Dusty and Cam - 5.19.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, May 19th

Weekend Would U Rather, All-NBA teams are left up to the media and it's costing the players money, and there's an issue with the future of officiating.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. You can even more. Never about money for us it was about muscle against system this system that kills the human. Stand so we're dusty era I've had the old bulls. Ben NFL veteran Jim Cleveland. And tennis goes yeah. I at this hour. By the media is being trusted with all of the voting and one reason why they should be trusted. Incredible numbers that I will never understand. Also Mike Vick is tape bringing his towns back to the football field and how that's gonna open up some doors and then a golfer script it is strict and this Getty's. And hop into water hazard why would you do that during a tournament and not after it. But right now it's always awkward it's off to a sense it is exceedingly entertaining Crawford weekend would you rather go. Let's get it the boys. As Kim said earlier does have a secret identity. It's a secret identity data to knock on rock star cam. FBI agent Crawford and dusty what was yours. I do and still thinking on the yet we'll only know him as they do in India don't have please let me know your secret identity speaking of seeger died Kennedy's let's talk about. Disguises. Yesterday and the show came clean and admitted that if he had hair he would get frosted tips that if I had frosted tips you would not make economy could not. That's actually. And two isn't INS and heavily I think he would I'm still I'm saved that MP3 double or two to document but my question here is. If you guys had to get a new hairdo or came if you had to get hearing get a new hairdo which would you view. Frosted tips horn rose four man vine frosted tips and corn rows. Forman bond. I'm going back to my roots. The Jewish is still bad with his roots of the nine. But I'm gonna share with everybody again yes clear night you downloaded one. I was delighted air zone that I I'd pay IE wanted to get some hair back. So I took Rogaine. And I forgot to take the Rogaine out during practice in it bled into my eyes and I took it it was the most miserable. Practice ever because it stuck in my helmet. In the coaches were let through his megaphone and so to deal of my bald spot. Whipple platinum. As an a sample plan is Duval has hair follicles which destroyed everything anyway so I say you know what I got him. All white head like this platinum and up it can go within India it was. It's about time but I'm going back prostitutes. A guardian like video of me of platinum movie I'll I try to find some footage I'm working on it still. I've already had. Bleached their trust that it's when you were to John would you just totally see him with frosted tips yeah I. I'm surprised he doesn't happen additional neck and neck hello bill clearing solace to a sweatshirt you know. Abercrombie and out of my dad might add. We did have quite a Gene Smith. No no no no and no I was not in taking narrow double hoops that lives a little reason Steinway and that pierced ears. We still do you guys a bullet that pierced ears EMI and I knew he made fun of me for my quiet here and has dial peer Cingular he doubled it up I don't think I just went left. Does deeply got to pick a style here you're real prostitutes know Warner is a long corn rose to you won't corner as. I don't corn rows with that it is I'm crazy I always like looking at people's hair after they get the coroner is out. Because it just is like stuck in this form I wanna be free but I've been corn rowed for so long. Some little corner us. It would be terrible look for me it would be I think I'm Maggie corners we'll see what happens pilots actually war hero to sports and promised but. Let's not let's talk let's stay on the fashion train here I was looking out the big news this week some of the blue on Twitter was that the romper for a man. It's cold raw PM did you guys see this everyone seated idea guys dominated it's a male romper and Mumford. Yeah it's it's it's a bad look in my ideas in apparently it's it's blown up. So then I went and I went to GQ and I found men's top fashion trends for 2017 according to GT. You don't who is the first to where there for the male romper publicly to. In new bank teller and Oprah know. I got nothing no surprise I got nothing to. And good humor Westbrook is too little hornet who's gonna or keep you know with that person in a romper room. So I went on when asked you guys. In the top ten new top men's fashion trends for her twice seventeen according GQ I includes overalls. This is remain overalls. Sweatpants tucked tucked in the sox' own. And the romper. So which one are you guys gonna be rocking this summer over. You probably have a few players don't shift. I don't view Clinton Biggio who ushered measured on that but at a street cowboy in it too. Look like the guy from. It was the armour freedom no no they're not trying to. He's the guy on anew on the show or the moonshine years. People that watch