Dusty & Cam, 2-12-18 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, February 12th
Blazers fall to the Jazz, Lane Johnson calls out the Patriots, and does 'fun' matter if you are winning all the time?

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This. As dusty in jam in the morning when I say should we. As losers you say. Weather permitting new Justine yeah I didn't get anything. Check me. And jam yeah. I was feeling your best college myself. It's how you afford to get a steal and jam in the morning on 1080 love should. Oh yeah. Damned. And more are being happy Monday. Hey everybody. Distant sixth idea that we can welcome to Monday outside is that word happy as an but it is happy to happy Monday is always the way you get outside and enjoy all this guy today so I think all of us got a lot of stuff don't wanna know if anybody gets its. Work done and this out inside and watched no I don't know this was a working weekend. In we played working for the weekend yes no we work in this weekend now on main. Now billion outside at all. Well yeah I did that isn't as working well that's missing is joining cited as you know enjoying the outdoors is like 63 degrees is like shorts weather and a dad bod hands and saying when you when we're working means route route about the move around I'll. Now sit around doing nothing and I was out doing yard work. As outside enjoying sunshine and it was fantastic it was really hard and then on. Saturday evening wife and I got allowed hair like K go to the mound. This easily discussed with the mountain is that Mount Hood. We went up and stayed up on Saturday night. But the mound and it was nice. And then we went out we're like where and take kids to being done. There's like no snow announced that it. We went up past like meadows. And in need German as you go up that none year expecting ice on the road stuff like that melted yet we came down from literacy past meadows on the way down to ski board achieving. Nothing there were making snow fake snow on unstable none of the lists are open and ski bowl it'll melted already. I don't think they've just. Really had any snow up there results takes out his son who's still in tubing and it was great big snow in the snow machines they had had snow machines are blowing the distill out. Air in but it's coldness would milk and yes it was very cold but they're still bid it was very odd to see in February Mount Hood in. Roads were completely I'm looking out there's still snow on Mount Hood where you go way way way up there and way up to get a helicopter appear to go to me. I don't think dead in dank knife I've heard some of the snowboarders and skiers at the beginning of this year were sin and on now it's not that great an there. There's just diagnose on nobody was up there who's crazy. Who's crazy deceit. Do you find it weird when you go to places when you're driving your car and mixing you know you're nexus I'm waiting here you know somebody was snow tires on yet they drive a four wheel drive car via for older vehicle right in its seventy degrees out so there's tires on Eden. That was via that does make sense to me that's our guys are driving through the park killing what are you doing whether whether got a four wheel drive vehicle I get it snow tires help you. Right where the capital of Subaru here onion and don't be you don't need your stone arch slot receivers on the mountain on us I don't live in Minnesota now I know ideally anyway it would buy snow tires in the Pacific northwest zero no legal updates and on the lot I guess I in his onto the doom yes that do you do that. That you do that they do you do that if the anti. Eyes so I guess but he did does look very odd when their truck around perilous erodes it does route as roads are we have puddles of us. But I saw that one of the weather guys between that hate. If you think that it's it's time to change this attack salmon and and then not so fast my friend liggett's known I guess and a bassinet next couple weeks it's supposed to get cold here that. I doubt it it's gonna go and say no didn't have these four wheel drive once on mountain yes and for you. Well that's because the roads Gurney and there's no reason to do that. Not a snow sport where I did bother me now is. We do as a last minute trip up there in on Saturday days some nice washed all the cars cars look and sparkling clean. And then we go we drive out there yeah it's destroying it current while I may Miami my oldest son get on the till the cars. Washing down and here's you know what you meet cute kid do that and a course on and on and on trust and do that I mean alliance. I'm trying to teach him how to do things. Because I told them to use rags and it just use the rags out there there's clean brags he -- no no he cleaned the entire inside of the car with a awacs rag. It's not to go through and do all this is clearly bright areas roster I don't I know I get that buddies like tees down I thought I did a good job yet you did know the whole hot. Seven cars waxy. In sticky now. That's on gonna teach him something you have teach him some time. I will have labor for the rest of my days on their their forests where you have children