Dusty and Cam - 9.12.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, September 12th

The Beavers have problems and Baker Mayfield shouldn't have apologized.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning minutes do as. And organized sports in this. Organized sports we'll just era. You know they would let me sign up for anything when I was a kid. Here's an NFL veteran jam Cleveland no you know you're you're just a turnout. You couldn't can't come around me you know Justin and Cameron or more million dollar and 1080 contestant. And there's six hand on this the twelfth the day at September. The points indeed. Great day. Great data viewing. Hello and how is there there there ago. Bingo. I yesterday we were. And introduced to you too American hero Sergio did. During and and in football and what was that. Yet no. Who was that I don't know I write like you know what that was that was the stable of reporters digging deep. He said Ian if you don't know he was he sat nine a reporter for the can. Chargers Broncos game end. His first little hit heeded. You're nervous he became an Internet sensation. And Internet sensation. Kind of like Kate I would I would compare him to. The cult leader of Ken Bone. Yeah he's on the man now yet but it only the dynamite guy you know what is the boomed I saw that last night what is the and I don't know with the boom goes and I OK well then we may have Steve cloudy today oh yeah I feel like I should know this as I know you should know boomed those areas again and I don't know. And we do you favor we raise your right hand covered. Might. Withdraw us because I have my my horse pass on still from the beer game. One day. And that's Saturday dizzy meant to you can't allow those during separate rate that is what might get busy you are after all go to the jump place they leave them on good ass cool a much jaded heart. Yeah. He's too as there is Katie and wanna grow up I was curious if that was it and hopefully city news critiquing him is one of Johnson remembers what you think you have less I had to what I thought it miles south. Doesn't want his council's committee Hillsborough all the gulf of bouncy house adult belting out some super danger it's. Or to had a Borough home too great and no I swear I read them the world's largest bounce houses can males were up. You know forest grove is the home to the world's largest barbershop pole. Did not know that how big of a poll we docket. Breeds all. Treats all. I don't know I just as it was me huge barbershop pull yet it's nice that a barbershop in in the park now has it right. OK now I have to Google in the barber though you know really active. And now I can go either of them to do that. A Sergio and material for news Crawford. Me and seventy feet tall. The seventy foot barbershop poll OKC mess isn't as impressive. Big so for a feel better already knowing that there's a seventy foot pole somewhere. And it doesn't have a young lady here earning her I'm not even gonna go there go all the no extra powerful. Now that is something I'd like to know GMT that's probably somewhere near Milwaukee and I thought I. She's a heart attack about what time is now one other things linked own equally well aren't so I guess cams and comfortable enough to start to show it. Only six. He barely remember it was just like yesterday. And is in sports history 1976 the Seattle Seahawks played their first regular season game in franchise history. Jim Zorn. Your with a lefty the crafty lefty Jim Zorn seeing as you were able negative eight years old I know you don't remember in the 1970 large and Steve were able. Double Steve's old are you you relate I was one. I don't remember it. Steve priestly that's increased. Kris Kris I think priests are always say priest if not daily is not a holy man that'll well he might be he's defensive back. For the Seahawks the quarterback of the giant killers team. The defense back in a secure deathly. Yeah I get a quarterback switch to defensive back you Scott frost got thrust. Tim Tebow and he would've should've taken notes and then. Guy she could have been a great thick white safety in the NFL can play cornered now. Guys don't do that. Decency or not. Somebody told him that he didn't return kicks you and it is pretty good at those advertisements. Check. On the first one on the very first one yeah. Pretty good at it today baker mayfield apologizes for plant the flags this. I disagree with you baker mayfield. Don't you dare apologize. Week one in the NFL. Gave us an insight into you whom we may think his crowds and you might either real deal one division. Let's more loaded than we thought. And noodle armed unite will be discussing that overseeing your senate seat is 730. The games across the pac twelve that will give us a pretty good test done who's who and what's life. Offensive line play and it could division Indian some division contenders. So let's get today and then Sergio did and in does denim and audio. Critics is through this boom goes the dynamite thing I feel like you know this I can't believe he'd never heard I'm probably out and guys don't pay attention enough which is no surprise to anybody know. I'm pretty sure if you angered. If Cindy goes boom there goes the dynamite and you heard it if you may just call of some sorts that it was on a sporting events or was it. Now I've heard the term boom goes the time it's like a viral video from like that early