Dusty and Cam - 9.13.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

Beavs lose key players, Ducks get help, and Mike Leach calls out his players.


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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning for a variety. Television repair the that'd tool. I can fix it would dusty streets and Manning era find new code and so. And former probes in Cleveland there's been little more time doing it yourself. Molest little village president. Dusty in camera in the morning on 1080 Parker. Days. Good and a happy hump hey. Yeah. It is win being the thirteenth. September. Great Tony seventeen thank you for 10 and in this morning I do and they're doing great this morning or you during a phrase means. Wednesday you kind of a the media laps and Busch people you have your own language. Yeah yeah yeah nobody has kind of has their own specific way they have their language. The teams need to remove the remnants in bringing. I don't know that is that is that Hillsborough note that's to me that's always like high school coach up. And you Wednesday he'll always be too great to be out here who were does that comfort that is are offered to do Wednesday. As the low coaches football guys. Never heard from bloggers are my athletic director Mike as analysts say here mister Crawford and that's good Wednesday wins you know it's. It's old guys is India we. Yeah we all are always talking I drink in day. Lindsay. And need any in any dated and he indeed. You won is funny seriously and Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. All of them if you're an outsider will wait no. OK if you ever traveled outside your region and listen to help people talking go into my sound weird when I go to other places yes your read on that you do. It's ever that we're all from the West Coast with the benefit of Hollywood people. Sounding like you turn on the news and some did that to me when I was in music you selling your from the Italian just turn on the news it's they knock you that was very arrogant I shouldn't even a gun in the south Dade Dade said Dolly out West Coast accent. What is the Wesco sheer accident. Between them don't ask don't have one. Some dramatic California accent you use a lot of dude likes Yemen and bros you know you get any of those party your ripped law. I think he say hello. Hello north nor cal. While sorry. Dodgers don't get quick favored accident in the country sudden. Oh Boston. Alex. I mean wicked smack my friends thinks that the midwest accents really hot is it. And a I don't nothing you know like them the midwest like. I don't know. I kid you wonder there's there's the boy barely won there is there wasn't there you have IQ Minnesota yet as the Minnesota that's no that's all right that's a northern. And then Michigan has a weird one. Yes okay so we have my friends the Michigan accent spot that is which I don't agree that it's so strongly this kind of Wisconsin will. Yes do you feel later if they come. Diaz that your dad and a nordic yet that's been can have a body and hit go and it was a parody movie where they had the Wisconsin's best and should not best show Israel has appeared that was dirty movies that was about. Showing dogs. Drop dead gorgeous was one it was one about where they had pads in girl yet drop dead gorgeous that would it is it's in ninety yet it's they can kind of dark comedy was he had yeah very funny yet that's again one. Accidents dusty has is unique in Sierra is indeed your favorite accent is the Boston. Lou. The bastard is dead package kind of media. This girl did our our landlord. We lived in she would every other sentence was wicked ever there was an idiot to. There wasn't anything that wasn't wicket while we're going to it's wicked cold it's wicket. Yeah wicked smile the and I wheat and all of evidently missed everything consumers wicked the first thing that I heard and I got the plan Boston. Was blocked out of the airport and you go on year bags and then walk out to you like with the year rivals. Part and there's a cop. Yelling at. Yeah. An NFL and blow it welcome welcome to botnets gags. Welcome to Boston I don't get the show on the road. And I remember was just like yesterday. We'll mariners' history today. 1996 Alex Rodriguez. Became the first mariner to reach 200 hits in his season. In what was officially his rookie year. Even though he played in nine mile or in 95. So that would have been Harold Reynolds but it wasn't a right not in the odds the minimum plate requirements. To become a rookie in 95 million by governor forty. It to rookie years via daily three. But he became the first mariner to reach 200 kids. And that has not the case anymore snow I think Ichiro did it is 390. Years girls. And dads are easier to think I did it grow in 2000 hits. What yet. That that. That seems to be more commonplace that it was back in the tuna hits was it was a big deal. Thank Dan for your that was in nineteen seasons as an early glimpse now I don't think so but it's and it's now okay. A lot of barriers now. I don't today's show is not we have our north and west. And so we have our nuggets. World go through all for the northwest schools give you a little piece of the action that's going to be happening freeze in those schools Mike Leach calls out his offensive line. In only again when I'm Mike Leach could. This is two years in a row he's done this now last year. Last year it was Stevie softball this year little boy looking for sparks in the region the one. Oregon State is depleted while organ is getting help for their match ups this week. And are the Houston Texans. The better version of the Cleveland Browns we'll discuss that plus they