Dusty and Cam - 9.12.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, September 12th

Monday Night Football, Ducks preparing for Wyoming, and Sergio Dipp.


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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results an eight hour thing. Just to inherit the offensive line get your rest. And Tim Cleveland. I'm downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 good or bad it's. This is a great when you ask people rivalries I remember like it. There was. He'll gasoline on the field like the week before you're old early team play your rival Nike think viewers on your zone load. We everybody has turf now you know and that. Doesn't happen anymore but that scene I I've heard of that happening. Wary Nike they'd be kids. He's to be idiots in what did the G ages wooded Ohio some people from house to did something to Michigan last series is some to the statue. Whoever they pay around it painted it you know. Kidnapping that used to be popular kid kidnapping the only animals Null like humans to you it. It's like if what are they going to fall going you'd think steal the homecoming queen known. That's called kidnapping and that's against the law. Three they are that infamous stories of of things like that happening in the mascot in mascot stealing news pewter hotel room. Even know they didn't like and entries all literally in steel it's all good yeah brother over for party because I was talkative. But Osce music theme he's a legendary OS you'll Lama who's. I think started going to games in 1933 still alive he was telling me when he was at LSU in the thirties he was like. Her in the forties I mean he's like oh yeah how we would drive dowdy Eugene and we lead paint there town all kinds and collars and I got thrown in the mail race which is that the middle street kids that creek with the water mill things. And real Eugene you have to your campus world France everything was better yeah Audi second the jolly and they are an Oscar right out of town and I like having nowadays that be like have a brawl though go viral you have the world's are in the hospital with. And every Eugene cop. There's this one now neck and Sherman Texas as Las Vegas high school in Rancho high schooler the oldest revels in Las Vegas the bone game is that they cult well. You and present school a group of kids flooded their ranch they're branches field so they had to plan our field the next year. They burned our field so we had to play on there's these days I don't know what goes on. Mean don't think that would go over a big burden their field golfers of all things the bone games you guys take a lot of things with a and rather records out yeah. Games and no kidnapped an inning seven a six on the fan. No kidnapping two point dusty jam wanna send outdoor sports news I tend to agree. Mind thought. This is the front yard look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and games in front of brought you by stark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. About for the game ball does not go to the over the line that goes to view that as you lead quarterback who. The best I've seen Sam Bradford all the way through the end zone everything he did tonight what it all world I think it would. His whole career. That is astounding young is talking about same meal Bradford. Well. Cindy grads had a game last night for the Minnesota Vikings. He throws for 346. Yards on 27 of 32 passing three touchdowns zero interceptions only was sacked one time. At a quarterback rating of 143. Goodness gracious have a day Sam Bradford he had a day in. I I can't disagree with Ron Amadon a hall of fame decision to say a leaks. Quarterback without was elite quarterback play that game was for sure. What happens when you have what happens when your finally Sam Bradford. If you get to lose the sloppy sloppy floppy sleeves in mentality. And you could see guys stand in there and make throws this is everybody's Heisman Trophy winner. The you've been waiting for as the was the last number one pick in the NFL history to get a fifty some million dollar contract and then have three ACLs. Go from the rams to within Philadelphia and is everything and all the sudden you have that. Aha moment for somebody you could see what he really can do I think a lot of that comes down to you having some balance and having some clinics as well because down in cook twenty carries 127 yards in his debut for the vikings he looked great. Meanwhile are just I'm sorry I was in my my first initial thought is how how bad is Jeff Fisher court developing quarterbacks. Jeff Fisher. That come from it just came he was the rams coach. Destroyed Sam Bradford injured cooked or jerk off terrible quarterback play. Yes I'd just thinking about how bad iron got integrated I understand but now as he gets and he's gone he's gone into system and went. Really doubt it building quarterbacks. That's news and good point. Bradford socked. Up better in Philly looks really good now. Got sucked last year. You know. How great it is Steve McNair then he was ish he was in great great. Outbreak could have been any good