Dusty & Cam, 2-12-18 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, February 12th
Dame puts up 50, then 39, but it wasnt enough against the Jazz, the Colts have their new head coach, and MLB to Portland, here we go again...

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really knew each other. Accuse us seems to pop up maybe even more in previous games. We're just here. And the man in my acceptance permissible teriyaki benefit. It's also a college all American champion Cleveland but why does anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty examine the more you know on 1080 assailant. Our rights our number two of dusting him in the mornings thank you for being with us. And a lot of tax and get feedback on. Those that sexual relations and ailing Johnson featuring ways fear based organization he must be happy when one symbol rather than when five. I think he'd take five though if you could want them. The store on that out there. Pay Elaine. I think vice led them to rubles five go to the one last time I checked I checked that last semites hard ratings are in one. Well we got bigger fish to fry because the blazes have one line ring in quite some time it is 705. That's why it's so. It's odd and I exude cool yeah it was good body and cool whip dusty in jail. Those of positive. Great story. Trucks in Portland and then. Mean Portland Trail Blazers saw last night 115 in 96 TDs tied jazz but. On Friday night the blazers got the weekend started with they win over the Sacramento Kings where Damian Miller told CTA. He became only the third player. Since the NBA ABA merger. To have fifty or more points. In thirty. Or less minutes. Joining CJ. And Klay Thompson would seek triple a gamer dame no confusion and Osi did it at first Olson whose first CJ pulled the clay. Who pulled the game and that no I'm gay news clay was the first person to do it so confused so clay constancy chemical and Damian Miller the only guys in NBA history to do and fifty points in thirty minutes or less. And he did it on a scorching its eight of thirteen from three. And 1636. Neither Dane or CJ played the fourth quarter. And did you watch the game at all. Idea I probably watch added depth full disclosure. I fell asleep. During the game alum point that is the most. Status ranch guys I've seen in sports in quite some top Sacramento. There was man I ain't nobody there I would bet less than 2000 people were there man point your attention TV crease and brown know certain known and unknown. No not even call you'd think they teens are Saturn are at Cleveland sacked have you been to Sacramento by the it is an armpit I have been you are a bit of Leo. Yeah I've been Cleveland's way nicer. Wit have you been there really there Locke is pretty nice and basically in Sacramento the river Locke is pretty nice you've been to Cleveland yeah no no no I haven't. And not once not that okay with that it's not that bad ever Mela science and not get in by the way out on this is his shots fired at Akron arena they do. With a had a great arena because they had to invest in the garbage that of that I mean it is it's embarrassing that's a really bad franchise. It's a nice little arena announcing that it is that it really bad franchise and I was impressed the dame went for fifty on a really bad basketball team against a really bad team. Big conspiracy theorists can take his seat after Terry Stotts should consistency. In pulling dame for the entire fourth quarter as it is supposed to. Letting him go for sixteen dame after the game said. I'd rather score fifty with character and in god and she's sixty. And again you know they almost had to bring him back in for quick minute but it does he was character sixty wood nine character Pena. Where to go for 75. I know but member of the conspiracy. That stocks pulled CJ. Because he didn't want Dame's record to fall to seat him a call. Any money keep dame happy I didn't buy into it then and after game gets pulled short of the franchise record. I think that is against and good spot in Smart move to go to show consistency. In this for says the river walks in nicely remote. Newton. Home we said Sacramento and I realize that as the armpit practically. Yes it's a high point. Down now it is okay Eilat when island there the last time aggregate time they have bars and restaurants and pattern when we have out there isn't there a perfect example of the blazers being able to do with the blazers do vs lower tear tell. McCain can stomp on somebody like that get hot make shots from 38 feet like kiwi shoe naming it there but it was incredible that's a bad basketball team an easy vote Willie coach Stein your best players. Yes I think one thing though that we get lost in the nose is. Damon CJ are special in we get so lost in. Defense of alleviate caught up with how they may have deficiencies. Or how they do have deficiencies on defense than the floor. But that clouds kind of how special they are offensively. And or credible what those two guys can deal because that they are two of three players ever to be treated to get 1529 minutes. And they do it they score so there's some gift. Didn't score and we still managing dusty is so maddening to know do you have that good of a backcourt it's match it's his he just go. Cost can we get a big and a wing can I get a three and the guy the kid coming compliment these kids you know how good this