Dusty & Cam, 2-20-18 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, February 20th
NBA thinking of restructuring the playoffs? MLB making a rule change? Player's are starting to sign in the Majors, and more!

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning with Dustin terra. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland from the vet have a on the local. Candidate that would fit that no 101080. He loves it and. 5305. That is the fan text lines and happy Tuesday it's snowing. It's snowing. A dime back. Roads are going to be Dicey today. But we're here to help you sit through the traffic. Would you like we do it in and I was looking at the slew of them little little snowflakes it's it's a god. It's like and they do a flurry like a little's an uncle Hilary we needed professional meteorologist. Mean meteorologists on the show to reduce the but after I read so I read that the National Weather Service today if you can. Try to get out of work early today because traffic is going to be a boondoggle well. So there's that for a I hope traffic isn't too bad heading into words other nine. Way to rub it and everybody out there yes we are at that. You know you did yesterday I would've been able to make it into work if we came yesterday really yeah highly 26 westbound is that closed. Yeah at the time that will be usually drive and or so will will prepare here in Portland for weather issues are going hmm. In multiple thumbs down the. As it works. We press on. I'm we've got a lot of good feedback on this we're talking about LeBron James being told to shut up and dribble and you know what I like and I appreciate about our listeners what is is that. We are getting the we are getting need. Seven her we have no place for it on both sides of this conversation. We're actually getting intelligent feedback from them in knowing it from our listeners and it is. I don't have to agree with LeBron James. But you know there's people that that say in on right on the right side and LeBron James may be on the left but. It's okay for her LeBron to say it if you know you have guys like I don't Clint Eastwood in in the film industry whose is voicing the other side. There are balances on on this scale and it's OK for everybody to have a voice you just don't have to. Agree with you know I think that. Do you think some day we see an X it has been solid urged congress yes seeks someday we can move his arms yeah later Sunday we see an ex superstar athlete become our president. You know we've seen entertainers from from Ronald I mean we've seen now we don't see front yeah I mean it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of but California governor under both Steve large it was a senator and Oklahoma very much so I mean and then amoral way are we as a country Alicea former superstar when I mean superstar athlete I mean somebody like a LeBron James. So we like a Michael Jordan to be willing to step up in that office. I know we're talking lots dollars a lead stars at their at their craft football Tom Brady whoever it is could it be. Anybody that wants a run for office I mean at that point any relief at the love politics but. Wouldn't be that far off the leader receives superstar athlete do that worse superstar coach always seen. So you are in. We see Heath Shuler where he was a really see Schuettler is the senator from. But yet you're talking like superstar near you tuck and run for president I don't think it's a part of the question and we see no I don't entertainment. In entertainers and actors going to politics afterwards. And yet do you think Judy it is only a matter of time it's cross over magazines enough but there is no there there it's a melting but a mesh. Now of politics when there isn't I know you if you take a political science major school you could consider yourself I'm going into politics that. You don't need to anymore scan on the thing Internet. Yeah it's safe to say what course we watched one side or the next now I'm an expert. Okay I'll we will have Samir feedback as showbiz on diets as they said the show must go on it is 708 on the van. It's hard to see. It's odd and why is it cool thing to cool it hot and cool whip dusty in jail. Dose of positive. Great story. Trucks in Portland and then. You know led god just is ninety. As LeBron James and set up admirable what me telling telling people what their snow tires off. Yeah you know why you all are catching some heat for its own people they take this in Arizona last week. I'm anti studded snow tires in the low lands yeah there's a destroys our roads makes more pot holes dance. Aren't into our right him. Because you're too lazy to take them off when his when the snow melt shut up and talk sports editors. Aren't. You know that led guys. They've got people just as upset. In the sports world not political world. Over the weekend is commissioner Adam silver at all star weekend. Saying that he is thinking saying. Eastern Conference Western Conference. Adios amigo is we are going to a 1316. At. Tournament style seating of the NBA and we would they've already gotten British divisions. Let's get rid of the eastern and Western Conference and let's do this