rivalry may be returning to the Pacific northwest. After a big announcing yesterday. USC Charles the world and mostly Texas and why you don't schedule Georgia Tech. Penn State coach the team strength and we'll explain. So we're locked and loaded have a great show for you today. Time do we go. As the divert Crawford he looks like French tourist today. I was watching a video of some guy who created out of it and he's wearing them are saying half cities get a friend Chan on. And then he's like I'm glad I'm in America. Let mean where the most American thing and people are brains let's all the did you know that he's going to be. He he big ball and ran through my target about our Lamar you know mellow long so he's going to be in NBA. In the NBA two K. Yeah he's going to be on as part of the as part of that I have franchise. It's the there. Ethnic or even if you start your player from high school and you develop you know endure pro he did advice from Lavar your advice be to video game hey ideas mentor on ESPN's top 100 NBA players lawns of Mosul one spot ahead of mellow. News of of right now if you're looking at guys pacing for 200 hits there is. Five or 666. Guys that are missing for two under it out of how many Major League based allowed back in the eighties to do I've wondered again. You know. This one we got derailed their. Bad news Yossi bros Jon bones Jones is second sample popping him positive. Steroids so. He disturb its. Players. He's wake up I said wade job. Really trying to sell me that that of UFC. But big steroids thing that's like really in a fight on that train I think USC. What are you sell and we had a legitimize yourself. Then okay. Mean barbaric sport on the planet but surely we're gonna fight about steroids. Hamburger of the guys actually can withstand of if you need steroids say that have if you're really honestly. You really want to regulate the USC. That much toward your worried about steroids. And with. Does that make any sense I don't care what their popped up on their crazy enough already did do what you want that's our fiscal. Mariners get a win de it beat up on our Rangers in the very. They're now three halves games back. Three games. The asterisk blink. The angels won nothing and Justin Verlander Vienna his twelfth win of the year he does eight scoreless innings. One hit baseball against the angels this. The Dodgers finally won a game. They end their eleven game losing streak at 53 win over the giants also clinching you know. And they did what's I consider. Investing in baseball you know they didn't do. This they didn't celebrate with champagne. That is a soldier should only celebrate one time also the Cleveland Indians won their twentieth game in a row. That ties the American they record with the Oakland Athletics of 2000. And she. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really pointing them out and do tonight. 600 of those ten or oh my god it's early wake up. And they've traditionally win. To see that they have a nanny nine point 9% chance of making plans collision they clinched the playoff on earth. They need to win every year they need to lose every single game from here now which isn't inconceivable seeing as they've lost now sixteen of eighteen. And then dime except when they clinched a playoff birth that's where I obviously clinched. Good for them clinching. I NFL news fury fantasy football owner and probably a little pissed this morning this. And because such a GM David Johnson. Don't miss two to three months after his second opinions and yes you do need surgery for your dislocated wrist can be two to three announces that he underwent the surgery yesterday. Ravens running back. Dini would head coming up an ACL injury I think I can catch a break torn hamstring 68 we rule. He hits the IR with the designations. Designation to return and leaders era he's got hurt the first game me up. Or guides him as he leaves New England everything goes down field. They'll Danny wood heads. God bless and we just get his money that's good yes he did he got a nice and also. Confirmed yesterday. That Alan Robinson. What do you project and so. But just season Enders tried out the games. Boring weeks of the season every single year superstars go down as players go down. Every year. Just don't play the regular season games since that's sort of playoffs since everything's too fast at the beginning he can't do your body ready. For that back quickly to step immediate reactions like the guy that jumps out on the court at the YMCA's Beisel got it. And Powell there goes his Achilles lead in practice so little. There is no fix it's just natural gonna unless pre season games and means more injuries Lynette is not about list pre season games you need more full speed games when you render why they have week for me to address or persons of week three. Now because then it's like you kind of build your way up and picture. And then you just cut all of fed at Hinson boom here we go up big speech changed between pre season regular season. You'll realize it it's a big big so why is that speed change so much can you is here you can't play football. Less than a 100%. That's what they blame injuries on and pre season everybody got a garage everybody's fresh with a very fast too explosive week nine in intend. A threat so it's not as fast. Who may be weak one of the season. We won in tune you put them in weighted shoes on down to shorten games and play half looped a one quarter. Two quarters by the time to get the work week owing for a better idea better idea and don't do you any being injuries happen in its football and it's gonna alright the beavers. Don't have a bright spot heading into you. There match up