Dusty and Cam - 4.20.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, April 20th

Blazers-Warriors -- It is worth it to bring Nurkic back? Westbrook keeps Thunder in the game and classic commercials.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. How far can they go. Beckham who are decided earlier we'll. Warriors are imposed no. This is a play out we commissioned a dusty and jam in the morning good sense and I'd read tell golf center brings its sale starting Friday April when he cracked. Sunday the twenty bed where you can save up to. Percent everything golf get a good. And found the front straight envisaged golf. Ask him dot com dusty and Jim on ten AB there's been a roller coaster affair and. How are never too. Richard this is some poking out there we don't have windows that I can see like a sliver son is poking. And went and boy. The lightning thunder will be visiting I saw later. I'm partial to thunder and lightning storms. I heard of thunder and lightning then just rain belies a get a little verdant light show you. Love and action with that played a legal underlining Gallup poll in my hadn't used them between just rain. In the rain thunder and lightning is it because he gives you more stimulation Crawford is that we need I mean yeah I fail I see a lightning strike I guild don't mean release. If it's very sexier Allison and entry catches on fire you meet them all yet I he killed walking on the street is yours say so I almost got hit violating Antonia we are taller than me was frightening you know I was on the these these golf carts in it she can be hit very close and I still I'll whatever was left in my ear at the time. Raising up so that's what happened happened he was scare yes and let you know what I hear you and I walk around and that is supposed to stimulate letter term shock therapy if you and I walked around together you're gonna get struck by lightning first strike your dollar and I'm hold you up forwards you know it doesn't lightning come from the ground out. Yes and when he I didn't mean you know seen numbers are comes from the clouds. While the energy doesn't energy doesn't. Whatever man heard that somewhere I've read there did books I'll Google it there leather bound. And let's move on then are you moving it to you moving to wood bats now to seek him practicing thunder and lightning sure you know. We're about closet now also there'll be no metal and on our nominal and in. It's all ball earns our case we know he's your all back to wood bats in had seven rebounds Beers 703 on the. Dusty and jam wanna set outdoor sports division I tend to agree it was with my thought process. I know. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and James and trying to brought you vice dark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years online it's dark thestreet.com. Georgia's history everyone is as elusive you have to leniency. That's my impression is that school. Berries are both on the blazers won 1081 Los single estate baron in 02 hole TUD. Golden State's Larry Harris. They are looking good last night and had they gotten beat up in bloodied down low. And you saw a game where JaVale McGee in his rat tail. And went seven of seven from the field for fifteen points Zaza Pachulia win five of eight he had ten points. And then David West went three of five from the field. He had eight point seven zone that is some dominant scoring an efficient scoring from the big men. The goal is it worse to. They don't do that. That's not in their DNA as a team in the day got beat up so the question has arisen from blazer fans. Is even worth bringing you sit and markets back I'm a question on top of your question. Hope cooled double Koivu will question I love double questions like we like to ask questions around here because I want answers I want opinions are. I don't want aimless talk about what ifs because what if suck. Are the blazers. In use America HZ the only reason the blazers are in the playoffs yes. Yeah I would say yes it's not even it's not even a discussion they are the only reason the blazers during that eight seat in him only. Yes how different Abbie how does seem when he plays remember this team before he got hurt when they beat the rockets on that Thursday night like the feeling in just watching. How different now cause it's it's it's palpable and it gets in the rockets those back to back easy sat there and you end this is a and his team that you'll want to play in the playoffs is that a scary feeling. Is it is out is that. Is it discouraging to say that that one person can beat the reason why you're good or competitive or not. Is that how far the blazers off compared to the top fourteens in this basketball association. Because you were talking about competitive balance of the NBA can be more skewed. Than ever west to east. Tremendously because the west you're you are fourteens. That could legitimately win the Western Conference championship undoubtedly some. And then there's everybody else. There is everybody