Dusty and Cam - 9.13.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

Indians win streak, Texans QB situation, Seattle arena expansion, and more!


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning and we've just Dinara. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland and the best ever on the local. Chapman in them that they didn't know. And 1080. And parents of feedback on average for being sex anti factories here fives. After talking about Mike Leach cause that is offensive line. And you say. That you had you get a feeling that you will get a different beads team coming out this week. I think ever all of organizations are hoping to see that. Detects I'm not feeling that. And it says bees are missing two starting corners in the safety for a half reverse the air raid. Not feeling good. And the B says zero sacks this year through three games and doing some research on that. And so far the research and I've found that they're one of 21 teams. That have played three. The has zero sacks this year the only team that has played three games and was your sex. So that's not good as very bad. People do is saying that tech mobile numbers but their Betsy this week. I give organs taking control the ball you'll. Avoid tech mobile numbers but as a pro. I'd be spam Beazley and Barney are the odds right now our daily Illini jumped off this is just so defeatist just I would I get I get but it is bothers me. As it needed to you know it's an easy reaction right and I'm like oh I feel as the mayor. Yeah yeah yeah here's the use I know I'm a beavers fan and a clippers fan I know what it's like to be defeated Spanish as annoying. Of courses for right as we're called sports I won a little bit more. Like believe they are committed for the for professional sports it's hard for me to get it for collegiate sports same that's how I feel as well and I and I just I dated just frustrates me as an as a fellow stand. It's tough part of the year though I mean I know if you sit there you're looking that it is your recordable of the season and expectations were high. Heading into the year I mean this is eyeing its precursor. I know I expectations are high and Crawford to predict I predict eyes as it was one. What would you call it. And caught up. Projection not a prediction Oman trip he just sat in your Tivo really gave projection you've crunched the numbers on now I disagree when you run a computer simulation our brains are computers. I simulated the season. My project my prediction was seven and five. I feel about that great and still possible still possible and so is nine entering. Still possible. Steel jam wanna set outdoor sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and no big games in front of brought you vice dark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. Somebody trying to stop the Cleveland Indians. My goodness this is amazing. The Indians won there. Twentieth game hero last night tying the American League record. Come with the Oakland days of 2002. Who. Members that's how the movie money ball stars say that is the money ball team. Yeah yeah and now lying now we see analytics find such a big role in baseball is because of that but the Cleveland Indians. Are no money ball team this is team that went to the World Series and selling game seven at home last year. And had their struggles at the beginning of the year but. Boy have they come around their last loss was Wednesday August 23. Against the Boston Red Sox a 61. Loss that Corey clover. Ended up losing in that game last night Corey flew over gets the win is sixteen dead the. He is he nothing nasty victory he is his fastball and his sinker and how it moves. On Tony ointment that. This there are my favorite I'm sorry they're gonna be my favorite going into the playoffs. And until somebody tells me that their staff which in of the youngsters got a big big big boost with their pitching staff I would love to see an Indian Astros. Ailes he has the that would be enjoyable. And if you have got in when you take a look at some of the numbers that they've entity and he mentioned Corey clover and how could he win over this stretch. Very tired pitching staff has been lights out you know in there in this twenty game win streak they've only given up 32 runs. That's one point six runs organizing. And if you take if you sharply that out to the 180. Innings that they've played. That is better then Clayton Kershaw over his last 180 innings. It clinker says given up 54 and so the best individual pitcher the most dominant did you that we'd seen in the last decade plus and baseball's Clayton Kershaw. He's given up 54 runs in his last 180 as in entire staff one through five in their rotation. Their relievers. They're closers in 32 runs over twenty games that is. Mind boggling to think about how good that they have been from top to bottom. Inept pitching staff not discuss that. Corey clipper you what are last night was elicited so different Major League Baseball pun dents and a few other people talking about this Indians team and how you don't want to. How certain