Dusty and Cam - 9.13.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

NW Nuggets, CFB scheduling, and why people aren't going to NFL games in California.


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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Dusty and stamina mornings. Oh yeah. Some day you're. Okay yeah. Brit the guy. Jerry yeah it does Dinara still. I was like yeah me it's important principle here and an NFL veteran Sam clearly Mitt yeah. Waiting for you an apology from Montana eight feet short time of prayer and yeah it's. I would do it every week at this time is time to get GI Joseph or northwest not get. Itself. Each day when an enthusiasm. I played perfectly in the pro. Let's say let's go from there. Important it's time for dusty and jams northwest nuggets don't look at the area's top like twelve teams part of dusty and jam on 1080 goes fan. The day we start this and this is a tough one because I'm not sure. How we'd start to skim we don't order of time we get two teams playing each other are Crawford. Europe who's going first Curtis. Beans or in state taken out of Washington State. To be a T thirty kick weird time. This weekend on the tactical networks Roxy Bernstein Antony here and Louis Johnson on the call. Oregon State down. Two corners and a safety heading into this game not good news when you're talking about going in against Lou Paul who against Dorgan state has thrown for. 1293. Yards sixteen touchdowns to interceptions and completed 74%. Of his passes against organ state in three starts. Compound that with the fact that Oregon State is one of only 21 schools in the entire country not to have a sack this year out of 130. And they're the only school duke played three games and not have a sack. It's not good news for the beats them. That is it. Nuggets big dog and a don't still when he put that together as a answers. All right it's. You came off X win last week the county couple overtimes. But the reason why you're so good on defense which are pretty good on defense. Did you know cougars you have two players there in the top five in the conference. The tackles for loss this gets and they are. Well one of these one is people who are in fact he is do you defense of pat pac twelve defensive player of the week fourteen tackles. He had. He now has 24 and a half career. TF bills Eagles tackle for losses the job on him get in the backfield. But you're right but you know he's number four. In the conference number one we know that guys are these are these pictures these. Mean you wanna just on rotate this season getting his urgent need to have that want you dropped month off off he has thirty career tackles for loss that is number one. In the pac twelve conference do good player neatly inside and outside our Bruins that the disputed Butler. Inside outside. You are being done. Stick on Wyoming in Laramie 4 o'clock kick off on the CBS sports network harder Blackburn Aaron Taylor. Ginny hill will be on the called. Where is CBS sports network does it that's true that called. He organ state color and it's a game dock Severin and Rick Neuheisel on Oregon State Colorado State. He. No Neuheisel on this one don't apparently no three trifecta again he does not view layer you filings show he's as do you. Yet heading up to you I did confirm this on the highest elevation in college football. 7000 or 7800. When he summoned the big event. Yes it is. Royce Freeman now in control this game at the next keep feeding in the way that. He is content so far this year little update here. He needs to rushing touchdowns to pass LenDale White for third all time in fact of history he needs three rushing touchdowns. To. Title Michael genes. Or second all time to pack two of history in Oregon Ducks need history obviously. And four touchdowns we'll have him as the school's all time. Leading scorer. He also needs seventeen rushing attempts because the Al ten's leading rusher attempt in 66 all purpose yards past Derek we'll go for fourth all time. And or history thing. I have a little nugget for you though on Josh down. The quarterback of Wyoming do is regarded as one of the top quarterback prospects in the country he's played three games against teams that are power five. And and don't be like even if he's here everybody else has been mountain Lester lower. In those three games. He's averaging 190 yards per game. With three touchdowns. And nine interceptions. In games against Iowa Nebraska and BYU this year against Ilie cuper 174 yards no touchdowns team takes. Last year against Nebraska 189 yards one touchdown five interceptions against the cornhuskers. And then last year in their bowl game against BYU 207 yards two touchdowns to interceptions he's not being. Great against great competition. RA. And downloads. We deep down. The Huskies hosting. Fresno state. 