else and that is. At a I think it's a no brainer and I think the people that pose that question. I or you win the series with the use of circuits now. You're not dissing you ski you can see how good goal and say it is in the justice that they can make when they want to flex some muscles. They can't volume you wanna live. Have a fight you wanna make this thing competitive you want led drop this thing out as I can absolutely you do and guess is the only god does not playoff experience on this team. Use of circuit and did yen in its of its it easy question for me to answer absolutely. There are the only reason they're in the classes because circuits is here. They made they closed down the stretch without him anyone's in pivotal games that they needed without him but knew they would have been in a position if it wasn't for him. On the caveat to this is you only do if he's a 100% in right now it's just doesn't sound like. And he's he says he's getting better. He's good. Feeling is that close wow now I don't I don't I don't know why I don't know how sleek feels. So I asked I have to ask myself as a valuable for him to come back if there's any sense of that uncertainty. That he could injure it more. Into is their value right now he comes back and they win two straight games then. Not that the value but. He's got to make that decision the doctors got to make the decision would I be ecstatic to see him out there here's the other thing how good do you think he's going to be after three weeks off. Immediately impact that we were talking Twain point five what are what are what how much of a difference can he played 35 minutes of the game. Coming off a broken leg and he hasn't played in a month. And al-Qaeda I just alluded to these fools gold the year he couldn't play 25 minutes even in great shape when he's supposedly the end of the year yeah before he got hurt me he was struck. Allen into gets is when but it would be helpful if you saw last night's game absolutely. He he would've helped alleviate the dunk fest that JaVale McGee. It'd put on the Portland trailblazers you tell me he has thought that you tell me he doesn't become the president is coursing though he hasn't become player presents a late in game one when Ned warriors made their run to save the author of two blocks that dream on green came on help side on the weak side. Because you space the floor completely differently. When he is on the floor as opposed to anybody else yeah he makes a difference I don't think he also one factor that he'll bring his. He's e.'s strong gasoline into a fire. When you bring him back into this trash talking series goes. He's still lacks talk and he likes the mix it up and right now you got a bunch guys that build a fire back at their mouth. But nobody's fired back with any actions he's got a can do that in you don't need 25 minutes did well James again Dame's the only. One that that it really scares you out there and physically he's the only one that scares you on the team when you're looking at the blazers need any 6260. Boy yeah. Towards the end of the regular season as the blazers were like limping into the playoffs with. Meyers Leonard no volley as your big menu like OK Nick Price he did but now in the playoffs and everything is ample Biden you've got. 69 no Obama in my Leonard who clearly does not want a bang down low. Anybody. Big that's down that's willing to go down their banging grab boards would make a difference in using or is very good that's a huge difference. I a I'd say I just think I should I just had this gut feeling that will see him in this class that I don't know if it's in the game three on Saturday night. It's a cuddly doomed yet two more days. I'm and I know and I'm not banking on having him and all for the entire and a series of abuse with the are grilling her really not I don't because I don't wanna sit there are so myself and wish and hope. For something that's not real yet. I see him dressed he's out there is starting lineup then I get excited until that point it's just it's hoping. There was a 22 spanned and that kind of sums up what. Crawford was talking about there with the inability to kind of go bang down low and nobody willing to mix up. And it came in the first quarter at the 437 mark. You had Meyers Leonard check in the basketball game. Is it he played for 22 seconds. He picked Ed. First possession down to be on the turn over or it was an off a thousand a violation. Turn the ball over short hook dawn. That was in 22 seconds that kind of summed up what you're talking about Crawford where. There it was that is almost is of tears that did you got one job is natured that rim is is protected as a Camby Alley oop dunk. Continent. I wanna give. Enough credits Meyers Leonard for doing everything he can and trying to be somebody he's not. This this is just pure honesty in my humble opinion it did the experiment has failed. And that's and that's it it's one of those things where you have to say sometimes the talent isn't there the commitment