new designers finally gave idea you always wears the together and be aggressive and on some apple moonshine. I bet robbers are more comfortable then all you really don't know where you are you doing you know. But I'm blood sweat pants tucked in so toxic could have fixed that I do that sometimes anyway emblem the writers like you want to get caught up in years rocket you actually don't I pat and I are giants. I don't get your. Derek khakis and grits yet because you gotta have your league round I know media or you roll it up. Dummy and getting caught your bracket. I know I get it to my khaki pants occasion its rockets I have to say not a Don Smith. Those who redux. I've never thought I think that I'm I am I get some liberals pilots get up the fashion trade here that's enough. Welcome those rockets aren't these tough she's not a good came moving on Tom Brady. Came out this morning in endorsed. Aid Aston Martin. That causes. 2121000. Dollars just another reason to hate. He hit Tom Brady threw just one we had an early part of the endorsement thing so I went and I looked up the worst cars of all time according to. Various blogs and magazines I've tweeted out pictures came named in his romper neck Coachella. It also looks like he's wearing me. House arrest. It's a style and 553050. Please feel free to text in to the bridge for Beers tech citing contribute what you think some of the worst cars. Of all time marble my question is which of these three would you choose to endorse the Ford can tell. Routinely on all those lists. The Pontiac Aztec duo called the Pontiac Aztec yes. Who's hitting PT cruiser convertible. But PT cruiser convertible it's one can tell Aztec Pete secretly to myrtle thought that your five RealNetworks talk rapper in my house. What about the Yugo. It was a hit and it caught on fire and killed two people those Philly it. I'm going to have been so you're into Moroccan origin Pinto. American may not afford guy but I will take until all day of final any part of that Aztec grocery getter I don't know what that what. Like the Aztec it was like rigors of the crossover. And you go though. It's pretty close you goes very hero. But it probably. To get up and carry it with I've found Crawford's Aztec. I got lame though doors and flames yeah. I think the download maybe we slaves and got Lambeau doors and purple interior like that area that Jim you're gonna endorsed the fort until late Justin. Close less than a PT on the PT cruiser convertible top down by Michael Scott car. Tonight he's got mobile I don't have a problem really is there's a PT cruiser in my neighborhood with flames. They go back guy. Think guys you and him not him and rolled down my window and I'd give Michael Scott. Drops all day long like Britney it's the fifth at a get fair moving on. That. I don't know and I anyway let's talk about sued. They just revealed a new worlds hottest pepper I don't know if you guys on this putter than the ghost chili hotter. Than the Carolina reaper. Q it is the dragon breath Schilling he's it is true point 48 million units on this go village heat scale. Which whatever that means I mean it has he done it can kill you. It can kill you the oil from me is being used as a skin numbing agent nothing in surgery for people who are allergic to and it's an. Who's he needs to eat the I don't know man some people like spicy food that's not spicy. So I looked up world's worst tasting or most dangerous foods. The flew flew the flew. Fish as the Japanese name for the tougher finishing this where people eat it's a delicacy in Japan blocked if not prepared correctly you die a slow painful death. Conscious paralysis and then association. Fronts on from his prepared to really just trust your shift there are yes there are it treated. No there's no antidote. For student. Yet dead be offended that just night and take Ed McEnroe the guys on the crew led save people's deleted so my question is you you wanna go out there's a risk but there's also potentially reward for both. What's the final word a delicious fish dinner stop. It's me or are there are classically trained to do Shas in Japan what are you gonna eat guys we're gonna go with the new hot pepper. The re gonna go to do. Boasting kill you both can not do you. I'm going with the flu view. I moved to do because. The is. He was somewhat normal has brought in need. There. Great balls of fire one time. And it. That was some of the worst pain ever had it is like they're super super highlands. I I I like spicy food that's way too much some general does the figure beyond non David pepper appealing guy I had I can trust. But I can saturated down with some other things you treasure sells more Oceania I don't wanna put my life in the in effective this ship has a bad day. And a leading guys at this related to the suit you so hot for true gastronomic satisfaction. The best chefs are able to prepare food laced. With the remaining trees and then in. Which reportedly singles on the tongue provide any eater a sensory Russian debt. Just stop messing with death. If panic just the tip of dance yeah. That's