things straight attorney style. That got people fired up over the weekend. What he likes change. And creature of habit although I like a little bit of chains like progressive thinking like things in sports and not be so simple. There needs to be a little complications. Ruffle the feathers this one does not sit well with me in Montana whatever change back through it. This is a reaction by Adam silver try to get ahead of what. Yeah MBAs going to do him LeBron James is going to because when LeBron James goes to the Western Conference the Eastern Conference became the most. Wasteful watching of the India yeah I think this will be Adams silver's choice ago oh my gosh how do we make this entire league relevant now that are all our superstars. In the west if you talk about an imbalance of power that we've had between the west and east the east has been improving. Over the last chance for years but it's still light years behind. The western continental Brian James and leaves Cleveland he goes to you I don't LA. Gay videos to Houston. What does that balance of power look like then and wanting any what he said which is what I agree that you wanna have the best two teams in the finals because there. If LeBron James played for the Houston Rockets. The Western Conference conference finals. Between the Golden State Warriors. In the Houston Rockets would be the NBA finals and it will it everybody would know those are the two best teams in the NBA. And it's not even close he's planting the seed I agree with you that he is planting the seed right now to say. In the event that LeBron James leads. We need to have a system in place that people have digested in dot about so it's not a surprise on them. That's that shows that we will have the two best teams playing for the India title would. Would you would you agree immediately to make this change and then I think that if basketball's. Gonna make a change out it's over is willing to do it she is the best commissioner in sports right now is the most beloved by the players because they get along they have the most growth. Basketball's finding a way to work with their labor ownership and management. Cohesive unit working together willing to say okay let's make changes out it's over said we have to change the all star game then they changed it. Win win. If you change this and everybody knows that you said that if Houston Golden State when they do if they do in that barn any injury played the Western Conference finals unless LeBron does something else. That will be yet. We know it. It's a foregone conclusion that that will be the most exciting part is so what does it do to change from one to sixteen. Well it makes all the teams and saves those great matchups for later we hope you say that is you hope. It would do that but nobody wants a Houston San Antonio final I'm going that would be terrible for them enough that would alienate but 90% of the country. I don't we want the two best teams to play and then I mean in India to take it from this in basketball. We have the East Coast Damascus but. The subway series yankees Mets World Series. Did that alienate the whole country known. Did is we had a if we had a day. David the Bay Bridge if we had led the Bart series between the a's and giants. You know if you have. You know the I'd be based failed to donate at least AR AL and NL they're not geographically sept C. You have sixteen B a fifteen and fifteen they balance up. Very well seat if they understand that if that were to happen there it but the NBA. If you have those two teams it would take some time for people to be used to but then we'd sit there amigo you do get used to saying no these are just the two best teams. What would it look like right now are you Ford or against it 55305. There is one thing and I know that. I say this all the time I love America I love that so much. That is there's one thing that we could adopt from the euro's and that's what's hot and cool on within it's rights may airy heating cooling with more than thirty trucks and Portland and Vancouver. You wanna to wait on area local train comfort specialists it's hard to stop a train the NBA one through sixteen what it would look like. And would you get onboard. Testing came on the fan. This isn't just a gem in the morning on ten navy. Salem. I thought factories your five the faint text line Adam silver commission the NBA said you know we may just. Do away with. Eastern and Western Conference altogether in just seed the playoffs one through sixteen. A would you be for or against it and ice stand on this. Hill and I will die on this hill if it comes to a current. American sports maybe would be Smart. To adopt one thing from European sports. The Premier League does not have divisions. Right. The day just have one set of standings they go one through twenty ranked. And everybody plays each other at the end of it you sit there you go they don't have an eastern Western Conference. You just know because you wanna you wanna see man city or remaining Manchester United playing in the championship right. You want to see the best teams played they've gotten used to it in its all a chase. For one thing we have just been conditioned