Dusty and Cam - 5.19.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, May 19th

All-NBA voting, Rams/Chargers new stadium opening is delayed, Trout vs. Harper, and more!


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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really need each other acute sinus it's easy to pop. Maybe even born free she. Dusty here. And the man in my acceptance permissible teriyaki benefits are also a college all American gem. Why does anybody in the dusty examine the more million dollar and 1080 votes. Now or never too early Friday morning good morning folks it's tough the next hour at this time we'll be having our weekend would you rather. Which Crawford is compiling. We also have. Being new football league. And Mike Vick is flying in. Could open up some doors for guys. It's a gloomy interest Simpson. Big doors but some small doors opening up for guys. Right now it's 704 on the thing. Steel jam wanna set outdoor sports news. Yeah I tend to agree. My thought right. As soon as the front yard a look ahead at the top stories go hottest topics in the big games in front of brought you by stark street blog and guard. Did you grasp her over fifty years on line it's dark thestreet.com. The big story of the day is ends that Russell Westbrook. Staff curry. James Harden and John Wall are about to give her. It's the guy that isn't gonna get paid and it is. Evers is talking about Paul George the Indiana Pacers all NBA voting released yesterday. Native Paul George would lack landed on the LN BA team. He would live. Being kicked into what they called the super Max contract which is added to the 2011 collective bargaining agreement which says. They've franchise guys coming out of his rookie deal. Can sign a four year extension for the Max. But a super Max so what was on the line. Was a five year deal worth 210. Million dollars for Paul church. And it because he did not make any of these NBA all NBA teams. He now can only get to five years in a 180 million dollars from the Indiana Pacers. If our if he had. If he goes anywhere but here's where it gets a little more interesting is super Max is worth 42 million dollars a year. Now Indiana can still give him 36 million dollars per year but. Any other NBA team. Can given 33 million per year so that gap goes from it being a 77 million dollar advantage. From anybody else to Indiana. It goes down to 47 million dollars over the lifespan of the deal which for these guys. That means you know three million dollars here hey are rolled the dice on goes somewhere else because. Four years vs five years I can kick into a new contract earlier so why was this rule created it was created for parity. This created she could hold on to your talent he's the NBA said we need to keep guys in the cities we can't have. Super teams. Yet we have super teams this is one of those rules one of those. Agreed things by players. To try to help out the owners say hey what do you guys a solid. Will negotiate this deal. If we play and were incentivized. And we're good will stay you just got to offer us that country going to be willing to have the option to donors are probably like great. Might author we might not but now your livelihood as a player. Is based on 992. Or charred hundred votes 100 voters said the media. Immediate off the player's team not the owners not coaches. Media and being impartial media. You know there is a reason why don't they they have this and is because. Brian when horse went on Mike and Mike earlier this morning and talked about he said. It was actually agreed upon in that CD eight that it would be the media that votes because if you have owners coaches or players. There will be even more favorites being played then the media would in 100. Voters from the media and our tax agreed upon. Yeah I agree that. I've sat in. In trouble meetings. With with players and end. When we selected players is they goes guy's been nearly six times put him there's really no interest in no rhyme or reason. At least I would say some of these media members might be doing a little bit of homework actually measuring on stats not their own personal feelings. But that's impossible because it's the human factor. And that's the NBA cut down the number of voters that incredible they're trying to use pump the brakes on this as much as they can. And now and remember like guys like broadcasters were eligible so. For this that is no longer and because the media team employs that that's the whole part of wider owners and players and coaches when vote on this is because. Is team broadcasters could added yet that same Baxter granny had to battle that. They take those guys out it's a strictly meet members of the media and Al Paula George. And that's why we are saying it could change. Whether Kevin Pritchard in the Indiana Pacers. Are willing to deal. Paul George more so than they were at the trade deadline 177 million dollar advantage is a huge advantage for Indiana now if that advantage is gone. He may be willing to use. To cut bait and go. In my crazy enough to think that's the ways and most these guys are thinking nowadays that 25 million dollars and thirty million dollars is not enough. To make you stay in a bad situation. He Ito to make up the gap in your shoe deals make it up the gap. By enjoying your lifestyle better by going back home to LA you're going out getting away