Dusty & Cam, 2-12-18 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, February 12th
MLB to Portland conversation continues, some fun with Winter Olympics audio, Robert Parrish with a HOT Celtics take, and remembering former Portland sports teams

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Just jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about plus unions system this system that kills the human spirit. Stand so we're just Sierra I've had the old bulls. Now want you. And NFL veteran Jim Cleveland. And of our number three dusty came in the morning thank you. That nasty part of your morning and be a part of our subject follow up from Jay's case the Monday as. We its image text in this says hey. It is. Illegal to have your car running in driveway. Because you told us Soria is monitoring friends neighbors. Friends Weiss co worker can't. Who got her car stolen it means she wore was warming up in her driveway just Iranians had really quick to grab something and then came back out and proof. Gone and these people against illegally decrying attendant while turning and then several people said yep law. And then I asked the question to our officers. And I am a police officer and it's not true there's no loft relieving your car unfortunately there's a lot of cars it's all Nellie because prowler is drive around looking for that type of vehicle and then another person said. We don't protect people people from being stupid. And not a but. Somebody just Tennessee text that says. That of an organ La they're the people are called a first that Venus. And failure to secure your motor vehicle. Yet that's supposed to leave your car running. Alone with the finest that's priest at. So I don't know were up in the air here please at least don't enforce it because I'd be dumb to get a text mess there to get. Ticket for leaving you are or. Your driveway. Stupid criminals. Aren't before that though we're talk. About Major League Baseball to Portland and there is a Atlanta journal constitution. As it Dave O'Brien I think is name. He added tweet yesterday errors over the weekend predicting that Portland would be a destination for an MLB team if one the next go round of expansion. In Major League Baseball and he thinks that two teams will be added at some point Portland in Nashville would be. Landing spots and then he said if Steve rays or the days. Don't get any stadium he said Portland would be the number one place they should move the team to that was a prediction by him. And so we're talking about that. In this text I think is is interesting. A I agree with that adding that would be a big kick out is I. I wouldn't be upset. Because I'd feel like traffic never going to improve to the point where I would still permanent watch a sports game I'm biased on this one so I'm. I was skewed point of but that he'd but that is I I mean like you are so far into the sports realm that correct I'm not a Julia -- small minority and I think most people in this city would be like yeah traffic soft yeah I agree not spending a penny on nappy you're gonna myriad bills stadium. And that's why I think you would be. You'd have to be. A majority if not fully funded and when I see a majority of the money I would say that this city would probably. After a foot less than 15% of that bill for people to be okay with 15%. Or whatever the magic number ideas and I do know that when you have franchises. Exports franchises is an epic economic boom because bring its job brings more hotels. It brings restaurants it brings more business. It it's its economic growth would would outweigh the negatives I mean the infrastructure can come and I agree with some believe you wanna talk about why. The roads improvement here or they do. There is a eve poll question out acts 1080 the fan on Twitter. Would you use of what would you support more MLB in Portland NHL in Portland ore and neither. 69%. Nice say MLB 20% NHL 8% neither. As it's every 53525. Am shooting for. Go ahead in. Re tweak out went out and anybody that votes in this poll on social media re tweet it's we can get as many people out there is possible because if your following day's sports nation on social media. Chances are you're probably gonna support one of these but we ought to get the people. Of your follow and you find mean a big deep dive into why it would be in negative to have a Major League franchise in this city. The true reason. Forum for. That that may be that you could sit there and you can come up to all right here's gonna be the main thing that we're gonna say. Why Major League Baseball be so detrimental. To this city in what is the number one argument a legislators going to be some political person that doesn't get. The growth with the number one thing they're gonna say if you took all the caveats out. Independently funded not state funded not city fund. Well that's a writer editor I I understand that but if you took all those out there still gonna be somebody in there's going to be group now it says bit. Another part if you do you realize where you live full month Valencia your saying is the city doesn't have to pay a dime for it somebody would object to timing yes I in fact I would know somebody would say something that that you would come up with some. Long. Thirty page outline of why this won't work. And so that's I don't know that it did they said we're paying for a stadium. In a by the land for. CDS and have to pay a dime for it. We're bringing miss all the Portland I'd