snippet of death event shows are. Anyway thank you for playing along the mile on me. The media is responsible for guys getting up to 77. Million dollars more over contracts. Why completely makes sense in like two days she shouldn't be trusted with it anymore testing came on the fan. This isn't just you examine the morning you know until an eighty year old. So called George Gordon Hayward did not qualify. Or the super Max deal in making the NBA. All NBA team voted on by 100 media and members of the media. The first team consists of James Harden Russell Westbrook LeBron James choir Leonard Anthony Davis the second team is the Golden State Warriors. Staff curry Kevin Durant. Isiah Thomas dumbest and identical poke regal bearing on thirteen John Wald DeMar DeRozan Jimmy Butler dream mongering. And DeAndre Jordan on did you see would dream mongering said. He said it's which needed but he didn't call it a sham he called it to a he called it bull S yeah you know the BS and something else because somebody got left off the tech Klay Thompson wasn't on the talented team. Sorry did not not everybody's NN. May keep Biondi team from your starting line gets here are your feelings hurt happened in you know clay. Could Toms is the fourth best guy and they're starting line up so yeah eight price should be all NBA. Sign you don't get older or know a lot goodness gracious almighty that's not fair. How do you get out you should how many cavs are on the all NBA team. Company one. So all of them. Literally going to have yeah and one. He already has that. Tutor million dollar super Max deal he can get meaning no not gonna say get the James Carney John Wald do you become eligible for the super Max is which means. They can skate free agency 2019. And this year they can signed a five year extension with the rockets. Or wizards pay which one and Huber talking about here and making gets over 200 million dollar deal. But the team. For over five years forty dig you get paid 42 million dollars per season. Big and we keep as its constitute yet and that's why as big deal that Paul George didn't get voted to end a Gordon Hayward also was one of those French guys to give voted on. They'll be fine though they're gonna make summer upwards of 480 million if they center respected team. But the media has a big role in this because it's not coaches not players it's not executives. It is 100 members of the media that are trusted with this we discussed a little bit earlier about how it's the right way to do it because they don't have an ax to grind. And you said about your NFL experience about troubles from. Which was slow. Voters when we were at the time is your players voted for the probable. And there were some there was some fan voting but as players is our jobs got together in one of the meeting rooms and from one guy couple guys stood up and just started just. Same names and never once a while he's at one for ten years old he's good player always got a terrible use I'll carry deserves it and it turn into nobody cares let's hurry up and that's really where there wasn't there was not. The passion when it was a voting because none of us really cared in the end he was the name recognition of it to mean he was a popularity contest and not. A talent contest well least. These writers are supposed to do every mini camp to be impartial. But it's human nature to have biases but at least maybe they're doing a little more due diligence and would players would be. Above this is who has kind of screwed up here is that. Two of the writers'. Voting for the NBA all NBA team. One of them left LeBron James off of his now. Where and these will be public everybody's so you can actually go and check every single writers. Voting they can't hide behind this that there won't be this secret ballots you'll be able to see whatever one of these writers picked another embers. Another. Left. Russell Westbrook. I I am not able Russell Westbrook fan I think that. They guy has he can be a black hole I don't know if he's great team yet I don't think he's great teammate. But this season that he had is every bit deserving. Of first team all NBA I think that that is ludicrous that somebody is certainly off. I need reasons well there needs to be reasons why LeBron James because. There is. Think there needs him there to give me one and solid. Logical. Now let me say this with this were very very distinctly. Logical reason why you held him off or you put him behind somebody. There is there isn't there's nothing. Out there the you could say I can nothing I don't agree with it I can never ending story been nothing. It's coming I can understand it though I don't agree with that that the people who make the case that LeBron James shouldn't be the MVP every year. I can understand where I come from that I think his bestseller your world he's a damn argue every year OK I get that. Not voting him to the all NBA team. I don't know if EU understand what you're watching in if you understand ask are they your disciple and their there's the human Barack enters. Slice jealousy anger just like anybody that is a hater