Dusty and Cam - 9.12.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, September 12th

Seahawks o-line issues, a great soccer rant, and more!


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard it. It's about how hard. Dusty narrow. An NFL veteran champ Cleveland live I think it's. Safe. On ten maybe. Love and. Dusty Herrick campus and. And rip city as well. You know blister shrink inserts a couple weeks I can't believe it. And nobody will notice. And on notice blazer fans and the Swedes are excited to. Both weeks that are forgotten middle. It quite off at a big thank you royalties. What do you have what news do you I mean in the third Purdue at Mellon. When he was little in his report is a entertain. Champloo limited breaking news. His source is selling his client and hoping it laser hair might nix sources which are close to the next ambling. We've been knicks Stanley and I've been everything don't you mean Jimmy. They if you did tell me that I believe that Melo is not going to be is going to be out of the knicks for the time training camps shows out I'm assemblyman. I'm believing in not come into the training camp the next. I heard that everything was hunky dory now. You can always find that your sources so take him to sources saying he's in a no there is here you're referring to sporting I am referring to a sport was sporting news thing has said Damian Miller. Is not. He's not stopping his pursuit but he's not he's not pursue because he's afraid of collusion but he's not going too far or which include didn't say hello doesn't into an area heck you want the players on his management isn't telling him. To do it he doesn't not not wanna come here. A double negatives like not songs you like it is not a post tsunami warnings do you mean is not enough in the sentence may be a little confused the people into you. Would there be afraid for him now know W parade span probably be cheering squad and Italian football. Don't. Okay. We awful word. Teens are considered to do raising division frontrunners. Fourteens that pact have been division winners. In the last. Well few years handful of years. In all of them are struggling. It all is coming down to simply the same thing. Com. If you look at the New England Patriots. The Seattle Seahawks. Beat Houston Texans. In the New York Giants. What is the one thing that all four of those franchises. Who were picked by a lot of people to deep division. Winners beat what is the one thing in those four teams have in common tickers. Bad kickers. No they just have kickers. OK now what are they all blaming out of week one losses both clear dusty it's it's the most important part of a football team. It's your offensive line who they're GNU kickers again you know. Anybody that doesn't think that it's the most important part of your football team doesn't understand football. Is delirious Lee wrapped up into weaken just put it on your franchise quarterback with your franchise quarterback doesn't have an offensive line he is milk toast. And he's done in we sop for very good quarter well now are rewind is just three very good quarterbacks. In Tom savage. On get absolutely and destroy aid by their poor offensive lines. In. Is this thing is that. Can that help becoming. Kidding get better Pete Carroll does talked about his offensive line yesterday. We protected much better as the game went on and just run out of the shoes for just. Just missed a couple opportunities to do things mean to mistakes really theirs and that we had. And so and and and they also give it is. Can't he be put that football game and he has problems and we do things wells without. I think that did is Seattle's offensive line plays well with Pete Carroll is making it zone because. This into a lot of Smart people that know a lot of offensive line played very well in they're not they're not saying what Pete Carroll saying. I'm not expecting Pete Carroll to come out and say we played terrible in this is that he's gonna spin it to the positive side. He's getting give you little bit coach speak. Coach Belichick would never tell you anything just it was a bad bad and whatever it is it's always bad. Pete Carroll on the opposite he's always positive. That's kind of how he is always run his program and I appreciate that about it disease in a league coach. So yeah I don't have I don't have any problem of them saying that but the deny ability of of actual game film it stared at right you in the face is Russell Wilson and have any. It's zero. Zero ability and Eddie lacy looked like if he might as well been Jared Lorenzen trying to run the football there he looked awful. Nobility to make cut to not get past the line of scrimmage. There was nothing I don't that was Thomas Rawls matters in nagging me there I don't think really makes me be a little bit better he's a little shift the year. It relates he's not out running anybody to an edge. That's not his game he'd sometimes he's a pullback in front of them you've you've you have to have to tide and here's the other thing is that they. They have one tied in the can't block Jimmy Graham can't block. He can't block successfully he's not moving guys off the line of scrimmage all CO Luke Wilson who is a slighted tied and he's not meant for blocking either he's capable. But these are guys that are moving Zach Miller used to be one of the if you remember there suitable years when they rent it was Zach Miller tech Miller was in a leak blocking tight end. Those guys were able to run off the ball because he could control edges him and he was really really good about it. You don't have that anymore so essentially your plane with five guys hoping that he would keep your shoulders