with the Washington State they're getting bit by the injury bug meanwhile the ducks are gonna get some reinforcements for their visit to Wyoming. It is 614 on the fan. This is a dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 love sale and. 6:18 and 8 Wednesday morning dusty here. Came Cleveland with the U. 553 your fives average for Beers text on that tell you can be part of the show. Oregon State gets sent through visit up to the clues they take on Washington State. On Saturday afternoon weird time today game 230 it is that a bizarre time this started to started naming. I don't know him rushing game started eleven in games started nine. You sororities asserted so I dirty Aziz and it like hey you got like a 130 cake at the 7 o'clock kick. Five I'm thirty lives by yen at 5 o'clock primetime kick but when it's thirty come at 1230 somewhere between California wine. And share with share. In an island somewhere I had some of these islands yeah this is somebody in the middle of the Pacific Vince is like he had a perfect start time to go to prime I don't eating kids on a nightly primetime game on the East Coast area that might rant about what I think the actual network in this crap where there's over lying games where you can never get a game to start on time. ESPN can't get a game to end on time and start on time. Fox is the only station and get it done and twelve networks. Even more egregious that they're terrible at getting game started on I saw something awful ice something we're gonna talk may be a fix. Within the pac twelve its effort to speed up games. Working they're actually fitting games and their windows but. You should know. That once conference play starts all of those sixes get thrown out and so they went from twenty minutes to fifteen minutes at halftime and they went from breaks between quarters of the shorten that down a commercial breaks are supposed to be condensed with. Side by side viewing and they got done they got rid I don't eat it with. Well because you have your contracts with the networks is that you know what fine viewership but I I admit I'm exhausted of scene. Who will be shown on the streaming session to go to use paean in the Ochoa to watch this game go to. No no game ends on time in a game begins on time it's terrible and then for the tac toe network it's flipped over to you pac twelve war again and watch it in standard definition. And I'm Marty frustrated because of course I live in the state of Washington but it doesn't really matter because I've lived in Vancouver but I get pactel organ. Compared to if you're it just I'd I'm very confused but you can go on the streaming service but not everybody has streaming service so it's just. The cluster. That's terrible but tackler thirty start time but the fact went on pre season starts bid pre season two weeks actually are speeding the games up. Some optimism there because now added the conference in the networks can't go and it doesn't really affect the game and don't use it to us you did you do you think of the three hour window is a perfect amount of time for football game every once you cross that that threshold of three hours. It just I get into the conversation and do you worry about guys cramping is he worried about player safety nobody cares about player safety it's all about you just said. Given up because it's riveting dollars and TV contract money and exposure and this is the game as the side note I did like the double box though that they do where you can deceive them Millen around on the silence and makes me. During the commercials of the split box like data on golf NASCAR stuff. I actually enjoy that what you can and that it was really one fixes going for coach whipple's keep the clock running on first off first downs. Sure is the only the only fix you really need to do and and course shorten halftime and so those things it's not so hard. While for that T thirty kick against Washington State. These are going to be a short handed in in this spot you desperately cannot have. Your team be shorthanded. In the secondary coach Gary Anderson on the impact of coaches call yesterday. Talked about a depleted unit. You know it is what it is submit that that's it's that came out and that's where he believes that they're out of this state and so that's so removal Ford as a as our preparations for Washington State you know that boost YouTube. You know the top two quarters. Of a new report right now that tougher absolutely that we did that last game you know X didn't play. Almost like game and and obviously when Dwyane had the injury which was unfortunate souls of young men need to step up we'll play it. Timing not great when you play at Washington State that situation where they shall football but it's an opportunity for young kids step up but we've recruited some use their the last couple years and social William immigrant get an opportunity to be able play it looks like this week and sure there will be excited about the there on the popular guess can get back you know obviously we'll see where it goes some of the situation with the but those kids of the word but give them. Keep them at a good Mel my is that the continued recovery tobacco field whenever that may be in the young guys need to get critical this week. Dwayne Williams yours starting corner outweigh that for the season with a knee injury. Xavier Crawford in who has emerged as your best corner. Out with a shoulder injury. That leaves sophomore. And Shawn Wilson likely gonna start on one side opposite Kyle white. A senior. On the other says the out against Washington State them. That is even worse place have. The over injuries to the over. I wonder with the over Israel