or not. All haters. Come to the point where they they take their points of view and it's skewed and emotion and not on logic and and that you have eyeballs and you can see the greatest player in the world this and I can't wait of these come become public is LeBron James is a vindictive do you. And you can fuel for the fire he will hold a grudge against who ever that media members to prosperity has that grudge against them because that's. That's the only explanation for why this person leave them him off the end he's the most Gary Player in the world but. I do believe that if you make stuff curry angry he just gonna smile at you and if you make Eddie Kevin Durant he'll discount ago that's hand you're angry. The only guy that really might get fired up his dream mongering but if you make LeBron James angry he will take every single one of those guys and Isiah Thomas them. 'cause that's an insane if you've seen what he did. Isaiah Thomas a cute little poster picture doesn't wrapping him up in his arm and carrying him on on a dunk that's what he's gonna do to everybody careers some let me carry you by your billionaire. Next suited rim while I don't Kenton. The media members Pasadena city remembrance interested. Now that deprived and here yeah what would be the worst rest it's would be the worst resting city that he would get heat from. It's probably Memphis. Because that was one of the ones wears a big deal amid eggs. It was a Saturday game on TNT and there is that fame that joke from like Nebraska. And a bit it's pretty evidence comedians who. Ski in it and notice it and we create. It you although those are DeMar DeRozan getting thirteen Mullen yet and understand it that was that was a little interest in myself to give up on him I. He's a really good regular season player I get it but I'll Lowery here tomorrow DeRozan bulls. All of them I would take Lowrie over DeRozan had really either yes. I'd probably would too. Both of them no shell in II for everybody who lives sudden they're good. We gotta put your put some comedian and there is a Canadian deal. According to Chile on X Canadian. Not on the island jail and yes he's definitely not us and who would you put in instead DeMar DeRozan Klay Thompson. But it's a guards so in its guard sponsors and dirty play Dublin doesn't have to be shooting guard front court backcourt so you could put clay Thompson. Did you go to Damian Miller carrier ring to you could it. Mean it. I take all three of prism Amar Chris Paul. I wouldn't glitzy beaded as you could how many games he missed that yeah I didn't have a great year because he was injured but Alice I would definitely put. Dame. Clay or carry over to mark. When I mean if you're building a team when you take those guys over to Margaret I would take the middle or anyone of those guys but assist. Yeah clearly Bradley Beale. Had a good year great here. Tomorrow is a streaky midrange shooter from. But when investment grade shooters in the game. To not date. Paid immediately that car out of the oil knowledge good I didn't I agree with you doesn't look bill's other guys I know well except for class we have clay has helped. And we can't hold Chris Paul night in the second round against him because. Oh wait yes yes we can but come on guys is a kid. The number one thing plaguing. High school athletics is not you think it's thin skin. And he really hard to play games without. These people is covers sports and. This is dusty and jam in the morning and god intended you love. There's one thing that's Clady. High school athletics that it they don't know if they can rebound from according to TV. The national federation. Of state high school associations. People not as the NF SHS. Aid. Assembly. To write down. It's a governing body of all high school sports like DOS days part of the NF SH SA. That's an awful only 20% of referees return for their third year on the job which means. You wanted to and that's a nice way to say it. The bad way to say it is 80% of the officials don't come back for a third season and in high school sports. That number is staggering. And one thing that I always noticed in everybody complains about officials. When are they. Old. They're old. They're all old baby boomers. Already biggest. Groups of officials that are out there and and very true baby boomers are dying off in the retiring in and they don't wanna deal with. A few. How how do we say this politely. Idiot parents. It is very polite in the lady's senate exit SEC regulations and make it so I can't say. What how I really feel about those parents but yeah. It is it your parents. Yet anybody. Parent. That is in the stands and hackles. An official or umpire or anybody. Is an idiot. You are really all I'm lucky. There's no there's no mixing of words I'd like to describe you and other words. Other plenty of coaches out there they get frustrated op I'm guilty of being frustrated. And I question. Where was that that. What was this. If you're respectful to each other usually get that back but I have look at this and I'm going this is surprising. Who wants to do with that now in