Dusty and Cam - 8.17.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 17th

Michael Bennett sitting for the anthem and the mistrust of team doctors in the NFL.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really knew each other. That's useless seasons to pop up maybe even more in previous games. The dust era. And the man in my acceptance permissible jury argument. It's also a college all American gem in Cleveland but why does anybody in the world every than anything. Dusty examine the more million dollar and 1080 USA on them. Our name. It's Thursday it can't see every day of the week. I feel about this Thursday feel great about Thursday don't she's too good of others and yes. I feel so good feel awesome about Thursday coming out IA. And a little confused. Because. Well I'm looking at the ESP NS's. Fourteen days until college football start thinking that came up yesterday. Are we closer than fourteen days. And multiple seasons. Is Ian. Tweet that I yesterday maybe they're going off of just fall when everybody place they're doing there it's like that yeah because we are only. Nine days away. From Morgan State taken off the season's incredible is that right it's him or not it's August 26. 11:30 AM on the CBS sports network if you have that you know we're CBS sports network is here. Should have cable provider it's somewhere. I you know what I use kayaks I have it's been hitting so I have that awesome remote read the stock into it and it in to discuss takes me to my channel so did. It's kind of like when you look at your phone nowadays. I don't know anybody's phone number I have no idea what your phone number is but I know it's thundered the other three under Dustan. You cheered yet. But we have nine days until organ steak except the season against Colorado State. I think it's if you implement check this adding it's 725. Maybe is I talked to a friend of mine Todd he's accused of yeah. Color guy or Stanford in heels and get ready get on a plane go to Australia. All in but bonobos are now of news you know Stanford's gonna get that big long flight cube imagine they'd play on the 26 as well here thinking how can get on the airplane now on hopefully football. And now. I know I can't. Now physically I can't I don't understand it but that's why there's aussies are gonna love some football them that's either going now and again they're gonna wait. A week to acclimate themselves over there. We were right or right there ready broke Steve via Portland State BYU is on that Saturday is well. Noon kick on ESP NN Aureus Vienna's. It'll be easier to find the BYU. Portland Portland State game. The Sosa says he is being insane says that organ state and ones that we playing two games at the same time. As says they'll be playing each other on the days. I don't think that's correct when he's up to that but but a but. We're nine days away and I can't wait are you excited eyes eyes that this weekend and just football I'm getting to that point where. Were seen there were going. They didn't do let's talk about pre season football when we even talked to multiple all yearlong it's finally time. That we get to enjoy it there's actual stuff Oregon State starting game preparations yesterday. For that Colorado State game they're starting to install a game plan. You know what's good or great with the good part about college football Swiss in FL football. Is that now the rosters in starting spots now start to form in you get to see the competition a little bit needed to hear about Jews. Who's moving ahead who's going behind is getting worse who looks like there's gonna get cut in this is this is now this next weekends is when the interest starts. Yet there's actually. Three quarterback battles that could do it. Alternately be be decided tonight in the NFL pre season to give seed smoking Jay Cutler here tonight that's right and his buns of steel group. Let's get this show on the road to be allowed to get to you. And I remember was just like yesterday. Understand sports history a double dip of Pete Rose news. 1984. He made his debut. As the last. Manager. And player. In Major League based on history. Right now there's one manager he could say they can get after it go out there and give it that's got to be Joseph Girardi and it is look at it now Brad Ausmus do you think so. Brad Ausmus. Brad Ausmus. He does he's manager for the you guys as young is the cardinals manager. I got my news Metheny is still looks like he did you probably go Joseph Girardi he still has a scrappy. Look him under generally be Donnie baseball on either in Miami. Also in 1986 years after in his debut as player manager he had his final at bat. He struck out in his final at bat against on San Diego Padres in a picturesque. Don't discuss who I was gonna say Goose Gossage dosage was the pitcher beautiful mustache. And abortion and of course not here. On today's show we have our final throwback Thursday's. Because it's football season and this week you know it's close to my heart and grow back Thursday will be gone after this week. So we're gonna diving team most memorable sports season that you fallen. Start followed. Fault if you word or or would you say participated in all so well that community you yeah these are following that. You can be following that season as well if you participated in your most memorable here it was a memorable. Because they think for a lot of people it's not like. When that it