from middle America is what probably would all Georgia's thinking. What's. What's say what says these players really care about 2530 million dollar actual for guys like Kevin grant it was when it. Ya he was winning he wants to win. And we did we get ill advised him for that and with Paul George. It is he wants to go back to his hometown which I can't knock a guy Melo LeBron did when he love Miami that I would Cleveland. Also he wants to build the team that he grew up loving and wants to make like everything about a winner again if he does go back to LA. You know this is our world were everybody's are you writing him off says he's gone LA because of private conversations he says he'd want you must be Laker. So there is some credence to it but. Hey 36 million dollars a year from Indiana could keep him could still keep him there and we don't know kind of what happens there. The is he's not the only guy that I think to get more likely to leave. In dude in a hurry. Is another guy who missed out on a solid B voting you know Gordon Hayward. Gordon Hayward of from the Utah Jazz was in the exact same situation. In harmony sane wears his favorite place to be bowl on CN. Because I think his coach is there. Now Brad Stephens strange in Bordeaux reunited you're talking about a guy that had an unbelievable you're just missed out with the Utah Jazz apparently. They're they're probably like. Hearing it. This is the only way your keeping guys in Utah this if you travel blocked him I'm sorry. If I do I honestly feel to my heart that you talked is probably one of the worst places to play basketball on. Erica I just I have done it to me know I'd I don't edit it it just is I I do I think it's it's. It's better. That a lot of places I sit with a question mark because it is so much better than Utah. So much better than Salt Lake City beer alone had to hear a lot of it did not even close so Gordon you were looking at this going to I wanna be part of this they got a good thing there. Era to go bear. Yeah a year and it debuted players solid war mean they do it and you look at their I. We're never in guys' heads that's the funds and a fun game we like to play is a goal we know what they're gonna connect I don't I love that people like oh he's you know wanna go back and play for read what he knows he's six for Brad Stevens heard. The T seasons. Almost a decade ago. It did it do we really know. How much Gordon Hayward got to go to Boston we don't and and play for Brad Stevens but it's fun to pretend yeah I need is it's an easy way to sit there and donors. You know it's like to tell apart think he's no mention in New Orleans should fire Alvin Gentry and hired John Calipari and then everybody from Kentucky we'll go play for double what would. How how many people in Boston are waking up to smiling. From UD we get Tom Brady's marking Aston Martin we have the team in the western car or Eastern Conference finals we have the number one pick in the draft. Gordon Hayward. Potentially could come to your team. And you have of everything it's like Danny Ainge is sitting there just going yes well in that everybody in Boston is going. So yes that is amazing to think about they have the ability. To sign. Gordon Hayward or anybody else to WiMax deal incredible. They and the number one pit at the number 1 pick during the Eastern Conference finals in the have salary cap space pairs you to sign. Any acts. Contrary we have such parity in the NBA it's 32 will need if your Smart you can build a great roster Danny Ainge is done something that we haven't seen a lot of general managers do. Ever in the history of sport well we've now it's just he's just tricked everybody. It's doing it's that it's what general managers used to do when they didn't have he had been 77 million dollar advantage over everybody else which is work your butt off. Mason deals end. Fleece dumb teams like the Brooklyn nets in trades I got so dynasties are built. Hey show me dynasty that wasn't built through fleecing a team after a trade war. You have. Falling in the super teams like LeBron in Cleveland and of now the warriors with. The warriors are true old school version like when Jerry West Bob Meyers the waited days symbol got. But Danny Ainge think that's I do that you take advantage of dumb people. Those same while in the nets are all dumb. The sound them wait yes because they took a flyer on. Three aging dinosaurs in Kevin Garnett eternal fires championship Jason Terry was chasing kids fall at a nobody nobody thought the Dow's gonna work in days like OK that's the culture yet we'll take your first trip takes 'cause I know what these guys are if you look at. That Boston Celtics multi year salary cap down. So Al Horford. Is India their highest paid player easing may 26 million dollars this year 27 next year. Avery Bradley makes eight million dollars Isiah Thomas 666. Million dollar off. Jae Crowder averages about seven million dollars remaining on his contract. Jalen brown is on a rookie deal. I -- Kelly holiday makes three million dollars and as a restricted free agent this year there under the cap. Winner and they have to pay that money somehow some way they're gonna be penalized that that money has well no date because they do have dead not eleven and they've done some dead money that goes that goes against that they are at the floor though they're okay. But next year I think they