squared not have any sort of edge penetration. What is everybody wanna do when they stop the Seahawks everybody knows Carol doubles office. In a fine no way you're going to do and I know that I'm better than you I'm gonna make you one dimensional. The Seahawks leaving defense they believe in staining games all the way through into the fourth corner because Russell Wilson's been known to be able to do that and GQ back. But you can't play from behind. Do we remember. In the playoffs I think it was two years ago when they went on the Carolina in the Super Bowl year the public 21 spot on in the first half and in Indy couldn't run the football anywhere. Almost won the game. Came back and one of the can't do that they had to be Green Bay to go to the NFC championship to get to the Super Bowl but these ungodly place because they're offensive line that was so bad. My goodness you know let it you know may be terrifying to watch. Is October 29. You know again that is. Seattle Houston. Both quarterbacks. May be crowded kid that a minute body damage and it's a home gamers at a Houston or at home game. So typically okay game but that day it is hillside too offensive lines don't improve. D.'s John Watson or contains Tom savage but it'll be just on your fears that will will be. Will be critically injured and that front seven for Houston. Is really stinking dead and they could get to Russell Wilson in the dangerous Wilson's you all these offensive lines don't. In group and because we have a lot more solid media now and everybody recognizes how important it is to have offensive line play. Even if 1015 years ago you had teams ahead great offensive lines and you had really bad offensive lines the issue is is that quarterback play is soul. Is so important. Is so so important because you have never amounts of money in these guys and you're asking that Russell Wilson. At five foot eleven to be your savior back there when she can't even stand in the pocket he cannot. He's not ever gonna stand in the pocket you're leaning on his ability in his escape ability to win you football games that's not gonna winning football games over and over. It's not gonna get you to the Super Bowl again. You know you know admittedly the week before that you. The giants are territory's second. Eli Manning looks a hundred years or that team yet her I really disappointment. This is. If you talk about the now all of those teams that he got. Great defense of line fronts and that they paid in Houston. Great defensive line offensive and that they paid in New York. Great defensive line and all total defense that they paid in Seattle. And those three teams are really suffering. On their offensive line because they had to pay there. Do either of those three teams is this may be showing us and now a model that you have to have and you have to pay somewhere on your offensive line. Seeing you afford. To not invest in your own lines were geared leaning on these. Ability for Tom Cable and other teams and offensive lineman in coaching is to beat them to be able to recognize talent outside of having to overpay. For veterans. Is is that it. And it's kinda puts a lot of pressure. It was a lot of pressuring your scouting department count it puts a lot of pressure on how guys can develop quickly remember what Tom Cable everybody said about the NFL right now. We cannot develop the offensive line fast enough now because we've done that heating. There's none of live wraps is what it is what a lot of coaches are sane and also remembered to the spread offense has destroyed offensive line. It has destroyed it across the country because everybody looks to Wisconsin to look to Stanford they've looked Alabama. To try to find they look to the SEC to try to find called the office of likely can't find it in the pac twelve. Because it's very difficult because of the way it's were you run the football in the NFL and protect in the NFL. And then you look across the country that's not enough depth even 32 teams in the average keep an 89 linemen. It's not like you can find these guys in and to develop them quickly. Given gone against the pass rusher the speed and on defense house. He's not you're not gonna get the kind of development so quickly got her to pass on the defense the coup. Look who San Diego's throne actually pass rush did you see Eagles pass rushers ten years ago. No no you saw Michael Strahan who has come a long marine he was good you don't see guys that are sixty when Von Miller can run for five soft corners. That's never happened now it does. Yeah in a game to what you're saying is wrong at the argue that it will wide disease spread tell it it's you always unblock. You only is on the bigger hand he's on look at Washington State. Third there the continent he's a really good guard. He's he's gonna get exposed in the NFL Conley he will get exposed. Look at how Washington State plays their offense and you tell me if you look at the NFL if you see any offensive line have three yard gaps. In standing two point stances in the unify this just show it to me. If there's one thing SI over the weekend that I wanna talk to you about in Howell talked about an exit personnel grouping I have never seen before. And we saw in the NFL dusting him off. This is dusty and jam in the more million dollar and 1080 I love sale on the. They're really Packers rolled some their game against Seattle. I never seen before. And I thought that you would enjoy it immensely. Did you see that they rolled three personnel out. Zero backs. Re tight ends in alien. And the epic with 35 and made a lot of goods items. A lot of good tennis Martellus Bennett was a great pickup for the I have never seen