Dusty and Cam - 5.19.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, May 19th

The Stanley Cup playoffs have been better than the NBA Playoffs and would you take Paul George in PDX on a one-year rental?


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty can jam in the morning. I say should we really swimsuits and you say. Dusty here. Let's hope those. Just dealing gem in the morning on 1080 so it. On the table. Damn day. Is bad time to do in the damn thing through one more day in this work great for a lot of people out there after Friday's. Sony Friday morning and how great was it driving in this morning cam kind of event. He then that the but crack of dawn when we get up and go you can start seeing that sound pompous over the Verizon and I try to have you approached yesterday's snow means a glimpse stunning. I'll be happy I tried. Positive thinking where's my Brian woods is no two woori. Hello Bobby nick fair I'm white basically our five we went. On prime -- earth we human don't worry be happy. He hates this song will give out. Can read it every walked up he saved his song. That easy to relay really do the with cell phones those last name is due to do the Dan Carlson the Carlton dance yeah gated bug the crap out here. You can't now. So I thought ma. Can I know you can't tell you why I came to me you know you see those guys like nesting inside guys across like a big guy like Robert. DC mob members may just like Els and voters I imagine that his son is on their editors Tennessee minister. Chicken and I was at a party a bump and parity bill couple months ago that it sends the wrong guy kept putting this song on Watkins and and I'll tell you I was happy but it was not helping the nude. There's any song and he's got a rarity here over and over again it's the song yeah. He can't get angry at this in a barbecue playlist just disarm a reason he's on our. And we're on repeat have a Carolina at all I Chiron now. Getting guys who was trying to tell me I was trying to take a happy thing but it was. Hi guys in the U should adopt it again. It's the Q well it doesn't work well doesn't work well and its. DAX he did get grumpy at the end this show yesterday well I gave him time affect I don't wanna take away who yard. And hide from the fact on makes you happy with the economy yeah. If new. What's the song where you go editors of army. Probably thunder struck newest on the AC. Are at 8 AM hour please give us the thunder struck at some point in the it and our yeah that a man. Acadia. That end is such an average for Beers tech's entire thought your climate points out Robin Williams was in that music video. Actually saw that did today. On YouTube does 'cause such bug me turn on YouTube but. Robin Williams and outlined and does in the air where Chevy Chase did. You can call me Al. With Peter Simon yeah. Yeah it is they did that strains Robin Williams but my kids watching last night mrs. doubtfire or whatever you one of their favorite. Movies. And we're. The love that literally hear and see me one to be a hero and Cleveland households with Israel or the creek movie we both had frequently. Sometimes I'd be routine here. I could be an old English woman. You know since a little muddled my favorite part of that agreement is Wendy does suit his brother's house since it's gonna make me do wanted to do. There's like he has finally. I don't know. And hopefully his brother and make him. So that really is so creepy when you really think about it all why is pretty dark at the beginning. Is it kind of an artist thing. The that we CNN headline dad posing as a nanny spot. Kidnapped and be sure he's just another day in Florida think yeah well who here would not like a secret identity that we can go have. It just beat just changing the largest occasionally for five hours I have one. Can't tell you secret. It. Can you might do you have men and your daddy even if you haven't you haven't. Can't you have a dark leather habit that night did you Alex leather jackets yelling is eager it and because your Bure bald heads great for wigs. People off. In on that note let's get does have a secret identity day. The. And this is spiraling out of control is really going is speaking of going to dark places. I remember was just like yesterday. And Tuesday's short history 1988. Deep Red Sox retired Bobby doors is number one. It was the third number every retired for the dust and it sucks all the behind Ted Williams never nine Ngo Romans number four door born in LA. He's lived in Oregon since the 1930s. The 99 year old is currently. In Portland. And is the oldest living member of the baseball fans Bobby doors numbers title on the state 1988. The local flair to the State's history. He got needed a guy he did we talking about this back for the show please take him. Might try to price harbor. Start eighteenth. Both those guys having historic season we'll put that in context. Over the course today's show. Paula George and Gordon Hayward miss out on big money thanks to the media. Would you take a flyer