teams were peaking in other teams were. Downton demo I guess on the down slide to be looked at the Dodgers and Oakley doubt they got off the snide last night they don't. Fort fortuitous after their eleven game skid ECT one word big word alert. And her big word. How does a team do you measure this teams when you go into the into the post season. I'm wondering if it's baseball aficionados would sometimes I always go some of these guys are such traditionalists. They don't care that a team is losing going into the post season or the team is better going into the post season. I think the Indians at this point I don't care. If if if anybody does not pick this team going into this either crazy or crazy right now because the team was very good last year. They almost beat the cubs went up 20 in the cubs had to do everything they could come back. That Indians team is is frightening. And playing good at the end of the season is the number one thing I'm looking at and I'm looking at dodger fans look at everyone else. Tip scene and going back and forth Houston is not tank and that they're trying to play better so watch those teams that are trying to do at Boston to. All those teams are trying to find a way to hit your stride heading into this into the season going into the post. I think right now to say the Indians are gonna be the world's here prohibitive favorite in the World Series. It may be jumping the gun a because no I'm just saying you look throughout the team that has the most in need positive upswing heading into the post a hot team at the end of the year I mean we still. Is still god you know little lesson month of baseball to play here before the post season starts. And you can have these ups that you can also have the dips too because if you look at the record right now that this is the third longest win streak in Major League Baseball history the modern era. Under 1916. New York Giants won 26 around the 1931 tubs. And they can be matched or in 1935 cubs can be match between one wins in a row. Today the Indians went. Neither of those teams won the World Series that year you know in. What are we see about the giant member of the giants last couple World Series. On the wild card in just peaking at the very end and hit that hot streak end at the very end of the year is no formula yet it it is you will. If you get hot at the end like everybody's writing up that the Dodgers right now. Well the Dodgers skin can come back and if they rifle Lothian six in a row at the end of the year. Is ever gonna go and oh boy here cut the Dodgers are back in labs so they will be. And that's what that's what's make an assaulting fun is that out of nowhere come the Indians and now the American League is a wide open between. The Indians the Astros though Red Sox because those three teams. Pre three pretty good baseball teams there we'll see how they finish up. Excited though baseball's post season here I think we're gonna get some. Fans that we got a great story line last year but I think there's more teams in the fight. Edmond this season and we've seen in quite some time you can pick he could sit there and say the NL's got a figured out know the greatest team you know was the Dodgers a month ago for yourself there just. Just who are. Well they're hoping that they turn this bad round because right now aidid's arrest. Looking pretty. Also be on a couple other nuggets from the same pitcher so I'd told you that they've given up only 32 rounds of these twenty games. If they had discounted their home runs. Alone. They'd still be. Twenty game winners they've had 39 runs scored on home runs alone in this stretch. And they've only given up 32 runs total. Over twenty games. So big it's not just the fact that either they're pitching his lights out mean it had multiple. Ten run games in the streak. And then if you X one a day extrapolated back it's taken the browns 87 games to total when humans. 87 that's five and a half seasons of of playing football to to get to when he went to enter. Why. That unfair I don't know because I would wanted the pitching rotation for the Indians. Is smaller than the amount of quarterback that's ever played just the history between the in the last five and a half seasons I would say in the last foresees. CC more than six cornerback I would probably ask or rumor out there as the quarterback for that. Cleveland bro they have more success who wins more games Corey clipper or Du'Shon Kaiser whom. The question there. You can just looks tough he is looks poor. Man this is an incredible street though that that were seen in it they continued try to continue today. They have a matinee with the tigers to you wrap up. And their homestand against. That excuse me. Detroit in making it's it's when he won in turn to keep the single and again Major League Baseball record is twenty. 