three personnel before where you have to wide outs of and then they had double tied with the wing. Intercede now I dinning Rogers in the gun. It is. Very as matched it took me awhile to figure out what was happening. Because I think the only time that I've seen that is when you have Michael wildcat quarterbacking your turned overload one side of the line in discussed in body regular. Have you ever seen them or no I don't I don't make you can't. And it does make me excited out of the three tight end I've only been able to see it done. We did at New England. Myself. Did Jimmy Gretna Jimmy Graham Daniel Graham. And Christian Fauria we had three of us on the field and we did it and then we'd. We was it out of emptied though it was out of it we came in and we started in do we call it explode because you explode to open and I was the wide. And Chris who was inside and Daniel Graham was on the slots I was wide and we went into full spread. And that we ran quick screens. And then I was a blocker Christa we can run smokes to either side and I could lead blocked the felt that. But his stuff he can do that yet because what happens when you do that you explode to it is that the linebackers now removed from the middle and they got to come out covering the corners don't want any part of us and blocking schemes so it was really quick it just you know schemes like that were always. Fun. Yes it you don't see very often as first had seen him. Three personnel there's not a lot of teams to keep three tight ends active. No actually that's the thing is you don't rarely see it or in if you do you don't have three that you want on the field at the exact same time. So. That was and is isn't is it cool little wrinkle the C. From the we did see you back from Morgan does pass again when Dick of the bully formation. Which Citron on plans room. It was credible it worked very well. Until they needed to get a first down and they went to ultimate but that's okay teams will adjust in the first two days. Three times that words times' foreign five did not that's a good percentage. I guess yeah. Yeah in different over and over and but we're in is now he would need in the road for the first time this this year. Did you see the article of of where they're pressing it today but it's either hanging gill crest trying to get some elevation. Yeah they're going it was a oxygen in the blood they're going up to 4000 feet I think 4700 feet. To go and try and simulate Wyoming in Laramie Wyoming so there on their practice today. Here's the thing. In Laramie Wyoming is at 7800. Feet and their barely getting like half way to the elevation of the University of Wyoming you think that makes a difference with the ducks and their tempo. I think guys being able to adjust I can tell you from plain maligned and it will I a pitcher I've plated BYU Provo. That was a big difference that was a change. That was the highest court. Its. Isolation game ever played. In this is. Higher national Denver of course mile high immensely yeah that's higher than that yeah that is quite a bit I mean they did with the highest is is that there are worse now layer better force was tired they have on their field because they doing there at the peak to be the highest elevation and all of that I think you might make a little bit of difference for those guys I know what I did play if you toward Denver when we came back. And it's sea level. I've I could run forever Dickinson noticed the immediate difference really yeah. Oxygen rejuvenation felt like news is the change. Will bloods than in there on. Well it could play a factor in Saturday's game and you don't tiger in the decks they have the luxury of being able to go up there has answered school yet downing Eugene. But I again this is just another one of those factors that as we've been talking about this as organ has Wyoming why in the heck are you doing it. You don't think there's a lot of things ago. Rock that can go wrong and very little that king bill brighten if you go on the road to Wyoming get torched by Josh Allen in his. Is attack where if they keep your defense out on the field for too long. Organ doesn't have the depth defensively is the big issue being concern if I'm a doctor and that's an I'd be worried about is I wonder if it's wiling sustain drives you. Think that sometimes. As a head coach you wanna make sure you've tried everything so someone doesn't come back and say why did you try that. Like going and playing out Wyoming none at all by going up and cracks in his elevation because it everyone's gonna say oh elevation they're not going to be in good shape. So these coach tag of say guys we went out tried something we did everything we can in our power we can't simulate. 77800. Foot elevation unless you have a hyperbaric chamber the practice and when I don't think you can do that Beijing's on the bank. Went out of the few created one it was put. There's that housing sparking. Ability unit in an indoor facility there's that Alice. I think it's in here beavers in the year. Organ project. That it has its that simulates elevation for the runners to Livan. Alison crow I know there have probably technologically years ago. Yet they yet but sometimes you do that guys who practice at night if you're playing a night game you'll shift all your practices to the night well everybody practices that night now sometimes. Both teams actually do the morning schedule even if you practice at night and played that I'd ever had nine games and we get like one a year. Even in the at a felt it was all twelfth 12 o'clock starts or 4 o'clock starts or 1 o'clock those are always the best CN coaches are doing everything they can't to adjust