it's not about talents not about commitments just about fit. He just. For some reason it's just not there physically there it's just that talent wise it altogether. You know sometimes you just you have all the all the gifts and it just does not translate lean on the court and that's. That's fine that's okay Amy does a lot of NBA basketball would do drought throughout NBA history this is gonna happen it's just unfortunate that a guy without. Kind of size and and gifts in just can't translate. In there is in that's sad to say things in the the end fair criticisms of Meyers Leonard. Come add personal attacks thoughts on him just personal attack in easing easing in and as they did dude I was being great in the community but you're right whatever means that the personal attacks are always it's written ridiculous Jackson personally attack him you can criticize his play on the floor though in it's an honest. Assessment of what he has been able to do it in your beat it has not worked. It hasn't he hasn't turned in the player people thought he would be he can't consistently say oh there's another game you know there's that three point shot it is just it's. Just not working I will say my favorite part of last night's game was. Meyers Leonard. Fouling dream on green very hard my. Was it hard even across the face nobody got ball too so we got the ball on the Gary mongering laid on the ground. Like somebody hit him over the head with a baseball bat I created this last night I think I mean I know you'll agree with me cam. The NBA needs straight mongering and like millions they're good for the league. But I he is so annoying it is I should pay very keen to sports to watch a man who's supposed to be tough. Lay on the ground and tried to get sympathy that is pathetic. Oh yeah that's like the rockets complaining about what Russell Westbrook flopping last night no credibility in my watch sentinel on zero. But at the same time when was the last time you saw anybody commit a foul like that for Portland. We I mean honestly I really there was need it aid bank didn't tell me to keep tax thousand their bin that you have to call. But it did gonna come through the lane at least put him. And Tom Hardin at Torrey falls down I mean I admire it sure does no regrets firewire. Myers and Myers it. It's a problem when the tallest player on your team when your other center is out goes one for three and placed thirteen minutes. In his highlight is a foul that's a that's an issue well. Yes and we need neared. TU but you looked at last night's game is a good example if you had three if you want a dear three big offseason signings. You can go to you. Allen Crabbe and another four shooting night 310 O for five from three he has six points on the night. Evan Turner goes to a seven with four turnovers here has five points and I thought he played very well in game one and then Meyers Leonard. Plays thirteen minutes 'cause one of 30 for two from three has two points. His biggest number was his personal files three. Mean that is used. Things are critical numbers and that is a boat load of money and it's a 190 million dollars wrapped up in those three guys. And you've got a total of what five. Eleven. Thirteen points out of them. You're playing the best team in basketball too so all those things are going to be amplified. That's whether the rest that's why they're number one. As a blazers that's why you create seat. Yes somebody house the BD eight C. So we just go to three teams let's just play at fourteens the complaints about somebody oh purgatory oh we're just doing that somebody has to mediate seed. While the blazers. The bottom half a well. Rhetoric over half of the teams make the plant's numbers somebody's gotta be in somebody's got to have the eight seats on his. Got to get in there yeah but I mean I know we're playing the best team in the NBA. In the historically one of the best rosters we've seen the most productive Tina has seen. The modern day showtime lakers but if you have a 199 dollars trapped at the net three players I expect more than thirteen points and disease and I don't think that's unfair for me decide you know. No I don't disagree that either. Because at times you sit there and you just wanna rip your hair out. So we DN BA over please talent just because they think it's orders out there oh I gotcha yes yes OK that's exactly correct sir. The front yard is broad jump Sam I start streamlining garden the better way to buy power equipment since 1965. Another triple double double another game with a thunder can't close out to the thing every point there west for the rest of this team in last night's finish. Is 715 on the fan. This is a playoff for additional dusty and jam in the morning. And presented by the red tails off pitchers bring tents bail on Jay Nady both. It ought to. And without. They birthday was January 5 you treat this like it's your birthday today and actually if you simplify for twentieth a fraction it's 15. Of course you know that. Of course you