have to spend another nine or ten main which is. Easy when you after resigning guys and go out and throw Max contract or Goran it hard. Well than anything else but as it is John Wall and James Harden also eligible for super max's now. The Grammy 200 million dollars as this be the norm they did make you see all NBA teams we didn't even read off the all NBA first team. First team all NBA's teams hard Russell Westbrook LeBron James choir Leonard and Anthony Davis any problems there. It problems now would you would you insert anybody change anybody in there are nights routine that he Davison gritty go there who rodeo bears and second team. Because you need to have a big or Donna sentence combo. Anthony Davis is one of those guys where you have to really scrutinized is he four or five. Did he play more minutes and rescue team I think. I think aegis delegates to date setters the Anthony Davis is on the best bigs and all the holes course undoubtedly so close but when your team. Is not a playoff team not even really in contention. I mean they've melted down at the end and they weren't in contention last month a year I gritty go there is the best Eiffel Tower. Best he's the best center in the league you feel he's the best center. Yeah. And a did he say that yes that's conviction yes. That's why don't relive from within the Dave's guy saying -- if maybe there is a dead but the guy who there's no better for five combo in the league than anything if this can we agree with. And if you Davis and DeMarcus Cousins don't 0400 yeah at 5 AM oh yeah and he's probably the three. Even when New Orleans gets to deterred Shamus had built around him inputs as some real pleasure that theater began. They should've gotten rid of Monte lines island mountains is coached team. Our front yard on his writes about start street lawn and garden the better way to buy power equipment since 1965. Pace of global 55 might not have a home. Because of rain. Testing came on the fence. Eminem or. And 1080. They can't stand the rain down in this. LA that's for sure. You see that their new stadium in Inglewood has been delayed a year because of rain. In new moon. Thumping. Of the woods a great movie by the way do what it is a great movie great movies. During this deltic so after they broke ground with circus performers. Earlier this year. It started raining a lot remember that with the cranes and knees served as a lay people they had jumping on trampoline and whatnot forgot about backed. Do you remember seeing that Adam is it that bad habits are innings and they have like the back goes in and in the big tractors all out there and bears had their golden shovels breaking ground in Allison make people on trampoline started like bouncing back and forth from behind need. Were cranes in the back because I did not see that big people like dropping out of the buckets on spiraling down on the most bed sheets. Well it started raining in Los Angeles and they're saying now. They have to bought back the entire stadium building process for the rains in the chargers it will be until 22 money. Because little rain the Southern California construction companies man up you know. About this logistically did you know. Did you know that the NFL. Has given Los Angeles a super ball. In 20/20 one I didn't know that he is did you also know that it's a league rule that you have to have your stadium opened for two years. Before you can have a Super Bowl yeah so do you think the league is gonna throw way. Ask strict at LA and say we're gonna give you a rain delay card to allow you to still be able to have because there's no way. That stand cranky is given up a Super Bowl after it's already been awarded. The fault of rain thing about that if the leak who's gonna do that. Easily gonna step in and save you guys you know what that muddy foundation they couldn't figure out how to pour concrete in you're in it we're gonna pull that Super Bowl. We're gonna give it to. We're somebody else we're gonna give it to Minnesota again. What we're gonna give it to Atlanta and their new Mercedes stadium on land is already got it yes they are don't get theirs they mean read before that. It and that this becomes a big issue could they get to file for a waiver. And to see if it well. And to see if it is still approve it and say hey you out will let she even though it's opening the year that you guys cause considerable. Will allow this one timed in two point six billion dollars construction. And somebody needs higher construction management company from appear. Yeah because I'm looking at the rain falls he rainfall measured in inches for march was point 09 inches in the Los Angeles lawyer. For February. It and they needed it don't get me wrong answer for his four inches in February. The thicket. Adam geez the Portland one is like its forces in and day here. Seriously is. Really is with no sunshine we laugh at that I am a mom lives down Elena she's complaining about translate who are you here are doing what he's talking about average for nine months here. Mom I saw the sun for the first at my mom did a month ago now. It was in his pumping up my eyes my son was three months old is the first time he'd ever seen the sun is subdued dusting but this is a different dusty Crawford. I'll know air check gets back about a month ago would I love I love the clouds and the rain you know I embrace the northwest now