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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, January 22nd
Super Bowl LII is set; is Patriots vs Eagles the match-up you wanted?; Case of the Mondays

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised doing the right thing since 1952. Dustin jam in the morning and the tour. Variety. Told that your parent. Hope he doesn't tour. I don't fix it would dusty sand man era find news comes from. And former probes in Cleveland just a little more time doing it yourself. Molest little village president. Justine Kim in the morning on 1080 Parker. And more me. Capping Monday and it was a lingering good yeah I mean there's a lingering hangover no weekend absolutely not. Nothing's good for me I'm just happy. Because it's been long discussed it recently show. On this station at one point or another. Has complained about it. But it's we found him windows and here it is brighter. He series stale it's dark outside right for the Indians. Right in the studio today very good invite everybody down necklacing evening out right outside her window is not good and we had no time now you know no we don't say that went on because people do. But we finally have a window and our studio and this is great news for us. Because as sun comes up wouldn't be bright in here and be brightens and shiny days. Ultimately does have been covered the last decade in the and since we've since were off the boob tube that's right there we don't need to we can have this beautiful. Now lovely and huge window and now we can look at a and cave you can look out at the beautiful Emory River. He thought a very very distracted today because there's absolutely nothing to talk about this weekend was no boring and I had no drama zero activity the weather was garbage and so now. Let it was garbage. Any continues to be garbage. It was one of the worst weather weekends. Yesterday it was one of the dike that drive being windy rain and that is one thing that oregonians can go our rant and we are non umbrella states here. And no region out of the Pacific northwest is an on and bella region if you had to be outside very you know kids. Soccer game or whatever in January bust your a TU problem then it would be okay to. But have an umbrella basketball season if you're doing out exports right now fancy you. Move well I went to UNA say out or sucker him into my nieces soccer game. Yesterday. And it was like driving pouring rain as McGwire we hear well yeah why are you here because it's not soccer season. Basketball season. And well yeah. You know she like soccer she plays soccer in the fall and learn summer and then spring. We're trying to get her out for another sport you know you know you're basketball give her a bad I don't think you're on a seed at ninety and I feel like this they're on the make or basketball's the number one sport to gauge athletic ability can't quite well because your constant movement in constant change of direction leaking. So I decide shuffling straight line football's a pause for a pause. Play seven seconds and a very Linear yeah port. Baseball's very sedentary sport often very Linear yeah but he can't be most the time I mean he seemed very basketball constant movement changing directions explosive movements being able to dribble change adjusting your mind it's very fast sport if you look. Always adjusting. Eugene your tempo to you as an athlete I gave changing your body does mean you can go. You know from. You know three point arc to three point marquis can go fast the need to gear down as again today you number one gauge for how do you think of samba when you're an athlete. Basketball will always you can always say given ideas at all he's really good athlete in the basketball yuck or engine five minutes so we had issued a vastly really blow you and I've had this conversation with our and I really do I like you're reasoning behind it because it is true man it's really true. When you think of Howell. Athletes and in Indian sport of basketball specifically in the event helps you with all your other sports do you even have to be good at it no but that's why. Cardiovascular playing Liberia are guilty sport even playing GB TU mature like basketball here in high school if your gas late. Being made to stop begin bass Butler played bass will be elected DDT team in you're gonna become a better athlete for that it will change you completely if you go for that sport. At least try to play this year. Russ is big basketball guy restless vest while who put all the time that's right a judge keep the slender physique that don't let. You're back we play your gun on Friday eagle and heartfelt Twitter message to get worse view well you know that was you know as I NASA's solid full week you know and come back for a couple of days is like. Well we appreciate being back on tour correct things. That's right that's on talking about Kagan opera star all right let's get this go on. We did have football being played yesterday. And we got to get to yes did you