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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, January 22nd
Eagles stomp a hole in Vikings; Patriots rally to beat Jaguars; the legend of Tom Brady's hand; Blazers beat Mavericks... did a Mav want a fight in the locker room?

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin camp in the morning and we've just an error an NFL veterans and Cleveland and the vets have a on the local. Michigan we'll we'll determine that that would fit didn't know. On the 1080. Yeah friends. I good morning everybody 7 o'clock hour hope beer enjoying your Monday morning commute. Some still not out it is. You know what we were always inside you realize it is still it's Daryn now back he'd have enough had been decent. It's black. It's dirt has pitched a pitch perfect now. I'm. Well there really is such thing as a good thing diesel movie yes. Pretty good franchise. These guys confess appears very generous Otis is successful franchise stretch like those really. An annual horrible they are not good we have to leave upload to the bear. All. We know leg did drug you know weighing. On him and it never knew. On the beach in just you know I mean. Elegant please please oh please highly entertaining franchise calling them good movies that have been to the stretch what is a good movie anymore it's visit La La land to money just because it's gonna be Oscars doesn't mean it. Not considered good OK look I'm not movie snob but I knew there the united out of the bugs and let me be in movie snob here and Amman Montel yeah. Oh okay yeah but again if you any relief they don't let the league's failure Indian movies dubbed the the Vin Diesel Sox look I have no problem with guilty pleasure rubies one of our all time classics Obama's face softens a horrible horrible highly entertaining movie. And nick data so for decades in John Travolta I guess on how good definitely with the gold grey the gold got as one of the best bad movies of all time reminds. Pace off on. And then you have Travolta playing Nick Nolte who heard predicted decades. And then Nick Cage playing John Pendleton they are both their camped best in this movie it's fantastic so bad. It takes you guys have plasticky looking faces either that's fresher ones are Coppola. Didn't know that I did not know that no doubt column on whom it is grim. Opening my mind. Two on these these things all right well Philly stunt double in Minnesota yesterday NFC championship game 38107. The vikings. And then going to and I think a lot of people forgot as a game went on. Oh yeah Minnesota had a seven nothing lead in the opening drive. It was kind of surgical after that 38 unanswered goes philly's way in based up a little hole in a heading in. To house. Where you have this the the I think it was the original strip sack fumble. Where Minnesota was driving he was a thirteen play drive and and how of that thing stall. And then again. The mistakes that you make on defense at the end of the first half to give up huge huge plays on going in man coverage and if you would have told me that Minnesota was going to schema predominantly played man entrusted their guy's gonna match up equal I would of said good good on that because you were really worried about how good. Minnesota was going to be arms are Philly was going to be on some of their skill positions he didn't have a kind of worry. They got beat all over on double moves you've heard Troy Aikman during the broadcast double move. From the out now moves from the bench routes to the to the sacker on that play to get in field goal range no excuses for those getting beat in man coverage like that. Magee mentioned that that drive that ended in the strip sack in other eleven plays 61 yards it took six minutes and three seconds off the clock so deflect that point the game was just fourteen to seven the only thing that. The Phillies offense really had going at that point was the fact that. They got to take six. And in that even up to game and then they go ahead and you get Barnett coming off the edge in four semester sect Chris song comes up with a fumble recovery. In that was the big momentum change in wanting that Philly did. Paying you see this in a glass all the time it's not just creating turnovers. In winning the turnover margin but what can you do with those extra possessions. And that is a great teams do in the post season is not only did they get the turnovers and then when that turnover battle but to get turn them into points. And what and Philly was able to do after that is. Would then we saw their offense clicked. We saw them go on a seven play 76 yard drive in just use up just two minutes off the clock and its 217 after that in eagle from beetle one score game knocked on the door tied it up. You know you're in a massive hole and that's the big momentum shifts that you see all the time in football playoffs. Also to going into this I I would have bet that this is going to be one of those matches. Where a few teams or try to bloodied up on the line of scrimmage for God's sakes you know Minnesota rushed for seventy yards. And it's not like 110 yards by Philly was was massive too because jade