on Paul George for one year deal. It's important you know it's a rents you know you're renting a player. One year for Paul Dergarabedian take it civil as did anything to get it done. And then now we can would you rather date. We're Crawford has been he stayed up all night compiling and today's we can which your other. Time do we go. Bryant Mariner's. This is giving Regis. Last night seemed to vaguely. The organ state beaver and Ashland Oregon native. Got the start he went five innings. Three hits no runs T strike only to check let's go one block they give enough worn out and lead they handed over the bulls then. Reynolds a Villa goes out there and he gives probably gives up here in the bullpen give up four runs when you Fraser you former mariner free restart manner. Think back to back home runs. Ridiculous but. Found a way they get a lie and things the way they get a win 54 but. I mean figures have some for the effort to keep goes on it's no decision pitches great. Kept him in it. Five innings. Good job. That's that's what we're on here you have you have a semblance of a pitching staff at this point. During games smile a record of twenty and 22. Every season has. Pirates. Down the nationals ten for over an hour. Tigers until the Orioles 65 Rockies beat the twins 51. Rangers double the Phillies a four cubs on top of the reds 95. Pencils or many of you. Hey wake up I said wake up. And on and here it we're gonna do about it. I'm changing them on hot red RL are out here. Because we'll talk about the LA stadiums later in the show as well. But. He'd tip bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator from. He called out and shot Jackson from Bristol carries into the Tampa Bay times you say I told this guy. Paid you. To be that it did to come down here in just being good you need to be great. DeSean Jackson Tampa now has Mike Evans John Jackson and OJ Howard. They got some weapons and they're getting frightening amount of weapons they need and they're gonna have a whole bunch expectations on Shawn Jackson. Good typically Buccaneers. Come out and that shocked the NFC no they're not gonna suck yes the only because everybody's got to expect that they're better. So be shocking if they fall on their face if they don't. Pull it if they don't get nine winds and minimum nine wins it's a big disaster for that team here. I degree under cutters. Dirk cutters got a year he needs a win that coach there boy that's for sure. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out and do make. 600 videos and or oh my god it's early wake up. Just kept secret identity. Against yeah. Lieutenant. Did you like good news or bad news here. I'm always bad news first. Seen that's why we need to flip beard do you think you know I think this is its speed I like to be real young and I don't I don't like to end on a positive I just don't like plus I like real. To be real bad news is usually real good news is usually flies. Both of these are good that both these very bad news real bad news bad news is quite Leonard is questionable for tonight or tomorrow night's look at me aren't. I've handled that did not practice yesterday in San Antonio Spurs are good. The good muses. That he is an upgraded and two questionable from doubtful to. So they're saying that it's a 5050 chance that he plays tomorrow. In game three do Western Conference finals. Do you expect and play yeah I do. So then the fluff would be the bad news to get ID get it either way it's it's good news to know that he's taken it very seriously realizes he's critical. Aspect of ligature those teams wouldn't yet his team and they don't stand a chance without him even at 50%. But tonight. You have game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals after Cleveland slapped around boxing game was Isiah Thomas had a lot of my favorite cuts. Of the day yesterday where he said they're not the month starts this isn't space jam were not afraid of notre. You'd get some tacos tonight Crawford after a week after game when you probably should be hopefully on I I think I when my taco bats and tonight you think he's got it I was as a 27 tonight in general there win or lose but I think we're very excited and has 35 game night in here's something they used to be optimistic about. Is NBA guys that are scores in the NBA when their backs against the wall like even if he doesn't get it tonight. Game your game four. Scores in the NBA go black hole modes inside you're not touching the ball and sewed. 