than say I bet my mom is losing her Oregon Neeon here. All she's a 'cause Steve and I sensed a hint of a little disdain into the ring. Now it's like Spain and it is is scenic California people for complaining about having some sprinkles around okay. Eight it was the sprinkles socal man's flooding there was flooding was historic there's nowhere for the water to go candidates order it was literally store going to fall. Okay no different as it was historic drought prior. It doesn't miss them entering it was a lot of rain but how can it rain really justify one years' worth. But the construction are not in the big business of construction house couple of months Beatty being delayed is are you brilliantly year people know how to build in certain areas now maybe they were behind already you know what I mean any Alley no surprise you hate sitting right yeah I ability studies and Eds second of all yet. So maybe socal builders like they'll mail us a while Lafayette. Or fish and wildlife people out their because now there's water and there could be some sort of dish. Then there that they're grounded out one guy that works in LA county system Bob I think they gave by the way now crap I got to the worst examples in their gonna have to find a way to get those removed. It on TV it says on the governor workout Saturday these California believes are pathetic show I agree he was anti way down to build his new American. Go let's do this new good management also out of Los Angeles city Los Angeles stadium is. ED gnome and a coliseum USC buys their hands a place of Tony Tony. They have set themselves up for mean city. As reports are united. Will pay seventy million dollars for the naming rights to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. How that pour bloodied guys face is going to be all over means wind. USC beats teams and pounds them into the ground and then tosses them out unceremoniously out of that stadium. Source rams means yes this appears to fifteen year deal seventy million dollars. A lot of money yeah Nader renovating old stadium that's decrepit now. It's been their long time and it's like Rome if they're gonna pay minus 79 dollars is gonna pay for that night so the original color. That's two airlines. Are now in the back twelfth. Think about yet Alaska up in Seattle's got a ten year 41 million dollar deal now you have united in LA has got a fifteen year seventy million dollar deal when is. What's the bad airline's name. Spirit spirit it's got to go for way Greece or read all the time I wow you know that is all. OEM YPD hey. I sorry Martin Steve earned a Spirit Airlines see the Spirit Airlines said they were income then will the G the new side. Of the state polls reveal run will pave the old side they like anyone to spirit there are yeah yeah. Right now they're going to be very affordable at a super affordable. He will throw in some really good stuff you know what you're getting you know you know daddy and a very transparent. You want to sit in this section that's cool we want to bring your personal been a story for us and you know that's exactly it means a couple there are no solace that adds to Tony I. 125 dollars. Man in that would be I'd be pretty good if we if we had US Airways at one point had two Arenas. They had Phoenix and Miami is that the precursor to bankruptcy. I think cell sponsoring stadiums. I I think sell every airline you Max he's gonna make me sound like Canadian late the United Center ours you parties in Chicago either they have to its second. This is outdoor open our door. Coliseum is not this is not a basketball arena this is open air seat it's different I always he could actually fly your airline over that's true I always hate these TU. Because. Nobody will call it the united coliseum. No see United Center yet is say if somebody tried to by naming rights to write the perfect example Wrigley where did the Dallas Cowboys play. Jerry world. No AT&T stadium and I know I don't know but what it's like nobody says husky nobody says Alaska airlines arena at husky stadium the big nobody and nobody offensive but that's not the deal is that it's the naming rights yeah. I I'm surprised Mota senator has stuck as well as it has actually I thought he was annoyed even though I love the rose to us again it's always an either Rose Garden now I don't go to go to mobile sales rose gardening or about Washington part go looking at the portrayed as this that's really what it is it's his name recognition and branding but nobody will call it the united coliseum. It now all seen this too big. Two days the words tell the words played together now is resilient he'll have a no. No no when they greet them when they went and you really quickly they would tell Yankee Stadium on or if it goes to Fenway we've all we've lost all. What's good in sports these Citgo sign yeah out behind Fenway Park. That is more my dad is an iconic sign there that the Budweiser sign in in Andrea Wrigley and yet. In Wrigley build a day of rooftop that that keeps breaking. That's word keeps breaking yes yes BP the Budweiser sign as can be broken but you have like those signs that the Citgo sign. Might be coming down. That at Fenway behind Fenway. It takes a lot further away from Fenway Park and I thought it would be all police Crawford usage you're gonna sell the Canadian how much please proceed. I know a branding our marketing personal