under the best quarterback and that was for Jeff Fisher and hold them down. You know. That is good is Minnesota elect New Orleans the equally bad. I was disappointed with the world's Ira Lewis I thought their offensive line was going to be a lot better with their defense was going to be better. Was never really quite sold on their defense getting any better what's so well because then you bring in new faces you bring in and you coordinator but there's a lot of unknown in defense it takes some time and some continuity to build. But I just I was shot dead their ability to move the ball in the slow anything down in their back end. They are able to move the ball and then when the no huddle at the end they got down of the injured Brees started. Still picking guys a party we have a little little nails in his shoulder you know like I can soak sling it up and get it down the field they're not the same team. It's been a long time since the ones who bubble. It's been quite a while it seems like it was just yesterday but it really isn't you know it's incredible how fast the team can fall off. In in New Orleans is just sitting there and I and I said at last year too when you play think about how many games they played indoors. And it played another team inside and I went OK that's is going to be at. And now absolute dime fest by Drew Brees. Yes no you would think you would be well branding coats being gone obviously they're trying to learn and figures as some things out in that regard. Also you know. Willie Snead Yee. Marking her his running back and Ted Ginn junior and then the end Tommy Lee Lewis I'm pro guys that you first name's Tommy Lee. So. A needed a full compliment but they added to Adrian Peterson to their backs of the sparking a there was that one little back and forth where you side played over and over on Monday Night Football yeah. Adrian Peterson's walking behind Sean Payton and he says some in Peyton turns around. And EC kind of yeah Adrian Peterson get a look at the season here off like. He has a lot set would you think give Peterson only getting six carries eighteen yards averaging. Three yards per carry all what doesn't sit right is because Ager Peterson said I want you run the ball up their donkey yes now he didn't say donkeys it's something else. And that was just a natural reaction eight Peter Peterson is a huge competitor and how about. Going up against your former team. She will be in the I don't know what they call the ring of honor I know they put Randy Moss his name up so he will eventually be their tooth he's trying to come back. And show up everybody and what happens. Is it error is heir apparent delving Google's often breaks his individual. I think it's rookie record her first came record repeated year yeah his debut record and he he he was a non factor that's that's Peter Peterson what's going on coach. The natural reaction for the saints have always been you don't throw the ball to Drew Brees it's moved the ball down the field that's not a running run first team. And Adrian Peterson just went what is going on it was shell shock for him. In the years suggest him was. A little confusing too because limit played five snaps and got four carries them when they did bring him in down on the goal line they ran play action or he ran and I think to the flat. Yeah and I is that you ran a cup Ian is almost every time they use in Minnesota's IK. Number Tony it's gonna carry the ball right now and maneuvers that had to be had to be a little bit of stress and frustration setting in for him because. It is he wasn't expecting that. And probably longer features he wanted to be yet he wanted to be featured in his return especially. To you did coach Minnesota coach Payton. Handle that correctly. Do you think that he did Iowa. Did he not play calling or the way he handled it the way he handled Peterson in his debut do you think he should've started probably had fifteen to fifteen to eighteen carries ink in the game plan. There should have been more feature for him just moderate is this a respect thing to see him come back knowing that there's a lot of internal intrinsic motivation and have a great game early Seve showing. Now I Sykes on patent matters is what I do do your part of my team you're just an employee were gonna turn to when the game the way I know yet when the. And he day I think you give it to today in tip of the hat to the guy in he did that first play you give DP he does nine yards. And then their drives is kind of stalled out after that and they weren't able to go any move anywhere. And if you're Sean Payton. Mean I'm not gonna criticize Sean Payton he's the best offensive minds in football Eagles at the keys to and and he's got a game plan and he's got a quarterback who even if Sean Payton calls plays. Let's be real here Drew Brees has the autonomy to do whatever hat he wants in those two guys have been. One of the most prolific do those offensively. In since they've been together in the in the entire and a file so. I think gate I'm not one to judge that and they couldn't run the ball with Adrian Peterson or. Mark Ingram President Obama to read