franchise could be. With two more pieces I don't receive one piece awaits you satiric whatever it's not use of market right now because he's not playing he's heard he's good player good quality player. To it's look at this team in and out of the same damn conversation we have week in and week out game any game out the backcourt is fantastic. We're gonna say that for another five years if they don't find a way. To bring in. Somebody. Else that can create. Offensively I'm excellent IBM analyze the backcourt can score like him and everybody can everybody across the country you O'Shea. So already team's eleven ever backcourt that's screen you know what else so many teams elect to have to. One more guy. Well in that goes back to our discussed that we had on Friday owner playing the audio clips of you know Neil Shay at his press conferences. Years ago where he's saying. One hey maybe we got it ahead of our skis but years ago or playing audio of projecting a 54 wins with African menial and Evan Turner. At the three in the four and then beaten. You know. When we're this close and we got these fellas it comes down to the blazers have not been enough. T surround those guys Metalico and they are so skilled offensively they need their defense of deficiencies. Jimmy NASA if you have the right pieces around them. And that's where you know when Neil assays as we're not gonna break up Damon CJ has every right to say that because they are one of the best back courts in the NBA record but wary its key in the blazers. Organization deserve a little bit of and a little bit of flak from the fan base. Is the fact that they haven't done enough to surround them with good talent in where they have paid exorbitant amounts of money is to guys that just don't fit what they need. On that roster. It's maddening because what's what is Matty so that's like saying I know every day that I might get. Steam NT arm to get the best from those guys and they're going to be offensive juggernaut through it was a carry this for answers and ordered in ball it's like to saint delivered it. I know I know it's the most consistent thing I know it's gonna woman a wake up to be ball. Your wake up gonna watch the Portland trailblazers in your gonna know that Damon teacher's gonna give you this. Where else you gonna get something it's so it's so maddening. To watch this team and see the investment in players that are not giving back what these two guards deserve. Is it management's fault is it coaching is it to be isn't it OK to be average is it okay to beat. And eight. Through a five seat. Is that okay. It is it better than being Sacramento. Won't yes it better than being met that's that would keep the mediocre question. That we watched these two play so good at what they do. How how frustrating would it be to be able to put yourself in at the end of the game and and drive out your car and go. To just have. Because I'm thinking of Damon to do their point of the idea that no one's on the inside of them their hearts and no truthfully if they feel just as frustrated as we are as fans and we watch. I think so because I mean you look at what teams have been able to do it's not like there isn't. Offensively gifted back courts and that and teams out of surround them with talent look no further than what Tron has done. With Kyle Lowry in DeMar DeRozan. Those are two really nice piece is that they have and they built an entire roster on the net now has the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Bradley dealing John Wall in Washington you know if injuries it. Don't. DC and in eat and notes in the Eastern Conference. But you're looking at. Right now Toronto is ahead of Boston and Cleveland you know and you look at washing is just a half game back of Cleveland for the three seed in jest but. Do a full game back of Boston from being the two seed like dozer to. Very gifted. T eighteen teams have very gifted guards who are. To resent. Deficient on the defense and but they found the pieces. And they found bigs that are physical or need kind of place and together in a mask what they do on the defense of an Indy make him shine offensively. You know I mean it's not like you can say you can't win a lot of games and be a top fourteen seed. In in the NBA with guards like Damon siege we don't need to analyze. In depth why Damon TJ work they do is do yes well we as fans and Louise people need deceit is. Trying to get better trying to do something. Other than. Treading water. With this franchise. Either starting now moving forward whatever it is they're needs to be some sort of pushed their needs to be sell off their needs to be some sort of movement. To create space race for either a free agent. Someway somehow. This mediocre pay off because we we mentioned in our dinner earlier early in his own six cock are you on the money to pay a Davis Dave to best bench player. In you don't have money to pay him you have any way to keep them. Probably not decisive added to the dead just it's infuriating you know I can't I'm not traded lash out you but I think that's don't. I think it's frustrating it's disappointing non no I'm not seen in Yuba deducted. That's a stupid way to be able to say that this organization is failing if you can't keep your best bench player on your roster. Failing. I think way you're getting at it is win it with Portland trailblazers the wait and see