played it yeah I could be somebody that you and your failure of late one that you just. Got rove didn't. Visas but it's mine but actually isn't it's either my favorite teams or team that's it for you. And also. And Jim Moran says Josh Rosen will likely return next year lie. On the Seahawks rolled the dice with a signing that has a big boom or bust. Possibility. And is read shooting a thing of the past and college. Time to wake up. Museum Chicago's bring Dwyane Wade will likely be bought out by the bulls. Gathered gonna take this year they're going to be dreadful. And so. They're saying that they're being in order 24. Million dollars to go away to go. China but the knicks do the same thing in the industry the old super team to go all join and in about getting things can create payout Melo watched his scales. Finger yeah four million. But here's the his day. With that you'll be very it's a whatever he signs with another team. These differences in the Chicago area so he could sign for you to tell billion dollar defense league minimum which it because they three feet. Yeah anchor veteran with his senate seat was urging. They're gross unforced. Was the minimum almost in Cleveland almost. So yeah that's can be big buy out there. Bulls genocide. You know they don't have a TNT game. All year. It's OK to go on lakers have 33. And televised games strange. Hey wake up I said wake up. Play now that Mayweather popped out that it didn't matter what size gloves they would Wear in his fight against Connor McGregor combine it. Re going over to somebody that buys it or even bothering to watch. That's the question number two. Hung with number two. Are we going over to somebody's house had given him five bucks even when the doors are or charge you feel obligated to do that site anybody should ever I think he's just a good question I've always announced that its its the polite here's ten bucks thanks for the food the entertainment here's joining a depends on how many people are there but I mean if there's ten people every day you know 300 dollar fight yeah you given ten bucks down. It's the nature that are dead is we didn't even Stevens and you brings he bring some food drinks and G dose is hosting accidents embryos is in Chile you pay some rent for that spot on the couch to watch it I agree with. And both. They got their wish the week from Saturday at nine days and days at Morgan State for a stayed open up their seasons. They will be wearing the eight ounce gloves. Ten ounces a day agreed upon the Nevada State Athletic Commission saying. All right well for eight ounce closets is the lightest for boxing ladder gloves heavier heads or cancer knock so typically. Floyd Mayweather likes twelve ounce gloves and hire NBA gloves yeah this is some more because he's got brittle hands OK and breaks his hands easily got just that he's like he's a lighter loves her and heavier loads more padding on them and anime is typically four counts were a success in school chiefs it's bare knuckles essentially all right so there's but the difference. Which could be fair and higher likelihood knocked out for us today. Army good. Hey that does not test this is rock and roll play. Really pointing them out is united. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Major League Baseball scoreboard Mayer's dated again they're keeping pace and that wild card race they are just a game and a half out. The second and final wildcard spots. And they didn't get help from the angels to one last night 32 over the nationals and the nation's capital. The royals also wants the Mariners are just to gain back Kansas City. And but in Minnesota Twins lost so they're now a half game back in Minnesota. But again halfback overall today. Trying to make that chides. But it's going to be hard to catch yankees are now three games up. On because they win yet again airing judged with his 37 home run. But he is 33 consecutive game with a strikeout which is a record. Record. Did IC the first bomb Alonso is a mirror in her last night that if I thought I saw that. You go on them it's Alonzo Mourning. Younger blondes just got. I don't know beginning yesterday afternoon those physically in the middle of the day to use those games so tough. To enjoy. A felony of the emotional roller coaster mayors yet again. You know. I think this year they're gonna do it. Just stick to tell the mariner fans here who are fed up with that I'm not into going on they're aliens should be fed up with and at this point it's pretty fed up for just accepting. I'm in the acceptance mode. All right except whatever happens. On a daily basis what what is that half full or half empty or citizens. Think that is saying it's the call apathy apathy that's that is at such an African really crappy point of view and Larry yeah. Retained Giancarlo Stanton sucks again because he did home run his. Would have any girl games and those six or that would have been 777. In Italy today and one behind his manager Don Mattingly who holds the major who missed our record eight games and around me. Unit chief for for what it. Terrible job he did that went on you know you know and his team for four but he's Ameren streak ends at six games in a row but the Marlins went. 81 night where we start today. Michael Bennett says the anthem protests. Will have more of an impact. If this happens 614 on the fan this is testing can. This is a stadium jam in the morning on ten feet