in the United States to have an Eastern Conference or Western Conference and AFC and NFC and American League are nationally. I think the only sport that truly needs it is football. Where you can't play every team in the league because guys are dive typically 31 games right so they have to have divisions they have to have. Conferences. Baseball. Detainee. No we're just used to it now and I don't think based on these changes. By the way. But the NBA is probably the sport which is most adaptable to it because you can have such disparities between. The two best teams from the Eastern Conference in the Western Conference so if that summer just said script or get rid of the east in the last. We're gonna play a balanced schedule where you play every single team in the NBA three times. And then we go ahead and we have ABC or playoffs from there. I think that it stands and embrace it and it would be effective with getting the two best teams at the end. Only then does it sounds good I mean yeah I just don't want to have that. If the proximity is in the travel lane in the Indy there's there's quite a religious sticks in our country. Considering how far players have to have to travel Al teams have to go or around this country and I think that's probably. A little bit of both and you put players on the East Coast southern trips for long periods of time to yield to do it I don't know of the game to get worse. Or would stay better. I like things to change sometimes in sports because we get stuck in ruts and maybe the MBA could be one to get out of this run. Yeah nobody wants to see everybody on the Western Conference. Win everything. Yeah that's that's gonna happen this year 'cause the Western Conference is gonna control Lotta down I don't know if LeBron James and his new group. Are gonna be good enough to knock off the warriors or even Houston. At this point I think Houston does have a shot at the warriors yeah there really that they do. But it is measured in if in the future we get to see the best teams play each other based on a seating I think I'd be okay with a more I think about it yeah how would it affect the league they'll. That's the other thing. And in and what Adam silver alluded to was the fact that you could so have the top T eighteen Sunni east in the top eight teams from the last but. I think they you should go one step for the and you could just getter rid of the eastern Western Conference because. The vet at the bottom of the east is where again it's like really that you know I mean. Horry and could flip it could flip eventually to being the Western Conference is a month. That is behind the eight ball in the east is more dominant but if you were to have like a theory of aegis take the top sixteen teams in the NBA right now. I think it would help seems like pork on tremendously. Because the right now the class started to day. The Portland Trail Blazers would be playing the Golden State Warriors. In the Western Conference playoffs. Did the blazers have a better shot of beating the Golden State Warriors or if it was one through sixteen to be playing the Boston Celtics. Like. The Boston Celtics pry win that series. But it would be far more competitive if Portland is playing Boston rather than if their claim the warriors and I think they you would have better matchups throughout the course. Of the post season that you could look and say are I mean we have teams that are battle tested all the way through whereas Golden State. It is day have to go through. I've got lit a war of Western Conference teams whereas in the east he'd be sitting there public and LeBron has always been fresh for the finals you know. This Armenians you needed dominant team in need of. On James to staying in the east if he does move west. This is a move to protect the MBAs brand by Adam silver and not let the east become in significant. That's what it is Michael Jordan was degrees in the west you had. Even at that time in the what the there's nobody in the Western Conference could stop him in the east there wasn't there was nobody how many different teams tried to stop him. Nobody can do it. No so solid can do Portland couldn't do it seeded Seattle couldn't do it path LA couldn't do it Phoenix couldn't do it. Houston did it but it was 45. And at 25 game Michael Jordan that exactly number 45 yet that's not a moment well that's so that's not real Michael Jordan but if you were now asking the wrong James he comes out west. Which what do what is Chansi 5050 which is are we think there's smoke there's fire get a nice Elson Brent Brent would Pittman. Yeah he lives in OJ is old neighborhood I guess that's a nice neighborhood. I was a moment. Mean. They're masked a Zynga that darker there. This Texas says it makes sense but at what point is Dolly the tenth or eleventh best team in the west would have a chance of it ain't broke don't fix it in I think that it is broke to the point of what you you know what you're talking about where. If you sit there and you ago. Clean sailing for Eastern Conference team all the way through that finals and their healthy whereas. You know I imagine if LeBron goes and he plays for the lakers that team automatically