Dusty and Cam - 4.20.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, April 20th

Is it even worth it to talk about last night's Blazers game? Also, NBA Playoffs and what schools the NFL Draft talent comes from.


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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. And we. When I come here and so we kind of we can hold. We right now there. This news of the playoffs we condition and dusty and jam in the mornings presented I read Telecom vendors Lincoln Goodell. Starting right. Okay oh good you can leave them to the present itself when you. There's going out and train and visit call him dot com just jam on ten feet below my knee in the tone. I know people who were really upset me because I didn't mention her Chevrolet in the handout to wall of the commercial was kangaroo. He's called the king earbud is actually a wall things. Meal they haven't come may the mock anger is saying I come to mobile they use a wallaby say aren't but he called a kangaroo out and they'd change to all the Islamic. The law that all begin to my school. And as an elementary school sweet. I didn't panic as terrified on this terrified. Mean as a small child. Is frightening cute little thing it's cute. Yeah I'll take you head off take had entered not can be scared. Gimmick that wall B. Cash. As let all the others and let and let girls and it instead because I was too scared bullets which he says fail wow. While. All right done. Keep that commercials from your childhood coming in because. Let's be honest we'll talk about a well it was wonderful really is the great knows how to reality is yes so so dude dude you people really loyalists talk about the blazers hit every mark can we continue this blazer talk in more depth they mean but where do you. It begins to slam our heads against the door coming on the adults between quarters up I don't dudes you seem blazers Twitter last night not like the official just view isn't always rolling in general does all of the laser hate but didn't it feel like to teens quit. Last night during that game when he got to 34 points in your like. I'm whoa. I'm thinking it's too many days off personally I can't stand but I don't and a few days are over sit in a hotel doing nothing more ornery I don't know every team has the same amount of days off though it's like. I'm as selflessly and that's what I'm that's all I'm saying you should he has won enough ya BA has too many days off between games as to say this layoffs. As to say this in Claire five lead when I mean at that it was like. It was that they were playing hard it was they just sat there you went when the avalanche came. It was you could see the blazers may in the kind of body language that they were gonna have that hay maker to swing backing get back into it. That's when I mean but Whitman essay in look like date they kind of quit it looks like it they just they got that punch in the third quarter and it was. No it's not gonna happen busy though. Goldstein does to everyone gold Singh does it to their building ORACLE Arena as they have the best record in the MBA from home court advantage I feel like the energy in that place. Is is ridiculous he reminds me and on time I'm. Partial but. It reminds me of this of the coliseum in the early nineties when I got to go to games this in just the energy it's like Mota senator down when Mota senator goes bonkers you can't you can't manufacture. Energy. No like that it's so it does speed you as a competitive athlete. From time now there are certain players out there that love the competitive style of hearing the other fans to get your juices going. And there's other guys to deceive you start talking your tail. In new York and I would we can't we can't bounce back now and there is no answer for what happened in that third quarter Terry Stotts. Actually talked about that we have audio from Terry Stotts. Does best record team Italy and you know you're down nine and I think how is your library team is really no. Turn out the screws in third quarter and take a ten point lead or nine point lead and give it to. Fifteen or whatever and and make it more difficult game and that's what they did we get into. There orient Finnish couple baskets they converted right away and no we went from you know went from nine to sixteen pretty quickly. No no put their foot on the gas and just blew bury you in when that happens. You have to have a punch in the blaze is then how elastic is Dane CJ. It with a glance down they did a good job defending them and then nobody else wanted to hit a shot for Portland it's not they didn't want a shot as they could hisha. No afraid to make shot yeah I'm sure they wanted to make on these didn't. I mean you look hard to shoot an MBA because last night the blazers really really hard I don't know the worsening who have really easy and that's one of the fresh and that's a restaurant bar for fans as you watch a game is he realized. It's a good