61916. The New York Giants they're calling it the modern record. I game will be a first pitch right after we get off the air 9:10 AM. Will be the first pitch between. The Indians and tigers also shout outs to you. Corvallis high school as a lesson and will be tonight MLB network. And they had Harold Reynolds Reynolds on there. And I forget that the guy's name in his news hosts. But he'd lay dead Harold and I think it was dealer can nose at them as I K. What's the longest wishing you guys have been a part of like trying to say a few days have been a part of it awareness I remember watching it was in 94. No they never went on twenty humans not twenty but it was like fifteen I think now it was. Girls and is goes. On high school like Corvallis high and we won 56 and around us that we had any as I want. And he is like. Yeah I've been a part of a pretty long when streaky as it was high school but go spartans. Pride in some loans at Corvallis kind of I'll be denied and that kind of ruin EB big time them you know like you know Lindsey and SE hate. Later in the mirror is targeted helmets using his lots cuss like five million dollars knowing. Who's all right then fifty. But eight X he went way over a 56 wins. So Corvallis high again a little problem to just bleachers with the longest winning streak in team sport. Any team any sport in high school wanna say it was that high school movies in high school football team Saturday. Arnaud de LaSalle to sell on us it was it is. Jim can easily play in that movie you know argun about ya that high school football team might have been the longest winning streak any any sport. I'm Chinese team and you might be bigger tour there. But then it's strike is a bigger deal like. Princeton football from 1848. Still 1863. Never lost game. And animal. It will do but Carroll grounds that it is in just a low lawless and will be surprised by that that was you can over a basketball UConn women's basketball. Could be longer street. Eighty and it. It was 82 games and now this techsters righted is the Harlem Globetrotters. That's true that's true Jersey temples in the generals think a hundred years. Ready to play for the generals I was wondered oh it's like local all stars so they're like legit players. And Agassi they actually say OK actually played hard the first half and then the show starts in the second. So they are right five factories your five average four Beers Tex I'm the Indians. They are running away with the American League right now when he wins in a row look for 21 today 9101 pitch over. Against the 1965. The Houston Texans. Are they better version of the Cleveland Browns. Dusting him on the fence. This is Dustin jam in the morning on ten navy loves. Bill O'Brien the head coach Houston Texans are hot and bothered somebody leaked out that. He's gonna start his for rookie quarterback to Shawn Watson. This Thursday night. In what. Is it the best benefit they you can have having yours Thursday night game be the first one in the year. Absolutely anything about how they're like not even a question fresh body thank you. When Texans need to dangles to offenses that'll be teachings of the football be good. But does dangles last when he did nothing and Dalton did not look very good. In his opener I do expect more out of the Bengals offense and 170 yards and four picks so when he went down yeah Andy Dalton. I would assume you guys in the experts but I don't understand. I think also the Baltimore Ravens defense is really good this year they're related. But Houston. It leaked out that they're going to be starting to Shawn Watson. And dissent and Tommy savage to the bench. And bill O'Brien has little upset with that in rightfully so he said he and one announce until actually Thursday on game day and but when you think about that you don't blame him for going to you the rookie quarterback. But. At the same time. You know that this will be the fifteenth starting quarterback in Texans franchise history. If traders it's only been around. For fifteen years. Since 2002. Are alarming Agassi you're Texan fans and you just look at football in general when you see a team and franchise struggled to find the leader of the base so cover. He'd finding a leader quarterback is not the easiest thing to do in the world but you would think. At this point bill O'Brien would find some consistency. Or some person or someone. That he can lean on it's it this is a guy I want. Only to build your franchise around. Police can commit to that committal part. Was the biggest thing that I heard too because at at some point the Texans and bill O'Brien wanted to convince us that they really liked Tom savage him. Sold that Billick Goodson and one half of football. Said. Idiot out the gate were done with you he did there was even a questioned. My. I think in this is just to me is speculating that Rick Smith has a harder job. Or what they did with the Shawn Watson to put him in there at ricks who does this come down with and who who's pushing. This quarterbacks in the incessant amount of quarterback play to your scene is it bill O'Brien is his inability to coach. Four to teach is at the fact that they spent their money on defense. And they put their money into their receivers. But suddenly you can't find a corner how hard is it to find record rep but I think Rick Smith