as labor you're actually right on net. That's a great any parent has Victor kids work soft. We have kids or it is if you could give dishwasher cooks and food and clean my car. Hell else do you have kids for no reason and. He's my number was just like yesterday. And right. Now today what else you got better did you start vacuuming lines they really get on the carpet to. On this day in sports history eighteen years ago this is it kind of crazy to think he's still playing. Bites. For my money it was the second best dunk contest ever witnessed with my own two eyes. It is Vince Carter winning the dunk contest. Where he got the bounce from Tracy McGrady then went between the legs. And dunked it got perfect fifty and many sealed it with the elbow dunk. He jumped up and he's looking down inside the grand and then places elbow and that was using freak of nature. Vince Carter was and he's still playing in the NBA for a when he is old. Amazing to think of that. Only that dunk contest only second TV 1988. But really your call now in Jordan real Dominique Wilkins in Michael Jordan. I don't know man Bowen was then. Well there semi Dominic and in Georgia's best fully and you are saying Vince Carter's number two for you yes. I'd sure like the Dee brown and Kenny walker case walker 1990. RE AMD here's where do you grand doesn't get it for me. He covered his eyes after using the air but that's still he's still got a year in year. Any pumped up three blocks Reebok hoax ever came out on the way you owner that's us once. I don't they showcase the Monday some 45 what's bothering you during your years go ahead cinnamon. Elaine Johnson throws and a shade. And those Super Bowl wins he says the patriot way is based on fear. And you said that a lot citizens they want you said that quite often I dame pulls a CJ this weekend in the blazers followed up with a and could Major League Baseball. Be coming to Portland and Wanda. National writer believes so. We'll view details on that the next plus this Winter Olympics are you watch him. Time to Waco and. Let's talk a little in our Olympics there in full force and Jung Chang Germany leads the medal count. Currently in six medals four gold to bronze. So they're doing quite well for themselves of the Olympic country doing South Korea now but a lot of these athletes caught know who were calling them the Olympic and I. Yes the those guys I don't even know how those Jeter's. Have no idea I was strangely could see the Olympic flag than you can hear the Olympic song when they win a medal. He didn't Daytona news let's pretend that this is in Russia. Nothingness and he's here an embassy here. I dated Bo. Olympic athletes of Russia have team medals medals a silver and bronze. The Netherlands is in second place in the fall not to act as they dominates as speed skating at five total medals. And then the United States. We got our first gold medal in four total medals two gold the silver and bronze seventeen year old red Gerard. Won the first gold in snowboarding for USS. So she is five foot five inches tall 160 pounds pretty cool watching that. Those jumps like that crazy. Yet and we get a luge of first medal ever in luge. By some guys get a silver would never won the illusion of the single loose. The loose area to know they have the least read that you give him a loose right on top of each other's hair out. Do they have not history you know what that does for me to this but what they. His right they have been of the tandem didn't miss a layer on top of me. Don't let when you when you items that Simpson and when you're inventing that sport how do you start with did it start within inner tube. You kind of go hey that's the tandem energy writes I don't like you take Goodell water slide you the tandem water slide. To deal let's do this on ice hey let's make this faster let's Wear tights and that's where helmets he. You are really good down ice together you're gonna take this a notch and let's go. Mixed doubles luge nude in the huge. Mixed doubles and needed the huge. Well it's of people watched that there shrinkage when he when you're out of the pool and cold could be very cools on. The ice. And they call that I trap that's I think that's a sport I would. I would watch and not purchase and never did dilution never do the scale actually ended deletion. Can be fun it's dangerous I would be putting them my little feet down I do the bobsled and not to lose any little bit of metal between Meehan knows. Now my own place. Buena managed to do it against him. 49ers linebacker have been faster arrested for the second time. This offseason in name month span he has been arrested for weeds in Alabama and now was arrested for domestic violence threats and possession of an assault weapon. Yesterday. So not good for the 49ers linebacker. And like there was he dropped all the way down Indian the first round and you know John Lynch said we got the top two guys on our draft board and and well it's looking like there's a reason why he's dropping so quickly in the draft and legal problems or one problems. Not good for Ruben Foster is a mess. Op and it does not test this is rock and roll play. Leaping out loud is due legs. 600 