giant the biggest with a eighteen carries. And also their Gharib blunt six cuts is 21 yards and his of course bone crushing touchdown run. But it was a game of get it out get it over the top were going down the field were thrown out all over the place I mean. I mean of amid a poise they can you should be a little concern going into Philly it's Acker is gonna be your main target didn't matter. He played fantastically. He had eight catches for 93 yards meters he spread it across the board. Just so much better executing and nick polls. Will go down as now another backup quarterback in NFL history. To come off the bench with team get you out of the bullpen he's gonna go to Jeff hostetler and range if he's able to win this he's gonna go to Trent Dilfer style. Gosh he might be up there with Kurt Warner. And he's gonna get veto is even though he's getting paid either way I think that one thing that people vastly overlooked heading into that we have this conversation. In in the hype machine was surrounding the Minnesota Vikings because of Stephane digs is massive touchdown catch to end the game and the UN having a great year. But the weapons that Nichols had at his disposal. Worker. It they weren't getting any credit that I thought they deserve when you had jade Jai. And the deer blind and hurts Al son Jeffrey Nelson nag aren't old Torrey Smith who keep played a great game played. Better than he's played. In quite some time. But there were weapons there and we all kind of just said. Oh yeah. Those guys can still get open. You Justine Nickels get on the ball in Al son Jeffrey that double move. Where he was thrown to wide open guys and give Nickels credit man he's found them. In that was so impressed they big Dallas on Jeffrey long touchdown was in the pocket he's still in the pocket in the create eight he stepped up. In still got his eyes downfield that that Aikman did agree to does that count VC that like that's amazing Nichols did. Of his throws to use on is wrong foot so that Barack back shoulder throw the was able to do you saw the difference between what case Keenan was doing as there was. Give it give it to fill his pass rush it was better. Yeah it was much better. Jim looked looked. The moment. For him just wasn't able authorize yeah did you think that the vikings are gonna pull case Keenan. During that game because there was a moment oh I don't believe that my eggs Amber's gonna get to that level there is a moment where that thing in the fourth quarter when they attacked it on emitted 317 as a are we gonna see Sam Bradford. Regan indices just. What do you have to lose you know. But I am glad that they didn't do it. The keys Keenan does wild throws that we talked about being a and major concern for Minnesota it it nicked him right but. They were out of via their element because that this team can't come from behind it to do was the only reason they are able to win the game. Verses the saints is because they had a miracle and it lets give him credit made a great throw digs made a play that was still one of the greatest plays that will go down in NFL history. But if you need to have somebody to lean on in the end did case keep him give you. The confidence. With all three quarterbacks is free agents going into this offseason from Minnesota who are you know gonna lean on. Who's gonna be the one is it is that Sam Bradford is a case Kim is a Teddy Bridgewater what are you gonna do with that situation. Is this was one of those moments where case what is the booted to cemented himself as the next heir apparent threat to get up and get their. Know your leg. Did there is that big of a lady a big conversation of hey he's made himself a lot of money before beginning his started. Now he's made himself some money but I think big games like dice it and you okay is this guy didn't get this over the top. And you'll look back to the NFC championship game where he was unable to do that. In a situation where. That first drive was was magic and end but if he's duster half German pat Shermer had a its first drive scripted I believe this game is completely different if that strip sacked is not my day as they go in. And they problem probably score. And you can deceive the emotional momentum changed because the rest of the team. Along with Minnesota started believing. Only we come back in and it just started to wing fall just the whole last four minutes of that second quarter was devastating from minister and one thing that die I don't think Doug Peterson gets enough credit for. Is wesun Doug Maroney and opted not to do it in the AFC championship game. In Doug Peterson went for it I thought it was huge. A huge lift heading in. With what 38 seconds to go in that first half you get the ball. He was it Doug Merlin took a knee. In says it will take it to the half of and in Doug Peterson said no we want more and they went down they were able to get a field collided at the end of the half huge play that put them side by hurts me that's just but it doesn't matter you win after in UN got how many coaches do we see. Say all right well we got a lead it's worth 217 at the half wall will take a knee and then we'll get the ball at the