know home and watching and well hmmm let's talk about the football games that happened yesterday plus get a suitable match upset let's do some sort. I remember was just like yesterday. I disdain towards history of football 2006. Of the franc dropped 81. You remember how big of a deal I was at no time it was it was against Toronto yeah alaskans draw them down. Yeah I think it was a big deal because it was the closest we've ever seen to wilt when he just stood in the middle of the key which wasn't the key then anyway just under the hoop and score her points in Hershey Pennsylvania. Julia yet that is like yeah I remember sin they're going. My goodness 81 points yeah I was at a bar today. Saw that. Present articles. But he shot the ball 46 types. You made 28 of 46. From the field when your in eighteen of 21. From the free throw line my goodness. The as a whole the heat shot 46 times the lakers only got up eighty Johnson's game. So give his. Bomb. Bob. We shoot. And he closed his career like that yes ball all well in in every game in between 81 in the closes his career co attended the same thing. What news can. I don't today's program we are going to be jockeying in these Super Bowl match up Philly vs New England as it doesn't match yet you wanted to see. A 645 as always it is our case of the Mondays it's bothering you grind your gears on this Monday morning we'll be talking AFC and NFC championship games. Phillies optional in Minnesota the patriots haven't rallied from behind to beat. And Jacksonville Jaguars get some blazer Stockton on today's show it to you. I'll fight him as a lot Okaloosa county. Test. NY blazer fans and maybe pump the brakes in the blazers team pump the brakes on despite threats that we're going on here and well. Backyard brawls it. In locker room has suffered a net. The loser does that there's a quiet room that everybody goes into the get their most of them. Yes quite it's padded with no windows that's in mental hospital bill they haven't been in all facilities now let these guys get their most. Women are no cameras until the screen in due to. And perfect. I'm doing go. They march of this small staff is almost complete hired running backs coach Jim master away from Washington State over the weekend doing an animal. They steal another coach from the troops. Yet they did did that to your considerable they know this is the third coach as insulin is the third coach arrow kind of Washington State that like. In and then also plucked Mobil's recruiting coordinator linebackers coach and former husky. Courts and a sense congratulations recorded as he was a great hardworking young man. At Washington now he's going to be here back in the Pacific northwest of congratulations to him. You'll be coaching the outside linebacker. Poor markets what does that mean that he is dead TU. The Huskies know you kidding me anytime someone writes you a check to be a coach you're happy for them well there is or what color where's the they are as some. Like duck fans and like Justin Wilcox did give me went fifteen was that I was there yes yes they are further more there but there aide I didn't see. A lot of the tweets from husky fans and that started being picked out of the same kind of can't happen sabres have been a big ones that are logical goes are you writing my check to my bills you know I know you're not a case I think you. Yet but he's another recruiting guru and one of the young bright minds and in college football that people are raising about court Dennison as a recruiter in it in a position coach. Hey wake up I said wake up. Okay blazers back in action tonight after being out since Saturday did did beaten outbreaks. At home. In need Portland trailblazers. Improve their positioning in the Western Conference standings with that and 82521. In the six spot out west and they are one game back. The Oklahoma City Thunder for the five spot. Their two and August that under this year's or own the tiebreaker tie. You just wanted to right now edit with with only like 38 games to play. I got a good target because there but there in Denver tonight six got tipped its use of air it's his first return to Denver since being traded. There was controversy and probably. Tells me and it has a problem you know how I guess. Ulcer in the NBA pacers beat the spurs 9486 that that's the story decent tone it happened Tony Parker. It's not Gregg Popovich went to him before the game and he said. Bullock. You know playing like a starter anymore bigger old because commodity major injury so they went to did John Amory in the starting line. Tony Parker done as a starter in San Antonio but they lost so he prod bedecked extreme and sick. We tell people. Look at and the lakers were lawns noble list but. And they beat the knicks went 27 to one a seven remember there is that stat that without Alonso ball the other garbage they can't win but they've won six of their last eight games and name. Really beetle and the next us I want 27 on a seventh American around and two straight without Alonso two straight. Event. Juno. Did you care. And not that regularly Astaro. You know. Leading into oh god thank you sixth it was ten or. My god it's early wake up. Tired where we start. The New England Patriots are AFC championship deviant for the first time. Her for the first time near the eight times since 2000 and see you beating its next 2420. Well in the NFC it was the home dogs barking again as the Eagles beat the vikings. 