Dusty and Cam - 8.17.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 17th

Josh Rosen's future, Giancarlo Stanton's opinion on the HR record, and Nick Saban goes off on a reporter.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning mix and you read it. Organized sports in this family has been. Organized person who is just era you know. They would let me sign up for anything when I was a kid per. Here's an NFL veteran jam Cleveland I don't know if you heard you just turnout. You couldn't can't come around you know. Dusty and chairman of more million dollar and 1080 contestant at turner. Followed gets those coming up look into the salary but. Where we start the 8 o'clock hour Jim Mora. UCLA head coach hot seat. A seat. C. Jenna do or die a segues me ceiling fans they exist. And as downing Eritrea. As I had to go to to them down so I don't think we're only in the small circle that surrounds them. It's like on the fringe of Orange County there are new fuselage. Thirty cents earnings it is very nice. Unless it's just UC fans to an agreement but SI assume they're like yeah if he doesn't win this year. But he don't he's got he's got to send IDF apathy you have fans that really don't care much about anything. Caring about UCLA needing to win this year because some got some got to give that. They have one of the best quarterbacks in college football according to you people that it rejects the NFL saying that Josh Rosen. Will likely be the number two overall pick if he plays as he did his freshman and when healthy has sophomore year sick kids got every tool to beat bit number two quarterback off the board in what will be deep cornerback class Dublin and do you feel about him being number two do you feel like he's number two reason number two overall well. So he said some things are pretty polarizing what he said about college. Yes. Yes he does specifically college. It is a full time job in his should be just football. College athletes are required to do too much it's too much it's too hard can. Has a lot of responsibilities and some of these guys now in today's world of college football cannot. Do exactly what it needs to be to earn a full degree and put full time effort and that which I completely agree with. Do I think that cam yes. You can while the keeping you both. He can you both successfully yes yes absolutely but I think it's a full time job to be college athlete who. Yes no doubt about it it is a fulltime job and people that say it isn't. You crazy. I mean you are you don't know lol any. Bit of what does college athletes go to your. Because these days are owed twenty hours a week it is not twenty hours a week that's twenty hours that you can have a practice field. That's mandatory now per week they did twenty hours is ridiculous because you put in another want me. In film. In just game prep that you do on your own in the year student on top of what are the red flags the UC from Josh Rosen immediately if you pure purity if you're evaluating talent because every NFL scout. Look at intangibles intangibles are those things you have that are. Most players don't either arm speed strength. Intelligence. Pocket awareness there's there's a laundry list of things you can have a checklist from guys that are on the silent and this guy has this has got has this. But there's also this thing called the it factor here. For me if I'm looking at Josh Rosen when I first saw him the way he carried himself his freshman year I went my goodness this guy is everything. And it if there's something has happened in these few years that he's the he's developed. I've lost a little bit of luster for me because I think that his attitude and how he carries himself. Outweighs is great in a leak intangibles because he's got some all these intangibles you no doubt about it he does he's risky to me he's on the extremely risky side of Cordoba. I've guys that I want leading my franchise no I felt the same way too. When it wanna look at James Wentz and less that I would take Marcus Mario out of Davis was an all day long it was Woodson has come a long way with me. Watching him mature to I think Josh Rosen to mature like that. Two weeks ago he threw for thirty sat well but at least. But I know I thought that's how does seem eager for 3700 yards twenty touchdowns eleven digs his freshman year. He got hurt last year had dinner along on the everybody policies. And that is in major problem for them. But I if you ask me he said is. Jameer Brodeur like. Maturity. In any lie down and why and what if what are some of the sign what is immediately asked trump as he's going and trump golf course clearly K hot have been his dorm room given a pass on. Humid get a big pass on that because I would to you. If I had the means to let the quarterback would you. As as this receiver you're totally see you then you're eighteen though I know I get it you're eighteen in LA and again it hot blondes Colorado. Yeah I'm Gilbert we're talking franchise leader in I gave him the benefit leader but I give him that I didn't benefited decks these freshman there. And it was funny aren't. But then need. Calling out in now I don't have probably said about. The UCLA. In the full time job of being a college athlete I have no problem that. How some awareness when you're saying look Alabama for instance in you know there's just that the maturity in that. Social awareness. None of your calling out Alabama because you're you're saying that they're against wall won't get into school instead of saying you couldn't get any top programmer. Take this. Mean he said Alabama if you had those guys there SAT scores really matter they would have a good team. Really. Like that's a maturity