Dusty & Cam, 2-20-18 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, February 20th
All-Star game recap! Damian Lillard shows out and drops 21 for Team Stephen, and testual relations: a media personality told LeBron to "shut up and dribble", his response, and your reaction.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Arrived. Totally cured her. Bolton says the tour. I can fix it would dusty streets and Manning era find him come from. And former pro can Cleveland just a little more time didn't yourself. Little less time. About which presidents. Dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080 current era. Good morning happy Tuesday we are back big name. We have long presidents' day weekend thank you very much. Back or ring of us. Go forty work weeks trying to talk weeks know a lot of people are upset yesterday got a lot of where are you why why were you. Well you're upset it was president like any view it's like it's like being served chicken wings every day eventually got to be to the point where you tell yourself. Nice break the issue appreciated more. Well you're on a chicken wings kick assign your social media on your answer Rampage dead now on McCain on a regular once every had to make them once a month well you wouldn't matter didn't take himself he's have you on the need trigger with you wings did I took I took a personal Sophia I've with a guy that I love to follow on his Graham and if you do we give him a shot up. Is Amos escorts Barbeque Matt property is awesome. He lives right there and kill so of mile north of to the north ends. Great great fall over 50000. Followers on this program Hillary just for his barbecue just for Barbie Palin and grill and he's the Seahawks fan he calls it. It's he has a lot of things called beast mode. How big feast on like that so yes there are a lot of good stuff. I'm a big barbecue I'm trying to get a better personally. We've talked just talked on social media months. So yeah. Tune in to forward Aaron barbecue I'm a fan of barbecue outside to get better attitude you are it's a technique. It's it's just like being a chef for anything yet learned temperatures and proper season mean and there's a lot of things about barbecue and yet do Iran and when I'm Morley rubber instead of me. Instead of a saucer. And it all rubs I like rubs a likable little bit like things little dry it'll like console saucy young that's fair. Yeah I mean people people on their drag reds and there's nothing wrong right at a rate that the skins and duty it's to each his own and I am. I tend to lean more towards the south but. Hey you give me good route. Sign me up yeah more you give me anything Gunnar barbecue to sign yep yeah I love. Barbecue and smoked meat and I think it should be an all year round thing everywhere says well it's it's got to be the summer but not on on on on no no no no. No no not so fast food is year round especially when you're Q and and a get out there and you trigger he smoke and you make time should a beggar it's a good point. I have a lot of Beers. And August you know speaking of good dude I went TI and my first experience at a Brazilian. Steakhouse over the weekend under they'd trim it right in front of him yes server that scares me sometimes why. Because I think the meets traveling. Around the area. It doesn't look as sanitary as I would like I had some friends they got very sick at a couple those restaurants you know. Not saying it's bad is it to movie bridesmaids to match. It's a good days some I don't know but it was. On a good day chow is Alan it is yes voted itself a home. My goodness. Is easy to turn your cup upside down so they know to come again you have like a little ye of little token a and it's at turn one side's red ones as green if you want army. Go green and Iowa is green led the entire time. I had to meets let's. But it was totally worth it I am I am pro. Brazilian steakhouse because they did it just keeps on you know when you go to state county and need a big staking out like that was really good and actually like some more of that. You can just keeping common all night long it was worth every single penny that. It was a very so what essentially it's a both say that comes to you. That is you're never have to get up needs an endless food buffet. Of people serving you meet. Got signing up that does sound wonderful that department Evan. And that's ramat that's that's Evans restaurant and had a great name Evans restaurant and they serve you food and you don't have to get up Evans restaurant and all reliant on. Down nine. But anyways we're back from the long weekend and we get on sports stocks let's do it. And I remember was just like yesterday. This since fortunate history year 2000 the biggest reason signing in baseball. Merriman Garth Brooks join the nets. For spring training do you remember that probably down until it out would that be and what year 2000. Garth Brooks they rolled out Garth Brooks for spring training I was of following sports spectrum so. It was it was not. A good thing to see celebrity it's good fun battle celebrities aren't out there