do not however. How a lot of strength and confidence in their offensive drafting talent right now right now as we speak I don't have Beck is mcsame confidence. That believe that their defense of knowledge of how to build in the secondary look they drafted the league's in bloom I'm getting at that works. They understand that the defense you can find that the backhander Toms is on the back end of his career in fact. When he was injured two years ago he mentioned he should retire so the man is on that kind of where I wanna go on my retirement yours or locally where it's warm. On the back home. Obama Texas kid and a wanna play there Dez Bryant not as big numbers are Russ says he's not the same wide receiver he keeps dropping balls leaping get him on the cheap by. I think the you need another answer Jimmy Graham never panned out why not get another big outside deep threat. They can run the interior routes to insurer can playoff Doug Baldwin amid this would be. To mean. I think it would be very good trade for both sides. He had Dez Bryant comes in with a pretty heavy cap number but with Jimmy Graham coming off the books you have a little bit more flexibility there in his contract is more than what Earl Thomas is going to be getting paid. He has two years lasts a year and it for a new you know 2018 and then 2019 at sixteen and a half million dollars per year. Before he hits free agency which would be a good time to reset and windy you look at the fact that. I think in having Earl Thomas is Earl thomas' effectiveness maybe mitigated went. Richard Sherman isn't going to be there. This next year can't tell us a bulk of this texture will can't chance there is alluding to the fact he's going to be back we will move were gonna pretend that he will not be back but he hasn't neck injury that held him out in the route the earlier is why he's alluding to the fact he's going to be back is because. As long as he's on the or he gets big roster bonus and no new league start your starts with a girl so we could see this at least conceivable those guys leaving and then. DA just push a big reset button on the beat Jim booming your secondary and say. All right neighbor and try to score some points died. I'd I don't have that answer but I did I do believe you're gonna see a lot of significant changes on the defensive side because you can't lean on guys have neck injuries. Or injuries going into the season because you know and author alas in need to have depth need to spend money now you remove Jimmy grams cap number which he will not. You'll be on the roster the Seahawks have a pretty confident about that next year that's eleven and a half million dollar hit well there you go you can replace that would Dez Bryant if that's not a problem. This comes down to how do you build young talent on defense they got plenty of space to get some young talent draft picks free agents that they can find. Two on the back and I don't think that Earl Thomas is as good as he was four years ago and this is part of how the league does this Tia. Rodney Harrison jump ship in finished his her after a great run in San Diego went to New England. Great safeties have ways of shifting. And getting re energized. Maybe this would bring Dez Bryant I I'd I don't think it's a slam dunk trade but I wouldn't be opposed to. I look at these Seahawks offense and though I do believe you would this is something that should and would work out for you. Major Seattle. Is this offense is not going to be productive unless they make some major changes on the offensive line as well I mean is that what the whole thing immediately any major changes at running back any changes in an upgrade. In the system I know that they're gonna go to a more man blocking scheme. That is what Tom Cable was trying to T zone blocking schemes to guys that couldn't get it couldn't figured out it's a very difficult scheme. To do if you're not skilled at it or you're not mentally engaged in it you'll have more man blocking schemes in this system. So yeah. What will change. We better figure out a running back in you better figure out a deep threat you know I was reading a a piece by Howard bubbles author of the sports exchange yesterday on quarterbacks in you mentioned that there's an MB scheme change. You don't that there are twenty. Of the 32 teams have changed offensive coordinators this year. It's a lot. The lot. A lot of secede czars Seahawks are one of twenty. I mean it is that is article based around night which teams are going to be during quarterbacks this offseason. And it said that you know between head coaches that are taking over and there's some guys that. Are going to be you know they have their offensive coordinators in name but even those are kind of revolving doors and cycling out and philly's a great example of that. You flip a goes to Minnesota to take over their offense Doug Peterson calls plays but they avenue off and coordinator. And they avenue quarterbacks coach going in there or does this say about their league. It is something though that you look at it this is a year where if you're gonna push reset and you might be geared to do because this is the most changes that we've seen in in an offseason as far as those. Offense according to positions go look for