issue there and the fact that he hasn't learned when he's gotten and keep speaking up and you have. Mora saying today I need to stifle them and that's a huge red flag and head coach is I need to stop him from talking. Thank so there yet that's what I'm saying India. Those enough that. Those things you just mentioned to me outweighs his athletic ability. It really does because when those things become the main thing you're known for they take away from your true talent your true ability. I don't know a lot of quarterbacks. That are successful in the NFL that run their mounts even with all on their rounds to the point where your teammates will get the huddle with you and they'll look you dead BI. The Sig do you shut up. And start playing football on quit talking because that from your quarterback. You need to have stability if there's anything you need. More than sports. More than any leadership position when it comes of the football position your quarterback. Have to be physically and mentally stable agree what does that mean to be stable just don't screw it up now don't don't create more drama than you need to be. As the leader of the franchise because your franchise yes tervuren stable. If you can't keep her guys in the huddle stable. In the wrong spot yeah. Yeah and care how talented your toddler and added she went to school right down the list of great Jimmie Jeff George unbelievable talents and heard their possibility there. Offensive linemen that they went to you that detect attacks on media day I thought said something interesting that. We don't hear. Come much about Josh frozen and he said that he had to. It's Rosen was one of the players that scheduled when he five practices. After spring ball got over. For the UCLA team. I mean it's a he said his leadership in what he says is kind of overblown because that fact that. You know he's he does have that command within our locker room. He is. It is but is now things are. He's making mistakes and everybody in the people out there in the media are focusing on what am unfortunately for him the folks in on the things that are distracting. Why would Josh Rosen come back to even with those red thighs are talking not materialize. If you are going to be projected as a first round pick Mora says he's confident that he he's gonna come back. But they'll reassess it later I wouldn't only terrible year. Do you think now holds them back. You've been hurt younger your sophomore year if you have a good junior year. Why wouldn't he come out. It's. It's a personal question. It's definitely if you're thinking about finance he comes from a well to be failing so maybe it's not about money. There there's no worry there maybe it's about. Cementing himself wanted to be the number one overall ethic everything that he said his eyes you know I don't like it here in college you it's not like. I have a passion for playing in college of Lyle Lovett he says the fulltime job wager is paid for their might be this thought to and I I feel like this that college you can never get back. NFL is always going to be there is this good this is one of those thoughts at that a lot of young players are gonna have to deal with it's it's kind of like for going your senior year high school. That's fine you don't ever get that your back in college. You don't ever get to make a national championship run again and if you're could not keep complaining NFL 1015 years of your quarterback and the unifil will always be there. College is gone and that sometimes for a lot of guys it's hard for them to understand because they don't see the true value I learned more from college. Then I did from the you know if I mean the NFL was business in college taught me how to be a student taught me how to be teammate Tommy how to be co Tubal. And it took me a long time to evolve into that but I miss college on a daily basis more than I've ever missed Ian. All of those things are things that Josh Rosen sounds like she doesn't really care for yes. You know maturity and you market and sell adding to be tough even though I believe he's the third maybe even the fourth best quarterback in the conference room. I died good Arnold Browning. Rosen. Fall. It's not for the NFL but for the com right now it's Arnold and Browning from me you're right those two are neck and neck and then. Look for a better numbers gush Rosen has proven that actually I fall glamorous and right now two to center is approving it in winning and yeah. Say say that to fans and winning nominees. But the panther. Well I think that the data. Tomato it's not the current. Well. Jim Mora and hope for your sake that. Josh frozen does leave is Josh Rosen leads that means he had a great year. In for Jim Morris sake that be good answer. You know may be Jim Morris telling us that Josh resins consensus here. Our blue yet again. John Carlos did it and says. Now Sony is not the home run record. Testing came on the fan. This is dusty and chairman Morton on 1080 I love them. John Carlos stands a bum. Jane hit home runs in seven games that are of his streak ended at 606. Games. Nobody told me that a good is it. Yeah he did homer last night but he did go to for 481 win for the Miami Marlins the guy's been on a absolute. Terror. And really since just before the all star break he his streak of home runs in just. Gone up up up. I saw said this on sports center last night. Now MLB network last night. That since Don Mattingly moved. Stanton to the three hole in the Carolina. That they have the third best record in the National League where it was before or prior prior to that. But it does say the three old said the three or Q2 hole author Eric he was hitting third but since