way to work for twelve from three even yank it look easy but what's your watching the blazers go up against. Is one of the best rosters that we've seen assembled. Ever in history basketball yes for all stars in this isn't a blazes problem this is an NBA like every. The warriors BA need to change don't know well I shouldn't say problem I just mean that the wars do this to every single team they play just wait till they get you know Chris Paul in. Well the cover seven beat them in two seasons. Well O. I don't know if any and I have to listeners can hear that cutters and and there's a dog fight happening in the hallway right I know he had a very dog friendly workplace we deal there's there are. Legitimately every day three to four dogs and in this in this environment. That's really no wild they'll let the dogs out and I the wrong to stop that right now not even in the systems like Champloo lawman what we're what we're watching back to the point for the dogs and grazing. Is. He you're watching A eighteen that you can't. You can't quantify. How dominant that they have been because we haven't seen it in the regular season in the modern Arab be NBA. Yes and others can be somebody saying I sell some 96 Ike again that they're really good when dungy explaining its insurance salesman and it was it got a fair is different NBA. In really even then did nick early ninety's bulls that was a different era of the NBA the showtime lakers a different aired the NBA. What you're seeing with these hard cap. The inability for teams to use in the draft lottery and inability for teams to fifty gets to a point bid league has been made so Golden State doesn't happen. It happened the summit were to happen it's not a super team this isn't a super team this is better than the Miami here's the other thing is that team was so good he got beat. It got beat last year. And by the team Cleveland and the the bronze. Of them had the bronze. Yeah. It is you know dead dream on says it and Doubleday and Dell CJ. Have one guy plays center field it was the other theory there and tell those three can hit jumpers it's over that Texans averaged four Beers Texan in it's true it's true being you saw they had Damon TJ got flustered they got annoyed. At some point comes on other people to make shots and last night customers are closely can score fifteen points. All those first half. If your game plan is how to defend the blazers it's immediately double team and bush Damon CJ farther back past the three point line if you elect him hit mid range find him and find drive to the paint. He in the mid range shot hit it is free throw line extended then there were not gonna let you just have open looks at three point. And then that just puts the pressure on who Albert amino well no Mo heartless who's the next rotational wreck Evan Turner you Evan Turner shouldn't Greece. Leave him open known. Known. Now. As tough on you got a 140 million dollars mixed up in the two players. The need to give you more production. Yes and Evan Turner and on yes. On. One another good news must yeah. Through three quarters they actually. Put the word to less points. Since the blazers scored thirty less points. Which is kind of an issue. That can't be fix can't be fixed with a my gash in yes Jones saint helens it is frightening that this is without. Three major role players in Los that's game held out I mean Matt Barnes and assigned as a stopgap guy that they didn't. Anticipate playing a much a role he's a key catalysts and then went rifling off thirteen games in a row obviously Kim ha. Well I know you love guru I don't Barnes is Meehan. You don't have to likened but the dude if he plays his role on that team very well you also decide them without Kevin Durant. Obviously having one of the five best players in the entire world and not play. That's a big deal and then Shaun Livingston who's and who's that you know utility guy he'll give it did he is it Shaun Livingston is what. The blaze just wish they had mystery so much he's a professional easy 812 points. Guarantee you can get twelve got to lay on the Levy family he shot 13 this season you mr. Gingrich. It's made wanted to Isa jolly tour three zone yet he gets he averaged six points a game on four shots. Roll flare. Up that. He six point gave up four shots. That's efficiency in doesn't shoot threes so noses roles does it well. A key issue and plays defense factory for four per game. Bingo. Done. And then if you need to get twelve lean up and go get it. Are right what we we're gonna talk about here before we said do you want us talk about the blazers jokingly in the media talking about the blazers. Is underperforming teams that somehow performed very well in the NFL draft and in the NFL in general. Where's the disconnect there this is testing here. Oh. This is a playoff precondition of dusty and cam in the morning and presented by the red tail golf course. It's very intense sale on 1080 both my. Of course you've done in