approach has run its course. It's no longer acceptable bill awaiting your professional franchise. You're trying to get better give hundreds of millions of dollars at your disposal your excuse of a bad place no free agents want to go we use it. There's no excuses. You don't get to sit there and say the process three to five year rebuild. Every year. You have to compete I know it sounds easier said than done but the complacency and some of these teams and organizations. It's frustrating waiting for guys developed as it has gone where Portland when I get it about just that it's gonna wait he's gonna weed out LeBron wade out the gold state warriors. Currency when I'm fifty. Ed baby is David Souter will be here and may begin paid after this season that Saddam actually tumors you know. That's what's on cool on the sand is Roxy diary heating cooling nearly thirty trucks and Portland and Vancouver you not to wait on area your local train comfort specialist. It's hard to stop a train the colts have found their man in the Seahawks may be in a precarious situation testing camel fan. I. This is dusty and examine them. You know until they do love. One last thing on the jazz blazers game. What do you think of you tell us uniforms. I don't know. When you mean I don't know either like to read don't I may differ with these uniforms are I don't have any beat either just their crazy. They're better than I like classic late ninety's with the cityscape and them. I like bills. I guess he never had city's gain of they had the mountains islands you know those were ugly those are heinous. I don't mind you I don't mind him people adds the league obliterated them on social media but last at bat I'm like done it again. About became Houston Astros fan during a cream sickle days cell ID reminds me of those so I don't mind and at all I'd actually growing as the game goes on I agree I think dude there's like two words different. Code differ yet faded from. Orange down the black ones this year really Cleveland's liked. Like a land ones I do is I'd like to I'd love to agree it will scrape it's from Miami certainly has come around yes the Miami devices they have TO you like them. They did. The mavs ones are ugly partner. Early on I haven't seen the mavs weren't here neon green and black dorm against the blazers okay neon green and they say oh yes yeah answer those. Bernanke going out on the limb I detail of a did you but the blazers average Siemens it where last night pretty sweet Islam. Aren't let's move on to that and frank Reich it is being in bed go to the Indianapolis Colts this time the colts did not. Say that they had a new head coach hired until they tweet to add a photo frank Reich actually signing the contract probably good idea of zone they found their guy Eagles offensive coordinator frank Reich. New head coach of the Indianapolis Colts easily be coaching for ten years. He has I it's eerily similar the the parallels between. The guy he worked for Doug Peterson in Philly. And frank Reich as they both came from great head coaching trees to. They didn't call plays as the offensive coordinator but they Wear the offensive coordinator had only been coaching for. You know ten or fewer years in the NFL. And frank Reich actually has the distinction of he has been fired by Indy. Just four seasons ago he was fired a huge applause cults. Funny how things turn around so quickly and now he's the head coach there are releasing it at higher by Andy I've. No idea what to think of it what I do know is that everybody in Indianapolis is now saying. We brought him anyway job. This beings have been in now. I always say things happen for a reason Josh McDaniels not supposed to go to Indianapolis is frank Reich was spokesman who won the took over as then. The quote unquote czar of Indy. Bill Polian hall of fame general manager Bill Polian says it is the best situation for and you know what else is Dennis. He's got to support a franchise we Jim Irsay is a lunatic. It's so they have to figure out a way to get stability and how many times we seem team's coach. Super Bowl champion understated I think. This says the less I have no idea how he's gonna do. At you can only dream we won't arm you with some luck but. The one thing that I do know is that. Welcome to do with the world of being really good Indy urged a Philly because they will start taken all of your coordinators as you once admirable. And you know we it's in a situation our you know. Who's he gonna take from that staff with him. Two Indy because what happens when you give court nearly if he's got a couple guys usually announced that these has come along with us. And let's go build some great argued mourners say in a bigger role with the team. And it happens. All the time and that's the biggest thing you have to fight when year. Mean your head coaching your organization. Is all those guys that leave like Pete Carroll had to do with all is defense of coordinator. You know. Did you see in not to mention Pete Carroll did you happen to see you frank Reich is interviewing. For his office coordinator job or we do know it might be somebody that used to be. With the Seahawks call an office of place all I heard that in Joseph Fisher's update if Gerald babble about. K indeed good old boy network room. Not to run it on the one yard line also too there are multiple reports that there will be an Andrew Luck citing. But