3872. Days of their third Super Bowl in franchise history the first cents. 2004 where they've played and the New England Patriots. That is our Super Bowl Philly and New England it is sad. How does that register with you 55305. We got Philly. In New England. I factory a five the fan Tex and it is 613 on the thing. This is dusty and Tim in the morning and on 1080 I love sale and. Philly stomp a hole in the Minnesota Vikings. The patriots around only from behind to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and now. Now we're gonna party like these 2004. Rematch of the Super Bowl in 2004 lawyer who is Philly. And New England again only one. Teachings are similar from those to you. Games outside of the teams vying it's Bill Belichick and Tom Brady everybody else's retires everybody else's different. Cities with the same. Areas are the same and a the F one thing eight seniors later still hanging around is this these super that was a fourteen years later my belt or team you know produced a math it's okay. Is this a Super Bowl that you wanted to. To see coming out of championship weekend Philly New England. Is is the one name that that got your juices flowing if you want my honest I'd honest gut no we please Eileen no I would there was there's times of the when you cheer for something new. And you wanna see something different but what are you also want appreciated greatness he can't yet predict any of this stuff and he could always have your biases and sell our I'd love to see this team deal to do it. Did I think that some of these games are gonna go this way. Yes I thought the game is gonna be close for the features and jags do not expect what happened certainly with Philly Eagles. Inky get the best teams. At this point of the year we have seen the two best teams now are gonna show open the Super Bowl there's no question that Eagles were ready and there's no question that the patriots. Or the most dominant. Unbelievable franchise's all time were gonna do it's nauseam today and try not to nausea use a listeners and and our goal how good the patriots are because this is this is at a point where it's now. Expected. It's expected it there's no other rhyme or reason for there's no. Exact answer for how the continued to do it with this group from players to one man and the constant is Belichick Brady so. Did get what you want. In the end this is what you want the two best teams deserve to be in there and SO BA dot. Yet there is dead there is an element you know it's a fifth Super Bowl in the last ten years in New England it did Dave played in three of the last four super bulls. On they've won two of them. If there are in their eight Super Bowl since 20012002. Season when Brady and dollar checks run started. And there is an element of fatigue in people just not wanting to see but I also believe that that's why people want a matchup where. They believe New England can be knocked off because they wanna see it and and they wanna seed and by somebody else besides Eli Manning and and and Tom Coughlin. You know I mean in dares say fatigue of other ended again there again but I think as the game gets nearer and approaches. And as you be more and more people that are gonna want to you. Watch the fall of the dynasties. But know dozens and hoping for by if you're hoping for this either are I would put this more on the other teams the other coaches. The other groups because it came into O Tom Coughlin was able to knock well we didn't didn't work. The jedi mind trick that Tom Coughlin was able to do while the giants did not work and now I would going into this game if if the jags were 21. I would've felt bad for dug her own because everybody's story the next day would have been Coughlin does it again when you're like going on the head coach here and there's a bunch of players underneath it's not Tom Coughlin that's a nice at all so true no of course that's what it would have been. But I I I throw more out to the rest of the AFC. Jury you'll have a knock off he'll have an occasional Denver where they right now I Denver goalie drafting filth. Garbage they took over actually. The Jacksonville jag wires rightful spot a completely session down and that and the you know they're gonna hire for renewing impeachment. They can't do yet. K where's Indianapolis right now. The one off that knocks the patriots out VA are drafting. Pretty high to allow and I don't know that way and into let's go where's Baltimore they miss the playoffs they meet the bills really happy by missing the playoffs. Who else. Where the raiders in their stint as coach as he did the whole AFC. From