they moved him to second. On May 23. May 23 in the third best record in nationally. Data also shows how bad they were before may 23. The day of the third best record in still learning and sniff and a playoff spot. This is kind of a different trend of baseball we're seeing power hitters or guys that can it's not just about speeding getting on base you know an eighteen sugar security as one of the Mariners the typical leadoff hitter. Get a guy you know can hit for average and get on base due to doubles there's times and she Rizzo it could lead off for the cub kissing guys move all the places in the world Stanton is a true number two. George springer is the leadoff hitter for the Houston Astros. He leads the team in home runs he's been on the DL he has 27 on its 28 on the season. Who's the who's the number creator of the big lefty for the Marlins the guy was in the armor under real it was enough. Vigna Bethea supposing him. But about a that's who's protecting you are. Gonna say you need to have somebody behind you have some pitches to see in the number two hole. Yes you did well that's why they say Barry Bonds is protected by Jeff Kent and you know like did Jeff Kent. You take a little bit of credit that nice little mustache I had in the back they thought each other in the dugout to each other up. I love that it's a business relationship got to have people that protect you line up. But it in that's being too is what we also saw last Palestinians. Home run streak ended. But a street continued in his out Major League Baseball record -- judge it is 37 home run of the year but struck up for 33 consecutive game that dates back to the day before the all star break on July 8. In you say that there's a change in hitting empowerment matters. This isn't this was a huge deal and Adam Dunn had his 32 game. Strike out streak. In set the record. Striking out isn't as big a deal anymore. I mean Erin judge maybe again old's record now I don't think he'll be together holds it forever because if you strike out. It's not a huge deal in baseball the issue is is you got to get your cuts and they used to be. Thought in in the baseball mentality was shorten up shorten up the ball in play because he wanted to force the defense to make and what. Major League Baseball guys don't make tons of Ayers they just don't to shorten up and put it simply works and Little League. Through your Little League guys who do it but in Major League Baseball your job is a cut in gated in the air budget gaps. And if you do strike out I don't wanna be cheated. How many guys wanna see little. This is no offense teacher but the slap and run this doesn't. You wanna get your cuts and that you're not here to watch -- judge put the ball in play your scene he wants to get his accidents I don't have any issues with striking out numbers are up. And home runs or excitement as the excitement is up energy is up Major League Baseball has never been better. Well Stanton is now on pace to you. Go over sixty home runs this season. And he's chasing. What he believes is the home run record. And we're all watching Sam lottery girl walks in all the old films there's proof at ground on these guys. 61 always. Kyra that printed number. Here. As a kid he you notice he's saying that done the home run record he's Jason 61 he's v.s Jason Merritt seas chase through with. Barry Bonds. It won't do what is that good news is that the home run record still loses the home run record 73 yes. Yes I was semi checked. It is I don't care you after tick or not whatever you wanna do it it's his steroid era when every wanna say in the heroes of that there's always going to be something of that. There's gonna be something. In sports that you can hold and say well they didn't face this in face that. Well you know they'd been knock on Babe Ruth is. The knock on Babe Ruth OK. I don't go ahead finish of this is fun because it's not as as the interest in part of all the talking about records and knock on Bieber its record. Is that in baseball was not integrated. And that. Mean there is you looked analyst at current Negro League players that played him in man. Analyst is impressive. Ton. Of guys that played post integration and they say hey. Think all the guys that didn't get to it via a get into the big leagues. And in sub that is it gives a while is sixty with sixty really the record then mayor's comes along. In integrated baseball and he hit 61. And people like OK yet either record but Daniels on fuel vehicle that agree needs to also know that 61 that he did it in ten more games. Do the data and I think it was more than ten gain more Beirut or that it Ruth yeah did it more more as he did him more games and Avery yeah. It's doing what and master come out 10 yes yes every you know the you know the sum and it says in sports receive a win it was humor. News flash when it's never been pure and never there's no assisting his pierce or and then anybody that would break the record now might be kindergarten but think about. This for like yes you if you wanted to see Barry Bonds doesn't have the home run record you must say Roger Maris is the guy. And then is somebody who is like Stanton doesn't hit sixty tear 63. Could you imagine what some of those guys would be if they had the nutrition. Of weightlifting. The ability to not have to work a job in the summer in their offseason or do you barnstorming storming tumors. Of you know going around in in trying to hit home runs at carnivals to make money like they used to have to deal I can think of oh how many more home runs Marist what does it. Or are Ruth would have hit it free citizen taking a train. From city to city and stop to stop and he has the ability to