becomes good right and I'm just going out there that teen becomes. An NBA finals contender venue would have. Theoretically. The Golden State Warriors would have to go through oh. LeBron in the lakers. And the Houston Rockets with James Harden CP three to get to the NBA finals whereas. Insert team from the east just has a cakewalk all the way through they don't they're not challenged until the NBA finals. Adding that's where problems are LeBron James does every single leader yes for eight years era that is true. That is very John challenged yeah. This Texas east and west was set up originally to reduce travel but outside our troubles that they need to get out of the dark ages is it hard to travel for MBA players now. Now don't they don't fly commercial yet noticed fly private and the way that the league is set at the schedules now know four games in five nights on the road. They're limiting back to backs did this season has been elongated. To make it easier on the players here in the lanes are pretty nice. Sale or hear hear their comfortable. Under the you can bring your entourage on planes they are not staying in a motel six either no they're not saying there but in Oklahoma City do you have to stand on its hotel were ones which you know just. And both of those instances in Oklahoma City the city and both no surprises. It but there is this tip on DA and what you take to this point just don't do because the bronze. Has a decision to make that cat is only gonna play three or four more years in I'd I think it would be good beyond that ever while yet he may have. Eight more years left but I think long term even this would be a good move because of the fact that. We would adjust and we would get used and Indians and it would ultimately become our norm. You don't like change I don't know why should we change and a lot of arm I'm a fan I'm a fan. Of the best teams playing each other I don't wanna see got eliminated early. Sometimes we get it in football or the NFC championship game is the championship game like it was this year this is a good winners could match up. This this would be good for rest while I'd be okay with a ya just I don't wanna hear enough for the players complain about traveling too much when. Repaid those kind of money demand lifeline in a super jet and don't worry about the. One thing that would suck though is if it can mean we wouldn't necessarily have you know the concorde lakers Celtics while. Definitely faster lakers Celtics. NBA finals is closing courses but what we would have is if the lakers and the Celtics had the two best teams in the MBA. They get there I don't think it would hurt the rivalries as much as people think they are it would. 553 terrified that is the fan text sign. Major League Baseball made some sweeping changes. And unlike Adam silver who is tinkering with this idea and the blob and it out to the players association. MLB commissioner rob Manfred. Said. I don't need the players I'm just gonna make this change myself. Here's gel with sports center. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I love Sam. Oh wait we've got very serious. Commercial breaks in here. When things are going on and you just turn me on to somebody that. That may be one of the most cruel but funny things I've ever seen is you're watching. With the guys eminence Graham you know now. There's a guy and it's grand and arguing for probe here well AK it's hilarious what he's doing donor a Dell. Rodeo I don't know a damn needles I didn't swear it's it's okay I've done and on here before remember when she Acer on a came on in I didn't ended up swearing. As part of his an induction anyone at. You show me a video did you go to her round. And he's got nice funny he searched picking fights with people and then. He rips their heads off. There is an actress there's a person their plane added it's one of those sketches that somebody videos and somebody's got to figure head but in the keep their head in the top the throws. A blanket over the top and rips the head off in in the person drops her head underneath. In just lay ahead this person and the people from out. You know it is amazing on the bus at a park bench and it's pretty funny. It's amazing to see what people do. In fighter of flight situations freak you know it's like wince when something really goes wrong Howell person reacts to it. Because some people just run the other way some people tried to jump in action like an old woman tried to hit a guy over the head of the purse we MS meanwhile this like buff dude on the bus. Ended up cowering in light freezing up full body. Convulsions. And those videos or funny because there reactions of people have it's also very means that it's it's irritating. There's a few things like that you'd like to do remember the though it was that the comer to the clowns scare with all the clowns now that now that's just wrong. The clown to remember the guys the videos of the dudes with the clown crab and and now he would come out and in the not funny at all parking garage and he be cheating the head scene edit values unloading and in. You would be freaking out and then some guys is with attacked him yet but that Dick