of him. They say Tina Thursday morning doesn't hear can't live with you thank you for being with us. Much has been made over this first week of pre season football the in the protest continuing despite the fact calling cabinet. Is absolutely no longer playing Marshawn Lynch taking his seat during the National Anthem during the raiders' opener. And up north in Seattle Michael Bennett. He took a seat in during the National Anthem for their game against the San Diego or who. Seeing seed do you take some time for everybody Angeles chargers what was harder in LA was harder for you you think LA. Going from St. Louis Rams and in charters or was it the pac ten going to the pact twelfth that took me a long time. Whom I think it's San Diego Chargers. The rams moving ahead coasters. If I'm going its power ranking number one San Diego LA. Number two pac ten the pac twelve number three. Simplest Allah. Because I just got used to calling the rams and easiest way to end this way like I go back to raiders is not going to be easy either. No artist on the for audience slips that's going to be hard the raiders will be easy just as easy at the rants that they move all the time. If you incinerators and is gonna end where there that. City to charge it was is its interest rules easy goals rolls out played chargers is not I'd use my tong war. Now via Ella little uneasy. Yet olds regard a cat a it is our our. Els are aren't they are. Hard for children especially in this Els and ours. Okay well the Michael Bennett protest. It's sparked a lot of of conversation we heard Pete Carroll. And say that he thinks that. Players substantially in them but. He he is gonna let his players do they want like Michael Bennett. In yesterday Michael Bennet wins on. This six. It's at sports senator at at 6 eastern which is exit three. And a dangerous mountain times against the 4 and in the central time it's the pattern fit. In the Michael Bennett went on. And he had me. Eight it was day. Is a point that is making a lot of headlines. But if you just read the headlines it will it's it'll spark people one way or the other. He said that the protests will have more impact the headline is Bennett says. Income protest we'll have more impact if white players join but in the context take a listen to what he says. And let's talk about this. I think because this over over the weekend is set us up those going in Charlottesville so most violent some history. A wanted to give back to the point where. Remember why we're while we are American citizens you know the freedom and liberty and equality and I wanted to break make sure we never forget that and really when I say. Are really just wanted to honor that wanted to honor. Those things food that we should those principles of the founding principles of what. We're all supposed to be here around so most of region through reason and and Charles it was so crazy and things have been in Seattle and just so much controversy going on. Within society right now on the donations. Now how long have you been considering. Sitting for the anthem and what prevented you from doing it before this week. I honestly believe that. It would take a white player to be able to really get get things change because. Are people win so my from the other side understands and they step up and they speak about it. Armed it would change the whole conversation because you bring somebody who. Doesn't really have to be a part of the conversation to bring in himself the maker of so vulnerable in front of me and I think when that happens things were really take a big job. I were your thoughts initially when you hear him saying. You know he's doing it is for the quality Charlottesville. What happened up in Seattle. Lou which is far lesser extent they have always respected his guys that believe in in. Believe in themselves. But own who they wide Michael Ben is never deviated off the path from. Not not just trying to be an activist I think that what he's trying to do is is be himself I mean he is. Himself and his brother too they are very out in the open they're gonna be willing to share their minds now be it. You agree whether or not it's not it's not our job center and say it's wrong or not it's it's our job to say and look at it. Realistically. Into this is a guy that that has. Different experiences that I will ever pass I can't I'll say over and over again and it doesn't. As I bring no value to this conversation because I'm a white male in American Portland it doesn't bring any value to what what do I think what it does does. Is that it I'd like to absorb other people's experiences I'd like to sometimes think about. What it's like to sit in their shoes how would I react what what I do in that experience is so I value that when when other men or women stand opener are willing to put themselves out there. Yes in that it is in that is kind of what he's saying is that you know what you just said is I think cal. How did though in the white players in the NFL if you can. It in that is I can't I can't put myself in in the season I think that's the point he's making is that once that happened. Then I think we start making each making some some progress honest where where I think he is he's right in that. Okay yes it's a white player gets involved in that yes that would I think it is if more players black white. You know but there's a hearing doesn't it they're gonna every guys may scare ads so they're