the Kansas City Chiefs everybody that's been looking up trying to chase them. It's your fault don't need to look in the mirror and say you'd if you can't beat him. Then shut up and angry with a don't you feel though. How like that. I don't you feel that a Jacksonville has some staying power though. The fact that they are so young and I Denver dared to New England shirt there I don't win Denver's but now when Dan got involved or just the young roster older brother when the youngest in the NFL nobody's beating bill Jack and Brady until entered until there in the dirt now they don't they're gonna beat you when they're not yet we don't you believe though that when you watch a Jacksonville team you see this young roster even when Denver when it was there and they're updated they had their place at the table. You hadn't had to do with an aging quarterback. In some older parts on your defense and I still remember people don't tell me that the fans and and trying to telling the Broncos weather could have done it at worst Brock a spoiler rock pass an economic reason why you won the Super Bowl is because of great defense and a share full campaign no one had a chance yet but you look at this in this jaguars seemed intended despite court compact though at times public portals played well last yesterday do you look it. There was. Every opportunity to Jack or the jags had a chance to win that football is that it all the way to do was stop Tom Brady did he get a better pass rush that couldn't in the second half yeah they had great pass rush early. And especially in the first half tar retook some big time shots. But Danny Amendola. Yeah no drunk. Beat the arguably probably one or two best defense is in the NF then he goes shut. Them down to make great better place if you wanna put it on your best on your best your defense was gonna against Tom Brady he couldn't stop it yet. And in about a nickel stressing there. In this and into your point of they're supposed to be a team that's there everybody else has floundered in the AFC you how to wanna off but majority teams in the AFC cantina to flout what about Philly why is there this meet and feeling about Philadelphia Eagles in this game I didn't. You mean because they're five and half point underdog which is the greatest in NFL history into a Super Bowl. Yeah and I mean you learn those now that last week though that you'd you would rather see Minnesota and because Philly doesn't have Carson Lance. And you wanted to see car and I've made that's not bad is how a lot of people feel is that there's sin they're going. Oh great EL philly's net and Nichols is going to be bill dollar check it. Are the realistic because and again into the game Nichols was fantastic he was and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles. Stomped on it the better team clearly Minnesota. Okay I'm not gonna I told you so but I told you on Friday that the biggest concern going into the scheme for the Minnesota Vikings was what. The emotions. Of Dayton Minnesota miracle and saying that maybe we didn't belong maybe we were playing with house money maybe this. The lights were too big for this game we let it all hang out Biggs was still talking about it on Friday. With Friday's audio where where their minds not ready for this game because clearly they were ready for this game because they run out of the building with the best defense in the NFL. Supposedly on paper in here we go again here's a stat for you that is now thirteen NL all time NFL that a dome team. Has been in a playoff championship game and lost. So you know what don't build a dome. It's still building don't go to go play outside the wealth plays football outside. How many dome teams are you able to do go noted that now that throws Kevin. It's on the road now going on the road in a championship game. As a dome team yeah thirteen and now you've lost. Yeah well there's a weird strange stat or is it just realistic that you you know what when he go to hostile environment you've got to be able to handle. And there is also an element of that a year tiger about that hangovers that. Member that's how we talked about the average margin Victor is 23 points for teams that won in walk off fashion the week before in the playoffs. And it is day ended up losing by an average of 23 points per game that seemed to play out played out perfectly perfectly emotions are too high you felt like you'd done everything he said there's still weak we have things left to get. And kept unfinished business 55305. Though is this matchup you wanted to see text that's 55. 305. In the Eagles. And this is going to be a tough one for the host city. Who today. Gusting came on the fan near Brussels Fortson. Widespread texting yeah. That's the message and what numbered. Two or. Diners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off into this and I learned there we've gone from a lot I think. Always cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Anyway you can go into. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 553. Easier by that is the fans excited dusty here in Cleveland with yet. Did you get the Super Bowl match up that. You wanted. Philly. In New England. Text us and let's test this whole thing out you know obviously there is eager pitching number one seeds. Which I don't think that if you look at it would the NFL on the way that need our home field advantage means something. And both the teams that were had home field throughout the playoffs where the ones I got through they've been the best teams in the regular season they've been the best teams in the post season. Bulls teams have gone through their injuries among BC Phillies with Carson once going down is. No small injury in no small feat to make it to the Super Bowl. Which is being loses a lot of bluster and New England has had injuries through route I mean I'm big lose ground yesterday as sharp as a right tackle patent and that ground gets very know that there's injuries in global yeah. But they still have found a way to be. Standing in the in the two teams left in the symbols so is this the one they want an end. As a derelict Dayton but the best on best and let let this thing play out you know on Minnesota. Was supposed to be the one they gave Philly their best shot in his 387. Get to the end and they wanna be in the stance on February 3 then there's always a couple things that. That hold true with gets you to that level number one like you said is dealing with injuries because everybody's going to be able to deal mountain number two is. Believing that you belong there strangely enough not a lot of teams know how to handle that kind of pressure we're gonna talk about why the jags. Have never been there before because they're mature they're young will they get backed potentially. You really see it potentially or running your route to an Ramsey were going to the Super Bowl those things don't work. It doesn't hold up it doesn't hold up because that sets you up for failure that's the other thing is in telling you've been in that situation. You don't know what it's like to feel it jailer and you've never been an AFC championship team game against the patriots. In talks were given no idea what that feels like. You don't you could say I know how to handle the pressure I know how to handle it I'm. From everybody from miles Jack to a cross to Blake portals. We've been in those regular season games no we have not and so the experience in the confidence of of Tom Brady the rest of the pages as they watched. That game unfolds everybody on that sideline there wasn't one patriot and believes the big comeback and went back and yet there was anybody sit in the stands at believed it either. Yeah and there's believe it's our it there is something to birdie 183 and eighteen which appeals appeals on the sticks. About that believe them of getting there are a lot of it has to do with actually. Been there before and how many the patriots have been their before because entry glassware seasons now. They're playing for civil there was what maiden none of that experience in Jacksonville mean maybe one that you guys have been to several before but. And done and on that roster and then. You look at. Eagles had seven guys that have played in receivable and a couple of them played last year with Chris song in league your blood type last year and some bloke Super Bowl for New England there's something to you that experience. A way it is inexperience and everything yeah. Does it matter what your job is when you look at people that Bennett about those pressure situations if you're in a big deal negotiation. Or fear and anything Cassidy with your job you want somebody that you can look at and go. Hey how did you deal with this before what did you do would lean on that's do you look to the young rookie and say lead us old course you don't. Now some rookies are part in good spaces we always that fear head coach in who's the most experienced Super Bowl coach and experienced Super Bowl quarterback of all time there right there in there and again. Tom Brady and data and build ballistic that is a lot of symbols. Eight. On attacks on the fan tax on 55 threes your provost tire is the patriots can be. Lucky disease such greatness I for one will miss the dynasty when it's gone. I think that that is something that. We probably should start appreciating a little bit more and I know that is hiring and allowed people hated. But it. Brady and Belichick are gonna be around forever. In new little and Indian it'll drop off pretty fast you probably because that's what history has been has shown is that quarterbacks and they hit forty. Iyas start going to and a Brady doesn't show signs of it but. You know on this the cliff misty may and this person says I only hope is the Eagles lose so their fans can't continue to suffer if he cracked and he said so they can can. Yeah supper that's what I want so do it oh he wants that. It's city of smothering duds to be happy good for Philly fans though. On buildings for fillies why do you there are still fighting with