are all around taking gunners now they just are like live worrying it real athletes that are celebrities and they have indeed announce their spring training. Now they have to go ahead we'll exempt you don't been working with Daniel Murphy. I faulted on is the grim figures social media his swing looks fans have nukes. Really it looks it looks really get much improved from last year. And the Mets general manager gave him a shout out. And said I quote I can see Tim make it visually roster Sunday. I would phase out don't know. When they don't hurry he's like thirty and under any time baseball put into him. Nuggets on today's program Daimler in the all star game. There's actual defense played in the blazers. They make a splash on all star weekend. They actually made a couple of headlines will discuss those are LeBron James told to shut up and dribble he will not. Should he go. That is our textual relations 55305. That is Zantac sign how you can communicate it to show the NBA is tinkering with the idea of changing their playoffs while Major League Baseball. Has tinkered with their rules of the game. How we'll discuss all of those today in though we assess an NFL stuff that's franchise tag day in May begin a tag around the league and one team that is making it very clear. Who they wanna sign. This off season. So stick around does we downloaded show a lot to get you mean easily become an on a Monday may have a lot of sports stuff to talk about. We did show Mondays we have a weekend and Monday to talk about. I'm doing go. A Winter Olympics are going on Jung Chang yeah South Korea. Norway. Is a country of ninety million people yet they have 29 medals and they lead the way it's when he netting county right now. Once are about the ability to stay in your lane wolf I'd say would Norway knows how to win Olympic winter sports so do you think. I mean this is going to be like arrogant American gun. I mean we cheered as much about these works is no way does so we begin. And believe it I don't know that we don't have the we don't have the intensity the passion the fervor to be really good. When your small country like you take in you do that pride. I sort of pride when they get some of these guys on number one night they get dudes in the by half on that are like six foot six and Michael C fifteen. Focused on other sports that they would be assured that he Vieira and essentially it's called distraction us Americans. Too much sports distraction not enough focus you know and I saw that I meant a lot of energy plan that ball. German Bob's utter. Six foot 3230. Pounds runs a 10700. Meter dash and rode the tech loop key glee bit faster. Oh United States has twelve medals are way behind but hey we got the bobsled women's bobsled today which and here we have a good chance that when and a metal global. Good now go down. Yeah. Nice earned. Hey wake up. I said wake up. Date march is right on the corner and it's February 20 of this script Obama's only peer by the way. I don't know no it's not it's not only the united nicely don't get a 29 day. No we do not my grandmother was born only here but she's after my death and I know from border to border. She's dead down so things are free and or uber confident but. But Margie right right around the corner how many of the iPad AP top ten can you name in college basketball. As Kansas. They are back in it yes he I guess yeah after we have last week there was a week where North Carolina duke in Kansas were all in the teens. They're now back in the top ten the AP top 25 and released Virginia is number one news followed by Michigan State head to Villanova. Is the read Xavier for duke grounds out the top five can say Agha rolls up to sixth along with Texas Tech they're tied at six. I kansas' eight Purdue nine North Carolina ten only one pac twelve team ranked. Arizona network TNT two way. Men's basketball. And college rankings most meaningless rankings. And all of break. The up mostly the honestly most meaningless bogey out. The fluctuations changes and get them in the top Tony by an you know there's really matter because you probably B 500 team and you can still make him. You know it is discouraging them. Is that there are only two other pac twelve teams receiving votes. For the top 25 and they are Arizona State and UCLA. Negative report Tabasco. And it does not test this is rock and roll today is certainly keeping them out and do leg. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Would you bomb last night involving the Portland trailblazers DC this. See this. You tell me. But it's not alleged bomb as much as it is like. Phillips carts. Our Adrienne Arsenault CBS T in reports of blazers assigned veteran swing man. Brandon Rush to me ten day contract at the ten year vets content here in ten day contract still in play yes he has not played this year. He is. The guy that is a guard 66 guard at small forward combo. Shooter from the outside career 40% shooter from beyond the arc and some maybe they're just trying to get a little evidence outside shooting. That brings the blazers roster to fourteen players though. Daly had thirteen heading into the all star break as there is a NBA rule that you cannot have a lower roster numbers are minimum roster number that they have to yeah I think it's twelve I thought about Bulger's. There's. Most teams fill it up but the blazers have to roster spots open heading into the all star break now it's up to fourteen today of one spot available. I doubt that they'll fill that spot knives and in the NBA it's weird you don't have to fill in the Major League Baseball and the NFL likes to be crazy he didn't fill that spot. For the Indians and I damn well. You know if your good team trying to play nine guys anyway is itself. India benches. Just kind of wasted space blazers now have fourteen plays Brandon Rush will join the team. According to loads and he's on a ten day deal so you connect to those before you have to sign. If all urged the senate for the rest of the season was to be an operating contract but Brandon Rush. Apparently a new member of the Portland trailblazers according to coach. One current Portland TrailBlazer he had a day in the all star game the only other guy to receive an MVP vote. For the all star game was won Damian Miller. Testing cam on the fans. 1080. Thank you give me good route to sign me up. Joseph Fisher. Already pulling drops this morning. I stand by my claim. In or out of context I'll stand by my claim on the island Hans. All star weekend oh. Has come and gone and that we saw a team LeBron. Take nineteen staff. In the all star game did you watch a second of it. No I what seed I watched the seat from midway through the first quarter watch the entirety. Breakthrough for her to back from basketball just in time for the tournament that we sat down as a group. So we're gonna and we're gonna and enjoy this to take time on watching don't see what they're gonna do sees the improvements. Changed how the NBA now they also are in and I said the such orders and you know what MBA you put a glitch in the matrix because and I thought it was good day actually true. Ride to play defense in the second half they played a little. The defense. I thought there was some there are some moments were arrested a man that must not allow that to happen for the most part it was CEO our normal laws are Gammon in the final score was 1480145. We've seen on the regular season. Yeah it didn't get to 200 pig gosh no it didn't but team LeBron and said beating teams staff. 148 to 145. And LeBron James almost gets triple double he went for 2910 and aids and he was the game's MVP. But the only other person to garner when at least a single vote in knee NBA all star game. Was Dini a motive the Portland trailblazers and he picked up one of the three fan votes. For all star game MVP and everybody else the media the players coaches they all voted for LeBron James does. The guy won and he got should double the daily load impressed with 21 points in 21 minutes going nine of fourteen shooting. The local guy actually playing in the all star game and playing a big role in at fourteen sat there we are a couple guys it's 11 sat out sick Jimmy Butler Kevin did a little bit and that he was sick. And so that bombed the rotation down river but he got more time you know what I loved about that is. These kids Tom Thibodeau the coach in timberwolves known for writing his players during the regular season. If Jimmy dollar is just like man I'm just hired I needed to break I didn't wanna play in the all star game yeah I'll show. But I'd say 45 minutes a game for my head coach like this is something I don't need to do. So he and that just sitting out the car at any towns played well he did he played excellent. And I thought it was fun in DN FL it was. A joke when they did that Tina Dion verses team urban thing up and they got rid Jeanne LA at cedars Tennessee and in basketball this works and I love that Adams Somerset ass again and as well I mean the players once a looks like we're gonna do the draft live. Yeah that makes sense I would like to see the draft like I want to see guys who's picked who's most popular currency the players start to feel awkward if you're picked to certain position. Gated no matter no matter what. Its in its inevitable that this is going to be Howell. Basketball's consume for the Austrians move before we we need this kind of drama and instead of any incentive was 350000 dollars towards. Your team's charity area and how that money was gonna help help whatever charity you're gonna go forces you to the guys it was important for them to make that make that. Change did you see conspiracy tears come out on the charity that LeBron picked. It is a charity that. That benefits Los Angeles he has some people like that means a bronze skin and leave Cleveland and go to LA. Now Dave people wanna find a reason for LeBron James to go to LA so badly. That they attempted charity that he picked for his winning team in the all star game which is being played. In Los Angeles. As the reason why he's gonna take two week maker would do whatever you need to do debunk that because LA means LeBron more than LeBron means sell LeBron could play. In