practice people in the English premier tech site it's 55305. On. A little bit depressed about that less pleasant segments and maybe we'll spring Glen. Some hits round hey. Commercial loans your way back and thank you got a property to prop you up. A little bit throughout the course of the show maybe cropper villages rain at least sprinkle one in in surprises with. Good jingle some yeah and who had jingle good jingles even miss a day. A I have a jingle in my head. That I don't know if we can share on its GS. It's really. One of those jingles that as a as a kid he added he was one of the commercials. Was about a feminine product. Well he can if you knew if was a commercial you was a commercial. Mean it's not patriots have it in my head completely and I can recite the whole you know they don't listen for static as I've know ideally tie just in I'd I don't know if I want to recited I it's embarrassing that I have to actually that it's still there. I part of feminine product. Let's say it it's not your fault how would Mark Taylor and I say it a marketing thing in yes it's marketing genius because you still remember it. OB it's the way should be make it simple such her life three from the extra that you really should be just try Obi and you'll see. Sing it like facing mound I have now June go yeah you look it up that's a Tampa on commercial right yes it is. Why it's in my brain I do not know that's called genius marketing is what it is you're reciting it like we're at a poetry slam I know I wanna now threatens to be different. He's still my head and I. No world. I need okay. Being okay. Okay that's all you need an admiral and it's it's all you need. I wanna challenge everybody out there what motorcycle. Was that come motorcycles that he was. I don't know I mean I don't know. Actors. I have no idea. I have no idea I can't even it means that I can't even picture it doesn't it mean it's not like a Harley. Or an Indian. I don't know if I've no idea. I can't it didn't sound like either of those he isn't bothering me now. Art. In this state and right you did sell like a strong independent woman he didn't I didn't have any idea in his life no need to sing it I wanted to put my own stamp on it yeah. And as you there's should be someone in with them proves that they know that too if you Connie. As was not a good song now in both and this is an Indian is that. Was an Indian bike I'm waiting OK Bonnie this is a patriot these people are right around I if a draft is a week from today. How great is this we get the NFL draft all these finally here Ali's cornerbacks are gonna bust out. Starting a week from today were an over the next great Boston the NFL is are you going thus already that your. I don't know that who knows how did these guys are going to be. But there's something that they come back compiled that I thought was really. Kind of aids and the voice thoughts but I I never knew this quantified or not. Haven't we all have the thought of how the heck is cal. Not better. In. The day you see daylight they always seem to have talent. But why can't they put it together I it's one word count. Count and that means it. When you think of cal. What is the thing you think. With the number one thing when you think of just California cal out there just is it is now is at Berkeley I can't be nice to see Lou we need. So who. Crystals. Controversial. Yoga. Yeah just doesn't you don't know how of if you remember how I admit I just said the last Amir talk about what it's like to have the energy at oracle what do you think the energy did the error stating Dennis. They are. Do I say it was pretty guys. Freaky good see that's a pretty good example three good is not championship level Steve for Sox the environments sucks there and we need to get anything in nerds. Nerds are smarter. But the best public game one of the best public public institution not a secret no I'm not going right through the education the only cal but I'm talking about her commitment to football ruffled when I know there's a lot of schools that. Our good academically. You don't associate with football but still. Field a good football program. In big they have environments that aren't great make Stanford just across the bay which is. Even more mind boggling is that like their next door neighbor has figured out in there it's harder for them to do you. And towel is the leader in over the last decade. They are at the number one team in the country when you compare draft picks two wins. They have 361. Round picks. In 63 wins in the last decade. Fat eat in so for every news via did point 57 picks per win. In it is. It isn't mind boggling to think of east school that. In their head at Miami. Arkansas Illinois and North Carolina are the programs that under achieve as a team. But over achieve. With first round picks. And that number it they're just kind summed it up of how I've always felt about cal but it never been able to quantify. If a ton of high end talent. That