Lazio's and or oh my god it's early wake up. The NBA scoreboards OpenId goes the new look. Cleveland Cavaliers made a statement against the top team in the east the first game. With Georgia Larry Nance junior Jordan Clarkson and Rodney hood it's deep jazz beat up on the Celtics won 21 and 99 they shot 53%. From three. And up 49 points. From there. New additions that's pretty good yeah I'd say. Trade affected the traits. Affect rates effective ID now get used to watching this young group of athletes that are a lot faster. Even better on defense played turns out younger it turns out LeBron James is still really ged. When he doesn't have to use the duet I think team on his back. And he had 24 points ten assists and eight rebounds a structure of double against the Celtics. Carrier ring against his old team had eighteen points on seven of fourteen miles this Isiah Thomas they're pretty good opening. Yeah on Saturday he had 2222. Off the bench and Dwyane Wade gets the biggest ovation Everton in the Miami Vice uniform to a good. And does his wife's name actors again. You know on target again real union yeah bring it on gas used down there are cheered on hubby. I'm preventing the army they sold their house one thing about that loss. By Boston. Means at the raptors now take over the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Day after he once when he 3103 win over the Toronto Raptors have their number one team we should talk about the raptors were because written yeah filming I don't know. Now I'm not after always there. And a table where we start the Portland trailblazers. Return home to a thud. Falling to the Utah Jazz. And it got ugly in Mota Senna last night it is 615 on the fan. This news doesn't jam in the morning on ten maybe. The blazers got a house last night by the Utah Jazz. 115 in 96. Portland falling flat aid what was a good first half defense at least not that. That game is going to be as Lewis going for both teams as it was for the blazers. But in the second half Utah's scores thirty in the third. 34 were in the fourth quarter. And named Oden beating Portland. 115 denying. And then after four and a half minutes in these third quarter he left a lower back soreness in her right hip pain. For you sift markets that's got to be concerning when you have a seven footer who has a history of injury and then lower back his son Nate ego oh look to be going on tablets along. Season drams first time he's played probably this most amount of minutes and is in his career. Citing he put in a lot of work in the offseason and you get the CME worked his butt off physically. You'll handle it and when you're young you can when you're that kind of size we've seen a lot of big men this year. In the NBA get hurt and go down I mean from forcing guests and regal Barry just come back. All these guys are hurt the size played a lot of minutes slot where in terror and your body. Yeah and Portland needs in the news we've seen that if you go back to you why it. Has played Portland. It is then yet consistent senior backcourt game is CJ you know you can rely on those guys a year gonna get those guys. Night in night out but it's been that inconsistency. From you sift her pitch and then being consistency from the bench that has really been the that's plagued Portland in all season long I mean it's not just it's easy to sit there and say. All the benched. Night in night out but when it's kind of a third of your. Three tellers say you wanna build office that is the big concern in a he got. Roasted on social media throughout the game of here we go use if not checked into this game what turns out. Loser he's hurt again if you look at the stat line like everybody loves to look at him the backcourt of the blazers is spectacular 3922. After without. That's it. You lose your starting center you lose another option and somebody has to step up and find a way to points bench points were a salacious. Or this team is this team is the definition we get in it into a negative point of view but the definition of where is the hell. Right somebody please somebody step up and help. There was a narrative all week. The last few games like how we gonna find more space and more time formal heartless she's worked his way back from a coach Stotts trying to find an eight man rotation to a nine Elmo park assessed to get back into the rotation. Used going up your hands over there five points. Yeah by points yesterday I mean. They point consistency of sorts I know it's difficult to have a Larkin says he in this league the two backcourt players are the most explosive backcourt that Portland has ever had. Yeah and you know and that's it you know the problem that is that I see though it ended do what kind of I sit and I keep going back to it is okay so you can have those inconsistencies opt offensively. But on the defense and then we see day of the guys that bench and the bench scoring is down in the first half. Mo and Aminu are struggling on the offense then that first half. He make a difference on the other end of the floor and in the second half way Utah sheets 51% from the field 56% from screener getting open look after open look. From beyond the arc you