Dusty and Cam - 8.17.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 17th

Seahawks new signing, redshirting in CFB, and the most memorable sports seasons of all-time.


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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Just jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about muscle against the system this system that kills the human. Stamps. Yeah it does Dinara have had the old bulls. Then NFL veteran Jim Cleveland. And two Canadian okay. Just after 7 AM on your Thursday morning gusty parent team Cleveland if you. Thank you for being with us coming up this hour of us direct Thursday. Of the summer most memorable sports season you followed or were part of as an athlete or spectator. Fan. This season that you followed where you're just. Entrenched. In that team in that year in that sport. Could be money Clinton could be when they just sat back watched also next hour we'll have. Why Jim Mora thinks Josh Rosen will be back. And UCLA for another season after this one. And is richer doing a thing of the past in college football but right now it. Is it 704. On the fan. Steel jam wanna set outdoor sports division I tend to agree its. Mind thought. I know this is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics in the big games in front of brought you by stark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. He's Seattle Seahawks have made an acquisition. Today. Have signed recently cut correction not recent back in April he was cut a defense of back. From the same scope 49ers to remain Brock. Who was actually. A bright spot in a horrible. San Francisco's defense. He played it let. 2195. Snaps over a two year career. With the 49ers before being cut them yet he is one of the highest graded coroner's is very good corner. In the NFL according to pro football focus. But in April he was released buys the niners because he was arrested. On suspicion of domestic violence that domestic violence charge was dropped last week. And they signed him. You need gently. They did they signed him immediately they've been recruiting him essentially since the release because. There's a lot of things he has to deal with of course through the legal process and now the NFL might step in the curious and interesting part of this story this young man is that. Brock's agent his name is wrong sleeve and key has come out and said that the 49ers called immediately when the charges were Doumit dismissed. I say we wanted to back in quote he says this is his age Iran slave to the 49ers denied it but they called me the minute he got dismissed they wanted him back. Slavin said. That that he felt they turned their back on him in wanna be part of anymore. So. What does that mean well the Seahawks picked up some more depth. And they picked up somebody that can help them immediately now will he beef. Is he going to be in trouble with the league and they gonna impose a fine on this are not fine the suspension at all but yet to be seen I would bet yes. Well no charges were filed because they they cited a lack of evidence. And in the police report when he is arrested today said that there were as. On the visible marks on his. Wife and mother of their two children. But there is he said it was untrue. Is saying that he never put hands on on the woman and done he's. They did she did not cooperate with police so they drop the charges we've found. That that doesn't matter to the NFL. In these instances great party go. And was not charged despite the fact. That he was but when they call it the bench he had a bench conviction which means is just it it would go to. Trial and then they confine. It to the user and he's currently she went. No not settling charges UN DR pierce who was in so they did Neiman go to court with it. We seen with the easy Gil I think no charges. Filed he got a six game suspension. This doesn't mean that he's gonna be a Seattle seahawk or play for the Seattle see dogs at all this season. And that will be the instinctive thing to watchers say is Seahawks will be getting one of the best corners in the NFL. Who's very underrated because it affects you is just on a terrible niners team. Or they're gonna get absolutely nothing at all my question is. Does that how how does that sit with not as seahawk fans we hear a lot seahawk fans and about Ezekiel only thing we are pretty seahawk fans. About the great party think in how could you ever bring in the guy who's even been accused of something like that. How does this sit. With the Seattle seahawk fan base. Our tails probably gonna sit if he plays there's going to be a lot of people overlook. As wrong as that sounds with you that the depth that the Seahawks have. At this point it at quarterback you have incumbent Richard Sherman and give Jeremy lamb is on the other side. He did Sean shed and it injuring himself in the divisional game last year so he still recovered from a knee injury see you need depth. At that other that corner ever since it's been Brandon Browner they've never found somebody to really hold on the position. To help the legion of boom as you would call its venerable from Maxwell to lane. I mean I think they brought Browner back again and he couldn't make itself. Jerry Elaine very good personal but he got hurt a Super Bowl broke his forearm and there's there's all sorts of guys that are trying this could be one. That comes in and if he comes in and and the lead looks over this and doesn't create any more issues whether it. It's just going to be starter he's going to be