break and we're gonna go ahead we're in tried like. Where were both teams that's an area that one team had the lead the other team was down and the other team was down. In a sensor on Sar team is on blood on its Jacksonville Jacksonville had the lead didn't correct but the other team at such a big lead and they got the ball coming out half. It's it's just I agree with you but there wasn't that much threat. For what really had to make if you throws a mean they knew that they had something I write down even after what I do I agree with you he done sling did in this and we got time wolf and we had three timeouts and coaches Parker. And coaches. The coaches say get out of what makes them. What got them to that point there I think that Doug Peterson in the NFC championship games and now we're gonna still go after her. And we're gonna trust Nichols to do to get us down the field not take any in eight end up I mean it didn't end up making or breaking the game. But if you look at it from native from the standpoint of it set the tone of what they were gonna do. For the rest of it which was keep their foot on the gas and and put it on him and Indy did to the tune of 38. A seven. Nobody saw that coming. What you think your prediction on Friday was. 20/20 four Minnesota and minus thirteen ten Phillies know my in my production was twenty to eighteen I had tornadoes so in Minnesota and I predicted 2724. For the patriots yeah. He and mean we got the NFC completely rotten. We did well I think everybody. And nobody saw this coming. The result of the kind of but you can go 38 to seven a sudden lo likes that that we haven't seen Nichols and that getting the NFC championship game must -- able player through an TD TR answer deserve it three touchdowns only sacked once. And oh by the way perfect in the second half goes eleven for eleven. Gradually some young men who how great is that in the AFC. We both were a lot more close as well as everybody else the jaguars and make it a game in the patriots have to rally. 24 when he innate patriots punched their ticket to their eight Super Bowl. In the last eighteen years testing cam on the fan. This is dusty and chairman of more million dollar and 1080 love Salem. During the patriots rallied from behind it to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24. To twenty. A game that it did not look like it was going to be eagle on the patriots way at the beginning. And Ian never count. Tom Brady and bill dollar check out of the game never dead down ten points they erased a double digit deficit for the fourth time. In their playoff history of the last eighteen years and Tom Brady after the game. Is in getting lost on the fact that this is special run that he in his head coach Iran. I guess it's my life song live in it and it feels very natural and normal just because you know wake up every day and I feel very much the same as I do I walked in here eighteen years ago I really do. And that's a great privilege to play here. Great service claiming NFL. And done I try to represent the team I try to represent my family. Try to do things right way and very blessed so I could ever imagine. Didn't you know the kind of you know team achievements we've done and had. Mean I don't think anyone's ever take those for granted these are pretty amazing times for all of us fans included players coaches everyone that's very special. Eight Super Bowl with he and Bill Belichick and they are five in two. Heading into this one and they are the winning is combo in playoff history for head coach and quarterback do you think when he says that. There are a lot of policy heaters but. There could be some some people out there and watch that you earth soon. And now. They don't lies and they don't bias that. Almost to where it's. It did seems disingenuous. Yankees just reading a script I'm the last you know let's tell it to Twitter blasts the point to pass a blast. I don't think enough people do real. Understand what he's been able to achieve or maybe there are maybe you do there may or may be really do maybe you hate it to the point where. It's so unbelievable but now it's not believable. You hated so much you your tired of listening to the same thing over and over the comets and I'm blessing now if it goes he's got to watch that game you get to see. Even. How special is it forty years old build to say I got to cut handling all this. I got my major target Rob Gronkowski is knocked out of game which we weaken to discuss that hit by the way in which was a legal hit in Miami because that went to the head. Fine you wanna call that find there's no other place to get that guy back Rob Gronkowski said it nationally. It in the legs take my legs are all day long don't hit me up top. Q would have rather been hit down below. But. You can't hit a six there's no place to get a guy. When you're moving that fast to say this was the optimal way to try to jar the ball loose he hit him he used his shoulder and he exhibited. That's part that it's not to the point now we sit there and and say he was targeting his head trying to injure him. Straighten up the ball out of big man now and I I don't I don't disagree with you on