tell me I'm wrong and I understand brand visibility able all the law but I've never. Bought an airline ticket because I said US Airways arena. And Beagle flying them you know I mean like I get. I can see why an airline. Would go bankrupt if they overspent on stadium. Named fun I I just. I've never gotten it I did I get it's money's all the rights brand visibility I also don't get it. You don't have saying you bought a big bowler brand idea majors but I I've never been a big ball rendering. I don't go to Staples Center in the so you know a lot. I need office supplies. Food. You Newton. I don't you go though for office supplies off as deep as oregano. Those are still don't know there's one on I'm OK just wait till Amazon names stadium that's mean we've arrived yeah in the future. People people but fits Amazon. Everything. Maybe when Seattle gets an NBA team their ego who. When they renovate the arena him and make it an Amazon. Well that would be a little I mean that then you'd have because this the Seattle storm and plant there continue to have the amazonian jokes. Going be great you know in there. In his own views on their way to be wearing Wonder Woman costumes on talk more that's around. Look at two guys that are having historic seasons in baseball it got heated this morning when we talked about it pretty taken harper Trout. Crawford sports that are. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 love for him. Games happy son. I'd lock myself in a room. And spent four hours just learning this wrist. Yeah I was like I got. Had a feeling you learned it. It's a couple ribs and he did you have to have. Gift at your back and black grip yet to have those of the things he got to know purity CD CBC India have a couple solos he got to know. I can play hot cross buns on the recorder. I don't by the opening of jump on the keyboard. You really can't. It's really easy is is double G chords I think. And that's all I know and either a little bit lift. Yet as it be a liar he said listing get the juices flow as we do you find music you love the easiest team Greece it. That's not my eyes don't I'm I can't I taught myself journeys don't stop believing on piano because I got exit he just gets you excited. Excited. It's. Just have a secret identity. We should have us join I want to be rocks are secretly. Your really I think you've been that secret about that tea I'd be really bad rock star booted you wouldn't deals rob Manning. He's not like you'd be the kind of no guitar virtuoso. Not even virtuoso I just do is give me the chance to be he says laughing and eight assists eleven a B it's men sit face to something. Dusty what's your secret identity reveal it later in the show is the secret identity. I'm gonna dress up like a guy that plays drums a Crawford tweeting out tweaks me how to be a federal agent. Undercover like Johnny tell you heard indeed the wire I haven't gotten the CI. NG and aren't visit properly Lejeune said. You are under arrest the pig get out of here. This page is slapping our eye candy you now we'll see. Models say in new crop as everybody Fuld is he's way more straight edge then but he well all leads on. Well you guys make it seem like am. I mean that's probably an hour right there I would just pushed new lows. Well he's not mistreated as you buy this property is titled I have edged Jimmie. And it up I thought a little bit of Lucy UC. Got to see me out of the workplace okay thank you know I'm. So can thank you think this is in place for you in necessarily need to be buttoned up. And on but a profit craft is not a degenerate like he's portrayed by himself and they'll buy you guys you played the picture. Walk. The box all are you kidding me right now that's ridiculous that is I would never. I would never. Mike Trout and Bryce Harper having historic seasons. In Major League Baseball. According to Elias Sports Bureau press harper to Mike Trout. Could be the first do low. Since 1927. To have at least a batting average of 350. A slugging percentage at 450. In an on base percentage of 78. It would be the first time since you went to get some which TU it was in 1927. Which to in 1927. Kids murders around. Well there yankees then. Yeah there are on the same team yeah I would Gergen and Bieber it does it it was a Lou Gehrig Babe Ruth together. At the last time that those numbers have been reached. That feat has been reached by two players and these guys had eight wins above replacement that are on career highs and they are the same. For the season. Their defense of metrics in how they play the outfield. Almost identical. In the Indians data analytics both of them had twelve home runs on the season and are smashing the cover off the ball. We had this conversation before the show started. Which what are you taken because both of them if you look at the numbers right next to each other if you look at that type of player they are. It's almost a dead heat in this is a tough decision to make it's definitely a dead heat so. You said twelve it's actually thirteen but it now it is thirteen other unseen across the board some numbers here let's go Mike Trout you have 28 runs scored if 45 hits. Thirteen bombs thirty RBIs he's skating. 