25 is going to be pretty good if they're in a situation where they could get swept. Today game game T tonight Eastern Conference finals 530 tips on T. In. T. And is in 910. You seem Portland 910 but there needs at the center are there without the NB a class last night I found something much better or something great about being casual fan. Bridge for Beers tech satisfy factories or five this is testing camel thing. This is this does to you jam in the morning. I found. That being a casual fans sexism that. Not a bad mojo. Class that we know NBA playoffs. I had slipped on the NBC sports network. And I watched a little the Stanley Cup Playoffs I watch the Anaheim Ducks in Nashville Predators. And I'll. I had no idea what was going on. I'm not I don't claim to be a big hockey guy but every single year I put on the Stanley Cup class and I go need to watch more hockey and I did it again last night. As the ducks beat Nashville 32 in overtime. And there is like this ignorance is bliss. Part about it where I didn't know who the villains were I think you know we did good guys were. But you know good competition and exciting play when you see it. And that game was. So much fun to watch. Hockey. Rove to Meehan last night it was a wave better than anything I've seen in the NBA playoffs the exception of the jazz clippers game really. Mean in May be one of the pacers cavaliers games in the NBA clout. So what's your number one take away everybody that's gonna ask to save. It is hockey always better when it comes to their parity is it there are their series better than more interest lump. I don't I'm not claiming to be any it's perfect hockey watcher I don't know how you even say that in correctly. If you enjoy watching I wish I had more time to watch the hockey because thus far I've only caught snippets of it but it all sounds interest. You had so Anaheim went out there leading early they attitude definitely the entire game but nationals like. So close score like so many opportunities. Right at the net. Adopted to punch it through time and time again. And with the two nothing lead you'd never got the feeling that nationals out of it and how how many times can we sit out the India class this year. I mean never. I believe we've had a more you are allowed one game one game has got me excited this entire playoffs we've had blood after block. Nashville scored their two goals to tied up in force overtime in the final six minutes and again. And with 34 seconds last day scored a goal and forced overtime then of losing. But as I was saying about as much he's going and this is great this is what it's like for media casual fan that watches the NBA finals. And you get those tight games its own back and I was looking at what this NBA playoffs has been. Through 68 games the NBA playoffs the average margin of victory is thirteen points or. Thirteen. Mean those games are. They're not even close does that stack up over history and time 98 is way a farm be argued on the on the ice it is on the high side. Yet more than half of the gains in May. Have had one team lead by 25 points or more in the NBA playoffs. What do we attribute list. Teams quitting. Not tear down aegis have they don't you have a competitive balance issue when you have two teams that are for an ill. In need in the post season and well excuse me they have. They go for a sweeps in all four of their series to this point Ingle and stayed in Cleveland. I mean. That hasn't been exciting lost but then the other series haven't been great either I mean Houston in San Antonio tried to give us something but. That was a back and forth series six game series but those are blowouts and even win this series went back and forth in wins and losses you just have a a league. That. It sets itself up in again sport that lends itself to more blowouts. In you have teams that are far superior than their opponents and it can be as simple as that means be it the excitement just isn't there when a team with. Third time media that we asking for the NBA to make critical changes because what I don't know we're not out you do there's. Move the three point line back another four feet. What do you do. I don't make him make core wider. They get bigger now you don't do anything to change the game draft I I don't want also I don't want teams to try to manufacture. Parody either. We don't delete I don't want them to try to manufacture something say we need more balance of guys can't can't go and jump to be carted super teams it's this is what it is. Why don't you want that why wouldn't you want a better product when you have only. Eight games this season decided by. Three point the last camp and in the history when you try to control a good product it never works in the NFL do that no the NFL does it because of the sport the violence of the sport means your your such would no guarantee contracts and 100% injury you know that every time you step out on the court. Sorry to butt on the field. You're job to be over. The intensity the violence in the impact to the sport creates creates anxiety and only one game per week are talking about 82 game season. Where's your motivation in a season when you know your playoffs are the ones where you get all your notoriety. So the NFL is mated it important from week one to week twenty. The NBA has made an important. They've between April they have twenty we playoffs yeah they made it important in April in in June. It's good to June had known just really kind of April the start of it and then. June so this did did you can't make the NBA. Any better I argue that you