needs one part that there are some overbearing parents out there that it's not a great majority of them. A lot of it has to do with being thin skinned Jew because that is it there's some thin skinned officials just as many Danes can officials as there are. Overbearing over aggressive parents as well. Now I've said this before too and I think that type of person is is definitely unique person and wants to be an official. They like to be in charge they liked him feel important sometimes with just fine everybody I mean that's the officials like to have control it like to make it about them. In those so there are a few bad officials just like there's bad parents. And it they will give officials bad names but there are some great ones out there if there are some guys that you you have about love to work with and they are there on us and they're gonna make mistakes. But the it the issue is is that if we're talking about high school sports across the nation. Your finding less and less people able to do this it's it's an issue because now you're looking at they're underpaid. They're understaffed. Yep and they're heckled and their made to feel miserable. Now Andy in the young people don't wanna do. They'd their millennial us and Jen actors are in a generation that don't. Feel the need to you. Officiate sporting events it's like now I've rather go and do other things in that there's nothing wrong with that but did that leads to a huge shortage. In officials what's the upside to officiating if you're young young person. And let's say it's packed and be the game this past year you're in your mid twenties and you can no longer maybe you go out there rec softball but he's still love the sport you love basketball. You love baseball I do love football so. Does it take a certain kind of personality to be able to handle yet what would you say is the number one after being you have to have to be able to deal with the issue. A little thick skin because what does that do to be fixed again and have volume. Take criticism and not worry about it what kind of because it's gonna happen now. Would you meet work because there's multiple kinds of criticism we take criticism on a daily basis part of part of our our job is to have people's opinions or don't like what I say or don't like what you say here think I'm an idiot because I say one thing. But I look at it as my jobs to have an opinion. As an official your job is to officiate your jobs to look and what you see based on a set of rules. And people are always gonna disagree well you because your an authoritative position while in military did a different lines than you do if Gilligan during neutralized. And neutrality is probably number one over six gan yeah is. If you're looking during neutralize. That. At a sporting event then. I I think that those people the fans the coaches they don't look at to gain in the same way they you do it fits in so you have to be willing to be called Canadian a lot. So I called me early guys yes like coached Little League in the situation happen mean the other day and I told us I think last week I had an official was a local official. And he was an umpire or not he was just the base to base umpire and that we had a score to a game that was he was ahead. But the boys are hitting in the kids play hard and you can't stop them from running both second base was open it was a first and third situation with nobody out but the score is eleven to one. My base runner. Took second base. The natural instinct takes Texas takes second base stole second and just did he took second base and to avoid the double play. But it was up eleven to one. Natural instinct I didn't tell him to do it. The base coaches in city do it it was in his natural instinct to coach is always a way to do that they're not Smart enough their eleven years. 1011 and twelve and the official decided to say your. Upon how dare you do that up eleven to one. It's unwritten rules baseball you know you don't steal second base up ten. But as an official yet you don't say that he says some to the umpire you learning your your job is our job is to be your jobs be impartial if anything he initiated system to you why did you ever see ice time now to call eleven year old punk who's now doesn't know but this is what Brad and now those are that's one extreme situation where I've seen an umpire say come out to me and say hey by the way you guys ripple avenue one. Your strikes on discuss. Worry bigger he pulls me aside and said okay no problem on what about our strikes and not staying the same moment. And I could have been a total Wii U I could have been that guy that makes a big stink about it but I dissent a I get it that's fine. There's certain ways you can handle this coaches too and his parents that make the situation better in the end. And I think all of us. We're human but let's get better with the officials let's make it easier on. But bogey how you make it easier would be less tackling a Nokia. Bad bad way to win to keep a lot of guys are demonized Caldera. By making mistakes like they're supposed to be these perfect. Guys