police before one guy was there are fighting with the vikings fans before the end each other. But after the game. There aren't very many reports of them. Fighting each other now there are burning stuff in the middle of the streets of Tel and they were claiming increased polls. Which what's the budget in the city of Philadelphia that you need to Crisco you're light poles. Where does that budget fit into big acting you know they got that about the cheese state budget where he exactly where does it come out of the Department of Health and Human Services. Now they got that from New Orleans New Orleans does often are you rock I know video. Could ever put my analyzes surprise to you then because I didn't think you do it in Philly that in the it was that big of a deal in Philly the EU had a concern. At AB balloon bend over the labels yet what this is the same police department has said we cannot protect you and lose. Remember on Thursday on Thursday they sent that out like win or lose. Look you gotta be save because we can't protect everybody here and the place said that about Philly fan does that city get the name of brotherly love what it is. Literally the most disgruntled bitter city. Of people and fans it's good fun it's a very blue collar city don't you understand it but it is it almost it's it's just awful Ruskin chief. And that now. Where how Philly got the city of brotherly love. And not have. Let it get on that because that is a good point and that I don't think anybody associates. That no city with brotherly love or love at all and AA associated with a lot of hate in distinction. Five factor easier five. Yea here's the two weeks of on media outlets of pounding the patriots are the best team never storyline into our heads and letting us know that the Eagles have no chance. I'm Dan C I don't. They have no chances. They have a chance. I think never really good chance what media and other gonna be some media people elected champion. And say oh it's the story line wanna see this in there and let's be realistic do the Philadelphia Eagles. Have a chance of course have chances right they do and chance they've just get a chance as anybody because of the fact that. And this'll be sound that we talked about maybe Mars. This has been one of bill Belichick's best coaching jobs because this roster isn't nearly as talented. As ones in the past. Especially deal and win when I say that I mean defense offensively when you have Tom Brady your refund but defensively. There's yards to be hadn't Nichols you put. Pretty good and I think Dan every every shot I haven't chance and they got a good run game but media outlets pounding the patriots are the best he never storyline in your head. Well aren't day at this point. We got to pound anything anymore. It'd size really stopped after their third Super Bowl mean you don't even have to. Tonight's thought about that it's about sustaining what they've already achieved. You to be able to go to back to back super balls it again that's never happened so the 2000 three in the 2004 super walls that they went to. You're now gonna see another chance for the go back to back him in this is that just doesn't happen and Indian sports other then. The Celtics. In this in the sixties. I've found the brotherly love OK it comes from the accounts at a multi do the word it's all agreed Greeks feel most meaning love and adelphia us meaning brother. Oh with a very relevant in the name of the so it literally is truly is literally means some degree of generally love it translates as such. Oh boy what a terrible description of that city yeah maybe let's do renamed if you. The hand that's. What is Greek for her. Rip each other's throats out. Can we find out and out we do something along the sign of life and Santa haters in Britain. Let's be honest there's there's plenty every fan base across the country. If you're if you're looking at Philadelphia say now barely get how brutal that serious but. Anger that they'd channel towards everybody in fact if you watch some of the other stuff at the end of the game. The Philadelphia fans actually throwing beer cans at. The Minnesota Vikings team boss is they are leaving the facility which is you won. John that's very buffalo is there no Buffalo's double birds. But the I your boss man. I'd never seen full cans of beer by the way that's who throws a full camp here we can do that the year throw a can throw coffee cup and that's not something that's not worth anything and amp T. Just trying to empty it but does have the same sounder impact and he shot connecting the freely ago. Through here we go what's Greek for city of Reading in Gholston. And. I would find that out read in Philly that some. Bill we do have it 55305. Is this the matchup. Value on in the Super Bowl and does a written resonate with you does that register. On that is the question that we on no for me that is or sexual relations today plus he got a case the money is coming up what's bothering you grind your gears. Fired up 55305. Disgusting cam on the