huge addition to that second now correct me if I'm wrong here thank you know they should quote Griffin if he's their third round pick. In news that Central Florida he's starting. Right corner right now. I do not watch. As he's the only lane as the official starter at this point but they're rotating Shaquille and Griffin are. Earth Day while I was not. Healthy is so be a sequel Gershon who got its start in LA of the shuttle Atlantis on healthy from what I read it was that. Eight she Kroger and deny it. Impress like he has been a practice in that opener I didn't watch the game did you watch the pre season beyond zenith yes it charges in the C oxygen there's nothing that stood out to me this is OK I mean there wasn't eyeballing the secondary in depth well immediately he would he would been upgrade at that at that position but. We will see how quickly the NFL and if the NFL has been working on this and that's that's one thing that you know we saw it took fourteen months for. Is suspension on Zeke Joliet to come down because they were you working on that whole time. We. Which remained rock. How old how they've been working on it since he wasn't even in the league and have team was released right when it happened in April. Eddie to have an investigation are they gonna put investigation is gonna take fourteen months is I can be the standard protocol for the NFL now. Mean there's a lot of questions because it seems like six games is what the minimums going to be remembered he's not a high profile player as is the Q noticeable see if there's going to be a little consistency consistency your biases who knows what the league's gonna do with the situation well in. The I would bet though that the league's party had some sort of investigation on this and there's then you know they have enough. Guys in their stable a former FBI and CIA guys they're gonna go after this and and do an internal investigation and so you're not gonna hide from for those that don't know. That was an hyperbole that came with saga know the NFL has oh yes there's securities team is massive and it is full. A former FBI if CIA homeland. He can win we have when I had my issue to be in when my rookie year I had CIA and FBI guys all over. When it happened when I had my hazing incident and I had FBI and CIA guys covering my family and everybody across I mean it was it was unbelievable. How fast the NFL reacts with all of this remember these guys get 2030 years in CIA and the FBI is sure a dual side job with the NFL. Texans averaged for bees text size and thigh fat these offenses whom have frank Clark and frank Clark also a guy who is that your. And domestic violence can and at Michigan and Eddie drafted him didn't seem to have promised that. And frank Clark it mean correct me if I'm wrong he has not had any issues with the exception of the practice tightening which isn't an issue is that any off field issues. On so they may think that this is a culture fit or believe which remain Brock. Has told them. Regardless it looks like he will be available for the Seahawks. Until the NFL Stetson. Suspends him or or clears him. A freight yard on the tennis fronted by searching lawn and garden about a way to my power equipment since 1965. Is Richard in a thing of the past in college football one local school in 97. Total offense or. This is toast and jam in the morning Sean Hannity and. Is redshirt falling to the wayside. In college football. This is spark Pete has university organ. Coach Willie Taggart. Said yesterday he hasn't gotten. One bit about which players. In his freshman class are going to be red cheering. For the 2017 season. Taggart is says that age you're good you're young were gonna go ahead and in play it. He said we've got some pretty good freshman as they can help our football team in any capacity. And we're gonna slam there's no intention of returning anybody. Right now. I think that's the biggest change in sports. Four young men coming into football. This day and age now these guys are so ready physically. Physically ready and I've. I never in my right mind thought. When I stepped in as a freshman a seventh I just turned eighteen in August and I stepped on to that practice field it was men out there I was a not even cost not even close to be able to compete at that level. Expressly to division one level power five now. These guys that can come in and be eighteen years old and truly compete now I do I do think that there its position specific a little bit. I think that the game is so different is that it's not as physical. Up front. You can't do all those physical things that you need the used to be able to do I could take guys and hold in drag and compete and I had to get stronger. I needed the strength to be able to do that you can't get away without anymore can't. Can't hold like he used to. Can't play bump coverage she can't jam he can do all the things so what does that open up for I think it opens up for guys that are a little bit less. Physically developed when they're younger but their ass fast because speed. You can't you can't coach speed so those things are more readily available. And because of the game and how it's changed. These young men are more prepped and there are more ready than they very incidentally. Physically they look different. Complete I've said this before when I went out to the opening and I saw these guys that come across when ninety host that event. I looked out there are these dudes juniors in college it is incredible the dangerous part about it is that. Although you may be used