or whatever it is to you. When asked whatever the over is. Take it bought the caucus thrown for 400 and averaged over 430 yards per game against walls in the last three years. Arms in our soaring soaring state blasters and he has over sixteen touchdowns already in three years Cigna and somebody told me that's pretty good. Did they do not have an over under harsh yet for this team according dias what are his take a good check it out for big sensitive but know that's that's bad news. Because. What the air raid does to you. Is he gave that human space intends. NATO's corners make a decision I know what I would do you make a decision I really I'd I do I at this point not throw a no no fine fine coach Anderson I was gonna risk at all at this point. What what are the ideas that you need to do you do you wanna how does bode type of defense creep creep may be an umbrella and and shield these were these freshman or you just throw him to the wolves. As crazy as it sounds and on I like to be a little bit risky but at one point I'm glitz and I'm bring him put those guys on islands in Macon played one on one. Match up on the inside and see guys were get we gotta pre pressure somehow bring an extra guy. You know while he's gonna do you make them checked out of it occasionally looked faux going to be busy. Because he's coming back after getting shots to the head in coach Leach said he's an absolute starter okay fine the kid has bounced back after a game like that. Ticket to take a playbook out of what Boise State did. Play man match up and then bring pressure during a. Right down to eggs are 21 point favorites and the over under is set at 64 bit. Sixty boy. A meanwhile for the docs in regards to their Oregon in reporting. From practice yesterday Scott and Donell the nose tackle Clemson. Grad transfer. For the first time was doing full work it looks like he's likely going to be a go for organ in the middle he dressed on Saturday. Against Nebraska but did not warm up obviously did not get letters from the X yes and especially you got. I mean to freshman that it had done well there in of gotten better but be more than you can get Modano in the makes have veteran president's presence plugin middle. The better also. Help in the secondary coming as fury go and TU Laramie Wyoming for meeting with Josh Allen consider one of the top quarterbacks in the country. As Brady breezes central Catholic product he's been. He's struggle with a knee injury. Through camp he is a full go in practice yesterday as well though wearing a brace on his right knee mean secondary has been much improvement they had very high expectations. For Brady Brees. At safety so he looks like she'll be ago as the inner. A tough challenge. Defensively in Wyoming and pactel play after that. Maybe I could be reading this wrong but I think organized to said yesterday I think organ handles this game and I think they will handle it very America say super easy but I think they're gonna do it a problem. There's a difference to his super easy and no problem. The problem means they're they're probably in about all of at first first half but the courts assist. Just so much better athletically on offense than in Wyoming and Wyoming can't prepare for this they can't sit there and Tommy 7800. Elevation is gonna make that big change of the speed organs gonna see. It depth. Everything defense you'll like what you see you feel very comfortable going and escaped. Completely different mindset than you did in the spring when you didn't have the uncertainty of those first two games you wanted to know what to pad. You're just better. I still again as a wide he's scheduled a game since or wise legends there you exact understanding that it on us and I'm saying is why why why he's why do you go why do you have a home and home with a novelist I don't like home and homes with with any. Any team that's outside our comfort James Franklin will tell us why later. Only on RA you mentioned Michael Leach and it. Is the cubes offense might which Cullen out. His players once again this time the offensive line in the cross Ayers. Of Mike Leach to fans how do you feel. Five factory a five his average four Beers Tex signed. Fair or foul for Michael leads to be calling out his players the way that he does deal like at. Are hated. Dusting cam years Crawford a sports and. Widespread text easy. That's the message we're number. Two or. Diners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I mean. No it was Gordon's Dexter is now it's 553 o'clock message and data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll they'll. Weird that this is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also a. 55 threes here by that's average were Beers sex on dusty here came Cleveland with you on this Wednesday morning. All right Mike Leach is gone out as guys this is nothing new to U2 fans. Texas Tech fans. Fans of Michael Leach. But he went was something new yesterday. Win need depresses meeting with him and talking about his offensive line play which is supposed to be one of the best in its on his team I mean you can look at Luke faulty from the get their running back stable there wide receivers are very good. On their offensive line is got one of the best players in the country on it and on top of that. You've just got a bunch of mamet's. Upfront from Washington State. Michael it's not happy with the way things played out against Boise State their triple overtime win. In Pullman. He's still in the game but he found a way to call out his big dog Molly's. Our thoughts on it. OK Erica that that your clean up room. And there are no rules whatsoever to be applied to people pick whoever happens to be your