don't think that that would be an issue. I don't think you don't want any reason would be. Maybe somebody wouldn't want the traffic in their neighbor. That would probably idea as like this person says Major League Baseball won't work in the city packed with its struggle ideals. The games to two. There who seek legitimate reason I actually have. There's actually some stats that. At contradict that. That millennial is in hipster is are some of the biggest patrons of gains in. Though White Sox the pirates in the nets I agree to because they're cheap to tickets and it's a fun way to kill time get drunk meet chicks. I think there's a beer garden you have to say beer garden and why would hipster is are there are PH show up and drove. Yeah. Called the hip garden. Yeah this is is the stadium was split by in Portland meadows where some people think stadiums ago. Like railing in new bridge would soon follow immediately that takes guns and I am on home media Lee would be. On and then there's this volunteer about the viability of Portland being a professional sports sat. The says I totally get the analysts is behind and it's ten plus years to do anything relevant a Portland is years ahead. A the rest of the analyze that being set out Bugsy based on come. And drop the stadium at Portland meadows at the old post office downtown maybe even jokes parts lots of great options here and that is one thing that I think. Were missing in this is the MLS. In the Portland Timbers of fantastic job dale are one of the darlings of the MLS in a beacon of how you should develop your franchise. But they don't push the blazers enough that. And that is where MLB would do it is they would finally gives the blazers have pushed you. Hey you're not the only show in town anymore. In it would be a viable. Option because. The timbers have a great following in have a great political faulting it is it's in each Major League Baseball would have a legit a man. Push to. The Portland trailblazers and I think they need that right now. All I I completely agree how many other 11. Horse towns are there in our country to have a major sport. And that's it Green Day. Hey that's it but it's close to was gone it's close to Milwaukee so is close enough where you can go back for the what is it like two hours and half. To Milwaukee. Yeah so I guess it's not too far I essentially that's I don't really they're lucky did Chicago idol but I mean they're there Sacramento via orbit. Mean in Sacramento you hate and Sacramento I do not like sacrament not a fan but it didian. Just not a fan of the city can. Meant buried there San Antonio San Antonio another model of tough market to compete against him baseball would go bonkers their beard yet to. Baseball teams in that state here in America put a third in Texas watching them no they won't. Can and then Wilson has salt lake city Oklahoma City on the Rockies get tune. No I'm not him a while I was I was combining the walking and I was saying that's not out there to sit there and say. What else is there. Start many. Now many. They all pretty much have two more. Kansas Marquez city is too so there's no there's PR you're right to -- they have the NHL and and the NFL and Major League Baseball Saint Louis says two of Salt Lake City you know Casey Johnson to set policy in Nashville at nationals got predators and tighten they have to now has them and talking the core for the big four and in this country that has the most revenue generating of the the powerful Major League brands and that this is the text that you know is gonna happen five factory or five no fear of driving the blazers out. Well that you know if you're gonna get by her like that she's now I'd done. That would be the big fear. That would be big fear is if they drove the Kazaa and you could bring a baseball team here but at the blaze is ever left this city would have a hole. And it'd of the blazers mean eight ton. To the city but they'd dead franchise itself needs little competition though within the city so they can continue to improve in now and continued growth. But if it is that team ever left the city it would be devastated the concern always is that well it would be the Apollo and doesn't house. Along Treo family members that are willing to keep. A franchise in the city yeah but you have to be able to have NBA NBA. Controls in the end the NBA controls where they want to franchises to be. Don't fool I watched it and see if they want it. They can get it taken out if they wanna stay it stick. That's kind of how the MBA works in the structure right now from Portland ever leave. Is is ludicrous. Who San Diego coming in San Diego an alien or Padres know there a year removed. The Daily Madden there's no sign of any team going down there and over the area of baseball things went over to Memphis. Are about to end this coming into their remedies as. Penn national would get a based on team for Memphis yes they would. Jacksonville. Acts and build good one no really it's only fair or Hillary voters say is that out as a hotbed for baseball there. A commando team that would someday you might see city in New Orleans might might CU baseball teams and they have disasters do of these deaths right next door. Look at. On 55305. Major League Baseball to Portland it's being talked about yet again folks. In in this is early in the cycle means he's had this conversation doesn't come up for another couple months there. We did already. 5530. I. Is anybody watching the Olympics and now anybody. 