know that that. The Oklahoma City Thunder are in a note to Paul Casey blazer fans can be where she could be the thunder. They did this six seed in their and a O'Toole. To be Houston Rockets after falling. One and who puberty competing me destruct the seventh when he on this day. On. Ball and went fifteen to 111. Russell Westbrook. He goes for another triple the last 951. Points. Thirteen assists. Ten rebounds. But I AA pondered this. Should maybe be pointed their Russell Westbrook for the way the bag game ended in how they lost. Currently if I'm wrong he shot how many times 46 a 4343. Times eighteen in the fourth quarter. Incredible stat line I did that how'd that turn out they lost on fifteen again they lost to better Houston ballclub yap. He either of those eighteen shots Buick stretch where he missed eat in a row danger is anybody's chances you. Look you're not hitting. It in what would we have a text here and the referred to your sex on 553 or five this says. It be complaining about demons CJ being ball hogs. I hope that those people watched Oklahoma City last night because that is what a ball hog looks like. In its in when those situations where much like Damon TJ. One is Russell Westbrook supposed to do you did you hear who is he supposed to give it up to you did you your way spokes quote after game one when he said my only friend is ball. Is the ball yet yet his dad told him that yet that's what this was deaths and your only friend is the ball and they can read that one of two ways you can say all right. He he only trust the basketball or he doesn't trust his teammates are only friend is was he can control because he's selfish he. Yeah the risk quite it's quite clear that Russell Westbrook is the best player on that team and he believes that. The sun rises and sets on his ability to get this team started will not just started skins team anywhere in a yes it I have high. I don't blame Russell Westbrook no but what I will say is when you have a guy who is oh for aid in his refusing to pass the ball. Are we your O for seven. Eight you miss seven shots in a row navy pass that. Maybe in it it was collapse on Russell Westbrook in and there are people there are open for Oklahoma City and he did is head down under literal. Check up a shot bite. Just. Hey thanks so it's okay to do it every now and at the end it the people that are gonna discredit. Russell less for its game last night. Will forget that they were up twelfth. And he went to the bench for a minute and a half. And now leaders evaporated. Aren't dawn. So. What are you supposed to do you write him. Mean you have to try to got 48 minutes apparently. At it because that minute and a half people at 41 minutes in the minute and a half they he was sitting on the bench in that second half. They were up twelve in it was gone in a flash. He was gone and flashed big this is a tough spot for Russell Westbrook to DN. Because your scene James Harden. Who is in that conversation for Indian BP it it along with him. Is everything that everybody talked about in this NDP race is kind of Christian. James Harden is on a better team Russ was fixed in about himself can make a a full. Commitment here jerky and I'm Houston Rockets out as a fund brand of basketball too much do you think that when it's poetry in motion. When you hit on all cylinders. And CE when guys fit their roles and Dan Tony system. Is that not one of the best brands of basketball you've ever watched played we've seen this story before though bulb could not with not with the hype and maybe Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash and it's not James Harden eight in that bared their different always so different. In that that is that that's it. Really good question is can Dane and Tony system work. With a guy like James Harden who. Is it for lack of better term more selfish than Steve Nash although he's what top I I think he's. Blood be in the air with second inning started this this six foot seven talent yes. Yeah you can't idiot you are gonna be a six foot guard and dominate this league you're just not you're not in the playoffs Steve Nash. One and MVP in d'antoni system there. And die hard how many titles. Now how many Western Conference. Titles not none policy of the rockets in went on you know I had anything that's a frightening team folks I'd. You block that out yeah this one's really this Houston team. They're my addicted they're going to the west recovers trousers Golden State while the match in the second. Mean that's done and they're gonna match MS Antonio yes so this is a Danielle. I like Houston in to match up. Against San Antonio no Oregon state Golden State in the Western Conference finals I think everybody wants boy that would be a fun track to leave let's so many three pointers. Which is not a bad thing but. The rockets are the only team they can you have a seven year old ask calf has problems in those in his knees bother some heading further into the playoffs you you're not. Houston is gonna get you. This is