8630. Kick on the pac twelve networks where you have guys have a minute Chad Brown instant Abramson on the call. So these will be too dull fight over the Boehner ring to go in the new drugs yeah dogs Huskies so it's kind of dog festering your dog to the Huskies beat no. Not dog it's not dog day I coach Pete mentioned that he has. A lot of excitement for this young man and has keeping it's got to get to know this person effect coach Pete called him. The difference maker on the field the best young versatile talent. On the team is name nine carries 54 yards salvo in the bed. Head he's pretty good he's got to know you guys doing so long so in that that's meant yes I'm not meant he's he's really big time talent he's gonna be freshman that's gonna get a lot more work. As the season goes on so dogs. Look for that young man who have been. Move our involvement in that office. Basket with three as a freshman. We're 340 yes that is very fast enough. Please both wide receiver running back all over the place good returner. They've got pretty easy subject to many more golds. Be more dogs and again I don't know how many dogs he can get on and yeah bulldogs whose best present status to get them Alabama and amber. There who is pat. They'll Pat Hill isn't the coach we'll take on anybody anytime anywhere. Maybe Jeff Ted for money must change their tune a little bit. Given day but that 50s67. Was at the spouse or with a forty somebody a back to back cultural playoff teams we need more goals. Well. That's the scheduling issue if you ask Jeff Ted for a lot of money for presents cinco. Mayo a lot of money. How much you think again I've been buried to play. I don't know off the Aggies have a significant 600 senator Graham C think they got probably about. A million from Alabama brought a lot one point intimately advantage now and I've talked Indy pride they probably made similar between a million million and have to play these two games. A funds. To other sportscaster Dennis completely. In pays I get article on their costs. What that is. It's like. The trickled down for these games too is pretty significant because like. V well. If you pay Fresno state Fresno state will pay you know an SE a school like Sacramento state to come and play them. K Sacramento state then pays the western organ or southern Oregon to go and paid them. In that that trickle down from. This Washington Fresno state game. Is huge for like an AIA in division two school. Just do reaganomics in football it trickle down yet is academic you know reaganomics it actually works in college football. To work at all economic. Well it matters it doesn't college a look at the eight that's how these teams. Paid to have opponents and get wins on the I tell you actually have other programs other collegiate programs in your school exists is because of cultists so Fresno state vs Washington. Somehow some way. Is paying for. Eastern organs women's volleyball team get. Ego I like it dusty you can connect the dots and and if we have enough. A day you are and on the map you can connect has all the way down and seven degrees separation but you can do it configured out. That you can do all the way down to did Neil Stipe and series. Well share is is pretty expensive for an NAI meals that don't. Royals work you've got like. Twenty boxes that don't spend that on one place. For the weekend that the best battle over to your subway. To eat fresh. Again speaking of scheduling. Scheduling is an issue that not just seems like Fresno state have to battle but James Franklin and Penn State have to do this well. Testing cam on the fan. This business does do you examine a more. On 1080 I love. You should be in a similar this big impact. A team that's going to a place that they shouldn't be playing. Is hit the road in going to Memphis this weekend. This is akin to the organ what are you doing going to mutt Wyoming. Except for its wrapped up a little bit more when you figure that. Memphis actually good right now. And has a nice the program that they're building there. As Jim Boren announced today that he will be taking is there's I think that this is one of the cool things about going on road trips like this Sig in the civil rights museum. Decide on Twitter does so cool that. Guys get to do this thing never. Walk on campus don't leave campus that they had to do any of that guinier hotel room it was a ridiculous yeah this is really I guess he Washington to go visit ground zero their backer record I'll. UCLA gets to. Do this all these guys go on road trip did you know and I've played two when Notre Dame came out played husky stadium they rented a boat and they drove around the and the road in one of that I don't know whatever was called they got to. Hang out poked him was the duct podiums is the big lake touring vote now they had fans in the team and had dinner in the aid to around lake Washington and long. Always it was. It you see the hotel and human organs and where they do they get to go and see. Dean nothingness that is one Larry meanwhile Maine on this road trip would be what's. And expansive wilderness is that they can look and again and their into finger anyway it's you know estates have not been. You know. And a non anonymous in much it's special in Laramie in the two states. I mean. That's it only one. And only been there briefly. Yellowstone and waiting is it of course within months and