and shift. Coaches are crazy. In trying to find that little detail that will be the edge because you want to be known as you've tried everything is the last thing he needed something. All Whiting you try this or should it could do what does it do you go what would you have done this if it would have been better. Should you've gone to elevation. But can some reason feet you know. I'm not I'm wondering where it where tackled after dark is going to be this. This week. Which is indeed. I that you we may see some weird some weird stuff in the Stanford San Diego State game at 730. And that's the mere pactel after our game this week that night game that discuss sideways. As the kids in Beazer planner early. Aside and get as while does this mean those two teams playing in the daylight. It's not going to be as exciting as if it was actually after dark we know that and nude beaches wake up and somebody shows a different. Through dress bunch of different guys say that meaning. Let's. I I'm all for that I hope that happens. Ergen said a lot of the other companies what you look an Emmy for on that the ladies sing nine wins again. Listen yes and I gunnery calibrate that. Compass you know it's not out of the question yet know is technically not did you also know the cultural hero rankings in order seed is the toughest schedule. In the country left for the season's. We could drag on for. Which is water and don't tell us. Mean it is nice some one and I was already the look that came over your face winking and said that Crawford blog knows it'll let you just like straight number one in the country that makes noise over Danny Moran of the Oregon being treated out. Brutal five game stretch for our mistake a menace us of your fans we get him. Don't know why didn't anyone tell us earlier. Like we know. We now. It's a day that's culpable. It's packed off angry conference in zenger brother and has one for the ages. We have soccer talk. With a walk and we'll. He's preference for tenor. This is Dustin jam in the morning on 1080 plus. Our man. 833 unused T yeah the morning. He ginger had some great you said that because of your red hair you have a chip on your shoulder and would edit your whole life kiss by fire. Q split. Right that government. Easy easy. One of the most famous red heads. In the united states. Sports landscape. Is Alexi lawless and his long flowing hair and he let 94 World Cup. I say it was a question you've done. It was it was part of like the start of the American soccer is that your beard the long goatee yeah yeah go team there and a in now he's the analysts for fox sports and the states. Bear struggling to qualify for this year's World Cup that's coming up. And they are they lost a coaster Rica at home which is in America. And then they tied Honduras I know a lot of mountains as they read an article. But this is what Alexio lawless went on a rant about that I think you're gonna lie. It's dark days indeed but this is a time for leaders to step up. And so it's too sensitive to the supposed leaders I will say this fine. Tim Howard tipped the Belgian game ended three years ago we need you to save the ball now. Geoff Cameron and clean it up well let's get someone who will Clint Dempsey yeah your national team legend. Now we need you to be a national team leader Michael Bradley the US does not need you to be standing US needs you to play better Jozy Altidore. Is this really as good as it gets it's still not good enough. Bruce Arena Bruce you're includes the lost at home to Mexico you lost at home to Costa Rica. This is now bolt on YouTube now you're at home by the way to all the guys that I didn't mention it because you don't even more to mention that includes you too wonderful self. What are you guys gonna do it continue to be a bunch of soft underperforming tattooed millionaire us. You are soccer generation that has been given everything you write soccer generation who is on the verge of squandering everything so. Outside of the fat meat must believe that game. You don't know what's yourself so you look to us and we'll get off my lawn. I edges we need more of Alexa have blame because they're socks off you had to Wear in Malaysia will operate ran that wonder wonder boy is a day that young to peoples temple six. Did you practice that evening that was in my view read that what he did that thing is he Bill Maher that. He did he tell you I don't believe I that was practiced I think Eddie gran dad. He practiced treating in line. It was good it was cooler it is really good and it's spot on denying an organized older. On the backs are sorry and all but one guy I didn't know any. Do you wonder boy I do know that one I I knew I don't know we just can't do that coach your and Clinton's know he did Bruce Arena. Now I don't used to be used to be that's a city you've got amid a used to be out. He was German GAAP and were. America yet in German duo surgery goes and that is he right I just don't know who did not get over ten years America Ahmet it's gonna save this. America Americans Sino and on and I'm just gonna tell you this flat out merit is not as good as soccer's a nobody else can feel that that's for easy that I might hit the nail hit about one that's why you come to its soccer now. No best athletes do not play soccer we dirty know that. It's that we'd if pretty clear. Our best athletes don't play soccer. If we put our best athletes in the country on a soccer and kill everybody it takes a different skill set that was soccer I'd. I understand soccer league soccer from from birth to age to eighth grade so I do understand our ran out of the womb can chicken needs I did all around ugly czar. But I IA and do you agree