this do not sleep on this team right now in the biggest match of that they have is. You know goal and stay. Golden State can be exposed at the dominant big boom Easton doesn't have it but where Houston matches up. As opposed the last year's team is that he'll have to worry about a guy like Andrew Bogut because. They've got more bigs in Portland has JaVale McGee in size up Pachulia and David West are going to be winning series and winning games like they did last night. Against it anybody else in it that's remaining in the playoffs did blazes in Saudi severe lack of bigs right now you know and then makes those guys look like world beaters you wrote your bigs are 69 that's not bigs. Her wings my question is which defense is better. If you in this scenario. Houston or Golden State. I have to go Golden State. On this but I think if Houston commits to it. And as it's just it's really it's minuscule ovens Golden State Denver only better I mean just letter to the relatively DA at clay and dream on our aren't newsmakers on the other veteran there'll defensive teams via amongst all defensive team. Might be defensive player of the year candidate most certainly can but in the back way his matchup wears his magic going to be easy and be guarding Ryan Anderson. Because what his dream on and impact going to be and a guy just stands in the quarter. In various degrees. Mean that regard Capello and who's he gonna go was up and IA I don't know it mean. In two Kevin drain is a far better definitive and people given credit for. But. When it wears his matchup or you know hop a you don't bury him on Anderson or Trevor recess because you're gonna be wasting two of your best defenders on guys that. Our our men essentially non starters. 44. Houston they're guys that you don't really have to worry about and that's your best two defenders are going. In so you can't hide staff Currie and that's one of the brilliant things that Houston has they're long and they are very long team. Is seeking hide him on a guy like treasuries or Ryan Anderson because those two guys are monsters. In so you have to put him on Patrick Beverley and you've got clay. On hard which is a matchup I would love to watch but there's a lot of bass while it's gotta be played before we see that some good stories going into this Western Conference are now. Enjoyable basketball in this conference we sure is heck yeah. Yeah. Yeah edit and I know. Awesome I love that man. And is that it then I thought our god I the other night I just didn't feel like there's something else and well NFL player eleven and have little or no and I zipped a UN BA in Italy order and she asked the leisure to get here for Netanyahu I wanted to say at Houston's bench shot nineteen of 31 last night that's incredible I like the perfect revenge game for you and then we shipped into them the play also all I was like. Kim and I global there should trust her. I gave him the reward given the clippers can highlight he just went I'm now obsolete you know you know you Diddy contradict you know they'll let it Dina are hoping the guys he's he's everything Crawford do you know what I'm sorry I'm cautious. I was so excited for Saturday's clippers game I was still high emotionally and like spiritually. And everything going into that game and going into the last minute also happy and then I am IR rip down in front we were sitting right behind the basket. We're Joseph Johnson like that so I'm being I got to beat I sit I say this sign me up for more proper drop ins of aegis screaming I. You like Steve Ballmer. The NBA he's paying me that it has to be snap up local boy I not been covered. As a broadcaster schools really doing enough. There I think it's still fled to. These delegate tagline fur like. Thrift store or just off or maybe four out. Commercial. Spire at the Delorean go to the way back throwback Thursday classic commercials that you love. Cuban has spinning board. Let them spinning board that he could perhaps be spinning forward Bret I have right now is Crawford a sports center. Who do. Yeah. This is a playoff for commission of dusty and camera in the morning now presented by red tell golf centers bring tents sale on 1080 both Israel and. I it is the row back Thursday we are talking about where's the beef. And you Brown Deer is the Alaska Airlines commercial and we're talking here is the equivalent written. Well it'll Tommy slap reds' big meet slap me on players. Others they'll be some early again this one there's a feeling in us. Big guys. Beefy. Three I size million dollar ramp our fair share of Wendy's burgers back in the day we were talking about us frost how the NFL is inane. Conundrum with their charter flights. In you brought up the Alaska Airlines commercial that just got us talking in the break under favorable vs American reasonable now he got a throwback Thursday. I for one. Love classic commercials and I think we have we've lost the art of the local commercial. Or national commercial for that matter the commercials. Don't really