that I mean it was one of those things where it was a malicious intent no. But don't we know this to be dead the way the NFL now of course elmo's not arguing we are you surprised by no we're not surprised by it. But the fact that someone will sit there and say he's trying to is significantly injure him. Yes she is trying to hit the man as hard as possible so the next time he runs a seam route. She recognizes that there's going to be somebody there to impact him to jar the ball is. That is the object of footballs to impose your will on people the up and grant went out he should by the way he should be OK for its approval in two weeks. All things palms up on that one idea should be he should be there's you know like 2% at Bayside testing for crock. As a starter that's commerce Marty he's he's using very intelligent man he displays Donald generated. I don't you just plays dumb on TV they actually people think he's meet. Yet very Smart he is very Smart I think he's an econ yeah major in all pac ten academically and the dude parties. He likes to party alive. But that it was stuck it was one where in you know those things just happen and losing him how significant is that now all you have is Danny Amendola. And Brandon cooks the Brady cooks and have a huge game he had a drop since game six catches for a hundred yards I don't put the drop he did have I was like hello that would have been a touchdown and no game changer to in the game it would have been a bigs. In and out in the sideline and he had room to turn up and go and images we dropped it many had another drop all on a on a scene that Brady I don't know if you can put the ball in a much better spot between two defenders know. Any dropped right in there and he had a drop but we did see that. Is that speed of branding coax was what kept Jacksonville relatively honest in Danny Amendola. Talk about a group a game. He had seven catches for 84 yards two touchdowns and none more than what the four catches in the final two drives of the game. I mean third down an eighteen he gets slow loose on that posting get catch zig going down and across the middle. He has the big catch obvious in the back the end zone for the game. Potential game winning touchdown. Him on the and a touchdown right before that he catches balls amendment upon return. To set them up for that final touchdown where. My wow talk about ahead he'd play eight K bad punt by Jacksonville billions of the twenty yard return. When your team on thirty and you but it it was really more about what Jacksonville did in the final. Few possessions of Howell they handed to them. It's a fine line between playing not to lose and trying to knock clock how everything that they did in the game at the end of the game. Not just went away from you're looking for Blake portals to make a row to have your moment even Tony Romo and all his orgasms. Was asking say here's your moment here's your chance to make those throws and it wasn't the fact that the throws were bad because. Cricket deepens America's watched the ball down that Catholic so fond of Gary Gilmore who's watched the ball down doubt ball could've been another way. Put to have higher it was a great throw that elevated lead. He stepped up in the pocket. You have to admit that when the patriots needed to make a move. They made the move defensively from James Harrison given couple pressures and sacks to everybody creating that kind of fear Jacksonville got tight. They had never been their before and certainly public portals. All the emotion as he could see him on the sideline being comforted after the game are that that is a terrible feeling it's painful and I feel for those. Easier gonna get tugged. Dug her own and Nathaniel Hackett before the game like girls goes 2336 to 93 does not throw an interception. There's again that one again. You know and units in the fourth down throw how about the third marquis sleeve on the slant route to start that series was a great throw in coverage puts it on his guy. Any ideas Adamo old. Here they go. But. I think play calling has a lot to do with that I think play calling also had everybody's talking about the and we get this text on the syntex and we need to think of the officiating in that game. And the Jacksonville Jaguars had six penalties for 98 yards 68 of which came on to pass interference calls. Where in New England went deep and they ended up drawing a pass or feared Jim delay of game. Penalty out of a timeout. Being one of them and they were all cut that pretty blatant penalties except for you have one now. Questionable passive feared some boo EA but as a defense of back your hug in the sideline. You don't need to put your arm out and stop raining cuts but still questionable one but it's gonna get called in this is where that discrepancy comes is that. There was a conservative play calling almost to a fault would Jacksonville where. In my crazy thing it is the you don't push the ball deep. You're not gonna get pass interference calls and Jackson will never did it so why did you expect passer physicals happen. We don't play often answer he certainly don't play defense waiting for penalty nobody does. But this was