yourself. Literally kill scary clowns there's nothing funny about scary clowns. There's nothing. You're not a clown guy I hate clowns you haven't seen it yet finalized yes I have not seen it into it or the old one although and of course new one and I'll get to see the new one I haven't seen the new when he their back. I did is your rights like wow my wife hates ass clowns outlawed Sunni clowns are now he's scary movies you know we're not big scary and I am. I made the mistake of me talking about Freddy Krueger and the other day in the car with kids and had little trouble going sleep with the dollar. She didn't I think nine nations can these dates in B nine Zgonina. The little little scared of of the Freddie story about how it was in the boiler room in the burn him and he can only catch in this news. Oh yeah. You know I may. A month. What are in Cleveland car rides likely see it's a nightmare in my street came up in my rotator. Okay my in my iPod are at their next DJ jazzy Jeff aren't a fresh prince nightmare and my streak came out they didn't exist and what does a song about. It's like oh it's fresh prince kids that knives on my street that makes that I had to explain who Freddy Krueger was because you don't know. You know is currently voice and okay an Emmy since I just thought dead like you were bringing in out or when he's here and I'm glad to explain explain it and also the cards got. Dead silent and and and well. So yeah pranks on kids is wonderful there's nothing better than scaring children. And it's. I don't fund I mayor magic may not have a Chuckie all just hide in house accused. That is terrifying but I'm with the on that would no no crowds that. Rob Manfred he made some sweeping change is a Major League Baseball. Over the weekend here over than under the new CBA. That this has played really upset. Based slid in Major League Baseball did. That it rob Manfred has the ability to unilaterally. Make rule changes in baseball. On that include speeding up the game and one thing that rob Manfred it was very high and Ennis talked about for awhile is instituting a 22 pitch clock in baseball. He's done it in the minor leagues they actually had great success with in the minor leagues games are being played faster. In the aid the thought was that Manfred could come over the top in just change Ruble for. On any US TD's pitch clocks before the season started well. Manfred opted not to do that but he hasn't made a change. TB rules and pace of play in it is limiting mound visits to six per game. This is uninteresting rule because it's not just including. Coaches heading to the mound. It is players so catcher's going up and talking to the pitchers but even two infielders. You know in the short stuff comes up insert stock into the pitcher. That is included. As a mound visit and you only get six per game now and Major League Baseball. Do you think that this is really gonna speed the game up. I think it you and Andy you're catcher keep having your signals crossed need to change something easily the catchers come out because they wanna change their signals depending on and Stahl techniques ball concert stall tactics are part of how the middle infielders come in and have a chat. He could have somebody signal and they go have a talk when you little break we had side which pits is gonna do it's very strategic baseball is slow. Never going to be fast sports. Before for gosh sakes World Series game for four and a half hours almost five hours and but it was great in the World Series not in the regular season. In that is where I think is going to be great role for regular season baseball it will make an impact in in the post season. If you think about how many mound visits there word in the World Series is because these pictures are just kitten chill lacked left her trial lawyer you guard your tipping your pitches but. It was a lot of it was to change of sciences so like Brian McCann to catch the Astros was going out continually and of his grinding game to a halt. Well very it's it sinks in they say that because. On cross up signs. There is a provision in there that says. You can get additional mound visits if you're getting crossed up signals the body needs to be approved by the umpire. I can fix this what I can fix this let the signal OK you need to put CIA earpieces in baseball players. Just have. Passed ball outside. Well the caddie Terry to have your frequency but what if you catcher culture or has it he he and Kiki do. Within the bad ideas come on say we have Matt Gogel into the semantics is the fun part of the shell with a better this year he went straight semantic not a bit inside your earpiece. While he has a little Alley semantics is a dumber as they well it's day hitter Goodyear OK okay all that and what if he has a tiny little Morse code tapper on his side of his hip nauert dug deep dvd to the signals to his guy we have via Morse code now our -- and here's the beeps in his head and that it translates into it I don't know now talk and I'm just trying to think of the way the sign thing baseball forever we're gonna be stealing signs. As long as signs are out there. They're people they're gonna steal them yet in in