just can't win football games. That we can. Summarize. It just in one word. Cal. It just doesn't end this isn't and we know it you can't put your finger on it yet if you know the feeling of of why cal has has those great athletes because it's not the fact that you mentioned. There's many good ones down journey recruiting hotbed. You're in the B into the air he took its Southern California very easily. You're you have the pull of a prestigious academic institution. Is seeking gets in Smart kids and if you want you. He really is its commitment to you athletics and Lucy it's it it really is it's a monetary thing and it's kind of they're pecking order in the packed up I thought that they were going to be the program that would capitalize the most on USC's. Demise. We Jeff Ted heard they were unable to do they were unable to do a year appeared they got so close but would always just. All part. You just all part was it worth say that school when you played in the pac ten yeah. Keith Gilbert says taking over right after in 1991 when they they were really good they are ranked five in the nation is there early ninety's keep viewers and was the office of coroner for watching when they won a national championship. And then was there that husky run and then he got the job in 1992 down a Callas was to take him on a huge run number five in the country. There's they they got up there and they'd just you just well. Can never get over the hump and they've never really been able to get over the mountain and great rankings though being that they'll be in a conversation once and awhile Marshall Lynch's team. You'll see some great players and Aaron Rodgers DeSean Jackson what is our. I only I think it's just overall feel. Of the place he just it just it it's very. And wanna call apathetic because that's not what it is putting just it doesn't have the fervor in the excitement for football. Yeah or sports or middle of their whole you know what their whole athletic department since so much debt and that's excusable how a school like that can be in debt athletically. Makes no sense to me because you just have bad people running athletic department. We're talking crazy amounts of debt year. It's they can't pay their coach is very much which is big big issue for them there and I hope. Coach will cost. I hope just he's gonna set the tone in a different manner than not enough a lot of teams have covered or not a lot of coaches done prior to his time in that may be yet. If if they bring in a style of coach that we never seen before like who coach Wilcox is and it works. I can I I'm I'm really I'm praying for him to be able to do hasn't gone from tendered to dikes yes. And it does it too offensive minded guys. On in two different styles of how they how they led the team but I I hope I held Wilcox. Does kitty let's get a pretty good staff and with vaulted released from Lotta Lotta Lotta time to do it yeah I that we did did didn't he bring into moderator today former Fresno state coach. I mean he's got he's got a lot of really because Steve great wood is down there with him for Morgan off in July coach. He put together very good staff on a kind of a band aid budget. And EEE if you look at it Miami is number two on this they've had forty takes in 71 wins. They have a relatively apathetic fan base because they don't have their own stadium there in Miami it's not a good sports town and do you have to have a certain style person. She who put people down there in you have to have more almost like LA in that Pete Carroll style his swagger. Wrote people in Jimmie Johnson rope people at Dennis Erickson wrote people and they had an outlaw mentality now Miami's just like beard. Pullen a bunch of great five star enforced our kids you'll ever do anything with them dated Beirut have a great fan base that has fervor on the team because you'll have a hook. They need to hook very similar Coutts. In there and when you're talking about pumping out draft addicts. In this is day. It sudden it sure is some CDs teams that continually are loaded with talent. Can't with the parties. Can't win them. It was Mike Singletary said it should all do but don't do. You need Datsyuk they need to bring in as Mike Singletary. Crack the whip at cal. Can even imagine. I did I don't think you could see much or people with burlap. Bags protesting. Burlap bags. What does that stereotype of you protestors. Anonymous protests that and even Noah Beckett. Birkins stocks maybe in. No burlap bags burn are bad opponents we're gonna Wear. And hemp necklaces LA and you usually don't don't burlap bag protests are digging vertical slide Israel a 50 with his kids from high school went there. Came back different people different people want change your name here. And free agitated to I don't Arianna though I'd like to protect the innocent. What's the when he mean what's the name is I'm not I don't know I think I'm sure she turned into a burnout in Berkeley she's not listening to