end its karma thing anyway. A casino understanding and an awful lot of sap. But. That's one of those games though that UCLA convene in of those trap games based on schedule that is made a long time ago. I I I think I understand that went a little bit more then Oregon going and playing at Wyoming because if you wanna get some recruiting into the south. You're going and playing in Tennessee near the Mississippi border you can maybe get some of those increasing you're trying to pluck out of the south there. I don't know it's still just seems like there's a lot more to losing game. By going in and playing at the University of Memphis is you pick and that is an upset let it Dina says that's one of those upset alert games the other one is Stanford won in San Diego State. We if you look at the games. And it's kind of confusing. Arizona's that you task. Stanford at San Diego State organ at Wyoming or UCLA at Memphis tipped in his any sense to me novels do. I don't knowing it characters is busting through it that's even more confusing. Across the great state of New Mexico. Actual team is bussing to a game. Me and maybe they're gonna reenact the movie aired the show breaking bad. Mason meth on their bus on the way Wheeler. Well that's what made breaking bad is and that's you know no. Need I don't understand why you scheduled these games and all of them are happening this week for. The pac twelve in Penn State. Coach James Franklin. He talked a little bit about his scheduling any extra went out like. I don't assume you had these opponents that you play on the road in their lesser opponents that don't give anything your program we talked about this last week to you in the scheduling of obscure offenses and as it why would you play Georgia Tech why would you do it James Franklin. Gave me a glimpse into how Penn State schedules. I have strong feelings. Now scheduling. They saw that that these days that a long time talking about discussing. You know we're kind of looking act. Powell. Playoff system cop played out last year you kinda watching different scenarios trying to go for hurricane. But again I think that playoffs are are one factor that you look at when it comes to scheduling. But I think the most. Or thing you can use your your at all. Its schedule what is your team the best chance to hear cars. So he's saying in the lines of George attack. Navy. Air force army Iran offenses that you'll never see in a over the course of your regular season and don't you won't see them. In the playoff either so it does you know good. With these games or talk about eco don't Fresno state in there going to you. Washington. It's. Does that do anything for your playoff resonate either. In the last year Penn State was hurt because they lost to Pitt it was an ACC opponent and then didn't have any other quality non conference and. What you're speaking of Washington they're at their schedule is very soft this out and it in that's not a coach Petersen schedule just by the way that was set ahead. Quite before you got there so nothing you control in Washington will open up with Auburn next year you'll see change I completely agree with. With what coach is saying there and understanding. With the BCS go on anymore do you know what this college football playoff committee now says is an important facet. To why they picked your eyeballs are test how do you measure and I test. Everybody's is different. What what is the common denominator win when you say I test what does what does that mean I'm still. You who was the eye test we won our state was the only test that. Do it I struggled out of the game struggled but they're holding up always tell wild and at the end build them up are going to be really good about it you. What does that mean. So I'm I'm confused what I do understand is and now you're gonna see more conferences more teams especially with power fight teams they're going to build. Their schedules around what benefits them to get into the playoffs because there's no reason to place serves academy because he's right I have to change the whole game plan. After practice against something we're never gonna see it's almost a waste of week so. One of the things that he's saying is that if you look at if you look at the is the school that they're playing this week Georgia State is who Penn state house. The reason why they scheduled this game is because he was at a camp with their head coach and they got to talking. In any here is that you don't their offensive be a good test for what we are gonna see in the Big Ten perfect. I think that in in I think that build the lesser competition but a lot of the same looks. Let's get this game but let's that's played Georgia sits they went this is the last minute add to their schedule boom now you have something that's going to be beneficial to them. I think that we're going to be seeing would be activated the playoff in we see schools like Penn State. A good thing you didn't come to this last year but remember that conversation. They're gonna hold it against Washington affected him play anybody. Indy could deck deck there are being