could add two more teams and there's thirty more players in this world the can add more excitement that are gonna get run through. It it won't change and that's the thing is is this. This league it's sad to say that there's 500 NBA basketball players in the world and there and there were worried about thirty statistically that's the embarrassing side of how hard it is to play basketball or how rare it is to get a good basketball player statistically. In the playoffs have been bing growing to become more and more lopsided now Andy when you look at the our average margin of victory means a clearly links that series until I think I think teams are quitting I think I don't think anybody likes to play defense anymore I see when a team feels like they're out of it. The go or shut down. It's like there's no battle because he can't foul you can't intimidate you can't do the things he used to be able to duke used to be able to take guys out games which I'm if I'm fine with you don't need that the visit calories but all the things to get back in the game what's only way to get back in the game now due to shoot your way back. And there's not a great shooters so wage you're saying you did changed venue wanna see a wanna see the three point line for feedback policy to get our idea I mean. Of all things that's interesting. You know what it. Perimeter game is fantastic but there's there's got to be some way. A realistic way that we can improve the basketball game by keeping teams in it motivated what are you why you motivated. In a game. Below of that is some VE Dade teachers saying they quit that means they feel like they have their outmanned they're out there on mass there emotionally and physically out matched and so is ludicrous to say in the greatest players in the world. The give up but days but they are when you see when you look at Cleveland you look Kate Golden State compared to everybody else a mean. Cleveland is is one where you have the best player in the world maybe maybe even when it's also and done. When hnilicka LeBron James and say he's better than Michael Jordan when he's also and done and let's or blasphemous to say right now because Michael turns a great December. But when it's also and done you could look at LeBron James and said that that was the best player ever play the game. And in those days. Instances in a game that where one guy can take over if you have that but then on the flip side you have teams like Golden State. Where duke in the NBA has set itself up to allow these guys to create these super teams and in. No matter how hard they try. Indeed there's nothing that is gonna stop these guys from making. Is are teams away no realistic and I'm not an idiot it's not gonna move back four feet that's not a realistic point of view it's one of those drastic calls regal Marty. Teams are employers are just better athletes they're better shooters. He used to be you could just pounded to the inside and you could physically intimidate guys in the way they drive to the Iraqi take him out and they'd never come back in and then my even Michael Jordan was a great perimeter shooter he didn't do that until we can take to the hole anymore there wasn't great shooter now. Guys are stretched fives and the they're the shooting in this game is unbelievable so if you don't have a quality shooting basketball team. You know immediately when you're down fifteen. You can't come back. How we gonna come back and well by shooting your way shooting your way and he missed two shots and can't get a stop miss two more shots can't get a stop now you're down 25 and now you'll. Well when we can't do it now. So years from three Frontline in the game and no I'm not three point line and him this is the love of the game I love the basketball game. It be better shooters don't change the free throw rule. Make the guys be better shooters don't change because DeAndre Jordan sucks at free throw shooting be better shooters everybody practice more shooting would be better shooters. So are easier said than done well beat your pro India there's a reason why your program practice. Go practice Zemin wanted better when he throws can't get better. Now they absolutely can't or sick can bloodied Caesars. Dun dun and everybody else is in the exact same thing if and one of the things that is heard the NBA in this regard is that what the players spot for. Has led to these blowout losses. In that players getting that league getting a bigger chunk. Of the league revenues after the the lockout season complacency guarantee and Rex will I don't think it's guaranteed contracts as much as it is. These guys are getting paid so much I mean we can see we're gonna see guys getting paid forty million dollars per season on the field if you get paid for if you had these guys look at the gold sewers surveys analysts. They've got four guys that are ridiculously talented and all of them are making over but. Fifteen million dollars a year. And you have a league where you sit and you go man hey. It's not like. I I have