use Sports Radio show important as say the name I know she's from Seles are aware and Asia's Ager named like he should she win by her last name which is like Von Baer and it's now. And before listening in normal. I Kim. Yeah way she changed her last name now on baroness previously. It was like Britain like you know this is Johnson she's German no no she's not she's not. She just thanked his television entire hit namely tree just changes until you change is people man. Crystals it's kind of pretentious new to Disco like you money at Von Baer in his start some they've had some of the cal be by men are on my hippie. And a veteran at these and you. Knew he'd be elitist jazz who give elitists. Villa cams and dolphin net I elitism you know when you win if you eastern until. You either resume. That's resilient the Prius at the hippie elitist. Don't you prove me wrong Tokyo premiere on compute. When data doesn't tell you the whole story at a Prius turn to beat me as a line yesterday. And that was a test of your manhood business cautious about drove them off the street we did the duck coach the Seattle. In the you're really awful lie in a Prius is the tour guide is sitting there we like it were stopped unload duck boat tour in the tour guide is in there it's hard John B ducked but of course you're in the end corny jokes left and right none of them hit like when you deal one for fifteen that's a good to hit a vineyard a U bus. But we're stuck in Japanese that now seems that we have a little bit traffic issuance of her she'll lose oh it's it it's a new bird. Oh it's an uber Prius our favorite. Those are going to be a duck boat tour guide you would be perfect also bring the duck boat to Portland. I when dad is tell the whole story first Crawford sports and take that data. This is a playoffs we commission of Dustin and Kim in the mornings presented by the red tells offenses. Brings ten failed on 1080 both and. At the rollback there's. There's classic commercials and Crawford. Crawford just can't get over what he missed in his childhood which is one of mine which is the GI Joe's commercials really used to give me I'm learning so much. Just don't know again that big wire. Let's jump up like so. You better believe that all of it right we're. They're the number electricity data from development we didn't think it was dangerous you know. I hope they around the neck wives or. Now we know. Only his half the. They downed power line let's jump on why there's so much physical as you are so great. We know we did it wasn't for the GI Joseph my dumb ass what do we know probably would have done that to jump my bike over those power lines. My goodness. C dream more PSAs that are like that aha is blatantly obvious. Yes we got us into agree you used to hear the crap about the keys yet and speak to the lowest common denominator that is. This somebody needs to be done I mean you've really got to dumbed down. Because there's kids and like really got to dumbed down I did not only did not know that. Did nothing like a bad idea. Okay. David his Dell went off and he got his 30000 dollar fines like. Warriors go on off on the officials seem they did. With Amy today Memphis Grizzlies are being made to take that Purdue had a teacher to great teacher I wanna T shirts in. Think you're listening when I said that TS at the end of the show I didn't really get a chance to look up the teacher don't say hello this is some crappy pains teacher who. Was with some screen print on a note. Cool at the glasses alerts and yet take that they're the Prius twin box goes to congress this foundation. You'll see see that's Mike Conley said the players are gonna put the money together and they're paying a fine form. Because they appreciate their guy and and it's taken aback if we take care of our owner under yap. USA today Sam Natick who does a really good job communion has for years used via the sign out at USA today. Some that you know. And with that take that for data the coverage of the NBA playoffs raises the you know the analytical debate in basketball on that. What is this does is take after data. We look at shooting percentages we look at you know an effective shooting percentages turn over rates. All these scenes are so many steps he can look at now and in Sid display team lost. But this still sane is a mentally our guys were taken out of the game. And in wing you people are talking about. Cleveland's defense and how terrible it is well you can clock eaten caught fire with all the numbers you walk but what defense comes down did. Passion wanting to play defense. Well we we got and discussed early who you're talking about how baseball analytics and in what you can measure. With metrics and you can be able to see a lot of things I think there is a there's a part of analytics now that they're really support how to grow the games or how to get better how to be more efficient. What you can't measure. Is just emotion there's no analytic that will measure