intimidated they're worried that they heard fear of their job if it. That's natural in that out so it's scary to put yourself out there how many people wanna do to third in Reid in the real world anyway. In that is that is and majority of the players from across the league or do you think about the comfort level. A Michael Bennet in the sector says you know it's easy didn't make that stand yourself and after you get paid. It is. It is because he finally has stability in you he he doesn't have that you Marshawn Lynch is coming out of retirement there where he's not worried about getting. Black balled from the NFL and not having to find a job for a 99%. Of players in the NFL. Very is that fear in the areas that worry him you know in. Acted too much Michael Bennet he hits on his yet is if people if more players get involved absolutely it'll make a bigger impact. Bid regardless of white black brown yellow. And green blue I don't. The personal colors and a locker room I said there's no from every every race to every ethnic and ethnicity ought. Your your background where you grow up. Your financial background everybody's equal no matter in that locker map that time. You don't look at your teammate. That way he is your team that is that is how you view and I and I know for certain. The Seattle locker room that that's that's how they believe they believe it's competition but they support each other whole heartedly now could there be disagreements sure. But in the end it comes down to there they are teammates and coach Carroll knows it all those ninety guy's going to be fifty eventually 53 and out locker room and all 53 have to be on board with what it is to be seahawk. He gives them the freedom. The next group of men up there have the freedom to do that. I'm not can sit here and eviscerate him to say it's wrong or whatever it is because is not my locker room. And I I I have a different feel. Mean I I'd that the amount of attention it brings do you you can either either like that attention you can handle it you can support their teams that can't handle and I think they're ownership that can't handle it. Seattle is one of those places that can handle. Why and then aegis code did down the coast there arrival in the NFC west John Lynch the general manager there says he respects the players. Reasons for doing the protests that he sees it as a divisive. On it divisive tipping point in the locker room. You know he said we had a great deal the other day where we had four chairs up there. And there's Ron Amadon Jerry Rice and they talked about the forty niner weigh in I was sub that's one of the great things about this league is matter of fact I think it's. A beacon for the rest of the rest of culture in terms of the ways to be strive for common goal and you have unity. I think that this game brings people together so I think personally when I see that. I think that's device but I understand guys. To see things and they're not happy and they have that right now I think they'll. And I think will always respect people's rights that doesn't mean I believe that I believe this game should be celebrated for what it is I think it's tremendous unifier of our country. And for the way that things should be easy saying it can be very divisive within that opera. And in that is kind of the separation. In I think that's how most of the league he's in there it could be Seattle's locker room. It could be in and that's like you said in Seattle they might have a different point of view of their of the mine fuel freedom. And there's no anxiety when it comes to sharing who you are being divisive Lakewood John Allen says is. The goal of every franchise. Right now is to win football games and win a Super Bowl championship. If there are things that's that deviate off that path where you take a different role teacher energy in your motion. And everything that your trying to do takes away from that goal. That's what I believe jump into this thing is that right you were all paid meant to be part of this league. Your part of this league to win football games that we paid you to be pro. Sometimes now. In this world. Other guys feel it's their responsibility do other things. And they put and they put that on themselves which is that's their internal strife that they have to deal with that they want that but John Lynch I believe the same as the guys in the end we're trying to all winning game. Which were plate paid played expensive game. Expensive yeah it it is a lot of pressure. And so when you bring other things like that around yet they could be divisive but again that's right say ownership team work head coach all set what they want from their players. In this Texas Tech team BO gives him and his respecting our flag never and his died for and what it means not send out in Poland and say it's a platform equality in our founding principles it well that's he's responding to Michael Bennett. I'm Michael Bennet sent. And Bennett actually added in that there heated with and sports owner that. Just yesterday the Seahawks had military gets on their campus in many of them came to give him hugs and dined and said they trust him he said. People make this divide like I'm trying to disrespect the military and they come to me and they say this is what they're fighting for. It just touched my heart. On in that like that what does service members I came Indians. Said that Michael Bennett. Very there's