a book by its cover is is change quick directional when I look at that vikings team how good is that division. That team as it is it's got some weapons from Kyle Rudolph and digs in. Sam Bradford. I don't dislike you heard the audio Ron Amadon telling him that he played the lead. That is in their defense is really YouTube. The good football team I don't hold divisions could. John is easily north. Wind eBay north is Indian meat grinder in how about the bears not looking incompetent. Egg against Atlanta. You know I know it's to be seen as Atlanta having who will hang over but. They look they accuse Clinton as the starter if these allow it it was he was able to do yet vs Atlanta they do verbal content they had a chance to be it'll be Atlanta Falcons to want sold to us that passes with a were in in in if that's your doormat. Year and a good spot. Yeah yeah I mean that's the worst team that division of good for football. Really universal policy that will we don't need the AFC south's but he really would. Bad though is that is that division Zack says. You probably won't see the wild card come out of it you know because you need you need to have a team at the bottom did you play everybody that vision twice. If you just sit there and you play 500 across the board that's a lot of losses. On on the good teams record. I would bed if I feel comfortable saying. My early predictions comfortable. To ten win teams come out of that division. They'll come down probably a tiebreaker and I would hope the EC both Minnesota and cannot go through Detroit out. But they they might they might run into the Q seven series meat grinder I don't know Chicago is an eight win team. At this point but at least they had some fight he remembered too with the beginning of the season usually UC in the NFL everybody fight. And the only team that wasn't fighting to Indianapolis places dumpster fire even the jets thought. The jets actually fought because they needed that was going to be their only chance ruin for how. Fifth with a married five factories here found that the average for Beers Tex I'd give me an answer some about that Sam Bradford lingered Steve young's comment on Sam Bradford. We did just seen him. New arms unite in week one guy is being criticized for their arm strength in the past. She and begin their criticism anymore. The front yard runs it right to buy store streamlining garden but it went about our agreement since 1965. To 716 on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 love sale under. Until week day two quarterbacks that'd been pulled from nicknamed captain checked downs. There respective teams had. It all started with Alex Smith. Absolutely. Torching the New England Patriots to the tune of twenty to 35368. Yards for a touchdown zero interceptions. Quarterback rating of 148. In goings vertical. In the passing game. Taking shots deep. It early and opt in for the Kansas City Chiefs and then it wrapped up so nicely. With Sam Bradford who went 27 of thirty to 3463. Touchdowns zero interceptions quarterback rating of 143. Those two guys have been widely criticized throughout their careers of not have main. The strong arms or willingness to push the ball down the field. How does this change so abruptly for two quarterbacks so late their careers. Because all these guys are not new to the game they've heard the criticisms before. And they just kind of stayed the course the this is the eight season for Sam Bradford went the thirteenth season for Alex Smith then. This is just added new court. Backs it looks like colts also need quarterbacks but it's also talent around them. There's a lot of talent and talent starts do you help you when your quarterback. You can make guys really get it correct and those guys can't get open Kansas City has. Has figured out speed kills I mean Gil can run on the outside he's as fast as anybody you have digs now on the outside. Due to the tide in both those teams give Kyle Rudolph in terms Kelsey. Those guys are both elite tight ends they're very very fast. The Big Easy targets they're versatile we SOA Kansas City alleys Kelsey all over the place and it and then Alex Smith has got a running back. Now a young man out of Toledo that decides the hello and welcome world it's shows up on Monday night's orange or Thursday night football or the world champs. And with the middle finger up his world champs this as so those are those who would help you. This is simple it's really easy in football and I'll let me spell it out for. When you can run the football. When you can run. Because the two things that are the common denominator between these two teams and why you see. We see Sam Bradford and you also see. Alex Smith have such great season or creek starts. What happened with both their running backs that are young both rookies by the both rookies what do they both do. When he got put up 227 yards total offense came out of the woodwork mean he was. Frighteningly impressive that's hunt now and then you have delving cook who breaks AP's record on the grounding of an offensive game. It's it's boring. It's lame it's cliche to say it over and over again why