existing. The probably do we still watch him. Good point. Who might not watch them. Very important and very good point so we want to chime in 55305. Is average for bees text line. Sinister or fear commercials from childhood. Annan is the way back machine that we go way back into every Thursday at this time what's your favorite commercial oh since. We wanna get it started off with a what do got a started on this potential topic. These stick in my mind as the greatest commercials for me as I remember is I love humor love comedy. So my favorite things so these. Airline commercials just like Alaska Airlines this one and I still were remind dad nice sitting and watching and laughing every time this came up. Many airlines offer reviews ratepayers and unfortunately. That's not all slavery views and he makes you wonder. What's next. And bill. You have four quarters for an hour. Imagine being an Alaska Airlines. Those fears to you never know it by the way we treat you. I'm just I'm smiling that this is just. It's wonderful as he's dancing in the IO wondering hampered in view Google T affect the one of the greatest in the NASA is one of many so yes that that that just makes me smile. Oh man. Well. I like the voice see also Los start bill voice got. The solar guy yeah. That that would is win they went through additional whole series of bois guys and who's been popular or what time. In on the nine ladies really nannies we get to the very deep. Police guys who'd strange scary that guys semite he was the unsolved mysteries gap now like that yeah I think we should go back to unsolved mysteries generating our lives. I would love to be just have somebody following you around near reading your as you were doing this. And Morgan Freeman then by you must've been very good for fifth at a crop what about you my man. I can't final. So my local one lawyers and others during the break minds a local one from socal I was drawing up maybe a list remember there was this is sleep mattress store. And the doubt really be say. We'll be anyone's ever dies pricing your mattress is free and then the other guy going on air talent mile area you know like a local like he yelled you she'll and he Larry I can find that the city easily but I can't find the you're killing me Larry dropping but. The Ural local flavor yet I am excited socal Watson and into millions of people local flavor will let you know that every every region has their local. Like appliance a mattress store whatever with some like all wacky guy trying to sell and that there was always stuck with the me. Well that day it's funny civic is that one of the ones that matches one locally I don't know if it's still open but on the go offline they're used to being Jere bears mattress senator. And he began I would BJ just as a cowboy a Beckham dare bears bad bet didn't bear any hope but it is bad parent that TV commercial. I. Bit nagging you wanted to bear anyone pairs matches bad bit given fair. And never went to Jerry bears and never went there have know for a lot yet to find mattresses food this is a good one locally to. Tom Peterson's don't know free haircuts Tom Peterson's is like. You could get really anything there who uses it is appliance. Bedroom sets it is and you can get days I remember getting my bad there in you can go and get to Tom Peterson Erica which is just a flat top. But they had they get barber chairs and there you go get a free Erica Tom Peterson's and then he and his wife had some sort of a financial disagreement and said Emmett Tom Peterson's and then her face of pop in the screening go. Just. It was just Tom Peterson that for years and then all the second Gloria got into the business. I don't know how she got in there. Man. Up 55305. As bridge were Beers Tex I'm. And a lot of people singing outrageous audio guy. IA EU on one that is known. Outrageous ideals is not a local Yasser go to Portland yet you know it is seats still election commercials are still on where he'll go. It ago liked it's. I. First. Oh we that I might have CNET you know exact yeah I think I have seen him. He stood him on it into the Rainier beer once a local well they brought that one back. Ray. Any news and here. Your beat user. Running around running a rally they you're talking bud bowl when you save a little boy well activity WW yes I know just running around aimlessly running around there. I missed the hands Bayer TO. Yet the cartoons and in alcohol and cigarettes. Have left the building. They can we don't wanna do yeah how aware are you okay welfare anymore that coal is the guy and I can't tell you what I ever I would I were I was raised in the air where's the cigarettes were off. The day you can you do not see cigarette commercials. I don't know what year that went out and maybe some people listeners throughout their member of the cigarette commercials he was all billboards. And magazine that split. Beer eating how hard liquor ads it was all beer ads Yahoo! is beer. This is one that. I think everybody. In Portland has