the stable franchises to stay. Stable with their head coaches even though you have an offensive coordinator change most head coaches have a philosophy that they believe in. So that identity will still stay the same and we do know that Pete Carroll is not a fan of Russell Wilson being the leading receiver. I'm sorry the leading rusher in the on the offensive weapon that be held a thing if you is leading receiver and quarterback who would be quite an accomplishment. Let's head to Pyongyang. Lindsey Vonn. Gets bronze and some flak in Russia looking for fall got. Dusting cam on the fan. This is dusty and gem in the morning on 1080 love sail around the. Well Lindsey Vonn meter final hour and on the downhill last night in the Olympics she got bronze medal she's in second most of the way. They got knocked off by a I like bullwinkle I think it was and small. Mole winkle Sunday from Norway came down and torture. Ended up but taken third the bronze medal in social media. Deal. Trump supporters came out of the woodwork student knock. Lindsay bonds and now. Were gonna cheer against an American at the Olympics because right. She did something nerves let's leave it political right here we are in real or go people are very pleased. On why Lindsey Vonn was trending for at night the wrong reasons and it turned out that the she said son I know she said anything new. But she says something against the president and she's taken heat for it. And she faced backlash from it. Win all I was thinking when I was watching her is that downhill. Those women. Are some so impressive when you don't realize when you're watching it on TV I mean you're going to have their moving pretty fast. They're going seventy miles an hour. Strapped to skis. And then they take these little jumps or it on TV it looks like it's like a little jump in and boating middle Miller's again those like hundred yards. What the other line seventy miles an hour. Literally that's yeah that's petty I don't know if you had time to watch the Lindsay Vaughn it's I think it was the documentary of the gives and really the insides he had with a father younger times amount of investment they're feeling moved and I think they moved from where were they they were somewhere. Are staying and they moved to Colorado yet they moved to bail out of nowhere in this at all well it's gonna go for Lindsay and you know she made this quote at the end of his set I wish I could keep going. I have so much fun I love what I do in my body to it's probably can't take another four years and if you looked at earth rash of injuries and what they showed with. Matter of rehab in the paint she's gone through to compete. At this age when she's 33. Correct yes I is. Nemesis be ancient personal sports. It must be what she is the. All this oldest medalist. In the downhill crazy at 33 cores you know. She's washed up. And they're talking about how all the girls that are racing looked up to her when their kids here she is going down and still competing hi guys in her scars man she said Tories sealed twice from. Broke her. Arm you'll bass as she can you don't like pick up the pencil they said. She was. It's impressive what does when they're able to deal on skis and in dared touch and you know it's not quite seventy miles around it just like 68 or whatever but. They are flying down the hill in taken turns in meeting its. On us on essentially concrete. And rock hard. That kind of speed and for her to be able to recover from this and do this at 33 I think it's amazing I don't care what her political side is. Wrapped up in what hurt she wants to be passionate about but as an American proud of her and she represented our country. I gain a bronze in that was fantastic and he didn't like it. Because for political Lisa unknown to lease or own near miss in the vote probably. Missed the chance to enjoy the winning a young ladies it's done it for years amid an icon of snow sports in a really close. When you sit down watch it like it would it ever becomes something at a regularly watched no but it's awesome to watch in in the Olympics. I did watches sports looks completely made up though you were indeed but the nordic combined is no. Felt like somebody in the rust indeed go to nordic company combined is knew I had no idea either it's more obscure the last one here. So it's ski jumping. And then me do you cross country skiing after. So this changed. Yeah change equipment it's yet you do you do you ski jump. And then everybody does one like the big figure jumped to a long ones the Gary's he wasn't no polls ha ha those people say I gave defeat yes I do that. And then. The farther you go in the bank style points you have then you get a certain number of points those points translate. To a head start that you get in cross country skiing. So I lap of shame but they do in the buy up on not so like the guy who went the furthest he had like a 482. Head start over the next houses competitor. And of course he wondering. I don't know I'd stopped watching Jamie I. How into climate because yeah. Button in no honesty is there are still many winners sports that seem like they are invented by drunk people by Athlon. Well how empire and let's get guns. You know lack. A bit jagged jumper of the unit and you can cross