a big faction of people that feel that. That you know those are the freedoms that that people flight four but then there's also via the other side like that exercises that says that is the ultimate symbol of our country. And that's that device a business that John Lynch was talking about it to happen. Within a fan base within our population. Outside of that locker but it happens within it as well and and that is you know one thing that I thought. Calling cavern it tried to do any broaden. The former armor ranger to use it to talked in the about why sitting in kneeling or different. And you know you have to you. Make sure your clear and that it's not a disrespect to the service members. Or the flag it is say it is a certainly. Protest in awe and all end with this I thought this text says look you can do whatever you want. But I'm tired of turning on every NFL game to watch political opinions it's all that's ever talked about yeah. I have a little bit of that with me too I'm not huge politician I'm not good out it's not something that I love and enjoyed it's part of life and is part of our country. Football and sports is a separation first for me for some people this and right now there is a true cross over going on. It's always up and folks. No it isn't because they it's gotten it's gotten. Too big it's gotten to bid dead that platform. Is is is massive and you can't just pump the brakes and say now we're gonna stop we're gonna stop. Five factories Arafat that is our bridge for Beers Texan it's how you can interact with us. We'll have more on this done as as a feedback comes and but a big change down in New Orleans. It has nothing to do. With players. On the field it's a big change off the field. Car for the sports. Widespread texting. That's the message we're number. 20. Niners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Or cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply is probably my number. Or you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that today. He's either Red Sox first pitch yesterday. Or guy. Just poured gas journal. Has that been an outside a peerless. They had days they had a super fan at Fenway Park got to grow up the first pitch. Is name is Jordan in the Andrei. And he is a cancer survivors of child now plays on the high school baseball team. Is huge. Huge. Red Sox fan. He got a little nervous while throwing out the first pitch and UB. Yeah Finley is a big it's a little different then playing high school baseball. On he throughout the opening pitch. And it. The trajectory of the pitches just mind boggling when you look at it. It starts elegant stolen straight towards home plate and then all of a sudden it takes off like any suspension goes up it's a movement into the right. Goes back in hits and cameramen. I ate in the tablets junk I mean six iron shot two balls out. Just barreled over in the and photographer that got hit use that they're taken its I think hey this is your moment. Memento there's going to be the big thing you to keep addressing life. It's a good one because you see depiction that he took is it you see the ball coming right at him and catcher trying to reach for it. And it hits him right in the gym is that's going to be moan he'll never forget never forget neither will his friends and and worst pitch that he sent that one. Of Sunni. City was way worse but. More memorable this is going to be equivalents you know of Jordan Landry he would never forget that date he tied to write down the middle. Now everybody will remember his first pitch. OK architecturally seed textual relations at 55305. Today. It trusting. The people. You work list. The New Orleans Saints have fired two team orthopedist Derek Jones and misty Surrey. After. A series of bad info given T shunned pain in the coaching staff but he came to a boiling point. Surrounding the leg of delving Breaux who. Was said to have a lower bone contusion a little. Lo bruise on his leg. And he's saying man this really hurts I don't buy this in so bro. Who is injury prone has a history. Starting corner forum. Sean Payton's saints are ready to give up on. He goes in for a second opinion. And oh by the way he's going for surgery is a fractured fabulous not even about Amber's ridiculous ended up firing both of their team this year as. Should. How do you miss something like that if you were if you were a team doctor Amos is broken on this. Acquiring surge that's a great question because I know there's a lot of people out there had missed diagnosis is by. Probably quite a few doctors in the doctors are human not perfect. However if you're in the NFL you would think. Can you would think that you would have probably one of the best in your area or if not comparable people that understand that when there's a fractured you do everything you can't. This is and this doesn't come to any surprise to me because the NFL's wrapped up with doctors they get benefits and why they get benefits. They don't make a lot of money. Off the team how they make their money is they market themselves to the regular population. I am the teen doctor or the team orthopedist of the New Orleans Saints so we are you going to go if you were the team orthopedist. When that guy puts it on his business Carty while he takes care Drew Brees he must know what they're doing he or she and that's when it comes down to. Multiple times so. When I have my first Achilles tendon rupture in