the emotion. Or will or desire. This those things can't I'm not gonna get it on a spreadsheet assistant used either have you don't you know. Those things have been said before multiple times a great athletes and even in the NBA you watch the teams and we watch the game last night. You either have what are you don't. It was quite clear that the blazers did not have it and Golden State Warriors have its yup can we put it on a spreadsheet can you put it on a spreadsheet what makes him so good. Team throw out numbers we compared to the greatest teams like you said we've never seen this before showtime lakers Celtics. Bulls. All the seems just the lakers the two thousands what is it about the analytic did we have become. Obsessed with how it's gonna generate. All the excitement but how to make the game better well Linux. In I think though you can look at all those things and explain what how and why the Golden State Warriors are. The best Tina we're seeing but what you can't explain. Is. That third quarter. Where big turn it on they go they outscored the blazers 2212. In what is a tight game they did did did the numbers won't explain that think you can look at their shooting percentage that is that why. They put their foot on the gas it is they have something within and that is not quantifiable. And you have a team like the Russell Westbrook in the thunder are great example. You say Westbrook. Dominant scorer can rebound. When he wants passed ball can give assist. You've two bigs. You've Stephen Evans and Enes Kanter who bears teams that would kill to have Stephen Adams Enes Kanter and they double album. Yet they sock. Because they can't as a team collectively they can't put it together why can't a guy named Patrick my com. Come from UNLV where he was okay in start in place of Kevin Durant. In the team wins by 829. Instead of twelfth with high shorts by the way. In lot of high short. Very awkward legs how skinny JR I shorts but. How can you explain that one of the five best players in the world is gone and they win by more that system are fit. Bowl. It's O. Is it speed system you know we talk about it with with the patriots we tarred road with the Seahawks system in fin great teams have ways. To find guys that fit what they want in great coaches that does not an analytic great coaches adjust. Which is with Steve Tucker does as well and he needs very good job. And you know there comes a point we're like Terry Stotts. It Terry Stotts is not getting out coach in this series. He's getting outgunned so there's that issue but when you look at Steve career. He human they game this tight. Drying up the special go to play when you tell these guys go win it now. They sit there in it they put their big boy pants on and they crush your soul. Let me ask you if you ever heard when the camera or the microphone goes into an NBA. Timeout to have you ever heard one of those things where coaches. Actually giving you something other than coach speak where you went wow dynamite coach right there what is he saying. All right we're didn't it's kid is hustle. Let's get these rebounds make sure we block out Gregory go do your break. That's exactly what those totals are saying occasionally we don't get to see the drops of some of it in downplays. But honestly you you have it's the jimmies and Joes here I am. Yeah they have more they are more Joe's. Yes they do. And does Joe's statistically. Are ridiculous. So they're like this and as you know corn of analytics and just having that it factor whereas Cleveland. The way that they won that series down 31. Art. Last year. They showed that they had Marta and that's like this worst team this year has a different kind of resolve. Think they learned a lot from blowing that through once every three wins is and isn't all it's cracked up to be is that they had their say. There's a resolve to this to this squad that you just sit there you looking ego who that's different you think this slam dunk for Miller beat slam dunk for them this year to win the title. He feeling two in the titles are you asking yes. If Kevin Durant stays healthy out. If Kevin mr. and stays healthy in this calf strain doesn't turn into a pole and he doesn't miss you know serious idea. Idea of I don't know I don't know how you beat this team. I I honestly don't. Because. They have so many hay makers that they can throw way you feel like we said that last year to LeBron do I am with you the united. Are you had a solid player in the league I know and more are open it. Put a bow on this thing with some of your. They were commercials still Crawford's been feverishly working back there he hasn't been able digits chime in yell I love that because he's pulling your favorite audio. And we accept what's on the damn thing dusty camp. Roar. This is a playoff for additional dusty and Jim in the morning now presented by redstone golf centers bring tents down on an AB CN. It's managing news. Somewhere in the ancient history