era of the viral bids this may have been in the first viral video is like. You morons yeah. Never he bombs a world you know. I'm doing go. Yeah he bombs relentless blood severed body when you were there. You can link via college broad humor that's why why when I want before YouTube was a thing call its growth beamer. Well it was greater mean you like in the NFL. He's had been not just more for the bar stool sports pretty much well yeah. Yeah that yeah what do you see you bar stool and earned but it was for everybody not sports guys you know. As I. Nerds that's where the first time ever signed. You bombs were those first play Sampras like. People. Videotaping themselves playing video games and it's getting like hundreds of thousands of its. Why don't get it you sell that it doesn't make you mail your eyes and clinch your job I'm not mad about it I didn't confused by. How is the entertainment factor of playing video games as view not watching somebody when you're watching so many clients I understand the logic of it I just don't you can't watch greatness the okay here video games Colombia when it's become a big injuries in the NFL weakland taxi ground Robinson confirmed. I'm torn ACL cardinals running back David Johnson dislocated left wrist. Initial reports are he needs surgery which could keep him out eight to twelve weeks and second opinions today new second opinion sock. Necessity. Always an assistant and I said go into the third. Hey wake up I said wake up Jason history. Tonight's beat Cleveland Indians can there. Even the Oakland Athletics. Must recently of the Oakland Athletics in the American League record. Four consecutive wins they're going for twenty. In a row. Tonight against the tigers knew if we know anything about the tigers is that they blew it rep for the trade deadline and they remember the line as well. Indians beat the tigers last night eleven to zero. And tonight they go for number twenty in a row. They had and they Indians that is. Have now certain to run away with the best record. In the American League they got a game and half lead over to the Astros their run differentials best in all of baseball and it's not even close. And this impressive streak there. Very the president offered to have twenty games you kidding me there are they gonna be the best team in the American League head into the playoffs are. Probably I feel good about that no Houston Astros are pretty angered too well Leo little pitching staff but. It's hard to not look at the team right now hot streak. Mean while on the opposite side of things. The best team in the National League is not pulling a Cleveland Indians. The doctors have lost eleven in a row and still 93 and a half game lead over the Washington Nationals the. I've real little concerned if you lose that many games in a row I've just what happened to the Dodgers that they get disinterested in baseball. Everybody on the ten day DL lot of injuries the view on injuries and not a complacency it happens to senator trillion mariners lost. Fighters or loss to. And it does not test this is rock and roll plays his leaping out loud estimates. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Nine minutes of the all wrapped up week one in the NFL last night a pair of games. As started to doubleheader on ESPN's out. The same Bradford show room and Adrian Peterson's return to the Twin Cities. Vikings throttled the saints 29 in nineteen behind 346 yards and three touchdowns from old Aggies Leeds Bradford. You gulf lobbies leaves baggy sleeved it was sling and obvious to us. Mean all the nightcap with a little bit closer as the Denver Broncos hold on their home field in their season opener when he boarded to anyone they'd be. To deal Los Angeles. Chargers as you found it seemed more unlucky than this herders they just find ways to lose close games and they have lost more close games the last two years and I've seen of any other team. There they're always they're they're scrappy Philip Rivers is tough they're very neutered and ask a very agreements to find a way to blow it but they're good to pass rush equipment costs they get the 03 to pass rushers from now and anger and enjoy dust settles a really good path structures are both good at football. That game. Probably shouldn't in his closes the mean dead Broncos pulled the ducks. And they were up 24 to seven in the fourth quarter. And you sell fourteen unanswered. Happened in its class this that which at that was amazing. The chargers all time were one. In 100 in 55. When trailing by seventeen points in the fourth quarter in the Broncos had never lost game in their franchise's history and leading by seventeen points. And we almost got blocked ET at the end are no excuse me blocked field goal attempt 44 yarder at the end. After icing the kicker. Thrusting the Broncos to a 2421. So weak one in the NFL officially. In the books are where we start hearing Anderson spoke yesterday tiger low organ state football are the b.s looking for a new identity. Three games into the season five factories your by the average for Beers Tex and this is testing cam on ten AB is it. This is just jamming them. And 1080. Tied 55305. That's average for Beers text by investing their influence. We discussed yesterday organs states. 