favorite or office one we're things out. No whoever thought this. What stage you are. You write in OK and all going to be there tomorrow that's why is it groups fought in the yet. Okay good that we're just pick you smoke or office months of moving earth. And you know we'll just turn on asking. The other night knows exactly room talk. Or he's not the only. View beat up on the market that you don't belong to well. That's just me news summaries of some frozen. Mike Leach Mike lease for his. Michael leads. Head coach watching state actors. Aren't so they don't who you picking picking Cody O'Connell. The big continent. Are you picking the continent as they call him the continent now one of the things that they get so bigots. Applauded for is their size so big they go 65306. The mountain earned a continent Cody O'Connell 69368. Freddie my yoga is 63315. They go 6431065314. Colorful line so fearful of big deeds not their fault. That they get pushed around yes not their fault. Let me explain to you why. I've seen us and everybody notices across the country. When you run a system. That teaches you. To kick back your first initial reaction. Is to retreat and explain why it says it's important we analyze this most offensive lineman. In the history of football. You're taught to attack just like on defense are also taught to attack. When you're in retreat mode if your first initial reaction you're trained to be at a two point stance so you party against the eight ball low man wins in football. But when a defense of players and a three point stance and you weren't a two point stance. The changes is my angle I'm already in your attack mode I'm in your chest. There's no way you can be the aggressor when your top that way this is how Washington State and air raid teaches. Old line play. And if you're gonna be always in retreat mode. It's natural to be the point where. I'm backing up our need to be able to create space I need behalf three yard gap to be looked at Washington State's line to keep three yards splits. Between each other which creates huge. Lanes for gaps in it puts a lot of pressure and offensive line also here's the other reason why. Because it puts guys on shoulders and doesn't square them up in the middle. This is a scheme issue and I've seen coach leads do this and this is I'm not who pulling the scheme. As a dozen working college football that's not my point by point as when you watch offensive line play. I always greater I always look at who's the aggressor. Seahawks are terrible at being the aggressor right now. And I looked at Washington State and I saw teams when I'm a continent when I'm 69370. Pounds or whatever he has I want to put guys. What does that mean to play at somebody put a hand in the ground and I want to play to your side of the line of scrimmage next time you watch cougar football. Look how many times defense of lines on their side of the line of scrimmage it's built into their system so coach Leach gets angry. And he says last year we have a GB softball team he said the exact same thing he's done this three years in a row. Does he realizes he needs to kick his boys in the bus. It's hard to get them excited but when your offensive line and Washington State your top two or retreat. And sometimes when your waving the white flag all the time it's hard of be aggressive. This is a natural thing that's why I say it's not their fault. I think to let leeches is saying and I agree I do agree with that and really saying is that. There is it's more of like the will to fight when year when you get in Indian TU. That and when she finally catch and you go rent it in your guy keeps beating you. Also I'm not quite sure why what he's saying and they're getting beat up you know they're averaging six yards apply. Like six yards per play this season they skirt they shut out Montana state 31 nothing and they dropped 47. On Boise State and that triple overtime victory so I mean when your average is I think how many coaches in the country take six yards per play. This is seemingly like Mike Leach is just wanting to find something she criticizes. Is doing team about so he's going after what is perceived to be his strongest unit and we saw him go laughter is quarterback Luke fall in the in the Boise State game during the game which is something he's done every single year nobody saves in eight years ago benches him. And in the end he brings him back in in the fall gets hurt. And I think this is just what Mike Leach does is this is the way that he tries to find motivation is guys I think he only picks the position groups that he thinks can take it. You know in his offensive line is definitely Edgar. So with that said if you're if you're looking at your leadership. And I'm not question I'm asking this question I'm not saying that what he's doing is wrong I've seen from optics and how I look at it. Already in game two when your two Renault team and you're coming into this this week if you party called out your two strongest groups to motivate. Would you think if if you were very confident in that group. That you're did you shouldn't have to motivate those groups ya in my opinion you shouldn't have to know we've heard stories of what Bill Belichick as the Tom Brady. In meetings but you know what he does that. Does it behind closed doors are absolute teammates concede nobody sake when you go publicly like that. That's his strategy that's closely to strategy I don't have any problems with that is what he believes and it's what he thinks works that's fine I mean he's got him to be as successful football coach. No arguments there. What I don't like is that we secured Alex Brink and he tells me he thinks who Faulk is