it not might not be on the field next year also home it'd this is waste and just last week they said that he didn't need surgery. No matter what until he steps on the field. It is Craxi and in full pads and competing in a pre season game the speculation is going to be key might need more in. Time that Timmy is exit I think that that is the reason why. Josh and jails and take that job I think there's more to this burger there are certainly more to what's going on the insides that shall. The frightening and auditors. I would I would what would you wanna take over franchise and start over don't think you're gonna see the colts to a lot of jockeying. And shuffling in their draft days they will draft a quarterback. Be it on the first round whatever beat it will be the first three rounds and you'll have somebody in place other than I know Jacoby percent is there. All the quarterback. For regime for the patriots studied under Josh McDaniels would have been a nice transition but they're gonna need depth at quarterback. But I am I'm wondering what Jacoby were sets. Contract looks like. I don't know how many years he's going to be there. Because he's a rookie deal still yet have his rights for five years been warriors and there was right for easier or one more season yet so. As you that you Lesnar he's a third round picks and he's not fight he's got a tiger I have to be your first rounder but yet he'll have his rights for four years ago when warrior. So. I guess you've got him locked up for at least a year but this is. It's not good for. Silly to lose jobs and scorn because this one more mined out and Doug Peterson calls placed it it's one more mined out of the building that. They kind of need but that's an account with young day Andrew Luck stuff I mean there's some else would you rather be mark helpful or Andrew Luck right now she's. He's been shut down 76ers number one overall pick. Yeah his shoulders destroyed two something's wrong with him such as mentally this is this is subbing is pretty important I never had. I never had a shoulder you've had a shoulder injury if your quarterback gave a shoulder problem a year done. I know Cam Newton was able to come back this year he was pretty Smart that I don't know severity compared to how long. The proportion than Andrew Luck played with such a damaged shoulder that he was doing multiple. Multiple damage to the inside and playing through it and getting around it taking more and more hits and getting the right treatment to make it through the week. And I just don't. No I don't know how a guy like that can handle well Philly is still on there on cloud nine right now because there going down the road as at retained doctor says this angle coming out this morning. We want the guy who won the super able not to loser you know there's like Amy Daniels turns him down and I get frank Reich said the job golf. And exit jilted lover this is here this is signed for you both it's never too late. Frank Reich didn't do anything for ten years. And then he got an assistant head coaching job and then ten years later. He's head coach you have bill would frank Greg's biggest achievement in sports history for him losing four Super Eagles as a back up. Orchestrating one of the biggest comebacks ever. He's frank Reich had a chance to win a big game in buffalo but he he had some time he threw some throws in buffalo being a part of that for Super Bowl losing. Franchise how she museum Kelly's back up that. While her now AZ Indianapolis Colts head coach. At UNH good baseball to Portland and this is back in it's a conversation again will tell you why because. There is a national Ryder. Who went out of his way to say and not Portland's play said in an Obie is going to be. Here's Joseph sports that are. This. Is no Palestinian cameramen. And 1080 million. In the lead Portland and it comes out every so often. Unless I'm thinking of you is when it was unveiled that Michael Barrett's former blazers play that played as part of the group. Secret investors do our thing trying to quart a team like but. What Murphy one of them. I don't know group that he was with. Just speaking as associates. A nightmare is speaking up always happening folks. Yeah and aid this is legitimate I mean it's a legitimate group that's out there. Entered David O'Brien at the Atlanta journal constitution. Do. I don't know why he did this. But in have to human out of his way in for those that don't know the Atlanta journal constitution as it. Very well respected news outlets this is not fake news organization. He came out he said long term prediction. If Oakland and Tampa Bay can never get stadium situations in order MLB will expand to two cities including Portland with Nashville among candidates for the other spot is open or Tampa does not eventually get a new stadium one of those teams. Moves to Portland. And in Egypt on Friday as I was wide. Okay that's a weird thing to say but just arbitrary sound out idea there's no reason to do it well. At one of the reasons why he said is because. Over the weekend. The rays owner. Was saying I'm done with playing in Saint Petersburg for the Tampa Bay Rays. We are going to be playing in Tampa cracked and that's a bone of contention with the did they can't find a spot to play in Tampa itself. They've been Tropicana Field for doesn't know is in Saint Petersburg is out of an antenna in Tampa