44. Or 48 to fourteen loss at the hands. Minnesota things have Getty's years this week is. They hit the road ahead of to the plea is for number two when he on Washington State used to announce. Blowing out new Monte and say in the opener is finding a way to win against a Boise State last week in triple overtime forty. Five wins at 45 for for us on score. In now. You have the organ state beavers. Trying to find in just any sort of positives and any sort of wait you. I guess. Find your identity and find yourself and they concerning part about that is in what we talked yesterday is. That a quarter of the season is started and played for organ state they're three games into the season. And Gary Anderson. I said yesterday during his precedent ability. You say. So I'd say right now offensively we don't have a tremendous identity and we don't have the ability to re consistently throw it or consistently run it and we mean got to be able to be that. And get the right kids in the right spots. To be better. In a perfect world Gary Anderson Lewis's IB six I wanna be 6040 whether that's pass or run determines on. On the opponent who were playing what they're taken away but he wants to be 64 you have some balance to his offense and right now. Com Oregon State doesn't have any balance on any side of the football when you hear coach say that three games in the season a quarter of the way through your. Campaign. What does that tell you cam. Well tells me that there they're searching. The best player on the field for. For the courtesy beavers as Ryan all in the most disappointing part about Ryan all's performance thus far they haven't found a way to consistently get him the football. To where she can find your rhythm. And get a rhythm going from the big run in the opener he saw something that was very exciting 75 yard run you know right knocking it down to very quickly. From here on out it is then it's it's. You know when you try to force somebody to be somebody there or not. And a team that has has supposedly balanced 64 what is 6040 mean it's what you know what it reminds me of in my Z of it when you're your relationship Buick as you know what everything should be 5050 he need to be make sure that you're happy 50% of the time and then I'm unhappy and it's always it's never 5050. You what is someday I mean you 90% of the time and you're gonna get 10% of me. And some days you're gonna get 20% of Meehan and you're gonna give me eighty nominee gate. There's no such thing as a 66040. Balance in football because there'll be time in the game and I have to figure out. We're gonna run this football hundred out of a hundred times. And it with Ryan on and coach Anderson and I I look at Jake gluten and this is it. Court recommend very highly touted from junior college he could throw the football he's tall he's athletic he can move. He has ability to drive it down the field is all the intangibles he checks the boxes when you look at his ability. To move it. It's not working. So what does that mean down identity that we finished with watching the organ state beavers at the end of the year. In the civil war is not the same team that's the hardest part I think for a lot of fans and in looking at tech I thought this identity was. I thought it was set right in front of everybody and we're gonna move forward with this so three games in in your asking your team to now try to find it. That's. That's a very disturbing thing if you're looking from offensive purse. When this is the thing that we thought. Would not be the question at all offensively for in state is what is their identity it is run the football you loose and run the football first two. Opened up. Any semblance of passing it would be an all right Ryan I'll left we have our team is fierce yet Thomas signer you have to force Johnson. You have these running backs. What I think we've seen in in doing this is yeah outdated say that they don't have an identity and they're looking for their identity because. They don't have the offensive line right now. Two to do either. 90%. Or a hundred times out of a 190 say. You can't beat Georgia Tech. A run the ball all day long if you have the guys to do it and right now. I look at the offensive line and ago. Nan. If you want to just sit there and go Ryan all Ryan all Ryan all. You're gonna get thing you're gonna get the young man hurt if you try and run him more than the 26 times that they're trying to rush the football. On in in ninety did against Minnesota because you goal. It's beating your head against a wall at some point when you can't get any. Push you can't get to the second level linebackers are running free though that sounds great but when you're in that meeting room. And and you're watching the film who stands out to you during game when you're watching organ state football right now nobody I don't sing nobody. I'll say age how you look at if you look at last week's game. The longest play from scrimmage was. Jordan Tillman thirty yard touchdown and your longest rush was twelve yards. I mean you only ran the ball 26 times you know I mean it's not Ryan all right now. Because it there's there's nothing over the last two games. Three. I also would bet that a lot of those coaches in every single one of the office to coaches even on staff and let's not throw out just the offense let's also put that defense or yes under extreme scrutiny and because they have been nothing but a leaking sieve also. There's been no dominance there's no ability to create turnovers no pass rush. From Portland State been able to move the ball up and