the number talks recorder back in this country or in this conference. Top quarterbacks in this conference don't get benched by their head coach which. Never took that doesn't happen you know why that doesn't happen. Because your leader via you don't do that your leader publicly because when that is done publicly and to your team everybody goes. Compo when it everybody's looking at each other girl I coach I don't get it. Yet the other eleven quarterbacks though don't have likely to say coach I understand that I mean he's got a legitimate question you have to ask he's done it to all of these guys on the news in the grand carols and the kings varies like this is what Mike Leach does he'll go. That. I find a way I find a way to be pissed off I get my question is style. I'm wondering how optically looks for everybody just to transport across the country when you see guys it's just. Immediately. You immediately go public call and it was a public call our guys really great coach of all time Bill Parcells yes you know unbelievable publicly call out. Could there be something to you. The opponent. Did this week to you that pleasant it is to tell him I'll tell you about it next arresting him on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning. And gone 1080 I love affair. Mike Leach is kind that is offensive line. Send it to be net that a three spot in the on the floor of the room if you locked in his best offensive lineman with the weakest offensive lineman from Boise State or defense of London from Boise State. It's his way of motivating no doubt he doesn't every year he doesn't with a lot of different. Position groups he doesn't his quarterback is off its line seemingly every year though he did last year and my question is. Do you think the opponent has anything to do with that his teams to an hour right now and he seems to do this when his team is playing well. And they're kind of hitting their stride. And do you think what he has is a look at. Well I mean they haven't started to annul since he's been there but remember he did this when they roll into laughter where's the consistency leno's new middle of the year when he did this the JV softball I thought it was after we too. And if you go to you look at. His guys how much do you think is. His guys are watching organ staying Golan. He's gone man I think we'd day if they overlook them organ staking touchy. Maybe this is kind of his way of lighting fires to get his guys going to play Oregon State. Well they're his boys they're his young men at his staff he knows who who he's dealing with mine. My always understanding is there's so many different personality 85 guys are observant and 120. Richard freshman and all these men how do you like to be motivated I've asked this before what motivates you. Do you like publicly being shamed. You like when I coached the junior high error or do you like when your boss that above you calls into the office and motivates you or do you like the passive aggressive email. That comes. As all users if you were part of our group could come as an all users from group email. That would be passively aggressive you guys all need to get better wouldn't single anybody out. Would you say all you guys is. Yes you are your rate it was after eighty 31 when he lost with Heath and I thought it was early in the season it's the same reaction from a known to start to to know starts are likely to happen. The big deal it's that this is the way he chooses to motivate. I've always said you got to be able to recognize who can handle it and who can't not everybody on that team handles public. Humiliation. They went onto an eight games in a row last year. At after heated Patton and he's he said. Quotes we have the atmosphere for GC stuff off team you know and so don't know anything. I have to ask this. Did so last year there was that kind of the saws sadistic type that is are we called a GB softball team bull. Essentially. Ladies play softball. Right because it did it's it's at least sport but no there's a lot of recreational mentally soft. Javy is is insinuating that it's high school he said JC junior college okay whatever it is so what it means. So coach coach les has been known to safety things I've seen coaches that do certain things in the way they are said and how they're read I just think that that's his personality to the point where. If he even said. They won him one of our one of my voice coaches. He needs to the ladies dirty so always sit around watch him practice and he always says to kick it hurts it it would your purse next time. It bother you having some kids can handle a certain way some of the moms are gonna come and be offended by that or not let's just. This is the coach Leach personality I hired him for one reason and one reason only. Because he is the pirate he's edgy he's unconventional. And it's great and is great for Washington State you just never know which you're gonna get. Week in and week out yeah this is this texture on average for your sex on five factories your five says how can calling idea that players publicly help you with recruits Mike Leach doesn't care. Because that indeed getting it that guy that goes to Washington State you know you're getting yourself in yeah. I don't know is recruiting this is my new favorite things I learned this lately and he taught me with is I don't think he's recruiting snowflakes. Now. That's a bit of a player he wants. The use sing MacLeish isn't. Retreat liberals like to know what you told you this the other I had no idea would snowflakes are I was like what the heck is that what does that mean now let me all of soft players know he doesn't want him he doesn't want them. And I did