is every team really good. At the start of the season one team can run the football the other can't look at the sea hawks can run football office align terrible happens no points. Unless you out someone like Aaron Rodgers. Which naturedly house disease only one that is how the winning pedigree is formed to tell you win football games. This sound boring course at us does it make sense ego. Yeah in the kingdom that is confusing to me those units in the weapons on the outside. And bulls these guys had weapons into previous stops in mean it and crumble then Michael Crabtree for old war old Ernie Dave's not when he is playing form with them. Alex Smith and sever Cisco. Mean not Alice it was really good its effort Cisco. But he got through four coaches we're talking about or traders pushing and pushing a ball vertically to BC he stilled and have the willingness to do that. Sam Bradford had you know John Jackson you know bartered to mark armory in some cool way. In Philly in still wasn't pushing the ball vertically down the field and the one thing that you mentioned there. That that is really get is you had the it committed to running the football for both those teams in the fact how much keeping plays into it that. Z. Both the patriots. And the saints didn't know how to game plan for cream hunt in Galvin could yet. In they were just tennis and they're gonna. Oh geez. And when you have a little bit that kind of confusion. On on these guys being so dominant so early that. That opens up your opportunities go deep maybe it's a week one kind of thing in teams start game planning against it. You can always game plan against him but there's something different when you're younger sister when your young running back did it from all these young players evening go back Ager Peterson when he was a rookie. The that would he was able to do her talented. But you can game plan against it but if you start having to put seven guys boundary guys have to walk a strong safety down in the box to get an extra blocker. An extra tackler. And then Sam Bradford goes sweet. Don't wanna on the outside. Pole free safety in the middle of the field now he's got to cover an entirely 53 wide you can't sit into high safeties. That is the easiest thing to do ever in that is unfortunately guys like Russell Wilson can't handle that because he can't get off the ball because there's pass for us so the offense a Little Falls. In order to run the football. Offensive line then it comes with play action and then you go down the field all that falls. In unison you know there's and that's an anti about they're like bring in the safety down that's the but as we see like teens start figuring out Korean Han in Galvin cook. They will bring change their base defense they'll find ways to game plan is in their front seven. To try to keep that safety back in May we see those. May this just be an aberration that those two guys win vertically because it was there in nick and that's what they ours they're so Smart let's say we we criticize him for checking don't it's the Smart bullets the only all. And high tower got hurt there was nobody out there on the Patriots defense that was a playmaker. And I call them and I was nobody so that was an average group and they know it. When you have guys trying to run the Cassius marsh was playing out of position trying to run with guys in coverage. They didn't know what they were doing they got they got how big it out duty your point they brought down DeVon QWERTY. And using leading tackler because they were like we have do you have help somebody stop this guy and also to for the saints. The saints didn't have an answer either. Because they return to sit back and they're trying to play too high safeties because they're picked apart over the top picks you know that six on six who wins that every single time unless you have. Really good town like to see hawks front which is the best front in all of football and they can stop people. With six on six because they're better than me but not a lot of teams have that that are just looked man for man better than. I love the fact that both Alex Smith and Sam Bradford. Which deep in kind of shut up the captain check down guys that even if it's just for a week if they go back to being checked down guys. You know that's okay because I think that one thing that again makes those those guys good quarterbacks not even the good quarterbacks is affected big don't make the critical air. And you sell us that same Bradford he's plea he could push the throws and there are few wants to open and he is dornin some pretty tight windows and dime is wrong breaking balls Alix it does in the same thing against New England. They can do it in and that's what diet I hope we see that as the season goes on in crunch time gets you gets in there because. Those those guys have been widely criticized for making them the Smart call and I think that if you were to ask. Andy Reid or was it is pat sure that it could see offensive coordinator in as us. Minnesota Archie came from a same same guy came from Phil. Eases as sure yeah. Sorry I was mind like you for saying yes