with you that if we had. When sole focus was team plays soccer be greatest soccer. Soccer America was hurt. That's what you see. And Portugal Spain France Germany but it is longer he may have spoken out to the soccer fans that are out there which were where Soccer City. With the timbers argued. Is he right. I things. But I think that their greater conversation though that we can have here is that. He's he is now saying that it is the Ted TJ millennial generation of entitlement. In this is where the entitlement age kind of is funny is that what is American soccer have to be entitled about nothing. The good days haven't won anything noticeably never won a World Cup. Isn't the isn't this MLS. The crown jewel of our country here in the United States and isn't like that tenth best league in the world. Is amendment senseless may be a top ten in the world maybe you say that with a quick top ten is it to the back end of the two tend to like ten yes. Yeah so don't beat we shouldn't be. Proud of anything that. It's getting better mediocre if we're starting to send guys over there have been more noble a say over there. We're sending him overdid it better leagues. This picture says are all soccer players soft that's where they put soccer. I didn't say that in this textures that. That's quest he says with a question mark it's a terrible point. It's a physical sport to contact sport he can't be won us the play soccer I don't say that I do you hate the those poker dealers or was it. Yeah I guy gated they flop innate try to manipulate rulers agree to do you know let sodas LeBron James in basketball and we have basketball compounded the football that's not fair when I'm not compared to the football soccer console. Somalia compared so I do I am ideas I do. It does kind of I was like oh it's not even physicals for the and it was very physical if you watch a game that actually matters. Indeed vets and it's not the flopping that year your custom sync. In women's soccer far less flopping then and soccer. We were smarter. Oh yeah and then back to get after. Now there. Millennia soccer team would win. But it would be. Used if districts this to beat people from other nations 56 as that millionaires is that what he said yeah. And eventually I'm anomaly meals gates talking about millenniums tattooed million thermal deals. Yet it was a he said this entitled generation of American soccer. Which he's speaking to all the younger players that's way called out Clint Dempsey for being is for his leadership is because they needed older veteran. To step up and he called up all of the young older guys because of the fact that. He he called it the entitled generation American soccer which he did only two World Cup I would definitely. If they agree with that that's pretty I felt better about soccer that our country could not make the World Cup yes all fight for the World Cup I think that would that would just be a basic minimum for soccer here in this country. In that do you soccer players and I don't know this top soccer players in this country. They go abroad they don't play here. Is if there really good they're gonna go get paid in Europe where they're gonna play. Where they're gonna get part of the best on the best that's the other thing is always best on best and for the World Cup was awesome to watch. Those of the best in the world and. Also world I this is like dumb soccer fans dislike the mean being those basic soccer fan possible the very baseline. But I lose track of all the different leagues. Encino there's a lot of leagues in two years Lee relegation being Siri a Bundesliga. Mexican League. Yeah and then they have all like. I don't know if nick and Kirk can Crocker calf conquer CONCACAF America's. It isn't that's sailors CONCACAF and then there's the and content America's cup as is and that's really ailing I met there's something anyway the whole point is Alec the World Cup 'cause it's simple 'cause it's like I or that country is. Well I nor that is thank you let me solace for bringing us soccer and making red heads. Even more important because South Park said it bleachers holes geography bee winners. Alex Crawford knows where every team in the World Cup this for a more so than in the Bundesliga. As German I know I couldn't point I don't know are different German like. Is on a map like where's amber I don't know north Germany south Germany you know how long it took me to figure with the FC meant to at the end of soccer teams. And the rial why's it gotta be the rial salt lately my kid to speed Salt Lake soccer team. Thought it was a Real Salt Lake day whatever so give us grew to six Salt Lake. Sports team this season and he should do is bolting you know in this in mind greets scum and his fellow so leg and food. Mean a lot of very popular hairstyle on the soccer community this'll whose. Pool cue the site is bulls fall they vote for example in penalty call it soccer. Can't there oddity is soccer fan now Chiming in which. Big bodies and said it is just isn't the response to reader off everything and you're saying about soccer and poses as are a complimentary ticket is that they're Simon insider. Record could be next in Major League Baseball tonight. Testing camel fan. I. This is just a camera in the morning. Canadian. And we'll isn't alarming and decide on my Twitter feed. Only a quarter of Americans can name all three branches of our government. I never. Are you trying to think of them don't know I'm thinking I thought that would be higher. I debt numbers should be higher than 26%. Well. And tissue seeing it going what are the three branches of our government's legislative executive in the judicial. Together that in third