815 and. This is. And jam in the morning on 1080. All right so. Eight when he and here Monday morning great is even watching the Olympics out there watching the Olympics. Not just any at all no because I don't have the time it. Kids have activities I've watched a little bit hint of a little bit they'll sleep but Saturday. What's a little bit of figures mean we're talking less than at full consumption full disclosure. Or less than an hour. Does more and that includes the opening ceremonies. And which by the way opening ceremonies got hacked. Act act. Mean they digitally something now they have had to shut down the entire Internet. Everything they were doing during during the opening ceremonies all over. Really oily and actual tablets that sucks I didn't watch the opening ceremonies. I find them boring. And did David prayed to cool. As saw the tong being guy it was there again it's it's cool half naked guy it's twenty degrees if I was Olympian and I knew somebody that was Olympian with the cost. They walk country right that would be equalled your in the trade. But for me and to think. Right I have found now I was watching yesterday and the Olympics gay and thank you to watch stuff that he normally would never launch a lesson luge curling curling is revealing to me and don't know why. But people. We we talk to you loved by Athlon. You've said that you like the buy at cross country I think is the most interest team event in all of sports I watch the biased on yesterday or religion does he can shoot. This is the end of the by half on on NBC. I TG not mean this is how the entire you'll be able to hear the music underneath this is how the entire broadcast ended. On NBC. No chance on mobile I'm Steve slowing him barred fight for. From a town in Germany that is the headquarters of Jacob Meister. You gotta think there's been a decent folks doing some shots in his honor there tonight. Daily. Jog and do your job is how the buyout and ended a totally under German guys think you know from the ailment Diego advice there. I have a feeling they'll be doing some shots. Tonight and that's how you roll out I would anywhere on William Ayers and his that. Pretty much here that's a really really laugh line adds very American and what is that more American men are seventeen year old snowboarders who's five foot 516. Pounds. He won the first gold medal for the United States in these Olympics. How he got pumped up for the big the only sounds like number. It's definitely tracing have a crazy having anchored seventeen people at the bottom of the slope brown and knowing that they're there and liked. You know if you are fallen altering reruns of the a pretty big bummer but. I mean I kind of know there always can be there for mean and that I'd say it'd been having some fun yeah. She is mean but I got to snatch up this morning at like 830 last taking a bus up in the Euro shock ending Beers on the way to the now. So sensitive and having a good time yes and it is one thing you could say to them right now with the big. You do them. We did it. He's family shot getting Beers they've been sending him snap. Chat than they did this with a tutor this any any yet that are seventeen year old and the Olympics are Americas and their best and brightest. Come on it's it's it's a snow sport. A great is that it's very seasonal thank you can't drink for another four years been extremely pumped enough like I getting Beers. Cool. Racing for years and fifteen was the drinking age in South Korean and obvious fifteen no he seventeen years seventeen while he looks like affecting. Was on what with drinking changes incurred. Egypt Kenya have few Beers there could question on Germany's fifteen. I do I don't think they have I remember you know we had a neighbor grown up views from Germany. His son came over and I was fifteen years old and the dad and my lungs over rule over the hanging out dead goes. If you abuse it's very Russian accent in here is that I can't do German accent. I don't know how to deserves. He served crack it open Beers and handed them to me and my mom goes yeah. What Larry Kane. It. Could be her pocket no drinking ages 21 care a dear Jager shots so you guys and get them my beer. You add the NBC. Is in a broadcast this NBC sports network in NBC the main channel. In aiding kittens and heat I guess they had to apologize to all of South Korea. For saying they should look up to you. And Japan are date they look towards Japan as a kind of like a role model. They do apologize for that during the opening ceremonies because I don't know and hockey Japanese occupied them for 35 years. On but then they've also had some folk Oz where people. Have been hearing you move from podcast but Katie Couric is not. She's a pro he's pro. In this hits is that her take on why the Netherlands who won gold silver and bronze swept the speedskating. Are so good at that. This is that it really does not the united please let me tell you the Dutch are. Really really it is easy. All the fiber the 110 medals they won happened on this piece you know now. Why are they so good you may be asking yourself biggest gain is an important vote transfers he's. City like Amsterdam Pacific sea level as you all know how close can now that you free from the winners so for as long as those now big city. See you're not meant to get from face to face your free free feature they're not gonna happen. Wait that can't be true I mean to tell me they strap on the skates and skate to work. The