on the field on you what is that what are the identity on defense is an attack defense is that have been defense. What is it is that a man is in his own defense what is there any playmaker there's no playmaker on. You know is the same things that have plagued it you know organs defense last year we're seeing plaguing organs states this year which is. If a team gets out to the edge EU you haven't been tackling well they actually did tackle better against Minnesota. In and but. It's that if we get into space where you get big chunk yards if you're. Coach is telling we don't have an identity what does that what does that. What does that mean for you was a fan or for you was a listener. When your head coach says we do not have an identity because I've always said that every. Team and we know this and everybody that watches sports should understand that every team takes on the identity of their head coach and it's their personality it's who they are. Everytime I listen to coach Anderson I know he's tough. I know he's a grinder I know exactly who he is as a person. Mean I had never met that never shook his hand but I guarantee I feel like I know him as a person because of how he portrays himself the things he says and I really like it. What does that mean for the team. How was the team not adopting that isn't the type of player that's their right now there's all after three weeks those concerns we shouldn't be having these questions. This early in the season or here because they're getting beat. Think getting beat physically from a guy when I look at coach Anderson that probably doesn't sit well with him at all and it's bothersome. From listening to Jordan Tillman and in some of these other guys saved were just not we're not ready. Not mentally ready. It's that that I don't understand that well they're not saying that they're not prepared no well they're saying heart. That's perhaps support that I don't an alliance is that when you put your hand in the ground and you step out onto the turf where is where is the fighter or the desire. And and just doing yourself justice by earning that scholarship. And fighting to you can't even move Indy I think what day what that goes back to is this is of last week is a prime example you go to the house. Twenty to fourteen. You know it's twenty to fourteen. At the half in organ state. You just kind of sending you think an OK you know they're they're all right where they're at. On the it was they score back to back touchdowns they get its use 1714. And then Minnesota gets the final score which is field glut in your going all right. Now it's time to believe vaccines being after the Colorado State game where. They had that flurry where they they come down runs two minute offense get in the end zone at the end of the half body gets called back and we said on the call lingered with them. Is that calls linger with and it's been for three games now. And it's that second half mentality of we're not gonna let this happen to us again you know we're not gonna let this happen here it was out of Colorado State. Second half let down range and away. We side against Portland State and you could say it against Portland State in that bagel into the halftime in there there should be that man mentality of pay. This game shouldn't even be close because we got to dudes and then they come into and that Minnesota game it's twenty to fourteen year within a score and you go. All right hey. We're in this let's change our own fortunes and that's a Jordan's own and those guys are talking about we just haven't been able to see and that is got to be frustrating for. Anderson's staff and obviously the players are sick of it to believe what he did. I'm wondering if this is a little bit and this is kind of my heart speaking out this is Mimi and this is it millennial kid but. This text is is interest in and I and I agree with that a little bit it's as you know today's kids just don't respond to the red ass. That tough guy hardcore grind out everything earns their job that blank. Don't fly. If you look at the top coaches in the country right now lead look at college football's top coaches. And look at that and look how they carry themselves we're gonna go Jim Harbaugh and Goran Meyer nick Sabin. And put those three on a pedestal with who with the probably as high as any beam the Jim both Fisher certainly doubt double Sweeney. Every single one of those guys has some sort of player that they go after okay you read you can deceive the demeanor that they have. I know coach Anderson has that demeanor. What is it about organ state. That is attracting the type of player that maybe doesn't have the killer demeanor I don't know what it is because in football you have to have. A type of mentality that says I'm going to rip your head off at every second of this game. Do you there's a nice guys there are few places for nice guys on the field in or those places are on the bench that's kind of what football pass that. Train your mind to be too I think the coach Anderson is is. Run up against maybe a few players in key positions that don't have that killer instinct it looks like it Camille Little. It does in the leadership roles middle linebacker. Starting senators quarterback play. Definitely in the running back position where is that desire to want to beat the living crap out of the guys over you. It is it is a moxie you carry it in how you move out on the field and that is that is something you can't it's teach that that is linger. Hit with all of that sending and it textures point kids don't respond to that these days. There were really bad football programs I got the likeness. 