341. Let's go up to Bryce Harper not a bad not a bad stat line 42 runs scored so little bit more I he's got fifty hits. It's it's it's it's pretty good he's got thirteen home runs he's got 36 RBIs he's hitting 365. These guys are doing something. Are credible for their teams that they are the faces of their franchise they are coast faces when I mean coast ones East Coast. Ones West Coast. It is that aero leaks here superstars of the sport here what the future roles they're gonna be half a billion dollar players say that with me folks. These guys are gonna get half a billion dollars in their contracts. So it's it's it's ludicrous it's unbelievable so I I I was wondering this question because I'd. Just I I did baseball fields to meet its it is increasing its like what Alex Rodriguez said last year he says he feels baseball's gonna take over and I'm not on the outside suck they take over for. Boy it's gonna take over basketball. I feel like it's common. These guys. Are now faces so Rudy got. Your start your franchise right now you're you have the opportunity to sign these guys to have to billion dollar deal now who are you taking. To start your franchise. We want a moment Trout. I'm going to sell me my trumpet. Ugly don't need to get it does so well last beyond why it's my truck my aid is Mike Trout. Because of the fact that there will be less of a distraction. Because you just read the numbers. And if you look at their career numbers trucks when he five harbor sunny for almost the same age. Their their numbers in there production are the same you know less volatile guy in Mike Trout. Are you Selznick tickets because you have my Trout. Not because he's not as boisterous of personality but I'm on my Trout just because the fact that there's less of an unknown on what you're gonna get. Senior UR guy action at at OK and that's good because everybody has to have their philosophies. If you were investing your money you either are an aggressive. Investor or your conservative investors this to me is is definitely personality built and it are you an aggressive buyer which I tend to be more aggressive I'm a little more risky. When it comes to wanting to invest. It bites unibody the end and it will do that but I'm picking Bryce Harper now I think this is a dead heat when it comes to talent. An upside. From mean the only the main reason why is it a time generating revenue for my business. I like to err on the side of more risk because I think the pay off in the end is. Do I like what Bryce Harper brings to the ball park every day because it. Multiple media people and everybody said the call coward said this before recent. There's only couple people the history of baseball. That when that person goes to bat if you're in a bar if you're at the stadium if you're your friend's house. You stop everything you go he's up. One guy for me was Ken Griffey junior the other guy. Was Mark McGwire goes it is two guys I stopped in dead tracks to say I have to watch him hit. Those are my guys that I like to watch in today's world it's price harper Mike Trout yeah but I'm stopping everything to watch. Bryce Harper and I like the upside he breaks are absolutely. You know we were talking about this before and we said. If if these guys were flip teams I believe this if we're to flip teams in Bryce Harper to be an LA and playing for the angels. And Mike Trout were to be in Washington playing for the nationals. It would fit. And they would be bigger stars than they currently are. Why because it gave feed. My job New Jersey got East Coast guy you wouldn't know it far more conservative yeah why when you know well because when I think of East Coast I think of a little more. I think of a little more brash. Yeah you I do you have in mean he's just ready to Lenny Dykstra believes that hailed it the call which your head down yeah go to work act. You know and there is Lenny Dykstra time here but. He kind of fits more of that that cog in the wheel all negative but I didn't really he's the motor. And Ike Turner I think some members of harper was in LA. He's glad he is glad if Bryce Harper doesn't sign with the Dodgers the angels or the Yankees. He's doing himself and surface free agency because he's gonna give money wherever he goes yeah he would be a superstar. Invented term that is over used in professional sports announced he would BA super star in one of those markets. And because it that's that's who he is it's we must be made in Washington I think it kinda gets bogged down. Really you think it Washington and not I like the Nassau like what they're doing but I did two of life I don't see him my I'd I believe he is just like what he erupted in Seattle he is going to become an absolute superstar can get paid out of his mind. By somebody that's in a big market you're right it's gonna be LA they gonna be New York it's that the Yankees are gonna swoop in and say police in its gonna be the Red Sox sources like that can't be the Mets and all it can't it won't be won't work because borrowing costs. Exactly and be the Mariners. Know while you'll hear it won't be the Astros either because they don't think. Kidding me here's some numbers about Mike Trout last year and he turned 25 this came from. ESPN. This is all prior to his 21 birthday Mike Trout has more hits than Pete Rose prior to his 25 birthday. Has more home runs than Barry Bonds prior to his 25 pertains towards him he has more runs scored and Rickey Henderson the all time runs leader did the first 25 birthday. And as more total bases prior to turning 25 in the all time total bases