Siberia and still be the most popular. Team in this world currently does its cleave yet he plays likely essentially that is that. LA is so desperate for LeBron James that they're doing everything they can to try to court him yeah legally and collusion here. With tampering it's tampering it's not collision has talent right now that on the game is in collude to try to get LeBron in the Los Angeles in the NBA and I wanna keep him out of there. Is nuts again but I thought it was good little tweak to the all star game I thought it was fun to see. Damian Miller to shine on that stage and then when you were mentioning it be fun to see who who picks it did you see who they'll fire last six or Alison bales. Over the weekend. Al Horford. Those crimes and LaMarcus Aldridge and sports. Former blazer LaMarcus Aldridge Hughes he who played four minutes in the all star game goes he could be the most. Unlike two player in the NBA. Really because it's very do this yet he well I fans yeah yeah I've Glaus. He is a really good talented player most definitely he does not have a personality of an all star. It is just kind of meant. Net he's perfect for San Antonio. Did you notice in this game in the final few minutes. Something that I think it was all of us were watching as I started to see because what I wanted to notice in this game especially down the stretch. What was it gonna be in the LeBron camp compared to with the staff camp. Where they're gonna be guys noted no written stating this that. Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant Hai re Irving are all on the floor. With LeBron James who is gonna play second third fourth. Who was willing to step back and give LeBron James the platform. Did you also happen notice who's playing point guard down the stretch. LeBron James where he's coaching with you the two best point guards in the league. On his team he was playing point. Is it strange that everybody deferred to him as the ultimate is he not now. Cemented himself as the ultimate NBA leader Amaechi is the king he is the man that makes the NBA go an if you think anything different now. We try to see. If he's not the league MVP which you're gonna go James Harden the MVP this year because what he's done and how he's changed. No there's no way you're gonna commit freebies because James hardest change how decent played I watching toward you look like an afterthought night game. He looks securities in any shots he did you know find displaced dame outshine James Harden and it was in close but I saw a man take control. I believe he is the master. Of this leak he just knows and everybody goes LeBron it's your show broke fourteen years he's still he's sibor yeah. Yes he's there with the fourteen years and eighties slowing down a little bit and we're show me where he slowed down but what he's just it's like. In his picking his battles a little more aid there it is right there he's not as he's going to see it he can't do it all the time the when he turns it on ego. Oh wow that guy's special and we james' hard and he is my pick for that guy must hung over during the game. You know he may he got here as he took nineteen shots the president buddy. On his team surprised but you as you said he looked lost at times yet that he was my pick for. Began those so hung over in the game outside of Jimmy dollar who didn't play so he can look like you we all watched. All Star Games in the past and I'm gonna date myself again but I've seen games where magic Johnson and his game in 92. When he hits the final fade he was knives are in 93. And Michael Jordan take over games there is something about when an alpha. Shines over all selfless because those guys everybody's they're they're closer everybody out there on the court is closer and they all gave. Took second fiddle. David to the brought up LeBron James was the MVP of the all star game used the team captain of aptly named team LeBron he was also the focus. Of attention during all star weekend. As he was told to shut up in dribble by a fox. News. Anchor Laura Ingram. He will not. But. What should the Bryan deal and what do athletes. Need to do should they shut up and dribble. Or should they continue to speak out he's Joseph was Fortson or. Okay. This is Justin and Jim in the morning on ten and. All right it is time Vertex relations leasing arm Marvin Gaye. These start singing sexual healing and aid that's what gets me. This injury textual. Relations notes too early for that operatives okay what awkwardness. Only acrid if you make it up grenades and made it awkward and that is what do you know that is architecturally and I think diverted for three years I know that. But leading in our open and it's a cages early it's early in the morning and we have our. We have a lot of audio that we're needing to get here. All star weekend is in the review mirror talking about LeBron James and just kind of taking over his big game in the NBA and how players on the floor defer to LeBron James. Well players off the floor defer to LeBron James and a lot of things as well he is not just stay leader. Of the Cleveland Cavaliers