to Texas that's how does this help you to records. I give I got quick Google search. Is gonna show you locking the player in the equipment shed Craig James son that got him fired at Texas Tech. Well there's worse things than calling out your guys insane that a Boise State player could be to not. In in me if they locked him into the press room together and fight for the death but this is what you get you you go and you play for Mike Leach. Knowing kind of what you're getting yourself into because. He doesn't hide anything he's he's a weird bird now he guided plays guys on rules. In the players that I think goaded him in place for him they love that about Mike Leach denied being. What you're saying is right he doesn't. Recruit south players he doesn't want those guys who are tough though isn't recruit soft anything even though his offense. Is seen as soft and has a soft connotation to it Mike Leach doesn't want that and that's probably why he's more successful. Then other guys too who run an air raid style and are more for NASA is because. He finds the guys you have a chip on the shoulder to play. Right you know and that's what he didn't love it and it's taken awhile to get that in in the clues and playing in a better conferences is obviously tougher. Want to their car Dominic. Yeah I just it's so early when you get when you get to be to went on I know he wants us he wants to put a sense of urgency in that program because they are a lot of expectations. And let's be honest guys. Washington State UW battled back. It's a game being dubious too stupid mistakes down 31 to ten. But he didn't lose if you want doesn't matter yeah beach could should would is don't work he's he said we were we found a way to win and that's not acceptable yup I like that. And this texture wrestle a. Is about to be is that would lead beats to believe they would have sent them. Probably nothing but he doesn't want his guys to come out flat in in to have a game and have something tighter than it should be he probably wants to you. Have the kings win by seven do you think the Hoosier overlooking. Boise State a little bit these in quite realize how good Boise State was no I don't I don't the I think Boise State just came in and Mike likely said punch him in the mouth and their guys he's dubbed in like the way that they reacted. And clear policy Brian Carson Carson Carson he gets a scares me. Well yes he's a good the parkers mean he was. When he separated from. Coach Pete went to Arkansas State to be head coach at a ten in season and any team back to Boise when that coach Pete went up to the you don't mean he's that. That program. Is good in a recruit very solid players that have that have an identity and that identity has always been. We're gonna come on punch in the mouth first and we'll see how you react. And because that wind is Latham sub Boise State even against great teams get blown out early in new Disco that teams running away at this game doesn't happen. OP when does and feels pretty calm comfortable. He says the bees you shouldn't be worried about keeping and catching them napping. Have you seen the bees play seventy to six Kooks. Are probably 76. But did you a lesson is a beaver fan. He is pretty upset yes. It is pretty. Yet to be our fans are six though no. Now how do you feel I don't I think the bees will lose this game based on their play in the first three games I don't think the only 786. 36 is hard to seventy points or did you. I mean it's pac twelve football still I don't abuse under the d.s looked like a big sky team in the second album all their games you know one. It's still tackle football team I have a feeling you're gonna get a different these games went. I wanna have that feeling cam I really deal ice I just have a small and and I think you like it could be wrong. Eyes get a feeling just the thing about Gary Anderson is that he's always. Like you talked about this dusty. How last year when the bees were just getting their ball wildly against Colorado a minute to the season he's still got those guys to believe and fight back and get some wins albeit against him crappy tackle team but get some wins at the end of the year. I feel like he's got a way to motivate his players like. They'll probably lose but I think Deaver van right on just doesn't wanna see the point disparity in the second half. Aptly when there's a lot of tutors or another field super confident after what they saw verses which state. There's one shot to Luke fall and he's a brutal he he he has he's brittle. I think you fans are feeling pretty damn confident. Feel confident the one shot to little obviously he's out this week if I blow if if that's case they feel. OK because in watching Polanski come in. He's the wanted to raise between one point hole the fourth quarter and the pricing on okay. With that but they're. This fact that. It went to triple overtime it was state and you're in a 21 point hole. Probably little concerning we knew. When you look at Washington State schedule moving forward they got Nevada after that and then they start with USC Oregon and cal Colorado. Arizona Stanford Utah Washington basket that's tough front little tackled is likely says about my cleats will fox thrown for over a thousand yards against abusing his career. Yup that's very guess yeah I have his numbers were northwest negative are guitar they're they're ridiculous. They are ridiculous. And it's well over a thousand yards to yeah I was of the game when he first play of The Beatles like business gag he's really good. Yeah turns out he loves that if Opel Beth. Our rights dean Indians are make instant history how long can they keep this thing go on. Does he came on the.