to take this massive pay cut to go in team up in and make these super teams and that's. What's her has hurt the league is the fact that the players spot for more money now the players sit. Tonight not counted among quit it's apathy absolutely it is what is your internal motivation. Mean only a couple guys in this league a couple you probably put it on your hand really feel like they care so much to win a championship. Other than that everybody is going. Elegantly guaranteed money for the next five years are dismayed 105 million dollars or this was guaranteed 150. As a point guard in Memphis. Say that with me point guard in Memphis highest paid player in the MBA. That's not true I understand that put too this is what the league asked for this is what the players got and the product is apathy. Is that different though than any other league that we see your guys' numbers are down. And if so. That's why do greatest game the NFL's different NFL's difference one year deal everybody knows that when your contract you have to beat the best of the best at all times if not. The NFL team will cut you they won't have to pay you don't take a salary cap hit. It'll go on the books a salary cap but it won't be cash. And then we go find somebody else next man up MBA does not have a next man up mentality it has. You get your money we need you be better and tell me. From the fans not the player. It's a lot of fans complain about here in Portland this year well no the leader geared Damian Miller is not back on now I'm not talking about. I'm talking to a very lucky to have a fighter. As the leader here he got two of them yet today CJ if you can. The procedure and there's probably but the team is one that stands out more than anybody who William he's the undoubtedly he is a guided it will not settle. Well I. I'd like to believe that it was. Eve of the NFL didn't have that but that doesn't explains in the teens aegis that they need to continually go what is their deal I am Cleveland. Iran is the chargers now why no where he can say its leadership but they got guys that are hugged. High paid guys their team a former player invent and also in an NFL PA rep and member I always was like how. The players need more power it once I've finished the league and there is a reason why owners. And league need to control. You can't let the inmates run the asylum and then you get this. Hot garbage which is two teams that are ten and no. On a collision course which still be good. But it's just this is what you get senior baseball. As a ME noted the way they needed this is you don't have a salary cap. And you say everybody can just go and spend what you want because baseball has found a way you know having having the guys get a big chunk of the revenues isn't an issue. The issue. Is that you have salary caps that hinder team's ability to build. Build a roster that they would like got the money to spend it yet and only human on this talented runners to go spend it doesn't matter. In eighty mr. Allen this owner here. Could spend on spend upon spend if you wanna do I don't know if he wants to but if he could wine auctions and also six the league's from a town in the knicks in the lakers suck up. And let him spend. So maybe it's not you spending tonight's in Allen and spend enough. Hey you know we don't have the answers were here. These are guys that moral of the story hockey was it's awesome. It was awesome to watch a site in amity lots more Stanley Cup class anytime of those games gets out of hand in the India last gone by. My time's going to the hockey is going to eyes because they have a product that is under watch those guys laid out on line all game long and you get long extended few breaks in between minutes twenty minutes of action and then he's go to the bathroom during the intermission is glorious. Hockey watch it it's great. Social media set ablaze yesterday by a simple re tweet from Damian Miller isn't worth it for the blazers go after Paul Georgy Latino it's a one year until. One year rental 55305 is bridge for Beers Tex and use currency was sports that are. Widespread Ted Stevens. That's a message of what number to call two or. Diners by. Six I can't hear you drilling off and get it should unite here and there we have all of my whole life I mean those courts judge does know what size fives real fun. Messaging data rates may apply it to just play my number. That was weird that. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 little rain of that person actually say that. Also it's. A simple re tweet by Damian Miller. Had people with the buzz on Twitter. Can name Alex handler can name Alex and said let's make this happen in tagged Paul George and Daimler it is a picture of those tees standing next to each other. Andy Miller existed three tweeted it. To separate tweet. And that was it people's land jobless. Need to get a this is on the heels. Of CJ McCollum during. Ask me anything on Twitter. Brees ask is hey what's one guy that you would want to blazers go after this offseason. CJ McCollum said. Paul George. And is submitted blazer fans getting all hyped up saying I dean and CJ both want. Paula George this is gonna mean the blaze gonna make a run at them. It's easier said than done. Let's would you would you. If you are a eve your blazer fan and you know everything that Paul George said he'll be a free agent after next year. Would you go one year rental. Paul George yeah you know it's one season one season only most likely. And let's play the literal game we know first off. That if you wanna go on to the every detail semantics of it it's almost impossible but let's play the fan side of the fund side of what could be. If you asked messed me that question as it can ankle after Paul George can I fly out. In a private jet in wheels up wheels down. We Damon CJ inert fly into wherever Paul George's offseason home is have a sit down and get together of the that's Ella. Is that his offseason home okay threes from whatever it is it's a short jaunt flight down to the Southern California beating ness of the I don't know. It's sunny down and let's not it's raining anyway I my hands and went. You did a marathon this for a second because I want him like this could be real and if you told me I got a three year guy here in here's the other thing too and here's why. Even if you guiding for a year. Who says he doesn't fall in love with. What's your risk. Which are there's more upside than there is today outside if you had to get rid of your entire roster other than the two he. Amigos right now and call on them being greener kitsch you still would do it if you had to get your 31 round jet draft choices. You still would do it because your upside is that he could fall in love with a the downside is you still have your core. Yup it I just. I look at this and I go if there was any way possible. Yeah. It's not going to be one of those situations where. It's gonna be released a seaside beat Brian when horse for for yesterday that neared the trade deadline the Atlanta Hawks offered for first round picks. For Paula George and they were turned down and sent packed him. It's gonna take a hall but. I'm with you if there was anything Neil shaken DO I don't care if it is one year and he does go to the lakers are Kerio and you heard about my disdain for the lakers at the lottery where I was I was gonna be happy if they didn't get a top three pick and lost their picks. That's how much I despise the lakers. I think that he had Paul George if you knew that is going to be one year. And the one thing in the NBA waited hadn't forced you to do you would have to match contracts which means somebody that isn't producing whether. It's Meyers Leonard word at it is Evan Turner and I don't crapping in San Evan Turner back to Indy failure Evernote is. But I brought livings or and Allen Crabbe and whoever it would be. You're going to be. Opening up cap space for the future. In that would be. That would be the benefit for teen at a salary cap strapped moving forward and you only have these Z you only have markets for what. One or year after this year. It would open up and alleviate a lot of the issues that you would have if there's a way to get it done I think you do anything absolutely possibly can't make it. The better situation. Of course. Is here in Portland if your Paul George where do you have a better chance do you wanna go to the dumpster fire of the LA. Scene which is gonna be swollen. With the ball issue do you wanna deal with that does do you think Paul George likes it what's the interesting side of shears at the upside is. You can hide a little bit but you have you have a group in a core of players. You can make a run you go to LA eight I might take a year seats and like it he might fall in love if not we can always go back there is no risk and I think of Paul George. I don't know the relationship would Damian Miller to Paul George I would say it might it. I don't know. Are they friends are they. I don't know are they just guys chaos he would he would this year at the USA tryouts at this in the Olympics what are the is it more than that I don't know does it take guys to be put to the got to go sit on the banana. And ands toed around on the on the jets need to be buddies anymore that seems to be what it takes to be friends in the MBAs I guess yet on nutrition. Yaks Woolen ball issue and sitting on the banana side I think Paul George really wants to be in Atlantic all signs are obviously India and LA and see if Paul. It if we are talking about Paul George or Jimmy Butler like why can't we set out by Jimmy Ballard or but I guess there's been no no Twitter in action or anything like dad that there are similar to his radio. He's no they're not because Jimmy Butler is in its age he's got an option in 201920. Twice now OK I guess he doesn't become a free agents on the 20/20 one offseason. So that's a long way out and that doesn't help your outnumber all George doesn't do it for me man he seems he he's not a leader. He's been checked doubted you don't need new you don't need an