4050 years ago TO. You know. I mean. And there were because that's how bad programs have always been is that. You sit there and you disabled nowhere is that fight where where's that that you know the difference between illness and I and I don't disagree with you. The differences. Is when you have Michigan Ohio State. Certainly Alabama Clemson Florida State. You have somebody behind you that's probably as good as you. If not better that's a traditional power yes traditional power with depth. The thing about organ state is is you don't have three deep you barely have one and a half deep. So when you're a bad player the coaches look around and they go. Who else should we put him yep there is the motivation is sometimes intrinsic motivation comes with being pushed from the inside. And having somebody behind you going on the take your job it happens at college football to don't think it's just the NFL. It is part of that that is why you get the best out of those top programs because those guys are going this dude can take my job disguised better than me. I don't have time to take a breath you know that Morgan State doesn't have the depth to let guys get away with that. That remember that Willie Taggart first team meeting Mary's and my job here's to bring guys in that'll take your job all every single day in that you get comfortable right there. Wrong the thing that is probably the most bothersome to Morgan State fans in this whole situation. Is that. Mike Bradley Dennis Erickson. They build their that program on those kind of dig deep guys. You know the dig deep guys that were highly recruited. But they when they had that ability to dig deep. And pull off some of those games and you know and Bronson dudes. Yes. Demands that if you were in the middle of the Alley that you want them on your side in that would be really interesting to see kind of mean when coaches talked to players. What is it that they they look for an in guide to see if they have that. You know because. It's something that you can't necessarily watch on film at the high school level because you just don't mean a lot of these kids. They have they're on great teams a lot of times to you I. Through it been a good recruiter is it just it's finding somebody that's good athlete it's finding their personality. As seen on film that comes of their views comes talking with coaches. I'm Tony I can notice. Me personally I notice when a guy's a dude and I also notes when it when guys kind of a nice guy there's something wrong with nice guys you still need some dudes out there and he can't mix them all nice you can't have a mall dudes gotta have a nice combo. Yup it is the 1895%. Of your team should be. A standing. And then I device unity and then 5% should. I'm probably in the more of the 6040. Yeah thanks Sophia. What's upstanding community to stay out of trouble but on the field a want you to destroy people. Yes computer repair had a that is triggered if liberty. Yeah do you feel you can find those guys actively. But it was who did you say that was he told that story was it Don James who said they eat a little bit crazy and your team lot of courage night unions and 95. To keep that 5% Internet and he had his he had his methods to his madness but he recruited dudes. A guy that's an alleged to land is Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield well used to here's preference for a senator. Widespread text easy. That's the message we're number. Two horror. Niner fan buys. Six I can't hear you drilling off and a and I learned there we have all of my life I think or cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Anyway you can go into. Weird that this is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that most of its. Let's get texting folks. 55305. That is average four Beers tax line. As we are with the on this Tuesday morning back in studio after being out at the red lion on Hayden island there. On the banks of the Columbia for the black Ingle northwest classic stand Barack's. Siemens fishing tournament team benefit the USO green beret foundation. And the organ military museum project is great morning out there in and again a special thanks. To stay amber rock. John and John bland home and the great people putting on that event aid treat us fantastic. And what an awesome event everybody out there so I'm more back in studio though and ready to get tech team with the F one of the great things over last weekend. In the top 25 match ups in college football. Was number five Oklahoma going on the road to number two Ohio State and put it on the Buckeyes 31 to sixteen and after that game. Oklahoma quarterback ties in trophy candidate baker mayfield. Rain over to the bench. Ending came back with a big gold OEU flag that they run around the back greens and with after every test and he played in that sucker right and ability though. And Ohio stadium. And if fired at Ohio State fans they were all sorts of hot and bothered over the fact that. Somebody had the nerve and audacity. To go into their house in plant the flag in the middle of their field how disrespectful. That was. They may be is disrespectful is Ohio State calling their defense basic last