that never make mistakes and it's just it's ruining. Or if there's a light takes a blog time who you know GT. Tweets at us and says I hate I officiated high school football for four years laws that OC the biggest reason. I'd south is deemed times that's another thing that a lot of people who get lost and is that. Is these men and women that are fishy in the game that the high school well they don't get paid a lot in it takes up your Friday night it takes up a couple days a week when they're in basketball baseball. I take a lot of time to commit to doing this and that gets lost in that's why a lot of officially be like. It's not worth it over them anymore yeah. You know the kids don't appreciate it appears sure is seldom appreciated degraded by coach is going to paid a lot my Friday nights are gone. You know what did you of their earlier agreed to sell like a great job well that's I yeah that's right 80% of the Daschle's according to the national governing body. They say they don't come back after three years who's got the worst reputations issue. Who Avaya foreign ports. Basketball you're so yeah night overall. Yahoo! if you're exhausted so many subjective calls and basketball where it's like. It's not black and white it's a lot of wasn't a travel was to carry. You know when was he pushing too much down low you know I think I'd make it black and white. It's it's too hard I think basketball's most that most difficult it is yeah I think baseball gets the worst reputation. Because immediately guide you did you. Do you just say any yeah just wrong people out getting getting already asked that any thing and you know you get the heckling you and get right at close to that. Yeah I think baseball it's the worst icing just fallacious. Little League umpires. Better cost the year just obviously knows are you happy ever in your lives and had he made they're probably volunteers to go I understand that I'm I honestly wanna ask my city's your life. This miserable that your this. Miserable. All the time. You this unhappy of a person I don't know and so I just wondered I think you're probably making them unhappy no I never I've never and rude disrespectful umpires ever. Ever ever ever I question I say did you see that okay fine. All right I value their time out there and who and what they do because it's important to grow the game because we need you. They're well they're going away if all across the board that's an alarming number. Room very alarming number 80% are coming back to your third season. Very wide strip down near underwear during in the middle of a golf tournament. That question was asked during an NCAA regional qualifier. Gusting came on the fan. The weekend baby. Chippendale baby love. Memorable night. All of your drive into work today. Tell yourself it's going to be beautiful weekend it's going to be sunny it actually is it's gonna be great we've been waiting for this Portland. Reading for that a big thank you. Defensive secretive and this is a good bit of waiting we've been waiting what would his identity and the answer seeger I don't know yet bar tender spot. Like I can't tell cruising cocktail cocktails are ten ROK okay cocktails are titles like dead as a seeker. I am going there now I'd be like him I am a night game get go down and open up led beachside cabana. Do it that way you get off the yeah yeah right it's hosts the threat jet out to see sized no further benefit. Susan the bartender one of the most coolest jobs. I it's like being added parts and psychologist. Part time purveyor of happiness. I mean you'd think that's a pet peeve of mine. Bartenders they give me attitude. Yeah if you bartender acts like too cool for school. And says what you need. Sid can I get a date. I am working here I had one do that to miss it all by the way you working here do you like money for him. Pulling dude what are you don't give me this not see you know what I'm saying yeah. Little bit of personality Mike Goodson did I get a personalized it I'll tip well you know most definitely but if you give me the too cool for school. I got better things to do. My hipster mentality. I talked to. That is what I not to mean that's disaster except. Because I never thought Cooper is scoot ahead skimmed agreement treaty rimmed glasses on and then. Text type. I think of hybrids were Beers sex that. We have an official Tammy says he disagrees on the parents' front it's not apparent to the hoops to jump through in being unpaid for training that. For people off must sports can record six weeks of training with no pay. That's big six thanks for training and no pay its products. Unless you've been an officially you know understand it's thankless job that pays very little idea to grab never disagree without. But you do it to love the sport you're not needed to get rich to be an official. Here it to still be a part of the spore. You. Is that why you'd officiate. One person says I have a theory. Says officiating the guys are the good athletes the coaches the best athletes are the officials. And I don't know. Don't you believe and on and on trying to think