fly gets more arrests in what his body is like. I don't know lifting a weight. Any weight at all. Having it die in a nutritionist he did swing the biggest baton in Major League Baseball history this it was a long first and now this tax. Says that did you see. And stands neck muscles of the would Wear shirt when it's twenty degrees outside and yes. He's seen there and judge 68285. Now what is he on nothing kudos I don't know you know he's on. He's on nutrition. Is on fitness she's on chemicals. That train your body to be really good what chemicals are used illegal ones mentally I was like there's like this fine I just I hate here wrists in any sport or delusional world is just like to lie like innocent nothing is ever. Here like to be in the record is the record. And you could talk about Barry Bonds verse Hank Aaron whatever all you want but like. It's on the record books write it says it right there are human achieved it. She still humans full confession well they need every point like I think there's validity to. Debris is not playing now playing integrated baseball and his ability to Barry Bonds taking steroids but they still did it and that's the way it was apple. Like yes I don't have it in the moment buried don't dog Barry Bonds is the only person ever digs steroids right. It's the first two also when someone says PD what is PD it's a performance enhancing drug or what is a performance enhancing drug at this point who delves. Having Miki medals on a drinking one right now candy coffee via email drank his entire career. Entire or what for him guys use and drink too relaxed themselves is that in enhancing your performance I know tons of people that still take painkillers. If you need something to get out on the field other than drinking some water. Is out of performance enhancer what where's the line what is it on the line is what the league says you can and can't take it at the time. So whatever happens in the twenties the fifties the forties it would whatever decade or era during that time steroids. Were accepted. Legalized and everybody was taking so at the time during that era EQ it's not tainted. It's not through just that everybody was doing not in the next arisen exist in the twenties. But says you have meego. Well synthetic steroids. Didn't exist then. But there's a resounding but no there were ways in me a lot of things that they can take a degree knees are great example of the 60s70s and eighties and two greens Alter its mid ice has. Baseless pure and he's pure cocaine I mean goodness guys run all sorts of drugs and didn't have drug test. You know. And not even a drug testing you play with a buddy on the golf course and says I need to have a few drinks I am not labs shut him out performance enhancement in you're damn right it is corset is seeming fluid swing lube. If I was getting paid as much as Major League missile players I would take Darrell over morning before I came here. How does well like you guys wouldn't I'd. I don't know and as all of you listen back home and say they would never take the high eighties I was offered everything in the in the moon and I didn't take any. Well. I'd never took steroids but I took. Toward all shots to be able to make it through gain but Allen is allowed in Yemen what you're saying is and bilateral matters and I did I took. Huge amounts of anti inflammatory to take the swelling out of my body is that informants enhancing for me to be able to make it through the week and play on Sunday. Was that a performance enhancement. For you I don't mind I I don't not here no I just not care league's eyes nose on it is it is not the same in some people's mind. Know people not to those people say like what does he descended the leagues is it's okay then it's okay you and at least changing its mind and those all the time worse. For your body yen a lot of other things that your news include. Moon monitored each TH which is like the worst thing in the world. The the painkillers too far worst them. And sourcing and oral leagues as anchors do far more damage then monitor does is the body which. Mean. The center announces that it's actually kind of good monitored. And monitored in prescribed. X five factories here fives and as your thoughts on the bridge for Beers Tex and also won't bring back the directors and that we had a lot of people listen great. Seasons that they followed to its season. A year remembered the most win. From your childhood from following as a fan. Are just jumping on board in falling in love with the team that season that wrapped unit. Here's the people's uncle. With sports that are. This is dusty and jam in the morning. For Arthur event Thursday it was too excited about the season that you just. Love this one that you followed the most that he played in it where you. Followed it as a fan and his fellow with the team or sport for me as an 88 home run chase McGwire Sosa Griffey. Three years. It was Jordan's 911. Doubles title. Crawford win with the all the mighty. 