don't find a way to make your presence felt and we see that we saw just last night in the team they're playing regularly as I was an injury. And they did a backup point guard coming in and filling in with Royce O'Neal who. I mean now where that guy came from but. He ends up kind of being that guy who he makes his impact felt without scoring a ton of points. They lean on Donovan Mitchell who does not mean that guy is there is he's he's not reviewed here I don't know who is. With 21 points. This is gonna be a scary team to the Utah Jazz and then you have Joseph Ingles is sinner camp out at three do and he checks all night long and you know to make your. Impact felt elsewhere I think is where. If you can't rely on scoring that's where knees that we. Can't realize score because he only had him and he got out assisted got out rebounded he got out everything. That's that's just two and two guards taken over the game as best as they could because those here only scoring options in Portland when though there's no inside presence points in the paint got dominated. And I know regal bears that is the Eiffel Tower in there. Should it change how you can actually go to the inside will be don't have any inside presence when Yusuf is out there's no inside game there's a back to the basket game. There's no inside out movement there's a fast break pressure. From this team it's walk the ball up it's adjustment it's run the weeds at the top of the top of the key. Get a couple perimeter shots and away we go plea defense on the backward it's very predictable and what you're seeing week in and week out with the steam and that's. The blaze came here we are in DCE Mets that points in the paint. What is it that through three quarters of blazers had ten points in the paint bear river refusal to go inside against Rudy girl there. And in the fourth quarter they get twenty points in the paint and go bear plays like a just a little over half that fourth quarter. Means obviously Dave ward did not wanna go in and allowed him but you can't. Change who you are offensively based on one guy. Now you're gonna be guard heavy you're gonna be perimeter. Heavy you're gonna make surely I I wonder is dame puts up fifty that it puts up 39. Does he get fifty and a win yes and 39 and a loss single or more can I do there isn't much more right you can do. Well big picture though Utah's 19 in Euro. And they're playing really well and that may be one of the scarier teams in the Western Conference is we come down that the stretcher not not to knock off the old state. Or Houston in the first round match habit if they get into one of those seminary seeds. But Jae Crowder edition Jake Trotter now lineup. I mean he looks like Steve is cut would assume far more comfortable in Quin Snyder's system in Utah. Then he did playing with LeBron in this could be reverting back to Boston Jae Crowder because he sits what they do very well they win Indiana line up on the floor. Of Derrick Favors Rudy go bare and Jae Crowder together with Donovan Mitchell. And I believe. It was. I believe it was. But if you have you think that if you have Ricky Rubio. Donovan Mitchell and then those three. That is a scary change pace lineup to go from the defense of sampling if you can go favors a bear is Earl Long and but they're just get a rebound might all three of those guys those three starters on a dead ten plus rebounds. All the although all their bigs didn't mean that did just you can't you're not getting second opportunities nobody's giving second shots. Davis the only workhorse down in the paint trying to find some sort of activity nobody else is donut. I like to win Davis dunks. Ed Davis the most physical player other than dame on on this blazer team and unfortunately I don't think the blaze you can be able to afford to keep him this offseason because the way that the salary cap in there and struggles there and was congratulations dad is he deserves whatever he gets in in free agency and always an eight year pro. He's gonna still some is going to be willing to have him because he's a great bench changeup guys workhorse he's over at the blazers could keep sure it's not some and over and. Kind of guy you want any TO. And as it is though the blazers fall once fifteen and 1960 you to fair now 3126. On the season. Sitting squarely in the six spot as a win last night could've helped pace for the five seed. With Oklahoma City Thunder but the Los puts them as full game back of a Casey they're still three games back in Minnesota Timberwolves for the three seed. And more concerning for Portland is that each year adjusting my visit. The game and half back of being out of class altogether. Right now in the Western Conference standings while more on this one coming up next hour as Damian Miller you mentioned dropped fifty. On Friday night pulls CJ McCollum. And then the follow up to the jazz game but coming up next lane Johnson there was little shade at the New England Patriots the patriot way. Is there a fear based organization here's Joseph with sports center. Widespread texting. That's the message we're numbered. Two or. Niners buys. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I think. Almost cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply it is probably my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. 55305. Sacks this is the fan tax on us. Blaine Johnson is on his Super Bowl tour. I do and all the interviews afterwards and he went on the eve podcasts pardon might take part of the bar stools sports. Network. And he said he's asked about dead in the New England Patriots and how get a comment during. As several weeks leading up added the media availability said that he's just glad he's having fun there any other team hasn't. In cities asked about it war you know wide and she think the New England Patriots have funny set I just think the teacher weighs a fear based organization obviously get a win. Hell yes they went they want for a long time do I think people enjoying can say I'm now a lot of fun playing there now I don't I'd NASA's got honest truth. They're successful bull when they go to interviews backlight bleed in robots case Scott dean a blank had. We can be cordial in it for little bit you only get one. You only get one time to do this. Job so let's have fun while doing it not to be reckless but I didn't. Much rather have fun and win a super bull than being miserable and win five super rules that hey it is today. Well shots fired there a little bit so we have the fund polices even the fun police has made their way all the way into professional sports because. And did you think you're doing any job that. So enjoy you know because given how many how many of us in the daily workforce on a daily work force have the opportunity to say they get fun every day at their job. If you are lucky enough to have that. Are one of the few. Like I've ignited when we do we do we honestly anybody I know I have more weight or fun doing this that I ever did playing football except on the game day. Always said during the week. Are hard and miserable on. Not the greatest feeling more than payoff on Sundays. He was being it was great. This is this this way because the I I know this is happening in today's sports world trickling all the way down to you side every time we try to make something. Q let's put to work and it was try to get better today let's look at two things and then there's the fun police parent or the fun police kissing. Did having any fun. We don't want it hard work. Is not but that it is the journey you're gonna you know this is always about the journey but the the payoff is the gamer or the atmosphere of the championship. Which UB Lee trade one Super Bowl run word. Road tired and for being part of the greatest dynasty in sports history with five Super Bowls Ambien on an organization I was on a fun organization. It was full of fine and how many people. It was called the patriots. At the time when I was there that is the greatest group of guys that as the tightest knit group of people from wives to family to coaching staffs. They made it look like. It was miserable but when your on the inside in your part of that commitment that you do. You have a lot of fun I was on mill on fund organizations. That's sucked. Saint. Some of those things I've seen guys in teammates embodies that Camara while this place Sox. Were not having any fun you know it's fun. Winning yup. Well there is one thing now there's couple things they're down pack you since you Antony kids in the fund please parents a decent kids sports should should be fun. I do I do to me but the timing. Think I've course of course they should be fine but back to the patriots think a year and he'd like what what lane Johnson's things that. I'd rather have fun and win one then went five and be miserable how many people on the New England Patriots roster have been a part of five super rules. It was a little small idea it's Tom Brady and so I think what he's saying now is that like. Embrace the ride because even you never know if you gonna get here again you know Dan Marino went into this your role as a rookie never never got back there in. I actually thought the Dow's one of the things I was kind endearing about this Eagles team is that they were loose man and they look to lose the entire time and they weren't. De buttoned up guys at the New England Patriots are and how many tens of we seen the loose crew get housed in super doubles you know. That'd death house though those of the CDC guys I think that is one thing that was endearing about date Eagles this year is that they could be you lose and be themselves. But when they got inside the lines. That is a blue collar team that kind of aid they're basically Philly they are fairly good. Everything Philly they've adapted everything to them you there also the Seattle Seahawks have 2014. Bragging right exactly the same what's sustainable. The sustainability of that would Bill Belichick has put together for years and this isn't eight. It won't look at the preachers to do that they just this is more about what other teams and other organizations to build out that kind of long term sustainability. Commitment and the discipline discipline bull will carry for years. One offs fun excitement combination of great players. Coaching staffs come together here cornerback getting hurt all