to look physically ready and you may have stayed physical tools. One thing that I think is the most beneficial part of being a redshirt. In cause who bought a alongside of you know. Putting on extra weight becoming gave physically more ready to ago. Is not just the mental side of the game of football which you'll learn a tremendous. Amount in that first year. It's being a college student veterans transition. Of being a college student now is. How beneficial is that for you'd sit there and just. Yet you were football player you work remain game craps you learn on traveling left right you could sit back and you could kind of focus on. What it took to be a student as well. And senator is diving and having that. Full weight. That's the other part of going to college and you're not prepared for resume his. Like would Josh Rosen said it's a full time job to you college athlete. And then include college which is school which is fifteen credits which is. Going to three classes and study and in the lifting and training and all the things you're supposed to be able to do and to have your social life and all the distractions of it. I thankfully I Richard I was not mentally impressed ready we would have been you've been a biggest wasted time. On the planet so yes I think that is the biggest transition the other thing I see now as guys forgo. Their senior year or early and roll it early enrollees are huge because there's a sense of urgency in college football that I've never seen before. And it's only gonna get more and more more more pressure just have to win and these young recruits. We talked about it too with coach staggered his well the reason why he has. One of the top five recruiting classes this country does every freshman that he's recruiting. That's an income this come an innocent guys you wanna start. Nordic GC you gonna have a chance. Get to be able to play right away yet that is one of the things Stuart if you're talking about is the red shirt going away in college football I don't think it is I think it just. For bad teams it is what position do you think as a redshirt. All the time where there's a redshirt I think quarterback I if you look at so we saw. We saw blood. Three redshirt freshman in a row when the Heisman Trophy. Her two redshirt freshman in around us Winston but we had four Jain ends up on him and so we had four quarterbacks. Who had won the Heisman Trophy. Richard and in Iraq RG three. Men's cell Winston Mario I mean that it that to mean that development I think they use should Richard A quarterback. Every time. Bigger easy you just sit there and you go we could have that we could have another one talent threw sand Arnold's internal yes same and indeed in the Mark Jackson archer at global. Don't know I mean I'm not sure bet it is. I it is such a important position there's so much scrutiny on it. And that level of maturity that you get from from going from high school to college is immense and I I think that that is so that is there any position. Other than quarterback do you would say. That you're just. Physically or mentally not ready to compete. For me that one is offensive line do you think because I think when you come in as an offensive lineman you can't. You have to be a special kind of size and a special kind of ability strength wise there will be a lot of big strong young men but it is really difficult. Especially here now there's a position you can hide I'd say it's guard and I think every time if you see a lot of freshman if you were true freshman and you play on the offensive line. The push to guard because you can be protected on the outside and you can have a stable senator he can't play center as a freshman that's difficult I played with a true freshman. Is in little groups he put fifteen years he was a hall of Famer it would be hall of fame. It was an all pac ten team that's that's a rarity when you have a true freshman coming in place and yeah well this doesn't happen and aids but I think system has a lot to do that you can pick because organs offense last you didn't. Miss a beat really. With four offensive linemen starting. As freshman. I think system has a lot to do that because it when you took a deep and he's pro style offense. You have to physically be credited to run that viewers if yours are spread more of a spread attack it's more finesse the block but your defense to match wide receivers he's implying you implied. Linebackers mean. It'll die as a great example of being in it being a freshman and has made play policy in middle linebacker. Is a tough one very. That's a tough one do you put a for true for. Smith and say I'd go figure to beat being the leader of our defense. Beat is the centerpiece in gum at nose tackles can be under watch it'd be if you're talking about. Why what's the only song do it I watched him play is a freshman he got pushed around. He was or he was a a blocking sled we side at his side we saw the last couple of years of organ statement with the young defensive. Centerpieces that they had and then it at organ we're gonna see it this year is that jordin Scott is gonna come in there and he's going to be guys that. Plays as a freshman and Scott Madonna doesn't get healthy. Then you're gonna see him getting pushed around ID if you have like a nose tackle. That's one T aware of it's a learning curve and quite processed at TDs two of your freshman let's get used to seeing a lot of young faces on organ a lot of guys are gonna get some time early. And Gergen is there will be challenged him very quickly is this texas' organs