early is he's he's he's LaMarcus Aldridge with more upside I just I. He doesn't win you're upside does more consistency from the market is more consistent he's he's gonna be gonna flounder in LA when he heads down there getting distracted by friends and family bright lights. He's is he has shown enough maturity in the MBA from I idea why you do it and you're telling you this as a co percent I mean obviously as you know security and I'm I'm I'm telling you this is as NBA fan who wants Paul George what checking out you. Have your Richard leader here you have your shooting guard you have you work your staple on the senator you'd need a true three. I bring you ESCO. Paul George can come here and actually putting 23 points 24 point two game in this team would be that it it would immediately. Be a Western Conference contender. Ideally I I don't disagree so I'm not that's we're at Santa who are we looking for we look for LeBron James no billion for peace. A big initiative wing that can score and defend. Paul George 55 Teresa I'm you know it would be a one year rental the bridge for Beers tax on size factories or five. Your feedback next it is 644. On the fence. And jam in the morning. Dogs and you. Another reads it says band he says hey. Make this happen it's Richard Paul George and dame together and now everybody's going I'll see Jane dame bulb globe Paula there's a condom heartland film sums everybody else. The Atlanta Hawks are to go up 41 round takes Indiana form at the trade deadline and Indian it politely declined you know it seems as they have all signs are pointing towards Paul George exiting. Indiana once next year's over and wanting to go to LA play for the lakers it's been a lifelong dream something that he is. Reportedly privately talked about fears would you give up. You know contracts guys if you knew is still just a one year rental for Paul George and he does the lakers and exceed. Really wondering. About the scenario tuning into the situation with Indiana. Is it does feel like this as a little bit of the Sacramento feel. When it was bookie cousins because in the end when you watch bloodied he Bucky got two point agree said well I had a better offer at the start. But I was forced to take this I believe. That Indiana missed its window. If they turned down for first round picks from Atlanta what was the Celtics offering him. In Danny Ainge offering Larry Bird in the rest of the crew what was Larry Bird doing Indian was he trying to leave his mark. By doing something to that franchise and bitterness I don't know may look everybody's butt hurt a little bit now you have Pritchard they're who have a little bit of history in Portland. How little. Certainly there's something would you have first round picks. On your offer on the table how you gonna improve on that now I know could be staggered over time not for one year now. But let's be honest what dealer you gonna get. What where where you gonna get a better deal with a team that potentially has 31 round picks in Portland in this year's draft and players slow. Kevin Pritchard probably thought they he had a really good opportunity it every side. Apology or just trade deadline he was praying for a vote via the deal NBA vote would have given them a lot more money. Mutated to offer Paul George knowledge that that seems to come and gone. This is when Paula jurors availability comes up and it becomes more of a real opportunity for a team. Now I'd your feedback numbers for Beers Tex signed up 55305. Sell the farm all the entrances to role players which freed cap space. That we're in desperate need of anyways. Why wouldn't you do that and I'm right there with a mean. Eight for a one year rental. Well here's the issue is that this newscast that strap you. Can't sign anybody you gives and a marquee free did you sign a lower tier free agent pat you won't even be able for use of generic it's when he becomes a free know him with the way this roster is assembled right now and it's not like Indianapolis. Is a great pop free agent market place either so they understand that they got a hold on whatever they house for they got to build to the draft you've too similar instances. What's a very what's a better city who's got a better chance to win well. Either battle on the brawn James your battle on the rest of. Doves down there in this it's this text says says Pritchard is incident Paul George Portland after the way he is treated yet the getting fired. Prior to the draft and him stick around ending still working through the draft does an ugly slip that he had with the Portland trailblazers bugs. If a year he's still looking to make the Indiana Pacers a better team and right now they may be in a situation where. You have Paul George who's gonna be leaving. And as you say freeagent. Marketplace that isn't hot in Indiana. You have to trying get something. And that's better than nothing in it's the trailblazers can put together a package that is better. I say you absolutely try even if it's for one year for Paul George that would