year. But. As it is that I and we talked about his drug load baker mayfield on that I have loved the fact human plan that flag. And I know you do it is well. Until. This happened. As you know current interest. Oh for a deal. You know its there was an emotional game I told you guys. In the last week there was it. The news and have a lot of implications on the on the playoffs and so we've both were repaired and so there's an emotional day and so. After the game did not mean for it to be disrespectful towards and you know ousted people at all to us in a team of players just. They're great team great program so I didn't mean it to it respectful at all I mean we do. We deflecting an early Texas and so that's something and I are caught up in an emotional win and you know yes should have been so that I did in the locker room so Paula just in the middle filled. All come home baker mayfield you don't mean that you have only meant to be disrespectful and that's fine it's okay. Who tears. You were excited after a win. And yeah if it was this affects rude disrespectful who cares why are you apologizing. Yes first off I don't believe that he is really sorry and I think he was told to do that by. Probably. Athletic directors navy coast Avic we just go appease the people because we as people today. Need apologies. You always need some apology I mean I'm I'm guilty of it to I am told on a daily basis. By my significant the other to six or it makes things that are it. In this scenario. I ask yourself this question we want excitement we want personality. We want these young. Men in richer in immature is not in an understatement because these. Mean at 20/20 one is ridiculous. We want these young men act like pros do we don't realize that Ohio State refers to themselves as the Ohio State. You all the history between the Ohio State in omni universities are in on the state of Ohio the plea football. It's quite a few. Quite a few in the reason why they called them the Ohio State. As they don't want everybody to know they are the program in the state of Ohio you wanna talk about obnoxious should they be apologizing. To Miami of Ohio. Ohio University Toledo should they be saying were sorry that were so area that we have to say the because we aren't the best tonight get that. You know I get that Ohio State. Is a top program I have respect for them and Urban Meyer and all that. Well what I want is personality in college football and I love the bickering fielded this wasn't malicious. It was that evil. It was emotional. It was on its why you have college football is why you do that when you win a big game like that and you get that two out on the field and have that kind of emotion. What I'd be upset. If that guy did it at husky stadium and I would be upset too I need him to apologize. No because you know how you get that respect you go beat them at their house next year I think you take the flagging implant that. We turned into the unspoken rules of football when did football turning to baseball. Right like doesn't this remind you kind of remember when Jake Browning pointed toward ever when he was scoring and the ducks last year and absolutely liberals all Y eighty point would he score and coach Petersen made Indy 500 pushups for that and it's like. T voided because of eleven years of getting your. But kicked a lot to it every and all right let's go I mean that's just what college football is it is he motion. Stop asking for apologies people in sports stop. Sports is not perfect sports is an outlet. Don't expect apology when it comes the competition side off the field stuff. What that's all we're talking about staying in the lane of the competition of sports and what it means to be competitive especially at the university level. Five factories verify that is average for Beers Tex lines. Candy remember in the huskies' danced on the other dots and what happened to the Huskies twelve in a row since had but it that's fine I don't know won't happen again. Know Indy and all you want to let know that but that. That's a duck fan obviously taxing particularly hands. As that is hopefully. Way starts this Oklahoma and Ohio State thing maybe we have a rivalry come out of this. Because that was the rallying cry for the organ team in fan base. For that twelve year run. It really was into Rick Neuheisel bringing his team back out. To dance on the out there and a bid that's OK there's there's been nothing wrong with that. Because you Washington beat organ add on that year and they came out dance on the out in that. Pissed off Morgan enough to where they. Made it earlier personal vendetta or not just to beat Washington but to run the score up on them because of that that that was replayed over and over again. They're shouldn't be there should be an issue with that. I mean that's OK 82 decades fans wanna get upset and a classic go ahead the baker mayfield deeds should not be demanded heal Paula no I do is he someone apologize. Nobody said to sit there and I and I would bet that there was enough people that said I am so outraged and I'm offended that he would do this. To the to the digital libraries I now did anybody say that or is that just like people like oh I thought I'm not a message boards of Ohio State and certainly not on the Twitter feed of baker mayfield that he was probably. Obliterated I get that intimacy and a PS Twitter. But who would tell him to go apologized let's make