death his name and talent. Since then it's not like last year reading glasses on the special as seen other eaten four on or for an eight honestly. And that it mean that's the biggest part about looking at. Why Willie Taggart think I don't see anybody returning is because why would you richer guys if you have a depth issue and you have a talent issue. Do it Gary Anderson did do it Chris Peterson did when he first got up there and Mike Leach the Roland in there there and you'll see them even when you gonna lose. In that is that's the thing your talking about organs are occurring pitches hit apply coming in. And it takes time to develop a kind of depth it doesn't see it when I showed up there were forty Wendy I mean for deep solid. But of guys ready to play you don't have that luxury anymore but when your new coaching you're getting. You're getting rid of in your changing Chris Peterson went through to Washington guided everybody and played that played his guys that's what coach tiger it's gonna do zucker did just that. Immediately throw guys out there to the to the wolves but he's gonna get them some times they develop when you look at. And Red Shirts. I'm looking at Alabama right now. Of their 22 starters they have got 1234. Five. 67. Richards. Of their starters depth. Called depth. AS seven starters at 22 that that Richard Daley gets them into my mind when you chilled to Alabama. The cell is you can redshirt. And you can start for two years you'll go to the NFL that's the cell no you don't need to start for four years you need to start from one. But you redshirt sit behind some big time talent everybody knows your an Alabama Crimson Tide player. We'll get you to the NFL and that's a pretty good so you'll find your way you find your way and that's when I think a lot of those those programs duke and I don't know. And one I did gain steam to see kind of what the why. End at a school like Stanford. Consistently good. But they say they lean on their guys to graduate early in graduate on time so they don't like to you. Redshirt players is because they've lean on the academics. They have. One. Starter on offense that Red Shirts. Three total. Which is a tele. Is that the depth thing is though they shot more these guys are different kind of players it did mentally physically radio this is you gonna be out here in four years the mental the mental side of the game probably take as those guys there emotionally more ready to go then. The problem most other kids different kind of football player that Stanford has to recruit incidents. Far different way way different. I would not I was not Stanford material. And Owens comes priced you really have to witness that wasn't Stanford mintier in Colorado mentality you know Afghan nor was I don't think it could've flipped. Oh really you're old are your mindset did really viewed. Yeah you year's Stanford guy. To say act and have been info wanted to it's all about what went right here in about it she didn't want to be but you did how did it you have to definitely wouldn't be sitting here you guys and well why got a shot across the back you know I'm just so I'll islander you know where the honorable gig there well there he's real dumb. App company says. Dumb at O'Malley nobody worth billions of dollars it's not about the paycheck and you'd be drew dreading a segue through the office. And cheers tech start wearing your flipped once or were away it's not an office is campus oh yeah. Sorry we just circle and win those leases are going in the an eagle in all of this let's do that yeah we should start that is are you confident this is a mouse mouse trap and hears it and keep. This place somehow when divers can't like I got a loss for two weeks to maze it's a it's a rat maze it is. That some of the old board game mousetrap. Essentially that's them that's. It's very ninety's if you a lot of ninety's colors it's very nice he's in the area. John Dutton Carrot Top movie chairman of the board throw paint job in this place. And a hold on nobody in nobody knows you don't go it's kinda like that Carrot Top movie chairman of the board and dare is not a part of it there's fight to be allowed to me like you know yeah. Like Ben Campbell is chairman of the board haven't seen him loves Carrot Top. Then you look Carrot Top I don't beat he's one of the top juniors celebs are Roy monger. Well. So something wrong with that but I do you know that it didn't know the good comedians android but isn't she he's keeping your ginger in new names Carrot Top yeah you probably should you know and your property we. In Botox. Botox to hit the wire we tot okay. Robertson he's the Stanford material got this idea that threat who on I was just trying to build you guys are good word austere for material and I spent you know dusty he wouldn't be here through no I said not without mindset. And take your prima sums this one of Crawford's martyr cal. Libertarian hot dog shot from The Who. A threat and I did go to the Harvard of the rogue valley. Of the rogue valley that was so there is called the Harvard of the rebelling rebelling yeah. I would say of southern organ that. 1990 scan yeah actually a really good school aided. Could it academia get academics well some people for some people there. All right let's throw up the good fired a throwback machine. Most memorable sports season you followed or were a part of 55305. He could be of clay player on that team you could have just followed as a fan. We're just from the outside the most memorable season you've been part of the bridge for