help this trouble as is this the. Same issue if you're Indianapolis are you looking at the same issue that you had here with LaMarcus. You've you've had one you're going in and when I wanna be you blazer forever and then he just leaves you hanging at the point get nothing forum. In the end you make the move now because it even if you look back and LaMarcus was fury was sitting here or should you traded him I don't know sit in retrospect. You could've got some conform with a year left on his deal with cell and you village goods. Paul George is not selling you a bill of goods of wanting to stay if you move him now you know you guys don't roll the dice with a it. Because you know in the end he's leaving you better get something yeah something for it. Yeah you know this sections as I would trailing the entire team except for games he Jane air for George. On a one year rental we would see how far we ego perhaps convince them to stay applause we need some cassis in the cap space to garrison these ridiculous contracts. And that is. That's that right there in a nutshell. That would be the biggest thing. The hard part is. Convincing. Any other team not just Indiana but any other team that maybe some of these inflated contracts that they signed just a year ago. Through Dan you know three and four years or two and three years left on them. Isn't going to be it worth taking. A bigger question is what's you just said it is it worth it how much. How much. Whose work much how much how much are you willing to go over. Into the luxury tax yet you have to be if you're on a business in that deal yet to be going big big hit. But this is money he got pregnant in case is this 31 round picks may be nice. You none of them in the lottery doesn't help win year when you're talking about hey will give V indeed this d.s addicted people it takes Meyers Leonard and number fifteen. And it worked on dirt right now. It's gotta be it's got it all need all three picks and a couple players maybe three players and three picks. That would be my starting point yep that's where I would even start I would even leave I would even go off the table you'd have to also bail them out of the bad contract that they have there. It which is I mean you'd have to do but then. In he had been cast yet the opportunity to buy it out if the if you want a but that that and that is the hard part is I'm on there aren't really any bad contracts that you look at. We. Who is a producing right now they've got outside Georgia's highest paid Claire they've got Thaddeus Young. And Monta Ellis my tales that gets paid a ton of money you have to pick up like one of those deals at over ten million dollars that they want out of and trying go from there and that's the way it would pry have to work out but if you tell me you even knew he is Leven. I'd say a 100% yes because you've had your T star say that's a guy that we've wanted to surround ourselves with. And even if it's for one year long term it would help travelers. This text or says you wouldn't be able to get George without at least giving up CJ in a package it's Joseph. Depends how desperate they are because every is and that's it thing is that it is going to be called form he's not come to Portland. Most likely to everybody in a release on the play the game I'll it is an absolutely is if you make a good enough play. Your cards on the table. Making good enough play because you don't even pick up the phone and listen in let's some insane. The conversation is this is new those recalls. I got somebody on the table for you is that. One of our stars. Science now I don't think you give a gamer CJ for it for one year or your doctor and you dame you'll likely gonna play three you know giving none of those career and play. Dane CJ Warner pitch because it it would be one year at all. A one year rental or again one of the three guys that you believe is going to be a teller. I say neck because it that when your rental depending on how well Portland would do would hinge on who would be willing to come here. In free agency because we haven't seen. What it's like to have Damian Miller CJ McCollum. You sit circuits in another. Bona fide player one year that may be enough to get somebody's under freeagent a 2018 to go all right. You believe this do you believe this Portland team needs a full year of that trifecta a group healthy before someone buys and that this is a a bona fide contender yes. So you need to see all three these guys play here together and then some and we'll go from scratch their head and while I might join up no reason is joining me now. Even with the salary cap issues you don't know what when you have means their cages here for a third of the seasoning got hurt. And I think that was enough of a semblance to see what they can be. It was enough. Well Paul George important would be nice but the odds and staying Indiana long term took a big hit because of an odd addition to the CBA. How the media is responsible for how much stars get paid. It is six it to seven on the Fed.