and of the National Basketball Association in between the lines and outs and lines he is as well and he. Before all star weekend whiz on the web series Rowland with champions. I'm in its with Carrie champion and she was basically for nineties and new merger ever. He she have the bronze James in Kevin Durant. In the car and they're talking about social issues and the brawn James had some about. President trump he said the number one job in America but the point point person of them. America is someone who doesn't understand the people and really doesn't give a bully about the people. While we cannot change what comes out of the man's mouth we can can continue to alert the people. That watches that listened to us that that is not the only way. In that comment. Fired up fox news's Laura Ingram who. Actually created quite the stir. Around all star weekend when she said this. And it's always unwise to see it political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball. Oh and LeBron and Kevin. They're great players but no one voted trio millions elected trop to be their coach to keep the political commentary to yourself. Or is someone once said shut up and dribble. With that comment from everybody at all star weekend. Went to LeBron James and asked him. How he felt about what Laura Ingraham said about his comments of the president hears the bronze. Two responses from all star weekend. Is the best we can't it'd be days where all the countries. And hold its world. Cup plus the greatest players in the world no matter if they're part of Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday. And argued that I did this appearance talk about. Social justice equality. And why a woman all on a certain network decided to tell me that open in Drupal. So thank you whatever her name is down I don't even know her name but I appreciate what would it. Hello Tiago says no one mills at best best best best perfect. We will definitely not gonna show the dribble. I would have we not do that I mean too much to world. To society I mean too much as you come into my service. So it took so many kids that feel like they don't have. They're have a way out then they need someone to help lead them out of the situation variant. And that is LeBron James and he kind of lesson that bad after those two things. And I think rightfully so because you know when he was talking about is new results are we can I get sucked out all these all these other issues omen waters this reseller in the gainers celebrating basketball. But he says. I will not shut up and dribble and not take her advice and icing that. Within the basketball circles it was a resounding. Standing ovation for LeBron James. But they're Syria is a facet of people that sit there and they feel the way Laura Ingraham does which is now shut up and dribbles. Keep your political and social views to yourself. So we as a group we have tasker cells and I think this year in the past couple years it's always. It's quite obvious that there is a facet of people who don't want athletes or entertainers to share their political spends her. What we would call standard laying out missed missing or I'm all be first to tell you I don't watch Fox News I don't watch CNN I don't watch any of that stuff I get stuck with it. It's usually is the challenge wanted to explode but if it's to each their own. Missing her was gotten what she want it. She definitely she got what you want and others is that her first time now now it's personable before we go into the depth of what she is. All of us understand that this woman has done this before she told The Dixie Chicks. One shut up and saying she told Robert dinero shut up and act. Her book is that's that was The Dixie Chicks would she even told Greg pot Popovich. Shut up and coach this is her shtick this is her stick this is what she does she tries. To put people in their lane and says it in and I find myself doing this multiple times I'm not gonna ask. Somebody to tell me what I should think but there are times when I say I'll talk about baseball. All talk about basketball man might mention soccer and LB text light up. Talk about you know experts stain yearling we all do this innately. No matter what if you're not perfect if you don't know what your talking about heaven forbid somebody. Makes a comment or does that. Now this is what this did is in turn into a firestorm because became. It's the became in their opinion a lot of people's opinions a lot of that's out there think that this was racially motivated to shut up. And don't do that now. From an athlete's perspective is a former athlete the books and that the doesn't love politics in them fact hates that are gonna problems when people sheer. What they believe and to their coroner believes that segment watching the brawn James and watching Kevin Durant in with Carrie chip that was awesome I enjoyed every second about that. And I love the fact that are athletes aren't afraid. To be who they are publicly because once that becomes. You try to stifle somebody NC you can't beat you in this what we do when our country now gonna