2006 organs state season which is capped off the day's Sun Bowl victory at half time performance by Rihanna I don't think this season has to be about Paulus finished tied to the humble. Yeah perhaps I got ill enough food poisoning down there after the game things where as is he's lucky and ask. For now. Weary getting old that. How is this guy out let's say it demeans this whole question isn't necessarily about. The outcome of the season or winning a championship ms. borders like a for me this question evoked like memories that just stood out and certain moments that stood out to me. And maybe that's just as the beavers don't have like a national championship season in football they deal with the baseball national championship runs. In 06 or seven or memorable there's this I guess not that moment that liked. Really captivated me and nights you know crab meat like these do it's I think it's about interactions of friends and family and fans. And just kind of remembering where you were as what Sadat to me. That's it a lot of people are saying here young 9293 for me this texture says an average for Beers sex and effective I'm getting old enough to like football wanted to go. Against the 49ers is that my family love trig had toured the triplets and Dallas beat them in back to back Tennessee took each absentee tents or rubles. And sure union Finley get along really well right now. Can I did that sure. Q did you keep does the OJ trial Tennessee sporting event. Now. The chase happened during an NBA finals game it is. No no commitment on down. Lou witnesses have fairly unique wedge from Iowa hoc I think and that of Panasik season where this and they went and viewed in the eight and then just got. Absolutely. Steamrolled. By USC strange how that's repeated itself multiple times. 1990. Just just a few years ago just just few Stanford. It was a really good Hawkeye team. You know loops dead this season has come up by two different textures on on the tax side. The 20062007. University of Hawaii football team. How is that coming up so many divorced owners and the Colt McCoy a Colt Brennan Brendan Jessica yeah court. Isn't it and I remember that very well put the Sugar Bowl. I know which is. It was gate. Just 112 and one aide just whipped the ball and all around field June Jones had dad being Honda and I think that may be as you Jones's local guy may be maybe there's local tide of that and it was I I was in high school Colt Brennan was. Local dive in Orange County Cecil like there was. Always Hawaii's cool NL like it was cool it was clear they invoked to love and her the warriors back then now back to rainbow warriors yeah I guess that is funny that local people asked for adds up. Because I sit Agha. I remember that. Hermit with the most obscure team that you fall out. Yet because like there's a lot of the Boise State teams of the two thousands was engineered to have brands in what not is very easier were very popular you know I like. Caught the nations I and that's tough it if you go obscurity. Could go multiple different ways in sports and stuff moves. Did I where you wrote back yes axiom follow in this actually liked them and unexpected run kind of a thing yet like a George Mason final four well some bend in it for me. It's. It's so weird I saw them early in the year on TV. And I just started following every single score I could sign on then it is he bullies or be acts. 1998909. Miami Ohio basketball team protesters here and there is you know they knocked the dogs out. I did yeah I think Szczerbiak had fifty something against us. Yes that that bothers me Wally easier B Jack was I'd I'd love Wally Szczerbiak in Miami of Ohio. Does the first time I heard in Miami of Ohio and then as they go big then and it again and looked again. Are they get that get left that would probably be the most obscure team that I is like following it. Like it. 199899. Miami Ohio redhawks Wally Szczerbiak lawless world just an hour I'm surprised reading a lot of college basketball in their because that's one of those mine would have been. Seton Hall in 1989. Who PJ Crowley scenario p.s occurs tomorrow. That's an obscure team that comes out of nowhere. They have losing to reveal Robinson England rise of Michigan. Property in name. I need to drum Alabama football 2012 snow totals for me it is those mid 2000 though Hawaii universal ironic that also does Boise State teams. And that the team with Ian Johnson and the statue of liberty play in against Oklahoma like. There was always stood out to me are still at the mid two thousands culpable upsets like someone's accidental apple us and stadiums Michigan. I totally telling where I was when that happened it would just are a wire remember it's so old mill at all while wow. I was. He kept. People Zain the east Mississippi College the last chance youth that documentary and Netflix people like now followed their scores. In what's happening because of last chance you then that's it that's a pretty decent one. As well they. I had OT CU LaDainian Tomlinson is another one that's a good 18 L where you're like tease you haven't heard them. How will review in 1991 again is it all all of. The other because that was UNLV runnin' rebels I would say they are obscure is the kind of commitment nowhere yeah I got my Nairobi again I got to you know be after tea Ursula searchers. As you know these pictures of the that was that was the colts all. I would say so I am so I was does agree on right. Late nannies blazers because of fat Shawn Camp and a couple of kids moved into apartments. And were totally holes. Acts on him. I think deadly shrimpers on that team was he and what no was he really had if he joined the blazers late yeah that's patiently for the blazers men. About. Yeah. And the F fashion campus 96 that's another room followed that team oh my goodness that that was fun on the grid into a guy and he might we have something in common here Seattle Portland cool dude Michael Jordan Geithner way thanks so did the series was so fun. So when. Something that's similar to this is like NBA individual players' seasons that kind of cap debate your catch you had her share iron to Semel like 06 or seven Gilbert Arenas. When he went on that run and leaves on the wizards and the whole agent zero thing for a sec it was like but he is is got the best player in the NBA and they need I feel like there's players like that