guys that another rally no one guy's head hockey you pretty lady was a pretty good athlete. It is is pretty good is for again to deal again in another it's an official visit her two guys and know. Long ten. Via official could very good athlete who is any Italian official that's both NFL. And NBA or college basketball official you don't it's like Salvatore Salvatore Jeanne Salvatore yeah great guy now that's cool. It's Mecca. Finals is Catherine and I don't know but he's got to get attention to guess that deep event that was not a great athletes. Gonna go bottom and they and that's actually pretty good point yes sixers are the worst part tenders by force us to success. Protects a guy can anyone pretentious I have to mix you'd drink. Yes that did not have money in the beer. Put out by by doing their job it's like yes different job YUN service industry. Yeah go days. None of the day is up. Well then bartenders they have a lot of crap to you because there's some people that just complain just complain and he does you need to know that going in you're ready now to our psychologist. Is turning your. That com. All told uncheck worst bartender ever I'm usually drink. How much is a wealth sort of under us there will get here until two hours the draft fearless sort of under it'll get. I think you know or deer during the basket thank you Rhonda Rhonda since then thousands among makes customer. Time for you know I think you I didn't let any firm bartender those that did one. It's busy let's hope the day mixed but then they make you a good one. You know they take the big giant ice cube out in the sought yellow. How does it you cool he's definitely comes with the dig out of the water act in these through cuts the giant ice cube and half of this saw. Then there was that emerge beautiful beautiful brown liquor had just your views your users who drink actually this. Is skewed people. That at a camp for these horror and is it kind of sounds like it over there and that say about David wicks. David weeks is a golfer for Jacksonville. University. And I believe they're that dolphins. The dolphins in the battle rage. Regional and on the thirteenth hole of his round. He got into his underwear and jumped into the water hazard old TV have a meltdown. Emotional no it was to save meltdown. Because this is where gets strange and weird. Is that yes even before. I tell you why he got naked and this is where gets into it he marked his ball properly on the green. In the does it. It's in his pocket. As the other guys putting he pulls out a scorecard to check to make sure everything's right. As pulling at a scorecard ball pops out of pocket bounces off his foot and rolls. Off of the green in into water has not as aid that is a rookie mistake. And never carry two balls in your target. Never carried the ball in the same pocket as viewers are Carter's well usually pros have caddies and Eric every ball but he's not he's going to players we have taxable as pocket which he never do. No it was his ball that he was using not only on our your right your right is not a name ball since this is his ball and equality in the right I get which is in its stuck to the scorecard yeah and it popped straight out down wells in the hazard. Rules official does. Well. You have to take a one stroke penalty if you don't go and get the ball in line. Because you have to finish the hole with the ball that you started with less you claim it is a lost ball or it went into a hazard will get what it did you know and as you have there was as the ones from penalty yup so. David wakes strips into this give these separate jumps on in their Happy Gilmore he'd be Dave rose SCSI got five minutes to putt the ball. And so he's in there for like three minutes. He finds twenty golf balls in the small area where his coach and he were like this where an anti. Twenty golf balls none of them are his. He begs the health he had to get out of there get back into his clothes and he ended up saving par on that hole. In India finishing around par par par par par in wet underwear. It benefited the organ ducks. The organ ducks held off Jacksonville by two strokes both teams went in to qualify. For the NCAA is and move on out of that regional. Morgan finished two stroke strokes better than Jacksonville. In Jackson landed at the final team out of that Baton Rouge regional. Paul because one stroke at one stroke. So moral of the story as we head into the weekend guys. Always protect your balls. Make sure you know where they are. Nature. They're not sticking any cards they'll. And he definitely no little balls out they don't bounce off issues a lot of well. Every weekend who was CF. Penetrates until we can we'll see you Monday sixth and I think you. It think it's. Six and it's been dusty came up next at her college Garrett and needed to reader is great three to seven prime time with Isaak in sue go run. Is it Portland 910 tonight 530. You've got Eastern Conference finals game C a Celtics cavaliers stadium and it. Just have a secret identity I haven't gotten. Being all night and Jane okay thank you I'm not a loads.