New Orleans in 1990 arms are in 2000. I had the team doctor a sit there are news pop we all he feels and I go sit Obama to go get a second opinion. Mixing you know this doctor runs in any runs vax is known on on all I have to do the surgery. Said well why I'm gonna go get a mixture that I get a second opinion on 14 want to have the best do this that no trust me trust me. Trust me he's selling me the entire time phenomenon a young man and not me I'm putting the trust in my team. And not only the trust in this doctor from the future so I have the surgery with him he convinces me my head coach convincingly why does he convinced me as he gets paid. He gets massive compensation is my surgery these same doctors. Different doctors now can he get paid. I've a faulty surgery and it goes bad can be has an infection. Becomes were rock hard it ruptures again it's ten weeks into rehab so now. I look this guy did the nine Eagles well you know he just in. Prepare the right way and do that blames me for the re rupture so I'd actually go. To the millers clinic in in Charlotte and get a real professional that does hundreds of these thousands of these. And does it every single week. And that's what you should do because these team doctors not not gonna say that every team doctors bad. But it but every player in every sport specially the professional level always get a second opinion always go out and take care. Now I know that they did this for the concussion protocol that they brought in an outside doctor because team doctors. Today said word hey they would clear guide because. Their paycheck comes from the team. It seems like this is kind of the same sort of issue where of course that team doctor. Is the team doctor because he keeps those players on the field. And today he is named job is to make sure a guy is playing. In and not on the sidelines how much of this do you think is. He gets paid by the saints so he better make sure the saints investment is on the field of tea a table go to break here doesn't percent I'll tell you what what goes on. OK you just listen. Five factories your fives bridge for Beers sex on six for nutrients and. This is just a gem in the morning and on 1080 well. 648. The saints fired two doctors their team orthopedist because they missed a fractured it Gila. For Dell Denver. Which is that lets a cool name. Delmon bro now I'd like them in in its very cajun because bro is spelled B are you a UX and Brent. Basic yet have numbers turns out fractured Kabila. A broken CBO excuse me surgery miss four to six weeks Sean Payton is a livid over it because these are team doctor sucked. I ask you do you think it's. The team doctors are paid by the saints and and that's where their paycheck comes from so they just kind of essentially half facet to keep guys on the field. So my curves in a lot of different things with especially in the medical industry in the side and it's I've also told you before that we walk into the trainer and you were recorded. From every odd billion grabbed every Tylenol. Terry band aid to ice bag someone writes it down in the follow you around a mixture because everything is about liability. In the NFL. I was sitting in the team meeting Herman and had one of my teammates. Was injured he was told he needed to come back and he was doing everything he can't come back. And as he left the room my position coach will be decisive and you sit out practice today and I said watch. A city need to take a day office in okay he said we need to get somebody on film. Symbol what do what does that mean so we need to get him on film. I said all right I'm young enough to go OK this is at this point is he giving me arrest or something because I was coming off of my. My Achilles ruptured was no we just need to get him on film and you get some time for that ice are right. So he was pressed back in. Got on film just enough to get on film because when you get somebody on film and practice. What you've done is is you've made it so. They become free of liability by the team. No matter if you're injured because with your still injured Euro least injured you get what's called an injury settlement sold the person was required and said. You need to go lot try and test it. Now does it for you to get on film all you have to do is is do a special team to a warm up do anything they brought amount. It warmup. Grabbed his helmet and cut. Yikes immediately and what do doctors. Immediately say your 100% healthy get out here. That's all it takes is that he wasn't healthy get a ruptured disk in his back yeah but for the team. He was healthy. And he was told to get out here that's kind of how the league works to talk about the ruthless side of it also saw a good friend of mine Kyle turley when he had a ruptured disk in his back. He was told by the head coach. At the time he did get out their proved your real man and injuries fake poco coach I had surgery in LC I don't really care. I don't really care. Now you tell me what would you do. If your football player and your entire life you're measured on your manhood your strength in your ego and someone challenges you and coach ability to. Challenges you challenges you to call you a week what every wanna call it. You don't do that a football player and expect him just to tuck his tail he noted that person's gonna be also you and also my teammates that I wanna be out there with them well first play. Leonard Little defense