Beers Tex and I've tried to easier five now is the people's uncle. Doctor cry off with sports center. This isn't just jam in the morning on 1080. Of. And I ain't 736 testing here can't they. Alex Crawford the people's uncle. It is here. Rooms hooks Oklahoma girl puts Davis Tennessee Volunteers. One baby I miss that is that creepy that I missed that yet. Is it I don't think so. Gil when your coach circles up. Any calls number goes number number doesn't care what position it was it was all the officers defense I loved that crap I took on the biggest defensive tackle. Stonewalled. Amy was emit it was a good day and then I'm like no all do that let's go back to the stuff this is Trey. Fit somebody. Correct them back to normal not me please. You'll miss edu receivers do little one on one battle. Even do that yeah it went into each other the two. And they. Into butterflies run into each other they can get these guys that he butterflies running into each other but it looked like receivers try to be tough and I just catch him. Exactly. Any group that but he we will throw back over to my throwback. Moment of when it is their back their their last one the most memorable season in sports that you followed. That you went in your just locked in teal locked on to you. And followed from start to finish you can followed it as a fan you had been there as a player. Where what season is that for you. Texas five factories or five. And. Just can meet now. I'm not with Crawford first wanna hear the people's uncles oh yeah you wanna hear about alliance between Iran and cross country is on here you really want me at all I don't know I was a fan oh are you said that you know we just part of so I was to be a part of it as anything in the illusion of god you have one have a legit one and I also shot out not a fan but personal links are listening all in Brazil and I have been listening you said that you've been a part of like the your kind Indian Baffert camp. No a date quite clearly stated that the fine followed it as a fan while 2008. Sailor cross country was cool but another one that stands out for me was the 2006 Oregon State season before I was a beaver. But I was a big beaver fan growing up in Southern California my dad you know multifamily beavers dad cousin. Great grandma. 2006. Was a funny year for the believes because they played fourteen games they've played four. Out of conference games besides their bowl game. Which I don't know why. They did that but I announce he's always stood out for me. Because that was the year they beat USC in court house for the first time in the teeth you know 2006 was the first read and they called it giant killers to an end 2008. Maybe USC again obviously howitzer quiz Rodgers but then I had I guess that's is set out to me because there's so many good close games it kind of felt like. In Aussie console in like every game like magical and essentially do template after they beat USC because they. Number of those Mike rally teams always started slow your item got here we go again that an AB USC which is an up so as he was number two U and then they also beats or again in the civil war thirty to 28. They played Hawaii back when Hawaii was very good when bearing number 23. 3530. To the final there and announced the symbol game when the bees went for tea with Evans and Bernard NB Missouri which I was at. That game in El Paso so that seasonally stood out to me is a site. How does a really fun season I don't know Sun Bowl. The Sun Bowl year was the most exciting utter those those short those four games that were decided by what do field goal or less all just were really. Funny game sad sad season to me is my favorite and I remember also does the field you know just being now like 1516. Years old so. And and that's mine 2006 believes. Honestly remember that year to may Los angels is as a matter that it was some bowl or if it was national championship however it's more about like game by game week by league being excited about the team. And having like you know memorable players etc. Yeah we island earlier in the show at five factories or five is the the years that Chris Johnson. Broke the 2000 yard rushing yard mark for the Tennessee Titans so that when at Seattle watched the game in 2010 wary. Broke the record against the Seahawks and went for 2000 yards I remember that ran. Didn't like dead the run up to that in how much fervor there was not a guy potentially getting to 2000 near its does it seem that. I mean. How Lee in. The idea I remember the 2011 seasonal immoral and he said I'm gonna do it again. Then did it in having been close what does it realistically when. Well I it's not a surprise if I'm gonna go as a fan for me the fan the biggest year I distinctly remember was 1991 and it's always knock going to be because of Washington that's totally up. For me it was Michael Jordan's very first the NBA title because he beat. The lakers have started off in that. Mets' spring and it in I'm sorry sort of late spring and into the summer a murmur every game of that of that series is incredible. And are watching that because that was huge. I wrote a paper in seventh grade about Michael Jordan did you oh my gosh yeah he was all posters I had the wing poster where he reaches out I am gonna having old door. Poster with him in full height I was was measuring myself you know wanted to be his height. So that was and then we moved into this. Course the fall and that was at the time if you were a fan of football and in the state of Washington it was that team that's that's the most