more about. It wasn't even whatever conspiracy theories you wanna think about about the NFL on how the officiating was the right calls remained in the and it is this is just kind of how was this is Jackson who Europe many opportunities in the second half it's seven possessions. Seven possessions he had two parts are Soria to fuels response and then of course your last position was. Year ended it on fourth down because you can completed. Indicating he had a sack and a delay of game at a time now that he's even more it's inexcusable ever have a delay of game out of time out that was embarrassing. But hinted to look at you and your last three possessions went putt putt. Or now. Mean that six plays than he ended on fourth and you had to make a drive and then when you needed to it was so far out of reach your outside of your game plan. This was more about with the pictures you're able to you on defense and Tom Brady's ability to score two touchdowns when they needed to would you think of the miles jacks strip of Dion Lewis. Where they blew it dead. That was such a bang bang play. Does have ridiculous it's quite high piles Jack Crowe but do you fault the officials to block on that thing dad I'd been there. Of course it's human hair and a those guys got to let it most the time the NFL those they let them bing now let them played out and a even when guys fall so I eat whatever conspiracy theory you wanna think. Who knows what the side judge think he probably says it's a balls down whoever made the call to continue to letting go why they've blown it dead would you run back for a touchdown. Probably probably that in ever known name when somebody runs and down the and anything it did Jacksonville's offense is gonna score on that draft just there's too many what is you had your chance Jacksonville can get two possessions to finish the games have caused this by saying. What was Dion Lewis thinking he GC he slowed down then angle back towards miles Jack. Thank if you just would have gone continued going up the sign Manny had a convoy in front of him as that. You're trying to ask me to analyze what a guy's thinking when he's running on the gas speed bike wondering if you have a second so you didn't have that problem he didn't have that tiny manic. Do you doing because that's the that's what exactly what I said is Nomo running those down as I. What did you notice and yet his ball in his right side yeah. As in his right hand in one thing's a lot of backs don't do what you get the secondary. Never switched the ball team ever SuSE boss who didn't have time to get this give his arm out or switch the ball to the have a stiff farm with the inside. So we prob is like common to take this blow and bounce off of it who knows the more it was more about you could see when that strip went in he reached back. If he was returned rejected out but that was an old play a monster mile Jack has. Again as a superstar and I hope his ankle isn't too bad as he left the field cart UN Destin says they had. I don't believe their ass like the pats conspiracy but it was funny to see people freak out on the arrest was first congratulate Tom after the game was always that nobody camera they're always that referees always can gradually you know there's two types of people in this world. There's the ones that believe that the end of those rigs in England patriots to succeed him. And then there are the people that think everybody's an out against the patriots and it that'd be patriots fans are like hey don't hate us. The try to hold us down yes Roger Goodell is intimately trying to match for the patriots continue doing Super Eagles who you feel more awkward any Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's Super Bowl trophies and MVP trophies yes and also there's one more note out of this game. And Robert Kraft is lived up again last night I think he's as old. Reason. I don't yet. I'll quietly indeed Jim Nance had to interrupt him to give implicate he did you happen to know if you've got this team 24. Years ago and now. As aggrieved feel good on Nance tonight give up the microphone now because he made a mistake don't work. If you give Kraft the Mikey you're not going to be able to get a little sloppy and it lets talk about Latin really the story was heading in the neck and a Tom Brady's hand. Didn't look to it to affect him. All that much tuner or nine years later in a perfect fourth quarter here's roster sports that are. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 love sand. I 736. On you're Monday morning dusty Kara team Cleveland with you this story heading into the AFC championship game at nothing to do with the game it had everything to do you. Where is Tom Brady's injured thumb Wednesday EU leaves practice there are reports that blood was everywhere. It was a gruesome scene. Was mostly deep enough to have stitches slowed yeah certainly his blood could have been everywhere and then Tom and bill and everybody just didn't wanna talk about it Dini and until we found that is a terrible liar. On the on the podium where he. We don't talk about fight club's first rules like that are before it. This is that we Poland patriots or fight club just look at a rule. If he does not need their goes 2638 to 92 touchdowns no interceptions looked ready get and after the game bill dollar check. Did not wanna heap praise on Tom Brady for toughness out. Bill did anything have to change game plan wise because of Brady's hand. Not that I'm wearing a can you can you speak to the the resourcefulness of Tom dealing with something like that made week and then coming on plane plane in huge game like that. But it looks on their great job he's a tough guy we don't know. Right both. I'll talk about open heart surgery. The sympathies of your head coach. It is in a openers are I mean I believe that if you had grown a ball a compound fracture sticking out of your leg. Bill goes through like you know. And well hopefully through pain he's right is not governor Sergio certainly is over an hour surgery these things and these things are true it's not open our surgery but. That was one of the things that we is this another one of those it's a great distraction. Tom Brady. He is done taking them the brunt of all of the questions. And not really being about game two to get in anybody's head necessarily or nobody had to ask answer any questions about anything else except for Tom Brady's done. And he takes a lot of the pressure off of a few or do you think that there was legit concern that Tom Brady would be able play. I don't know what to believe anymore and I don't that'd do the speculation we can have about this man and everything he's been able human Belichick and they did it wouldn't have mattered if Tom Brady like you said played left handed he still couldn't done what needs do to win that football game there was. No chance. Going into that last couple drives that would have been anybody's hands in fact I lasted on Twitter which I'd sometimes I'm I'm. I'm a Twitter fan other times I'm not but I. Literally felt in my mind in that second knowing that. They were going to win the game because Tom Brady had a chance to win the game. I said who else in history the NFL would you rather have a quarterback in Tom Brady know they want and I'm sinners and I'll wait. Because there isn't anybody you would rather have you could do now I've LT Joseph Montana okay. Joseph Montana named Joseph Montana's weapons he had pretty good. Their eyes to right our who who you want you want John Elway Jones start with a drive in some pretty good. Pretty good players good guys to a Brett Favre in that situation to Brett Favre ever ever any championship. Need a drive for the last time we did it at forty. What do you do without back across the middle and lost the NFC champions pretty much the same naming. Do you want Peyton in that situation did he ever have those signature drive moments. Yeah and I think Tom. In OT if somebody put out there you wanna talk about how great Tom Brady is. Why don't we realize that. Here here's it is prays five and two in symbols certain first ballot hall fame entrant. And a conversation best football player ever. But had Seattle and Atlanta simply run the ball up the middle and doing so was totally obvious pretty would be three in foreign super balls and he spoken about it as if he were LeBron James really good but often stopped. I'm with the title on the line the plays at the French differentiate Brady between the best ever in mile discipline. But now discipline it happened when Brady was even on the field. Okay that's that's a significant issue. I don't think that ridiculously what you need to understand. Is that this is not this is a team sport is the ultimate team sport the combination of coaching. Defense quarterback play position played in special teams all. All's wraps around why this whole franchise. Easily eat. It's the greatest ever along with the greatest quarterback all those things all those factors in those channels that add up to wide continues to work. He can't tell it well one play would have been at the Seahawks wouldn't the other. If aborted didn't. Malcolm Butler knew because he was so prepared from that place and I knew with the Seahawks are running because of preparation Tom Brady's been in the preparation. Danny Amendola next guy up Julian elements out Bronx out. We don't you bite nine little dude ran around is gonna beat up the Jacksonville Jaguars vaunted defense with. Jalen Ramsey saying I'll stop everybody you know we didn't do you up a little guy in the middle of the back at the end zone. There duels are sold deflating. No pun intended there. Had would you siege and continue to make play after play and it's the team. Well and don't we forget though that prior to that drive against Seattle. See. Drew to casino on the field. In precedent. Twice against the giants. He took his team down the field and a two minute drill scored what would be the game when he got any wasn't on that Tom Brady did enough to win those tees rubles and then when he's down twenty to three. He has a flawless. Second half were based court every single opportunity also wanna know is an under appreciated player it maybe a few people might forget. Tom Brady on second down realizes with the clock and where he needs to be to get a first down a set of waiting trying