I may win NASDAQ that that's not true like that's not you wise leader gating is so good in the Netherlands. Although I did in line she's not wrong win the canals do you freeze they do skate on and yeah. The cows don't freeze every year should take. She did so again or deal can now freezing and we Obama I'm basing his ground air apparently is pretty rare when it happens with. It's just that day like ice skating in the Netherlands. So. It's kind of been like in the eighteen hundreds. Ice skating became very popular in the Netherlands it's not because they can now. Freezing people race each other to work that thought of tests like. Thousands of Dutch and they're like business attire it and he is. From like eight Sheen an escape he's taking taken as tight curls likes there running and biking. Community yes the bikes I I would like skating I guess it's hard to read by colonize some lethal. I'm really get a ramp up my Olympics coverage though. Starting on Wednesday or Thursday when the NBA does all star break we're gonna have nothing. It is also an ulcer break is like a weeklong. And we're gonna have to watts to sports something did you see the controversy from the the women's. Half pipe last night. It was cold and too windy very cute very concerning about the wind I didn't know I didn't think about that the wind can cause Havoc. On them going down trying to do there there spins into our I don't know what I would say we are going to and I know fifteen feet into the air in doing a Wii is gaining just sorting yourself I would think wind would play a major role on that so they kept going. I guess I don't know I've been built into it I've just seen reports that did that the participants were very upset. The the wind and and then elements were causing a lot of problems Lou. Last night and controversy the Winter Olympics and now they're probably are keeping him going because which is the big downhill stuff starts it and when is the super G you know that is that I'm sure charting qualifying stages I have no idea so I have to read one tweet about that that Dutch. Now thinks someone's like in the summer a starts swim to work in the grocery store via the canals expect to hear that in the summer. I. Heard this person says it I've lived there it's true this kid ever. Roller skating is no way I think. There's no way that it can be idiots that prominent. The Netherlands does have a good Centene note you don't that. So maybe key clerical job that knowledge bomb on us the next winner game as he deserves a horrible crashes down hill canceled last. Opts to Indy. Why don't we have a good. Doing it gets no border gal. Named Chloe. Getting your name's Chloe yeah I'm supposed to be really into Chloe in on eighteen Chloe for snowboarding the Shaun White the old men old mystery of in dealing disease can have is as big scar on his face it's right here Richard on the middle. He side yeah I CNET does he look bad they haven't really showed up close. But he split is from his nose or his lip was split this four lane opened her straight down that's acts. So. What we are not watching the Olympics I was watching the cavs and Celtics game where you pointed something out to me that I missed. Robert Parish old man river he's got to be a hundred years old now right. Mean retired from the NBA when he's like fifty. He's got to be. Like seventy now. He made a bold claim. During Paul Pierce is retirement. Of his number 34 in the god. Here's Joe's sports and our first. This. Is just didn't examine the 1080. Hey Paul Pierce got his numbers in the rafters. At the TD Waterhouse got and and Boston which that is a great location for an arena to downtown Boston got to get on the good train station right underneath the dang place. But they see. You can find an old city in finding new place have put into building Portland to release is you bend the cost a lot of did not the most convenient city to driver around him. I know but it's pretty easy to get around. Way after that I was there when the Big Dig was going on hand at the roads changed every hour. As owes Rudy with the Israeli brutal but I've been access you've been there recently not the most convenient city but the last. Away the last time that you said the Big Dig. We had to pause the show Sig you need to make cheered you do in say the big you know Iowa. You know this idea yes the Big Dig for those that don't know is in massive tunnel they got some of the opera. My cell. Yeah they got a good place for in their new arena it's in great location. But am win that Paul Pierce isn't rad name and number was sent to the rafters. Number 34 never to be worn again in Celtics history. You cut this and I missed it Robert Parish. Long time Boston Celtic who is 64 years old now. Cheese and heyday of the of the eighties played their for fourteen seasons eighty through nine before. He said something that. I'm show don't know if he remembers the guy he played with take a listen Robert pear said. Right. A good hold a three. Good sport. Scenario. Join them into the yeah chicken and battery. And I've got they told you talk to. Paul Pierce the best offensive player ever to play. For the Boston Celtics I don't you'll get old they have the ability to forget. Forget the guy he played well holy smokes. The man for French Lick Indiana the hick from French I think. And leery legend have a billion of converse he baby wanna Wear those commerce. Bill Russell. Yup I and he was my next. Bill Russell who's happy birthday Bill Russell 