then. I bet those guys absolutely love. Alex Smith and Sam Bradford because they don't make the bad. The critical air you know think they came manager tag off both of them because they can still make the throws. But they're smarter with the football that comes with years of experience. And day initiatives through just this week. And I know it's there ample for those guys I hope they both make good use in all for Sam Bradford is this text says in the bridge revered sex on 55 trees your thought I hope. He stays healthy. You know because that's one thing he's never been in which he can't take the hits he did. Have a last I know he stood in there and take some good shots that there have to eliminate that a little bit because he doesn't I don't know if he has the the strength to hold up those kinds there's not a quarterbacks nobody's Brett Favre anymore you can't take those hits that they didn't protect him better than they have of where he took some hits but you know who has done in absolutely knocked down that's a great stat look at that overall and which team has most knockdowns. Seahawks beat what yet Russell Wilson led the league in knock downs last year at that as Camden visit us on for sure Josh. Well it's one of those two and that's a shame because both those guys are. Yeah to a social worker and that one could move now. I sat factory 05 that's a bridge for Beers Tex I ended another big week in the pac twelve seekers will revisit the teams that we discussed last week who needed to have big weeks did Dade. Exceed the expectations are today if sink to the bottom. And we'll give you preview what's to come this week rhinos Crawford sports owner. This is dusty and jam in the morning and gone 1080 love Salem. I think gives us some news overdue and every week where we have. Slid games throughout the actual schedule. Every single week that we're gonna learn a lot about some teams last week we earmarked three games that we said we're gonna learn. About these teams in it could be a sink or swim moments so let's give a quick recap synopsis of of all we did have last week a last whom we both said Stanford it would be as sinker strongly against USC. Are we going to you go ahead and give that the good old thumbs down there at the bottom. We see effort one not their season but does the expectations of this year what that team could be I mean that's a huge game. In USC dominated. Dominated up to the site related in that in a kind of leaves some questions to be had about Stanford's season. I don't think so I think Stanford is were supposed to be used there just not as talented as USC. They're very good football team on the ground they got a lot of good players good defense their correctly is terrible they just can't throw the football. Up well we didn't know what they were up heading heading out of that idea right in I think Stanford will still be in nine win team minimum. I really do other no doubt about that event I mean I think that as that kills their you're talking about it in the north and win in the pac twelve of us. That's what I that's no I mean because if that game is that game is even tight gave it's not 42 to 24. How are we looking that he completely different if it's Ike. 35 yes it's 30454235. Or 304238. Net thing is candidates in second in acting were sitting there on. You could take a moral victory there. Yeah that's one of the singles look at for the playmaker. A killer Chris is not the playmaker but Chrysler is a very good bring back. That's about it yet right organ state Minnesota. 4014 b.'s. Sink in now on you know to think. We discuss that we've Natalie nauseam that sucks and then this is the hardest one for me. Because they. Slam in the first half and sank consecutive. The organ ducks paddled in the first half do that cattle I. I think it flat in the first half. We need. Reflect the wings it's like classic look with human fly slapper battle flat you know and kind of a little bit of Dele they're bailing hay wagon do you want me to go with another. Duck analogy here please please do. They kind of remind me of the duck sitting on water where everything kind of looks calm on top. But they're pat on my calendar and you didn't hear anything they're just try ended Biden stay afloat. I think that Allen is kind of a push because you know forget that they want. Day one year. They if you win win you win you swim especially vs a Big Ten team and led national power to may not be right now. That's a national is definitely a team that'll be seminary when a team this year the Nebraska Cornhuskers it's a big win it's a statement win it's a national wind if you were on Twitter at any time during that looking it would. Kirk herb street everybody. And the mortgage gloom. That was that was what they needed. Him. I agree I some bone and gone so we have a swim for organ the sinks for organ and organ seen Stanford this week. I I of earmarks three games that are there any games that you believe is in nearly conservationists say this is after. As big week for these for any of these teams. Are certain. The most interesting game big week we go big week there's not really a big Wii