memorized but if you wanna throw a wrench in your world. Go to Seattle or Tacoma go to Sacramento go to San Francisco. Because everybody's still knows the address. But it's completely different. The Shane company. On the west corner of highway T seventies got trust or Washington square mall are open weekdays LA Hoya is Sunday Tel five on line. At Cheney wrote hello Don. Yeah it's the same guy but when you go to different city like you wait for a guy. Cinco do you do they go about Ohio AT seventeen we don't know. Why is it go. Right now another on that advertises here on the fan when I'd still be able I wore get the fan. So multiple people every cited the roof line Oregon phone number of forming and the little ones you've thought at all you know ever Illinois several one way to gauge is if you could remember it. Then it was a good dad yeah out. These cases they're bringing back the hands. Air I don't think they can't knock that legal and prayers Kurds your guy I got a pair of pants and socal let's restore button with Joe Camel club camel. Remembering those then unaware of them and I got a Joe Camel T shirt oh yeah I mailed in the proofs of purchase OK how about tomorrow joking about these are cigarette Friday tomorrow. I didn't smoke the proofs of purchase. Siege at the Crawford no we're not doing cigarette Friday around in my camel pants. You aware your Campbell no shirts are the better known as motors everybody you can only units could affect the like like two that is called moose knuckle club Gamal. Uh oh. Okay I commercials from the job that. There's one that's coming in and that I had Crawford of pull and we will play it free next to David commercials from each other the way back machine its third back Thursday on the thing. This is a playoffs we get additional dusty and jam in the morning in the presented by red tells golf center's spring tent sale on 1080 both trail and I say it Hillary Mann times. You had the Alaska Airlines and this is a grape. Commercial the did texture says the GI Joseph commercials. The GI Joseph commercials. Where unbelievable back and I do remember them vividly not just the action figure ones but they're PSAs. Your mom and I had an excellent. So let's take you to. Look a little while the. You keep that done is not a wizard I mean no question the wisdom. And I just don't do it strangers is check it out with an adult you don't. Remember a stranger to any danger now my hand and knowing is half the. No and that's all good. Don't know we knew half the battle this idea lady GA just popping up back and nowhere near there are now knowing he's. Have cattle since it's a couple. So good. Brings you back in Saturday's. And so one of speaking of Saturday's. All the people out there that are the demo of my age you spend your Saturday mornings glued to the television no matter who you were viewed you have to get up for soccer. However you had to be able to watch this on a daily basis because it was looney tunes. And then came this commercial right after Fat Albert. Bingo. Don't know I don't know I guard and have veto a second look like he's viewed. Dale and I think we're. Greens are what I'm seeing. Your uncle. It. And it didn't work and a lot of rants and a lot of mail on these isn't the only earlier prove they're needed great ideas they were pictures of of I've just eat you vegetables in a bowl girls screaming help with somebody is dumping the slather ranchers. Ketchup all over him yeah. I'm wondering give a gift of myself now. Have you seen or heard of the movie sausage party. And it yes does that Wear daily food and her eyes out there eaten yet here we are really doubt they'll die they sick at. Did premise of that film was based off of those commercials drown your food it's been and it's been in my immediate hope my kids the other day exit. You only put re enter your pizza don't drag your food now. I love the ones. From my in this is come through another local one suburban auto group has done for. Years the trunk monkey ads. And you haven't seen these you need to go to YouTube and you get really need audio. Just watch them they're brilliant. They're really it it's like the anti theft device on your key chain is to hit the chimpanzee Bowden and he hops Eddie Trunk and he beats people up for you. It's fantastic and screwed we need more of it. We need absolutely Margaret. On our crew off yet another one. You know I just went ahead and I saved and other GI Joseph PSA because they're so good I'm scared I felt I I think grow up on these at all. When I wish I did because they're really informative and it's very helpful and they scare the SN yeah and I go oh my gosh here's another one. If your mom then who and who you want apprised of what's your actress all forty. Access to screening at the this change in him. All he wanted to bring you whose troubles yeah. Never tell anyone your home alone and never give anyone your address I'll. Mom can't come. Smart thinking now calling out and knowing his head. I don't ruin it for everybody