stellar remanded to shut up you don't get to talk. Are right there's a lot of the country and go live in the do that to you need tell me how that. And what that is like too well we don't just let me know if that's really good the street in the road you wanna go down. You know the hypocrisy of that is you know the reason why it's the telling LeBron James to shut up and drivel is because. LeBron James is an influence there right he is an influence their fur millions of young people in the country. And really across the world when you look at the globalization of basketball and his popularity worldwide in the Brian James can be a powerful voice and the hypocrisy of it is that. It's not like kidney network that Laurie Ingram is on doesn't do the exact same thing with bringing celebrities on to you. Talk about politics and to talk about political figures in to talk about president trump and it's in support this is an issue where. It is something that goes against how Laura Ingram feels and against. You know Canada views of her network so she's saying shut up and dribble whereas. They bring on as as Texas saying yet you have no problem entering Curt Schilling Clint Eastwood you know Ted Nugent. Is being brought up as people that are brought on. Fox news network it because there influencers they influence. A demographic. That supports what they're selling in this is the problem is that LeBron James is an influence there. Two and a million millions of the young people around the country who will listen. In that seems to be an issue in the brawn James in is a long as he is an influence or to millions of people he does have his right to stand up in space. You have your everybody has their right in that there's the other right on the other side the flip side is I don't. There's all right tell me that I agree with you yeah or I could disappear called that's that's dumb or. I disagree that's not how I feel in that we need to do what it constructive way. But were always afraid about that. This certainly there's going to be times when you say something you're gonna regret. Or you're gonna get made fun enough. And that's very difficult to put yourself out there on a platform LeBron James has to do it every day. No matter what their things that LeBron James says among them I'm not on them not on that train with the LeBron. Doesn't mean that. He can't continue to do this continue to have these conversations. What all alternate flat out sooner we can into the stifling mode. We're not allowed to share that he's heaven forbid you keep talking in everyone's decides to listen. And then at the end you have a constructive conversation I don't think we're at that point right now it's very it's it's violent. It's aggressive it's if you don't agree with me than your wrong in your in that box as soon as you say one thing. And could be a Republican stance. You're in Miller public Republican Dropbox your no go stay in that box because now you're allowed to come outside the box and vice Versa you know besides you do have been out extreme extreme. Of people. That we house. And instead of getting in instead of getting upset we do have options right you have the options not to listen to LeBron James or take heed his advice and intake it. Two year core and you can't just watch him play basketball because when he NBA is on TNT. And he's playing at 530 or 730 at night on your television you won't be making this does is stances publicly you know he says and then. Outside of the evicted avenue sports you have those options and take net EnerNOC. Your tax at 55305. We don't like on the runner cabinet and cap nick speak up or act out front spoke out politically when he is. A reality TV personality we don't like athletes or actors or singers to make political statements yet we don't mind when plumber struck drivers and mechanics duke I guess we just. Don't like it when people with influence topped because others may listen no we don't like him or to some people don't like entertainers no we have not gonna say there are some that's a royal wintry yet because entertainment. Is something to give you. What it's states for our entertainment fun 55305. That is eight. Phenomenal point. Your feedback on this. LeBron James told to shut up and dribble he will not dusting cam on the fan. This isn't just. Jam in the morning on ten maybe the sale and. I'd 6:40 and 8 Tuesday morning dusting Eric in Cleveland with you were talking LeBron James Silva shut up and dribble. He says he will not. This tax I think is it on. We can have a true dialogue without an environment where both parties feel safe otherwise both on the defensive in communication deteriorates. And that's kind of what we mean that's overseeing all over but especially in our sports. On climate with you know the protests in the activism that we see. It saved. We have a lot of vitriol and our responses to UT then in the vitriol LeBron James. In his comments and really in the Brown's comments as a whole I mean nick in there is say. Defensive. Mechanism that comes out. In people and that really does it it hampers having incher