changing if this speeds up the game for baseball only six and dollar reserve candidate lot of veterans are going to be fans of it fooled it's basing all people are not going to be fans. Why. I didn't one solid reason why. They're saying it will affect the way the game is played will it create more explicit. More hits it actually may create more offense good which leads a longer games but guys are throwing 107. Miles an hour. Guys I don't need more strikeouts that's her. In markets no I think I think this is a good rule the Major League Baseball is instituting because. In all reality begin should be should you have to have their name on as an in game. A lot of it is to play in you know old time players have said at a catcher's. They'll say it will do it to kind of break up guys for them or sometimes exactly weathered in and they do that quite often in games which is you sit there and he'll RA will of that. Is the reason why you take it out and batters used to do the same thing that step out of the box in just the globes now if you strike yet to keep one foot the box I don't know all these rules. Remit to play Mike baseball's very mental mind game spore and take the mental mind games out of it thirty tough enough I think that this is going to be this is the first step in what I think will lead do pitch clock. Because you hear a minor league players say who have to play with his pocket they say. You notice of that first. But then it takes you about a month and after among routine your fine. And twenty seconds becomes the norm and we're seeing it in Major League Baseball as these guys have gotten used to it. Lot of guys get called up they actually work quicker on the mound. And because they're used to that 22 pitch clock so it may just kind of roll over once these guys gets the bigs and once the old age guys kind of cycle their way out. Which I hope it does I did because I wanna see at a faster game baseball being played on. But I think the guys that complain about it. Get off my porch oh really go to Jews here who did it Verlander. Gil is complaints the diesel liner. Located at that okay. Stay flat everybody's favorite team like it's okay to not like it like Justin drilling the man you support no matter what I know you don't. Justin Verlander is awesome when he's on the mound do you deals. But it's okay to call malign illegals maybe he's got a lot of complaints he'd he's always been that way. A lot yeah now is Leo I don't know fees is definitely because I am fall monopolies because now he's a World Series champion. He's a really good pitcher is good pitchers really good did you v.s now upgraded to go on spout off malady that night which I do appreciate it if I don't agree with that. I don't have to agree that none. Ever Landers complaining about it though shocker. Tim Tebow. Where may he be in the collision tock might be put to bed in baseball dusting him. This is just didn't examine the more. 1080 I know. Very it's an NFL notes do you attack about it. Next hour we also have. The blazers. Making headlines over all star weekend but they did. To deserve those headlines we will discuss. And are now he gets and based on leftovers talk about. Tim Tebow coming to a Major League stadium near you. Some are projecting net Tim Tebow could be a September call up this year for the New York Mets. After seeing Sandy Alderson and a GM said sudden I think Tebow projects to be big leaguer someday someday not September. 2008 team well you know BJ if they do you say he will probably start at double a this year after hitting tee is sultry 226. About us no it's not spatter on the Jordan notice. So will. How much chances are we giving Tim Tebow realistically no I've. I've looked at and follow a lot of his movements I look at some of his his swings last year compared to what he's changed this year while working with Daniel Murphy. Who's probably made the biggest significant change in his swing is. Just the extension he guessed what this is about the are you breaking now knows is about the semantics of his swing is this guy's a powerful athlete he's trimmed down again this year. He has a lot of things going forum. He works his butt off my soul. Will this speed. A guy that really can make it to the next level is this realistic resist this publicity stunt. By the Mets to sell tickets and yeah marketing exactly what it is what is it fair to say both why would a general manager have to say that. To sell tickets to the Mets. Well because they don't today they don't wanna make it seem like they're taking up a spot. In their minor league system just says sells tickets at the minor league level but athletes that yet that is what they're doing but you don't want to sit there and in. Have agents out there thinking you know ending guys Cink and Matt turner and religion organization has taken a roster spot a double leg as they just wanna fill seats. Although bouts what they are doing. And when he does this. When he was two what he's let's say he hits. 25 bombs and it's 320 that be great within hey you know what everybody it's a you know seeing Ellison was right and he does deserve a spot an Angel and if he's wrong. Any to sell some tickets at