they have this rock office whether hang over. Just like we don't have time we don't have peace as we can't figure this out. They're frustrated they're searching and it is frustrating to see that you have a window with a great defense you can't find a quarterback that can she just manages. Bill O'Brien has been there since 2014 he is regarded as like one of those quarterback new record Brecht whispers and you know that says. Because of Tom Brady in use Tom Brady's cornerbacks coach. To Shawn Watson will be his ninth starting quarterback in Houston nine he's been there since 2014. And this will be his ninth different starting court right now injury to Ryan Fitzpatrick change that year one but. You would be he's gone through ranked fits Patrick Ryan mallet case Keane and Brian Hoyer TJ Yates brand in Sweden Brock costs while Tom savage and now. Dish on lots and this is. Over that's in times. It's over this spanned the browns having started this many cornerbacks has 2014. The browns. Our Texas just a better version of the break. Once the other better version I think. I would personally like to CDs on Watson start this season from the get go I think what they did Tom savage was disservice to him. You'd you lie. Essentially he really you lied to the NFL you like your fans and it and you just tried to tell us that saw Tom savage is a guy that. You're gonna lean on. Really that's that's gonna be you're he's only attempted a 105 passes in the NFL no touchdowns. I would I would argue that Shawn Watson has more quarterback experience than a guy you told us it was better than him from the start of the season. And you didn't hesitate to pull him in the first half of the game. In the season opener. That was exceptionally bad though. Sure it was exceptionally bad vote can you put your finger on why it's exceptionally bad quarterback play in Houston Earl Y it's more incessantly bad. That's why I think that. You look at and you go maybe bill O'Brien isn't the quarterback was for that we thought he gets just harder to find a quarterback and it is not. It's just not possible to sit there and tell me that 96 jobs I can find fifteen that are good. Ever ever okay bad good great illegals in my four criteria comedy. Good quarterbacks are in the NFL a lot of 96. Most the time the site in 96 anymore because some teams don't care only carry two hair here right. Because you you can just go to the scrappy and pick somebody up some of the who could hold a clip or revealed that mentality we can run the ball we can be successful. You can't just do that unifil in March have to go stand in the pocket. Make throws that is what is so confusing to about the unity they're calling cap for next still being a free agent is that he's better than a lot of these guys that are being rolled out there right now. In he gives you dislike what you want the big ball or double rooms are what Indianapolis is or rule out exactly. And if there is this idea that if you bring in when he's had coaches that is a Coke Coke quarterback with for me at this point though. You brought in nine guys in none of them none of them none of them are good enough. Mean you'd think at some point you you're gonna hit on one. And down I hope mr. John Watson I do. I think he's got talent. And he he's already been in big games he's headed Tom savage when it comes to just pure ability. He made plays with his feet but you have to do this as a quarterback in the NFL you cannot get outside the pocket and be successful in the NFL you have. To be able to stand in there. You know one of the things that went in that Jacksonville las is in it doesn't get and quite enough run is doing browns. They're starting left tackle is holding out so I mean Duane Brown has been holding out in miss that game. And he's been on my vacation with his I mean. He's if they don't get content. Home port is left tackle it seemed Russell Wilson running for his life against Green Day and see bolt Tom savage are running for his life I mean there is. They've got some issues there and I don't wanna put it all yeah on Tom savage but we've seen these quarterbacks in L. They've got weapons it's not like they're void of talent on the offense side of the ball. In even when they had Duane Brown. And you have a a solid often like you still aren't able to out an offense I can just manage games enough for your defense. To me deeply out front you can win a crappy division the what are you gonna do after that. Here's what's happened in the unifil to what life quarterback plays even bigger is because the the evolution of the throw at quarterback. In in the league now has has made a big priority in here here's how I rank it quarterback. Outside pass rusher. Cornerback left tackle. Those are my four that's how I rank right now in Von Miller's changed the U we got to see too unbelievable pass rushers for San Diego. Speed on the outside. When you have pass rushers that run for fives and four force. Who's number one pick in the draft this year but the browns are not scared yet he's a pass rusher folks he's or theft and you know I ankle