leader Hank Aaron incredible. Think of that era. And how old like 25. Years all. Now here's his ears sending to keep in mind those at Pete Rose Barry Bonds are Henderson Hank Aaron played for ever and they all played forever which is going to be it. Detriment to anybody voice long job identity but given that in my truck and paper he basically his career yet the pacing of what Mike Trout is is been able to deal. Has been. Quite rare in quite amazing in both of these guys over the last three seasons harper had kind of at a step at bulls on kind of last year step back. But this year full of them are on historic pays for wins above replacement. And in their hitting wise is set 1927 the last time. At you guys went 350 averaged 450 slugging percentage 72 on base percentage in it was the gear give Bieber. And Mike Trout in Bryce Harper can do it and I and that conversation that we had. I don't think there's a wrong answer Peco is all about not seen it what what team you're going to because doesn't fit in a lot of places. And even win Bryce Harper if and when Bryce Harper gets to new Yorker LA. Watch out because then baseball has its faith that. And as you said you wanna see next carriage I wanna see him again with old runs. The judges. The return of Mike Vick is opening doors for aging vets and unemployed players are on the NFL this is dusting him on the field. This is just you can jam in the morning you've gone already you know. If we need is like big things. There's two notes from our last segment that I forgot he said he believed baseballs coming. Up on basketball. I side there's an article it retreated yesterday at dusty underscored parents. And it's turned it Ken Rosenthal pat. Fox sports a new study showing that youth baseball and softball participation. Are on the rise after years of consistent. Numbers are coming back. And they're coming back up in a big way in mayors they're saying a lot of us do it the and LB clay. Exciting where they went concern going in Anderson in it into inner cities and making it more affordable to play. And making it more accessible is play the United States and so numbers are back up on their eyes. The other thing. Is I got no response from me last night on this is that concerning or what. Did you pose for the Jay Buhner Bobble head night that the Mariners are gonna have. Were related scenes. I tagged you in a tweet last now yeah I've I've kind of twittered off you. Look. Like it Jay Buhner Bobble head where Xavier Bob and I get mariners tweeted it out last night. Just go to your notifications okay every treated at tagged you minutes. You'd need to go to that game sat it's this Saturday if anybody's going to a game this Saturday. First year. Yes can I get one. And oh there it is yet do you and the first a thousand fans let's see. Warming smile and yeah yeah I meant to you all ticket nicknamed the bone I got no problems without yet there is is littered with sexual innuendo. Street is says tonight is does for you to love bones Saturdays and for those who love abound. A. So yeah I get my own Bobble head doll just have a secret that's pretty cool I would like that I would like to get those Jay Buhner I've met Jay Buhner he's he's really cool. That's nick kind of limited has had had a good name heavily and cut you. Yet isn't it was very brief me with it when they it was it was at a golf tournament was that Delis strip he does a celebrity garment. Did dealt with personally an idea. Was it when there MLB all stars crash your wedding what happened without a doubt that it costs no I haven't got much MLB does is awaiting 2001 at Austin yeah that's for the last time the Mariners are relevant that's a that's I'd take it's my fault that your why should renew your vows and I bring relevancy back to the Mariners franchise in the truth or. Your marriage curse the mariners' franchise that might be true also they hit they want and then Leno went and I need to find a way to get one of those Jay Buhner. Bobble heads nugget bill to attend the game I got baseball my own to deal with on Saturday but yeah. I could see little says semblance of so I've looked like a lot of people I've looked like a lot of people lately and it's hard to drive me crazy so I think I need to change it up or to write his own it. So I'm Trent Dilfer you are I'm Steve Bettman Umar. I'm now Jay Buhner now you G Peters Bobble head is different SG commuters Bobble head. Is I guess is better to have a look yeah ordered that looks like other people. Page billion people tell you look like Johnny himself and Cisco. Ordered to Dominik from. Kindergarten cop like our producer over the air. I yes I look like the bad guy they're guarding cop. Sorry when I Wear my hair a ponytail. Which I won't do. For a while. Aren't stupid gamble paid top dollar fuel of the first when he fans' tickets to the mayor here's. On one of those now for a bone maybe even somebody threw mayor in his Watson on CSN beat wildly maybe bring your own bowl. There was that mark. Were. We will get TD Michael Vick re emergence and return to the football field in the next hour also next hour. A little more on the media's relation to the indeed all NBA voting in one number out of that is absolutely ridiculous and why golfer got naked. But it's a weekend would you rather always awkward often offensive exceedingly entertaining Crawford's got a four next on 1080 the faint.