double A does it hurt no. These guys taking spot away from some ideas conversations taken spots away from a few guys that have better swings more talented and because they're not Tim Tebow. They don't belong even admitted a business if you making you'll make it. Is that a business yes troop and a so we're in the entertainment business of sports. So I understand why business wanna have Tim Tebow. Yeah if you are sitting there in thing you know then you know he's just he's gonna be on the roster this year where in the heck would he play. There outfield area Al field goes down assessment tests Michael can forgo. They've guides neighbors Dario at short term and he's not going to be playing short. Israel Cabrera at second. In Adrian Gonzales at first like there's nowhere for Tim Tebow to allay. In the major leagues so late in this is like a far fetched idea. It will be in my early grabbed and you know what more give Marty Tim but I wanna see this I wanna see him in the bigs I'd do our Internet wanna see him succeed knighted too. And equal the scene succeed. And obviously be great story but. It's such a long road and I mean if the Mets are. Like thirty games out of first heard you fifteen games out of first in September and they're not gonna make the post season. You probably still could see Tim Tebow because that's the only way the game get butts in the seats and a big league stadium in September the B interest in you know it. It would I've seen some really bad players play in Major League Baseball I've seen. But catcher for this mariners' it. Really really balancing the valley which ones to date fair and it points up at about Dan Wilson Dave Valle a mean I think that. Now there's there's if there's. There's been a few players we've seen him very very that yet and continue to be successful. Not just catchers but successful Major League based. And you know why the nets again today because of this text right there. Tebow is the only name I just recognized a local police will I now had connected to a majority of because of the casual fan and the guy who doesn't know any of those people are doesn't know that Michael can Ford out. Organ state ahead for their pitching staff is one of the best. Senator feel others in the nationally you know conform as. If he when he's healthy. Should Sunnis. When he's under eighteen carts. Now that's justice I'm sorry it's just been dismisses car car show you know during. Training he has that mr. a collision has done a baseball team. Red Sox made did you did Judy Martinez. Gave him a lot immunity. Well you may get out of jail free card to. Wait while argument countered no trade clause and yet he is treason option bonuses last year sitting out five years 110 million dollars. 45 bombs last year for Arizona Cardinals kits resigning dire he just I'm out of here too much money not worth it for errors on and go on. The Boston Red Sox a sick old. Not so fast my friend yeah easy think you're just gonna sign all the big timers know I don't know it rings of power dailies got a little bit more compatible in the funny thing is that Hosmer signed his mega deal with the Padres. Over her lastly last week and over the weekend. And Angie Martinez signs that the Red Sox. Those are addicted to big names in free agency this year those deals were reported by two months ago. Like does deals were reported in December. In talking about JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer in their massive offers from the Padres in the Red Sox. Like that's why I never quite bought that collision deal it's just that there wasn't a market for big free agents because you have a lot of teams that are. Are not going to be competitive this year they're just wasn't a lot of teams that were offering money but the money is bidders do there are on the table for two months and jobs have been their on the table for two months what was holding. These guys out there was I was at the agents or was that the player no they thought that they are going to be three or four teams that are going to be offering that but really the market is just so small for teens wanting to compete this year that. You know a lot of oil fields are set. You know telling the Kansas City was an interest in laws are all bringing him back that scene and they learned they were in this stuff for the dollar figure because they're stingy franchise they stingy or Sam's well. It it's not like San Diego's. General up to bring struck but I was very surprised that they ruled that out for this guy because they're trying to tank to. And how you gonna stop taking a Major League Baseball postings on sixteen of them all trying to see who would the analytic sway the Padres just don't know what they wanna be they don't know if they wanna be a bad team or they wanna be a good team. Mean they have no earthly idea. So they're kind of stuck in no man's land and good luck with the air customer. He's gonna make you just enough not to be it is still very good for his taste and he's really at first it's and and I will Myers. Homers. I. How the blazers got good pub instilled some headlines over the weekend all star weekend plus it's a big day in the NFL dusting cam on the fan.