so be like plain and Salem lawyer and it and I think it's closer but it's still yeah it's like the New York Jets in New York Giants they play New Jersey area it's a done makes cents. So he's saying no I wanna be in Tebow we can't draw fans here. We need to make this happen and this is kind of been again the blustering and talk about Portland and MLB. Is. Hey every team that's been rumored to get one has gotten one now it's Portland's chance to be in line in finally. In the realization is coming that hey. There's an investor anger that's legitimate Nam that's been the biggest problem. Ever picked up the spot. Are depicted out. It's gonna give ya know I know or the state road like to go public think the worst track away. I'll Portland meadows Portland meadows and put the stadium right there caused proximity is closer to my allies. Or how else they settle wanted to go out Hillsborough on the other side so that nobody wants it over 26 yeah. As the U wanted to in the city skate were to close that's a perfect place. By that out notes simple put the stadium there. Infrastructure new bridge. New bridge new infrastructure to get it in and out perfect. Right there and then we could have summer baseball spring summer camp and fall classic in this city. Do you do you that's the thing that the juices are flowing for me but I have to because I have to ask. How many people love to have baseball here as a sports town. With the blazers a one horse town is what we are. What would you do if you had baseball I usually do you know. Don't know because yeah I know that but they're that there's there's some. Number one I mentioned to you NHL. Or Major League Baseball what works better in port. And Joseph poll question. At 1080 the fan on Twitter. Would you be more prone to go to MLB. Game or NHL. Which would you support. More NHL or Moby in Portland we'll get to crack research team on it because those are the suit does your rumors that that keep popping up in the Seattle looking more more like they're gonna give an NHL franchise that obviously and negates Portland as one of the landing spots but. I mean meet personally I would deemed a baseball you kidding me. That would be so fun Ted to have a baseball team here but. Just as Oakland and Tampa it's a stadium site in stadium funding that is big one. That this sign an investment team is gonna have to do is find a place to build. And we're gonna we're gonna do poll to make a prediction right here ominous say it's 7525. In favor of baseball favorite baseball Imus got thrown out there I have my biases I think hockey's great sport. But for some reason there's something about what baseball does I don't you don't seat. You don't see the deep rooted connection to hockey in our country like you do. Baseball I think that's the only swing that you would see why so much in and in beat if you had to build a stadium where you had a roofing had a habit retractable roof he wouldn't put a dome here that we cares about domes it's gorgeous in the summer. It's it's plausible that you could handle it you can financially handle at the city's growing it's got tons of revenue it's got infrastructure the you can redo. Everything would be great about it seed that he and here's the big the big. Problem that portal and half ago here comes Debbie downer well I know will it lets you mean need to be realistic I don't know I don't know I want to be and happy about it. Here's why days every downer me let's go below ratings of Portland has edit it Ed and blood people around the country don't realize and I think people in Portland don't realize. Is that during baseball season. It rains fewer days in Portland then I I think it was like ten. Other Major League Baseball cities surveys they'll all be rained out. That actually isn't true like our rainfall is far more than most and a B cities. But during your building a retractable roof it will have to be rejected if France a no brainer so that's expenses easy. About tournament but the biggest problem that that Portland has had an uphill battle that they continue to fight is that. Major League Baseball cuts out medium markets as maps. And they would have to get Portland falls under. Seattle. San Francisco. And Oakland's. Markets like dale overlaps or all three of those sit teams. Would have to say he had school you can have a a Major League Baseball team Teaneck in it it takes out but here's where it's a problem is that those coverage maps. It's the Mariners it goes to television you know and if you take away organ is part of that television market for the Mariners. Vat is a big chunk of money out of their part. And that's no concern for the Mariners because you're here right now you're not producing anything that successful so you know what wind and you the money will flow. I think that you have so many teams close proximity on the East Coast. Where there's medium markets and others more people on the East Coast there on the West Coast that's that's goes without saying. But Major League Baseball can do whatever they want to if they wanna car about a media space for the Pacific northwest for Portland area and in northern California. And how about in southern Washington. That's what they're going to do they're not gonna worry about it because it's good for baseball it's good for their revenue. They're trying to make more money now worried about whether the Mariners are going