to make a shot Indians or what does he call. A quarterback sneak to get the first down inside the ten yard line fresh set of downs and what do they do and they run the ball than they do it again. Roethlisberger. It's for Steelers roll call it dim quarterback sneak. Here's a guy's got his hand he dives right into the pile does he have to do know is he told from the sideline. Excuses no. You just get beat by something that is better. Called being prepared and being great yeah there is a ME and it did these checks are coming in was that. Penalty ratio again in the pats game he got bales or it's an excuse does not matter if there weren't a lot of penalties called period. This weekend there were six on Jacksonville for total of 98 yards two of them came on long pass interference. Plays. But did you know that their only six penalties total in the Minnesota. Eagles game. I can Minnesota. Was flagged twice New England is like months Minnesota two times in the entire game for nineteen yards. Meanwhile Philly four times for fifty tigers there were not a lot of flags thrown championship weekend period. Yeah Perry like this person says I'll take Eli he's done it twice before we you can have Ely if not I'll take Brady but not at. All day long. I think that is just day in Asia add that patriots fans out there and I hate I love the hate and keep your patent bottle up inside that's a direct. That's right haters gonna high I think we may mean Tom Brady we may see the most clutch performer ever generation. I mean in any sport you talk about big plays biggest stage. He's a greatest football player ever. He thinks they're right now you cementing national problems I would just cementing its just my opinion. My opinion but yeah I've ever seen and I've never seen another football player. Do what he's done who he's done it before I've never seen it who was at the I'm only 42 years old. It's tough. Writing groping in the younger we Jim Brown it's fighting get a chance Cecile and Walter Payton was an unbelievable but he was a running back Joseph Montana was someone I strived. To love to watch and then after that it was really difficult to say I mean I would Brett Favre did his 270 some game street was incredible. Good football player but Tom Brady's agrees football player that's ever been on a National Football League field you would argue. No line we can no I know you do whatever you want argued throughout stats do all the things that's fine argue away but this is my humble opinion. Aren't new guitar dementia. Deeds done it time and time again and here we are eighteen years in their tenure with that Tom Brady and bill dollar check. And they will be playing for their eight Super Bowl. They have played in five of the last ten. And we'll go for back to backs who rules for the first time cents. And tactics. So. Like Mike Vrabel did in the 2005. Players association meetings we all sit down. Are we congratulations yeah Tennessee Titans had gradually since my keys and awesome duties and his wife his kids. Because they're that we play golf fuselage on greedy superintendents titans are going to be. Awesome. Great arc who Mike walks in with the rest of the picture guys they're all that he and who's the other rap I can remember for senior note edging up just sits down he goes. Congratulations guys for make it and in what is dribble the stands up on the top is this how we would end. It's there. Just a ha we went again and that's kind of what the preacher to they go up into and we will again. And. On different than in did you notice meet Daniels and Frederick Patricia. They I know Alex and this should lane in the confetti with his son late into the game yet into the night for Patricia may gain a dozen dollar check. That line meant a little bit Mori's son that is it mean we all know it's going to be the last run for them. But you could tell that they hung on and out on a little bit more elbow checked legitimately Islam. Not. The source best moment of that. It was when Jim Nance tried to hand him the NFC the AFC championship trophy. Dividends Jonathan craft your take. And they haven't Jesus paperless plastic thing what is this Wheeling Caroline parties. Well there and simple let's talk a little blazers let's Clinton Pollack get off the ball for a quick minutes. The voluntarily is beat the Dallas Mavericks and a fight almost breaks out in the blazers locker room after. Some 47 on ten. Oh. This is Dustin jam in the morning on 1080 love prayer and. And it was tied the. So the blazers picked up a big mean. Over the weekend to get him back over five games over. Our exceeding four games over 500. Beat the mavericks won seventeen to one away their cruise in in Dallas later on May but it wasn't really even ever that close. And blazed out 25 and Tony on big story out of that game was the fight. During the game flop of blues 2000 maintain salon measuring. Is the seven footer for the Dallas Mavericks. Yeah yes seven footer he's actually 72 says here statistic wise. Yes here I mean that's a seven inches two years is also seven feet solved what do you say a six footer winning 62. Is Damian lowered to six footer I think seven feet is like the line