memorable teams of that year as a fan from Emory junior high school. And I was just kind of my first year I was gonna play said the European play football. Fully because I was a sophomore turning into a junior so yes it was just one of those fun times in sports when you're younger. Text says team doesn't in Seattle Mariners in as the years eighth grade freshman year man mom and I watched every game when a Seattle. This Sunday could have. In Saturday on. September 8 and ninth 2001 that was my mom's birthday weekend that weekend of perfection. For the world changed forever before 9/11. That season was. Unbelievable this so don't know GO. For the mariners' you sit there and it was a unity you could just. You is that your beliefs up in Seattle the last real year belief. It's the one that is. Incredible to follow but then you went and and here we are now 2017 stowing. Thanks for that. What about for you. I would tell you. When we come back but there's a lot of really good ones coming in docs beads tubes related. On the bridge for Beers tax on you Texas must now admirable season you followed as a fan could have been playing. Could be just some nag you followed from a distance testing came on the same. This is it doesn't intend in the morning you're gonna say maybe. Retirement the most memorable seasons that we've followed the stands to stick on your mind and his Unscom a couple times and attacks on. Average work pierce 55305. For me it's 1998. Major League Baseball season as a whole. Mark McGwire. Slant and Sammy Sosa the home run chase between the two of them and give finger be juniors the guy gets left out of that conversation but it was a three man race until like August. And you just sat there and it was riveting you something to remember my brother and I haven't VCR. Putting a T and to record. Their lives at bats in watching like you would cut to you every time one of those guys is up. And then having then meeting up in Busch Stadium. He who is. That was one of the most fun seasons. To use to follow he just went Nan. This. Is baseball and then it all came crashing down because. And Mark McGwire had some in his locker and reporters said what's that. In droves started the war on terrorism and there's so much is to remember from that season but that one kind of sticks out as. You followed it in I hated. The cubs in the cardinals. Back then why did you as the Astros six mr. Iger noted. I hated both of those teams in it was. Something that I was just enthralled watching McGwire and Sosa. That's tried number one number to use the 2005 masters season killer bees in and ends up in the World Series. And Watson one mile time favorites who in the halting this year Jeff back we'll go now. His final season didn't start this Berkman tickets placed big puma and seen him go out. NL champ it was that was funnier to follow. Other ones coming up the average for Beers tax on 55305. 2000 organ state football season without a doubt every game meant something a went down to Phoenix to watch is destroyed Notre Dame in the TS tool. That was. That cast of characters with some AUS wanted to watch. Fresno state. Remember the U member eve I don't remember could your plane Crawford dear remember this trees Yuri. Due to Fresno state game where TJ Houshmandzadeh. Was catching a punt. And got absolutely. Lit. I was an eight. Elders let 2009. So sore mouth sorry. And so sorry Jack you you were nine and Arab I remember that BC's in I just was it being nine I didn't follow it as closely as later beavers yours I mean you know and I Arab member ever my dad be really excited. Amber that being special I remember the years the Fiesta Bowl my grandfather on my dad's side very big. Beaver fan obviously my grandpa my mom's side. Italian Catholic comp big Notre Dame fans get out of town. Both. Home for Christmas. In my house on socal very awkward amber very I'd actual. Yelling. And they were yelling at each other at a very like intense old man. Well. It doesn't help that the retired Italian cop Notre Dame fan is the when he. Got pummeled by the organ stay out oil and we have been there before it is the act like you've been there before it can act. Or is he hadn't yeah for all this. Jim is this this is 1919 on 1991 blazers over a school junior. That season back and you can not wants is that true he could watch all the games on TV the end limited hours and watched every one he said I could listen. On the radio and actually made a scrapbook during that season yet org only and then every capping inserted nineteen it was a perfect. Quarter you couldn't watch other games about it yet ahead but they called the laser vision. Ed paper view of what's paper view blazer games yeah laser vision is really yeah. Not a sore subject around here. Knowing news colleague nearly thirty years ago so that's. Yeah that was Henry better for the blazers yeah that was the way they finished. First. Doing 63. In 1980 year. As dean means Mark Bryant Mariah does that Jerome. Order cliff feet block Duckworth. Clyde that was that was a team and they were so. So loaded. Yeah that was funnier follow. Because Zaman but it's. Well yeah any time in the season doesn't end innate charm and annoyances it blows that's summit summit total losses it doesn't end championship it's still has to come with. That's just the excitement of it yeah and it's not like you're terrible following here so I mean. Magic Johnson kind takeover and said it not so fast my friend in the Western Conference finals. This this 12007. Org index leading Eugene today year and worked in