community. C. This image somewhere in the scene this past and the present at trinity and taking home. The dream and the hospitals restaurants and then go back because OK Casey commercials. Mukasey days Jamaican track. Table thing. It takes deeply. Don't believe those contrasting. Am trying to pass. He hear it no 119. Longtime Nike executives you're traveling said no three. This coming from the sports business journal. Lavar ball is quote the worst thing to happen in basketball in the last hundred years. And quote. Science. I don't know I really hard disagree disagree I think maybe that cocaine issue in the NBA in the eighties it was worse. What the what we're general worst things Abbott a basketball right holed that last hundred years a hundred years or 800 years. Well if he opens a pandora's box for idiot dad to come along in it was only a matter of time now know wasn't. The port eighty and dad came along in and did something like this he kind of need. The good ball player he's done it tune of like bubble in Mark Zuckerberg didn't make FaceBook we have we have something else MySpace what do Limbaugh get it there's always gonna it's announced regression of things what if tomorrow we are not enix has Armenia to accept it and say yeah that's it is what it driver those cars are coming man that's nonsense so great big mouth dad's. Is this were around. Yeah this disorder or parents right is Leonard older emotion bidders don't get with the times cam no I'm not saying he's arguing loud enough. But I don't needed to be of help me you know when you save mode to a group who knew convinced he's the some deals would've yet they're called the vehicle on bought the vehicle winkle lost twins. The ones that he stole it from now see what exactly there's all it's. With no way branding and personal branding and all this stuff is like right now in society I'll tell you what covered go ahead finish I'm not saying this is a good thing I'm just saying this is where we are this is where things that were handed and they happen to think about a man that that says that that scene from the beginning of Nike and all the athletes that he's dealt with the team as the school's. Everything that's coming from him I wanna take down wouldn't take out and just brush it off my shoulder I would look and go all right that's pretty significant. Yet in George raveling isn't just son. Endo you know he is ahead basketball coach for a long time you know he has. A mixture have this yet he has. These handwritten speech. From Martin Luther King's march on Washington speech the I have a dream speech. He handed it to George raveling. He's stayed in there that you're here go take this historical pieces of paper. Yes he's good in mean this isn't this isn't just some Nike executive. George raveling is the guy. Who has been a head coach in is a basketball hall of Famer. And college basketball hall of Famer. He's a gold medalist. For team USA and has also been a new executive that. More of the biggest contributors to the sport in business in Nike. I think he has a little bit of clout. Means a lot yeah. Now on this say if it wasn't Lamar mall there would have been another dad that would have done something like this the one in this group that has a big ball and switchers. All right that's me that's me were yesterday I did it's comfortable all be wearing it again maybe tomorrow we don't are we gonna do cigarette Friday or no need to see you supporting every other week in week Joe Camel dancing all Wear a light could. I think caller brings lectured him. In big violated that turned into a thing because you have a joke camel teachers know I have all you don't have it anymore known. Canal but now. Appreciate it to give your kids know I don't have it anymore. News I was wearing around a cigarette. XT shirt. I tell you may you still gotta be used outgrew it as an athlete I kind of find that little bit of problem I think it's parallel. Like. Blood is letting you know he's got body. I'd like to be able to breathe so hopefully do you have any more commercial William played yet. Strong stuff back it's a prescription for days. Taking medicine without a road present you could do more harm than good soul what she. You can wait for your parents are in serious pass the neighborhood. Now you get help. Knowing that you're doing and knowing is half the. I go over my neighbors my prescription beds folks. You're welcome I think we gave you a lot of did a lot of good knowledge today. May we. Brought back a lot of great memories that these commercials. Canadian open your eyes to some of stimulants like Crawford he minds blown by the idea was. Today I will be back tomorrow from six to 9 AM it'll be a Friday edition. Whoever we can would you rather. Johnson and be an attack that NFL draft that's good dad live on draft night. And Jason Hurd gone Garrett and Indian industry here in straight through seven prime time doesn't it did have a great day we'll see. Think that the data.