of demarcation words like in just over seventy lies that. Because this is a year game and just hole at that point you know when she had seventy is that caring guy if I'm seven for a wanna be a farm 77 on wanna be called 77 nautical seven footer aren't. Whenever Baghdad. Have done well this guy is today in great a fly upper. And apparently after the game. My advice terrorists and those that workers he'd grown annoyed. Whereas from I don't know I'm working on his statistic wise of the consumers from. If he's only got two years in the NBA experience so far he's 31 years of age. Wasn't he. Tunisia Tunisia according to Jeff for us okay Tunisian born. Pretty fiery I'm not on the map. But he then will got into little altercation with the ease of barricades after flopping to the ground and Evan Turner. And apparently after the game measuring threatened to come to the blazers locker room ala Trevor ariz. Do it Gerald Green and James Harden. In trying to fight the Portland trailblazers. He said he was trying to tot you sift circuits by putting ethic cannot get there's and saying what I can't see you. I saw that I've worked in the Clinton heard it's his third goal. Exhibited such a bad is such a bad flop you have that is an early that should make LeBron James just to whom I was flop. Yes on a apparently he told Evan Turner he sickle come to the locker room. And Evan Turner are two games that at a 225 pounder a 275 pounder in a seven footer which when hit the ground. Well it's just threw 35 so we split hairs on pounded cheered. What did and I mean I tell me what is wrong with you with being a stickler right now I'm not been a stick where exit when someone says wait really matters and toughness and laugh at that too because he just automatically think an extra fifty pounds makes you tougher sometimes your just fat and slow. But this would've been a good battle because I don't suppose you 175 pounds or kitsch you know that. Nine to 25 minus 275 it's fifty pounds okay so fifty pounds makes Dirk it's tougher. Will then Evan Turner. He's nineteen the seventh order was in measuring we hit the ground yes. Okay on this so he's saying that you know measure he went to the ground as big temple opera and they is that fine let's fight. And then see you McCullough said if they are really modified in order find people. I had this is funny to me is they can use governor kitsch who. No fly offer. Is now like he. Not all of them. Are faced tough yes she in this sport breeds faith tough it is a hold me back bro sport. From the beginning of it because you can't really do because the tough guys were back in the eighties in the ninety's and then everything turn to now I want to be tough but I don't refine fifty grand and wanna get kicked out we wanna have a good national perspective we don't because kids are watching because nobody kids watch brawls in baseball brawls and hockey. These guys are tough they're fake tough if not is all fake tough in all it's comical. It was like the biggest. East's moment of a fake Taft that that we've seen in the NBA in quite some time. But I love the fact that that is is this going to be the new thing in the NBA is hey we're gonna fight junior locker let's in this country behind the scenes. And I can mystery little bit of credit when your team is terrible yet to find ways keep these gains interest and why not to start picking fights with anybody. And in it was again one of those things where. You sift market's needs a spark to keep an interest in engaged in an inning game he got that from measuring. Do we need more of this I think today the blazers go to Denver. Using your have a motivated markets 'cause it's his first return trip to Denver. Like it's going to be one of those things that it's a it's tough to say about finding ways to keep pining gauged over an 82 games get. Well why was this is the size are you think it's very hard to keep this man motivating your throat trying to find ways to motivate markets gosh he keep him engaged when he gets in that some guys play better angry or play better with a little bit of an heads I would've thought being. In eastern bloc guy you would have been built with edge now. His dad forgot six beat up 37 guys in isn't that what we thought heading into this year with bad boys comments open so. And got us this bad boys Aminu who's flop of blues a better. Who's better we've gray matter it's not like ucits doesn't have as a curator on the floor moments I'll give her catchy in an edge over measuring for better flop urges because. Measured didn't even get touched like at least circuits they can get touch Spain and he goes down in it in heat yeah this is whip with the movies make us. Where the phantom punch takes up again and again just falls and to the math and that is what we're out here every rocky movie. Yes the open every speaking of Iraqi. Knicks bulls gives Iraqi performance the punching bag of Philly media after a couple bad performances got benched. It during the regular season wanted to in both of the games to round out their UC's Annette Carson went under. He put together a performance for the ages in the NFC championship game is simply do not on the fan.