issued this year and teal. Will be heard at Stanford loses and yet of course was we might lose that will be absolutely hurt but you know if you see USC keeps common. And I didn't need it in the pac twelve championship then all the trough that's your fine but. You know if the schedule starts hurting these these programs. I think they're gonna starts breaking up these contracts of games that are schedule about 20/20 eight. In going well no you know we need to do this two to three years now where. We have an idea of who's going to be on campus. The only teams that how of this their backs are against the wall or two major programs in the country one is Notre Dame who otherwise BYU. They're the only one standing out by themselves same were better than you we need to be part of our own weekly look at how does that work can be it's not it's not working for BYU and certainly not working for Notre Dame because you did Georgia come in and in beach. Peach on your home field. So that's embarrassing for Notre Dame Ers need you second benefit you in the longer and you're not gonna you're not going to be. I agree one of the best teams in the country for not part of a conference anymore and they saw that when they said. A boy we have to claim. Partial ACC schedule every year because they went. This is and in order and I it's only matter time for their full fledged member in the ACC Iowa. Then what happens you get rid of the USC game to get rid of the Stanford game which came you don't. Because those traditions been around here what does Notre Dame gonna do so as they get out from under the heat that NBC contract which is kill them. Which is and it's it's unfair. Killing them let's kill them that NBC my doctor hampers them. Because they're not part of a big time conference because of Roberts is control the networks now. But their money their from their money that they get from NBC is comparable to you went and what did. Distribution is but it's on hampering their success because their tied into one network. And so either tied into one network is NBC he mean to tell me they can't go and handle themselves can be part of the Big Ten can be part of the big twelve can't be part of the ACC. Jim part of the SE know they can because there at their their members of ACC under our campus vigil but the problem the main issue is they're under this under this totals. The sawed that the NBC contract and be in the NB when you're only show. That was why you went to notre. And because you were on NBC I think that's not important anymore I think that that is actually is the one thing keeping them independent is that NBC contract because of the fact that. You're on a network that's what I mean eerie. It's hampering them now I can meet them and I don't know I think that that is why. It positive and the only Ozzie that they have because you are on a network that every home in America past. If you're in the ACC you're gonna be on ESPN. EU or the ACC network which is an in a bunch of homes for. A couple of games over the course of the year we see all the time with you know the pac twelve in the Big Ten where there's teams that are missing every week you know where you're gonna fight. A stamp of Notre Dame do you understand that it is in certain amount of time notre Dame's gonna get to the point where. We're gonna have conference championships and those are gonna be auto bids it will happen in notre Dame's gonna meet the outside sand. We didn't play in a conference how to week they're gonna have always been and how large. And they gonna have to beat teams like USC and Stanford every year in Georgia and they're gonna have to go to Miami. And that's impossible and the audience running through that. I'm not disagreeing what that that's why they have this call partial ACC schedule. Is so they can and have Sid navigate those waters a little bit easier where mean they don't play Clemson Florida State and global every single year at the ACC. They have some wake forests in Syracuse and would would you agree that being on NBC is not a schools are used to be. It just doesn't have the same cachet. It really does one now that everybody is on TV. Nice to meet your recruiting advantage over everybody has yet or on TV every single week our contract is national that's. I also I notice that things as it's on network. Well yes they did absolutely do but with Nebraska are within a Nebraska when Notre Dame. It is the fact that. You have it there and it's not hurting your pocketbooks. Because your back you still get chunk of ACC money from. Basketball what's hurting your ego. Your ego house after you lost to Georgia at home. A year now. It was an NBC have to do that because NBC in Notre Dame people think they're above everybody. Notre Dame people Notre Dame fans think above every that's not that's not changing if there on any other networks. But a a a but if you want to get into a conference you just that it just makes. That independent things it's going up when it hit it I agree thank you passed you are you Internet there is they're screwed. You'll be tackled and want them. It wouldn't take