game I mean probably. And Europe cal face an old miss which is that game is it what is cal I have doubt on on what is really. What's really happening in nets coach Wilcox doing down there as he rejuvenated a team had just. Elevated that team to a a middle tier two middle prowess in the pac twelve what's the when they Serbian a formidable opponent. That's old miss. That's at home to sold this has got to make a long long game launch our. A long travel to Peru to play this California to I'm really curious about the McCain the other one is too. It's organ and Wyoming. He really is. Here on the road your plane Wyoming supposedly the best court. A top five quarterback in the country not gonna give out best idol top five quarterback in the country. He's rated high. He's just like Carson Wentz was a few years ago. He's he's the guided everybody wants to see it on the pedestal except for Carson went beat the teams that are better than his true that's that is there's a problem. He threw five interceptions last year. In in his only game against you know power five organ should handle this inning in their religion yeah and then this year against Iowa. He likes to retreat fix it up in that that's but. Organ takes a very young team on the road. You've got twelve freshmen or sophomores on that TD you take them on the road again get to see with their mettle as. And if you lose this game idea Deb know businesses in this game coming off the heels of a win over Nebraska not at all we shouldn't be any it don't let down at all I don't because tires were allowed to do that organ you should handle this case yeah this person says almost losing their Rask is not a statement win. What are you talking about that texture on the average for your sex Infosys never played football his life. Almost losing resolve this thing is almost losing 4042. To 35 Europe 4214 half K. The even even want lie in state is sitting there going we won. He and almost lose and you want you found to win statement when it's a sink or swim when they swam in you survive you keep on eat this is a four win team from year ago. Cern twelve freshman or until there's a difference you with that does either way is there's two there's two things in football. There is the W side and there's the L side. L stands for loser W stands for wind it doesn't matter how you put them in each column they still mean the exact same thing yeah. Just ask Ohio State this weekend you know I have one other and one of their game that I think is they sinkers and game for one tackle program. And this could be this kid either send their season ended death spiral. Or we could sit aaron's may ABC turn around a little bit Arizona State. Arizona State hits the road. And they go to Lubbock Texas for Texas Tech hello Alina. Arizona State then they'd hinges lose. Last week. They got handled by San Diego State 3220. They almost lost in New Mexico State to start the year. This could be a turning point where not only does Arizona State season go downhill but we may see the beginning of the entire program. At Arizona State in the it's worn out is is welcome there. The wells and a transition year too because the daily as the Texas Tech. Then they have organ Stanford Washington Utah USC Colorado UCLA. Tough run. Teams ahead of him look a lot better I I distinctive Arizona State is in it in a big transition arrived at they give him work more time I don't know if I beat. I know personally there's a lot of players a lot of former guys on the of the don't like him. That it doesn't mean that the university is in stick with him. Think he's got that kind of get the kind of moxie on the that he can carry for now at least another year. But San Diego State is not a sleeper team that was a very good football team have to build ten win team last year. They're gonna fight for them mountain west beat them in Boise State. Yeah that line what Wyoming people supposedly will know more on roaming this week too little lie as. Texas Tech if you were wondering and they didn't play last week of the bye week after. It did. There one another one and how they beat eastern Washington 56 to ten so there's a lot of tape on bay you know they're gonna do they're gonna transfer Jian throw the ball field. Sourcing to spend this week Arizona's beavers Texas Tech cal vs old miss Allen's on the road to. And then organ hits the road for Wyoming Altria road teams. Oh we're gonna try and see again the docs have to Wyoming and played the LTT in elevation a game that so confusing to me on whether you implying it. And I'm not here here's a did you know did you on this game this is an aside note. Nugget of the Arizona urging Tuesday night it's none of them on all this is the this is a kind of like a sink or swim Arizona traveling to use tab did you know. The Airbus seem to you attempt to save money. I've never seen that Arizona Arizona is busing 313. Miles TU tap because they need to save money. For a half hour bus. Figure that one out actual team. Don't get it snuck up during a flight is expensive it is expensive I think you'll see their bylaws NATO TG. No you back in the day before I got there in 1993 