sprain. This is what the league has done so if you do not have a quarterback that can move the ball down the field in the pocket. Then you have guys that are so fast I said this before Reggie White was a guy first came in I played against Michael Strahan. It was it would Tennessee's curse member him he was a freak you know these guys were long you could block them. Consistently you can't walk guys rent for four with guys that are 330 or 325 to kick kick on retreating. Try to economic guided the 44 in the corner can't do to your right gotta have a tackle. The teams have pass rushers now in if you are gonna leave your quarterback open ended with no chips and stuff good luck. Am not gonna happen. This may be a blow it up the year altogether for Houston if JJ watt. And Whitney merciless can't get more pressure than they did against Jacksonville's offense line is that something that terrorism talking about the quarterback. Those guys did not play their best games against the Jacksonville Jaguars in June and like portals and Leonard for net Ruble to beat you end and that's another thing too is that yes say that again league portals have portal service baby. That was Leonard for net and their offensive line play. Well one that football game sauce is happening it's Texans colts narc you know does when you don't have cornerback and and that's why. If if you see like these guys are Appleton from the Steve and saying hey you know this things did you watts not going to be the same. And we're gonna start leaving they do become the browns you know who's who reliability is Brian Cushing. Yes he has he gets he gets another concussion he's out the first quarter they need to fish company with a guy you know is beautiful bright teeth and he needs to get the heck out he's a liability. And expensive libel. Now as this textures says every patriots coach is made by Tom Brady bill O'Brien is just another in a long line of coaches made that Brady made. Charlie Weis just like Daniel X just thing Dale's did it in Denver. We did six games get it. Six and oh we started on a playoff game yet. And directed Tebow when he first overall. They went to the rams. And they had Sam Arnold and then he got record. Yet Bradford do you mean multiple times then circled back to the old security blanket. A summary. And Charlie Weis had to have an end O'Brien had to happen to him now Amy Daniels back and safe and sound. Cause doesn't mentally very you know I wouldn't either but no no no member Tom Brady's system quarterback cam. Member. Number that's if you wanted to Joseph Montana got had been jobs think about how many guys and. Mike like Holmgren Steve Mary UG. Jon Gruden. Brett Favre I mean all those guys it. Mean allows Mike McCarthy but McCarthy was the tight ends coach of the KF CT for Joseph Montana. Quarterbacks. Can make you look really good you if your your quarterback you can make coaches really really good astray. That means system court events especially like Montana and Brady system that those acts. The system is being great and that's it that's consistently have good I. A new rat with a rivalry be returning for the Portland trailblazers. A big announcement in Seattle yesterday. What does it mean for the northwest huge conference sports that are. Yeah. This is toast and jam in the morning on 1080. We had an hour period airport that. There will be a four star receiver that will commitment to gets 2000. Once. He is seven on seven coach gets 2000 read tweets. We but it's not going well did you say seven on seven coach if. And coaches and Johnson. Team and TV you meet. 614 retreats 256 likes it's still a long ways ago if you wanted to find out where that guy goes seven on seven. Well. When you promise that why can't his why can't his seven on seven countries just tweet that. I don't care what he'd just seven on seven. It's but as you feel just like urban mired seven on seven his own. It's don't appear there's four coaches they're top coaches in the country. Urban Meyer nick saving Jim Harbaugh and all say seven on seven is the biggest waste of time for recruits. Fool all of you wanna get retreated. But it's it is a money grab and so I hear that I just think these guys are now trying to get notoriety so they can get more people to buy into that crap we'll every spend money and they can. Run around in underwear pretending it's football every young Elian answer I got so worried about it and that makes sense. It's football trying to be like baseball and basketball they're from Iran I've always said there's also seeing a select football exactly what's that they're trying to do. There'll scant hours in the best coaches in the country even. Davos Sweeney Paul said his system money grabs game for those players will. Full why is somebody paying for it. Then. Because it's is available only kid in my assess all of children bill a bill of goods well yes. To me it's that kids haven't happened. And go play basketball. The spark the peaceful waste your time with some months now pay pay that money day you instead and hit the news Seattle City Council approved