those things happening in having your back a guy come and lead you into the pinnacle of championships. Those are one offs. They happened. The dynasties. The cowboys were Jimmie Johnson what did Jimmy Johnson due to the cowboy Joseph you know you were there no maybe a little bit your little young. He made those guys when they ask ask them ask them Troy Aikman what it was like to play under Jimmy Johnson. Was disciplined it was miserable packs are hot there one of the greatest franchises dynasties ever in the history of sports. You can have a one off you can have one of those Barry Switzer one offs. I think that the cal was very loose crew. Though but they were the most if you ask. The reason bureau wants to 3030 Detroit he said the biggest reason. What happened when Barry Switzer took over is because he turned everything and nobody caring hours ago and you want guys that have some fine. Let's go to relax Barry Switzer slick let's go Jimmie Johnson was running a tight ship that's would sustainability fight so this comes down to a personal choice of who you are butcher fine. Fine you wanna be the Lucy Doocy have fun group blue collar represent city shirt that's not gonna hold up for five Super Bowls that's gonna be a one off. Don't you think I avoid Blaine Johnson is in I think unequivocally yes you're right when you get within the lines but one thing though is that you had. Michael Irvin run his mouth you know Charles Haley run his mouth and in the media and stuff like that I think that's Elaine Johnson is. Is going Erik there's I think no doubt about it. That discipline when you when you're practicing in a game it has to be there oh he's saying is that dating he's saying they wrote their blanket robots. During their interviews. And dating were aren't allowed to be themselves. Outside of this is really easy for lane right now. To say and the reason why it's so easy for games as they are the darling it's there that. They're the dog mask wearing guys were everybody's saying the positive things about who look at these upstarts look at these underdogs it's. There's nobody saying anything negative about the Eagles because they've done something that nobody's done and knocked off the champ to play with a backup quarterback. Everything smells like roses. In you know what happened at the beginning in the careers of all the patriots. It sounded the exact same the discipline comes the defensive this comes after your top. Nauert but is trying to knock you off now they're gonna go after you next year. You can't hide anymore the media's going to be scrutinizing it they're gonna look at you they're gonna try to find problems they're gonna try to get inside your locker room they're gonna see this guy's bad they're gonna pull a few in the patriots spirited out. An outlet in a gonna give you anything Eagles you see in two years you let me know. Right now as chaotic as that team is which is good and I like it it's good for sports and love that. You tell me when that locker room starts to fray. Under the chaos Seattle Seahawks watch how that starts to happen if it does. Not great but if it doesn't I wouldn't be surprised either way. 55305. Is the patriot way. The only way to build a dynasty in the NFL. 642 on the fan. Hey I'm back though for gold in oak lending needs the new year you give yourself for raised the more money in your pocket gold no lending can save you money your sit on your house. You maybe you've had your house for I don't know 1015 years now and you have inject what you mortgage payment is in could be right now while. The reality is in this area home values are up so much. 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To pay off holiday bills give gold oil planning a call three check up no wrist TF 503455. Gold that's 5034 54653. NM Ellis 1631 title three. Oh. This is just no impairment more. Kennedy prayer on the. There. Is the patriot way the only way Elaine Johnson of the Eagles says. Amen I'd rather be happy when one Super Bowl. And being miserable and win five but it is what it is. This text five factories or five as much as I despise the patriots I can't help but think. That in no BS approach is probably the best thing for today's athletes in on that tax I look at. You know Rob Gronkowski to me is a guy who is his talent level is unquestioned he's a freak athlete and he would work anywhere. But there is an element and that goes. If he were to. His career win be the same because he would then become. Even more of a caricature of a football player than he already is in New England night. He he gets to play this big done and dumb animal but he doesn't say anything in any of these interviews that he does he waits to the offseason that. And ease act acts kind of like a clown in imagine if you were be able to do that during the season the distraction and you provide. That tax kind of goes along that line of grunt is kind of the prime example of the patriot way benefiting one guy in particular why do. Thirty places and for for the listeners out there. There's there's a fair question. Do you wanna have fun all the time but when your working towards your goal here have a chambers agree have a sales goal or