the hotel is that they stayed in the game that's got to know a lot of them in a few of the coaches as well. I mean Elena says 2007 grip Bieber fans. It was his freshman year organ sake converted in the air at organ converted in the officially being inducted. How did he end up going to organ. That's my question if you grow up in Oregon State and how do you end up going Dorgan. I'm on my brother's doing that. Him a traitor I mean ages people ask me you've come across people asked me what I wanted you let him. I want people as to why did you let your brought together. How much do you think it people like kids now they keep people that are in high school will say at last year's cubs. Because. I think for a lot of people break Crawford's aged Dell saying. Bill since 2004 Red Sox 03 to the Yankees. And then make it very DD six year curse you V there's going to be an era of baseball with the people you're not a baseball fan but bill it's for me was the 86 Mets. I became kind of a Mets famine that was always a mariner. I think that this year's cubs this last year's cubs is gonna be that group of young people that watched baseball and he just got to do it now be one that sticks in your mind because it's something you'd we haven't seen how many years under and seventeen years. A long time I breakers. I woods I would say that that's a long time. Anytime you have triple digits that and that's a long ten editors needs needs to. I wanna say I think that there's also a difference like in this conversation between like dusty just brought up. The the Red Sox from 04 or this year's cubs team. Those will always be super memorable to people at all never forget that Red Sox are clearly remember Dave Roberts stealing second base bought. The reason I'd pick like this 2006 beavers I think is. And I think maybe we all think terrorists that diseases 'cause that personal connection via a bag I Texans like I got to know some of the dot symphony like. I remember watching a game of my friends and my dad and I just you know like you remember really specific personal. Moments like air remember Rihanna performing at halftime of the Sun Bowl and things like that. This one comes in 9394 ducks what about. I would think where does the what does that 959490. I would think that year would be pretty significant for some people of their rows all year yeah. Wilcox didn't ten catches. That they know they don't kinda Kerry Collins and that and in the John McCain John Carter is to ruin it a little bit but that was a pretty big year fury ducks and it's been that long do you think that one I'm I was you hold lenders like the hundred year drought of rose bulls. Because I have so much has happened from that year. I think in there's a lot of ducks fans. That warrant fans act that so they'll remember aid don't disown. True don't they don't that's a true duck fan yeah yeah remembers that either for that in huge tie teacher duck fans. I think really remember is that they remember in 198312. Possible. A lot more. Or what was at these freedom bull that they played in. In the early ninety's it's snapped the bull drought that they'd been in. Mean it was like is they remember those down years in those those horrible years now it's like. Duck and surprising haven't seen anybody saying you know the Rose Bowl winning years. We have big twelve another season that start. And he needed stop that it was a twelve and one year. So. Yeah. Site no did you guys he would Oklahoma State did. Did in 1945 national championship they're honoring what does that. How do you do that. And I don't know they in if you if you don't know the story so Oklahoma State just put it signage in their stadium. Saying I believe 45 national champs. Oh gosh I might be able to keep my run now and I thinkers in 1960 national champion floating in our stadium. Ed is there but did you just put it out you know we've spent up for years yet this isn't on the Ryder like I think find you have if it's always been there let's ebitda is there an art data is they are recognized in his eye because. But don't forget cirrus like five publication Alia that slowdown national champions. They were and it's not a recognized national champion. They're just saying Ollie out we won once they apply for an anchor in the forty fives is turned internally ancillary publication has seen. There diva put on the peninsula right back then it was aria that was on the national championship that he and they did think the Stillwater time's national champion that's Oklahoma State calculates stated god it seemed and that third but he talked back then and Avalon and we get to the bottom of that is the whole Lotta people talk different back then. I think they said to be added there's a theory that there's a theory that there was a its frequency is because the microphones weren't as good they don't think of certain frequency yeah. Stay high. No ideas are you as a very good at ending their bigs in digital time BC know what it's like you want but it's not there CA as they. What is it blind you they don't see why don't people from Chicago. It's put seat behind everything anymore it's on how Mike Parker talks the voice of the bees he does he's got a little he's a really old timing is good stuff. He's old timing yeah. Could we put together like a bunch of clips of Mike Parker with like ragtime music behind it and yes you can just see how it sounds he's absolutely Aaron and. I. We'll get to more of these coming up in wide Jim Mora says Josh Rosen will likely return why would Josh Rouse returned dusting camel fan.