grade yup and he wizardry yep I can distinctly remember the quiz in third grade. Speaking of the legislative branch is he Ted Cruz is likened porn sites on oh. Hold somebody acts he in his saying nobody I don't know he's calling nickel staffing issue. Because how many of those real people run their Twitter feeds on the other than our president. I'm always I'm not afraid of that it was a typically but I'm afraid that I'm going to like favorite. That we I like solely on us I have well it's hard to push the button crocodile like you know I don't know are on your phone I have liked something that I didn't mean alike is I was scrolling. When your scroll why is important needs in your Twitter feed now that's the liquidity got I don't know that's why is that now here's. Okay particularly the first do you want me to go. Do you want me to go with what I think is a believable explanation. You're not blocking enough. And up may be so. Begged you gate a lot of random spot followers or like. Porn site area for now I've locked him immediately Harry's hair tied Twitter account now in just give them anyways. You'll get all of these and then. They just start tweeting at you random stuff. So this is my plausible explanation for Ted Cruz. Is that in this would mean by defense is that. The porn site was tweeting at him he accidentally favored in between all hey let's send us tag and as you scrolling down to see. Other ones. One I actually think happened is. If you like to porn tweeted you know who likes a lot of foreign tweets Kurt Rambis. You don't zionists there's an old dad's been being ready in an and they he has like a lot of if you look at his favorite team out of clear on was a lot of cleared that there was a lot of pornography. Desmond it'll clear length food. Mick I have a disk the thinking is anchor grandest on that touches the WNBA team but that's billion beer isn't it. Yeah it's a land beard does not Rambus is NBA assistant with the lakers. OK we could see a little bit of history tonight. The Cleveland Indians. Are looking to you even the Oakland Athletics. And ministries they did in 2002 with twenty consecutive wins. These balls get so many different records and I look at some records of ones that are untouchable like. Joseph DiMaggio is 56 game in and stuff like that these records are impressive but I can't remember team that's been able to go on a streak like this and played egg express. He did end the season yeah. I don't. Hey it's really impressed what they're doing because they're not just beating teams they are smashing the will out of them. In denting this is a subset that this is dead last and eleven nothing victory over Detroit. And it was their fourth. Oh win in this streak of ten or more runs. And the Cleveland Browns. I guess a year over the last. Two seasons. Have only four wins of ten points or more we had two good teams in that city at least. So to a mystery about. Am in Cleveland's. The cavs get a championship. I think it's almost. More impressive that the Dodgers have lost eleven in a row in sixteen of their last seven. I was just gonna ask this question how much do you think that Cleveland's winning goes with the teams that are resting or tanking and were guys are on the magical. Ten day DL when they're not really hurt us or how how. Do we throw that into it some of the teams are given up other guys are moving on trying to get the better and better draft situation. That's amazing to me the Dodgers suddenly went from an unbeatable team in June and July in the early part of August 2 what is it what kind of team is that. Had injuries. Yeah injuries in distress again a Dodgers are going to be okay by day better snap out of it soon. Because this is more than a trend critics and unrelenting and it this is. But didn't they're the only eighteen cubs did this last year to going into the playoffs victory this interests at night like this will not as bad a big at the stat that this is elected the first team with a winning record. To go on a lot is streak of losing six. Sixteen of seventeen games in the last you know twenty years fifths fifteen years. Are are some like that because it it's hard to lose sixteen out of seventeen in beat the best team in baseball. By three and a half games still is or cushion over the nationals in they've lost eleven in a row and sixteenth seventeenth. Unbelievable there figured out yet and they think it. But what I Al mall or though is if we may be Gibson. Some it's some stretches Dell are down the stretch here are some races because we have one in the American League between the Astor as. In the Indians. Indians need to lose so it doesn't this become a buy guys see and we actually have some can be competitive in compelling. Race for the best record in the Yale. And in the National League. I hope that the nationals and close that gap and we have a dog fight on the intro home field event it's not just in the throughout your division. I'm excited for the baseball postseason pitcher throughout the world we don't have a clear juggernaut. We'll other than what Cleveland's doing but that's awful strength I thought the juggernaut was the Dodgers. Fold maybe your team to Houston fans. Three and sixteen. BP lawyers are since the Sports Illustrated cover that said best team ever. Greens. All day tomorrow. We will have come into our northwest nuggets tomorrow as well. And we'll start died and into this weekend. In football. Let's do it. And next is the herd is called Calvert from nine till noon new industry. Is your ends Craig 37 its prime time with eyes can see it. Thank you for letting us be part of your day. And we'll see you tomorrow ready year on 1080 affect. Your immediate.