anything in your business and you and your generating more revenue. Don't think a little bit of discipline. Little bit a commitment when he says having fun having fun is that outcome of winning in the end and especially in sports. It's the competition is why you compete and then eventually. That competition turns into success by winning there's multiple ways to skin a cat we do you know that and football. Well what's the most sustainable thing for sports is a discipline. There's there's used the term Lucy Doocy. I don't know it's Lucy Doocy or lack of discipline or guys having fun what does fund meaning. What does winning if your Lucy do senior losing your the browns yeah what you're disciplined. In your losing you turning to do the barriers. If you if Europe and Lucy doozy and or disciplining your when he durst wigs to. Having fun in these are I mean this goes back today in solely about Maine Johnson's sudden about how they address the media leave leading up to the super. I mean it's not as the media is the one we wanna be the nicest well in but. Did did king about this is that he's saying you don't have to be a blank. Of blank had. Wing you wore in these saying we can be cordial for a little bit here. In have a little fun with the media as as you leading up to the symbol and that's what they that's kind of what the questions and kind of how he framed it because no doubt about it. In Philly is just is discipline within the practice field and in the practice lines bid the New England Patriots are they wouldn't be as good as they r.s eighteen. Andy that's a tough thing to do is beat. Discipline and so structured within. You're you're game planning your preparation and then just be like RA right ways and turn off and have fun. This NS if you wanna trust the media that's fine I've I've satin hands. Both cheers before where you've I've trusted the media got to know the guys. Mixing you know an article comes out against keynesian bad game that your garbage in your hot garbage in your bat and every professional athletes gonna go through that I don't trust any media members. When I was a player. I didn't now it's different because I have to worry about being scrutinized all the time and you are median that are I am a medium term but my idea but there are people out there the listened to show every day that say oh you're garbage your duty at your blow hard it's the same thing as being a pro athlete when you put yourself out there. You're gonna scrutinized either they're gonna make fun of you they're gonna tell you that your crappy degrees eighty sucked to say that your great. Preachers just shows to say we're not going to be anything to say you can make crap up but they still have a lot of fun yet so this is a media thing. I'm telling ya back kind of freedom. In the locker room where you're free to express yourself free to be who you wanna be free to say this is how we do things were gonna do this you could have that you have your characters. I I love that over time does it hold up to be a great dynasty it's not proven well I'd have been proven to me yet. We did in the closest thing that we've had two in long and sustained run and it hasn't resulted in multiples of several championships is the Seattle seahawk trek. And what you can take out of it is. What New England has done is they've put up this wall where. It's not even worth asking the questions anymore. Remember when I hit piece came out on this Seattle Seahawks in how Russell Wilson was too white a you know they're. And how there is dissension between the offense in the defense. And all that. Well the media is I well hey we can just gone ass these guys straight up in the questions were there in nary answering your getting all these different answers from different players. Win the Brady bella check Kraft. Story came up buys set quicker shammond how much inciting areas. The wall was set up sounds so great in New England that bill dollar check in Tom Brady got those questions one time. And it was over era it was done because. Everybody else they knew they weren't gonna get the answer was the question asked yes but the answer was the same. By everybody and they controlled the message that came out. So ended as somebody that listens. To us every era listens to sports or watches it is it more interesting for you to have. Interest teen people. Like with the Pittsburgh Steelers do. Having the conversations. In the media scene how legacy does it ever seen how the sausage made you wanna see behind the behind the scenes. Do you like it when players have those out release spoken ideas do you like Richard Sherman. Camp chancellor Michael Bennett all having their quote unquote own press conferences. Weird. K do you like those kinds of forums were those guys put themselves out there. And then I believe that there might be as a chosen few people that want their athletes just to perform. On game day. And don't need the kind of inside information don't need that would be just performing and is due which you gonna do that but I believe that we're in the more of the show me your brand showman who you are on the inside show me everything that you do off the field because the field