in Child Protective Services sleep because the GI all come. Mullen. Everybody is almost like predatory. The for the LA it is yeah I know this home alone anymore as a kid I had no idea oh there go a little context he'd hit a commodity have a sense of humor here. Have a little bit funny there's like you ruined my good to go. Calling opponents to eighty what do. I told your kids don't answered the door for strangers don't call don't talk to strangers. You don't you do. Via. And Terry Tate Tate office linebacker is again we have some office linebacker just drops in the system somewhere. That are pretty good. Big teary tape that's a Super Bowl one yes. Of course the two they'd commercials now you have one you have one. All that sets it up because I there's so many things he get excited about because you know we we have about ten years between us now but still. Still it was Saturday mornings with how fast -- how fast it was cartoons but what am I gonna do well once he was cartoons and have a big bulls some some some serious. Which this. Here you spoke be good for you can try. Try try. To truly. And we'll keep you can't. And human life home and on the kids it's one of those personal stereos you've been trying to get them to lead you're the only one who asked enough. I saw I think with my execution all sugar glove success. And so I think that was my key lake in thirty years later let's Mikey doing that is my you do Munis is a guy at school that I can I hated it. Yeah. A year forever Mikey do tablets always are Lou we're going to be in. Fifteen minutes of it's iconic. Yeah it is it is got away lets you know commercials were the greatest backed enemy we want what a lucky charms I wanted cookie Crist by everything I wanted. Cocoa pebbles. Would they move. Captain Crunch right desperately wanted the roof of my mouth swallowing razor blades we had they kept in a while you're gone mountain I gave Crawford. Capping country the first time. Did you let it soak in the milk or did you immediately go after him will well I I didn't I had a lot of cereal that morning I let some soak but I also had some scar tissue in the next day it is. From the roof of the mouth yeah that's so it was good man. Makes it tough shirt yet softens up the mouth me makes Hume went down killing makes you stronger. And one of the given other Terry Tate night. And history about to send us Terry take some people thought we were crazy. But I'm a firm believer in paradigm breaking outside the box thinking of it. And don't rent. And I'm Mitch he's funny. Seat to the reports. I. Can't bear this yeah and it managed. This. This Texas got. Covered you're gonna have to find this may want to pull this up later in the show. I don't know if you remember this dusty carpet you won't there was an infomercial about music. It was classic rock of some sort. What it was this one says freedom rock in just let that soak out there are some of yeah. Real rock man who knew good series. Wonderful yeah. I learned a lot about music from those infomercial I think they have the song scrolling every like four song is you know they play like three seconds on Litton. Now the timeless collection this time my collection moved you'd giving cycle precincts encyclopedia. Britannica guy. Two Q you there are recycled PD Britannica also little penny. Remember the little penny commercials. In free Hardaway. Oh yeah sure everybody heard any risk bought a truck rosters in the green like the first time everybody heard it not just SNL people. You know a that's a well trained dog. That's an elegantly he Chris it. Seek courses where brackets such a good serial. You know it could could kickers bloodline my kids the firemen and cookie crisp was the first serial bit it was the first thing I successfully sneaked into the car without my mom knowing it. And we got to check out she sag go across the scanner you do. In she turned in she looked and I think yes. Never had little crispy there. I was forbidden sweet cereals. Mean to my mom would only occasionally sneak one in but it was frosted flake yeah my dad got like frost and play as all the way sets in and day I was very young they fraud or find out from my dad's a sugary cereal. I was raised on grape nuts to camp great crowd of corn flakes yam identity greatness and I love agreement you put great nets and younger. That's what I don't oils and next the people that he grape nuts. As you're chewing bags of glass have you ever. Successfully poured be proper amount to grape nuts and you know are possible because they just expand and I'll listen you right now. I you swimming great guy he got a Ian quicker they turn into. Squishy grape nuts that's awful which is just brand yeah it's not good mentally that's porridge. I have. Well this is just gonna keep carrying so I don't really care that I. No we knew the more you know Demorrio that would wrap things up about grape nuts. There's a school with a bunch of first round picks that just aren't very good. How is that possible. This is testing camp.