event as told by his position coach bend him over backwards. Don't go easy on him. And I you know that plated ended his career for three years in and play for three years is back when debilitated mean he was able to come back. That is the sport it is it is what it is we don't see the underbelly but that's what doctors do that's what coaches do and eating. We act surprised. We should not be you know you should never be surprised about what it takes to stay on that field of what guys will do to their bodies would doctors will do. To make sure that they benefit in the end him. And how they gave you the rest of us to come in and see what picture mean no probable picturing what's your credibility I'm the team doctor. And there's no way that and this is the the tough part for it is that there's no wage for the NFL. PA to fight this in the collective bargaining agreement. Because. Well what do you do. It's that from your coaches in fremd from your trainers is there fix. To this that the NFL can say of course the NFL PA can say in this is how we fix it they've tried this to fix it we and that's an unsafe and yet he is there. What what they've done in the NFL he's done a few things they've given it that appear on the opening day roster you can get a credit for years here on practice squad get credited for year. Which are now going to be vested invested means. You've got three years of on a roster in either plane or on practice squad in your three games that's a four year vested with the average purse three and a half. He'll get a lot of guys that lets you had debt are we seeing that it since that came into you at the CBA. Now we're seeing guys careers last even last shorter used to be. But six and a half years into early 2000 Bennett Dick down until like four. And now it's down to three I don't know if it's ever been that high but I mean in my in my knowledge it's always been in the four hours in that maybe did it touched four and a half but it's now it's essentially it's three and you're out there. But the other the other horses twos and you'll see veterans it's coming up here about two weeks. The NFL has a strict rule where you're of a vested player which is three years in three games in your on the opening day roster. On Monday. If you play in that first game you were guaranteed your contract for the entire year no matter if you're cutter not so you'll see. Every guy with a three years in three games are vested player to watch how many guys are cut. On Monday on Saturday and then brought back after the first game because what happens then yeah you can or week to week player and were not guarantee your contract. He's OK here's the Wall Street Journal. From 2008 to 2014. It went from the average career across all positions when from. Four point 99 years to five years to two point six. Two point six years is is now as of 2014. The average career in the NFL. So and that's from 20082 dozen fourteen that is that span that we're talking about new CBA. Comes in in 2011. In her CNET drastic to. So this. Comes in here five factor of five so it's terrible crap and I'm not watching much NFL anymore horrible company that cares about zero people I want. I shared these information the stories like this cannot tell you I am. Disappointed in the league where I feel like it's it's. It's it's wrong with players. This is football. Yeah this is what you do to make it to the highest level. In my. Frustrated that the league is like this the but it may industry that doesn't have ruthlessness and it when you make billions of dollars. Somebody's gonna get trampled on you will be moved out of the there's no cuts isn't that comfortable government job. The EU there are risks and rewards. But when your pay that kind of money and there's that kind of money at stake guys are gonna be treated a certain way. I'm not saying that I expect massive change from this league because I'm not because you're you were resource or modern day glad to hear your race horsing retreated out. Yeah and that it's not terrible you still love the game but if you can hang on as long as he can you do everything you can hang went in that is it's part of it you sit there and you're looking at. As a player. EUR. You frustrated as a former player of the way that the doctors treat you but we'd was no it was a defining moment of your current that's what you think of when you think of the NFL the difference is is the knowledge today we have yet how this game is evolve we're gonna you're smarter. We have more doctors on the outside we have more intelligence when it comes to protecting yourself. There's more things financially people are more they're vetted from now financial advisors that steal money and fame there's there's enough information out there now. We you know we you're getting into when I was still playing. You still have the night even T. Edward that are right he did you get of they were protecting in the cared about it. Here here's my toward here's your drugs after the game our doctor will take care of you we love and you don't. You don't. Never will. But that's okay because that's business. Scorned lover not a business but I don't feel slighted at all I don't I don't feel slighted at all. I five factories hero five is average for abuse takes and you is very active this morning mile. The Seahawks rolled the dice. Delete it boom could get a lot stronger. Or. Again nothing at all dusting came on the fan.