84 years old today happy birthday. Paul Pierce. Kamal we talking about the same guy I get it Paul Pierce could color. Good. Better than leery. We what is Robert Parish sneaky he might have got a hundred texts or or mailers. At a news probably of uncles and he had I don't know well if you look at it is that this riveting pure Robert Pearson this. Let me make case case for Robert appears to be correct with the offensive player he he was specific. Paul Pierce finished his career at 26397. Points. That is ahead. John hapless check. It is ahead. Of Larry Bird. And it is ahead. Of Bill Russell. In career scoring so overall technically overall he's not wrong. Bias. He's wrong because I live like maybe we just under appreciate. Paul Pierce's game. But I didn't he I never really thought of Paul Pierce is a one of the best scorers in NBA history I I'd remembered all pieces go played really long time. Was very prolific and once he got guys around him he scored lasts. But it was still really good player embossed. I've seen both these guys and I basketball was my number one export. Growing up I watched the Celtics and lakers ad nauseam and I got to see Paul Pierce this to me is not close I don't think it is not even in the in the conversation. But. Here's Robert Parish who played with Larry legend maybe there's some bad blood or something I agree I don't even get that. I doc and David ought to argue yeah but I can't I can't really put in perspective you won championship. With a super team the Paul Pierce was a part of and Larry berg changed basketball. He was one of the greatest he think he changed basketball for Boston oh my goodness from what he was able to do I love that thirty for thirty with the lakers when the time mean. It was pretty it was me it was literally magic and Larry was East Coast for is West Coast they have the two of them. May basketball amazing in that in that run it was unbelievable yeah I Yahoo!. I'm in the seventies artists were his great back nine million doctor. Yeah right and Robert Parish. And then the surprising part is that he played with Larry Bird and he said that you know. But I guess to each his own in mussina like Lawrence Paul Pierce was really did though and as. I don't like the fact that he got hurt and wheelchair out of the arena. And then in Iraq. Played later in the game but I I do believe that we may be under value his impact in the Boston Celtics but he was. He's always one of those guys on this is great tech's Paul Pierce as the Boston version of Carmelo Anthony. He was un but unlike Carmelo Anthony wants Paul Pierce got talent around him. Is that team didn't look back and they were really good in he was really get on the on that team. But before that he was kind of one main show the kind of took it over and. And selfish player but he could score tonight that's Roberts coming from because I don't think very many people are GNU share Robert Parish is opinion there might be contingent at those who didn't watch Larry Bird that's the pro it and understand that they don't they don't and they don't value and that's fine to me. That's what's great about opinions. Is everybody has their own their own criteria sometimes you believe them sometimes you don't at times you think you're stupid event you don't. Of this text a paltry accident 101000 more points of it in place along with Antoine Walker sure he's an extra at I was. All in all of Antoine Walker. He never saw a shot he didn't like or a dead heat in the night in his career. Yeah. You lost his money way gambling. Real quick. Are we getting updates you MLB to Portland or NHL the Portland which would you like more our poll question that we have but today in gates said for what's coming up. The rest today on the fan. Testing him. This is Dustin gem in the morning. Hey we may need to take this out in the rotator because now I think that the like the website commercial. This song isn't known and talked about now Donna commercial nose and down the song but meting if our rights our poll question. At 1080 the fan on the Twitter about some we don't. The question to you is what. Would you support mourn Portland. MLB team in Portland. NHL team in Portland. Or are neither. NHL and neither are. Gaining ground 65%. Of respondents say specialists and bill and they'll be in Portland 19%. NHL 60% neither who would want neither people that don't like soccer heard sees me that don't like hockey or baseball. People that do like soccer and basketball apparently it's true. So the meters are there those those niners yet they don't that would be banned but just different orders way to say there where all of them the niners. I'm surprised that they have 16%. Does that surprise you in ads Joseph does do is that it alana said now putting either because I think that would begin. Generate some votes but I'm surprised that it's neck and neck with NHL you can vote at 1080 the fan on Twitter we you'll talk about this tomorrow because. It's closer than we thought it would be without it would. Beam overwhelming our idols as 75%. Bid. Overall that was the overwhelming but if you did have road orders you know if you were an election and you had a 65 to that percentage that is an overwhelming majority. Yeah I'm voting paying via 75%. Is what we were kind of both thought it would be. I'm surprised that it's at 65% vote wearing keep it up all day and retreated to if you're on the took about us. And so seventy that maybe not sports fans can chime in maybe that's