stuff is that it's kind of good that's good you're good player but I wanna see would you do. Outside of sports yet an outside of the locker room and there's too many other things that are way more interesting bit besides filming we do with your wife and your kids and what you what your car looks like in your outside business ventures. And what's swimsuit you're gonna Wear which her clothing is gonna look like and then oh by the way we Agassi or professional athletes and pro sports gone. This texture says you know on these advocating for never working hard he Sina looks like the patriots are enjoying their success. In that and that's kind of days to each his own and that's why these guys who work in new England and guys who have when your pit stops and are gone. In New England is because people wanna enjoy way. The benefits of the successes that they have there. And it does kind of do you weeds people out in the outweighed its own respected they kind of patriot way does mean seemed to see kind of how the the attitudes. Change in Philly as their success continues inning ending grows heel is they go back to symbol. I would guarantee there if they go back to the NFC championship game or they're pulling muscles rules they're gonna get more guarded by nature because when you start winning. They hit pieces start coming out they tried they tried to put a chink in the armor. And. For. Philly it's on that they don't have to worry about right now do you believe this this person says no real working class American gives a crap about professional athletes complain about during the working career I would argue against out of that you really do give a crap because you complain every time one complaints. So you care. You because your immediate reaction is I'm not gonna ever feel sorry for pro athlete yeah that's called carrying because your trade trended relate to them. Trying to say whoa they have so many other things that we don't have. Let's assume that that's the class there's that's everywhere look down your road go to your neighborhood where one guy has more in the other guy does it. Do you drive by his house and put the science that you saw it yeah. I don't know do you mean you drive around rich neighborhoods and then put signs in protest outside their erode or do you call for them. I'd be fired T I don't know it's it's very similar Jude do you care what pro athletes do. T that texture. If Dow is the case then. Nobody would care when a star player leaves there if your favorite team so true you know like is Damian Miller to pack openly NBI. Man no one is Aldridge I don't idiots exactly like the market Vinci LaMarcus Aldridge left sounds like man I am glad to be out of Portland. Now OK there you go you care when he leaves you boom when he comes back to not a senator or should. You know and that's okay. Is that you're not invested in your sport. The what are you doing. Deep everywhere what's reported having a team. Part of being a fan its own. I'm that's a fair question it's not a fair question honestly I'm invested it in every sports team my fault from the Mariners to anybody that I'm in vested. Them with somebody leaves. Became goofy junior leaving the I was. But hurt behind belief yet. It this is guarantees spurs is the exact semi damion gave version when England does exactly right. But that isn't to say that you know if New England is apple where you know apple is skiing and they do it the right way you know. It is not right well now you know what we're dreaming as a right laser guarded their closed they don't. It's not a loose nature doesn't mean Google can't have success on the road you know and that's what's silly is trying to bear in neo Google has slides in there. In their headquarters and everything is fun and it's out there and you get to be that doesn't mean you can't have success. Would beam going against the grain and that's what Phillies doing right now. All I care about is winning best way to win is how the patriots are doing it they don't give you the media anything because they don't want the distraction. And and then he once winner says out of Aaron Rodgers because he lets him a little bit of business like that just an excuse just you know little bit of businessmen not too much news keeps you guessing. That's the other thing though is Aaron Rodgers is one person on a roster. In Pitt and rebate that doesn't give you anything. You know nothing like digging not thing and a Mike McCarthy. Except thrower no one guy he can take it he's Aaron Rodgers the have 553. 05. That is the fan text sign and a sensor goes you know this is the against the grain Golden State seems pretty freedom me. With Steve Kerr stepped Jerry gone out yep speaking out against whatever they all green says whatever he wants. And as any can't have success and long long and sustained success. But unlike what the patriots have won the spurs have done have. In kind of a tried and true proven way to do it here's the ball on the final point here yet though you can say whatever you want when your good. When you sucking you talk. That's the problem true dent. Dame pulls the CJ. In Terry Stotts sent a consistent message dusting camel within.