a 660. Miller's submitted. I 660. Million dollar renovation deal. For Key Arena. With tens of millions more in transportation. Money going towards. Making sheer ins and outs go there it looks like the Key Arena proposal is gonna be moving. Moving ahead in the deal calls for construction to begin next year income be completed by 20/20. So essentially it's private money that's gonna they're gonna build. Lot of private money they're gonna spend on that India so I have to it is public. And beginning its public really the only publicly owned. Because the city one of owning and by the it's all it's a shared partnership investment. I asked this question. Does Portland really care. Is it good for Portland care do we need another basketball team in the northwest. I think he's did I think more or less sports are good for Portland and figured out Richard four under you're right I appreciate your mail like your team is in the south you're right no I'm not to say I I. As someone who lives in Portland proper. I like it do I don't mean the only team in the northwest the blazers and just kind of happened that. That can now into the northwest it's solid there than northwest team I know a lot of people who live in Seattle trust me and and they have adapted and adopted the blazers and and really happened because you know blazers are on up there. And there's other wrong without because your local team you support the union. They I've become a big time blazer fan I'm always was sonic now. One of the Sonics don't exist exactly. So I'm just saying is that if your do you really care I feel like there's an. There's a animosity between the city I didn't know it it it was. I didn't know was so prominent I think it has not yet great to have a rivalry back. It's not I don't see how this would be a bad thing in any in any way because it's like the daisy said the bear is a pulled tee Seattle but it hasn't been. That grade I mean they did the pulls from Seattle's been. But yeah it'll be okay in the thunder come to town you seal a lot of that but yeah it's not like people are coming down and you know from Seattle in droves to watch some blazers play. And I think the I five rivalry is is awesome for the NBA is on his Rusty Wallace and Damon Stoudemire can't drive their own cars there are yellow Hummer he's yeah. Yes is give you read here. In your tin foil. But I think that this is I think it be great if NBA team came. I think it's going to be a lot longer than people think before an NBA franchise comes down the scene this thing can be done in 22 money. And I it's easier said than done to get the NBA do expand you know because there. They feel like they're at a comfortable number right now and the revenue sharing these owners are feeling great about where the league is that right now the players are. I. So if you need be an odd team in if you brought it to 31 and do they expand by two and bring in other city in exactly go to Kansas City news is primed and ready to have a team in there in Saint Louis there's a big issue with the fact that. Indeed would it work to expand by TU is one the other one is OK so the NBA isn't and expand. No where does that team come from. Because right now. Milwaukee had built a brand new arena you have New Orleans is and a new arena Sacramento Sacramento is brand new arena everybody's building brand new Arenas Phoenix the likelihood of a news Phoenix is the only team moving is very low and it would date nobody says Phoenix movie nobody does but they're one of the only teams that doesn't have that new field that there always wondering it's transient there's not a lot of big following for the suns. They're the only team he brings up in conversation. Really essentially. I've not heard that I've not heard the suns is as a viable option there you're right. If if I would bet the MBA there expand by two to make it even to another team in the west either type team in the east. Would be bad I don't think so I'm always about why there's plenty of pros in this world. You mean to tell me you can't find thirty more pros. You can't find that I mean it does it we really worried about. How much money comes out with these players getting so much money in the TV revenues going up and up and up and gives. Two great cities if if let's hypothetically let's say it was Kansas City Seattle it brings to big fan bases in more corporate dollars to be spent. You mean to tell me that that isn't good for basketball. I think it's great for basketball big pro dead in that is the problem is that king you find thirty guys. Is to expand the NBA buy the reason many if you are those the league is already watered down on this eve in the world you can't find thirty players in the totals of the Houston Texans in Cleveland Browns trying to find on our quarterback here but I don't basket but it is different you sane you've seen that you want is it still girls are really seeing right now just usually come up play and that would that's a problem is that if you add more teams you're gonna have. Super teams become that much more dom I don't believe that. Don't