it day in and he'll play on Sundays and that's a big thing not for football an average of every other sport that the big twelve in the tax overnight why. Not. We won't bend over backwards for that if we don't have to you and guess what. Neither of those authorizes an honest you would have to. Right five factories your side that is our Bridgeport Beers. Texts on. And how you could be part of the show the state of California can't sell tickets. To NFL games why are they the only ones running in this problem. Is Crawford is Fortson. This is just didn't Sam. On 1080. Why can't the state of California Celtic NFL he. 92000. Strong went to go see USC on Saturday on Sunday. Nine. People went to go watch the rams absolutely obliterate the colts. There's a picture of floating around on social media. Of aid the Levi's stadium for the 49ers game. Of an empty stadium. I mean it looked in named a joke about having nine people I think what was the official number like 151000 or something when are no. 35000 we're at the rams are investigating New Orleans game. But it looked it seriously looked like 15100. People were in the stands at Levi stadium during the second half. Of the Panthers in 49ers. And then you have the raiders who have had problems selling tickets for years there and now they have a good team does and they're leaving people are phone technologies is right go lady of the chargers. Who came to sell 120000 seat stadium. That is a soccer stadium the West Coast thing why can't the state of California sell tickets West Coast thing. It is still West Coast thing or is it poorly run franchises. Stabbing the knives in the back of their fan base. You know with the poorly run franchise the Buffalo Bills if you ever seen Ralph Wilson Stadium not filled that's true about Kansas City. They're pretty good now that places always full. That's improvement of Inco don't know I'm just simply run frantic Jacksonville might be one of them considered you know what are the you've always tried to figure out with a common denominator is all these bad teams usually it's bad ownership review could add franchises even when the Dallas Cowboys suck they filled up. Dallas Cowboys Stadium and Allie Phillips Jerry's world. It just. In might be a California thing it might be the bag and everyone is in the front runner side in the NFL that it's it's a fair weather sport it's an easy sport to get in in behind. I'd our venues too big of course the couple seems to beat. It's ridiculously cubic button the night before it was full. The cut at Harvard I've asked you this a hundred times what's the biggest team. In the state of California once USC or in LA a Cisco LA it's USC and then the as it lakers next it's USC and lakers. Are the biggest team all its anchors Jesse lakers then USC in terms of overall. Role really right now right now maybe yeah. Yeah right now with the hype the USC gas and even the lakers still dominate but that's just I mean. She different sports whatever you know selling we're gonna talk about I think is when you were out canned ASEAN brought to south. The LA football relevancy power rankings you're gonna do that weekly here. On the show between the four LA football team yes the chargers the rams the trojans and Bruins. How they move in terms of not how good Darren how relevant he goes USC UCLA. Rails chargers chargers yet now I do believe that well no I would bet that holds fort for a few years no evil Iran and Italy us amid Jesus. Minute clip occidental then the chargers blow. Occidental to this entry how they started doing get Obama I don't know to be for a minute freshman year I think his dorms and how about this. Eerie though do you think that the NFL should start considering smaller venues. That are more intimate yes and make the experience more unique instead of going 100 I had 28090000. People I belong said that is the future of our stadiums. That is the future of stadiums is small. With a younger are small like LA like with the with the chargers but right around the fifteen number I don't Timmy is a great number no I'm Golan tons on the lawn between. Go between thirty and 40000. That's small really I was sickened fifty. Somewhere in that number. F fifteen is a good number like 50000. But 90000. I think that those days are gone unless you're in Dallas. Unless you are in. And you know LA isn't one I mean in the usher in Dallas or. Hack. Football crazy places like. The buffalo could probably have like sixty or 70000 seat stadium because he's that's what that's what they do their evening you have to know your market and I think it places like. San Francisco Oakland or she's meets him is go Vegas and LA. In all. In Arizona I think that that's what you're gonna sees your small. It's an intimate stadiums where you can still charging. Bomb load that if these seats are empty. It doesn't do anything for you and it actually hurts your bottom line more than anything else does it look good when your team isn't very good bag over either watching you do hack and rams tickets were for sale at six dollars and they still couldn't. Get it full. Six bucks nobody