every every couple seasons nodded and I'm the nine Russell Westbrook this year anything. And his diet I don't know does that some meals and that he could talk about here but Tracy McGrady had a few years like that. Tracy McGrady is. Rate one for Mike being the next face of basketball or lighter carrier to write in any night hello. What happens alum of that in the NBA there's always a guy like this guy. No heat superstar. Yeah why you should watch pre season football tonight something's actually matter dusting him on the fence. This is Justine and Kim in the morning you know until maybe the sale on my. They used to watch pre season football tonight. Some new life. As you gonna be playing in it. I know. We got the quarterback battles that name. Actually. Come to had. You'll see. If Ryan mallet gets cuts ninth as he does have against smoking Jay Cutler. In Miami dolphins' color makes his debut. How many think he gets promised time it gets its quarter news about a quarter I don't know this is. Did this is head sketch from me a guy's been there for a week doesn't really know the offense but. You need to get him back to bowling football. Do you just play in the series no I think he gets a little bit more than that out of the Q get. I think he gets a couple series at least minimum two series the ten to fifteen attempts somewhere in that in that region okay. Intensity attempts like I can and then hand offs and easy check downs get outside the pocket. Some easy I'm and then on ESP yen yen year in battle of the attend dangling intended states Florida. It has the Buccaneers in jaguars. Playing in. Jackson. And Blake portals. May lose his starting job. He's under some serious heat but he's got image jail in Ramsey. Who like to picture you know calling for it to be benched. Not to mention. Everybody's calling about not only during practice. There and help liking things the best player he is arguably their best player on the team in the Ramsey you know service player knew him. Mean sure I'm wrong but they have lender for net now but it essentially we that your best player going. We don't want our leader. Supposedly our franchise we don't want him here we're gonna like out on Twitter away here comes the obligatory. Have been hacked. The yes did he say that now he is a media but it will happen well Chad Henne still a quarterback in the NFL. Nail in that job. Should Jacksonville signed calling government if they bench played portals. And in Janet. And I guess. I'm so so this. I am in unemployment. It was you know and it knows it terribly important to see both. A be pretty quick to you pulled the trigger on the net pension. Lake portals here at Wrigley portals that you don't want to get you the starting job to give him one more year in he'll use a sink or swim there really is for them. Org. Guys high paid quarterback you're not getting any tears for him. And you and your nick saving yell at some people yeah. Ninth Nick Saban was asked the question. By a reporter who complimented. One of his freshman linebackers now this is very important to note here that. This response from Nick Saban. Is after. A freshman linebacker. Gets a compliment by a reporter. Christian Millar is the kid who who imported said he looks like he's been playing really well nick said his responses this. Jewish or Christian Millar home. I don't know you know you guys make all these predictions about everything about guys that are going to be great players that have been here for two years and who's gonna win all the games and how do you know while we play. While I wanna we've employed why do we even have practiced Ron Ron we compete why we coach guys want how they need to improve. I mean you guys got all the answers to. Domain. How guys are going to be what they're gonna do I don't know I mean. Sometimes our I wonder. What what what what are we play. Mean Bob what are we even have practice. Because you guys got all these conclusions already drawn about. Who's what how good they are what they can do. I mean so why would you ask me I mean let's let's have brought to it's puzzling to me why would you ask me coming out reach self all the time like. Blow us and it's nice to know. I mean more to come from. And then you ask me. But Christian Millar has done nice jobs that are really good. Who's doing a good job. Her name was put at a lot of production points in the scrimmage so we're really happy with progress. And you know thanks raskin. What what first of all here's the other thing she did yell. And yell he just. He was being saving. The savings and down player if these guys said he lets really get in that's the response that the moment and he beat a guy cam long enough you know the red asked the Dixie was gonna come on out they have got to stand in any event. A bit about what Blake there's nothing Baird did she have got to keep them now humble and Alabama keep my humble they can't think they're that good. He does the ability artery into Vegas with Chris Miller is a nice job of that million job that your job. After after this is the liberate you about say something nice about a player. Let's. Watch. Once. And listen excited anymore risk is sports. Nice and up to it. Oh Nick Saban. Is your man went up against it. Right we'll be back tomorrow from six denying it eighth in the its fried me tomorrow. Which means that we will have proffered so we can would you rather come up next on the herd with Colin Cowherd fully made whether. Senior. Seth Joyner former Pro Bowl linebacker Chris Broussard. Fox sports one NBA analyst. But Ferdinand and in need to 3 eastern right trees and friends and as it's intemperate Thursday but we'll see you tomorrow right here on things.