was the last year they are able to do it prior to that. Every team in the pac twelve had to bus one game. At the bus one game that means USC went to UCLA easy easy bus right correct. Of course organ with the I fly with LA traffic tenth Oregon California here goes Eugene cal goes to Stanford of course Arizona goes Ayers on a state which team gets screwed. Our house is going to Foreman and Pullman and with the cougars that's a terror of the five hour ride. And so watching that would actually bust organ it was actually easier drive to bust organs or prior to that now. The taxes that was pac ten at the time than you're able to fleiss who I'm my career we always flew this is weird to me organ stranded spend much money either that or I'm sorry. Arizona's building a new indoor facility down there and they're doing a bunch renovations so they're trying to flag is drives to the desert ridge keep their. And we have been I think mean. But a Utah there's just of the players do that Rasheed Wallace didn't stop Mirant wrapped themselves does that work so all her. Down by the border yellow Hummer that at the end of his players and power five team boss seemed to another game that's as weird to me. That is beside her but they did turn on audio in the red for the first time in their collegiate. I think it was in in the red the F they did not they did not turn a profit in Arizona it was something like in fifteen your seventeen years ago. Hey Greg Byrne. Great AD and look toward to that Alabama now Greg Byrne is a phenomenal lady and you takes yet to spend money to make money in the pac twelve. Right 55305. That is he bridge for Beers Tex on. Where we go up oh. You get to hear boom goes the dynamite for the first time in your life around next. Also. The world whose energies to Sergio dip. Testing cam on the. Just didn't have minimal. On 1080 yeah. Last night need Denver Broncos 4421. Win them over. The San Diego Chargers. Knew it wasn't the electric plays that we so Trevor Ximian. Running for a touchdown teen and Allen. Making plays. Again for the chargers it was in the blocked kick. It's sealed the win for the Denver Broncos. That was the biggest headline out of bed. The biggest headlines. Was a man by the name of Sergio dip. Who had made his debut on ESPN as a sideline reporter. With Beth Nolan and Rex Ryan on the call. It'll Sergio had a very tough. First report from the sidelines. Bad folks it's a pleasure to be you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. Both events tells the from here. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. If I make an impact what today. I did not know had to dig in and efforts on that well. The one of the funniest ones I saw this is it is funny this is well it's funny so we citizens and make a wish foundation moment what would. What's going oh yeah this is Kareem. So I didn't know I hadn't I I didn't think maybe make a wish but I got. What is this like what what are they doing how did this guy get put on here are they doing it for some sort of charity paying off I thought was ESP and deport days that the heat was just they were crossing over sane all right we're trying to seek. That's what he works for its originally was an authority on English is his secondly yes. I did not know that when you're hearing it I don't think a lot of people I honestly it was a somebody was rattled in his first in his first sideline report on ESPN. But in nervous he is it. He she's bilingual is done reports in in English several times and hasn't sounded like that ejected did video. After the game he's ever in football and it sounded pretty normal. Like it will be easy and his English was not as choppy as that was in its it is very smooth. I think he wasn't anticipating it being as loud as it was on the field. In then that's when it comes into English as a second language. And you're thinking in Spanish you can't really hear what's going on you can't hear the words that are coming out of your mouth you don't author you know how correct they all our. Analysts and you decide. Yeah in need is struggle through like banks that's easy anybody think that he really easy to do. No but takes pro it takes is Monday Night Football you should have a pro it should be easy enactment Zandi yes if you put him in a bad spot in the did it put it in a horrible spot. And it ever ever ever producer of that if you search dip though handled it. Very well yes of funny tweets last tonight he screened shouted in Google laying it how to handle things. After. Rescinding its pretty good I mean yet to be able laugh about it and he's got a hot girlfriend so that's part of the other things that these thirty so that was what. Who's been treated altitudes that's that's nice makes him happy meal for him but he will forever go down in sports broadcasting lower he would join. The likes of boom goes the dynamite guy whom you've never heard of before. You've never heard of them goes I don't know this but should I know this I mean I absolutely shed its all time classic viral video and in one thing before we get to be and does and I got. I thought that win win Sergio was was on there. When