fans. This everyone's favorite decade. It. Eczema an easy case. Could you have to complain about. Ultimately. Cancer risk is that. Our case of the Mondays part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's done a piece of the moon. I'm 1080. The. What rank in your gears that's that's 55305. They're gays in the and his Richie turned event before you get into work before you gave your word faithfully started we give ninety you'd be a good chance. To sound off then and did LP chassis don't take down on your boss your coordinators employs. You know probably gonna do it anyway yeah they give it out here first let's do this and they argue to read be read publicly so just make sure you don't have anything that but just don't put your name may get too tired bored Purdue men's. They had just Texan just run by threes or five it's it was on. Until it's on. Yeah moan don't. You know I notice I told you want in my New Year's resolutions turn over new positive lethal life you did only complain when there's really reason to complain. Really isn't reason at Oakland and we we had a great weekend and sports and Joseph and I wind and turn and works is when the tournaments. You really win a tournament you just really compete in two with three and 13 month when some teams win other teams do not there was a weird tiebreaker thing that went down. Senate. And all it did for what is happening don't know I don't pay ten there I just want the chizik appeared tired and exercise and not sit at home and tell me that is played to not know. I played a basketball. How does the government not have a champion it does but has multiple divisions with in so it's only two winning the whole tournament you win divisions of the tournament and its. Okay it's bizarre to me so zillion either either way you ended yet would you in the division or lose no. In went with three north through a but the point if you are atrocious last republic the point differentials so close. I'll out of their law all you law I don't tell me I'm not the one that they'll play the Davis and Brazil soccer point guards out right wins in las we love and then knock out round with little to rent one and that's still eight Olympics and a it whatever. Can't hit it and let there was actually good show and get you were watching the ones watching soccer this weekend yet. Here's a thing which aren't that. Watching soccer in the in the winter is against all. Everyone's religion it's it's it's basketball season I have is supporting many sound and here is reporter monies were not watching is going to again. We into the game and are sent out there in the rain. In your spank my boy you have to sit so far away. A year ago lined up. We didn't know if we were even at the rate games because they had this I had to bid two teams side by side begins a lunar and both teams were wearing leg. But life goes well. In many seems balloon like a Mike. Bull there's two teams wearing blue light one on each field and able playing teams that wearing red button we had no idea which. Game if weird watching the right game because it is so gross out we were arguing that if you are inside watching basketball. Well again that's true. Jesse in the weather today and did you umbrella that are down I'll bring to hunt for Morgan and I always a pride thing because if it's raining nightly I don't understand. I'm a lifelong or ago when he and I have no issue taking a called darn umbrella and using an umbrella door July. I don't I don't understand that I'm a north I I like you did you ever at high slugger for the cut with a with a buddy Tom Baxter if you're out there. And that guy never once ever wore anything other than shorts to school. To matter what so how can do to be four degrees outside he was wearing shorts yeah than that to me is is Oregon Ian with their vendetta against number I've seen and never. I never England and I just don't mind I don't mind if I get rained on it's just and I think the thing is ID have to take ray Emeril everywhere if I got. Talent it's I get don't know what she half that's you'll sleep every argument there is slippery slimy yeah good to deliver the maybe for me is different to that Wear glasses and I have no constantly white Rainwater opera glasses very true but you know I'm aware had a lot to use that takes it a bad and honored to be able to not out of an umbrella when you're walking around here no I don't care. I take my kid out to the bus stop don't need on the big old darn thing does all your on this on the cure on this island by yourself non not. You are in this trifecta this Texas says soft soft he's an umbrella. He's saw this morning at south. Five factories verified other people's a case than Monday's here. Had a new ball weekend Meehan allies super sore today and no help from friends Al backed out more pizza and beer for us. Who you tried to bribe pizza and beer. Should have bumped it up to congress has fallen in team carpets. Why I don't know BD and he didn't give enough incentive to the brands you really do know who your true