conversation about any of these things. If everybody's just kind of yelling and finger pointing at each other and telling each at each other to shut up under bush sentencing of an act we all wanna be like. Two I wanna be right everybody wants to be right reading means that that feeling. The the athlete's side those of us and entertainment side that says you don't have an opinion I don't agree. What I do try to separate mean mentally what I do say try to separate is that I really enjoy the games. This has become too much for me a little bit and this isn't that I don't support them knelt pulled on a second here. Back up the truck I support athletes and their voices and in your right to it to. Share your opinion at all times but there is some point of me as a consumer that likes entertainment I just want to consume the entertainment side. And I can separate that from my mind if you have a political opinion Robert De Niro Gregg Popovich say which one of and appreciate them for who they are in their greatness. Been a great coach and a great actor Eric basketball player I can separate your political opinion and I don't get upset with that I don't take it personally. Maybe there is a group out there. I know there is a lot of people that can't separate them. They don't allow themselves to fuel. That hey it's not attacking you. If they share something that's opposite of your opinion it's not you can't if you take it. In consumer person unless someone's calling you out to do you are piece of garbage pretty that's I think is is that the self could. The absorption of every single common make that so personal. Can you or can you not separate that and you want your athletes you want your athletes to be able to continue to speak up with their opinions. Across the board everything you want open books from social media call everything is that is that too much for you Currie will separate. Blaine you know that's the problem I mean that's from that a lot of people have here in the IC I like it because of the fact that. You have guys like LeBron James that are out there remember Michael Jordan's favorite they're famous Limas Republicans by issues to. You know and that's why he didn't. Get political with anything that he said I mean is lie he actually said it's her Porsche is man Republicans buy shoes too. In so with LeBron James and the climate has changed a social media. World that we live in now you know guys. If they're asked about it so often in their lives are so much more public outside of your sports that they play that they can't run and hide from it anymore so. Whether we like it or not this is kind of the climate that we live and so telling somebody to shout and dribbled back ship has sailed because of the fact that. These guys are still visible and they're so we hear their voice is so often outside the lines of play whether it's football bass as terrorists. Winchell and they are you your very influential when you're on your athletic. Pulpit that's when you have a chance to share your message and LeBron James and his desire I am responsible for a lot of people. A lot of things. The thing is is you have to ask yourself this if I agree fight secure today and I agree something LeBron James says does that make me a Democrat liberal I I don't know if I say I like the tax breaks that president trump gave us in my now trump supported a matter do I now support the and non meat to movement is there's something when I immediately agree with one thing is as us and politics. Does that put me in that box are you able to separate that mentally and say just because he likes the tax break now he supports everything that's so far from the truth now it's ridiculous. Where is that extreme when we'd listen to athletes say. IE not gonna shut up on the talk to some prominent view column Capra is ominous say this is social justice I don't wanna go and allow this article in my life and up. Are you able to separate that. Bullying did to that point in what you're saying is the Laura Ingraham went to an extreme and told LeBron james' shot and drivel ranked well there. On the heels of that there was the in there is an outcry as this as a racial undertones this is racism from Laurie Ingram. Which I don't I don't believe mr. because of the points that you brought up she said it's in The Dixie Chicks she said shut up and saying she told Robert seniors shut up and act in this Texas. Just some because someone thinks something is racist is not mean it is lowering your set is not racist the standard of racism. Has now become if I don't like what you said it's racist that's kind of those extremes that you're talking about to work. That her initial comments of southern dribble is now taking it out of the deed and LeBron James political. Conversation and spun it back to you a raise conversation which I don't think it is in I think that that's unfair to you. Not just Lorraine room but it's also unfair to LeBron James because then it makes the conversation not a doll. What LeBron James is saying in what lowering grimace saying it's these undertones that really aren't there