you can't that's not a proven there's no proven analytic that says the more you have the more to get one dominant there's been dominant teams in professional sports. For years that's never going to change but what this does is opens up more opportunities. For players that are on fringe. They're going to Europe. They're getting out of high is they're not as good as the guys that currently that's not the point we're talking about entertainment and Adele water now it's the lottery down of the legal watered down pros. Sure you cannot buy sue not quite a fifteen on one team in fifteen on the other we're not talking about adding ten teams to the NBA talent no guarantee you there's fifteen players. And thirty players in this in this world right now autism very competitor absolutely there and one country. In that would be but that's that's the problem of the NBA looks that is no it's agreed to do let's be honest in the money in the lobby Mullen. They'll do it yet but I do with watered down. Well there's a lot of people feel that the league is already watered down I don't feel that it's watered down right now price watch watch a big time fortune 500 companies commence it will pay X amount or give your half a billion dollars or half a million dollars for the expansion of and the will also give you extra revenue share for the first ten years. The do some deal where somebody you'll just say here's a bunch of money. This is gonna be bid up the interesting part is going to be. Will it come down to a point where Seattle buys a team to rip it out from a city because if you are it'll it'll take you couple billion dollars. Open but that's that's the way that it's gonna it the most likely scenario what is art and other families to feel like CO what's already happening. What's already happening now is the NHL's are starting the leverage cities Calgary is on and a new arena. In the flames want avenue raining Calgary. They want is for years. And oh just so happens yesterday the owner says. And we're down with them so the NHL is probably the most likely to get here. First in the lease agreement would be a 39 year lease with 28 year options on it and if you get NBA and NHL. So NHL could be the first shoe to drop. So this thing won't be like the sprint center in Kansas City that the sitting vacant any you can get an eight and I tell these ID before an NBA team. And I'd love to see Portland play for an NHL team and and it what we can do it I think is hoot who got enough pockets in this city to bring one other than Paul Allen and purity owns two franchises it is 13. Somebody have to pull it out locally I don't know if that pocket is big enough this film like Terry got organ. That security here he announces professionals who returned there in us yeah upon them we need more millionaires in the Pacific northwest doing billionaires so you. I do here. Maybe we can convince bill and Melinda Gates that the biggest charitable contribution they can do. To professional sports team gives Seattle's basketball team back in a pollen about the Seahawks as a civic duty and do. Your civic duty to news of the basketball's. And it'll be awesome. Would you go to an ultra tech Q are you kidding me in Seattle and Seattle or year. What's widely here or so ago here man on the wearing Elena here in. Because of the Serena harm or. And now. You do you go to Anaheim Ducks games he actually went. A decent amount the times a year so fun hockey is still a better person awesome way better in person in and out yes we are affordable winter hawks teams are great the other joining us games are yeah like a love of pro version. And they're like kids aesthetics 1617 year old kids and skate Iran. Out on the ice by whites speed cold. Good things and I could throw Harrison Beers that was that one of those nights in the east but the word cloud the word Donna and where it has. The words you'd hot words India on the Internet nobody were guy yeah that's big buzz and they're going to trifecta fight. Cold ice hockey. Skates speed. USC trolls Texas in the world. Some were six on the. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I love. USC is trolling Texas and really all of our memories here. They need would be. University of along a Texas Longhorns for the first time since that. Miraculously I Rose Bowl in January of 2006. Vince Young. Led to game winning drive to be US CD unbeatable USC team up by game all time co op. Well no. That's why I asked the question because it never happened. According to USC and the US seen their game notes. Listed at the all time series record as USC. Four and health. Perfect in every went wait hold. I remember that national championship game. You lost. Izod. USC you lost that game Vince Young in Mack Brown beats you man knew we didn't. No no he did so people went our way NCAA. You be the judge here so they went to the the official records keepers of the NCAA. And they said can you say USC straight the NCAA said. Way. They're actually correct vacated. In the USC's record books they are foreign now in rightfully so against the University