for their new leaders coming from. Season on sports they can stay the niners. On the sixes on the ex FL baseballs and decline hockey's marginal like it. Has been never was at least the ex FL as football and unique plus Portland has a huge wrestling. May command fan days. Yes the narrative is sports are dying in our country a case so we have football lowest ratings ever in the history they're dying it's terrible. Things are things are terrible baseball the revenue AM oh no announcement no it's not the worst ratings ever it is just down from the best ratings which you would you would think it's the worst ratings ever regular turn that that narrative spread in their policy that all the dying sport nobody wants to sit around. And watch that although what how many. People watch World Series poster baseball is actually. Almost in every metric from attendance to television ratings NHL's not a big deal nobody likes NH oh that's not important either people love and they love the NHL and then there's and then there's basketball that NBA life. It's is too top heavy there's only two teams saying teams in the finals and basketball's a fun to watch and that's not so such negativity. Yeah it's the way you frame that I think that. I think we'll see one of those to an end LB or and it's a common. Who. Next fifteen years we have one foot in my lifetime. I'm already planning on longer than fifteen years at least hope cross my fingers and make it through today and next ten years. Say ten years. He's using tenure a drop down to ten baseball would be great we can get an ex FL team. And baseball in the next five years. Zoe on why wouldn't you he had vehicle. Be cooler in the lower in the were in the sports business. Me and or things to talk about breakdowns the next FL for an he had horrible and the Portland's undermanned. That was on football. That's terrible arena football and Malia 1011 player at a will yield we have a lacrosse team for a little bit do the lumberjacks. Yeah at a day. That played football and college ends up playing lacrosse Milan rejects school. Cross looks hard I knew a player on the team in I didn't go to a game. In my field and went ethics of a American pie when Agassi lacrosse again I mean I'm selling it until I think guides I mean and it's only think of and telling you right now. The player just wasn't simmering and indeed like I knew him very well he is a friend of mine and played on the team did not go to watch him. I went through when thunder game it will this piece certain clientele of people that there. That you could intertwined with monster truck rallies so the awesome game. It was also missed the football's go in the stands you know giving back not stray. Until they start losing so much money they were going in and heads and asking for the Mac until the guy ripped my my ten year old and pushed him out of the way for a ball made him cry as a welcome to anybody was distributed it is up about dries NIC give bigger. Pay no attention to the forty year old man he's historically into the side all bets dropped down their win win when paraphernalia or fly to blow. Into the scene and he was. The winner crowd was there also a Portland dragons. Force dragon that was bobbled the force dragon dance Portland or is dragons. And that was way back a long it was Alice ninety's saying knees now I remember bringing 86 and seven ND AR or bring in a toy a gods allow. To that game and like yeah. Reason in the crowd did cheer on the dragons these days it's yeah I mean that correlation has already and you were on the field date to detox you. How to get up and out of the wave action came your way good and a he would take now enough. Flush dragons or on big gadgets and you remember him from the dolphins' side mirror and against and he knew it was a dart your use of Portland force drag and ending at sanity NFL. Bingo deuces out I'm trying to force dragon emperor LC I can track some of that down throwback energy can. Or are you sure I got to Portland breakers UNICEF also lectured them so I mean peaking Galen and does that make all that stuff. Sure he can comical Crawford injury might have like a link for that somewhere. Obscure links Luke this text Portland pride comes in I'm into one of those games that was in what was in Portland professional indoor soccer well actually pretty fun yeah I remember that race love watching indoor soccer yeah faster tempo come off the boards yeah it was fun to watch it I enjoyed a much more the big soccer. They added team here and that you. All right so let's bring in Major League Baseball they fifth no they don't fit right in line with the arena football and don't endorse not always beat Ali don't Major League Baseball. It's gonna happen okay. If you just seemed like wait let me do it based on Portland. Which I met this go listen to nonetheless a tax podcast and our duties and not come tapping. There's a brighter for the Atlanta journal constitution who said prediction. You experiencing franchises will head to Portland or Nashville. Or if they stadium can't be built in Oakland or TF. Then. One of those teams mr. Portland. That was his prediction for that they are talking about Aeneas. Made sense kimono there's not been a any sort of movement on based on the for a except for that Portland has. Tweet from a dad. Our rights up next is there has gone to our nine and union to reader and straight through seven as prime time does against it was CT is a right here on 1080 the fan have a great month.