because that that's her schtick is to tell people I cannot and do this. I personally trial on a daily basis and it and I try to look at people and I know I can't I know in my mind I can look at somebody and knocks seat. A skin tone IC person. See human being nice CIA and American I see somebody there and I'd listen to them talk. And I formulate my opinion based on who the artist people. As a person flesh and blood like me. There are a lot of us out there that can't separate data and change that. Perspective there are allowed to do that they their mind isn't fast enough or progressive enough to say this is a human being that's hockey so that's. That's answer your question when Loring you'll says that. IE if if she hadn't done this shtick which she does with the everybody I would say okay maybe there might be some. Undertones but I don't have. And it's not that I'm racially insensitive there's no way. There's no way I look at human beans I try to try to do on a daily basis but with this comment like that I could see a you can tinker via. Some sort of racial movement and now I write I can see it. Doesn't mean that I agree with the yeah yeah I think pot takes and columnists. And Stephen A Smith's. And all these guys that are out there. That just say stuff to the road against the board and see what sticks I don't know what is right in what is wrong. But I do you know there are a lot of people that make no sense in you think that they just do it to get some quick feet. Yeah NI in I think that these athletes they have this platform to use so there is calling cap predict or LeBron James or Tim Tebow. Even you know in his religious platform that he has. It is our choice if we want to you. Take it it. Right it is our choice if we want to digested if we wanna think about it or not you know it we all have the option. You not listen to LeBron James and he says that or you have the option to listen to it and then just say that. That's your opinion but it seems like people would rather get angry and and it's dumb to shut up and dribble then TU. Actually hear what went the other person is a look for those out there that have all these thoughts in your feelings you feel what you want. We're not here as us is dusting aren't here to put you in one side to the next. Never never there's I I'm not here to give me. Racially motivated conversation. Of why this was said and what isn't I believe she's promoting. She's trying to do what she does and be hot taker is Laura Ingraham. And I'm believe in my heart of LeBron James responded the proper way in my in my opinion that's kind of how. I would look at I like my athletes feeling free to share with they want him you believe which he won a belief in you here which you wanna hear in your own mind. There are times when you could say something I could say something. Fifteen people here one way a thousand here it differently that's never gonna change in human evolution. We're gonna hear things the way we want our own mind. She said it because of the bronze messages LeBron recited pro trump pro right wing I DOC would've said nothing or she would have just applauded him TP one dostum. And you know that is to be hypocrisy that I was talking about at the at the beginning of this whole conversation is that if she tells the runs in the set up an herbal on Fox News. And she has every right to do that but at the same time they're bringing on athletes to talk about politics they're bringing out other celebrities. It's just what fits her narrative what fits her views and what it's her viewers views she did it to get a reaction and arise have a LeBron James. Well she got and LeBron James is. Response was I will not I there's too many people that look up to me there's too many kids. That I feel need to hear my message the inning he has ever right to do then and I applaud every athlete no matter what their stances are you have platform isn't at all. Say this question again do you want your athletes and entertainers to shear the political views. Or their summit some of you out there that just want entertainment side just want to game. I find myself. Enjoying more still. The games and and less of the political stance because I I don't like politics. I'm not being biased here. Calling anybody that does politics at a nuts and I don't like Cuba. It's not something that I connect with that is very true I connect with more of the entertainment the movies. The games. The interaction that's the fun site for me but he used the consumer might like the political side but that's for your consumption. No. And when you put yourself up there but we do every day. Meant this shooting there's gonna be darts all over the place. And what I do like about LeBron James is that is not backing down from the fact he knows what he's getting himself into you know there's an element of he him taking it head on that I appreciated. And he is not afraid to do it and if you say go ahead. And defended at least and that is exactly LeBron does 255305. That. Is the Centex I'm more of your feedback plus the NBA is thinking of a major overhaul dusting camel fan.