to be able to keep their contingent of Idaho people liking the Mariners. They're gonna do what's best for revenue generation in eyes Oakland can't support. A new stadium because there's is a pile of garbage with Rolen up through the dug outs. The they're gonna put it in a place it's gonna invest in a city that's gonna compete and they're gonna want it here because Portland is Brian but I kind of revenue here. And I think one thing that is different now as a you know bid to ease the sex on the antech signed five factors your classes city government. You know that's been a big hurdle here. Locally but here's the thing that. We know the city government will buckle to and that is support for them in now. Public support and now crying of support I think it has changed a little bit. I think that if you look at Portland he said. The blazers. Amongst the leaders in attendance every single year in the NBA via the Portland Timbers. And V leaders in attendance in DM LS for years. I think Seattle is ahead of them. Cable when the leaders just because they don't have enough seats churned across a lot of they are more K. In and you look at what it does he communicate this city is not sitting there in fully funding of baseball stadium it's a privately funded saw him where you just give us some land and say okay. It does a lot for your city to have professional sports and people naval bay willful to public pressure. If you if there's enough of it. In that is that was always the problem of Portland is that big government big groups that we're trying to bring baseball here never put enough pressure on city leaders. And that is one thing that they need to do in this. Ever legislation wants to do whatever. City Council members that are the mayor whatever they wanna say is completely. And I'm gonna say this because I'm biased but it doesn't matter you're wrong if you don't think it would benefit the city you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong everything about that is wrong. There's no reason why the city couldn't sustain it and hold it for years to come it would be fantastic. Antawn like Moses. Need almost twenty years ago. Now was when the first push for baseball happen in the city was not nearly what it is today population wise. And then when he went to the nationals and come out on the exposed moves from Montreal to the DC in mid to late as it. 2006. Ish somewhere in there. Portland just didn't have a group ready to go and and ready to make a big push site and now it and it appears that de external line we just need to hope that. Either Oakland or team but I can't get stadium and those of the they don't think baseball would work this region organ. Southwest Washington around the area baseball is very very popular here. Is it a huge I mean I I go to the turns around and I know basketball's big it's great but you can't baseball draws it draws you in as families. It doesn't mean he just have 40000 stadium we don't need a big stadium forty just under 40000. It would be packed to the rafters. Week in and week out there I think give a part of those city in small would be no way to go and a smallest four is 45 and under 5000 under yes Sony going to say yeah I'd say bed between ninety. If there's a 35 to 40000 seat stadium. That would be perfect for. It doesn't have a white he need to build 50000 east side I do you know were probably could have the expansion ability their buddy you're probably split and harassment 35 to 45 somewhere in that area it's not gonna be expensive but if you you'll be some really good. In EU your tickets are in demand and that's what you wanna be able to produce a great product in this city right there. Great way easy lands there do this. I own. C'mon as this one says it we RE one horse town don't get caught up and understanding that I I do value with the timbers bring here but we're talking about the core four. The big four sports in our country. In what we do our cities right now analysts as years to catch science five slices 305. That is the Symantec signed blessed fabricate money is what's grinding your ears. Fire not 55305. As the money is next on the fan. This everyone's favorite decade. I. Sounds like someone I can. You have to complain about. Ultimately. Picturesque and isn't. Our case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's gotta consider the mood. I'm 1080. 55305. That is the text sign this get the case of the Monday. This Dexter says my son went to bed this morning. While he was laying on top of me that would be the worst way to start your morning. I've trucks. Boehlert kids go repeat and yes we have it's like a rite of passage just wake it up that way in hell yeah adds a brutal way to wake up. That's your problem is each jettisoned that that child back to the bed when they commanders emblem you know to back in your own bed didn't went that soccer not mine. You know earlier they better come and it's hard to say you know gives you one of them that just jump in they were based tired that's fine then backed sleep review that matter. I was in from ninety on either as a big that letter I was. I always Edson. Empathy for the dead Enders though it's out there that had dating consistently 'cause I had a couple times and has kid you know and drink too much one of course at course. But like the it happens all the time always felt bad for those kids mean that Sox my