nice of them. Because we might have to play them later in the college football player you'd ever know yeah but here's my whole thing about that yeah I do agree probably and Lincoln Riley. Told him that his head coach violently get Reilly's head coach of Oklahoma it's not a stick excuse thirty. These are 234. Options. On the top are on the tarmac on the Hilton. Wait what was the on the field I don't know have brought I saw him I know that part but he came down and I saw him give bakery filled up a big huge hugs he was coming off the field and and how perfect is that in his future tetanus. Beat. You never thought Bob Stinson BA Pincher guy but Bob since Youngstown Ohio man that's or he's from. It was a insect a Lincoln Riley is the guy who made him apologize but you know let the apology doesn't mean anything because it's not gonna make. The Ohio State players forget. What happens if they played in the college football playoff today you know what he does it change I want. Tired of soaring though there being knowledge as I. I think it's okay now does it change anything does it take away the flag does it take away all of its time yeah gonna replay that picture of him now doing that. Ever forever its never gonna go away which is what we need in sports that we love I love it post this thing from today you'll. The old as dancing don't let us in the end zone absolutely 55305. That's average for abuse sex and dusty air team Cleveland. Peter Pan never wants to grow up he has his bracelet on from the arguments in his weekend outs Crawford here's well. On the. This is Dustin jam in the morning and gone to Canadians love soon. I text point as to 55 with. Green zero finding you can would have prepared to deceive the Portland but warns playing on September 30 one winner will be selected this week. I resent our promotions coordinator will know that notify you after the show it's brought you by point as tire and auto the official. Tire retailer of the timbers in thorns messaging Gator it's applied six point testify 5305. I bigger mayfield he apologizes. He was forced apology to tell he's a good demeanor disrespect I got caught up in the moment yet. They don't let estimation good baker mayfield is that you have that kind of fire that passion. On. And I don't really mean I don't really necessarily agree with the forced apology that no Lincoln Riley made baker deal. But is there does it really fuel another team. Know you play harder if your Ohio State you play Oklahoma down. Now don't give you poster board material you know what that is everyone thinks that there's this mysterious poster board material that everybody has your free to give. And you want to show respect of course there's little bit of edge to Ian in sports you don't wanna just. Give that person that chip on the shoulder but I think this is a baker army field issue. Because that young man. And you heard it I heard him drive mean I think it was driving in the other day when when Lincoln Riley was on. With Mike and Mike you're talking about big baker army field has not only chippy is a tavern. He has the Grand Canyon on his shoulder. Because that this guy wasn't talked about as as a Heisman guide in meteor it was all rose and it was all Sam Arnold it was everybody else. He has that kind of edged to one. And I liked that about it he has now I'm not gonna go to the point where he's as dysfunctional as Johnny men's though because he hasn't. But he has a little bit an edge he has the kind of moxie on the field. He's a leader he's a playmaker he's got that you want the football in his hands when their needs to be applied I think this is a baker army field thing. And I want personalities in college football do remember one of the greatest in the biggest personality ever to come out Oklahoma who was it. He was the boss. That personality. Gave Oklahoma a huge huge advantage over everybody because I got attention. And he got big games and then they backed it up by the play that's a big army field that he he beat a team that everybody was saying after the second game. I still look at the job food to receiver GT buried there early and Oklahoma's win just punched him right amount. You know in the the upset stands about about baker mayfield planning a flag. I'd take along look in the Mir in and wonder why you really that it says. Does it bodies that much. And look at the fact that these are still college kids in he's not doing anything. Off the field that that is of concern for. Oklahoma. I think when he was in center. Public drunkenness yet if he he ran away from cops then there it is via. Inherited a fiery dude it's this is Ike did so small on the list of things that people can knock a guy down to pay for. And yet people wanted to do it in. I I think that. The overwhelming. Response was nobody really cared and people actually kind of liked it when baker mayfield at Denton and in this is just appeasing the small percentage of Ohio State and that really had. Took issue and to be accepted and he was it becoming fills upset last year because of Ohio State doing their full band and everybody singing their fight song after the game when they won. On Oklahoma field saw this was his answer to he felt this respected. So you were disrespectful minefield dominant player I've flag and good for you and it that's what college football's about stealing and and doing these things and like this Dexter says we don't wanna