friends are. Yeah when you asked to move and you call your friends the people that show up. As it is those different Pia once that composers. It is we do come like FaceBook. He's weed him out and essar. People are afraid dread Spina speed limit on the freeway at the roads are wet IA that is one against me too is that we live in order and it's gonna rain all the time noon you better get used to driving on it here's the other thing I flashed a guy yesterday. On the on the freeway. Lights were off stark he got mad at me. Atlanta this thing. I got behind I did the double flash or double your live with the the siren went so I went double blast he's flipped me the urge you prone as annoyed as lights were off. It's pitch black here on the road in my due to its safety you're gonna get yourself killed. What are what kind of it is a special and it's normal one way to gauge somebody's car lots of gadgets out there you know but flashy game of the double bird's eye when you know what screw you I don't need to save your life you go right yourself and into involvement flung note here that bitter about someone trying to help you make sure your lights are on you're not helping and not as much helping him as everybody else on the road because it's more dangerous for everybody else who can't seem common heaven forbid you. Turn your thing to Lotto because no excuse for lights off any noise and put his own audio he's he's alert seeing. And everybody else is lights that are out there and he's using them but if you Jersey you know somebody in front of them tries delaying change he does now resides on he cousin major accident hurt somebody else but I do my job that's turned among even though he birdied mean he turned him on I felt better to receive some lines it for you good for you Monday's people suck on the freeway and you did that is true. That is true. And quickness first Monday day shift in tears no describes they have a great we fellas that's. Okay. Turning over and you leave just like you are all right your real umbrellas at sporting events or OK okay never just from walking around to and fro work. And when Lucia I was about that. Says who. I guess so like if I'm going from the car and the grocery store on things don't know between buildings between the car building I don't. But if I it and taking the kid out to the bus stops in the kid's soccer or a soccer game via word of it absolutely realities and Andy and in the rain yes signings here this morning and and I think here. Initially sitting in stands. Because then adherence stands. You have an umbrella and then I'll send everybody else's vision be like to score from the cart the grocery store has now I'm tired yeah yeah again this says this section as umbrellas are ridiculous and Portland you'd have to literally have a non U Tony for seven can be sunny and in five minutes later start raining colorful they know that don't think it's cool to have a walking stick we just Rainier Maryland it would cool walking sticker came or something attempt came from the cookie yet he's reached out. Out into multi versatile yeah. It has a knife she got the one end and then an umbrella the other and that's not enough you never now. Never knowing you might need it to you never know you are now. You've got us here on pocket knife and I said dad way I was department squeezed. In are now. T. CEO like he owes that to me like head to head and ideally led and well organized and cough drops in his in his pocket. Q you never. Like the one that I don't understand like via satellite they culture that's. What matters in as the handkerchief I do not want to carry around ragged phones are getting are also that order and it always had a handkerchief. Pocket not an author of into the comedy jam detained eighty Kerio Flint with him he only knows everything and tired of the uses very generational there's probably people out there and on saying their moms and dads and moms always had the dirty. Did you know that dirty Kleenex that she used to wiper make up off her lipstick and she pulled it out of her purse did to wipe it on you proceed liquor thumb and try to see EG your face because you had some crusty milk liberal. Mornings Cheerios and she's looking at she got it we'd do it. Do people still do that via do you still lick the thumb is among analysts and fingers and increase in Greece the face of your children yet still your wife does that the Al did at two under and get over here there. Absolutely need you give it to the old lick him you can queasy yeah. That's been going on for generations Jim Johnson sit. In public. Absolutely satellite in the grocery store. Rush is five. You do it's not like you know she's a teenager that's a course that in my view more enjoyable than numbers that Helen government grade point to sweet she is for giving hugs from the drop off in Middleton. This is alive and can't waste so much fun. Or at 55 days you'll put me the days. Phillies dobbs a hole in Minnesota how it all went down nick pulls impressive as well dusting cam on the fan.