wants is there anything that six dollars LA in here is that. Who know now give me anything. For six dollars thank you gallon gas down there hon. But credible to me the give and take its out and get people in that stadium. If you are are talking about the big issues that you have at stadiums. K being having a bad team is one thing. Over pricing is another thing. But I think what a lot of fans are fed up with an all I hate this any time I go to the game. Traffic yeah the experience just getting their dealing with the experience I agree means of getting inning getting out your first impression in your last Turkey not. Our brokerage. And that is just. Eight or NFL fans in general it keeps people from wanting to go to games in I think that dad is why we'll see smaller stadiums smaller venues. Happen because. The experience in the national using. NFL teams are trying to out price the riff Raff to. Yeah they trying to be if you keep raising ticket prices it'll it'll out price the people that usually go over the troublemakers or somebody that. Is just a fly by night fan they want the true diehard fans the people that are more. Probably more. It's a sedentary but less less crazy that a better thing to describe violent and don't fight and beat the crap out of people. In this section says big stadiums full preeminence like the some. One else though. Yeah out in the flashy stadiums do and it here's the problem that you have. And regular Joseph. Can't authorities Super Bowl ticket. Anyway it's. Any you do you are in the nose bleeds. If he had smaller. Venues for super bulls like it is like 50000. Seat stadium. Can you imagine how much surged charging the corporate. The corporate dollars for that. It be through the roof. It it still make the same amount of money ages average Joseph wouldn't have a ticket. It's IBM is pain now much more for an bear. Who block of tickets and that's that's. Probably the reality of it and guess what there will never be a bad seat in a stadium that's the way they start charging us now four games on the outside viewing from the reds on channel being ten dollars every game is extra streaming services extra. The more and more we consume it I agree with you they'll to surcharges on the outside make him venues smaller. You know I loved. I loved watching them Monday night game in looking at as the team around in the background of all the things that that new US bank stadium in Minnesota. They've got they added just basically all of the television graphics like. There album point they're massive video board and went back to the end zones to split screen of like. You know that chart that has the feel than it says like short. Middle long and then it has the percentages and each zone of how how cornerbacks aren't they had. Bradford on one sided breeze on the other CU can get all those experiences. While sitting in a stadium still. That's going to be big volunteers how how do you differentiate the experience at the stadium from the in home experience with four K televisions your own bathroom your buddies. A seat your real happy you're relaxed no traffic in how you gonna make that difference other than feeling the energy of the stadium which is. In this and unless you felt it him he wouldn't know and that's the part that Enos is San Francisco may have a crappy team. And getting in and out of that stadium is an absolute nightmare which keeps people are from and you may have all the bells and whistles of the cool video board and all that in great Internet but it also has no shade their bringing an architect. To bring new stadium to see how making cool it off on hot days. And we've been there yet no massive I've I was their for the pactel chambers of game very disappointed I can't believe that Saddam. Was it's not that it's and I say it's it's beautiful but it's it's from the outside. Looks like an erector set. Your directors it's terrible it's it it's just I never visited jail is seen as you super stare all and it's so far from the actual Bay Area and then yeah like actual Q spike in San there or senate where it stands Yancy and like I just in I don't understand way out in various Terrell. To his new. Milk toast. And then you have Oakland which has terrible stadium a really good team no bells and whistles to it. So you have focus of the northern California teams they miss on two of like the three criteria. Ten making it an egg in event that people want to get you. LA the coliseum. Just to pick they have a bad team beats you need to crafted stadium. And it's they economists everything's yeah a bad team new ish team at new is and the chargers. Have got. In ownership group that has told their fans we hate you removing you'd LA. In haven't made any kind of headway and have a stadium that. Although incident you should be able to sell out has none of the amenities that in the tunnel. Itself. California. Not good. At football phantom at least the NFL. Right now that is boy you win a couple games. With those tickets USC. USC though sold out that Texas game before the week even started at things and beaten I guy I'm excited for this because. They're gonna put it to Texas. Aged him last August. But DN. Environment abuse I got a question now just a quick one. It's Greg and I are going to out of Oregon State USC game at the coliseum in October and they were also going to rams Seahawks and extent yeah. Wondering which has bigger attendance office. Currency hockey you'll have more Seattle fans down and you will believe. Ramsey he had accurately known as the beavers Davis. NBA you know LA fan do you react do want to dance together and you know I don't gain I know. That's true socal borrow b.'s general want to call seems to 64. Nineteen. Effect yes. Wow it. Effort. History could be made three hours from now testing came within. You. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I love so I am. If people are saying we talk about steam sizes says thank an NFL game there Acer owns yeah. Except for both as an aside. NBC news. Breezes always weird in the way it is and a hodgepodge it. You notice that they've stopped even showing on television dean old side they don't. Like I feel does I'd prefer sitting on the old side but do like the flyover thing inside. Gonna get dissent. But it. I feel I like fields. Interview Mike Riley painted the old side when he's a kid he's in high school. He is told story about it he's epicenter some Virginia that's what they do a lot of stadiums. Other college kids sit around and paint. A lot of history in their old bones there ain't. Nineteen minutes from now. The Cleveland Indians. Go for history. They go for the American League record is 21. Street two wins. Negativity. Tigers. Yup the tigers. Ate it first pitch at 9:10 AM this morning. And we get a little history an enhancement to our talk tomorrow and they would that would even the 1935. Chicago Cubs in the 2 August a Major League Baseball history at 21. So that should be in your viewing. Keep it on your radar today tuchman Smart he talked about game times of the NFL. NFL is touting their pace of play rules working. They had ten of their fifteen games. Were under three hours. Fantastic tennis fifteen. You know one of the long games was the Detroit game. And started. The had a little bit more. Or if you did you just get tired five minutes behind on NATO team. I'm thinking of the team. During the games I was watching because I enjoy the red zone in the air really into the red zone and they keep track of all those games thirteen games can click here at one point yeah there was the time the first that the 10 o'clock start early which is 10 o'clock Pacific and 1 o'clock eastern. All those games or match it up time wise Detroit was the only one that was off now. How do you affect them how do you make change that is that the commercials is not a penalties all those things that you open an NFL game they're more efficiently. And they said they're touting its the reducing the number of commercial breaks from five to four in each quarter in they also are experimenting with a double box commercial breaks. Where the viewers can see the screen on one side and what's going on the other. Which I think is great for when replays are going on. Because it's like the replays happening. Dicky why can't they shorten replay lengths like another cool drawing short Ripa thinks takes for ever for replays to get done considering how why we've come with. With three place in far we've come quite yet better the guy's not going better than midnight and so he's he's got somebody walks out with this with the screen and problem. We come to them they don't have that much an old guy Ed hockey league spread to the other side of the field to get into good. So there's some efficiencies. It better. This call is execute it that's it would stop the clock on first downs. As Bobbitt. Doesn't make any sense maybe they need to take that away and high school too terrible. Washington State doesn't beat Boise State without federal. There's a bunch of plays I like that rule. I think it's a terrible rule property need to telling nuances of like college burst out of is wanted in New Orleans. I like it. OK you can like this it doesn't get data on it I will agree yes or time for you to drink beverage cash -- sure Clinton. Now maybe I you don't like it I know you don't. Oh I do like the idea of making it give you reason want to go back there there is a lot. Is because in college football I like the you have that fear the end now you get that extra time you get that extra time word offense can go sent out. And move the ball down the field in a two minute drill that in light emitted you'll stop. In college football I know that. I know that true and I know I get up and if okay well call it like you walk around they'll pause I just stepped your pause wait wait wait wait let me make this decision maybe slow down I like the uncertainty of the rush in the excitement in base why do we know we have to go Buddy Lazier waved forget forget. All we got time these were annexed it occurred on Jared nine Indian industry you're in straight threes seven primed them guys can seeking at the hot corner appears and lynch. Has been dusting cam on the fan. Okay thank.