stitch keep their and I can. But if I juncture they knew I give 52 head start is that your drug testing yeah N angle around. And you. Had to join catching his dusty with his flask I gave his flask and he drank it all came curling. Curling. You want. All know that you wanna talk about dope mean a big it is cheating Russian as AJ inside the stone. No let's circle assists for bore drunk people that's his bitter cold people on ice these are all drunk people coming up the sports and I'll lot at age you mentioned it. That Russia the Olympic athletes in Russia. They're looking for a fall guy now they had a curler in the mixed doubles I don't even fall guy Alexander. Trish Lansky. Who was a bronze medalist he tested positive for urban know it down in the same stuff that. Let's name Maria Sharapova didn't he it's a banned substance in now what does it do. I don't know endurance. Which I don't know if you need for it hurts you gooder at curling gooder. We debts Matamoros in order it's in curling. Well I mean rigorous sport it makes sense here really out of shape curling would be hard to do. How much is a stone way I'm just asking I don't know Leo really care and sleep a lot because. I'm sorry there is that American dude current learned that he's out it looks like me let's face. You don't mustaches bullying you know degree out of my blow birdies and selling Peter figured out how to balance that belly on the back in his buttoned down and it's it's impressive and man I. Like Indy read. But he actually looks like you either you curler the guided. You call on the pusher for don't know what they're called. But this guy did the actual Russian government. They opened up able. Criminal. Investigation. A federal criminal investigation. Into. Who spiked his drink. Because that's what he's claiming my gosh this is like the kissing thing from the track and field and if the the news the Russians are saying. And this is Russian Federation criminalized gonna look into this because there's no way that he did this this coming from the same country. That built a building. Attached to the doping senator drilled a hole in the wall. In that last Olympics in Sochi where funneling clean samples in in the dirty samples out they had a big change the game. In any way that they did they really Sam belching we should not believe anything that the Russians are doing when it comes competition Null Ivan it brought any sort all that was true. Any talking power of Ivan Drago. Yes which are doing creed two. You know they really made steroids that big of a deal and rocky. You know you just got to glue he was injecting. And I think we all knew and whomever wins rocky didn't even care he's like now. I'm gonna go rest teeters all of them let in for fog at the league and wonderful idea and they're saying that they want this and this'll be the only way that they get unbiased. Analysis of and by a how he got his dirty. Sample. Okay. I compete in anything that the Russians are competing guessing go I think it's fair. Now. Now for the good that not in the Olympics they're very good at hockey obviously curling curling figure skating figure skating gymnastics. They're getting a lot of thing in the Summer Olympics yeah on the armor are brought us embassy I guess from senator good and they're good a lot of slot sports by half. Very intense. But need to inject. That added added advantage I guess he says can he be able to march in the final with laggards he'd just say no no no you on that march yet that's his thing is at the Olympic ethic the Olympic Committee was actually thinking about letting them the Olympic athletes of Russia. Which is that I've said this for so town it's like vacating wins thank you can't represented Russia but we're just gonna call you the Olympic athletes of Russia we do you know your from Russia is sending a 167. Athletes here. They're gonna let them walk under their flag instead of the Olympic rings. And I think this may be the nail on the cuff. Eleven at one positive test is enough and you just don't think you're at a stop doping and delegates possible. It's there's no way. Now they are headed in just have this is just how of the doping Olympics. It is called the Olympics. Can hit I don't live with my boy did you want to stop teenagers fighting ways Damascus they are just taking stuff. They don't know about it like one has no idea it we've created this app they don't even know it is a soundscan it will just do this it's like when your kids come home and it starts is this and saying these new words this new term and you like I don't know what that means. That's with DeDe DeDe doping drug makers are doing their way ahead like what does that what does this yeah. How these few years to your grandmother's only four years so they got some time to figure some new out there Gump. And that is your Olympics update out all idea of one more but where we are over mean you'll find time to do. Did you see he saved Jamaican bobsledding. Did you see that story well well its that'll of the letter. But coming up next Damian Miller we talked about this at the end of yesterday show key preach his loyalty but you should hear it in the need Davis has to say. In May make you. Appreciate game a little bit more testing came on the fans.