he said. Diversity in his background in it was a choppy like Baghdad as it where's he going with this season is that what what is he talking about advance Joseph. In many said quarterback in college defense back and info Mike okay spirited. We're not having a sidewinder report and it's just it being a black head coach Phil is Anthony Lynn is. Is it a head coach Jim black head coach of the chargers this and be something that we're talking about Andy does into the quarterback didn't. In college a defense back in the NFL are they hear is boom goes the dynamite guy take a listen in and. The and a Indiana Pacers are looking for a measure the revenge tonight. Against the New Jersey Nets and to strengthen their playoff hopes. And that's one of the last Sunday's match and 9485. Which left the pacers one game behind the Chicago. And the sevenths areas spot. Let's check out this on its fifth. Stephen Jackson's data and Reggie Miller's liking. He's just a theory. And as good. Later he gets the rebound that's isn't it man shoots it and boom goes the dynamite. Upper. Easy draw it's like a three minute clay is the only thing is adding bulk of the newscast that was the real newscast. Yeah. That was the real sports reporter. Forty array actual jail there was not a you'd that was pre YouTube. That was reads yes I was at a local news channel I think Indiana right yes yes ball's in your Ball State and groomed and whom goes the death and passes to the man with. And boom goes down and that I can't I can't believe I've never heard that that is that one of the first viral videos and I can't believe you've I'd never heard that is. That is gold Reggie Miller Pasadena man to demand a one game back at. The Chicago has the python he was gonna do is blow up bring their recent audio into it and that it felt like he was gonna quit old. Wait till you see that it thinking need to watch the video that says the only thing is stark why is this terrace just like it looks like he's. Her trainers is gonna happen nineties has just gonna go. Bush those the kitty we've all done with golden TV in here to radio radio we get a waiver it I understand that feeling in TV sometimes you get that. It that you're the you're just in there I'd give them what to go from here. Again models and our mouth with that was per TEL. I can from after the Indian man obese recovered since and hasn't recovered. I think he didn't I think he went on tossed point knowing did some kind of redemption thing I don't think he's intelligent. On. I don't Crawford do some research here Buddha I doubt in my what I define as they and I got herself find out his name. No I don't care now it's better if you don't know because that got me luck out. He may luck out missile deal. By if you it is say they Crawford we'll Telus is named. And while ago if that guy energies mean. I would be like eyeing the one and I was named yeah Brian Collins. C it's like braves and as I came and n.'s Brian Collins. Again like a heinous Biggio and got a boom goes. And my guys. Because says it district in the ship has sailed he's just boomed president tonight. This sector says it was a college access channels that really what it was it was a collegiate. Some of these someone's blessed Wallach access and call on more than that makes more sense so it was Allstate university's campus news cast the regular sportscaster was ill. So it boom goes the dynamite guy steps in. He was terrified for his life. Yes he was in one thing that and some of them is this excerpt points out as one thing and does that that Sergio did has going for him. Bloom does the Dinah night. Guy. He may have had his faults as a as a sports broadcaster but at least surges like it's night and my first language get this yeah I. I couldn't imagine going down and do you know cast in in space over okay and I'd be that is Jim we agree with that is one of the funniest things about Bob broadcasting sports radio and television is. Everybody ridiculing it and handed the Mike to somebody that's never done before. As this texture says if I wonder would be like if there regular person would try to do this it's. It's funny that the sports update thing like egg we give. We give Crawford a lot of crap for winning seekers out eases you receive your yet he can't sit on the air new note but the thing is that. That's really hard. To do we got to do cam and don't really hard and it's hard to him can't you wanted it and see you are so confident the beginning I just do it doesn't always her. You cheek property write it down yeah. Now I did you cheat which is hosted you know dusty was that he did it for years he dusted off the top of his head he was such bro no not the dusty road I was always told the right down into the risks on the street view on the into the winter since day. I had bag I had many senses vague and ST trained you pardon the school of hard knocks. Crawford is raised on in the radio industry. RA school was who have. It we can't think we got four division contenders in the NFL and we've got to go. We've got four division contenders in the NFL that all have the same problem in it's a doozy. Dusting gambled.