of Texas because. Of the Reggie Bush scandal not only did they have to vacate all of their wins from those years. But they had to vacate any post season play. Which means the Rose Bowl HA the national championship game never happened. According to USC what do you think that makes Texas people feel. This year those just poking job air patrols that is boiling right now because if there's one thing that they want. It's that deemed to be remembered. That's the one game that they want to be remembered how to game the NCAA record record holder said hey okay. USC is for now. But. Texas you're record books. You're officially won in four. Because it just know counties for one team that's had this account is like that. Topped two dumbest things in college sport way to vacating wins he wins Adidas the darling is awake and Gutierrez is blank is gonna happen if you go to the record books didn't happen. But you know what. We'll so that game happened here really did and that's one of big I look I absolutely love that heading into this game that USC's gun no or nobody. Agassi Lance Armstrong involved yeah I say you know we're swearing back Atlanta thanks Armstrong was swearing about this last night. Went on Twitter. And retreated today how bon anger of the ESP impact to a blog ways which we had a story. And he said negative USC. We were there you lost the game fair and square Bob away or Reggie Bush is and I think a legend that you ass all over. While. He is. Shot of fire. I bet my intent fuels Wear them on cycling fuel at the latest word foolish. Where's Matthew McConaughey when we need him he's got to be next in line. In now and McConaughey is too cool he's typically do go let this happen you know he's gonna get up there and give fired about it you know these. Gotta keep living man. And the you. That's what he's done plane is bongo drum naked in the middle of the street in Austin, Texas but Lance our show again right rich. And the Alan is that I was stoked rage he was a oxygen and had calculates what you guys think about his statement that as he is. Crap dollar Reggie Bush they did. In Atlanta Armstrong is one that's like he he's been crap dollar balance among our sent me you know alien like on millions of dollars off of him lives are all likeness and they're just the idea of drop kick into the curb so big did Reggie Reggie Bush. Is treated terribly by USC. A he he really is I mean. Furlong time. This mold they still did you can argue based big treat OJ Simpson better than they treat Reggie Bush is going to you might as they at least not big knowledge of OJ Simpson went there. OJ Simpson. Is like held in higher regard than Reggie Bush at USC Wragge. Around that I got a chance to meet Reggie this this summer enjoys event Jimmy's at the battle abandoned. In the first tee I'm playing I'm playing Reggie. And Anderson Mr. Bush ninth two periods yes he's only ask him a ski yet he's teeing off and we've played the first is full tournament. So we start seeing guys that graduate Hewitt at first men go forward but those terrified on I was teased him a little bit so he's got his. PX geez all this nice dialed in equipment. He just snipes one hop and off into left into gonzo left in the junk. Deals too off the first. We all look around and went. When nobody saying anything to caddie saying any thing. No starter seen anything to turn admit guys stand in there world looking around and I'm going I'm not semite would where's the rules guy. What does he do. Grabs the ball sits on T strikes on right down the middle Lego game eggs get a little babies and a provisional. Just in case so I hit mine of course and mailed her and of course that I hit mine within about fifteen feet. Reggie walks to the ball. Says it don't you worry about one walks right into that first ball does note blocks right on my grabs next ball hits it up makes makes a birdie. No less does have won their first hole. Skipped on. Reggie Bush idea. Fair and square energy and the bush you should've said something why do you say enough the tournament director do I need to see this the first group going off. So hey. As bush electorate he was fun conversations enjoyable had a good round with him. USC that seems very USC received. They go way how is he representing USC. He is no connection to. Again he didn't play there like select outlets school is it let's go as he had their record books don't have Reggie Bush here's what I know. Suddenly when you fight on you get too off the first U Malia they put up how many feet I'm. There today ultra violence does not mean that. Two off the first it appears to have for you need to play you need to play more Southern California country club rules. He does not today. With the with in touch with you judge smells would be a heck of a regular match him. It's a pre July its rules. And no. Yeah okay that's a good story I gotta read you the story that's not really safe for all that. It is okay thank you. I coming up next we go through the four northwest schools give Il sung to chew on before this weekend's games are northwest nuggets next on the fan.