offend any snowflakes. Did Clemson is banned. Did they get. An apology. It has taken an apology from comes in band. After they did they marching band for missions 310. Him during the us great game you elevate. Yeah any Ned taunting Ohio State again there was you do your high school did you guys have any things he did your rivalry things he did her games that when you had those kind of homecoming game growing pain at the other team's rock we had a. Here is across rival that was a mountain and had a big B on it meant for Burlington. See you would your seat when you go up and take the paint and you paint and SW Calgary. As part of rivalry things you need to apologize for that we would go in an entire other rattle high schools boats from there. Ducks missed a kid but there you and there's a real big party and you. That it but this is this one of those and natural reactions of sports. Okay what's more offensive well who's more outraged and offended this that the flight plan. Or James Franklin saying that. Penn State beating Pitt was just like a win over act I thought that was fantastic to. I don't gives us another game uses this is another game I don't last year was likely in the suitable for them for this is in Akron. In the and he immediately upon test. Exceeded even finishes tied you said. Media because you know we we take every game my kids are suitable alone and only I elemental level. The real that in this Dexter says I loved every second of its sports needs passion people need to stop making sports. So Spiro. It is or they always and this is like a new thing exports have always had a passion and fiery quotes and it just like. I'm feeling now because of social media and the between 47 news cycle. We we hear so much more than perhaps to be apologies but this is a new thing you don't the worst things said in sports is in my opinion. Act like you've been there before. I've. How often do you think I'm there. How often is are you in this moment where you get to beat. A top ten team at a huge situation early in the season and get to have a chance to go and beat a team on the road. Like Ohio's. Act like you've been there before. Act like this is part of the job I don't want college football to look like a job that's what we have pro football everybody. I don't need college athletes to act like pros. Because there eighteen to 22 they're supposed to be young men they're supposed to have this kind of energy if you're watching young kids got playing the art they walk around and go. Go stand in the corner no act like kids. This is young men and kids we want that we need that for college sports. I agree I'm also coordinate that Ethel holds ill. Idol label the NFL's he's listening out there celebration incidents and good celebration said there was a down ponting and last night against Keenan Allen Allen. Yeah we'll there are too dumb hunting and penalties there's one. I Tina Allen Allen and then there was a there is a move he just cut the bonds Aniston over the again looked at him and he got a fine tooth bit which is what is taught me. You would tone Julius your opponent you know when it and don't league here audio Lama to grab you by your chest plate dominant land you on your back and as they get up a misstep on your chest as I'm walking over you. Yeah and I made that might mission in life on a daily basis cool cash. I did you still awesome note but that's if you don't play football that way. However he's supposed to play at dusty it is should you tell me this snowflake how my supposed to play it. I'm teasing that's somebody asked me with snow what that meant on I don't know he's like you know and on topic and autos was that mostly Koreans. No it is not as political term it is I'd I didn't know that I honestly denote I thought it sounded funny. But not a full year and you're right you. You power over somebody. And you break their will right of course that we expect in the horn goes off that it's men in that Richard Sherman interview with their editors that re media after the NFC championship game. That's the that's the real. Athlete you'll love honestly that's really what you love about the sport and is the real I don't either. They criticized for that in new. Should never have been he's kind of he kind of jump down her throat but. Again what do you what do you expect when you put these guys in these situations where. They're supposed to play with emotion and yours for their posts post split un bridled for sixty minutes through it's actually three and a half hours now. And then you're supposed to just say okay. Back to reality. It that's not the way it works you know it's something exciting happens in your life in it happens right before bad. You sit there music art books on that now you sit in venues stared you are lying down you try to wind down yeah but it's not that he's gotten in so baker mayfield apologizing is ridiculous. And we both figured that so I'm I just don't believe in which is even better is that. I know he was forced to do this. Or probably advised to do it but in the end. Nobody you know Iowa State believes in that's it's for. Are now. Aids it is it is good for football and I think must've hostage in the trial like. Guess got to go to Norman again let's beat them. Our rights not an iPhone wrapped up week one in the NFL one division looks absolutely loaded as we leave. Week one it is a priority trouble on the by dusting him on the fan.