boy's words my daughter was Anna is in really Tia the other way around is it. And Omaha my niece was in boys I mean it's it's. I don't know I bet on the most. The studies who really got your way there. Doled into the one you get a case the money is bothering you. Can just make something up and went you don't have anything and point two billion. No my thing is and spent a lot of time senator wash and current thirty dirty again you know that you hate when that app has minutes of the mountain on Sunday. Is to tube in and they have all the dead the red rock yeah he just blew all over my car. And I saw I gotta wash it again and I have a question for you yet and listeners out there and you too Joseph would you do you have your cards dirty. You know that first feeling when you get in after you've cleaned it yes in its clean on the insides clean the outside and give you cars faster yes. Now I do too when you step on the gas egos he feels faster MIT Hollywood is I don't know years I'm wondering you know show me you with me on this one of the cars dirty. It feels slow. Clunky it's not as claimed the one I clean it it says that new car or the united. Is it really play good I clean with the with the foaming glass cleaner. At Costco you know I was kind of the last guys I think that car that's those are we get there it's really talks with. Washed the wash the truck. And then all of a sudden. I feel like it's faster I'm sure there's some sort of psychological. Effect that when your cars cleaner you believe that the overall performance of the cars and less aerodynamic drag from this year I think you know it exactly so I'm not weird by thinking that now everyone else thinks that TOK I thought I was if you're a it's a clean car fuels doom it's like after get a haircut and he went out played sports are much faster you folks again Erica a you know maybe that was faster. And it feels faster I'll bring us they're cut plea that longer than a year and a Super Bowl white she used him. Oh I hate white shoes make you detest him and Noah Noah doesn't end Desmond little lot faster counts it's it's a false narrative now turn. To fact and finally get through for fact. Done deal. But I'm just reading and just read a couple bad bad feelings it's it's not good radio we need to say who you don't say it who. Lose my debit card canceled as more because of fraud charges now I've to catch up in the bank it's elegant new bank card in two weeks. Is a horrible. There's a special place in hell for people that steal the old debit and credit cards because it's fake I'm gonna. The canceled and you're not gonna get anything out of them all you're doing is making me. Not have any way to pay for anything for awhile. That's go to the bank. Thank you suck dude who steals stuff I have a case of the Mondays for somebody that's not mean but I'm a case of the Mondays for them rant on Friday my wife's teacher friend at work at school they teach. She went out to warm up her car she warmed started the car warmed over to have auto start warmed car. Went back in to grab a banana and kiss her husband to buy came back out cargo stole it. You're kidding. No he's waiting and I just thank. Was it just to criminologist walking on street a little ways I do lose it Aussie car's gone. Did now did she do that often ninety she read I don't know the details but I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that do warm up their vehicles. And most cars now have the oddest most it's it's a feature. Auto start feature where you warming up I'd I use it. But if you do the keys and leave the keys then in you do X are used to do that. That's ridiculous. Yet and they're special place now for that person to there's a there's also. Always know where you can't started in the and I take off the little in manual on locker thing. It because that's a nice view is. That on boxing that's Newton unattached and keep the lead the key in the closed during a locket. Now it won't let you lock your key in the car. Don't and put that feature and for the idiots out there let me lock Mikey in my Carlisle started please. That'll complain you win actually do locked my keys and car. Because your future and not right now Joliet is the Monday that the that the man did Kim's. Got nothing wrong this month. I just that I had mine for somebody else. I'm pretty tired now. Joseph did you make immensely and I am or noon. And these are immune midnight I didn't publisher yes yes I did yeah and but it's still pretty tired. In a former us is that yeah I was on the guys lasting ugly and RI openly in but yeah I definitely am if that's news a few times this morning. I don't believe that this text Israel in Oregon it's illegal to have a car and attendant while running. That Tex came out of legal that's a law is that it. Is that all law because they break the law quite often then five factories here five officers please Texas is there anybody out there that's been in force of their car ran. Running newly defined parked in my driveway I can in my car running. Now. It's illegal guests. And now we live in Washington so. Good point. He fund in its Washington 55305. Hey we got a lot of related tax on a baseball organ would jump back into that because I think a lot of you bring us some very good points about the city of Portland. And its feasibility of carrying another professional sports franchise seventh idiot on the fan.